Danielle Finds Her Voice

Before I start this story, please be aware that I have adjusted facts to help fit the story, as in I have no way of knowing any future songs that will be performed by the person featured in this story.  I also have no way of knowing either of the two person’s sexuality so I have made assumptions in that respect.  In addition, I have nothing against people who live in Texas, so please forgive any stereotypes in this story about Texans.

Also, if porn is not allowed in your country or you are under the age of consent in your country, then please stop reading now.  Go find a computer game or something.  As already said, I have no way of knowing if any of the story is true in real life.  If it is, then I am just lucky at guessing.  Please enjoy.

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Author: Mark Cunningham

Celebrities: Danielle Bradbery, 16, Cypress, Texas | Shakira, 36, Colombia

Codes: Ff, oral, anal, mast, first

Danielle Bradbery had auditioned for The Voice, hoping to get Shakira as she had a small crush on her.  She performed Mean by Taylor Swift, and was a bit disappointed when Shakira failed to turn around to choose her for her team.  Knowing that Blake Shelton was a friend of Shakira, she chose to go with Blake and went on to have a great run on the show.  She was an effortless performer, every song she was given she nailed to much acclaim from judges and viewers.  Shakira was even forced to admit she had made a mistake in not turning around for her during the blind audition.  One day, Blake called Danielle at her hotel.  She was overjoyed when he told her that not only was she going to be performing a Shakira song on the next show, but also he had arranged for her to have a private lesson with Shakira the following afternoon.  Danielle barely managed to squeak out her thanks before hanging up.  She barely slept that night, looking forward to working closely with her idol and crush for a whole afternoon.

The next morning, Danielle could not eat anything, but forced a slice of toast down with a glass of orange juice.  When it came time to get dressed, she opted for an outfit of short denim skirt that showed her legs off, a top that revealed a hint of jailbait cleavage and finished it with a pair of trainers.  In essence, she looked like typical Texas trailer trash.  She got to Shakira’s studio early and was so excited she could not sit still waiting for her to show up.  Shakira came out a few minutes before they were due to start, and the natural beauty of Shakira stunned Danielle.  Shakira was wearing a short dress, one that showed some MILF cleavage and a lot of leg, it barely covered her ass.  She was wearing 6-inch stiletto heels as well, which made Danielle a bit moist.  Stiletto heels were her fetish, and she imagined crawling on the floor to Shakira and licking those stiletto heels all over.

They went into the studio, and Danielle said how nervous she was about performing a song of Shakira’s.  Shakira put her at ease, saying that Danielle would do it perfectly, and that the point of the afternoon was just to make sure she got the Spanish right.  After rehearsing for 3 hours, Shakira was happy that Danielle had the Spanish part of the song nailed, so suggested they stopped the rehearsal session.  Danielle was a bit surprised and a bit upset, thinking that Shakira was going to dump her and leave her with a moist pussy and no outlet apart from mental images whilst furiously fingering herself that night.  Shakira asked if Danielle wanted to go back to Shakira’s hotel room to catch a movie and have some food together.  Danielle agreed without thinking and they left together in Shakira’s limo.  On the way back, Shakira feigned ignorance when she let her legs part slightly to give Danielle a glimpse of thong clad Latin pussy.  Danielle got even moister at the sight, and if it had not been for the limo driver would have been on the floor of the limo getting an even closer look.

Once in the hotel room, Shakira ordered some food and drink, soft drinks for Danielle and some tequila for herself.  Danielle sat nervously on the sofa in Shakira’s room.  I say room, it was more like a house it was so big.  The living room area was the size of a standard hotel room easily, and there were at least three other rooms in this suite.  Shakira sat opposite Danielle, and they exchanged small talk whilst waiting for the room service to arrive.  Shakira complimented Danielle on how well she was doing on The Voice, and added she was wrong to say that Danielle was not that good.  She even said if Danielle failed to win, she would make sure that her record label signed her to a deal.  Danielle was so nervous, she could only nod or squeak answers.  Shakira smiled, and told Danielle to relax.  Shakira moved the conversation round to boys, and was pleasantly surprised when Danielle confessed she had no time for boys, she fancied females.  Shakira decided to see how Danielle reacted once the room service arrived.  10 minutes later, both females were laughing at American Pie: The Reunion, and when they saw Alyson Hannigan appear Danielle could not stop staring at her.  Only the year before she had watched the original American Pie film and had not stopped masturbating over Alyson Hannigan for weeks after.  Shakira noticed that Danielle was taken by Alyson.

‘Hey Danielle, I can fit a flute in my sustantivo as well’.  Danielle snapped back to the room, trying to figure out if Shakira was talking dirty or if her mind was playing tricks on her.  When she saw Shakira smiling at her, she realised that despite Shakira having only recently given birth, she was totally into females as well.  Danielle moved nearer to Shakira, and asked in a whisper if she had anything that size in the suite to demonstrate.  Shakira laughed, and went into her bedroom.  Coming back, Danielle had to gasp as she saw the 15-inch long black dildo that Shakira had in her hands.  Danielle sat there transfixed as Shakira took her dress off, and then slid down her thong.  Her pussy was very bald, and Danielle wanted to lick it all over and taste some Latin pussy juice.  Shakira sat on the table in front of Danielle, and telling her to watch carefully, began inserting the dildo into her love tunnel.

