Dangerously In Love – Chapter 9: Crazy In Love

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by her two best friends, had stormed off to the arms of the only
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CHAPTER 9: Crazy in Love

I look and stare so deep in your eyes
I touch on you more and more every time
When you leave I’m begging you not to go
Call your name two or three times in a row
Such a funny thing for me to try to explain
How I’m feeling and my pride is the one to blame
‘Cause I know I don’t understand
Just how your love can do what no one else can

“Beyoncé”, yelled a surprised Kelly Rowland into the phone, “where
the hell have you been? I’ve been trying to contact you for the past
2 weeks, but you didn’t pick up the phone. And I heard you checked
out of your hotel. What’s up?”

“I’ve been really busy”, replied Beyoncé coldly, “You know,
recording the album and stuff”

“I’ve really missed you”, came Kelly’s response, “I hope we actually
start hanging out a lot more after your album comes out. How’s that
going, by the way?”

“Fine”, replied her band mate, the stoicism very apparent from her
tone of voice, “well I have to go back now, I just decided to call
you and say hi”

“Thanks for calling”, Kelly answered, “I wondered who was calling at
this late hour, but I was relieved it was you. See you later”.
Hanging up the phone, she crept back under the covers or her bed,
snuggling close to the naked beauty was sleeping next to her
“Was that Beyoncé?” asked Michelle Williams, the third member of
Destiny’s Child, as she ran her hands up Kelly’s thighs, causing her
to breathe with pleasure

“Yeah”, Kelly answered, her eyes shut as Michelle’s deft fingers
caused magic and caused her whole body to tingle, “she seemed rather
evasive though, she’s been acting really weird lately”

“Do you think she knows about us?” Michelle asked as she brought her
mouth to Kelly’s smooth and slender neck and began to nuzzle against

“Don’t be silly, I don’t think that’s possible”, replied Kelly
thoughtfully, trying to ignore the fact that Michelle was pleasuring
her neck, “I think it’s because of what happened at the Grammys”

“You just had to bring that up, didn’t you?” grumbled Michelle,
pulling away.

“Is someone jealous?” Kelly teased as she leaned forward and brought
Michelle’s lips to hers.

Thoughts ran through Kelly’s hands as she drank Michelle in, both
girls sucking on each other’s lips and softly caressing tongues.
Kelly loved the way Michelle kissed her, the way Michelle touched
her, in fact everything about her. She was so nice and sweet and
innocent, and yet, behind closed doors, was the world’s biggest
freak. She loved sex, and was very giving and liberal in the
bedroom, and seemed to know every nook and cranny of Kelly’s body.
Kelly did not think it was possible for anyone at all to be able to
cause her as much pleasure, except of course, she admitted to
herself, Beyoncé. Kelly knew that as long as she lived, nothing on
earth could rival the passion she had shared with her best friend
and erstwhile lover during those adolescent nights under the covers.
If only Beyoncé knew how much Kelly loved and desired her. If only
she knew how much she wished she could have continued the affair
with her. If only she knew that all she thought about for years was
being able to kiss Beyoncé’s pretty lips one more time, to be able
to hold that pulchritudinous face in her hands, to be able to run
her fingers one more time across her beautiful, velvety, flawless
skin, to be able to drink from Beyoncé’s womanhood one more time,
that lovely pot of gold from which she had drunk countless times as
a teen and learned everything she needed to know about how to please
a woman and how to be pleased by one.

Deciding to give all that up was probably the most agonizing
decision she had ever had to make in her lifetime. At the end of the
day, she figured that as much as she physically adored Beyoncé, her
friendship to her was all that was important. Beyoncé had been the
first real friend she had ever had, and easily her most faithful.
They had shared everything together while growing up, and she did
not want that to end. Their sexual exploration of each other was a
delight, but as they grew up and feelings started getting involved,
it began to get complicated. As squabbles that should have ended at
minor disagreements escalated into full-fledged arguments, she
realized that she was in danger of losing Beyoncé, not only as a
lover, but also as a friend. She reasoned that she could live with
the former, but she would die if she were to lose her best
confidante’s friendship. As such, she decided that it was best
things ended.

It was hard having to be alongside her every blessed day when she
yearned for her so much. She knew Beyoncé had not stopped wanting
her either. She felt it from the way they stared at each other
whenever they made eye contact, from the heat emanating from her
whenever they were onstage, the tone in her soft voice whenever she
spoke to her. The words of their Grammy-nominated lyrics, mostly
written by Beyoncé, were directed and inspired, she could tell,
mostly by her. She wished life were so simple so that she could
reciprocate Beyoncé’s affection, but she knew that she was acting
for the best.

Her fleeting thoughts were interrupted when Michelle broke the kiss
and began to go downwards. Michelle’s smooth lips gently brushed
past her sweaty skin, tracing the vertical crevice from her chin,
down to her neckline, all the way to the slight parting between her
succulent breasts, right down to her bellybutton, where she paused
and began to tease her. She moaned as she looked down at her lover,
who looked happy to be causing such delight.

She felt absolutely guilty that she was keeping this a secret from
Beyoncé. There was no way she could explain it that to make Beyoncé
not feel slighted or jealous. The reason she had given for declining
their physical relationship was that they were members of the same
group, and she knew that the same obstacle was present with her
relationship with Michelle. However, there was not as much at stake
– she did not have the tight fraternal bind with Michelle, and if
the physical thing did not work out, they could always revert to
what they had before. She knew that was impossible with Beyoncé.
She had not even set out to have a physical relationship with
Michelle. Right from the day she had come in to audition for the
group after the departure of 2 former members, Kelly had always been
drawn to Michelle, but no in a lustful kind of way. She was really
sweet and polite and extremely shy, and even though Kelly found her
really hot, she was the last person that she would have found
herself getting into a relationship with.

As Michelle gently proceeded from Kelly’s belly downwards, Kelly
remembered, with a broad smile on her face the first day she had
been with Michelle. She had been nursing heartbreak after ending a
relationship with her ex-boyfriend, rapper Nelly of “Hot in Herre”
fame. She had caught him red-handed cheating on her, and had decided
to spend a peaceful weekend recuperating at the Knowles mansion in
Houston, Texas. The entire Knowles family, including Beyoncé, had
been in Los Angeles, as Beyoncé was promoting her movie debut in
Austin Powers. Michelle also happened to be in Houston for a gospel
concert, so both girls had the entire building to themselves. The y
had both wound up in front of the TV late at night eating popcorn
and watching their favorite movie, the teen comedy “10 Things I hate
about you”.

