Daniel, Rupert And Emma

Daniel, Rupert and Emma
(MM,MMF, Anal, foot-fetish)
by Emily

Daniel left Emma’s dressing room with an uneasy feeling in his stomach.
This was the third time this week he and Emma had been making out and it
had gone absolutely no where. After hours of kissing and light touching,
she shooed him on his way. With a bruised ego and an everlasting hard on,
Dan was down right embarrassed.

He strolled through the lot to his own trailer and was amazed to see the
door open. He walked in the trailer to see Rupert
at his computer,
uselessly chatting away on the internet. He stepped in, unnoticed, trying
to scare his co-star.

“AAAAHHHHHH!” Daniel screamed, causing an unaware Rupert a painful trip to the floor.” Bloody fool!” Rupert retorted. Dan sat down to his computer and as he was closing Rupert’s conversation, he noticed a picture of whom Rupert was talking to. It was a boy, about their age. He had blonde hair, big brown eyes and a beautiful smile. He was also naked. Daniel looked at the boy, and was amazed when he waved. “He can see you too Dan.” Rupert whispered. Immediately Dan’s erection returned. He had not seen Emma naked, nor
anyone else his entire life. Though it was a boy, he was slender and
attractive. Too young to be a man, but too old to be a child. He was,
well, amazing.

Dan quickly closed the window and covered the camera with some papers.
embarassed at himself for such a display, he began to run for the exit. “Don’t go Dan, its okay. I get the same way.” Rupert stood up and showed Dan his wood through his pants. “I don’t think its being queer until you grow up and do it. Everyone says its okay for boys and girls to experiment on each other.” “Really?” Dan asked. “Sure, check it out, here’s something me and Tom did last week.” Rupert moved slowly toward Dan and began to massage his hard cock through the material of his pants. He moved Dan over to the couch and sat him
down, still massaging the trembling penis in his pants. Rupert slowly undid Dan’s zipper, but did not head straight for his cock. He caressed Dan further, through his boxers, until Dan’s head fell back and he closed his eyes. Rupert then removed Dan’s boyhood from his pants and began to kiss it. At first very slowly, and very wet, until he was sucking Dan’s stick like a blow pop.

Dan was shocked at the suddenly wet surprise, but did not object. He
continued to let Rupert tongue and suck him, like no one had ever done it
before, like Emma never would. Finally Dan could take no more. He began to furiously shove his dick in Rupert’s throat until he exhausted four or five sprays of immature sperm down his throat.

“Intense.” was all Dan could mutter through his ecstasy. Rupert cleaned
him up well.
Rupert then began to stroke his own dick, trying to obviously recreate the feelings that Dan
had so recently felt. “Let me help you with that, Rup.” Dan moved toward Rupert and began to massage his already exposed cock. He was soft while feeling it, consistently brushing against the head for maximum pleasure, but every time he brought his lips closer to the tip, he could not bare to lick the thing. “I can’t Rup, I tried, but I just can’t stick it in my mouth.” “It’s ok Dan,
its just like sucking a finger, try again.” Rupert was obviously waiting for it. After numerous tries, Dan could not bear to allow the “finger” in his
mouth. “I’m sorry Rupert, I just can’t.” Rupert sat and thought for a while.

“There is something you could do Dan.” With that, he approached Dan and
began to remove his pants. He then removed Dan’s shirt and stood back and
admired the young man. He was slender, but was starting to develop muscles
that would make him extremely hot one day. His legs weren’t hairy, but they
were tan and extremely beautiful. He then pulled down Dan’s boxers. There again was the dick he had just laid his lips on. For a gesture of good measure, he popped the limp rod into his mouth and gave a few tongue flicks and a little suck. “Lay on your back, on the bed.” Dan did as he was told and laid on the bed as Rupert stripped down to nothing. “Put your legs in the air now, I’m going to hold them up.” Dan again complied and rested his legs in Rupert’s lower arm pits. Rupert pulled up a bit on Dan’s legs, exposing his unviolated hole. He began to rub his dick around the hole, spreading precum for lube.” Rupert, I don’t know, this seems more….” Rupert didn’t wait, he thrust just the head of his dick in Dan’s ass, causing Dan to clench, but not cry out. “It’ll be fine Dan, just relax and I bet you will enjoy the ride.”

