Danica Wrecked Me

Title: Danica Wrecked Me

Author: RockHead99

Celebs: Danica Patrick

Codes: MF , rape, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

This is 100% fantasy and fiction and fantasy is legal.

I was just a local guy from Virginia who had won several regional titles in Late Models and Sprints but in May 2016 I got a huge break. I was asked to pilot the #86 Joel’s Hot Sauce Toyota.  Yeah it was a under funded ride that had little chance of winning but it was my dream since age 6 to drive in NASCAR.  It was the Toyota Owners 400. I against all odds made the field through qualifying ending up 33rd on the grid. During the intro my name got lots of cheers from my friends and family being from the area it was so exciting to finally make it to NASCAR.   The race started and it couldn’t of gone much worse.  On lap 17 I had to come in for an unscheduled stop as my right rear tire was flat. 30 laps later I had to come in due to another flat tire. As the race went on it was obvious I was a bit slower than the leaders I tried to stay out of trouble and even being several laps down it was so amazing being to race the legends like Harvick, The Busch Brothers, Jimmie Johnson and others.  The race was nearing the end with about 50 to go. I was 10 laps down and just using the race to learn and gain some experience. I shot down the back straight away and saw a blue and white car on my bumper.  I tried to wave them by but they rammed me from behind. “What the fuck?”  I yelled over the radio. I waived the car on again but got another bump going into 3rd. My Toyota spun out of control the back of the car colliding into the wall. I was a bit shaken but not hurt the car slid forward and it was making an awful racket.  “Bring it in we’re done for the day”  I pulled the wounded car down pit road “WHO THE FUCK WRECKED US, THAT’S BULL SHIT”  I screamed at my chief while pulling into the garage ” The 10! ” I heard over the radio.  I honestly had to think who was the #10 for a minute then it popped into my head.  “Danica!”  NASCAR’s failed experiment into letting a hot chick who was way over her head try to compete with legit racers.  I hopped out of my car and said sorry to the owner Jerry Rowe who gave me my shot.   “Don’t worry kid you got wrecked! It’s bullshit but maybe we can bring you back for the fall race here!”. As frustrated as I was inside I did get excited at the possibility of being able to race at Richmond when NASCAR returned in September.  I tried to help the crew load up the car but they told me to relax and enjoy the experience.  I peaked up to where a lot of my family and friends were sitting in the stands and it was empty.  “Hmmmm” I thought to myself maybe they all left after I wrecked.  I looked down at my phone and it was filled with really rude text messages. I was crushed  “You sucked out there don’t quit your day job!” my cousin texted me.   “Go back to racing at the short tracks you aren’t cut out for NASCAR sorry!” said a friend.  These text messages crushed me I was almost on the verge of tears. I Decided to decompress and take a shower at my RV.  I took a quick shower while wondering why everyone was being a dick to me.   “I guess people do hate you when you get to the top ” I told myself . I jumped out and put my khakis and sponsor polo on and headed back out the race must have just ended as the cars were off the track.  I went back to my hauler and all the crew was loaded up I told them Thank you for the hard work and shook their hands.  About thirty minutes later I walked back to my RV and prepared to leave when about 25 feet from my RV. I heard someone yell “Hey asshole thanks for giving me NO ROOM OUT THERE!” It was a female voice.   I look over and it’s Danica.  I had honestly tried to forget about the incident.  “What you put me in the wall!” I replied but not too loud I didn’t want to cause a scene during my first race.  I didn’t hear a reply so I start to walk into my RV and I get shoved from behind up the 2 steps of my RV.  “Do you know who I am?” It was Danica behind me yelling.  I quickly hopped up and she charged me.  At this point we were in my RV.  “Hey listen bitch! You wrecked me ” I replied she swung at me.  I ducked it. Danica was still wearing her fire suit with the top pulled down and tied with a White Tank top and her signature sun glasses. She was going still charging at this point I Grabbed the closet thing I could find a box of crackers that were on the dining table and launched it. It hit her in the shoulder and went flying behind her.  “Oh Shit” I thought to myself she kept charging at this point my back was against the entry to the shower/ bedroom.  I swung and hit her right behind the ear her glasses went flying to the floor and she went down wobbly. I would never hit a girl but in this case my nerves were all over the place.  I instantly felt bad I went down to see if she was okay she took her hand and grabbed my balls.  “FUCK YOU!” she yelled. I screamed then backhanded her across the face she let go. I was furious I reached down and grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up. I was only 170 lbs but in all this raged I picked up the Petite driver like she was a piece of paper.  I threw here against the door and it broke off the hinges and sent her crashing into the back half of the RV where my bed and shower were. I  picked her up and threw here on the bed. At this point she was not fully at her wits. I think now she was more scared than angry. I ripped her fire suit  off revealing a  sexy little G String.  I wasn’t shocked in the cars it can get over 100 degrees very easy. At this point my nerves started to go from angry to horny. She tried to sit up but i forced her quite easily back to the bed.  “Danica you’ve been a cunt out there on the track and now you’re going to have to pay!” I said she looked nervously up at me but didn’t say anything. I slid my pants off and grabbed her by the waist I turned her over where her small but round ass was sticking up. I looked down and my hard 9″ cock was throbbing and tenting in my boxers. I slid the boxers off and thrust my fat cock into her pussy. It was surprisingly wet. I thought “maybe she was liking this too” I slammed into her several times. She moaned and cried as I fucked her hard. her G String was sliding down in my way so I with one hand ripped that off of her.  She whimpered “Please don’t” as I kept pumping away into her wet cunt.  she pushed her arms against the bed and I saw her muscular definition it made me even hornier as I pumped away into her pussy. In the back of my mind I knew  this was wrong but i also loved seeing her ass bounce as I pumped into her. I took my hand and slapped the hell out of her ass cheek she yelped out. I pulled out and told her to take her shirt off she didn’t and kinda scooted to the left of the bed. I grabbed her tank top and ripped it right off of her. She rolled out of the bed now completely nude. I still had my shirt on but I slid it off quickly as she stood up. I grabbed her by the neck and pinned her against the wall.  “NO YOUR STAYING IN HERE BITCH!” I  pointed my hard cock back into her pussy and fucked her against the wall. Her legs wrapped around me as I pumped into her. Her nails dug into my back. She moaned now like she was enjoying it. I started to get close to cumming so I pulled her down on my cock and exploded insider her now dripping cunt. I moaned loud “AHHH Bitch mmm” I then dropped her on her back to the floor.  She made a crashing sound as she landed. I came to my senses.  “What the fuck did I just do…. I’m never going to be allowed back in NASCAR” I said as I sat down on the bed.  I kept waiting for her to get up but she didn’t I heard her rolling around. A minute or two passed by as  sat there contemplating why I just raped one of NASCAR’s most popular drivers.  I got up and checked on her. She was grabbing her side and  kind of out of it.  I reached down ” I’m sorry ” as I genuinely did feel bad. “Fuck you” she struggled to yell at me.  That sent me into another melt down “What did you say to me you cunt!” I pulled her up  by her neck again. I thought about what I should do. I sat down on the edge of the bed  and forced her down on my soft cock. Throat fucking her my dick quickly got hard again. I pushed her head down to she nearly puked and pulled it off. This some how felt better than being in her cunt. I did this for nearly half an hour as her eyes watered all over and spit came from her mouth I finally pushed her head down my hard shaft and came down her throat. I held it there till she puked up then pushed her off. She gasp for air on her back. I laughed.  I had become a complete maniac.  She was nearly out of it so I hopped into the shower. At this point I had no idea if I was going to get arrested or not but I didn’t care I felt free.  After a few minutes in the shower I came back out. I didn’t see Danica then boom she lunged forward from behind me and tried to tackle me to the bed. She had put her fire suit back on she had a knife in her hand and was trying to stab me thankfully I was much stronger and threw her off of me then she came forward and I kicked her right into the stomach. She dropped like a sack of potatoes.  She dropped the knife and I picked her up and carried her to the door. I looked around and the lot was mostly empty at this point I grabbed Danica who was still in pain and threw here outside.I then started up my RV and left. I thought for sure I was going to get arrested or at least banned from NASCAR.  To my surprise no one ever contacted me about it.  I continued to race on regional circuits and have good success.  That September the call never came but I was happy. Not only had I made it to NASCAR I had made it into NASCAR’s hottest driver.  The one thing I can say is she’s a much better fuck than a driver.

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