Kelly had jokingly suggested that they open a bottle of wine and
drink to the downfall of all men, and Michelle, whom Kelly had never
seen imbibe one drop of alcohol in the two years she had known her,
had surprisingly agreed. Since they were both inexperienced at the
whole drinking thing, they had gotten drunk fairly quickly, and
began to laugh and giggle and make very lewd and almost
inappropriate comments. One of them, Kelly could hardly remember,
had suggested that they play “Truth or Dare”. The other must have
agreed, because they had gone ahead and begun to play.

Naturally, things had started out a little bit mild, with each girl
playing safe and choosing “truth”, and the other asking relatively
easy questions. However, as the contents of the wine bottle began to
reduce in quantity, the girls totally lost their inhibitions, and
Kelly chose the first “Dare” of the game. Michelle told her to strip
to her underwear, and she had not hesitated. She began to get horny
sitting right there in her cotton bra and panties, and she could
feel Michelle’s wandering eyes all over her. She concluded that it
must be the fact that she was intoxicated that was making her
imagine things.

Michelle had also chosen “Dare” on her own turn, and Kelly had
challenged her not just to strip to her skimpies, but to go outside
and run around the house in the blistering cold. Even though it was
summertime, it was way past midnight, and not exactly warm outside,
and Kelly knew it would be an arduous task. She expected Michelle to
protest, and she did, but for an entirely different reason.

“I don’t have any bra on”, she complained.

“Then you’ll have to go in just your panties, girl”, giggle Kelly
Without a word, Michelle took her T-shirt off to reveal a
deliciously round and supple set of breasts. Kelly’s eyes almost
popped out of their sockets. With the exception of Beyoncé, this was
the first time she found herself being attracted to and physically
desiring another woman, and it was just a coincidence that it was
her third band mate. She felt her panties begin to moisten, and shut
her legs tighter so that Michelle would not notice. Meanwhile,
Michelle had completed her stripping, and looked radiant as the
skylight from outside shone on her semi-nudeness, her large breasts
sticking out like those of an Amazonian goddess. For the fun of it,
Kelly decided to accompany her on the run, and the two girls laughed
hysterically as they ran around the house, Michelle’s tits excitedly
jumping up and down.

By the time they returned to the living room, they were both tired
and more excited than ever, and Kelly could not take her eyes off
Michelle’s erect nipples. Michelle noticed Kelly’s eyes on her
breasts, and much to her surprise, acknowledged this observation
with a smile and a wink. Kelly decided to go for “Dare” again, and
Michelle asked her to take her bra off so that she could see her
breasts. Kelly slowly removed her bra, and felt Michelle’s face
lighten when her breasts came into view. Both girls were seated next
to each other on the couch, with nothing more than panties on. They
kept giggling at the smallest of things, and seemed to be inching
closer to each other every opportunity they got until their bodies
were basically making contact.

It was Michelle’s turn to decide her challenge, and she decided to
be interrogated.

“When did you lose your virginity?” asked Kelly, fully expecting a
chaste response claiming perpetual virginity. She was certain her
ears were malfunctioning when she heard Michelle respond, “Do you
mean my first time with a guy or a girl?

“You’ve been with a girl before?” asked a flabbergasted Kelly

“Hey, only one question at a time”, Michelle replied with an evil

“Alright, your first time with either one”, clarified Kelly
“Let me see”, Michelle answered, “my best friend and I started
eating each other’s pussies when we were 14”

Kelly had never even dared suspect that Michelle had any sapphic
tendencies, and it was a surprise to hear her admit it so candidly.
Kelly’s crotch was dripping at this point, Michelle looking more and
more desirable to her each passing second. She did not know what was
going to happen, but she could feel the apprehension in the air, and
thus, began to concoct different seduction scenarios in her head.
She was so carried away that she did not notice that it was her turn
to choose her challenge, and Michelle had to tap her really hard
before she snapped out of her reverie.

“Truth”, Kelly said, deciding to give it a shot

“Have you ever been with a girl before?” Michelle asked

“Yes I have”, Kelly replied, looking away as she was a bit shy to
catch Michelle’s surprised glance, “Your turn”

“Truth”, came Michelle’s response

“Who do you prefer – guys or girls?” Kelly asked

‘Girls”, Michelle replied matter-of-factly, “Truth or dare”

“Um, wait a minute”, said an astounded Kelly, “you’re into girls?”

“It’s not your turn to ask”, smiled Michelle

“Dare it is then”, answered Kelly

“I dare you to masturbate yourself to orgasm while I watch”,
Michelle dared

“You can’t be serious”, gasped Kelly

“You have to do it”, insisted Michelle, “or else, you have to do
whatever I tell you to”

“Alright, alright”, said Kelly, as she slowly puled her panties
down, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy

“You shave down there too”, Michelle asked

Without replying, Kelly ran her fingers down her body and slowly
brought it to her crotch. It was already soaking with her juices,
and she shivered as her fingers made contact. Her entire body
tingled as she gently brought one finger to her clitoris and began
to rub. Michelle obviously liked what she was doing, as she lay back
and stared as Kelly continued to pleasure herself. She was moaning
now as her thrusts quickened, and she brought her other hand and
began to caress her own boobs

“Oh yes”, moaned Kelly gently, “this feels so good, yes it does”
Up until then, Kelly had not masturbated for a while. Foe years she
had touched herself almost every day, thinking of Beyoncé, but after
a while, she had quit, since it was making it hard for her to keep
her mind off her. She had almost forgotten how good this felt. She
forgot she had an audience as her moans became much louder, and her
other body ran all over her body.

“You need any help there?” beckoned Michelle’s voice, slightly
driving her into consciousness

“Yeah, please Michelle, come and eat my pussy”, she whispered.

Of course, Michelle had not hesitated, and brought her mouth there,
skillfully wiggling her tongue around her cunt, deftly licking her
clitoris, inserting her tongue into all the right places. Kelly
could not believe she had gone around four years without a woman’s
touch. This was the way it was supposed to be, this was the way a
woman was supposed to be pleased, and she knew that as long as she
lived, this was the only way she wanted to have sex. All thoughts
left her head at that point as she caressed her boobs and screamed
to the high heavens, thoughts of her music career and record sales,
thoughts of Nelly’s infidelity, thoughts of disloyalty to Beyoncé,
all she cared about was that a beautiful woman was giving her the
ultimate pleasure, and she was about to have the best orgasm ever.
She had exploded in an earth-shattering climax, four years of
wanting, four years of wanton lesbian desire exploding through her
loins. Michelle has come forward and given her a kiss on the lips,
and she felt that she would go to heaven as she felt the softness of
Michelle’s lips. This was the way she wanted to be loved, and she
could not imagine things getting better than this. Thoughts of
Beyoncé briefly fleeted across her mind, but she brushed them aside
as Michelle guided her hands to her breasts.

