Daniel O’Shea’s Conquest Of Hollywood: Part 4- The Return Of Lacey Chabert


The following story is a work of fiction and in no way is an accurate portrayal of the person(s) depicted.

5:00 P.M. —–Inside the O’Shea Mansion:

What the fuck?……. My head is killing me! I’m starting to get my sight back but it’s still too blurry.

I opened my eyes to see the room was dark but the small lamp in the corner of the room was lit. I noticed I was laying on my bed and my shirt was off and pants as well. I was wearing nothing but my boxers and then I heard a voice come from the dark side of the room.

“Ya know! You shouldn’t jerk me around like that
Danny.” the voice said…

I could tell that the voice was feminen but at the same time had a husky quality to it. From this observation I knew exactly who the female was.

“Scarlett what in the hell are you doing hun?” I asked her…

“Consider this a little payback Danny. You see you were supposed to call me but instead you were fucking that miserable cunt Jennifer Love Hewitt last night.” she said…

“Wait a minute Scarle!” i said as she cut me off….

“No just let me finish Danny! I know you were fucking Jennifer because she told me! I also know you were at Natalie Portman’s house this morning for a couple of hours because Jessica told me you were there. So yeah, you seem to be getting around quickly here in Hollywood. I want you to know that I am going to try everything in my power to make you realize that I want you! Now I tried to be sweet and wholesome with you the other day in the elevator but you seem to flock towards the whores in this town. I want you to know that if that is the type of girl you want then that is the type of girl your gonna get. I will show you that I will school all the whores you’ve been with so far and show you that I know better than any of them what it takes to please a man. I have a wildside too you know! I mean I did have that little romp with Benicio in the elevator that time.” She informed me….

“So that was true? The thing with you and Benicio Del Toro?” I asked…

“Yes it was Danny! Women get horny too ya know! When we do it however like in an elevator, we are considered whores and sluts.” she said…

“Listen Scarlett! I like you alot and think you are better than all of the skanks here in Hollywood. I just wasn’t used to all this attention from all of these beautiful women here and it surprised me. I have been weak Scarlett but that’s over with now. No more Love, and no more Lindsay!” I said…

“Oh god you fucked Lohan too?” she asked angrily….

“Yeah……I’m sorry Scarlett I never meant to hurt you! I do really like you though.” I told her….

“Well Daniel! I’m gonna make you love me baby!” she said as she ran across the room and jumped on me as I was lying on the bed…

Scarlet was lying on top of me and it was at this position I saw her wearing a black see through low cut bra and thong. Her humongous breasts were spilling out of her bra and practically on my face. She was wearing an intoxicating perfume that had a hint of vanilla to it. Her long blonde hair had fallen over her shoulders as she hovered above me.

“Daniel I want you so bad! I wanted you the minute I met you out at the pool yesterday. I need you Daniel! I need this!” she said as she bit her big luscious lower lip….

I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the fact that I was just rejected by the one girl I was obsessed over in Hollywood. Maybe it was the fact that I had just basically had sex with Natalie a few hours earlier and she cut me off halfway so I had blueball like a bitch. Maybe it was the fact that Scarlett was a sexy woman who had a killer body with curves galore. Yep I believe it was all three of these reasons.

“Ok Scarlett I’m ready to make this work!” I assured her…

She leaned over me and kissed me. I put one hand on her back and the other I ran through her hair on the back of her head. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and massage my tongue. I felt those famous, luscious lips on my lips. I felt her huge breasts rubbing on my bare chest and felt her big ass on my crotch as she straddled me. We were making out pretty heavily as I felt her ass start grinding down on my cock. As I felt this I started dry humping upwards as my cock pushed up against my boxers and touch the thin layer of her panties. I must have turned her on because she started moaning seductively. I moved my hand down her back and ran it on the inside of her panties where I squeezed her large ass. With my other hand I unclasped her bra as it fell down on my chest where she swiped it off the bed. At this moment her huge tits were in full view now. Her tits were milky white and were easily a D-cup and were 100 percent real. As they sagged over my face I leaned my head up and began to suck on her large tit. Her nipples were really pink and her areolas were big. I sucked on her right tit as I realized it was more than a moutfull, then I moved over to her left breasts and began sucking on it. With every suck she moaned more and more letting me know she was getting wetter and wetter. I thought this was my cue to quit rubbing her ass cheeks and go alittle further. I took my left hand which was massaging her ass and took my middlefinger and barely stuck the tip in her small asshole. With this she squealed a little but then moved her head down and rammed her tongue in my mouth hard and fast. I decided to stick my entire middlefinger in her asshole and she squeeled again as we made out. I was now making out with Scarlett and fingerfucking her asshole at the same time. Then i pulled my finger out and ran it down further into her pussy. I slowly pushed it in and then out. She was looser than Natalie so I immediately stuck two in her cooch. I was fingering her hard and fast now as she began bucking her pussy against my index and middlefinger. She was really wet now as my fingers were dripping with her juices. I decided this was it this was the chance I needed. I took my fingers out of her snatch and pulled her panties off. With her still straddling me I slid my boxers down and took my erect cock and slid it barely into her slit. I took my hands and grabbed her milky hips and pushed all the way in her. She squealed with pleasure as she whipped her hair around her left shoulder and threw her head back and placed her hands on my chest. She was now straddling me in the cowgirl position as I was doing all the work and pumping in and out of her wet cunt. Then she decided to take over and she started riding me and grinding every now and again on my cock.

“Oh Oh Oh fuck me Danny! Fuck me hard baby! Oh god this feels incredible!” she shouted…

She started riding me hard and fast, I felt as if i were going to be ridden into the mattress. Her big beautiful breasts were bouncing uncontrollably now as she fucked my brains out. I grabbed ahold of her big ass as she moved on my cock. Then it happened! I felt what seemed like a flood of hot goo come washing all over my dick. Then she kind of shook and fell over on me as we lay there chest to chest. She had an orgasm while riding me but I wasn’t done yet and I was going to cum for shit sake, I would not be denied again and my balls needed release. So as she lie there on top of me laying lifeless I began pumping her again. She started squealing with pleasure as her pussy was sensitive from her orgasm. I shoved my tongue in her mouth and pumped as hard and as fast as I could into her cum soaked cunt. And then I felt the cum rising in me.

