Danielle Fishel’s Little Bitch

Title:  Danielle Fishel’s Little Bitch

Author:  Tori

Codes:  Ff, mf, MFf, Lesbian, CONS, ANAL, ORAL, DOM

Subject:  Danielle Fishel,  Rowan Blanchard,  Peyton Meyer,  Ben Savage

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Danielle Fishel was exhausted.  It had been a particularly brutal day on the set.  Working with kids really sucked and after a day like this, all she wanted to do was take a hot shower and have a drink.  All that changed when she walked into dressing room and found her TV daughter Rowan Blanchard sitting there drinking one of her beers.  Danielle quickly shut the door and locked it.  “What the fuck Rowan?  Who the fuck said that you could come in here and drink my beer?”  She walked over and grabbed the bottle from Rowan and slapped her across the face.  “You little bitch!  Do you know how much trouble I could get into if anyone found out?”  Danielle slapped her again and then finished the rest of the beer with a couple of big gulps.  The young teen was rubbing her cheek and Danielle could see a tear running down her face.  Rowan looked up at her with her big brown puppy dog eyes and said, “I thought……I mean, I was hoping you and I……..I wanted to see if we could, you know, have some fun again.  Like the other day.”  Danielle looked at the cute little 14 year old and smiled.  Rowan really was adorable.  “Listen sweetie.  What happened the other day was a mistake.  I never should have given you beer and I certainly never should have let you get drunk.  Most of all, I never should have let anything happen between us but it did so let’s just chalk it up to experience and move on, OK?”  Rowan got down on her knees and started to rub the older woman’s pussy through her slacks and said, “But, you liked it, didn’t you?  You told me you liked it and you said you liked me.  Was that a lie?”  Danielle closed her eyes and felt her pussy start to get wet and then stepped back.  “Rowan, look at me.  Of course I liked it.  I liked it a lot and I like you, you know that, don’t you?”  Rowan nodded.  Danielle continued, “I want to be perfectly clear about this.  If we start this, there’s no going back.  You also need to understand that I’m the top and you sweetie are most definitely the bottom.”  Rowan looked confused and asked, “What do you mean by top and bottom?”  Danielle undid her slacks and let them fall around her ankles.  “A top is someone that is in completely in charge of a bottom and that means that you will do whatever I demand of you and I mean anything, anytime, anywhere.  Do you understand?”  Rowan reached up and pulled Danielle’s silk panties down and nodded, “Yes, I understand.”  Danielle grabbed a handful of the cute little brunette’s hair and pulled her mouth into her pussy.  “Good, now lick me slut.  Make me cum like you did the other day.”  Rowan started licking and sucking on the older woman’s snatch.  This was only the second time she’d licked pussy and she was doing a damned good job of it.  Danielle told her stick her tongue in deeper and was soon grinding her sopping wet hole on the young beauties mouth.  Rowan reached behind her and grabbed both ass cheeks pulling her tighter against her mouth and within a few minutes, she was swallowing all the tasty juices squirting from Danielle’s orgasm.  When she finished cumming, Danielle pushed Rowan away and sat down.  “Wow, that was……. WOW!  You’re really getting good at that.  Now, listen to me.  I’m going in to take a shower.  If you’re gone when I come back, this never happened but, when I come out and you’re still here, I expect to find you on your knees completely naked.  Then I’ll know you are committed to being my bitch.”  Danielle didn’t wait for a response, she simply got up and went in to take a shower.