The two girls had made the most intense and passionate love for
hours over the weekend. They slept in each other’s arms, woke up
holding on to each other, and continued their lovemaking through the
next day, in every corner of the house imaginable. They made love on
the kitchen counter, in Beyoncé’s parent’s bedroom, in Solange’s
bedroom, in the pool, in the bathroom, in the Jacuzzi, everywhere
they could find. Michelle had wanted to do it on Beyoncé’s bed as
well, but Kelly refused, and then explained to Michelle the entire
history between them. Michelle obviously was a wee bit jealous, but
was extremely turned on as Kelly described their exploits all those
nights under the covers.

Kelly had never met anyone like Michelle. She could not believe
someone so shy and reserved could have such a wild sex drive. Over
the months, Michelle’s drive had not waned, and she wanted to have
sex anywhere and everywhere. She had done some naughty things so
many times that almost got them discovered. It had been close many
times, and she was sure Beyoncé must have noticed the strange
behavior. But she was perfectly sure their secret was still safe.
She knew that it was only a matter of time before Beyoncé found out,
and she still trembled with trepidation at the response she was sure
the discovery would meet with. She very much wished she could be
open about it, in fact she had dreamed of threesomes many times
before. Michelle had tried to persuade her to confess the whole
thing to Beyoncé but she just could not do it. She could not bear
the thought of losing Beyoncé in her life altogether. She had
already given up the physical relationship years ago, and did not
want to give up the more important part as well.

Kelly definitely knew that something was amiss, and there had been a
change in Beyoncé. She had been right next to her for over 10 years
and definitely knew everything about her, but there was something
different about her over the past few months that she could not

* * *

Several weeks had passed since Beyoncé’s startling discovery, and
after recovering from the shock, she had continued with life as
normal. She had not gotten over it of course, but after a week of
sobbing on Janet’s shoulders, she had decided that life had to go
on, and commenced heavy work on the release of her album.

Plans for release of her album were proceeding extremely well. Her
first single with Jay-Z had been sent to radio stations, which were
handily adding it to their playlists. The video had been shot, and
was steadily ascending on the MTV, BET and Launch music charts. She
had appeared on Saturday Night Live, TRL, 106 and Park, and several
other talk and music shows in order to promote he CD. She had even
shot a pay-per-view special for Showtime. Career-wise, things could
not be any better for her, and she could not be any more grateful.
However, other aspects of her life were in a lull. After the Kelly
discovery, she had been so disillusioned to the point where she
decided to shun all forms of social interaction whatsoever. So many
women she had had encounters with over the past few months had tried
to contact her, but she really was not in the mood for that kind of

In fact, after about a week at Janet Jackson’s place, things had
begun to become uncomfortable, as it was obvious that Janet was
itching to make a move on her, but was hesitant because she did not
know how she would be received. It was tempting for her too, it is
not easy under any circumstances to live with a woman like Janet and
not get tempted, but she knew that she did not want anyone but
Kelly. And since Kelly did not seem to want her, her self-esteem was
not exactly high.

Till her album came out, the only thing she was going to be intimate
with was her music.

* * *

“Hi, Mandy, nice to see you again, it’s been a while”, Solangé
Knowles said, as she took the other girl in a hug

“Yeah it has”, Mandy Moore replied pleasantly, ‘I’m such a big fan
of your music, and your sister’s too”

“I love your music too”, gushed Solangé, “and I loved you in A Walk
to Remember”

“Thank you”, Mandy responded with a smile

Solangé Knowles and Mandy Moore were at a photo shoot for Vanity
Fair magazine, which was doing a feature on Hollywood’s hottest
young actresses for its latest issue. With the ascent of people like
Hilary Duff and Amanda Bynes, who had released blockbuster movies
within the past few months, Hollywood was finally taking notice of
the younger set, and the magazine wanted to capitalize on this, so
they invited about 15 of the hottest young stars, and both had been

Mandy’s inclusion in the magazine was of course a no-brainer. She
had been a household name since the age of 15, having been the
youngest of the four pop princesses, the others being Britney,
Jessica and Christina. Of course, Christina was now famous for her
skimpy outfits, Jessica had married a boy-band nobody, and Britney
was still in the news everyday, though only for her changing
hairstyles or latest dating mishaps, so while the world of pop
shifted towards people like Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch, Mandy
Moore managed to stay relevant by crossing over into movies. “A Walk
to Remember” was a moderate success, and she had 3 movies lined up
to be released later in the year.

The 17-year-old Solangé Knowles was rather flattered to have been
included in the article and photo shoot. Her biggest claim to fame,
of course, was of course her older sister, Beyoncé, who was one of
the most popular voices in the world, as the lead singer of the
wildly successful Destiny’s Child, and who was set to become even
bigger once her debut solo album was released. Solangé knew it was
going to be difficult to escape the shadows of such a behemoth, but
she was determined to become a success in her own right. Her album
had come out earlier in the year, and while it was no hit, it was
not too disappointing. She was also currently filming her debut
movie project, which was named “The Johnson Family Vacation”. The
movie had a talented cast, with Cedric the Entertainer and Vanessa
Williams playing her parents, and rapper Lil’ Bow Wow playing her

She sighed as thoughts of Bow Wow came to her head. They had been
friends for about two years, when Solangé made an appearance as a
leading lady in the then diminutive rap star’s music video “Puppy
Love”. Bow Wow had of course grown since then, also having some
minor movie success of his own. They had grown quite close while
filming the movie, she had agreed to date him when he asked her out.
Things had been OK, and despite the fact that she was a year older
than him, he was mature enough, and had remained faithful despite
the fact that every girl under the age of 16 whom he met practically
threw themselves at him.

However, she had broken up with him just days ago when she realized
she was not attracted to him. The night before their breakup, she
had agreed to let him take her virginity, but as they were about to
sleep together, she realized that she was not actually responding
the way she should be to him. She tried to push that other thought
out of her head, but it was no use, and she had developed cold feet
and backed out. The rapper/actor had not taken it too well, and was
even further nonplussed with Solangé broke up with him out of the
blue the next day.

Solangé had never been so confused in her life. She was not a
lesbian, she definitely knew she wasn’t, as she had never even
looked at another girl, or even considered giving a girl a second
glance. All her fantasies were centered on guys, or at least they
were up until around a year go.

It had all started when she began to have erotic dreams. It was
always the same one – she was in the backward pool swimming, and all
of a sudden, a white light appeared, and looking up, she saw Beyoncé
approach her, shimmering in the light and completely nude. Solangé
had seen Beyoncé undressed many times, and apart from admiring her
sister’s assets, she never really thought much of it. But it was so
different in this dream. Her sister’s body looked so beautiful, so
appealing, and she wanted more than anything in this world to reach
out and touch it. Beyoncé would come and join her in the pool, and
just as they were leaning in to kiss each other, she would suddenly
wake up.