“Scarlett honey! I am gonna cum. Where do you want it?” I asked….

She immediately raised her cunt off my cock and shifted towards the end of the bed where her mouth was now above my dick. She didn’t waist any time because she knew I was close so she wrapped those famous lips around my cock and sucked hard and fast and then I came. She did something I couldn’t believe! She swallowed my entire load and kept sucking me until she knew i was dry.

“Oh shit Scarlett! ugggghhhhhhhh ughhhhhhh shit! baby! ooh ooh ooh oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” I moaned as my load pumped in her mouth and she sucked my dry sensitive cock….

She moved up back onto my chest and laid her head there as she spoke: “Danny that was amazing babe! My god that was simply amazing!” she said… and then she said something that scared the hell out of me and I found it to be kind of sudden. “I love you Daniel!” she lovingly said…

This scared me because I didn’t think I was in-love with her. Hell I was still in-love with Natalie, who rejected me. I really liked Scarlett and found her sincere unlike the other girls out here. We just had the best sex I’ve had since Lacey. And that is saying something seeing as how I had already railed Love Hewitt and Lindsay Lohan and basically had sex with Natalie. Scarlett really rocked my world! In the sack and out of it. She kind of reminded me of Lacey I thought, and then thats when it hit me!
The only other time I had been really happy in a relationship was with Lacey! Scarlett had to be the one I was to end up with.
So I decided to go with it and stop being scared..

“Scarlett sweety!” I said…

she looked up at me as she raised her head off my chest.

“Yeah babe! What is it?” She asked with her sexy husky voice….

“I want you to know that I am on board 110percent from here on out with you. I want you to know that I want this to work and that I will be faithfull to you all the way.” I told her…

Her eyes lit up and a sexy smile came flooding across her face.

“Are you saying what I hope your saying Danny!?” she asked….

“I want to be in a relationship with you! I want us to be together!” I exclaimed…

With this she excitedly kissed me!

“I love you Danny!” she exclaimed as she bent back over and kissed me again.

I rolled her over on the bed with me being on top of her this time as we made out.

We made out for about 10 minutes when I started getting hard again so I led my cock to her slit and shoved it into her already once fucked cunt. She screamed with pleasure as I leaned over and shoved my tongue down her throat as I pumped in and out of her cunt. I slid my cock in and almost out of her for about 5 minutes not lasting as long this time. I pumped her a couple more times when she reached her hands around my ass and pulled me into her cunt hard one last time as I flooded her pussy with my cum.

“Uggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!” I grunted as I coated her vagina with my manjuice. I practically filled her up.

With this I leaned over and my head rested on her huge tits as I fell asleep on her. She soon fell asleep as well as we layed in each other’s arms all night long until the next morning1 I just realized something! I am now in a relationship with Scarlett Johansson! Maybe I am in-love with her and don’t know it yet! Maybe this is love!

My name is Daniel O’Shea! I live in Hollywood! And this is my LIFE!!!!!!!!

Daniel O’Shea’s Conquest Of Hollywood:

Part 4- The return of Lacey Chabert

spinoff from: Lacey Chabert’s Next Movie

STARRING: Natalie Portman

Scarlett Johansson

Featuring: Lacey Chabert

Introducing— Nikki Reed

This story contains: (MF, Mf, cons, oral, rom)

I got out of the shower and walked into my room and put on a pair of khaki pants and then slipped on a Hawaiian silk shirt. Scarlett got off the bed and walked over to me.

“Good morning there sexy!” she said with a sexy grin on her face as she kissed me…..

“Good morning to you hot lips!” I teased back at her as she giggled…..

We stood there making out for about five minutes when I broke the kiss.

“Scarlett I have to go to B.I.A studios today to show, (the producer), Brian the first draft of my new script. I’ll be home tonight sweet!” I said as I leaned over and jammed my tongue back in her mouth..

“See ya then baby! Stay out of trouble hun!” She warned me….

I walked out of the room and down the hall to the elevator. I pressed 1 and waited patiently to get down to the bottom floor. As I reached the bottom floor I heard Seth, my agent and best friend talking to a female.

I walked up and saw Seth talking to an extremely cute girl who was kinda tall standing probably at 5 foot eight inches. The girl looked very young but sexy at the same time. She had a Latin look about her with long dark hair and sexy tan skin. She was skinny with not too many curves but preportionate. Her face was very beautiful! she could have been a model but I had a feeling she was an actress. I recognized this sexy young girl from somewhere but couldn’t place it.

“Daniel come over here! There’s somebody I want you to meet.” Seth yelled at me…
The closer I got to them the more I noticed how beautiful this sexy, young girl was.

“Hey Daniel!” The girl said….

“How are you hun?” I asked…..

“Danny boy this is Nikki Reed!” Seth told me….

Who was Nikki Reed my mind raced? Who was this tan, sexy, young temptress?

“I loved Life in Podunk! It’s easily the best movie of the year. I think it’s great that you were the one who finally decided to make Lacey the lead actresses and helping her get the Oscar for it!” she exclaimed….

It hit me who this sexy vixxen was!

“Well I want you to know that I loved Thirteen! I thought it was really gritty and I am extremely impressed with you being the writer of it and only at thirteen years old at the time!” I told her…

“Well I was lucky at that age to get that opportunity, even though I was only thirteen and a little girl! But now I’m all grown up!” she said with a giggle….

I ran my eyes down this young girl’s sexy body and then back up to her gorgeous exotic eyes. I could almost get lost in her eyes they were so sexy.

“So how old are you now?” asked Seth….

“Seventeen! Old enough!” she exclaimed….

Not for the law I thought! Damn this girl is fucking sexy as hell and she isn’t legal yet! Poor Seth. I could tell he was obsessed with her. And who wouldn’t be? The girl had an exotic latin beauty about her that even started to drive me crazy. She was a screenwriter too just like me that was another attraction I had with her. Another place, another time, if this girl was of legal age and I wasn’t going out with Scarlett, I would totally hook up with her and fuck her young ass rotten and then perhaps work on a story with her! That was weird but It would be fun to mix business with pleasure.

“Nice to meet you Nikki! You gonna be around later?” I asked….

