Danica McKellar – Dreaming of Danica

Title: Danica McKellar – Dreaming of Danica

Author: Tricky Dick

Celebs: Danica McKellar

Codes: MF, MC, NC/con, oral

Disclaimer: This is a work of complete fiction.  It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it.  No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you.  All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person.  I don’t know Danica McKellar or have anything to do with her.  Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.


Dreaming of Danica

A group of scientists led by a Doctor create a device that can be applied to the groin of a woman and directly stimulate the nerves of her vagina and clitoris, simulating anything from licking, pinching, sucking, penetration of ANY size penis, G spot stimulation and ANY combination of the senses….. AND it can be used in conjunction with an actual person to “enhance” the performance of any partner male or female….  It could revolutionize the sex toy industry.

The group convince Danica McKellar to come to a dinner about funding but they spike her drink with a sleeping agent.  When she wakes up she is naked and laying on a bed.  They have applied the device to her and they intend to test it on her.

Danica woke up completely naked on a King size bed in a well lit room with mirrored walls and another concrete wall with a doorway.  “What….  Oh My God…. WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES!” she shouted.  “Hello Danica.  We understand your confusion but you are our guest and we have a special surprise for you.” said a voice.  Danica stood and walked towards the door trying to cover her nudity.  “I don’t care WHAT your surprise is….. GIVE ME MY CLOTHES NOW!” she shouted.  Danica pounded on the door but nothing happened….. at least not right away.  The voice said….  “Trust us Danica, in a few seconds you’ll ABSOLUTELY care about what our surprise is…

Suddenly Danica felt something between her legs.  It felt EXACTLY like someone licking her pussy.  She reached down and touched herself but there was nothing there.  The only thing was a thin applique that was adhered to her lower groin.  Then the sensation happened again, more pronounced…. Danica drew a breath and her body tensed.  “I trust you’re beginning to understand what our surprise is.  How about another demonstration.” and now the sensation of being licked and her clit being sucked on at the same time became overwhelming and intense.  “UGH……. HUH….” she moaned uncontrollably.  She touched her pussy again and her juices were beginning to flow.  She couldn’t understand how this could be happening.  It literally felt like she was being licked and her clit sucked on at the same time…. it was an indescribable sensation and it took all her energy to stay focused.  She tried to remove the device from her body but the adhesive was very strong.  “AAAAHHHHHH…  ” she cried out and sank to her knees.  “If you attempt to tear off the device we can dissuade from that with extreme sensation.  That was a bite to your clit.  We have even more intense sensations.” said the voice.  “Please go and lie down on the bed.”

Danica considered her options and decided that for the moment obeying was her best choice.  She was allowed to walk over and sit down on the bed.  “Lie down please.” the voice reminded.  “Really do you really need me to ……. OOOHHHHHH….. ” she moaned.  The sucking on her clit resumed…. and immediately after that she felt penetration like fingers entering her pussy.  Danica fell to her side and the fingering became more intense…. stretching her and worming around…. her outer labia was being licked and another tongue was swirling and sucking on her clit.  The sensations were POWERFUL and indescribable.  She knew that if this continued for even a few more minutes, she’d cum…. no matter how much she tried to resist.  “Please lie on the bed and spread your legs wide for us.” the voice commanded.  Danica was helpless to argue and she reluctantly crawled back to her original position and then as she was about to put her legs together a whole new sensation hit her.  “GGGAAAAHHHHHH….. OH GOD…..  OH OH OH….” Her G Spot was being stimulated in conjunction with everything else and her legs fell open…. her hips shot up uncontrollably.  She couldn’t stop herself and didn’t want to….. Her nipples were stiff.  Her mind was spinning and she was going to cum.  “OH …. MMMMM….. MMMMMAAAHHH….. NOOOOO…… OOOOHHH….. UHHHH…..UH HUH UH HUH UH HUUUUUHHHHHHH”.  Danica’s body was trembling from the most intense orgasm she’d ever had.  She touched herself and her pussy was gushing.

