Dangerously In Love – Chapter 8: Temptation


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Where we last left, Beyonce was still reeling after suffering a bombshell discovery. Refer to previous chapters in order to avoid confusion. Thank you

Chapter 8: Temptation

I know you see me watching you

and I see you watching me

but your body’s callin’

and temptation is killin’ me

Temptations is callin

I be wantin’ you so bad I could cry

relationships callin me

to do what’s wrong but I gotta do right

Friday nights were always fun for Janet Jackson, and as she prepared to crash after an eventful night, she was surprised to hear a horn blaring outside. She wondered whom it could be at this hour of night, but knew that of all the things that could happen to you in Hollywood, a stranger at your house at 4 a.m. is not one of them.

She silently cursed, and wondered who it was that was denying her some well-deserved sleep. She had been out clubbing with a few of her girlfriends, and had come back to her mansion with two of the male strippers in tow, who had taken turns servicing them in different ways, and now that everybody was gone, there was nothing she wanted more than to fall onto her bed and become oblivious to the whole word for a few hours.

It was a rare occurrence for her to be alone in the entire house, but such was the case this weekend as she gave all her housekeepers the entire weekend off, as she had just gotten back from France and wanted to spend a weekend at home alone and invite people to get buck wild. She opened the door, and was surprised to see that the girl staggering from the Jeep on the driveway was none other than Beyonce. She tried to hold her shock, as she knew that there must be something serious going on for Beyonce to show up unannounced at a time like this. Even of greater concern to Janet was the state of Beyonce’s appearance. From the way she was walking, it was obvious that she was intoxicated, and in addition to being drunk, she was obviously troubled, as was evident from the ruffled expression on her face.

“Hey baby, are you OK?” asked Janet as she took the shaken Beyonce in her arms

“Oh Janet”, was all Beyonce said as she embraced her long time friend and began to sob.

She had obviously been restraining her tears, and she took this opportunity of a comforting shoulder to let them all out. Her body vibrated as she bawled, muttering incoherent faces into Janet’s ears. Janet was obviously puzzled as to what had upset Beyonce, but she knew it was not time to ask questions. Beyonce would talk in due time, and until then, all she had to do was wait, and in the meantime be of as much support as possible.

“Why don’t you come in?” offered Janet with a smile, “I’ll fix you a drink and we can talk”

“No, Janet” whispered Beyonce, “if you don’t mind, I just want to crash here for a while, I’ll tell you everything really soon”

“No problem honey”, said Janet, “you know you’re welcome here anytime”

Janet led the way inside, and decided to lead Beyonce into one of the many guest bedrooms in her mansion. She figured that sex must be the farthest thing from Beyonce’s mind at present, so she figured she would leave her alone. She led Beyonce into the spacious room, which would pass as a master bedroom in most American households. The room was dainty, with a color code of peach.

“Here” said Janet, “why don’t you get some sleep? I hope you’re comfortable here, I’ll come and check on you first thing in the morning”.

She began to leave as Beyonce made her way to the giant bed in the middle of the room

“Um, Janet”, Beyonce said softly, causing the older woman to turn around, “do you think you could sleep with me tonight?

Noticing the widening of Janet’s eyes, she quickly added, “No, I’m not asking you to sleep with me in that way, I just really need your company now. I need you to hold me. Could you do that for me?”

“Of course I can, sweetie”, said Janet, who was not as convinced as she sounded, “Of course I’ll be there if you need me to”.

She walked over to the bed and put her arms round Beyonce, giving her a peck on the cheek. Beyonce smiled

“Thanks a lot Janet, and sorry for disturbing you so late at night, I just couldn’t think of anyone else”

“It’s OK” replied Janet, “you’re just lucky I had returned from Paris a few days earlier, or you might have met an empty home”

Beyonce slipped under the covers with all her clothes intact, not even bothering to take off her shoes. Janet joined her, facing the young girl’s back, and assumed a spooning position. She put her arms round Beyonce’s stomach, her palms just slightly touching Beyonce’s breasts. She instantly moved them downwards, as she knew it would not be a smart move to get turned on by the vulnerable girl, but to her surprise, Beyonce grabbed her hand and moved it up, placing it firmly on her right breast. Janet began to get turned on by the depressed vixen whom she was spooning, but promised herself to show some restraint.

Janet and Beyonce actually went a long way back, Janet being the first person with whom Beyonce shared a lesbian experience, except from Kelly, of course. Janet smiled as she reminisced about all the times the two of them had spent together. She couldn’t believe it was almost 4 years since the first time they had hooked up. It seemed just like yesterday.

Janet was on the second leg of her Velvet Rope Tour, and she was performing in Europe and Asia. She had asked Destiny’s Child, who were at the time an up-and-coming female quartet, to open for them on some tour dates, and they had accepted. She had met the girls before they had set out on the road, and they had instantly clicked. She had been immediately drawn to the then 17 year old Beyonce. There was this sophistication and class about her that belied her age, and Janet knew that she was going to find fame as a superstar someday. She soon began having sexual thoughts about the young girl, but did not even dream of acting on them. Not only were Beyonce’s parents present and flying with them throughout the duration of the tour, she just did not think to try and seduce the innocent young girl.

At the time, Janet’s clandestine 8-year marriage to producer Rene Elizondo was about to end, and as the finalization of the divorce drew nearer, Janet began to feel freer with each passing day. She had always been an uninhibited person sexually and in other ways of life. She had routinely slept with both men and women since the late 1980’s, and marrying that creep was one of the dumbest moves she knew she ever could have made. She was young and vulnerable, and she had thought she was in love. Rene had been great in bed and also turned a blind eye to her extra-curricular activities, allowing her to indulge in all her sexual fantasies. Despite the fact that her entire family disapproved, she had gone ahead and secretly married him.