These dreams occurred over and over again, and they kept freaking
the young girl out. Beyoncé was away in Europe when the dreams
started. The first time Solangé saw her when she returned, she began
to look at her different. She could not get the image of the naked
beauty she had seen in her dreams out of her head and they soon
began to populate her daydreams. She had tried to fight these
fantasies at first, but when they ceased to relent, she gave in and
allowed her thoughts to do their work.

At night, she’d lock herself in her room, and after stripping
herself bare, she’s lie on the bed and begin to envision herself and
her sister nude in the pool. First, she only thought of them kissing
each other, but as time went by, she began to think of other things
too, like both sisters gently kissing each other all over their
bodies, sucking on each other’s breasts, and eventually going down
on each other. Solangé’s fingers would roam around her body as she
fantasized and imagined this scenario, and her whole body would
throb in excitement. She could not explain the rush she felt in that
dark room every night as she pleasured herself, it was like
adrenaline, it felt so real, so genuine, and even though Solangé
knew that incest was frowned upon and considered very sick, she
could not help feeling the way she did. She of course knew that
nothing like that would ever happen in real life, so she decided to
be content with her nightly dreams and fantasies.

Well, she was happy to be at this Vanity Fair shoot, because of the
exposure it would give her, but mostly because she was staying with
Beyonce at her condominium while she was in LA for the shoot. She of
course did not have the full privacy to masturbate to fantasies of
her sister, but being around her all the time was enough to satisfy
her. She could not get over how beautiful her sister was, with that
soft, luminous skin, and that smile which never failed to drive her
to ecstasy.

Beyonce had dropped her off earlier in the day, and Solangé was
having fun mingling with all the other young thespians. She already
knew people like Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Kyla Pratt well,
since they had all done work on Disney Channel, but she was having a
great time meeting others such as Amanda Bynes. Everybody was being
really nice and friendly, and she did not even give a damn when a
pair of popular stuck-up twins whom she couldn’t care less about
snubbed her.

She had also met Mandy a while ago when they both did some show
together for MTV, and spent the whole day chatting with the pretty
19-year-old singer/actress. At the end of the day, Mandy was about
to drive off, and the two girls were saying their good-byes when
Solangé’s cell phone rang. It was Beyonce, who was calling to tell
her that her appointment was running late, and she was going to take
at least another hour to come pick her up.

“Damn, I hate my sister”, cursed Solangé, wishing she meant it

“What’s the matter?”, asked Mandy

“She says she cannot come and pick me up for an hour. I wish she had
just allowed me to rent a car and drive myself here”, Solangé

“I could take you home, it really would be no problem”, offered

“You don’t have to”, Solangé said politely

“Don’t be silly, get in the car”, Mandy playfully commanded

They walked over to Mandy’s hot new Porsche in the nearby parking

“Nice car”, exclaimed Solangé

“Thanks”, Mandy replied, “I got it for myself last month as my 19th
birthday present”

“I’m going to get a car for myself really soon”, Solangé chatted on
as she assume her seat in shotgun, “Right now, I don’t even have
time to drive a car”.

The two girls talked on as they embarked on the 30-minute-or-so
drive in LA traffic towards the Sheraton Hotel, where Beyoncé’s
penthouse suite was. Solangé was surprised at how much she and her
new friend clicked. Mandy had to be one of the nicest people she had
ever met, and she hoped they could carry on their friendship, as she
felt she could learn a lot of things from Mandy. Of course, it was
not like she had a shortage of role models, with Beyoncé and Kelly
giving her tips at every opportunity, but it was different coming
from someone else who was not related to her – less preachy and more

“I’m sure it’s not that bad living under your sister’s shadow”,
Mandy was saying

“Oh, I tell you it is”, Solangé laughed, “I love my sister, and I
don’t resent her one bit, but it’s like, it’s going to be so hard to
form my own identity other than Beyoncé’s little sister.”

“Well, Aaron Carter did it”, Mandy said with a wink, as she removed
a lash of her cropped black hair from her face

“If that was a joke, it wasn’t funny”, giggled Solangé, “but
honestly, everyone assumes I’m just trying to exploit my sister
being famous, but it’s not true. My parents didn’t even know I could
sing till I was ten, ‘cos they were so busy managing Destiny’s

“How’s Destiny’s Child by the way?” inquired Mandy, “are they
getting back together?”

“I guess so”, Solangé answered, “My dad was even suggesting recently
that I should join the group as the fourth member, but I don’t want

“Well we’re at the hotel now.”, Mandy said as they arrived their
destination, “Why don’t you give me your number and we should get
together and do something sometime”

“Come on, why don’t you come in for a while?” pleaded Solangé,

“Beyoncé won’t be home for ages, and it might be fun”

“Alright, I guess there’s no harm”, said Mandy, as she made her exit
from the car and handed her keys to a nearby valet.

* * *

Ten minutes later, both girls were drinking sodas and in front of
the giant screen TV, Solangé holding the remote control (which Mandy
joked looked more like a transistor radio), scrolling through the
numerous channels.

“Spongebob is on”, cooed Mandy as Solangé reached Nickelodeon. “I
never miss Spongebob Squarepants”

“Seriously?” asked a bewildered Solangé, “I ain’t watching no

“Come on, you’ll love it”, persuaded Mandy, “this episode is cool,
it’s the one where Spongebob quits his job at the Krusty Krab, and
Squidward has to make the Krabby Patties, but he messes them up, so
Mr. Krabs has to….”

“Hold on, hold on a second”, laughed Solangé, ‘I did not understand
one word you said”

“Just watch, I promise you will enjoy it. A new episode is
starting”, Mandy said, her face lighting up as she began to sing,
“Ooh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea, Spongebob Squarepants,
absorbent and yellow and porous….”

Solangé reluctantly agreed to watch, mainly to make Mandy happy more
than anything. She hadn’t watched cartoons in years and was not
about to start again, but she had to admit that the show as at least
cute, though not laugh out loud hilarious. After two episodes
though, Solangé had had enough and managed to persuade Mandy to turn
the TV off.

“So, Solangé, do you have a boyfriend?”, Mandy asked

“Not really” came Solangé’s response

“What do you mean not really? You either do or you don’t”

“Well I kinda ended things with the guy I was seeing just recently”,
Solangé said

“Oh, I’m so sorry”, Mandy apologized, “I shouldn’t have pestered

“No, its no biggie”, Solangé assured her, realizing that she
actually wanted to talk about it, “it was just a minor dating
system, but I wasn’t feeling it too much so we broke up”

“I see”, said Mandy, “so who was this guy?”

