Daniel O’Shea’s: Conquest Of Hollywood: Part 3: The Scarlett Letter


The following story is a work of fiction and in no way is an accurate portrayal of the person(s) depicted.

Ok somehow I have completely forgot where I am or what I am doing!
Ok let me see here I’m in my shower and there is a short female bending over with her hand pressed against the shower wall.
The female is screaming and moaning. I feel as if I am jamming my cock in and out of a tiny wet hole. It is extremely tight but feels fucking amazing. I’ll just look down and see what is causing the sensation. Alright I see a female’s ass and a sexy ass i might add. Her ass is a light color not pale but
lighter than tanned skin. Her ass also has freckles on it and this person’s ass is nice and round. As I look at it more I see that her ass cheeks are slightly rippling meaning that something is pounding her. God this sensation is wonderful! I look down pass the cheeks and see that I know now what is causing this sensation.

“Oh my god yes yes yes! Harder harder harder! Fuck my tight pipe!” she yells…..

Ok by her yelling that: I know that I have stuck my dick in this young girl’s tiny asshole and have proceeded to fuck her asshole really hard; judging from the screams. I look over her bent over body and see that she has thick hips which I am grabbing and I also see blonde hair that looks like a dye job flowing down her back. I look to the sides of her as she is bent over being ravaged by my dick and see tits hanging down bouncing back and forth. These tits are big, I would say they are at least 34 C-cups big enough to tit fuck and it actually do something. I allow my hands to slip up her side and I grasp on to both tits as I pull back on her body slamming my cock harder and deeper in her as she screams. I squeeze her tits and feel that I was right these tits are big, more than a handfull.

“Oh yes Daniel fuck me hard baby! oh my god yes! I love the way your cock feels in my ass baby!” she yells…

I can’t for the life of me remember who this is but she is hot and she knows how to fuck! Lets see what I have gathered here: Ok she has dyed blonde hair, freckled skin which tells me that more than likely she used to be a redhead. She has a smokers scream from her yelling, and to give it away as to who this sexy vixen is she has big tits!

And at that moment I pumped up her asshole one last time and came all in her ass and pulled out with a pop and sprayed her ass cheeks down with cum. With that powerful orgasm it finally hit me!

“This is Lindsay Lohan!” I yelled on accident…..

“Yes and you are Daniel! and you just made me have the biggest orgasm I have ever received babe!” she said to me as she raised up and turned around facing me….

I leaned over and stuck my tongue in her mouth as we made out for a while.

“God Daniel I would love to do that again sometime!” she said out of breath.

“I agree Lindsay! That was amazing sweety!” I told her as I leaned over and grabbed one of her large tits and sucked on it…

As I was sucking on the next tit it hit me that I had been scatter brained recently and while I was ass fucking one of the most beautiful young stars of today I was supposed to have called a woman, that I may love, last night. I was fucking Jennifer Love Hewitt last night when I should have called her (but that is a different story)so I have to go see her and face the consequences..

I told Lindsay goodbye and that I would see her later even though after i told her we started making out again. It is hard to leave someone as luscious as Lindsay Lohan behind naked in a shower but this girl was worth it and I had to hurry if I was going to catch her. I got out of the shower when I heard Lindsay call my name.

“You sure you want to leave me like this? After all I’m still wet!” She called to me….

“Fuck it!” I said…..

I dropped the towel and opened the shower door and climbed back in where Lindsay turned around and bent over again.
I grabbed my erect cock and guided it into her tight pink pussy. I worked the head in as I heard her moan. Then with nothing holding me back I grabbed her big juicy tits from behind and shoved my cock into her pussy as deep as it would go. I started fucking her hard and fast with her picking up her screams and moans from where she left off. I felt her tight pink pussy lips squeeze around my shaft as I fucked her and then I felt her tight muscles go to work in her cunt as I rammed her harder and harder. I reached my hand around to her mouth where she started sucking on my finger as I pounded her from behind. I was fucking her good when I slipped my other hand down to her ass and slipped my finger in her already fucked asshole with the pressure of my finger in her butt and my cock in her pussy at the same time she came all over my cock I was about to explode myself so i pulled out of her tight snatch and turned her around and she got on her knees. I stuck my cock in-between her big jugs and she squeezed them around my cock as I tity fucked her lovely big tits. I came all over her tits and face and then washed the semen off and kissed her.