As time went by, she became more and more trapped as Rene became overbearing, forcing her to become ostracized from her family and friends. Janet tried to cry out for help, but since nobody knew she was married to him anyway, there was nothing she could do. Michael and Jermaine, her two favorite brothers, kept advising her to leave him, but if only it were that easy. He refused to let her go, and even if he did, he would take half of what she owned. As the relationship became more and more abusive, she decided she could not take it anymore, and soon decided to come clean with her family and ask for their help. They had been very supportive, and had helped her file for divorce.

Rene, of course, had been as obstinate as she expected him to be, demanding a $150 million settlement, as well as possession of most of their joint assets. He was blackmailing her by threatening to publish a tell-all book, where he would not only reveal all the Jackson family secrets and idiosyncrasies, of which there were more than few, but also a lot of personal secrets about Janet, including her bisexuality. All this was going on while she was on tour, and she had to pretend as though all was right while performing to screaming crowds every other evening.

On a particular night in Amsterdam, after a successful sold-out show, she just felt she could not take it anymore, and as soon as she got into her dressing room, she crashed onto the sofa and began to cry, letting loose of all her frustration. She swore as she heard a knock on the door. She wondered who it was, probably one of her crew members with some irrelevant request. She quickly dried her tears and opened the door. To her surprise, it was the young Beyonce, looking as cute as ever. She had changed her outfit after the show was over, and was dressed in a T-shirt and a pair of track bottoms. Janet thought she had never seen anything so beautiful, and decided to invite the young hottie in.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you or anything,” said Beyonce, as she took a seat

“No, don’t be silly” laughed Janet, taking a seat right next to the young girl. She hoped she would be able to restrain herself from making a move, as she knew it would be embarrassing if the young girl went crying to her parents

“Are you OK?” Beyonce asked, looking concerned, “you look a bit troubled”

“I’m fine, thanks” said Janet, “just a little bit tired after the show”

“That was such a great show, your best performance yet”, Beyonce said

“Oh thank you” smiled Janet, “you girls weren’t bad yourself”

“I just want to thank you again for giving us this opportunity”, Beyonce said excitedly, “you don’t know what an honor it is to be touring with someone we’ve admired for so long”

“Thank you” responded a blushing Janet, “I really think you girls are talented and will be huge someday”

“That is such a compliment coming from you”, said a grateful Beyonce

“So Beyonce”, smiled Janet, taking her hand, “I am sure you know you are a really pretty girl, do you have any boyfriends yet?”

“No, not really” said Beyonce, looking crestfallen

“That is such a surprise, well I guess you don’t have time for dating now, but I am sure all the boys are all over you, you don’t have to look too sad,” said Janet reassuringly

“Yeah, that’s the problem”, said Beyonce, “It’s not like I don’t get so many people who want to date me, it’s just that…”

“What is it, honey?” inquired Janet, stroking Beyonce’s beautiful face, which looked close to tears

“I can’t tell you this, I can’t even tell anybody, it’s too shameful” said Beyonce, who had now begun to silently cry, a tear coming down her flawless cheeks

“You can tell me anything”, Janet assured her, wiping away the lonely tear with her index finger, “I promise that your secret is safe with me”

“Well, the thing is that… I don’t really like any of them. Not that I don’t like them, it’s just that there’s someone I like more and I don’t think I’m supposed to like the person”

“What are you talking about?” asked Janet, beginning to get an idea of Beyonce’s dilemma

“I think I like…girls”, whispered Beyonce, looking away, “I like boys too, I dated a few guys, but I just can’t help wanting girls, and I might be a lesbian”

“It’s not that big a deal” smiled Janet

“It’s not?” said a surprised Beyonce, looking at Janet

“No, it happens to all girls, it’s natural for a woman to find another one attractive. So who is this girl you say you like?”

“K-K-Kelly” stuttered Beyonce, “my group mate”

“Does she know?” asked Janet, who was by now, setting the stage to seduce the girl, whom she knew now would definitely not reject her overtures.

“Well”, admitted Beyonce, “we used to do stuff together when we were younger, but now she likes only boys, and we agreed not to do it again because it would be bad for the group”

“Let me tell you a secret, Beyonce” whispered Janet

“What is it?”, asked a curious Beyonce

“I like women too, and so do a lot of women I know, even singers and actresses and many famous people”

Beyonce’s mouth was agape as she stared at her idol as she made this confession. She had had a crush on Janet ever since the tour started, but she did not even consider the possibility that Janet would like girls. Of course, there was still no guarantee that Janet would be interested in her. She was just a 17 year old little nobody who was in awe of one of the most beautiful and popular singers in the world. Any doubts that might have crossed her mind however, were soon dispelled when the 32-year-old singer leant over and kissed her.

Beyonce was rigid with shock for close to a minute as Janet continued to kiss her, gently darting her tongue in and out of her open and immobilized mouth. She was totally positive that this was another of her dreams, although it seemed so real to her. Janet Jackson was actually kissing her. This was the stuff dreams were made of, and she was sure she was going to be let down when she woke up the next morning, but hey, she told herself, I might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Just as she was about to start kissing back, Janet suddenly pulled away.

“Did you like it?” she asked, smiling toothily

“Yes, I loved it” she said staring at Janet, the reality of the situation hitting her. She had actually just been kissed by Janet Jackson.

“Why didn’t you kiss back?”