“Yeah I am gonna hang out with Seth today!” she said…

“Maybe I will see you later then Nikki! I would love to sit down and talk to you about writing!” I told her…

“Definately! That would be so awesome!” she said….

“Bye hun!” I said my goodbye and walked over to Seth.

“What do you think man?” he asked….

“I agree Seth she is amazing and smart an extremely sexy but one problem man!” I said…

“Whats that?” he asked…

“She is jailbait Seth!” I exclaimed….

“Yet but fortunately for me she is an actress and wouldn’t ruin her career for a statutory rape charge!” he assured me…

‘He had a point I thought.’

“Alright man! have fun with her!” I said… I was jealous of Seth because I knew he was going to have sex with Nikki I mean the guy had a charm about him that bagged him every girl back home. Plus there was still that Lacey Incident that happened that I still hated him for in a way!

I shook his hand when I walked by…… sort of passing the torch to him because I knew he was going to be getting more play than me today. This is his time to shine for now!………… So it’s his story:



I watched Daniel walk out of the house and thought to myself: ‘This guy has it made! Every girl wants to repeat what Lacey did and win an Oscar and they know Dan is the man to hook em up! This guy should be getting some mad play! I’ve only seen him with Jennifer Love Hewitt and she hasn’t been around in a while. Me I’ve been with Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer as well, The secretary in Ari Gold’s office and I received a blowjob from Jessica Biel the other night. Not to mention I have this sexy, exotic, gorgeous and smart as a whip young girl in Nikki here! She’s only seventeen which means she is a teenager and jailbait which made her more appealing.

I looked at Nikki as she walked out to the pool area and noticed she had quite an ass on her to be as skinny as she was! Her ass was perfectly round and stuck out like a black girl’s ass. I mean this girl’s ass made my head spin it was so amazing.

I knew that I was Daniel’s agent and that I was the one incharge of getting him his deals with the studio’s. I looked at Nikki and realized that if I satisfy her just right that maybe it would build a business relationship between me and Daniel and Nikki. I mean face it! this girl was a talented writer like Daniel and they could work together and make a film that makes more money. She could write and he could co-write and finally do what he has always wanted to do and Direct the fucking film.

I looked out to my left and saw Scarlett leaving the house which means that Danny boy was getting more play than I thought! Then I saw Nikki take off her shirt revealing tan skin and a red bra. Nikki didn’t have big tits like most girls out here in Hollywood, hers were a simple B-cup but it didn’t matter, she could probably fuck just as good as the other big breasted girls. Plus she was young and inexperienced which meant her pussy was tighter than other girls older and more experienced in sex than her. She was built great! Her stomach was tight and I could tell she worked out alot. Her tits were perky as I saw them through her bra. Then she was showing me the best part of her anatomy besides her beautiful face and that was that amazing ass. So here she was in a red bra and matching thong. She dipped her beautiful body in the pool and swam around for a bit.

“You coming in or what?” she asked…..

“Sure!” I exclaimed….

I took off my shirt and pants and then removed my underwear as I stood there nude with Nikki watching.

“Holy shit! That is a big cock!” she exclaimed….

She made me blush when she said it. A girl this young talking about my cock turned me on to say the least!
I jumped into the pool and swam around, as me and Nikki playfully flirted back and forth.

As I was swimming I thought to myself: ‘It’s funny but I have slept with more girls out here in Hollywood than Daniel but I knew that he was the real star and would always have something I would not and that is Fame!’

I sometimes wondered if Daniel really needed me out here at all watching his back and being his so called agent. So far he didn’t really need me to be his agent because he didn’t need an agent! The same studio that did his first film was producing his next one. It’s not like he needed me to set anything up for him because it was already set up. Hell Daniel didn’t even need an agent he could do it all himself if he chose too. Some reason I don’t know why but he was keeping me on as his agent. I wondered if he ever even felt like he needed me at all. I wondered if he just kept me out here with him because he wanted to keep a piece of his past with him at all times. I wondered if he even appreciated what I do for him!

“What are you thinking about Seth?” she asked….

“Nothing…. my mind sometimes wanders off!” I told her….

It was then that she came up to me and gave me a playfull hug.

“You know this town can seem like a big monster sometimes! The key is you have to feel like it needs you and that you are worth more than Hollywood itself.” She told me…

“Wow Nikki, that was really insightfull!” I exclaimed….

“hahaha, Now your making fun of me!” She giggled….

“No really that was amazing! If I were to make fun of you I would say that you have a funny nose!” I said just kidding with her….

“You asshole!” She giggled back….

And then she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. We were in the shallow end of the pool so as our tongues were mixing back and forth I picked her up out of the water and sat her on the edge of the pool. I stayed in the water as I moved her panties to the side and started rubbing her small folds. She let out a coo of pleasure as I did. I gently placed one finger in her slit and realized that she was extremely tight as she squealed. At any other time I would have been scared of getting busted for statutory rape but like I said earlier: She was an actress there is no way she would risk ending her career for a charge like that. As I started fingering her tight cunt she started rubbing her nipples through her bra as she moaned. She was getting into it so I licked her clit as I continued fingering her. With this action she started squirming around on me in pleasure. I then stuck my tongue deep into her vice-like snatch and ate her out like there was no tomorrow.

“OOOOOOH OHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH I………I……….YEAH!!!!!!!” she was screaming as I ate her cunt……

I quit eating her as I got out of the pool and climbed right beside her. As I sat down she raised up and started kissing my chest and then she started sucking on my nipples and licking them. She was actually very experienced at this so I knew I would be having fun. She then moved her tongue down my body and kissed my stomach as she took her hand and grabbed my shaft and started stroking. As she was doing this I unhooked her bra and her B-cup tits sprung forth. Her tits were very perky and her nipples were small and hard as a rock. I leaned over and sucked on her left tit as she arched her back pushing her tit in my face like it was an offering. I sucked on her left tit for a while and then I moved my mouth over to her right tit.

“Thats right Seth, suck on my nipple baby!” she exclaimed….

After I was done sucking her tits it was her turn to please me. She bent over my lap and kissed the head of my fully erect cock. Then she put her mouth on it and deepthroated my entire length.

“Wow girl! How are you doing this?” I asked…..

She sucked back up my cock slowly coating it with her young 17 year old saliva…

“I have no gag reflex!” She informed me…..