Now a man entered the room wearing only a robe.  He approached her as the sensations began again.  Danica felt as if a person was giving her pussy long licks up and down….. flicks to her clit and the penetration.  Danica could not resist all these sensations.  Her pussy was already dripping and her nerves were sensitized.  Her hips rocked and thrust as if she was actively participating.  Her breathing was coming in gasps…. she was having sex…. even though nobody was touching her….. and it was a wonderful feeling.  Her head rocked from side to side as her hips bucked…. Now the G spot began again and Danica didn’t resist at all…..  She couldn’t help but stare at the man lusting after her naked body and watching her cum.  “MMM… MMMM….. OH….. PLEASE….. OH…GOD….. OH YES…. OH YES…. OH GOD……   YEEEESSSSSSSSSHH….” and she came again.  Her body slumped back on the bed her legs splayed open.

Now the man moved to her bedside.  “How do you feel?” he asked.  Danica was still panting…. “Good…. but please you have to stop thiiiiiiiissssssss …. ooooooohhhh…. ” she purred.  “Oh you like that feeling do you?  That was a deep penetration of a man’s cock…. Not a huge one but long.” he said.  “Please…. I’m married I can’t  ….. OOOOHHHHHh…. GOD…. OH OH OH OH….. YES YES…. MPPHMM…. ” she bucked.  “Now he’s fucking you.  Do you like it?” he asked pointedly.  The fucking stopped and Danica let her hips fall.  “How about if we add more stimulation….” he offered.  “Wait… PLEEEEEEEESSSUGH…… OH FUCK…. OH GOD ….. OH GAWD….. OH…. UGH…. UGH…. YES….. FUCK…. OH FUCK….. OH FUCK….. I’M CUUUUUMMMMMINGG! she cried.  The man placed his hand on her chest…. Danica was gasping and sweating….. juice oozing from her trembling pussy. “That was deep fucking, G spot and clit sucking all at the same time.  Did you like it?” he asked.  “YES!” she cried…  “Excellent…. no need to argue…. we have so much more to show you.  We’re going to combine simulated and actual sexual contact.” he said.

Now the man dropped his robe and Danica looked at his naked body…. he was already fully erect.  He crawled onto the bed and Danica moved her legs to prevent him access to her loins but that was a futile attempt as new sensations hit her immediately.  “OOHH MMMMM HOOO…. GGOOOOODDDD…  ” she gushed.  The man opened her legs with no resistance and moved towards her pussy.  Danica’s hips were rocking to full penetration again and the man simply gripped her ass and began to suck on her clit.  “OH…. OH YES…. OH YES… PLEASE…. OH GOD!  The other sensations were removed but she could still feel his mouth on her….. He stopped.  “Which feels better….. the simulated sucking.  He motioned…. “UHHHH….. MMMMM…. UMMMPH” Danica moaned as it started again….. then stopped.  “Or the real thing.”  “UHHHH UGH…. OH GOD…. OH YES!” she gushed.  He stopped again.  “Which do you like better?” he asked again.  Danica propped herself up on her elbows and looked at him.  “Are you really asking me?” she said incredulously.  “Yes Danica…. We wanted an unbiased opinion of the quality of sensation….. Does it feel real or artificial and which do you prefer?” he asked.  “This feels real….  VERY REAL.” she said.  “Can you tell the difference?” he asked.  “I don’t know…. ” she answered.  He motioned again and Danica was stimulated.  “Mmmmm AHhh… Oh GOD that feels good.” she spoke out…. “It’s incredible what you’ve done.” she praised.   “And do you like the G spot stimulation…. that appeared to be something unfamiliar for you.” he asked.  “I’m not sure.” she replied honestly.  The stimulation to her G spot began again… “OOOOHHHH THAT!  UGH…. GOD I LOVE THAT!  Don’t stop….. UH UH UH…. ”  but then it stopped.  “Ohh no…” she bemoaned.  “It’s okay Danica.”  The man then inserted his fingers inside her pussy “UGH… WAIT…. PLEASE.” she cried. He began to stimulate her G spot!  “OH GOD…. OH YES….  SIR…. SO GOOD….. GOD….. UH UH UH…. UH HUH…..DON’T STOP…. DON’T STOP… YES YES…. YEEEESSSSSS! she moaned as her pussy fluttered and she came.  Danica came back to rest gasping….. “Okay now I know what you mean….. yes that G thing is something else.” she responded.