“I don’t know, I guess I was just in shock, I mean, you are Janet Jackson” stammered Beyonce

“It’s OK, just relax” said Janet, “I’m going to make you feel good”

Janet had kissed Beyonce again, and this time around, Beyonce had put her years of ‘practice’ with Kelly into play. Janet’s lips felt so soft and warm against hers, and she gently locked tongues with the older woman, as Janet’s arms found their way to Beyonce’s face and began to caress her dark hair. Beyonce had never been kissed like this before. The kisses with Kelly had been soft and tender, as both girls had been novices. She had kissed quite a few boys over the years, but none of them had the experience Janet seemed to have. There was this authority about her kisses, such that, despite the fact that they were incredibly soft and passionate, you just knew that she was in control.

Janet was brought back to the present from her reverie by Beyonce’s mild snores, which showed that she was already asleep. Janet wondered what could have upset her so much to seek refuge at her house at such an unholy hour of the night, and knew that it must have had something to do with Kelly. Beyonce had always confided in her the way she felt about her bandmate, as well as the on-and-off sexual tension between them, and Janet figured that another monkey wrench had been driven into their friendship.

Janet secretly agreed with Kelly’s stance not to involve herself emotionally and physically with Beyonce. Too many friendships and partnerships in Hollywood had been destroyed by sex getting in the way. But Kelly must have been a good lay, she thought to herself, as that fateful night in Amsterdam, she had been somewhat surprised by Beyonce’s amount of experience she had gained from her trysts with Kelly.

As Beyonce and Janet kissed for minutes on end that evening, Janet had wrestled with her conscience on whether to take things further. She did not want to take advantage of Beyonce’s naiveté and vulnerability to get into her pants. Her libido, however, overruled her head, as she found her mouth leaving Beyonce’s and going further down. She nuzzled against Beyonce’s neck as her hands reached underneath the girl’s T-shirt and began to fondle her surprisingly large tits. Beyonce moaned into her ear as Janet skillfully grabbed the breasts in her hand and squeezed them taking her nipples in between her fingers.

“Oh yes Janet” moaned Beyonce, oh yes, just like that.

Beyonce’s moans were so innocent, yet so seductive, and Janet felt her crotch begin to get soaked. She quickly helped Beyonce out of her top, and took her breasts in her mouth. She circled her tongue round the areola of her left breast and then began to devour as much as possible, her hand hard at work on the other breast. She took small bites at Beyonce’s nipple from time to time, causing the girl to wince in pleasure. After a while, she switched boobs and began to work the same process on Beyonce’s other knocker.

After about ten minutes, Janet withdrew and took of her own top, revealing her own luscious, surgically assisted pair of breasts. Beyonce’s eyes looked as though they would pop out of her sockets as she glared at the 38C pair of globes.

“You like?” teased Janet

“Oh yes” replied Beyonce, “they’re incredible”

“It’s up to you to make them feel even more incredible”, Janet said coyly as she reached in to kiss the mesmerized Beyonce.

As the two females embraced and kissed, their boobs pressed against each other such that their nipples were actually touching each other. Beyonce felt a huge rush from this, as though her body were on an electric circus. She vigorously wrapped her arms round Janet and eagerly drank her in. Janet’s hands meanwhile, began to traverse down, and promptly pushed down the pair of pants that Beyonce was wearing. Luckily, they were the bottom half of a Nike tracksuit, and did not need more effort before they were down to her knees. Janet fought an urge to laugh at Beyonce’s innocent looking panties, which were white with red hearts. Making a mental note to give her a pair of more sophisticated lingerie as a present sometime in the near future, she pulled them away and brought her hand to her crotch.

Beyonce wiggled as Janet’s fingers slipped to her vaginal opening, which was already soaking with anticipation. She could not believe what was happening. She had hooked up with Kelly countless times and knew her entire body like the back of her hand, but those were clandestine, semi-innocent trysts in the dead of the night in dark rooms. This was her first tine with someone who was actually more experienced than she was, and certainly knew what she was doing. She shuddered as Janet gently slipped two fingers into her extremely tight virgin pussy. Thankfully, she was not protected by any hymen, that had been gone due to some extremely grueling dance moves she had had to learn, but all the same, finger penetration was not something she did often with Kelly. She moaned out loud in pleasure as Janet began to thrust her finger in and out

“You like that, Beyonce, you like the way I am fucking you?” she whispered

“Oh yes” yelled Beyonce, almost screaming, “I love the way you are fucking me”

“Then beg me not to stop”

“Oh please don’t stop”, she cried, “don’t stop what you are doing, I love it so much”

“Then tell me how much you love it” demanded Janet

“I like it so much, it feels so gooo-oood, oh please Janet, don’t stop, I love your fingers inside me”

“Then come for me baby” cajoled Janet, “come all over my fingers and let me lick them off”

“Oh yes Janet, this feels so good, I’m going to come any moment from now.

Janet then used her thumb to locate Beyonce’s clitoris and began to flick against it. Beyonce’s eyes were shut and her breathing was heavy

“Oh I love that, Janet, you are so good”, she whispered, “I think I’m gonna come now”

“I want you to show me how much you are enjoying it”, said Janet

“Oh I love it, oh Janet, oh my God, oh yes, yes”, Beyonce began to moan, her voice rising and rising till it was almost ear-splitting, “I’m coming, oh yes, Janet, fuck me, oh yes, oh yes, YEEEEESSSSSSSSSS”.

Janet withdrew her hand and licked off Beyonce’s goo before kissing the young girl again

“How was that?” she asked, smiling

“That was something else”, Beyonce replied, “You are so amazing”

Janet had proceeded to go down and take Beyonce’s pussy in her mouth. Beyonce had been eaten out several times by Kelly, who was actually quite skilled in the venture, but she really had nothing on the more mature Janet. Janet’s tongue had not left any section of her pussy wanting, and had even further heightened the pleasure by bringing her arms round and gently inserting a finger into Beyonce’s asshole while lapping away at her young cunt. Beyonce had come in record time, once again screaming through the roof.

