Daniela’s Dissapearence

Daniela’s Dissapearence

Late one night Daniela Pestova left a ritzy type party. She had consumed a good amount of champaigne at the party and definitly had a good buz. She had her own ride, a sleek black hummer. I was in my van across the street doing exactly what a stalker normally does when I noticed this. The vallet asked Daniela if she was ok to drive, that she looked like she had too much to drink but Daniela snatched the keys and left in a hurry. I followed her and observed her swurve eraticly onto the freeway. She was a wreck and a cop would most definitly have to stop her
if he’d seen the way she was driving. I drove up along side of her and rammed into her, forcing her to swurve off the road and loose control. She went off-road and slammed into a tree. I pulled over and quickly ran down to her. She was slumped over across her front seat and unconscious. I put on my gloves and opened the drivers side door to reveal her sexy long legs. She was wearing a sexy blue dress with clear high heeled sandles. I pulled Daniela out of her hummer and draped her over my shoulder. I felt her up while carrying her up to my van. I layed Daniela in the back of my van and tied her up as well as gag her. Then I drove off, thinking of all the fantasies I would enjoy with the sexy Daniela Pestova back at my place. My dick yerned for her as thought’s of pervertedness ran rampant through my head……

What will happed to Daniela?

Will Daniela escape the capture of her horney stalker, or will she be used for his sexual satisfaction?

scroll down to see what happened to Daniela Pestova……..















Late one night while I watched television I seen something on the news that struck me funny. Apperently a supermodel named Daniela Pestova has been reported missing and there are no possible explanations as to her whereabouts. A reward of $50,000 is posted for any information leading to finding Daniela. I smiled and looked over at Daniela ( totally unconscious from her daily sedative) as she slept on my bed and thought, “there is no reward I would have greater than the one lying helplessly on my bed”. Then The room went black when I turned off the T.V. and I strode slowly towards my bed and Daniela with a 7″ boner pointing out like a pistol, demanding satisfaction. Sounds of heavy grunting and sucking are heard from the bedroom for the next few hours leaving all to read this little doubt as to what really has happened to Daniela………

Daniela pestova was never seen or heard from again, accept from her kidnapper ofcoarse who has become very well versed in the ways of sex thanks to his sleeping beauty!


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