“Listen Lindsay! I think you are amazing and I love what we did here and would love to do it again but there is someone I must go to right now and I’ll feel like shit if I let this opportunity slip by.” I said…

“I know you have to go but just remember that I’ll be around and if you ever want to blow off some steam sometime than you can drop bye and I will throw you the best fuck you will ever get. I mean after all how many girls in Hollywood besides me do you know that would let you fuck their ass? she asked….

“Go get her tiger!” she said to me as I closed the bathroom door and got dressed and ran downstairs and out to the garage.
I got in my Navigator and turned the key to the ignition and popped the car in drive and pulled out of my house and drove to the woman of my dreams.

I walked up to the house and rang the doorbell. I waited nervously. This could be the girl I’ve been waiting for! This might be my soulmate! I am in-love with this woman!

The door opened and I saw who it was and then it hit me like a ton of bricks: Which woman was I in-love with and which house was I supposed to be at?

My name is Daniel O’Shea! I live in Hollywood and I own this town!!!!!!!




starring: Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson

featuring: Lindsay Lohan

and introducing: Jessica Alba

This story contains: (MF, cons, anal, reluc, rom.)

On the way over to Natalie’s house here in L.A. I was listening to the song: Believe me Natalie by the Killers and thinking how perfect the song was for this occasion. As I reached her front door I got a terrible feeling in my stomach that something wasn’t right. Then the door opened and I saw her.

She had her hair down and she must have just had a shower because her hair was wet. She was wearing a short sleeve Satin red buttoned up shirt with dark dress pants. God she looked amazing standing there as if she had a glow about her. As soon as I saw her I realized what that bad feeling was: I was at the wrong house and should be at Scarlett Johanson’s place. Yes I was infatuated with both women. I believed I was in-love with both women but I knew that I could only truly be in-love with one of them and didn’t know which one. I was here with Natalie right now even though it was a mistake, I was going to go with it and see where I stood with Natalie first and then I would deal with Scarlett!

“Hey Daniel! What are you doing here?” Natalie asked me with a sexy but confused smile on her face…

“Natalie I need to talk to you and I feel as if we haven’t had the best of experiences together yet with the whole restaurant thing the other day. I wasn’t honest with you about Jennifer and I need to explain and well…… confess a few things!” I exclaimed….

“May I come in?” I asked…..

“Yeah sure. I’m confused about what’s going on here but please…….. explain.” she said….

We walked in her house and I noticed the place wasn’t as big as I imagined it would be but then again she lived in New York so this was just a getaway house she has here in Hollywood.

We walked into the living room and I sat on the couch and she sat right beside me which made me extremely nervous considering what I was about to reveal to her.

“Daniel!” she said only to be interupted by me: “Natalie!”

“You go first!” she exclaimed…

“Ok here goes! Natalie I apologize for lying to you but I did sleep with Jennifer Love Hewitt the other night and want you to know that it was a mistake!” I exclaimed….

Ok so I wasn’t totally being honest with her in the fact that I didn’t reveal the fact that I might be in-love with Scarlett and the fact that I fucked Lindsay Lohan in the ass right before I came over to Natalie’s house.
I figure those little tidbits of info would set me back so far that she would never except me.

So I started at the beggining and told her how I even made it to Hollywood in the first place and how it was because of Lacey Chabert. I told her that Lacey lived with me for three months and how we fell in-love with each other and how we slept together and of the day our relationship ended.

I let Natalie in on everything that has happened so far minus the Lindsay incident and the Scarlett situation but everything else. Now to let her in on the most important part!