Janet smiled as she reminisced on all those good times as she lay next to the fast asleep Beyonce. For the duration of the tour, they had spent all their extra time having loads and loads of sex, with Janet teaching Beyonce every trick in the book. By the time the second leg of the Velvet Rope tour ended two months later, Beyonce was a woman in so many ways. Not only did she have tons of mind-blowing sex in different countries, they had struck a deep friendship. Janet had taken Beyonce under her wing and taught her everything she knew about being a woman, as well as the ropes of survival in the music industry. She had confided in her the entire deal with her husband, and Beyonce was able to take her mind off it and cheer her up until the entire ordeal was over.

In the years since then, as Beyonce grew into an incredibly sexy woman, both ladies had shared a deep friendship and bond. They kept no secrets from each other, often having long and deep conversations over the phone. Janet decided it would be in neither of their best interests to have an exclusive sexual relationship, so they were technically just friends, although they got together every now and then to screw each other’s brains out.

Janet continued to date several men and women, but none of them held the special place in her heart that Beyonce did. She deliberately refrained from introducing Beyonce to many of her female bisexual friends in Hollywood, who obviously wanted Janet to bring her along to their numerous get-togethers. She did not want to coerce the young girl into something she was not ready for, and she knew that if it was meant to be, Beyonce would discover that world on her own. She was therefore very delighted for the young woman when, ever since that fateful encounter with Eve and Alicia Keys, she had found and enjoyed the company of other women.

As she stared at the sleeping girl, she only hoped that she had not allowed Beyonce to fall into something deeper and more difficult than she had reckoned with.

It had been almost two blissful month sine Rosario Dawson and Rachael Leigh Cook’s reunion, and both girls had enjoyed every moment of it. They wished they had not lost so much time over the years they had spent apart from each other, and they decided to more than make up for it. Both girls were busy with work, as they were among the two most hardworking young actresses in Hollywood, but that did not stop them from making as much time available for each other.

Rosario had just finished the first round of shooting her new action comedy opposite The Rock and Sean William Scott (better known as Stifler of American Pie fame) and was beginning work on a new independent movie called “The Shattered Glass”. Rachael, who was quickly gaining a reputation as a young talented actress who shunned the usual teen comedies her contemporaries were making, for more mature roles in independent movies, was also filming another movie on the other side of the country.

Rosario sorely missed Rachael, and eagerly looked forward to that evening when she would go and pick her up from the airport. Rachael was coming to spend the weekend with her in Los Angeles, and she could not wait. She had cancelled all of her weekend plans, and looked forward to spending a passionate weekend at her apartment with Rachael, probably snuggling together and watching DVDs, eating home-cooked meals, and of course making sweet love.

Rosario had not exactly had too much sexual experience, but she knew it could not come any better than the sex she had with Rachael. It was so intense and passionate, yet possessed the tenderness that only two people who deeply cared about each other could share. She was totally crazy about Rachael, and hoped that she felt the same way about her.

So, after a long day of filming, Rosario walked into her modest trailer, thoroughly exhausted and ready to go home so that she could take a shower and a short nap before going over to LAX to pick up Rachael, whose flight arrived at midnight. She visualized seeing Rachael’s petite frame at the airport and taking her in her arms. She wondered whether Rachael would pester her about the threesome with Tara Reid that she had been touting for a while. Rosario did not actually mind, she thought Tara was extremely gorgeous, and had fantasized about her several times, she just felt that she was not ready to share Rachael with anyone now. She knew it was petty and jealous, and would probably piss Rachael off if she knew, but the thought of Rachael so much as kissing someone else in her presence was piercing. What if Rachael actually enjoyed the other person more than her? When it all came down to it, it was about her self-esteem. For as long as she could remember, she had always doubted herself, and was scared

about not being accepted. It had taken her so many years of yearning to finally be with Rachael, and she could not bear the thought of not being with her.

She did not hear the door to her trailer open, and jumped with shock as a voice behind her said

“Hello stranger”.

Rosario jumped and turned around, and a big smile came to her face when she saw who it was.

“Rachael, what are you doing here? I thought you weren’t arriving till 1 a.m.”

“Well, the director was ill, and there was no shooting today, so I decided to take an earlier flight. Come on, why are you looking like you’ve seen a ghost. Come here and give me a hug.

Rosario went and took Rachael in her arms. She fought the urge to lift the diminutive actress in her hands and keep her there, where she belonged, forever

“So why didn’t you tell me?” asked Rosario, after she had let go, “you wanted to surprise me?”

“No” smiled Rachael, “a little birdie told me that you were cheating on me so I wanted to see if I would catch you red handed”

“You know I’d never dream of that”, Rosario smiled back

“We can never be sure” teases Rachael as she stooped up, reaching for a kiss.

Rosario eagerly kissed Rachael, reveling in the super soft lips, of which she had been deprived for two weeks. The two actresses hugged and kissed like there was no tomorrow. After they had let go about five minutes later, Rachael asked

“So what do you have planned for me for the weekend?”