Then she put her mouth back over my cock again and slid all the way down slowly as I felt her tongue wrapping around my shaft as she sucked all the way up and then back down. It’s amazing but her blowjob is the best I’ve ever had and that is saying something because alot of girls have given me head before. It was so weird to think that the best blowjob I’ve received came from someone underage.

She sucked slowly on my cock for about ten minutes and the whole time I was fingering her from behind. I was dying to stick my prick in that vice of a twat. So we got up and walked over to the poolhouse wall where I bent her over on a table and rubbed my cock against her slit repeatedly. My cock was already coated with her saliva and her pussy was coated with my saliva and her own juices so I barely stuck my tip in her as she screamed in pain and pleasure. The I worked a little more into her and she screamed louder. I soon worked my entire cock into her and had to leave it deep into her at first because she wasn’t ready for me to hump her. I asked her if she was ready and she looked back at me and nodded.

So I pulled my cock almost out of her and slowly jammed it back in her. She screamed in pain as I pushed all the way into her. Then I picked up the pace as I felt her vagina moisten with juice. I started pumping in her and back as her screams of pain turned into moans of pleasure. With me fucking her doggystyle like this it gave me a great view of her ass and it was a fantastic ass. I grabbed ahold of her slender hips and pulled back on her as my 8 inch cock slammed into her tight pussy. Her pussy was so tight that I thought I was going to cum as soon as I slid it in her earlier.

I wouldn’t be able to take much more of her small cunt before I would cum in her. I felt her start bucking her beautiful ass against me as my cock slammed harder and deeper into her each time. I quit pumping all together and saw that she was now in controll and just bouncing her pussy off and onto my cock herself. She was young and didn’t fuck much so it was getting close to her cumming.

“Seth honey I’m going to cum for you baby!” she shouted at me….

And then there it was she gave out a loud shriek and then totally collapsed onto the table as I held the rest of her back-end up as I pumped into her lifeless body as I felt her cum bathe my cock. I pumped in her tight twat for about a couple of minutes longer when I felt her cum again as she just laid there motionless except for her knees shaking. This time she didn’t make a sound just accepted her orgasm. It was the second wall of cum that coated my cock this time that made me pull out of her and then grabbed both of her glorious ass cheeks and squeezed as I sprayed semen on her ass cheeks and her lower back. She had a small tatoo of a butterfly on her lower back that I painted with my white love juice. After i fully sprayed her backside down with my cum I leaned over her and kissed her neck and sucked on it for a while. She was still worn out from the fucking so I picked her up and carried her to the pool and layed her on a pool chair. I layed next to her and she leaned over and kissed me.

“That was beautiful Seth!” She giggled….

“You know I had my reservations about you being good in bed but I have to admit that you were spectacular!” I assured her…..

“How does it feel knowing that you just fucked an underaged girls’ brains out?” she asked…..

“It feels weird! I feel a bit naughty as well.” I told her….

She leaned over and kissed me again. We talked for a long time about Hollywood and other things going on in society. We hit it off really well and then when I was ready again she leaned over and took me into her mouth again and gave me slowhead for about 20 minutes until I blew my load all in her mouth and she spit it out. We talked more and then she got frisky again so I fingered her for a while and then we went in the house and had some drinks. We stumbled into the living room where we fell over the couch and started making out again. I moved my head down to her thong and moved it over as I slipped my tongue back in her slit for the second time today. I began lapping her cunt out as she moaned my name.

I ate her out real good as she shook a little and then filled her pussy up with her own cum for the third time today. We made out for what seemed like an eternity until she said she had to go.

“Seth today was amazing! I have a question I need to ask you.” She said…

“Ok shoot!” I exclaimed….

“I don’t have any representation anymore and was wondering if you would be my agent?” she asked….

Wow this was it…….. not only did I just fuck a sweet and beautiful young girl but she wanted me to be her agent. She actually thought I was a good agent…..

“I’ll tell ya what leave me your number and I will talk it over with Daniel and will get back with you.” I assured her….

“You better sexy! I’m dying to see you again lover!” she said real sexy like as she grinned and walked away shaking her ass….

She got into her car and pulled out of the driveway and left…

She was simply amazing I thought! And she wants to give me a job as well! I wonder what Daniel would think and I wonder what he was doing right now.

Daniel left the studio and headed straight back home. When he pulled up to the house I was on the balcony gettin some sun when I saw him pull up. Daniel got out of the car and headed inside. Little did he know that Natalie was here and I let her in the house.

Daniel walked into the house and saw Natalie sitting at the bar.

“Fuck!” he said….. as he walked over to her….

“Daniel we need to talk! I am sorry about what happened the other day and I hope we are still alright.” Natalie said…

“Nat I will always be ok with you but you did kind of reject me!” Daniel exclaimed…..

“I know it looks like that sweety, but I really do like you and I need to sort this whole thing out.” she said….

Natalie walked up to Daniel and began rubbing his arms as she talked to him. They got a little too close because one thing led to another and Daniel leaned over and kissed Natalie as they began making out with each other.

“We can’t right now Daniel! Just please wait for me.” she said almost tearing up…..

“I can’t wait any longer Nat! Don’t you fucking see Ms. Portman! I AM IN-LOVE WITH YOU!” he shouted at her….

“Oh really!” a new voice said comming from the dining room….

And then I saw Scarlett walk over to Natalie and Daniel!

‘This is going to get bad, pretty quick ‘ I thought as I watched this love triangle.

“Because you see Natalie! Me and Daniel slept together last night and are now going out.” Scarlett said…

Natalie looked at Daniel with a look of disgust on her face.

“Well thats just fuckin great Daniel! I Thought I could trust you!” Natalie cursed at him……

“Listen ladies I can explain!” Daniel said…

“You were never that good at explanations baby!” a new voice said coming from the front door…

As I got a closer look I saw who was standing behind the three girls and realized who it was. Hell I had sex with this girl before and it wasn’t in Hollywood it was back down south in Dan’s and my home town.

It was none other than Daniel’s first love, a girl he had never gotten over! It was LACEY CHABERT…

It was at this time I thought I might as well drop the news on him about me and Nikki!

I walked into the room with the four standing there and walked up to Daniel.