“You see Nat! I made a mistake with Jennifer the other night by sleeping with her!” I exclaimed….

“Oh really Daniel? And how was that a mistake it’s not like you tripped and fell in her and the out of her and back in!” she exclaimed….

“I made a mistake in the fact that I didn’t love her! I’m in-love with someone else!” I told her….

“And who is the lucky girl?” She asked sarcastically….

“You Nat!” I exclaimed….

As I told her this she dropped her mouth open and stared at me in shock.

“Umm Umm. You! Umm… I…. I mean when! When did you come across this realization?” She asked…

“I knew it right when you came up to me at the party with Zach!” I told her…

“Daniel I don’t think your in-love with me sweety, I think that you are attracted to me and these feelings are just physical. I mean I did graduate from Harvard with a psychology degree! That’s all these feelings are hun!” She exclaimed….

“Ok then if that is true than why does it hurt everytime I see you? Why does it feel like the world is crashing down if a day goes by that I don’t see you? Why do I get scared to death when I see you face to face and imagine a future without you and then get depressed over that thought!?” I asked as my voice started breaking….

With me telling her that, I realized that I was in-love with Natalie one hundred percent and wasn’t in-love with Scarlett. I started getting excited and then scared as I knew Natalie was probably going to throw me out and never talk to me again.

And then something happened! I heard Natalie sniffeling and saw her eyes tear up. Then she spoke:

“Daniel! I have to admit something to you. I have had feelings for you as soon as I saw you and have had some of your same fears!” She exclaimed….

“That is great Natalie! See we should be together!” I told her as I leaned over and tried to kiss her…

She stopped me and then said: “Daniel…… We can’t do this! I’m dating Gael!” She informed me as she was crying….

Oh yes! Gael Garcia Bernal the man that Natalie was dating! I needless to say…… hate him. I felt that terrible feeling in my stomach warm back up. I felt as if I was going to throw up on her.

“Natalie just look inside your heart and tell me you love him then!” I challenged her….

“I love him!” She shot back….

“Wow that was sudden! I think me heart just stopped there Nat!” I informed her…

I dont know if it was the shear look of terror on my face or if she actually realized she didn’t love him but something wonderful happened!

Suddenly she leaned over teary eyed and grabbed the back of my head and kissed me.
The kiss was a quick one on the lips and then she backed away.

It shocked the hell out of me as I leaned over and pushed her back and leaned over on her trapping her body between mine and the couch as I kissed her passionately.

I ran my hand through her wet, dark hair as I rolled my tongue around in her mouth as she massaged it with her own tongue. Her breath was hot and her breathing was fast as I felt her excitement. I broke the kiss and planted a kiss on her forehead and then one on her lips and then one on her neck as I pulled my head off of hers and looked into her gorgeous eyes.

“Natalie! I do love you and I am prepared to go to hell and back to prove to you that I do!” I told her…

She looked back at me with teary eyes and gave me a cute, tearful giggle as I told her. This told me that she was sad but at the same time she loved what I was saying and could tell I meant it.

“God Daniel I am so confused! I do want you but it’s not right, It feels out of place and dangerous to both of us!” she told me…

“Nat! I wanna be with you!” is what i was going to say before she cut me off before I could finish the sentence and pulled my head back down to meet hers as she put her tongue back in my mouth and kissed me passionately.

We kissed for what seemed like an eternity when I heard something I didn’t ever expect to hear from her!

“Daniel I want you to love me! Right here right now! I want to feel you inside of me baby!” she said in a sexy whisper….

“Are you sure you want this Nat?” I asked her…

“Absolutely!” she exclaimed….