“Come on, you know I’m a New York girl” joked Rosario, “I’m only in LA temporarily, I don’t really know too much, I was just planning to chill in the apartment all weekend”

“Rosie, you really need to stop being little Miss Anti-Social” retorted Rachael jokingly

“Hey I am not anti-social” cried Rosario, “I am a very outgoing person”

“Good, so we’re going out tonight” said Rachael with a tone of finalization

“Where to?” asked Rosario

“Guess who was on the plane with me just a few hours ago”, Rachael said

“Hey don’t change the topic”, Rosario snapped playfully

“I’m not changing it, just answer me”, insisted Rachael

“Um, Eminem, George Bush, the Pope, how am I supposed to know?” teased Rosario

“Alright, smartass, it was Eliza Dushku”, Rachael said

“Uh huh, yeah?” asked Rosario blankly, “I don’t really know her that well”

“Yeah I know”, said Rachael, “but me and her got to talking, and I told her about us”

“Oh my God” said a shocked Rosario, “I mean, not that I don’t want people to know I’m with you, but… was she freaked out”

“Take it easy”, smiled Rachael, ” we got to talking, and I found out she also is…she has a girlfriend, and she wants us to double-date”

“Really? Who’s that?” asked Rosario, sounding unsure

“Kirsten Dunst, you know, from Spiderman” said Rachael coolly

“I don’t know Rach”, said Rosario, “I don’t really know them, I’ve never met Eliza, and I’ve met Kirsten only once, at the party that Sony had to celebrate grossing a billion dollars”

“Yeah you see”, joked Rachael, “you already have something in common, you were both in blockbusters last year”

“But you know I don’t like hanging with Hollywood people” protested Rosario

“But I’m a Hollywood person”, Rachael said in mock indignation

“That’s different, you’re my…girlfriend” blushed Rosario

“Oh my, that’s the first time you’ve called me that before”, giggled Rachael

“I know” smiled Rosario

“We should celebrate, why don’t we do that by going clubbing with Kirsten and Eliza tonight? If you are my girlfriend, you won’t say no to me” said Rachael, pouting.

“Do we really have to?” asked Rosario resignedly

“Oh yes, if you say no, you’ll never get to kiss me again”, joked Rachael

“I guess it can’t be bad, but if I don’t have any fun, you will never get to kiss me again”, Rosario said

“Yeah, right, like you could live without me. Only two weeks away and you were already missing me like crazy”, Rachael teased

“That is so not true”, laughed Rosario

“OK then, prove it”, whispered Rachael as she reached in for a kiss.

Rosario parted her lips and let Rachael’s warm tongue slide into her cavity. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the passion of the moment. She held on tight to Rachael. She thought she had fallen in love with Rachael for years, but she had fallen even further in the period they had been together in the past few months. She hoped nothing would ever take Rachael away from her, because she did not know what she would do if that happened.

Rachael broke her train of thoughts by pulling away from her and sliding her mouth down to Rosario’s cleavage area. She began to kiss the partition of her two breasts while the pretty black actress watched down, smiling

“You might as well do it right”, Rosario said, as she took off her top, and since she was without a bra, her bare breasts were there at Rachael’s disposal

“Naughty girl”, grinned Rachael, “I’m sure you went without a bra to tease those extras you’ve been screwing with, well you’re mine now”

“Suck my boobs, goddamn it” said an antsy Rosario

Rachael promptly obeyed the instruction and began to greedily feed on Rosario’s breasts. She teased against her nipple, grabbed, bit, squeezed, and employed so many tactics to provide maximum pleasure to her “Josie and the Pussycats” co-star. Since she and Rosario had hooked up about a month and a half ago, she had come to know her lover’s body very well, including her hot spots and erogenous zones, and she had learned that Rosario was very sensitive on her boobs. In fact, Rachael had been surprised to learn that, if done properly, Rosario could orgasm on her breasts being sucked alone, without anyone so much as touching the lower half of her body.

Rosario was already dangerously close to orgasm, and Rachael knew that a few strokes of her pussy by a skilled tongue would do the trick. Since she considered her own tongue to be skilled, she bent down and pulled up Rosario’s skirt, pulling down her panties and bringing her mouth to Rosario’s cunt. As she expected, just as she had began to suck and barely located the clitoris, she felt Rosario begin to shudder, and then she began to moan

“Oh yes Rach, I’m almost there, bring me there Rach, oh, uh, oh yes, yes, I’m coming, nooooooow”.

Rosario collapsed against the sofa in her trailer as Rachael licked her lips

“I missed you Rach” smiled Rosario

“I know you did” Rachael smiled back

“I can’t wait to get my hands on you” said Rosario, getting up from the chair and moving towards Rachael

“Sorry honey”, Rachael said exasperatedly, “I’d really love to be done by you now, but we have to start moving now to get ready for our double date”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that”, said Rosario as she dressed up, “Do we really have to go? Why can’t we just cancel and stay home making hot passionate love?”

“I’m tempted honey” smiled Rachael, “but the answer is still a resounding no. We are going out with Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Dunst this evening, and you are going to have a great time”

“What if they don’t like me?” Rosario asked, eerily reminding Rachael of her own first day at kindergarten

“Quit that crap. Why wouldn’t they like you? You are a nice and pretty girl, and anyone would be nuts not to like you. Jeez, I’m talking like I’m your mother or something”

“It’s just that you all know each other already, and I’ll definitely feel left out”

“Nonsense”, retorted Rachael, “I just met Eliza today for the first time, and I knew Kirsten only because we did a movie together like five years ago”

“Alright Rach”, said a sober Rosario, “I’m sorry I’m making such a big deal about this. I’ll come along and try to have fun”

The two lovebirds kissed before, holding hands, they departed the trailer and walked towards Rosario’s car.

As Rachael parked the car a few yards away from the nightclub they were to meet Eliza and Kirsten, she glanced at Rosario, who was sitting at shotgun, and sighed

“This is it, Rosie”, she said, smiling at Rosario

“This is what?” asked Rosario, puzzled

“Our first date, at least officially” said Rachael

“But we’ve been out several times since we…got together” Rosario corrected her

“I know, but those times we might as well have been going as friends. This is our first outing officially as a couple, so are you ready?” gushed Rachael

“Take it easy, Rach”, piped Rosario, “we might as well just be two girlfriends going out to meet guys”

“I beg to disagree”, smiled Rachael, “look at the name of the club”

Rosario looked up and saw the words “GIRL BAR” flashing in red and blue neon

“A lesbian club? We’re going to a lesbian club?” asked Rosario fearfully

“I guess so”, said Rachael, “this is where Eliza insisted on meeting”

“But what if someone recognizes one of us? What if the press finds out?”, Rosario began to fret

“It’s alright” said Rachael, “we’re not the first actresses ever to go to gay bars. At worst, we’ll claim it was for movie research. And not even the person with the wildest imagination would guess that all four of us are, you know, lesbians”

“Alright” said Rosario, as she began to open the door of the car before Rachael stopped her

“Rosie”, said Rachael, “are we lesbians?”