“Hey by the way buddy! I just got offered a job to be Nikki’s agent as well! Good luck, your gonna need it to get out of this situation.” I told Dan…

As I walked by him I slapped him on the back………. and with that slap I returned all grief and responsibility back to him!


I stood there watching my friend walk away after he had just given me some news that didn’t need to be dropped on me right now.
I turned and saw her standing there! A face that I loved…. The whole reason I’m where I am, and realized right there that I wasn’t over her yet.
God she looked more beautiful than ever. Lacey looked like a dream standing there looking at me. So here I stood with three women that I possibly love and Natalie and Scarlett possibly hating me forever and Lacey possibly coming back into my life!

Why now? Why me? And oh yeah my best friend may be quiting me to work for Nikki Reed!!!!!!


I was standing by the front door of my house surrounded by Natalie, Scarlett and Lacey Chabert. All of the girls seemed to be sizing the other ones up and down. I pictured in my head a huge catfight that sooned turned into a heavinly orgy of actresses.
However that only happens on Skinemax late at night and not in real life!

Natalie was the first to say something out of the group.

“Scarlett! Lacey! we are all professionals here!” she exclaimed…

“There is no need for us to bicker and fight with each other when Daniel is the one at fault here!” She said…

“Speak for yourself sweety but I’m not too pleased with this situation and I can’t just pass everything off on Daniel when obviously you seduced him!” Scarlett exclaimed….

I just stood there listening to Nat and Scarlett but my eyes were on Lacey the whole time. I was still in shock that Lacey was here at my house after all that had happened in the past.

“You know what Scarlett, I’m not even going to play on your level! This whole ordeal has made me sick to my stomach and I”m leaving!” Natalie scornfully said…

She grabbed her purse and stormed towards the front door. I came back to reality as I saw her walking towards me and the door.

“Natalie wait! We need to talk about this. Don’t just run away from this.” I told her…

She walked by me and I tried to grab her by the shoulders to stop her from leaving.

“Don’t touch me!” she screamed….

Then she slapped me hard across the face as I looked at her and saw tears welling up in her eyes.

“Natalie please don’t!” I pleaded…..

“It’s too late Daniel! I don’t need this and I don’t need you!” Natalie sadly whispered….

This hit me like a ton of bricks and I felt a sadness grow inside me as I realized I might have blown something really good.
I watched her walk out to her Hybrid car and get in and drive out of my life.

“One down! I tell you what Dan! When you figure out what you want then you give me a call and maybe we can salvage our relationship! Until then……. FUCK OFF BUD!!!!” Scarlett said with a look of pure hatred…..

I turned and saw Scarlett walk out of the door and realized, ‘there goes a woman who could have also been the one for me, walking out of my life.’

I stood there for a minute and was in a state of shock. The image of Natalie crying and walking out on me stuck with me more than anything and kept replaying in my head over and over. I almost lost it and broke down myself until I heard her speak:

“Daniel are you ok babe?” Lacey said…

I turned and looked at her as she stood there looking at me. I absorbed her image into my brain and studied it.

She was wearing a tight white long sleeve shirt that ended just above her tanned midriff. Her shirt looked as if it was going to rip down the middle as her large D-cup breasts pushed against it. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and were trying to push through her shirt. She was also wearing a tight pair of low cut jeans that were low rise that just barely covered her wide hips.

She was short, about the same height as Natalie as they both only came up to right under my chin. I put them both at probably five foot three inches. Lacey had curves that made my head spin and even though I had had sex with her countless times before I moved out to Hollywood…….. she still had an effect on me.

“I never properly thanked you Daniel!” She exclaimed in her sexy high voice…

“For what?” I asked still intoxicated by her sight…..

“For everything you have done for me. For loving me like you did for those wonderful months we shared down South. For helping my career. For the Academy Award you practically won me.” she informed me…

“Lace sweety! You won that award because of your acting skills. I only gave you the things to say but the acting was yours sweety.” I assured her…

“I still wanted to thank you hun!” she exclaimed…

“Well your certainly welcome darlin!” I told her with a smile…

She walked over to me with a sexy sway and wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my head down to her. She planted her sexy lips on mine and kissed me as I felt her tongue try and push through my lips. I opened my mouth to her and her tongue entered my mouth as she pushed it under the length of my tongue as she moaned real sexy like into my mouth as she massaged my tongue. I broke the kiss to tell her:

“Lacey I’m glad to see you again but I don’t think right now is such a good time. Especially with you having a boyfriend as well. I mean, me and Scarlett are as far as I know still in a relationship even though we are having problems. just dont think now is such a good time.” I told her…

“But I missed you so much and wanted to get back to where we were before it fell apart baby. Remember all the good times we had together? Lets try to get back to that! For me baby? Please?” she pleaded with a sexy grin on her face as she whispered it to me….

I thought back quickly to all those sexy nights of love making I had with her and how much it changed my life and how great it felt to be inside her and pleasured by her. These thoughts made me weak and I lost it and totally gave in to her.

“Oh god I need you Lacey!” I told her…

With this she smiled and jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist as I grabbed her round luscious ass and held her in place as she stuck her tongue in my mouth again. As I squeezed her fine ass, she moaned in my mouth again and this was where I lost it and started making out with her like there was no tomorrow. I had one hand on her ass squeazing it and one hand on the back of her head as I slammed my tongue down her throat practically. I felt her breathing heavy in my mouth as we kissed and it turned me on to see that she was still nervous with me. I moved her closer to the wall and slammed her against it still holding her as we were kissing now with an animalistic lust.

We were making out as she began to talk as we made out.

“Oh god!” she moaned in my mouth… “I nddd thssss bddddd!” is how it came out of her mouth into mine but what she said was “I need this bad!”

And so did I!

With her legs still wrapped around me and having her pressed against the wall I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled up over head. It took too long to get it off of her but finally it came off. I looked down at her fully tanned body to see she was wearing a black low cut bra that just barely rose above her nipples. Her breasts were fully tanned as well. Natalie was tan also but Lacey was darker with a dark olive type skin color. I stopped kissing her and pulled my tongue out of her mouth only to drop my head down and bury my face between her bra clad massive tits. I kissed each huge mound through her bra and then kissed and licked between her massive jugs.

“OOOH OH YESSS!” she moaned…..