“I want you to know I love you Natalie!” I assured her…

With that I stared into her sexy exotic eyes as she leaned up and kissed my neck and then she lowered her head back down on the couch pillow and unbuttoned her top button and then the next button down and then the next. I started to see smooth tan skin as she unbuttoned more and more as her breathing picked up. She unbuttoned all the buttons but her shirt was still covering her except for the small portion uncovered down the middle of her chest and stomach. I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra as the inside of her breasts were visable. I moved both sides of her shirt all the way open and then I saw her perky round B-cup breasts on display in all there glory. Of all the girls I had been with even the girls with large breasts like Lacey, Jen and Lindsay, Natalie’s breasts were the best looking as they weren’t big but they weren’t tiny like Milla Jovovich to name a comparison. Nat’s perfect breasts were B-cup like I stated and a perfect handfull, and surprisingly round with no sag to them as they stood perfectly on her chest. Her breasts were fully tan and her areolas were the size of nickels with her nipples the size of small erasers like at the end of lead pencils. Her nipples and areolas were the perfect size and were a dark brown color that went well with her tan Jewish skin.
I just stared at her amazing round breasts in appreciation as I looked further south and saw her tone stomach. I noticed that she took very good care of her body noticing that she had a great set of abs on her. Then i returned my glance back to her lovely eyes as she spoke:

“Be gentle with me baby!” she said with a kind of scared sound in her voice that was very innocent…..

I kissed her and stuck my tongue back in her mouth as our tongues wrapped around each other and we massaged the other’s tongue. I could feel the heat and passion in her breath as our tongues made love with each other. I then broke the kiss and kissed her neck and slowly sucked on it leaving a hickey. She then leaned up and sucked on my earlobe and stuck her tongue in my ear and then sucked on my neck.

I kissed down her neck to her collarbone and then passionately kissed down further until i reached my lips between her breasts and kissed and licked there. She was moaning in a high passionate voice softly as I kissed her between her tits. Then I placed my left hand on her left nipple and started rubbing slowly as I heard her moan in pleasure. I took my right hand and lightly squeezed her right tit as I moved my mouth around her hard nipple and licked it as she moaned louder and ran her fingers through my hair. I flicked my tongue back and forth slowly over her hard nipple as she moaned. Then I wrapped my lips around it as I sucked it lightly as I felt her back arch in pleasure pushing her tits closer to my face as I sucked her round tit. I sucked on her right tit for awhile and then switched and rubbed her right tit with my right hand and squeezed her left tit with my other hand and lowered my head and sucked on her left nipple and she arched her back even further towards me as I slowly sucked her left tit and squeezed on her right one. Her breathing was getting heavier as I kissed and sucked back and forth on her lovely breasts.

“Oh God yes! Take off my pants baby!” she instructed me….

I kissed down her stomach and then ran circles with my tongue around her small sexy bellybutton. I unbuttoned her pants and she lifted her back off the couch long enough for me to pull down her pants. I took off her pants and dropped them beside the couch. I slowly kissed back up her right leg and kissed and sucked on her inner thigh as I heard her shriek with pleasure.

She got up off the couch and turned around. Her back was facing me and then she pulled down her panties slowly and then it revealed to me a small perfectly rounded tan ass. It was the same ass from Closer when she was wearing a G-string but it looked even better in person. It was the best looking and firmest ass I had ever seen on a girl and as soon as I saw it I felt my cock rise fully in my pants.