“So it would seem that the simulation is as effective as the actual thing.  Now we need to test simulated penetration versus actual.” he said.  “NO” she said very firmly.  “Do you really think you be able to refuse?” he asked her.  Danica heart sank as she knew he was right….. she’s been completely unable to resist anything that was happening to her body.  She simply accepted as he opened her legs further and positioned himself at her tender opening.  She wasn’t sure how to feel.  Her pussy was burning and ready for action….  Danica looked up at this man…. handsome, older but clearly capable.  He positioned his cock against her juicy lips…. he pressed in.  This was the first cock she’d had inside her other than her husband in years…. the simulated cock notwithstanding.  “UUGGGHHHH” she groaned in pleasure.  Danica didn’t want to like it but DAMN it felt really good.  She was very wet and turned on from all the stimulation so she was easy prey.  “UMPH…. OH…” she groaned….. as he bottomed out.  The man caressed her breasts and leaned over her and kissed her.  They had no simulation for this….. She didn’t want it but she was so excited that she just accepted his tongue in her mouth.  “MMMMM” she moaned…. He was a good kisser.  Then he withdrew and began to fuck her.  “OOOHH….  OH….. UH…. HUH….. ” she grunted as his nice cock was thrust into her.  She would cum soon….  He picked up the pace and Danica’s hips rocked to meet his efforts.  Her hands found his chest and her legs slid up and rested on his back.  The man smiled at her as she panted and grunted happily with his thrusts.  “HUH…. UH HUH….” She cried as she closed in on her orgasm.  “YES Danica…. So Beautiful….. You’re so hot inside…..  Please cum for me.” he praised.  “YES….. OH SIR…. YES, YES…. OH HARDER   GOD …. OH YES…… GOOD …. UH UH…. UH HUH…..  GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD……. Her body trembled and the man could feel her pussy squeezing his cock.  It was exquisite to feel her body respond so powerfully.  It was everything he’d dreamed it would be.