Danielle was getting more and more turned on by the way the afternoon was going, and was soon absently rubbing her pussy through her thong.  Shakira groaned and moaned as she pushed the dildo further and further in.  When she had 10 inches inserted, she stopped and looked at Danielle.  She smiled, and told Danielle to do whatever comes to mind whilst watching the show.  Danielle abandoned any thoughts of just watching and immediately pulled her thong down and inserted two fingers into her pussy.  Shakira picked up the dildo fucking again, and the pair of them sat there and masturbated whilst watching each other.  After 5 minutes, both females came at the same time.  Shakira smiled at Danielle, who was still in a funk about the whole thing.  She couldn’t believe she had just watched her idol fuck herself with a dildo, and even more unbelievable was the fact she had fingered herself in front of her idol.

Shakira stood up, and taking Danielle by the hand led her to her bed.  Shakira laid down on the bed, and told Danielle to do a sexy strip.  Danielle was nervous, but the closer she got to being naked, the more into the strip tease she got.  As she exposed her breasts, Shakira licked her lips and began muttering in Spanish.  Danielle then took her thong off and was standing naked in front of Shakira.  Shakira beckoned her onto the bed, and as Danielle climbed onto the bed Shakira began kissing her body.  Danielle began shivering with the feeling of Shakira kissing her body.  As Shakira got nearer to her 16 year old pussy, Danielle’s breathing got shallow.  She begged Shakira to touch her pussy, which Shakira did.  As she inserted two fingers into Danielle, the little Texan arched her back and let out a moan of pleasure.  Shakira then started roughly fingering Danielle.  After a few minutes, Danielle begged to cum.  Shakira gave her permission to cum, and Danielle squirted pussy juice all over Shakira’s fingers.  She sucked the fingers greedily, loving the taste of her own pussy juice.

Danielle then went down on Shakira, and tentatively began to lick her pussy.  Shakira’s moans gave Danielle a sign she was doing it right, and soon Shakira was holding Danielle’s head whilst grinding into her face.  Danielle had slipped two fingers into her snatch, rubbing her clit whilst licking at her idols pussy.  Shakira grabbed her hair hard, then arched her back and yelled in Spanish as pussy juice coated Danielle’s lips.  Danielle licked her lips, loving the taste of pussy juice.  They lay together on the bed recovering, Shakira tenderly stroking the skin of Danielle.  Danielle was in a dream again, she couldn’t believe she had just tasted the Latin pussy of her idol.  Shakira then asked Danielle if she wanted to try taking the black dildo in her pussy.  Danielle, although nervous, agreed to try taking it.  Shakira went and got the dildo, shaking her Latin ass as she left.  Danielle idly stroked herself as she waited, more to prepare herself for taking the monster dick in her tight pussy.  Shakira came back, hungrily devouring the cock in her mouth.  With all the lubrication, Danielle managed to get 7 inches in before she started feeling sore.  She whimpered as her pussy was stretched around the dildo.  Shakira encouraged her to take her time, and Danielle eventually managed to take 10 inches.  She started slowly moving it in and out of her pussy, and once it was suitably stretched began slamming it in and out.  After 10 minutes, she let out a shriek as she came all over the obscenely large dildo.  Shakira sucked the dildo greedily once Danielle pulled it out of her pussy.  Her hole was gaping, it was the first time she had taken a cock up there.  She had fingered herself before, but had never inserted anything bigger than her fingers up there.

Shakira then inserted one end into her pussy and Danielle put the other end in her pussy.  They both began thrusting the dildo into the other, and both arched their backs with the pleasure of this dildo fucking.  Sweat started dripping down both their faces, into their breasts and after 20 minutes both screamed their orgasms out.  They laid there, the dildo still in both of them, tired.  Shakira moved first, removing the dildo from both their pussies.  Danielle moved up to the pillows, and Shakira laid down next to her.  They started making out, and both fell asleep in each other’s arms.  They slept for a few hours, and when they woke up it was dark.  Danielle went into the bathroom to have a shower, and Shakira climbed in with her.  They soaped each other up, and as Shakira lathered up Danielle’s back she slid a finger into her butt.  Danielle jumped from the unexpected violation, but relaxed quickly as Shakira stroked her neck.  Shakira carried on fingering the butt, and eventually managed to get four fingers in there.

As she finger fucked the butt, Danielle was cooing from the pleasure of her first butt fucking.  She had imagined what it would be like taking it up the butt, and now Shakira was tenderly taking her anal cherry.  She was still in shock a bit at how the day had gone.  Shakira moved her other hand round to Danielle’s pussy and began rubbing the clit.  Danielle moaned loudly at the extra stimulation.  Shakira picked up the pace of her finger fucking in the butt and made Danielle moan even more loudly.  Danielle suddenly clenched her muscles on Shakira’s fingers as her orgasm ripped through her body.  They finished showering, and both got dressed.  Shakira told her driver to take Danielle back to her hotel room, and promised Danielle that they would get together again soon for some more fun.  They kissed each other goodbye, using tongues and groping each other.  They broke the kiss eventually, and Danielle started walking out of Shakira’s suite.  As she went down in the elevator to meet the limo driver, she wondered whether she had imagined it, or had she just had her virginity taken by Shakira?

Shakira timed her text perfectly, Danielle had just got back into her hotel room, and was met with a short video of Shakira stuffing the dildo into her snatch.  Danielle immediately sent one back to Shakira of her fingering herself over a picture of Shakira she had downloaded from the internet.  Both females went to bed satisfied that night, and Shakira kept her word.  As the series progressed, both females met up in secret at Shakira’s suite and Danielle eventually managed to take the black dildo up her ass.

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