She unwrapped her legs from around me and let her feet hit the floor. She was wearing her low cut jeans and just a bra as I looked her amazingly curvaceous body over. She pushed me up against the wall this time and unzipped my khaki pants and unbuttoned my boxers through the zipper hole. She reached into the hole in my pants and pulled out my cock. She didn’t even take time to unbutton my pants as they were still fastend around my waist. She just pulled my cock through the hole in my pants and started stroking it. As I looked down I saw her on her knees still in her jeans and then I saw her stroking my cock through my dick hole in my boxers. Under her hand and my cock I saw her amazingly huge breasts still hiding, but not by much, in her bra.

She looked up at me with her sexy eyes and devlish grin and licked her lips.
This sight turned me on another notch as my cock started to rise a little.

She then let out a pant of lust and then she lowered her head onto my cock. As her sexy lips wrapped over the tip of my cock and I felt her saliva leak onto it, my dick suddenly rose to full length and I was hard. I felt her slowly gobble up my penis as she took her time bathing my cock with her tongue as she sucked it down. I have had alot of girls give me head before and they were all good but none compared to Lacey! Lacey was a pro at it and she was proving it right now. She slowly reached the bottom of my cock as she deepthroated me and then she slirped back up its length while her tongue was working it’s magic. She reached the top of my dick and pulled my dick out of her mouth as it made a popping noise. There was still a string of saliva running from my dick to her mouth to which she wiped away with her hand and took the saliva now on her hand and rubbed it on my dick as she stroked my cock that was now covered in her spit.

“YUUMMMM! You taste so fucking good baby!” she said as she licked her lips again….

“Yes baby! Suck my cock for me! Suck it good Lace!” I told her real dirty like….

She licked her lips again and then dove right back down on it this time deepthroating me a little faster. She sucked up and down my dick faster and faster now as I heard wonderful slirping sounds filling my ears. Then I heard moans of pleasure coming from Lacey that was muffled by a mouth full of cock. The next time she went down all the way down my saliva soaked shaft, she held my cock fully swallowed in her mouth as she let her tongue tease the base of my cock. I don’t know how much longer I would be able to take this intense blowjob so I pulled out of her mouth and grabbed her by the arms and lifted her to standing position. She pulled my head down once more and rammed her tongue into my mouth again. As she was kissing me her hands dropped to my pants and she undid the button on my pants as they fell to the floor. I kicked them out of the way and then pulled down my boxers. I grabbed her by the hand and led her over to the bar where i turned her around and lightly pushed her up against it bending her over it.

“Oh god yes Daniel! Take off my pants baby!” she screamed at me in that high voice of hers…..

So I obliged and reached around the front of her waist and undid the belt she was wearing and then I unbuttoned it as I slid it down her sexy hips and then her jeans dropped to the floor. I stood there with Laceys front half bent over the bar and that s when I studied her lower back half.

It was an amazing site! A slender lower back leading to her sexy wide hips and finally revealing a big ass. Her ass was big but there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her. Her ass was extremely firm and round and stuck out perfectly. You could almost sit a coke can on her ass if you wanted too. Her ass was big and tan all over. She had a small asshole that let me know that she had only had anal sex probably that one time with Seth(thats a different story though). Her tiny asshole was surrounded by big firm cheeks on each side. And then I saw what I was looking for! I saw her tight pink pussy lips right below her asshole.

That is where i’m headed I thought so I dropped down on my knees and shoved my face into her pussy as I started eating her hard and fast.

“Daniel yes yes yes! Eat me baby eat me!” she screamed…

I was flicking my tongue really fast inside her and then I would take a moment to suck on her clit which sent her squeeling like a little girl. Still bent over the bar she raised up a little lifting her tits off the table as she rubbed her humongous breasts. I ate her with a fury like no other and then it was time. I got off my knees and leaned over her ass and kissed the back of her neck and then she turned her head to the left as I kissed her one last time before I fucked her. I grabbed my cock and led it to her opening from behind. I told her I was at her opening so she raised off of the bar and got on her tiptoes and guided herself on my pole as she slowly dropped herself down from her tiptoes to standing normal. As the heels of her feet made contact with the ground my cock slowly slid all the way into her tight snatch.

“Oh OH OH OH OH!” She panted and moaned as it slid all the way in her….

I bent her over the bar again and reached around her front side and grabbed her massive firm tits and pulled her back against my cock to push even deeper.

“Oh god almighty!” she squealed….

Then I pulled almost all the way out and rammed it back in deep and hard.

“Oh shit!” she screamed in pleasure…..

“Lacey you feel so good inside baby!” I assured her as I thrust back in and out again..

Her pussy was tight like Natalie’s so I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this up long.

I thrusted in and out again harder and deeper.

“Uh UH UH UH UH UH UH UHUH UH UH UH UH UH!” Lacey grunted as I pumped in her over and over again.

She started bucking back against me as I humped her ass. We were now grinding in one smooth motion.

I could start feeling her juices flowing around my cock the more I pushed in her. As I pumped from behind, my hands were wrapped around her tits massaging them.

I pulled all the way out of her to give myself a break because I thought I was going to cum soon.
As soon as I pulled out of her Lacey raised her head off the bar and spun around facing me.
She had this possesed look in her eyes with a crazy grin on her face.

“What’s wrong babe?” I asked …

Then she lunged at me knocking me down to the floor and she sat on me straddling me. As I looked upwards I saw her straddling me and I saw the best view of her perfect tits yet. Her giant mammaries were hovering above me as I reached behind her back and unhooked the bra that no longer covered her luscious globes. She leaned over me and presented her big left breast in my face. So I wrapped my lips around it and sucked on it like I had so many times before in the past. The she offered me her right one. So I sucked on it as well. I switched back and forth for a while as Lacey cooed with pleasure. Then she reached behind her ass and felt down behind her for my cock and she grabbed it and led it up towards her slit. She then raised up off my stomach and slid back on me some and led the cock into her opening. She lowered herself onto it slowly and then she raised back up and dropped down on it as it penetrated her pussy even deeper this time. She let out a cry of pleasure and now she was in-control. She grinded back and forth on my cock as I moaned her name in pleasure. She reached behind her ass again as she rode me and took her right hand and reached down and rubbed my balls and the rubbed her asshole and slipped her index finger barely in the tip as she rode me. As she was riding me I was reaching around behind her squeezing her ass cheeks and helping her finger her asshole from time to time.