“Now we’re going to try something different.” he said…  “All men wish they were bigger.  Now we can give that impression regardless of the actual size of the man.  Have you ever experienced a large cock?” he asked.  Danica lightly shook her head….  “No…. not really.”  “Wonderful….. then this will be a truly unique experience.”  He motioned and Danica nervously waited to see what was going to happen.  The man positioned his cock head against her folds again and began to press in.  “GGGAAAAWDDD…. WAIT!” She cried… But he continued to gently push into her.  Danica felt a huge 10″ cock pushing into her tiny pussy and she squirmed and grunted as the man gently pressed deeper and deeper into her untouched regions.  “UUUUGHHHHH…. SIR…. PLEASE…. IT’S SO BIG…. I CAN’T TAKE IT….” she moaned.  But he refused to stop.  Danica gasped and writhed as he worked his new monster into his fantasy girl.  “It’s strange…. I can feel your pussy squeezing me tightly as if I AM bigger….. You body is making your hot cunt squeeze me.” he praised.  Those words “hot cunt” burned in her ears….. Danica could feel her pussy twitching and gushing…. she wasn’t in pain…. just unbelievably stuffed….. beads of sweat came from her forehead.  She was truly anticipating being fucked with this huge cock….. She wouldn’t have to wait long.  The man held her legs open and withdrew….. Danica’s eyes went wide and her body froze as he drove his cock all the way back inside her.  “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH….. GOD!” she screamed.  The man smiled and began to fuck her….. Danica’s eyes were saucers as this huge cock split her in two.  Her pussy was forfeit…. she would do ANYTHING for this cock.  Each thrust would illicit cries of immense pleasure from her lips.  “OHH   OHH OHH OHH..” she cried as he fucked her.  The man wasn’t even thrusting hard…. just normal fucking and she was completely at his mercy.  “Who’s pussy is this”, He asked gloating over his conquest.  “IT’S YOUR PUSSY SIR!” she cried!  “Say it again”, he commanded.  “OH GOD SIR, IT’S YOUR PUSSY…. PLEASE GOD DON’T STOP” she begged.  Danica had NEVER been fucked like this before….. she was cumming so fast and hard that she was seeing stars.  “OH GOD SIR…. I’M GOING TO PASS OUT!” she cried….  He grinned and continued until she came hard again…. eyes rolled back in her head….. Then he motioned for the simulation to continue…. and he pulled out.  A quick movement and he was knelt next to her head….. Cock in hand he pressed it into her mouth.  Danica had already surrendered her body…. now she surrendered her mind.  She let go of her resistance and opened her mouth. The simulation continued and she was seeing stars as she enthusiastically sucked the man’s cock.  She was wild with lust and rocked her hips to meet the simulated monster.  The man relished this final capitulation and looked deeply into her eyes as his cock erupted loads of salty cum into her willing mouth.  Danica swallowed the stranger’s cum with a purr of bliss.

After the large cock had finished her off the man wished to savor his prize…. He moved between her legs, which she opened wider for him and began to lap up her sweet juices.  The huge cock simulation definitely had a tremendous effect on her pussy as it had on the scientist researcher who originally volunteered but this was Danica McKellar his dream girl….. lusty and gushing and completely unbiased…. and what’s more, an unwilling participant easily coerced into full capitulation and obedience.  Danica panted and purred as he continued to lick her delicious pussy.  This ordeal had started out terrifying but now she lay there, endorphins rushing through her blood, her head buzzing… heart pounding feeling delightful as this older man camped out between her thighs greedily licking her pussy…. Now Danica loved her husband but this man was very talented….. so when he slipped his fingers inside her again her head tilted up to see what he was going to do.  He began lightly rubbing her G spot.  Danica felt those nerves start to buzz again…. “UUUHHGGG… ” she sighed.  “So you really like this feeling don’t you?….. Your husband doesn’t rub your G spot?” he asked as her hips had begun to rock again.  “No…. He doesn’t do that…..  ” she replied honestly.  “And clearly you’re enjoying it.” he continued.  “Yesss…” she hissed as he continued.  Now he licked her slit and over her clit as he continued.  “Oh Sir….. that’s so goood….. ” she moaned.  “I can stop this anytime you want Danica…. but I think you want me to continue….. yes.” he asked.  She nodded somewhat reluctantly, realizing that this was beyond being manipulated and now she was actively encouraging him to continue….. another mental barrier.  He offered a few long licks and flicked her clit making her sigh out loud…  “No Danica….. I need a real answer….. Tell me what you want me to do.” he asked.  “You can keep doing that if you want.” she said.  He was annoyed at the mincing of words so he began to rub her G spot more deliberately.  “UGH…. OHHHH….. SIR….  OH GOD…..  MMMMMMHHMMMMM….. ” she moaned and then he suddenly stopped.  “It’s not what I want Danica…. it’s what YOU want….. now tell me what you want….. Do you want me to lick your pussy and make you cum?” he asked…. teasing her cunt.  Cornered and very turned on Danica surrendered again….. “Yes Sir…. please lick my pussy…. I love what you’re doing… Please make me cum.” she begged.  Now free to continue the man assaulted her senses again….. driving her easily to orgasm.  “MMMMMM…. OHHHH….. MMMMMHMMMM  SIR….. OH SIR…… OH GOD….. OH PLEASE…… DON’T STOP…..  OHHH…… OHHHH….. OHHHH …. GOD….. OHHH…YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSUUUGGGHHH….  Danice came hard again….. she had never cum so much in one session….. she was mesmerized by this ordeal.