Danielle dried off and wrapped the towel around her curvy body and walked out of the bathroom.  She saw Rowan, completely naked, kneeling in the middle of the room.  She let her towel drop to the floor and walked over to cute little teen.  She grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the couch.  She pulled her up and bent her over the arm and roughly shoved two fingers into the young girl’s pussy.  She pulled her head back by and said, “So, you really want to be my bitch?”  Rowan shook her head but Danielle pulled her hair harder and said, “Answer me!  DO YOU WANT TO BE MY BITCH?”  Rowan replied, “Yes, I want to be your bitch.”  Danielle shoved a third finger into Rowan’s now gaping hole and said, “That’s better.  This little ass belongs to me now.  You can start by calling me Mommy bitch.”  Just then, she brought the young teen to her first orgasm of the day.  She pulled her fingers out and fed them to the girl, making her lick and taste her own pussy.  “Now, get on your hands and knees.”  Rowan crawled back to the middle of the room and waited.  Danielle picked up the empty beer bottle and got behind Rowan.  “It’s time to punish you for drinking my beer.”  With that, she pushed the bottle into the teen’s tight little asshole until the neck was completely inside.  “How’s that feel bitch?” she said.   “It hurts Mommy, please take it out.”  Danielle began to fuck her in the ass with the bottle and said, “If you want to be my bitch then you have to learn to take what I give.  Tell me to fuck your ass little bitch.  Beg me.” Rowan was crying now but she bit her bottom lip and took the pain.  She was started to grunt with each thrust of the bottle and then said, “Fuck me Mommy, fuck my tight little ass.  Fuck my dirty butt with the bottle Mommy.  Fuck your little bitch.”  Danielle was twisting and turning the bottle and then Rowan started to cum.  The tiny teen squirted her pussy juice all over the carpet and was shaking with the most intense orgasm Danielle had ever seen.  She pulled the bottle out of Rowan’s ass and then put it into her mouth.  “Suck your ass off this bottle bitch.  Clean it up.”  Rowan took the bottle into her mouth and licked it clean.  When she finished, Danielle got up and sat on the couch.  “Get over here and lick Mommies cunt.”  Rowan crawled over and went down on her.  Danielle was so turned on by the sight of the pretty little girl sucking her pussy that she came almost immediately.  When she finished, she pulled Rowan up on the couch and laid her head on her lap and stroked her long brown hair.  “Mommy loves her little bitch.  Tell Mommy you love her.”  Rowan closed her eyes, smiled and said, “I love you Mommy.”

After Rowan left, Danielle sat there and contemplated the events of the day.  She knew she crossed the line but now that she did, she decided to take full advantage.  She texted Rowan and told her to come to her dressing room the next day before shooting started.   Rowan texted back, “Yes Mommy.  I love you!”  Danielle smiled and headed home.  That night, it took her a long time before she fell asleep.  She kept thinking about fucking Rowan with the bottle and decided to kick it up a notch the next day.  When she got to the set, she went to her dressing room and found Rowan kneeling on the floor.  She was completely naked and smiled when Danielle came in.  “Good morning Mommy,” she said.  Danielle kissed her on the forehead and said, “How’s my little bitch today?”  “I’m ready to do whatever you want Mommy,” replied Rowan.  Danielle pulled her dress up, slipped off her panties and had Rowan go down on her.  After she came, she got a small butt plug from her purse and pushed it into the teen’s ass.  She was still sore from the bottle but took it like a champ.  Danielle told her keep the plug in her ass all day.  She told her to get dressed and then smiled when she watched the beautiful girl walk out of the room.  It was going to be a fun day.  Danielle made it a point to watch all of Rowan’s scenes that day.  Especially the scenes requiring her to sit on the window seat.  She could tell the girl still had the butt plug in her by the way she squirmed around.  It had to be painful but Rowan didn’t miss a beat and completed her scenes without any problems.  Danielle told Rowan to meet her in her dressing room after she finished.  On the way back to her dressing room, she looked around and found one of the other teens on the show, Peyton Meyer.  She asked him to come to her dressing room in about thirty minutes, she had a special surprise for him.  Peyton agreed and said he’d meet her there.  What neither of them noticed was Ben Savage standing around the corner listening.  Ben was curious so he decided to follow his young costar to Danielle’s dressing room.  He was about to find out more than he could have possibly imagined.