“Why do you ask?” inquired Rosario, nonplussed

“I was just thinking of out arrangement, and what we do, does that make us lesbians?”

“I’ve given it a lot of thought too, Rach” said Rosario temperately, “and you know, we do not need to define ourselves. I love you, and you love me, and we are together because we make each other happy. Whatever anyone chooses to call it is their own business.”

“That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard you say Rosie”, said Rachael, causing her girlfriend to blush, “stuff like that reminds me why I fell in love with you. Come on, let’s go have some fun.

The two girls walked out of the car, and as they walked towards the club entrance, admired each other. Rachael was dressed in an extremely short red dress and incredibly high heels. Rosario wondered how Rachael was going to dance in those shoes, but she guessed she would manage somehow. Rachael was looking so cute, her eyes sparkling in the streetlight, and Rosario had to fight the urge to kiss her right there and then. Not that it would have been out of place in their current surroundings. Rosario was not looking bad herself, dressed in a white chiffon top, a black mini-skirt, and black knee-length boots. She was also wearing a whitish cowboy hat, and was looking really foxy.

There was a long line outside, but Rachael and Rosario walked to the front of the line, and to their advantage, the lady who was checking ID recognized them, and to their annoyance, started freaking out. She asked for autographs and a hug for each of them before she would agree to let them in, and they decided to accede to her request and be on their way.

There were bright disco-like lights flashing in the club, and Rosario felt blinded. Both girls looked around, and they saw Eliza and Kirsten getting busy on the dance floor. They were obviously having a good time, dancing really goofy to the Alanis Morrisette tune that was blaring. The dance floor was totally crowded, and several couples were actually getting really freaky right there on the floor.

“Should we go say hello?” Rosario screamed to Rachael, trying to make herself audible in spite of the noise

“Why don’t we go grab drinks first?” suggested Rachael, “they seem to be having fun without us”.

The two girls walked towards the bar, and as they did so, glanced around. There were quite a number of pretty girls of different races around. Rosario had imagined that most of the girls here would be the stereotypical lesbian – butch and tomboyish, and while there was no shortage of that variety in the club, there were a good number of normal girly girls around too. A few people seemed to recognize one or both of them, but luckily, nobody approached them.

They reached the bar and ordered their drinks, and surveyed the place as they sipped away. After about ten minutes of fending off people who were asking them to dance or offering to buy them drinks, they decided to get their asses to dancing. They opted to say hello to Eliza and Kirsten first, so they walked over to them. Eliza was dancing alone, and Kirsten was nowhere in sight, so they walked up to her

“Hi stranger”, said Rachael as they approached the girls

“Oh I thought you guys had stood us up” said Eliza as she hugged Rachael.

“Eliza, I believe you know Rosario Dawson. Rosario, meet Eliza Dushku”, Rachael said as she acquainted the two actresses.

“Nice to meet you”, they said in unison as they shook hands.

“You’re looking great”, complimented Rosario, thinking to herself what an understatement that was. Eliza was looking simply dazzling. She was dressed in a dress similar to Rachael’s, except that it was much shorter, and was black in color, accentuating her shapely curves.

“Thanks, you look nice too” said Eliza

“So where’s your date?” Rachael queried

“Oh, Kiki ditched me to dance with some stranger”, smiled Eliza, “let me go look for her”.

Eliza disappeared briefly, and resurfaced about half a minute later with Kirsten in tow. The young blonde looked thrilled to see the additions to the party.

“Hi guys”, she gushed as she ran over to hug Rachael. The two girls had co-starred in the movie “Strike” back in 1998, but had hardly seen each other since then, so both girls were pleased at this chance to get reacquainted with each other. Kirsten and Rosario were introduced to each other, and Rosario liked the young actress immediately. She was looking cute in her black flannel top and pants, and was acting really pleasantly.

Very soon, all four girls were sticking it on the dance floor, swapping partners among the four of them as they shook to the different flavors of music. They were sure they were a sight to behold, but they did not seem to care, as they generally just had so much fun. Several women in the club tried to join their mini-party, but they politely refused. It was just four young actresses in Hollywood having the time of their lives.

An hour had passed, and all four girls were still dancing. Missy Elliott’s “Work it” was playing now, and Rachael was dancing with Kirsten, while Rosario was with Eliza. Rosario noticed Eliza had been acting all flirty with her that evening. She assumed it was just her imagination playing tricks on her after all the drinks and dancing, but she was perfectly sure Eliza was dancing amorously with her, using every excuse to touch Rosario’s body. Rosario initially felt uncomfortable, but when she saw that nobody seemed to mind or even take notice, she loosened up and allowed herself to be felt up by the Buffy actress.

“So how long have you been fucking with Rachael?”, Eliza suddenly asked as they danced, causing Rosario to stare in shock

“About two months”, she replied, “what bout you and Kirsten?”

“Wow, over two years now, ever since we finished making that bloody cheerleader movie”, Eliza said

“Man, that’s a really long time” remarked Rosario, “you guys must really be in love”

“Yeah, my Kiki loves me” smiled Eliza.