Rupert then finished the job so that his balls were resting on Dan’s crack.
He began to slowly move in and out as Dan squirmed and yelped. He could
feel Dan’s tight grip letting to and he began to move faster. He bent down
and licked Dan’s left nipple before passionately kissing him. Their
tongues were everywhere as Rupert began to pummel his bum. Rupert picked up full speed as he lifted Dan’s bottom from the mattress. Dan was enjoying the flashes of pleasure in his ass and suddenly began cumming all over his own stomach. He put a little on his finger and tasted it. it wasn’t too bad, he could see swallowing a few shots of it. Rupert on the other hand was not content with his lover’s cum and began to forcefully fuck the virgin. Mere minutes passed before Dan could feel the warmth filling his ass. Rupert continued to thrust until his almost limp dick fell from the actor’s widened chute.

“Bravo fellas, will there be an encore?” Emma stood in the doorway with a
wicked smirk on her face. “Ummm, no, I mean, maybe, why, are you, why are you here?” Dan was bumbling and that made Emma smirk even wider.
“After all the fun we’ve been having, I figured I would come over to your
trailer and up the stakes, but when I saw you come into here I decided to
watch…and evidentially you didn’t need my help.” “You told me to go, I had a huge boner, what should I have done?” “Oh Dan, its fine, look!” With that Emma stripped as naked as the two boys. Her budding breasts were about the size of ripe grapefruit and her pussy was barely fuzzy. She approached Dan and grabbed his hand. She moved it toward her pussy and let him go. He began to feel her lips and her clit. He swirled around lightly touching every inch with his fingertips. Eventually he found the hole and instinctively shoved his smallest finger in. “No fair Dan, I wanna try!” Emma grabbed Ruperts hand as well and guided it to the same location. It felt absolutely wonderful to have the two young studs muddling around in her private area. She began to moan softly when she started to speak.”

“Dan, lay on your back.” “Again, already?” “Just do it Dan!” Dan moved over to the bed and lay on his back again. Emma laid on top of him, rubbing his half hard cock with her juicy cunt. “Now Rupert, come up behind me.”Rupert moved in and knew what to do, he placed his dick at the entrance to her behind as she placed Dan’s cock at perfect angle for entry. “1, 2, 3,”
With a swift thrust, both boys entered the virgin girl. Dan, having had
his dick nowhere besides the throat of Ron, was amazed by the wet hotness
engulfing him. Rupert was enjoying Emma’s rather tight ass as he rubbed
her nipples.

Then the next bright idea was Ruperts. He pulled both Emma and Dan
slightly upward and began switching between the used hole of Dan and Emma’s
virgin one. After a while he got a steady rhythm down and everyone was
enjoying the fun. After Rupert began to furiously thrust Emma’s bottom, she began to furiously fuck Dan. Neither boy could take much more and with some extreme clinching from Emma, both boys were warming her body.

“That was amazing boys.” Emma complimented. Emma than brought her feet into each of the boys knees. “Suck them for me.” Both Dan and Rupert started to suck Emma’s feet. The stinking odour gave both Dan and Rupert their erections. Rupert looked into Dan’s eyes and smiled. He went over to Dan and kissed him. Rupert then sat on Dan’s lap thus Dan inserted his cock into Rupert’s asshole. “1, 2, 3” in one thrust move Dan entered Rupert’s asshole and started to fuck him. Emma watched this and started to rub her clit and masturbate. When Rupert fell off, Emma ejaculated. “I’m tired” Emma said. “We’ll do more later” Dan said. “Sure.” With that remark Emma looked at the two studs. Something special was developing.

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