An assistant came in with a small tray and she applied a little liquid to a cloth and easily removed the applique from Danica’s groin.  She left without saying a word.  The man then resumed licking Danica’s pussy…. which was still very wet and sensitive.  “Mmmmm… His fingers worked in and out of her and Danica just relaxed as he fingered and licked her…. The build up was slower but very nice.  “AHHHH….. UGHHH… ” she moaned.  “Feels good doesn’t it?” he posed.  “Yesss…..” she hissed.  “Would you like me to suck on your clit?” he asked.  Danica was still very turned on…. she REALLY wanted him to do it…. (but her family) …. but his fingers feel so good….. (but her husband)….. but this man knows where her G spot is…… (but it’s wrong) …… but it feels so good…  She gave into the pleasure….. “Yes please lick my clit…. and finger my G spot…. make me cum again.” she said.  She heard the words leave her lips but she’d NEVER spoken to ANYONE like that….. it excited her…. and she was instantly gratified as he happily responded.  “OOOHHHHH  UUUHHHHH SIR….. UUUUHHHMMMMMMMM….. MMMMMMM….. MMMMOOOOHHHHHHHGOOOD….. GOD…. OH GOD…. OH… OHHHH….. OHHHHHH OOHYESSS…. OHH…. YESSS…. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSUUGH..” she lie there trembling, now a willing participant in her own debauchery.  She felt him move between her legs again and looked up to see his hard cock aiming at her quivering cunt.  “Would you like me to fuck you again Danica?”  (OH GOD she thought.  I can’t…. but I want it in me…. it was so fucking good the first time….) He rubbed the tip against her pussy to tease her.  She couldn’t resist…. “Yes Sir….. please fuck me.” ….. she still couldn’t believe what she heard herself saying but she was fixated on that hard cock about the penetrate her.  “UUUUGGGGGHHHHHHMMMMMMM GOD…… SO GOOD” she sighed as he buried all 8 inches of his thick cock in her.  Now she was sure he was bigger than her husband.  The man lustfully pulled up her legs and immediately began to fuck his prize….. He had only blasted his first heavy load in her mouth…. so he had tons of energy to give over to his lovely guest.

Now without restraint or device that man took his time and made love to his fantasy girl Danica McKellar.  Having seduced her into a tryst he now relished in the surrender of her body, her mind and ultimately her heart.  He fucked her on top….. He let her be on top…. He fucked her from behind…. He fucked her sideways… and ultimately on her back, deep inside where she hadn’t been touched in a very long time…. if ever.  Danica came so many times she had no idea….. She clawed and moaned, shuddered and came… orgasm after orgasm as this expert twisted and turned her into his little slut.  She not only obeyed but enjoyed as he fucked her stupid……  Sweaty and satisfied he commanded his conquest to finish him.  “Suck my cock Danica.” he ordered.  She heard the words…. She didn’t normally do that…. not even for her husband.  She did it before because she had no choice…. (but it wasn’t bad was it? she thought.)  She slipped off the bed onto her knees and The man put his cock in her face…. Danica took it in her mouth….. her own taste was all over it but that disappeared quickly as his pre cum seeped into her mouth.  He didn’t hold her head…. He didn’t fuck her mouth…. He wanted Danica McKellar to WANT to suck him until he came in her.  Danica realized that he wasn’t forcing her at all…. She felt the throbbing cock in her mouth and it turned her on….. The more she thought about it…. the more she wanted him to cum…. for all the immense satisfaction he’d give her over the past couple of hours…. countless orgasms more powerful than anything she’d ever experienced….. Danica didn’t even realize but while she was thinking about all this, she had gripped his firm ass and pumped her mouth on his shaft as deep as she could, hard and fast encouraging him to cum….. and then he groaned and erupted again!  “MMMMMMMMM…. MMMMMM…… MMMMMHHHHH” she moaned as his salty sticky cum coated her mouth.  Nobody forced her.  Nobody tricked her…. No machine or device made her do it…. she wanted to.  As Danica finished swallowing his cum she found herself milking the shaft….. and finally let go.  The man was so delighted he scooped her up and kissed her.