Eliza’s hands were permanently on Rosario’s ass now, but Rosario somehow did not even feel the urge to push them away. She actually was enjoying being flirted with by Eliza. She only hoped Rachael would not be upset, but she seemed to be too engrossed with dancing with Kirsten to even notice. Eliza’s next words surprised her even further

“You’re really hot” she said matter-of-factly, “Rachael’s really lucky”

“Thank you” she said, feeling a little bit flushed, “I think you’re really pretty too”

Mush to Rosario’s shock, Eliza suddenly grabbed her really tight and moved really close to her, pressing her breasts against her and whispered in her ear

“What do you say we get dirty right here?”

“But what about Kirsten and Rachael?” stammered Rosario

“Oh, I doubt they’ll mind”, grinned Eliza

Rosario glanced at Rachael, and indeed, she did not look like she would mind if she went down on Eliza right there and then. She was locked in a really close embrace with Kirsten, and Rosario watched in amazement as both actresses met for a lip-lock. As they feverishly kissed each other, Rosario was surprised that she did not feel an ounce of jealousy. In fact, she felt turned on by the inappropriateness of it, and suddenly felt like pouncing on the luscious Eliza with every fiber of her being. She met Rachael’s gaze for a brief moment, and her eyes seemed to be encouraging her to go on with the flow.

“So, they look like they’re having fun, huh?” cooed Eliza, as she tightened her grip of Rosario’s ass.

Rosario leant in for a kiss with Eliza. As they kissed, her head seemed to be spinning in delight as Eliza’s hands roughly felt up her entire body. Eliza’s warm hands made their way up Rosario’s firm thighs under her mini skirt, and she breathed a sigh of joy when she found out there was minimal obstruction. Rachael and Rosario had decided to feel lewd and go without underwear just for kicks, and Rosario smiled to herself as she saw how prophetic that decision had proved.

Eliza slipped a finger into Rosario’s pot-of-gold, causing Rosario to gasp out really loud and hold on to Eliza for dear life. This did not last very long, and after a few seconds, Eliza withdrew her hand and, looking seductively at Rosario, licked her finger, causing Rosario’s crotch to soak even more with desire.

“What do you say we take this to the bathroom?” whispered Eliza, neglecting to pause for a response before bolting off in the direction of the restrooms. Rosario followed suit, feeling delightfully naughty.

There was another couple getting dirty in there, but Eliza and Rosario scarcely paid them any attention. Eliza pushed Rosario up against a wall, and moved close to her, her face inches away from Rosario’s, but instead of kissing her like Rosario was expecting her to, Eliza brought her tongue to Rosario’s earlobe and began to lick it, while her hands reached underneath the dark skinned actress’s skirt once again, caressing her pussy in circular motions.

Eliza’s face began to descend, as she gently licked down Rosario’s body. She paused for a while, darting her tongue into her mouth, which was open, before promptly removing in and continuing her downward journey. She loosened Rosario’s buttons and immediately lunged for her boobs, paying a little bit more attention to detail as she lavished attention on each boob.

All of a sudden, Eliza pushed Rosario on to the hard, cold floor, and as the actress landed with a thud, she pounced on her, briefly kissing her lips before moving her mouth down to her pubic region. Eliza pushed up Rosario’s skirt and began to suck on her cunt lips. Rosario firmly held Eliza’s face to her crotch and began to moan as the brunette gave her the best head possible.

“Wait a minute”, said Rosario suddenly, “I’ve got an idea”

“What is it?” asked Eliza as she pulled away

“I don’t want to be selfish, besides, I really want to know what you taste like. Why don’t you lie down first?”

Still a little bit puzzled as to what Rosario was up to, Eliza lay on the ground, hiking up her dress, which showed that she was without panties as well. Rosario then inverted herself into a 69 position, and with her crotch just right in front of Eliza’s face, she began to lick the girl’s pussy. She brought her tongue out, and gently licked away at first, before really getting into it, twisting her tongue around and searching for her love button, which she inserted into her mouth gently. Meanwhile, Eliza, on the other side, was screaming like a banshee as she inserted her hand into Rosario’s cunt, and with 3 fingers, began to finger her vigorously.

Rosario was totally enjoying Eliza’s claws all in her, and as she continued to lick away, she wondered what Rachael was up to with Kirsten. She only hoped she was having as much fun as she was. She had never seriously considered being with another person apart from Rachael, and it was almost a relief to her that she did not have any nagging feelings of guilt.

She shuddered as she felt the signs of an orgasm approach, and she decided to announce the imminent arrival to the girl who was currently working her pussy real hard.

“Oh Eliza, I’m about to come”, screamed Rosario

“Yeah, me too, I’m about to fucking come”, Eliza replied

“Let’s do it together baby” moaned Rosario

“OK”, Eliza yelled as she held on to Eliza’s legs and brought them closer as she brought her pussy to her mouth.

Both girls screamed and swore and yelled obscenities at themselves and each other as their orgasms drew near, and eventually, almost raised the roof as they came. They hugged and then kissed each other, the delightfully putrid tastes of their pussy juices mingling in their mouth to create a wondrous mix.

“That was fan-fucking-tastic”, said Eliza as she cleaned up

“Yeah, Kirsten’s a lucky girl” Rosario responded

“I’m sure she’s getting lucky with your girl right now”, laughed Eliza.

They exited the restroom, and saw that the club was almost empty, as most of the patrons had coupled off and left. Rachael and Kirsten were in a corner of the club, still kissing very passionately, Kirsten’s back up against the wall while Rachael’s hands wandered round her body.

“If you don’t mind, I think you’ll leave my girl alone now”, joked Eliza as they drew near

“Hey, you had your fun, let me have mine”, Kirsten laughed

“Why don’t we take this party someplace else”, suggested Rachael

“Now, that’s a good idea”, opined Eliza, “why don’t you guys come over to our place and it’s going to be a shitload of fun”

“That sounds great”, reasoned Rosario. “So who’s driving?”

