Daniella Monet Makes a Pit Stop

Title:  Daniella Monet Makes a Pit Stop

Author:  Tori

Codes:  MF, Oral

Subject:  Daniella Monet

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Daniella Monet was on her way home from an audition.  It was a hot, sunny day in LA and the traffic was brutal.  She felt like she’d been sitting in the same spot for hours and the two big bottles of water on top of the three cups of coffee she drank at the audition were taking their toll on her bladder.  She really needed to pee and was beginning to think she was going to wet herself.  Just when she had lost all hope, the traffic started to move and she quickly headed down the first off ramp she came too.  She pulled into a gas station and ran into the ladies room.

The clerk watched the pretty brunette run past him and thought she looked familiar.  He decided to go into the office and check her out on the hidden cam his boss had installed in the ladies room.  His boss didn’t know he knew about it but he figured that if his boss ever caught him, he’d tell him he’d call the cops so he didn’t worry about it.  He sat down at the monitor and watched the gorgeous girl drop her panties and sit down.  She pissed for almost five minutes before tearing off a few pieces of tissue and wiping her pussy.  When she stood up he got a close look at her face and realized who she was.  While she was fixing her makeup in the mirror, the clerk slipped into the men’s room and took out his cock.  He leaned down and peeked in to the glory hole in the wall and saw that she was washing her hands.  He slid his hard cock into the hole and then tapped on the wall.

Daniella dried her hands off and thought she heard someone knocking.  She told them she’d be right out.  The knocking continued and then she realized it wasn’t coming from the door.  When she looked around she saw the cock sticking out of the wall.  Daniella almost fell over and then she just stared at it.  It was one of the most beautiful cocks she’d ever seen.  Daniella started to laugh and then she heard a voice on the other side of the wall tell her touch it.  She put her finger up to her lips and then reached over and touched the head.  It twitched and bobbed up and down and Daniella saw some precum oozing out of the little pee hole.  She licked her finger and ran it across the tip and brought the milky white substance up to her lips and tasted it.  She heard the voice on the other side tell her to suck it.  She shook her head and told herself no way but she couldn’t take her eyes off the big cock bobbing up and down in front of her.  She lowered the toilet seat and sat down.  When she leaned over, she gently kissed the head.  She heard the voice tell her once again to suck it.  Daniella closed her eyes and opened her mouth.  She took a few inches into her warm mouth and started to suck it.  She heard the voice moaning as she sucked and licked the shaft.  She ran her long fingernails along the bottom and stuck her tongue into the pee hole and tasted more precum.  The cock started to twitch again and Daniella took the entire length into her mouth.  She felt the head press against the back of her throat as she sucked it deeper and harder.  She kept sucking it, pulling off occasionally to lick and stroke it with her soft hands.  She started sucking it faster and faster and then she heard the voice say he was going to cum.  She pulled off the cock and stroked it until it shot its prize all over her face.

After she had squeezed out all the cum, she stood up and watched the cock disappear.  She heard the men’s room door open and close and then cleaned herself up.  When she finished, she walked out and got a bottle of water out of the cooler and went up the counter to pay for it.  The clerk handed her the change and when she walked out, he said, “Thank you Miss Monet, it was a pleasure getting serviced by you.”

She turned around and blew him a kiss and got into her car.  She thought about what she did on the ride home and smiled.  She told herself that she was going to make that station a regular stop on her way home from now on.

The End.

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