She bent over to pick up her panties, showing me her sexy ass in it’s finest position. My cock really jumped this time! She raised up and turned facing me and shimmied back over to the couch and layed back down.
Natalie was completely nude as I looked at her pubic area. I noticed it was completely shaved except for a small landing strip above her pussy. She had small pussy lips which let me know she had a small and tight pussy which made since because Natalie was a small girl only being 5 foot 3 inches. I knew from the size of her that her pussy was going to be tight even though she wasn’t a virgin. Natalie was petite! She felt like she was going to break underneath me. I layed ontop of her and our mouths joined again with our tongues swirling again in passion. I broke the kiss again to take off my shirt and pants. Now I was fully naked as Natalie looked at my dick and approved even though I was sure she had been with bigger before. I sat down on the couch and she slid beside me sitting next to me as we started making out once more and i felt her hand run down my chest and abs to my cock. She slid her finger down my shaft and I felt it jump to her touch. She began to massage my balls as I moaned for her. Then she broke the kiss and held her hand up and licked the palm of her hand repeatedly. I knew what was coming and was ready for it. Then she spit in her hand and grabbed my hard cock and slowly began stroking up and down and her other hand started massaging my balls slowly. With this wonderful feeling I felt as if I should pay her back so I stuck my finger in her mouth and she began sucking on it. I took my finger out of her mouth and lightly placed it on her pussy lips and just rubbed up and down on her lips. She moaned with pleasure. We started making out again as I slid my finger in her tight vagina slowly getting her used to the feeling. As I stuck my finger in her she moaned in my mouth which i found really sexy. As I started slowly finger fucking her tight pussy she became wet really quick and as we made out she massaged my balls and stroked me faster and faster. So here we were My tongue in her mouth, My left hand massaging her left tit and my right hand fingering her tight, lovely and wet snatch. Her tongue was in my mouth and her left hand was rubbing my balls as her right hand was jerking my dick slowly.

I felt her get really wet as I had two fingers in her now and realized that was her limit and all I could fit. With her being so wet and her handjob making me almost cum and I also noticed that she was still kissing me in the process which means this wasn’t just animalistic it was actually love. I felt as if she was ready so I layed her back and leaned over her. I kissed her again and then told her that I loved her and that this was going to ensure our love for each other. As I told her this I took my cock and rubbed the head of it up and down her swollen pussy lips and could feel the juices on the tip of my dick. I then slowly stuck the tip of my cock in her slit as I heard her scream a little. I pulled out and she nodded at me to try again. So I slowly slid it back in and this time she screamed but covered up her mouth. I leaned over her with the tip still in her and kissed her passionately and then I plunged it all the way in her extremely tight snatch. She screamed in pleasure as I pulled back out and then slowly pushed back into her tight wet cunt slowly.

“God I love you Daniel!” she moaned as she looked me in the eyes passionately as I pumped in and out this time at a quicker speed…

“I love you too Nat!” I told her as I pushed back in her pussy and pulled back and pushed deeper at an even faster pace.

I was thrusting in and out faster and faster hearing her moan my name and feeling her pussy muscles grab hungrily at my cock as I thrusted back and forth. The tightness of her cunt was going to make me cum soon.

And then I don’t know what it was that triggered it but all of a sudden I must have said the wrong thing to her:

“Natalie I’m gonna cum soon!” i informed her to see where she wanted me to cum….

And then there it was! A look of terror washed over her angelic face.

“Oh god get it out of me! Get off me Daniel! Get off! Get off!” She screamed at me as she started crying….

I pulled out as quick as I could as I saw her roll herself into a ball with her knees up to her chin and her arms around her knees as she started crying uncontrollably.

“Natalie! What’s wrong baby!” I asked … scared of what just happened.

“Just don’t touch me Daniel!” She screamed with the tears flowing steady now…..

“Why Nat! What did I do baby!!? I don’t understand we were making love beautifully…I mean this was a beautiful thing baby!” I told her….

“I just can’t right now! This was a huge mistake! I have a boyfriend Daniel!” She cried….

“This can’t be a mistake Nat!” I excliamed…

“Why not!” she cried…..

“Because I love you! That’s why!” I yelled back at her…

“But I dont love you! I love Gael!” She screamed….

And there it was!!!!

Gael Garcia Bernal- I really hated him now!!!!!

“I see. Then I’m sorry Natalie! I’m sorry I fucked your life up! I’m sorry I fell in-love with you! I’m sorry I waisted your time!” I told her as I felt my soul deplete…

I pulled my pants up and put my shoes on and headed for the door.

Then I heard her call out to me.