Since the girls came in two cars, it only made sense for them to leave in pairs of two as well, so Eliza and Rachael went off in her car while Rosario and Kirsten went in the other. They agreed on these designations as these were the only pairs that had not gotten to “know” each other in every sense of the word, although Rosario suspected that Rachael and Eliza had done more than just talk while they were on the plane.

The trip to Eliza and Rachael’s place was a short one, but Rosario found it really hard to focus as she drove with the lovely Kirsten sitting next to her. As soon as they had set off, Kirsten had placed her hand on Rosario’s lap, and begun to caress her thighs. Rosario was still a little bit tipsy from all the alcohol she had consumed at the club, so she reluctantly asked Kirsten to pause until they reached their destination. Kirsten obviously did not like being told off, as the blond starlet then pulled her pants down and began to masturbate right there. As she fingered herself and moaned, Rosario thought she was going to die from the sheer eroticism of the sight. Her neatly trimmed pussy looked so nice, and before Rosario even knew what she was doing, she found herself swerving the car to the side of the road, parking, and pouncing on the blond girl next to her.

Kirsten was a little bit taken aback by this, as she had seen Rosario as a mild-mannered chick that would hesitate to take such initiative. But she definitely wasn’t complaining. She and Rachael had not done much except kissing and a little bit of finger action, and she had yet to come all night. Knowing Eliza, she knew that there must have been a lot of heavy action going on between her and Rosario, and she was definitely itching to get her share.

Rosario was kneeling on the chair while Kirsten sat, and as she inserted her tongue was in her mouth, and she massaged it with hers as she grabbed the “Men in Black” actress’ breasts. Rosario moaned as Kirsten, with a surprising show of strength, actually ripped her shirt open, before taking her breasts into her mouth. Rosario held on to Kirsten’s face as she gasped with delight. She could not believe the way this evening was turning out. And to think she had been hesitant to come.

“I need to taste that pussy now”, said Kirsten after she pulled away from Rosario’s breasts after she had been sucking for a few minutes.

“Why don’t we go to the back seat?” proposed Rosario

“That would be great”, Kirsten replied

Both girls climbed to the backseat of the car, and Rosario immediately lay back and hiked her skirt up as Kirsten dug in. Her pussy was about to be eaten for the third time that day, and she marveled at her luck. She was going to suggest to Rachael as soon as possible that they go along with the threesome with Tara Reid. She was almost knocking herself for dragging her feet on that issue up till then. That was about to change, of course.

“Oh yes, Kirsten, suck it”, she encouraged, as Kirsten began to take her first licks of Rosario’s pussy

“I actually prefer Kiki when I am eating someone out”, smiled Kirsten

“I thought only your family and closest friends called you that”, Rosario joked

“Hey, do you want me to eat your pussy or what?”, protested Kirsten

“OK, get back to work”, laughed Rosario.

Kirsten did just that, as she began to worm her tongue around Rosario’s pubic area, licking around her labia before actually sticking the tongue as far as she could into her hole.

“Oh yes, suck me Kiki”, moaned Rosario, as subdued as she could. She had developed a habit of trying to keep her shouts as low as she possibly could, but she figured that they were in the middle of nowhere right in the dead of night, nobody was bound to hear them, so she guessed she could go a little louder.


This tone definitely turned on Kirsten. Living with Eliza for over a year, she was no stranger to dirty talk, and she was proud that she was able to induce even the shyest of people to act out of character.

“Oh yes, I’m about to come” cried Rosario, “Make me come, make me come all over that you cute little mouth”

Kirsten obeyed, and licked away the entire girl cum that came her way a few moments later. Both girls kissed, and Rosario adjusted her skirt before making her way back to the driver’s seat.

“That was great”, she commended Kirsten, “wait till you see what I’ll do to you when we get back to your place

“I can’t wait”, gushed Kirsten as she fastened her seatbelt.

The car had gone for nearly a mile when Rosario had to slow down, as there was some sort of commotion about a hundred yards ahead of them. There were several police vehicles, an ambulance, and what looked to be a severe accident. Two cars seemed to have collided into each other, and the situation did not look good.

Out of curiosity, the two girls hopped out of the car to see what was going on.

“Oh my God” screamed Kirsten as she saw what lay ahead of her

“What is it?”, Rosario asked

“That’s Eliza’s car, Rachael and Eliza must have been in an accident”

Rosario felt numb all over, and she turned to a nearby LAPD officer who was monitoring the situation

“Sir, what happened?”

“It was two drunk broads, I don’t know what they were up to but they crashed head-on into some car. Lucky no one got killed”, the man replied

“Are they hurt?”, Kirsten cried, already bursting into tears

“From what I saw, it did not look good”, the man admitted, “anyone you know?”

“Yeah, they were…friends of ours”, Rosario replied

“Well, I’m sorry, the two girls have been taken to a hospital, I could give you the name if you want to go ahead and check them out”

They copied the name and address of the hospital where Eliza and Rachael were, and hurried to the car. The girls were both silent and lost in thought as they drove

“Do you think they are OK?” asked Kirsten

“I really hope so”, said Rosario, “I’m sure they will be alright”

“I feel so guilty Rosie”, sobbed Kirsten, “I could have been in the car instead of Rachael, and I shouldn’t have let Eliza drive while she was drunk

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, everything will be alright”, said Rosario, with far more conviction than she felt. Glancing over at Kirsten, who had tears streaming down her eyes, she knew she had to be the stronger one. She was so scared, she did not know what she would do if anything had happened to Rachael.

Full of fear and apprehension, the two girls drove on in the darkness to the hospital, totally scared of what they would see when they got there.

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