Ten minutes after her day ended, Rowan was on her knees, licking Danielle’s pussy when there was a knock on the door.  Danielle told Rowan not to stop and said, “Come in.”  Peyton came in and stopped dead in his tracks.  He looked over at Rowan on her knees, naked with the butt plug deep in her ass and stared.  Danielle said, “Don’t just stand there.  Shut the fucking door and get over here.”  He did as he was told and came over next to the couch.  “Peyton, this is my little bitch.  Little bitch, say hello to Peyton.”  Rowan pulled her mouth off of Danielle’s pussy and said, “Hello Peyton.”  Danielle shoved her mouth back down on her pussy and told Peyton to take out his cock.  When he did, she looked over at his teenaged cock and smiled.  “Bitch, Mommy wants you to suck Peyton’s cock.”  Rowan looked up and turned towards Peyton and stared at his cock.  Peyton looked down at the cute little teen and stepped forward, putting his cock to her lips.  “Go ahead bitch, suck his cock” said Danielle.  Rowan opened her mouth and started sucking.  She’d never had a cock in her mouth before and didn’t know what she was doing so Peyton decided to help her out.  He’d had other girls give him blowjobs before so he put his hand on the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth.  She sucked and sucked, taking him deeper into her mouth and gagged a little when he hit the back of her throat.  Peyton was pumping his cock in and out of her mouth and when he came, she felt the hot cum on her tongue and pulled off of his cock.  He shot the remaining load all over her face and then sat down.  “Don’t just sit there bitch, get over there and clean him up” Danielle demanded.  Rowan crawled over and licked him clean and then looked over at Danielle.  “Did I do alright Mommy?” she asked.  Danielle smiled and said, “You did just fine for your first time.  Did you like that Peyton?”  Peyton couldn’t believe what had just happened but he said, “Hell yes I liked it.”  Danielle reached down and pulled the plug out of Rowan’s ass and said, “So Peyton, how would you like to fuck this little bitch in the ass?”  Peyton’s cock immediately got hard again as he looked at Rowan’s gaping hole.  “Can I?” he said.  “Go ahead.  You want him to fuck your ass, don’t you bitch?” Danielle asked.  Rowan turned around and said, “Yes Mommy.  Anything for you.”  Peyton got behind her and slid his rock hard cock into the little girls butt.  Her ass was so gaped from the plug that he didn’t have any problem entering her.  He started slamming his cock into Rowan like a man possessed.  Rowan was taking it, grunting like a street whore.  Danielle played with her pussy and watched the two teenagers go at it.  Since he just came, Peyton was able to last for almost 20 minutes before he finally filled Rowan’s ass with cum.  Danielle told her clean him up and she took his cock into her mouth and tasted her ass and his cum.  When she finished, she swallowed it all down and collapsed on the floor.  Danielle looked over at Peyton and said, “I think my little bitch needs a break.  You should get dressed and go.  Oh, and not a word about this to anyone, understand?”  Peyton pulled up his jeans and shook his head.  “Yes, I understand.  Not a word.  Thanks Rowan.  You were awesome.”  Rowan just smiled. She was too exhausted to speak.  Danielle took Rowan into the shower with her and helped her clean herself up.  After she left, Danielle sat down and had a drink.  She was just about to go home when her costar Ben Savage came in.  “Danielle, we need to talk.”  Danielle invited him to sit and listened to what he had to say.

The next day, Rowan arrived early and walked into Danielle’s dressing room and found Ben sitting there waiting for her.  “Good morning Rowan.  I just want you to know that you’re not in any trouble but I know what you and Danielle have been doing.”  Rowan stood there and started to cry.  Ben stood up and put his arms around her and said, “Don’t cry baby.  We decided to share you.”  Ben gently pushed the young starlet to her knees, took out his cock and rubbed it along her soft lips.  “Open up sweetie.  I hear you’re a pretty good little cocksucker.  Let’s see how good you are.”  Rowan opened her mouth and took his 8 inches into her mouth.  “Use your hand to stroke me while you suck on it.” Ben said.  Rowan wrapped her tiny hand around the thick shaft and kept sucking him deeper and deeper into her mouth.  She was busy sucking Ben off when Danielle came in.  “Good, you’re both here.  Keep sucking your Daddy bitch.  I’ve got a special treat just for you.”  Ben watched Danielle strip out of her clothes and then she stepped into a foot long strapon.  Danielle got behind Rowan and shoved the huge cock into her teen pussy.  She was fucking her little bitch hard while Ben throat fucked her.  Rowan’s eyes were wide open looking up at Ben when he pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face.  Danielle pulled the rubber cock out of her and laid down.  “Get on top of me bitch and ride my cock” she said.  Once Rowan was impaled on the toy, Ben got behind her and shoved his cock into her ass.  The two DP’d their TV daughter, making her cum over and over again.  Ben couldn’t hold out any longer and filled her tiny butthole with hot cum just as Rowan squirted her juices all over Danielle’s strapon.  Rowan eventually rolled onto the floor, still panting like a dog in heat.  Ben and Danielle sat together on the couch and looked down at the freshly fucked young teen and smiled.  When Danielle leaned down and started to suck his cock, Ben said, “So, do you have any ideas on how to get Sabrina?”

The End.

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