“His name is Shad Moss”, said Solangé, referring to the rapper by
his birth name

“Why does that sound a bit familiar?” asked Mandy, her eyebrows
going up as she tried to remember where she had heard the name

“He’s Bow Wow, the rapper”, Solangé said, as she began to rap, “Bow
wow wow yippee yo yippee yay”

“Oh of course I know Bow Wow”, laughed Mandy, “isn’t he like 12 or

“Very funny Mandy”, Solangé said as she rolled her eyes, “he’s 16”

“Yeah I knew that”, said Mandy, “I’ve met him before, he’s a nice

“So you’re dating that tennis player, right?”, Solangé asked, “how’s
that going?”

“Oh, Andy’s fine, he just…”.

Mandy seemed to freeze in the middle of the sentence, and to
Solangé’s dismay, burst into heavy tears. Solangé looked a little
shocked as Mandy began to sob right there all of a sudden, and did
not know how to react. Perhaps it was something she said. She did
not mean to be rude, she was just asking how her relationship was

“Are you alright, Mandy?” she asked, a little bit apprehensive

“Oh I’m so sorry”, Mandy replied, drying her tears “I’m just going
through some stuff, and I just remembered something”

“You wanna talk about it”, offered Solangé, “that might make you
feel better”

“I don’t know, I’m too shy and embarrassed to talk about it with
anyone”, said Mandy, her eyes glistening as she looked at Solangé

“Well, I understand, but I just want you to know that even though we
might not be that close, there’s nothing you can’t tell me, and
sometimes, its better to get stuff off your chest by confiding in
someone you don’t know all that well as opposed to your best
friend”, Solangé said softly, stroking Mandy’s hair as she spoke
“I guess you’re right”, said Mandy, “God, this is just so…I don’t
know how to start or tell you this. You’ll probably think I’m some
freak or psycho”

“I promise not to judge you”, said Solangé, sure that no secret
Mandy could tell her could be anywhere as bad as the skeleton she
was hiding deep in her own closet

“I like Andy a lot”, Mandy started, “he’s a great guy, and I wish I
could be faithful to him, but…I just can’t, it’s way complicated”
“There’s another guy?” asked Solangé

“I wish that was it”, Mandy whispered, “but it’s worse, way worse
than that”

“I’m sure it can’t be all that bad”, Solangé said in an assuring

“I’m a pervert, OK?”, screamed Mandy, “I just can’t get these dirty
thoughts out of my head or stop lusting after every hot person I see”

“I’m sure that’s pretty normal, I mean we all have hormones, I can’t
say I haven’t checked people out before”, said Solangé, a little
taken aback

“I wouldn’t freak out if it were guys I were looking at, but…”,
Mandy brought her voice down to a whisper, as though she were scared
someone was eavesdropping, “I’m finding myself getting attracted to

“You’re a lesbian?” asked Solangé, totally flabbergasted by the
piece of information she had just received. Mandy Moore practically
wrote the book of pure, chaste and innocent girls. This was the last
thing she would have expected to hear

“I don’t know if I am”, said Mandy, “I’m so confused, I can’t be a
lesbian, but I just can’t help myself”

“It’s alright if you like girls”, said Solangé, “I mean, if that’s
what makes you happy, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself”

“You don’t understand”, said Mandy “it’s a really long story”

“I’m listening”, said Solangé, still not sure she was imagining
this. She had been torturing herself with her desire for her sister,
and now this was another girl, the most unlikely person she would
have ever imagined, telling her she harbored desires for females

“A few months ago”, began Mandy, “I kinda fooled around with a girl.
She’s…you know her, Avril Lavigne, the singer, she came to visit me
on the set of “Saved”, and we were talking in my trailer, and she
ended up kissing me. I was totally shocked, but she managed to
convince me to go along with it. She said it would make me feel
good, and she wasn’t lying, it felt so amazing”

“So you guys…kissed?” asked Solangé, who was struggling to keep her
mouth from hanging open upon learning of another teen pop sensation
who was into this sort of thing

“Well, we started out kissing”, said Mandy, “but she began to do
other stuff to me too. She took off my shirt and started sucking on
my…”, she hesitated for a minute, “boobs, and it was so amazing, her
mouth was just so soft and smooth, and I hadn’t felt like that
before. After that, she went down on me”

“She actually ate you out?”, Solangé asked, not bothering to mask
her extreme surprise

“Yeah, oh my God, it was so amazing”, cried Mandy, “she did stuff to
me that I never thought was possible. It was almost like I was
seeing stars. I screamed and shouted words that I didn’t even know I
knew, and when I came, oh my God, it was amazing”

“So you liked it” noted Solangé

“I loved it”, said Mandy, “she even asked me to go down on her as
well, and I did it, and she tasted so nice, and it was just so
arousing to hear her scream my name when I was causing her so much
pleasure. It was the best experience ever”

“So what’s the problem now?”, asked Solangé

“For days, I couldn’t think of anything else, I kept daydreaming and
fantasizing about Avril, I knew this was something I wanted to keep
doing”, said Mandy, a faint trace of a smile on her face. “When I
couldn’t take it anymore, I actually flew all the way to Toronto,
where she was on tour”

“And what happened there?” Solangé asked, eager to know

“I decided to surprise her after her show. I bought tickets and
watched it from the audience, and it was amazing. Throughout the
time she was performing, I just kept looking at her and reliving the
experience we shared. She looked so beautiful up onstage with her

“Wow”, said Solangé, moved by the emotion in Mandy’s voice

“And after the show, I went backstage”, Mandy continued, “I didn’t
have a pass, but luckily I was recognized, and I eventually went to
see Avril”

“And what happened?”, Solangé questioned

“She snubbed me”, Mandy said before bursting into tears again, “She
acted like I was just some normal person. She shook my hand and just
treated me so casually, and when I pulled her aside to ask why she
was acting that way after what we had just experienced, she acted
like she didn’t know what I was talking about”

“Are you serious?” exclaimed Solangé?