Shortly after…….

“Why me? she asked wearing a very thin and short silk robe.  “I wanted you… I could have selected any number of beautiful celebrities and I believe the result would have been the same…. complete surrender he said with a smile and he kissed her.  Danica found herself infatuated with this man.  It wasn’t just the incredible sex….. which was quite amazing… it was the effort that he made.  The man took her hand and pull her onto his lap…. she could feel his cock through the thin fabric.  He slipped a hand inside her robe as they chatted and stroked her soft skin and breasts as if this were completely normal.  She found herself enjoying her time with him and kissed him back even a couple times initiating this kiss.  He had completely manipulated her and she was aware of it….. and yet she still complied.  The fact that he went to such trouble to seduce her was also quite gratifying.

“Now Danica… There is something else…. We want you to be our endorser.” he said.  “Well…. what kind of endorsement are we talking about?” she asked.  “Nothing too graphic.  We thought that you would give a testimonial mixed in with a little bit of footage…”  “WAIT… you recorded me?” she interrupted in a panic.  “RELAX” he said.  “Yes we recorded everything…. mostly just for me…. because it’s you.” (she began to protest) “BUT the footage we want to show is just your face….. Your ‘OH face'” he said with a smile.  The screen lit up and she saw Herself cumming HARD.  “OH GOD…. You can’t show that to people!…. What would my husband say?”  “Danica….. .this endorsement is worth a substantial amount of money.  These units cost about $500 including the brain…. With web support they can be customized to ‘whatever’ floats your boat.  AND you’re going to get to keep one…. for use at home.  So when all is said and done you say Hi I’m Danica McKellar and I want to tell you about something that will change your sex life FOREVER…. then you describe features and benefits blah blah…. and we intersperse your commentary with some ‘OH Face’ to show the people that you’ve actually tried this.  No nudity…  just real life reaction shots like the G spot” and Danica watched herself cum.  “Oh God….” she said.  “Yes…. you said that a lot.” he teased.  “And of course the big cock” he remarked.  “OHHHHHH GOD” she saw herself moaning from that…. “Okay…. my husband will never let me do this.” she said.  “Let you?  Look I understand…. You’re married but this endorsement is worth MILLIONS OF DOLLARS Danica…. to YOU.  You are a credible, beautiful celebrity and if YOU endorse this product then people will trust you and buy it.” he stated matter of factly.  “Well what about the rest of the video….. “That’s for me….. You wouldn’t want to deprive me of that would you?” He said slipping his hand between her legs and sliding it over her still juicy pussy.  Danica immediately caved as her body shivered with excitement.  “No I guess not…… mmmmmmm.