“Oh Daniel! I’m gonna cum soon baby! I’m gonna cum soon!” she screamed….

She leaned all the way over on me to where her tits were rubbing up and down on my chest as she fucked me. She leaned up some and I took her left tit in my mouth and sucked on it. She raised up off of my chest and placed her hands there as I returned my hands to her hips and grabbed tightly as I held her. She then grinded on my cock as hard as she could pushing my dick as deep as it would go and she could take.

She threw her head back and screamed in her high sexy voice!: “I’m cumming baby! I llllllooovvvvvveeeee yyyyyooouuuuuu!”

As she threw back her head I felt her shake a little and felt her ass quiver on my crotch. Then I felt her pussy tighten down like a vice and I felt fluid flooding my cock. She fell over on my chest but my cock was still in her so I would finish up. So I grabbed her firm ass and started pumping in her pussy as her head lay on my chest. I could hear her screaming in pleasure even though you could barely here her because she was so weak that she was trying to scream and nothing came out. I rolled her over with my cock still in her cum drenched pussy. Now I was on top of her and she was on her back looking at me. I pumped in and out of her faster and faster. Her massive tits were bouncing in rythm all over the place as I humped her tan body. I was pumping faster and faster now as I leaned over her and grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled burying my cock as deep as it would go in her and then it happened. I felt the cum rising.

I pulled out of her and moved up on her body and sat over her stomach.
I rubbed my dick head on her dark right nipple and thats all it took. I spewed forth a river of white milky cum on her mountainous tits and then pointed it up some and sprayed the rest on her gorgeous, tan face. Cum sprayed across her lips onto her nose and as I jerked it flew over her right eye.
With this she began to laugh as did I at what I had accidentaly done. That was the best part about Lacey! Even during sex she could make me laugh and vice versa. I grabbed my cock and stroked the last bit of cum out of my cock as it dribbled on her chin and then I let my cock rest on her right tit as the final bit of semen pooled out onto her tit.

I grabbed her a rag and she wiped the cum from her eye and nose and licked up that bit on her lips. The little bit of semen on her right nipple she grabbed the bottom of her massive tit and lifted it as she lowered her head and licked her nipple and licked the cum off. Needless to say I was impressed by that display. There’s not alot of girls who could do that but Lacey had tits for days so it was quite easy for her. As she lay there with her smooth tan skin covered in sweat I couldn’t help but think about that amazing experience we just had and the best sex of my life. Somehow Lacey did it! Just when I thought I had had the best sex of my life with Scarlett, Lacey totally blows her out of the water and gives me the best ride of my life.

“Daniel that was unbelievable hun. I mean…… It’s been a year since you stayed behind that day and let me leave without you. I just can’t believe you came out here. When I found out I was excited but also scared because I didn’t think you wanted me. After all you did turn me down and decide to stay down South. Nothing has been the same since I left you a year ago.
I thought it would get better if my career picked up but it hasn’t! The more famous I became the more paparrazzi followed me and the more attention I got. I needed someone to talk to and someone to help me releave me stress.” she told me..

I leaned over to her and leaned my head onto her left breasts and suckled her nipple. I pulled my mouth off her tit and spoke.

“Lacey! I loved you a year ago! Hell I think I still love you now!” I admitted..

With this she let go a beautiful smile on her gorgeous face.

“You showing back up in my life right now has turned everything around and upside down on me baby!” i said…

“Oh……well………What do?” she said when I cut her off.

“I believe it to be a good thing though and I think it was fate that brought us back together. What do you say to that?” I asked…

“I believe you might be right Daniel. I would like to take it a little slower this time around. See where it takes us.” she said…

“But man oh man! You haven’t lost your touch baby. I think you got better in fact. You made me see stars that time honey!” she exclaimed..

“You were amazing as well there little lady!” I teased back at her….

She leaned over and rolled ontop of me as she pressed her big beautiful tits on my chest and leaned over to meet my lips with her lips. I put my hands on her big firm ass and squeezed as We stuck our tongues into each other’s mouths and made out.

We got off the floor about ten minutes later and went up stairs and in true Lacey-Daniel fashion we took a shower together and then I bent her over in the shower, a move that I saw Lindsey pull with me, and fucked her doggystyle for the second time today and we made sweet love in the shower and we then got out of the shower and messed around on my bed for a while and then we were ready to go at it again so I rolled her naked body over on the bed as she lay flat on her stomach and I entered her from behind with her head stuck in the pillows. Then we switched positions and she lay down on her side as I entered her in a spoon position. I was the first to cum and pulled out and sprayed on her ass. Then I rolled her over and ate her pussy out until I finsihed her off. We made love three times that day and then we fell asleep.

I woke to find her side of the bed empty. I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom and raised the toilet seat. I started to piss and it came out in two streams and started going everywhere. Ah there it is! That piss you take right after sex when a man’s penis still isn’t used to not being hard.

I finished pissing and washed my hands. I put on some shorts and walked down the hall towards the balcony. I saw Seth sitting there with Lacey wearing a robe and nothing under it sitting beside him talking.

I opened the balcony doors to the outside and walked out. As I walked onto the balcony Seth jumped as if he were frightened.

“Hey man we were just talking I swear to god!” He exclaimed….

“hahahaha! I don’t care man! That’s all in the past.” I assured him…..

“Thank god!” he replied…

“It’s good to see that you boys made up. Friends shouldn’t fight over a girl. And besides I feel like we are closer together as a trio since you have both had sex with me before.” she said…

“It’s all in the past Lacey but it is still a subject we don’t mention, Ok hun?” I told her……

“Ok I understand. Besides you know your my man Daniel! At least you were three amazing times already today! ” Lacey said as she winked at me….

Seth gave me a confused and startled look after he heard that. I already knew what he was thinking. He was thinking that I was in-love with Natalie and in a relationship with scarlett but at the same time having mind blowing sex with Lacey…..three times.
Well what he didn’t know was that I might still love Lacey! I definately had strong feelings for her.

“Seth, you thinking about jumping ship on me and handling Nikki Reed?” i asked…

“Listen Danny! I had an opportunity arise and I can make more money if I represent you and Nikki. I’m not jumping ship man!
Just think of it as me expanding my ship size.” he assured me…

“I know man. I was with you the whole time. I got your back at all times playa!” I told him….