“Yeah”, Mandy continued tearfully, “I cried and begged and pleaded
with her not to deny us, just to have sex with me one more time, and
she eventually said that she was not gay and did not take what we
did seriously, and that it was just a little bit of fun”

“Oh my God, that’s mean”, Solangé cried

“I know, I tried to tell her that I couldn’t stop thinking about
her, and she laughed at me, and eventually asked her bodyguards to
throw me out”

“I’m sorry”, Solangé commiserated

“Thanks. I tried to put it past me and continue my life normally,
you know, record my album, finish my movie, and continue dating
Andy, but it became so hard. I got over Avril, but I couldn’t get
over the way I enjoyed making love to a girl, and now, I can’t stop
fantasizing about women”


“It’s like every hot girl I see, I immediately start staring at her,
just checking out her breasts or her butt, and start imagining what
it would be like just to kiss her, or to have her suck on my
breasts. And I have to keep all this within me, since everybody sees
me as Mandy the good girl, and I can’t even start to imagine what
would happen if my family or my fans found out I liked girls. I bet
you think I’m like some big perv now”

“No, I don’t”, Solangé assured her, “I understand what you’re going
through, and I just wish there’s something I could do to help”

“But there is”, said Mandy, a sly look creeping all over her
tear-stained face

“What is…oh my God”, gasped Solangé as she suddenly realized what
Mandy was insinuating

“Since I saw you today, Solangé, I haven’t been able to stop
fantasizing about you. I think you’re so beautiful, and I’ve been
stopping myself from not pouncing on you and jumping your bones all
along”, said Mandy, “I hope I’m not being too direct”

Solangé could have died from the overwhelming mix of emotions that
hit her at that very moment. Part of her was totally surprised that
Mandy Moore was actually hitting on her. Another part was offended
that Mandy could actually proposition her like that. But mostly, she
was extremely turned on. Mandy’s regaling of her experience with
Avril had totally excited her. She had never actually fantasized
about being with any other woman besides her sister, but as she
pictured Mandy and Avril going at it, she couldn’t help soaking her
panties. Mandy was an irresistibly cute girl, her short black hair
making her look more alluring than Solangé had ever seen her, and
even though her face was currently red from all the tears she had
just shed, Solangé found herself inexplicable attracted to the teen
pop sensation.

“So what is it that you’re asking me?” she asked Mandy

“I was just wondering whether you’d mind if I…” she cut herself
short and leant forward, taking Solangé’s mouth with hers.

Solangé had not really expected that, and did not know how to react
as Mandy’s lips gently brushed against hers and began to kiss her.
She had only kissed two guys in her life, and they were, at best,
inept. This was totally different. Mandy’s lips were so soft and
smooth and felt like warm velvet against hers. Without exerting too
much force, Mandy gently parted her lips and slipped a little bit of
her tongue in. Solangé opened her mouth for easy access and softly
touched her on tongue against the 19-year-old’s.

Mandy gently moaned as she brought her hand up and meekly began to
caress the younger girl’s neck as they both kissed. She could tell
that Solangé was feeling a little bit apprehensive, but she also
knew that she was enjoying it, as she had not complained or objected
at all. She had not dared dream that things would turn out so good.
She had wanted to make a move all along, but was too scared, and
decided to restrain herself, lest Solangé get enraged and kick her
out of her house. And there was of course, the possibility of
Solangé telling people about it, and her secret getting out.

However, the way things seemed to be going, there did not seem a
remote possibility of that happening, so she decided to pay
attention to what was turning out to be one hell of a kiss.
The two girls eventually disentangled, Mandy stroking Solange’s
cheek before breaking into a smile

“Did you like that?”, she asked

“Oh yes, it was completely awesome”, blushed Solangé, “that’s the
best kiss I’ve ever had”

“Have you ever done anything with a girl before?”, asked Mandy.
Solangé shook her head

“Well, let me show you”, she offered, “I promise you that it will be

“Why don’t we go into my bedroom”, replied Solangé, “it’ll be more
comfortable there. And I want this first time to be special”

“Oh, I assure you it will be. I’ll try my best at least”, Mandy

Solangé took Mandy’s hand and led her towards the spare bedroom
which she was occupying while she was staying with Beyoncé.

“Nice room”, complimented Mandy, as she looked at the massive
posters of 50 Cent staring down at her, “I thought you only stayed
here occasionally, how come it’s decorated and stuff”

“I twisted Beyoncé’s arm to let me put up pictures. I can’t sleep
without looking at 50’s face every night”

“You like 50 Cent?” asked Mandy

“Oh, he’s so dreamy”, laughed Solangé, popping a disc into her CD
player “I almost freaked out when Beyoncé introduced me to him

“What are you playing”, asked Mandy, as some soft soul music began
to play

“I’m putting in Barry White’s Greatest Hits if you don’t mind”, said
Solangé, as the words ‘I can’t get enough of your love” filled the
room in a rich baritone

“Are you kidding, Barry White is amazing”, said Mandy, “his music is
so soulful and sexy, I can’t imagine a better singer to make love

“Speaking of making love”, smile Solangé as she approached the girl
who was soon to become her lover, “where were we?”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Mandy apprehensively, “You
don’t have to if you don’t want to”

“You’re not going to pull an Avril on me are you?”, laughed Solangé,
“giving me a piece of the pie and then taking it all away”

“Very funny”, laughed Mandy as she pulled the other girl close to
her, “Come here, you sexy thing”

The two girls began to kiss again, although this time around, it
lacked the gentleness and simplicity of the other one. This was a
passionate, urgent and intense kiss, and the two girls clung on to
each other as though for dear life. Solangé’s arms were wrapped
tightly on to Mandy’s waist, while Mandy’s own arms were vigorously
caressing Solangé’s back. Their tongues were skillfully wrestling
with each other, giving them both throbs of pleasure. Solangé loved
the way Mandy’s breasts crushed right into hers, and she was basking
in the lust she felt for the girl.

Solangé gasped in pleasure as Mandy’s hand made for underneath her
shirt and began to fondle her breast through her bra. Mandy’s touch
was so deft and soft, and she could not remember ever feeling such
pleasure. She decided to use her instinct and go ahead instead of
being led all the way, so she began to tug at the hem of Mandy’s
black T-shirt, indicating that she wanted it off. Mandy seemed to
get the message and gently moved away so that Solangé could pull it
up and over her head. Mandy was in her white bra and blue jeans as
she stood there kissing the young girl.

They fell to the large bed, and Mandy found herself on top of
Solangé as she began to unbutton the blouse she was wearing. She did
this and then brought her hands round to her back, unclasping the
bra that Solangé was wearing. Solangé breathed real loud as Mandy
brought her mouth to her boobs and began to gently lick. She flicked
her tongue against her nipple, which had long since grown erect.
Solangé began to stroke Mandy’s short hair as she pleasured her. Her
boobs were not extremely large, at least not as large as her
sister’s, but they were full and ripe enough for Mandy to enjoy, and
she did look as if she was doing so.