“You’re so hot Danica….. So sexy and juicy inside.” he said sliding his fingers in and out of her….. She was so whipped…. “I bet you want my cock in your pussy again don’t you?” he said massaging her clit.  “Mmmm…hmmmm” she purred.  “I bet you want to suck on my big cock too don’t you?” he continued.  Before she realized what she was saying Danica purred “Yes”  Then she realized what she just admitted… to herself as well.  The man whispered…. “If you wrap your lips around my cock and make me hard….. I’ll fuck your tight hot cunt again.”  Those words… hot cunt…. Nobody talked to Danica like that…. .not even her husband…. Those words sizzled in her ears and she slipped off his lap and onto her knees….. she grinned at him as she greedily opened his robe…. The man was already semi-hard so when she took it in her mouth he throbbed right to full strength.  She moaned as it pulsed to life…. definitely bigger than her husband… she gripped the shaft and pumped it into her mouth….. GOD she wanted his cock in her mouth…. What was happening to her??? (she thought) but she wanted it…. and he knew it…. and pulled her to her feet slipping off her robe and pinning her against the wall.  He simply lifted her leg and drove right into her pussy.  “Oh Danica…. I LOVE YOUR TIGHT HOT CUNT…. it’s so wet….. ” She moaned a lusty approval and the man began to thrust.  Pinned against the wall she was delightfully pumped.  He thumped her hard and fast.  She clawed at him moaning into his shoulder…. Danica had never been fucked so many times in one day….. even when she was a newlywed.  His cock was so hard and felt so wonderful inside her it was literally addictive… (no pun intended she thought)  Danica came again, her “cunt” clutching as his turgid hammer.  The man turned her around and fucked her from behind…. again…. fucking standing up….. something she hadn’t done in a very long time and it felt wild and dirty….. “YEESSS” he hissed in her ear…..  You dirty slut…… You LOVE getting your hot cunt fucked nice and deep don’t you……” “OH GOD YES…. FUCK ME!” she moaned…. Danica braced herself against the wall and hung her head….. she watched her tits shake as every thrust drove her higher and higher.  Then he reached around and fingered her clit.  “OOOHHHHH….”  she moaned.  “YEAH YOU SEXY SLUT…. Your clit is burning isn’t it….. ” he hissed again.  “YEESSS…. OH GOD!” she cried as his fingering pushed her over the edge again.  “OOOHHHHH SIIIIIIIRRR AAHHHHHHHHHHGGGAWWWWD” she came shaking.  His cock still enjoying her sizzling cunt squeezing him, the man whispered in her ear….. “You LOVE being my dirty slut don’t you?”  “It’s so good.” she moaned…..  “You want my hard cock in your mouth again don’t you?” he continued.  “Yes…” she moaned…. “I’m going to treat you like the dirty slut you are….. ” He said thrusting harder into her burning cunt.  “UGH UGH UGH GUH….. GOD YEESS!” she cried…. “FUCK ME…. FUCK ME HARD!”  “I’m gonna cum all over your slutty face…. you dirty whore.” he whispered.  This dirty talk was driving Danica crazy.  Nobody ever talked to her like this…. Nobody ever fucked her like this.  It was all so overwhelming but exciting… Nobody had EVER cum on her face… EVER….. and she KNEW he meant it…. He was going to treat her her like a porn star and cum on her face.  “On your knees dirty girl!” he commanded.  She obeyed anticipating what he was going to do.  The man stuffed his cock in her mouth and fucked her face.  He held her head tightly and forcefully thrust it in her mouth as deep as she could handle it…… ANOTHER thing no man had ever done…. He was already about to erupt…. so he pulled out his cock and jerked it.  “Open your mouth slut!” he commanded.  She obeyed again and he groaned squirting rails of hot cream across her face….. some into her mouth but all over her checks, nose and eyes.  Now with her eyes closed, the man rubbed his cock across her face smearing his cum all over.  “Yeah….. you love my cum all over your face.  You’re a good little slut aren’t you.” he praised.  “Yes Sir” she replied dutifully….   Then he slipped it into her mouth again and let Danica slurp on it for awhile.  “He smiled down at this amazing woman whom he’d turned into his own personal cum guzzling whore.  “Yeah…. you’re my dirty slut aren’t you?” he posed….. “Mmmm Hmmmm” she replied still sucking on his cock.

Danica returned home and lied to her husband about pretty much everything but she did elude to discovering an amazing product and signing an endorsement deal worth a lot of money.  Little did he know that when she went to sleep that night all she could think about is how much she enjoyed being turned inside out by this experience man.  She slept like an angel….  a dirty slutty angel she thought as she drifted off to sleep with a big smile on her face.

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