“Daniel wait! Please come back! I need you baby!” She cried…

I don’t know why maybe because I was in-love with her or maybe because I am stupid but I walked back in the room and she was sitting on the couch now and reaching her arms out to me with tears in her eyes.

I gave her a hug and sat on the couch with her.

“I do have feelings for you but I just can’t right now I need you to be patient with me! Please Daniel!” She begged with tears still flowing…

I dropped my head and pondered for a bit even though I knew what my answer already was.

“Nat I’m prepared to wait for you till the end of time sweety!” I assured her…

She leaned over and kissed me and then I held a naked Natalie Portman in my arms as she cried on my chest until we fell asleep. I woke up and scooped her up and took her to her room where I rolled back her sheets and slipped her in bed and covered her with the sheets. I leaned over her gorgeous face and kissed her on the lips and said goodnight and sat in the chair across the room and watched her sleep. That was the best feeling in the world, watching her sleep. I could have died a happy man that day.

I got up out of the chair an hour later and walked out of the house, locked it behind me and walked out towards my Navigator. On the way out to my car I saw Nat’s neighbor walk outside and noticed it was an extremely well built woman, very athletic and tanned. She had amazing curves and then she walked over to me and I realized who it was.

“Ms. Alba How are you today?” I asked the sexy starlet….

“Great Dan! How about you?” she asked…

“The same I guess! So what are you up to Jessica?” I asked..

“I’ll tell ya what I wish I was doing! Working with you on your next movie.” She said….

“Well I haven’t finished writing my new movie yet but I’ll keep ya in mind!” I assured her..

“Yeah right I saw you come out of Nat’s house! She’s definately getting the part! If she doesn’t then Christina Ricci normally gets what Natalie turns down!” she exclaimed…

“You never know Jess! I mean Lacey was in my last film and no one thought she would win an Oscar.” I reminded her…

“Good point! Well here is my number. Give me a call. I have some great ideas.” She said as she slid me her card and then walked away slightly shaking that luscious ass of hers…

Now normally any man would have followed her sexy ass in her house and fucked her daily, nightly, and ever so rightly but I had Natalie all over my mind. So I put her card in my pocket and climbed in my SUV and drove back to my house. On the way there I remembered that I had Scarlett to deal with and was dreading it but I had to do it.

I arrived at my house and walked up to my front door and it was open. Seth must have left it open I thought.
I walked into the living room and over to the bar and fixed myself a drink. On the bar I saw a letter. I opened it up and it read:

Dear Daniel:

I thought we had an agreement but I guess you misunderstood me so we need to talk!
Thought I would leave you this letter to let you know that your not alone in this house and that you need to take the elevator that we shared a moment in yesterday and take it to the third floor and…..well you know where your room is. I not only left you a letter but I left you a surprise present……


What the fuck I thought to myself….. Well at least I get a present today! I threw back the shot and then another. I dropped the letter on the bar and walked over to the elevator. I pressed three and patiently awaited the top floor.
On the way up I thought about Natalie and how she rejected me and I slumped into a quick depression.

The elevator reached the top and the doors opened. I walked down the hall and got to my room, the second door on the right, and noticed the light was on underneath the door. I opened it up and walked in. I closed the door behind me and saw another letter on the bed. It read:


Look behind you sweety!


I dropped the letter and slowly turned and the next thing I saw blew my mind completely.
Then I felt a body pounce on me and I was knocked to the floor and I felt someone hit me in the face as hard as they could and I blacked out.

As I was blacking out I thought to myself:

MY Name is Daniel O’Shea! I live in Hollywood! And I own this town!

at least I was optimistic….. FADE TO BLACK!!!!!!!!!! and I was out cold!

to be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel returns in Conquest of Hollywood- part four: My Jewish Angel

Email me at dcbfest@hotmail.com for a celebrity you would like to be in the series!

Remember to read the Lacey Chabert’s Next Movie chapter 1-4. It’s the prequel to the Conquest of Hollywood series.

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