“You like the way I’m sucking your boobs”, Mandy asked as she took a
brief respite

“Yes, I love it”, Solangé replied

“Then tell me”, Mandy directed, “tell me that you like the way I’m
sucking you and you want me to keep doing it”

“I love the way you’re sucking my tits Mandy”, moaned Solangé, “oh
yes, please, continue, please, continue”

Spurred by Solangé’s talk, Mandy decided to continue her quest of
this young vixen’s body, and began to kiss her way downwards, while
Solangé continued to spur her on

“Yes Mandy, go down, go all the way down, my pussy is so wet for
you, and I can’t wait to see you eat me out and make me come, oh
please Mandy”

Mandy pulled down Solangé’s skirt and panties, and hesitated for a
minute. Solangé’s young, dark pussy was staring at her, looking so
inviting and appealing, its addictive scent wafting through Mandy’s
nose. She could not get over how beautiful this virgin pussy looked.
It was slightly shaven, and the mound of hair right above it looked

“Come on, what are you waiting for, fuck me Mandy, come on, do
whatever you want to do to me”, Solangé yelled

Mandy brought her finger to Solangé’s pussy and carefully inserted a
finger into the tip of Solangé’s tight pussy

“You’re still a virgin?”, she asked

“Yes, I am”, gasped Solangé, “I’m a virgin”

“What, Bow Wow didn’t get to fuck you before you dumped him”, teased
Mandy, “well that’s good because I can make you feel better then any
puppy can”

“THEN LICK MY PUSSY NOW”, screamed Solangé

Without a word, Mandy brought her face down to Solangé’s twat and
began to lick. It tasted really good, nothing like Avril’s though.
This was her second taste of pussy, and both she had experienced so
far tasted good in their own distinct, unique way. She guessed no
two women were alike, and thus, had their own distinctive taste. She
brought her tongue out and inserted it into her pussy like she would
a dick, and began to thrust it in and out. Solangé was yelling at
the top of her lungs, telling Mandy what to do to her, and
exclaiming how much she loved the way Mandy was making love to her.
Her hands were all over her body, rubbing her firm breasts and
joining Mandy’s mouth in providing succor for herself down at her
pussy. She was biting her fingers to keep her from yelling so loud
that someone outside would hear. She had never ever felt this good
before. She had never even thought she would be with a woman at all
just less than an hour ago. She had of course had her Beyoncé
fantasies, but since she knew nothing would ever come of that, she
had never really allowed herself to believe anything would happen.
Her mind went to Beyoncé, and she pictured her exquisite face as
Mandy continued to pleasure her. This kind of pleasure was insanely
delicious, and she just wished it were possible for her to share
this kind of pleasure with her. All thoughts of her sister
evaporated though, as she felt herself coming towards an orgasm.
Solangé had reached orgasm many times while masturbating, but she
obviously had never done so with external aid, and from the way she
felt as she approached her high, she knew that this was going to be
an orgasm for the record books. She jerked as she felt the first
signs hit her. She couldn’t restrain herself from screaming
“Oh my God, Mandy, oh yes, I’m about to come, I’m about to come for
you, oh yes, please make me come, make me come all over your mouth,
and then you can taste me all you want, oh YES, YES, YES, YES, OH

Solangé felt herself crash against the bed as she came down from the
throes of ecstasy she had just experienced. This was without a doubt
the most erotic and exciting thing that had happened to her. Mandy
had not been kidding when she said it would feel great. In fact, if
anything, she had underestimated how awesome it would feel. She
could not think straight yet, but she definitely knew that this was
the way love making was supposed to be, and despite that fact that
she had not experienced the other kind, it did not seem necessary

“Did you like it?” asked Mandy as she lay next to her and stroked
her face

“That was unbelievable” remarked Solangé, “Wow, how can I ever thank

“I think I have a few ways you could do that”, smiled Mandy as she
leaned in for a kiss.

* * *

Beyoncé stormed into the hotel elevator full of rage. She was going
to kill that little bratty sister of hers as soon as she was able to
lay her hands on her. As she pressed the floor number of her
destination and watched the doors shut, she hoped she would find
Solangé at home. She was worried sick and hoped she had found an
alternative means of getting home.

She had been to her label to work out a few details about the
release of her album, and they had decided to drag her into a
meeting. She remembered that she was supposed to go and pick up her
sister, but they did not allow her to wriggle out of it, so she had
called her up and apologized profusely to her.

She understood of course that Solangé would be impatient and not
want to wait for hours, but she should at least have had the common
courtesy to call. She had rushed through her meeting and eventually
rudely left, and upon rushing to the Vanity Fair building, Solangé
was nowhere to be found. She tried calling her cell phone, but
nobody answered, and in a rush of panic, decided to rush back home,
hoping that Solangé had found someone to roll with.

Traffic had been a bitch, and she was so wrought with worry and
frustration as she reached one hold-up after another. While on the
freeway, she had broken the speed limit in her rush to get home and
see if her sister was there, and had been apprehended by a cop.
Luckily for her, the policeman recognized her, and let her go, but
not before he made her sign about 20 autographs for all his nieces
and nephews. She had tried to remain pleasant, and eventually, after
about ten minutes, he had let her go.

She reached the floor her penthouse suite was, and stepped out of
the elevator. She had been renting this suite for months, and it was
almost beginning to feel like home to her, even though she was so
busy that she was hardly there. She felt a bit guilty that she had
not really found time to hang out with Solangé, who was only in town
for a few more days. She knew how much her sister looked up to and
admired her, and she always tried to set a good example, but still,
she always felt she wasn’t being a good enough sister. She promised
herself she was going to make it up to Solangé. How she was going to
do it, she didn’t know, but she did know.

She inserted her key in the lock, and was surprised to see that the
door was unlocked. Relief washed over her, as this meant that
Solangé must be home. She was going to wring her neck for not
notifying her of her movement. As she walked in and shut the door,
she stopped in her tracks when she heard something that definitely
resembled a voice coming from one of the bedrooms. It was probably
Solangé talking to herself or watching TV, she told herself as she
bolted the door shut. She decided she was going to give her little
sister the scare of her life by creeping in and making a loud noise,
much like they used to do when they were kids.

Moving closer, however, she was shocked to hear that not only was
there more than one voice coming from Solangé’s bedroom, they
definitely were sounds of lovemaking. Could Solangé be…. no, it was
not possible. Perhaps she ordered porn or something – that could be
the only explanation. She felt weird at the thought of her little
sister masturbating to what sounded like lesbian porn, but she knew
it definitely was preferable to the alternative. She just did not
want to think of her sister as a sexual being yet; she was much too
young. Not younger than she was when she had her first experience,
but all the same, that was why she was the elder sister.

She tiptoed to the door, and what she saw almost made her eyes pop
out; she was too bewildered to scream. A naked brunette girl with
short hair, whose identity she hadn’t figured out yet, was sitting
at the foot of the bed, her eyes shut in ecstasy, while Solangé was
kneeling right in front of her, facing the opposite direction, and
munching the hell out of her pussy.