With this a smile came across his face: “Damn right!” he said….

“Well I have to get some sun!” Lacey said….

“Lacey you are tanned enough! Your skin color is a golden brown. Trust me you have an amazing tan!” I assured her…..

“Well I don’t care I still want to sun bathe!” she said…

With that she tossed her hair over her right shoulder and untied her robe. She tossed the robe down over her shoulders and was then laying there completely nude to the world.

As Lacey freed her lovely big tits and pubic hair from the robe I couldn’t help but notice Seth glaring at her magnificient mountains on her chest. I watched him a while as he stared at her tits with his mouth practically watering.

Then she rolled over in her chair and exposed her firm, luscious tan ass to him as she layed there tanning her backside.
He glared at her ass intensely! He did love her ass more than even her tits. I mean he knew her ass quite well considering a year ago at his party he had his dick in that same luscious ass and pussy. Yes my best friend fucked Lacey and had anal sex with her too but I was over it and had forgiven him but I had not forgotten. I decided to test him!

“Well I will see you later Seth and see you tonight baby!” I said as I shook Seth’s hand and slapped Lacey on her ass….

“Ouch! Daniel that hurt!” she said as she giggled….

“See ya man!” Seth said….

Lacey was lying on her stomach her ass exposed to Seth.

“Seth will you pick up that lotion and rub me down!” she exclaimed…

Seth picked up the lotion and poured it on his hands and then started rubbing her back with it.

“Oh Seth that feels great sweety! Now get my ass for me! You remember my ass dont you sweety?” She teasingly asked…

“Oh yeah Lacey! How could I forget an ass like yours?” he asked….

He took his oiled hands and grabbed her big firm cheeks and squuezed. He massaged her tan butt for about 5 minutes when suddenly she flipped over.
Lacey flipped over on her back showing Seth her large breasts again.

“Seth, now oil my boobs if you dont mind!” she told him….

He cupped her large tits and began squeezing and massaging the oil into them.

“You know what you want to do baby! so just do it!” She said to him…..

“I can’t do this Lacey! If I do we know where this will end up. With me and you having sex again. God knows I would kill for that but I am loyal to Daniel!” Seth said…

Lacey sat up in the chair and grabbed Seth by the back of his head and pulled him in close where she stuck her tongue in his mouth and kissed him.

Then suddenly they stopped making out as they both looked at each other!

“We have to just be friends until Danny says other wise! Then maybe after things are cooled off maybe we can continue what we started a year ago at my party. ” Seth said

“Yeah I know I think there is still a future with you and me and would love maybe to continue what we started but your right! For now we have to stay loyal to Daniel.” She said…

“So what is up with you and Nikki Reed?” Lacey asked Seth….

“Nothin! I’m just her agent now.” he said….

“Oh my god you fucked her didn’t you!” she said…

“I know you Seth you invited over here and you had sex with her.” she said…

“And why would you think that Lacey?” he asked….

“Hello! I know your charm Seth! You have to remember there sweetheart that you used it on me last time and I wound up dropping my pants to you in a heartbeat! And I was going out with Daniel at the time. I even let you talk your way into fucking my ass which by the way, you were the first to penetrate it. I never have anal sex and your charm had me practically begging you to stick your dick in my ass.” She exclaimed….

“Which by the way! Is her ass as tight as mine was? What about her cooch? Is it as tight and as good as mine was? I know her tits aren’t anywhere close to as big as mine? So tell me did you like her better?” she teasingly asked…

“Ok I’m a little disturbed by this conversation. But ok I did not fuck her in the ass so yes yours is tighter and better. You and her are about the same in the pussy department as far as tightness. However you are more experienced at sex and I do have to say rocked my world. And yes her tits are a B-cup and yours are D’s so your tits are better. So yes all around I enjoyed fucking you more. But i gotta ask, you don’t do anal, but come on tell me honestly you liked how It felt! You liked it didnt you?” He asked…

“Ok Seth! honestly yes I liked it. You were a great fuck!” she said as she winked at him….

“Can she suck you as good as I did?” she asked while giggling…..

“Oh come on that is enough! You keep reminding me and I will have to throw you down right here and fuck you silly!” Seth exclaimed…

“We will see! Hopefully I will get a chance to experience that again!” She said this time with a serious look on her face….

“Lacey! I would love nothing more, in fact its my fantasy and has been for a year. You see I never got over that night either. Dan is not the only one who fell in-love! But I will stay loyal to him and if things get cleared up and it is ok then I will promise you right here right now that we will continue that which happened at my party and maybe take it further!” he said….

“I know! It was just wishful thinking! I wish I could have you both actually!” she said as she laid back down and let the sun tan her golden mounds.

Seth leaned up from his chair and glared at her as she was laying back exposed. ‘I can’t believe she just said that to me! God this is going to be hard because I’m in-love with Lacey and Daniel doesn’t know it yet!’ He thought………….


Meanwhile in the front yard:

I was already dressed and out to the car headed back to the studio when I got a call from Brian my producer on the film.

“Danny, hey I just wanted to call and tell you that they are going to let you direct.” brian said…

“That is awesome fucking news Brian!” I said….

“Oh yeah one last thing! You have been signed on to play the lead male part so you will be getting actors pay and director and writer pay.” he said…

“This keeps getting better every second!” I said…

“And we have two actresses picked out! one for the villain’s role and one for your love-interest in the movie!” he said…

“Who am I going to be working with?” I asked….

“Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson!” He exclaimed….

“Isn’t that great Danny?” he asked….

I dropped the phone as soon as I heard.

I picked it back up and talked.

“Brian those are the final choices?” I asked….

“Yeah! Oh and guess what! Ms. Portman is here with me right now and wants to congratulate you!” he said…

God this sucks! Why god Why?

My name is Daniel O’Shea, I live in Hollywood and this is my life!!!!!!!

to be continued………..

Daniel returns in Conquest of Hollywood part 5: Business before Pleasure

email me @ dcbfest@hotmail.com for comments or for suggestions on who you would like to see in the story in the future.

Read Lacey Chabert’s Next Movie to find out where the characters originally came from.

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