Beyoncé could have died of shock. She was too shocked to scream, or
to even move. Her little sister was also into girls? This was a
revelation that was too weird to comprehend. She did not know how to
react. She wanted to leave as fast as she could before making her
presence known, but her legs seemed to fail her. The girl opened her
eyes, and much to Beyoncé’s shock, she saw who it was. Mandy noticed
Beyoncé’s presence at the exact same time Beyoncé noticed who she
was. Both girls widened their eyes in shock, and managed to restrain
themselves from screaming.

Beyoncé did not really know Mandy Moore that well. They had of
course met at all the usual events, and Beyoncé had always found her
extremely attractive. She smiled in pride that her sister had been
able to work some of the Knowles family charm in getting her into
bed. She stared at Mandy’s gorgeous body, and found herself getting
increasingly aroused. Solangé did not know her sister was present
yet, and was still hard at work at her debut pussy eating
performance, and she appeared to be doing well at it. She obviously
had talent, as this was no beginner’s luck.

Beyoncé found herself getting turned on here. She had not been with
a woman in months, ever since the Pepsi party thing with Britney and
Shakira, and she definitely could feel the result of her abstention.
Her pussy was soaked as she watched the way Mandy’s body contorted
to Solangé’s pussy eating skills. Mandy moaned and groaned, her eyes
locked on Beyoncé’s all the while. Beyoncé thought she would die
from this eroticism, it was too god to be true.

“Oh yes”, Mandy was moaning, “oh yes, that’s how you should lick my
pussy, just like that, oh, fuck me Beyoncé”

Beyoncé’s eyes popped open, as she could not believe what she had
just heard. Mandy realized her faux pas a few seconds later as she
brought her hand to cover her open mouth, while Solangé suddenly
backed away, and looked back, right at her sister, who was standing
there looking like she had seen a ghost.

“Beyoncé, it’s not what it looks like”, Solangé was trying to
explain, “Hear me out, I…”

“Shut up”, Beyoncé said emptily, “I don’t want to hear it”

Beyoncé was looking at her sister’s naked body, which she was not
exactly making any effort to conceal, and she was surprised at how
attractive she found it. Her budding breasts were to die for, and
her curves were definitely awesome. She tried to snap back to
reality. This was her younger sister, she couldn’t be thinking this
way about her sister. All the same, she had never seen her sister
like this before, and she could not help liking what she was seeing.
She had definitely seen her naked before, but not in a sexual way.
“I’m sorry Beyoncé”, Solangé was saying, “I don’t know what….”
“I said shut up”, said Beyoncé, as she found herself walking to her
sister and planting her mouth on hers.

Solangé was in shock, she did not know whether to believe what was
happening or not. She put her arms around her sister and kissed
back, not daring to believe her good luck. Her sister, whom she had
desired for so long, was finally available to her. Beyoncé pulled
away after a while

“No, I’m sorry, this is wrong”, she said, “I can’t do this, I just

“Why not Sis”, said Solangé, “I’ve wanted you for so long”

“You have?”, asked Mandy and Beyoncé in unison

“Yes I have. I keep fantasizing about you, and I always felt it was
wrong because you were my sister”, said Solangé, “but today has made
me feel that if it feels good, then I shouldn’t worry about any damn

“But we’re sisters”, said Beyoncé, “and you’re just 17, it will feel
too weird”

“But you want me”, insisted Solangé, “I know you do, I can see it in
your eyes, I can see the way that you’re looking at my body, you so
want me”

“I do not”, said Beyoncé, her voice faltering

“Fine then”, Mandy cut in, “Just watch this and join in if you want”
Mandy then walked over and began to kiss Solangé. Beyoncé was almost
salivating as she saw her sister and the beautiful singer/actress
gently kiss each other, their hands gently roaming each others’

“Oh, the hell with it, who cares if we’re sisters”, muttered Beyoncé
as she began to pull her clothes off as fast as she could

“Need some help with that, Sis?” offered Solangé, “come on Mandy”
The two girls walked over, and Solangé began to take off her
sister’s top behind her, while Mandy knelt down and began to unhook
her jeans. They soon helped the 21 year old out of her clothing, and
she was as naked as the day she was born. Mandy pushed her onto the
bed and immediately began to work on her pussy, while Solangé knelt
right over her face.

Beyoncé could not believe that her little sister’s pussy was right
on top of her face. Her hands on Solangé’s thighs, she began to lick
Solangé’s twat as fast and furious as she could. Mandy was no slouch
either, and she was showing real grasp at sucking Beyoncé’s pussy.
Beyoncé could not believe she had gone so long without any sex,
there was a torrent of passion within her that was dying to be let
loose, a torrent of anger at Kelly’s betrayal, a torrent of dormant
passion that had been unused for months, everything seemed to be at
the forefront now, and was begging to be released.

“Oh yes Sis”, Solangé was crying, “suck my pussy, my pussy is so hot
for you, I’ve wanted you for so long, suck it, oh yes”

Beyoncé’s orgasm, the first of many that night she was sure, was
approaching, and she was determined to mark it with fanfare. Pushing
her crotch as close as she could to Mandy’s mouth, she exerted all
the skills she knew into the cunninlingus she was giving her younger

“I’m about to come Beyoncé, I’m about to come, make me come Sis,

The orgasm hit Beyoncé like an earthquake. Her whole body shook as
she experienced the joy that only another woman’s tongue could
bring. Mandy pulled away, her mouth stained all over with Beyoncé’s
girl cum

“Wow, your sister tastes amazing, Solangé”, Mandy commented.

“I think I should find out for myself”, Solangé said, as she lay on
the bed underneath a kneeling Beyoncé, while Mandy knelt right in
front of Beyoncé and began to kiss her.

Beyoncé did not know what the implications of this lovemaking
session would be in terms of her relationship with her sister. She
did not know if that would mean she was in a relationship with her
now, or if it was a one-night stand, or if it was going to be an
on-and-off thing. But she would worry about all that another day.
Right now, she was having all the fun she could, and she did not
care about anything else. Fuck the fact that Kelly and Michelle were
sleeping together, fuck the stupid label and their ludicrous
demands, fuck the stupid tabloids and magazines who had nothing
better to do but make up cock and bull stories about her love life,
fuck everything else.

As she kissed Mandy, everything seemed to make sense again, and it
seemed her life had gotten its fulfillment back. How the hell could
she ever have imagined she would go through life without this? This
was what she was, and she would not have it any other way. She would
never again let anything or anyone demoralize her to the point where
she would punish herself by forfeiting this.

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