Danielle Fishel Loses Her Virginity

I have a story. This is in no way a direct representation of Danielle

Cory had just finished school for the day. He was tired of everything
in his life except for his relationship with Topanga. She had just
turned 16 and Cory wasn’t expecting much, until one night.

His parents had left for the night and Topanga was at the house.
Everyone else had plans and they were alone.

“What should we do tonight,” thought Topanga.

“Nothing much, just sit and talk.”

Topanga was wearing a low-cut pink skirt and top that showed off the
tops of her breasts quite well. Cory was getting
horny as stared at

After a few minutes Topanga entered the kitchen looking for some
water. As she was pouring a glass she spilled some on the floor. Cory
noticed her bending over. His dick got harder when he her lovely ass.
He couldn’t handle it anymore. He got up and walked towards Topanga.
He pressed up against her butt.

“Cory what are you doing!”

“I want to pound your virgin cunt.” He exclaimed.

Topanga was shocked, and turned on. She slowly bent to Cory’s waist and
unbuckled his pants. Cory was excited as Topanga whipped out his 9 inch

“Cory your huge!”

She grapped it and starting sucking. She bobbed up and down on his
pole. After only a few minutes Cory could feel the pressure swelling.
“I cumming”

He burst it all over her fast.

Cory almost instantly regained a hard-on. He wanted her cherry.
Topanga best over the kitchen table, exposing her big luscious ass.
Cory lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties. Her ass was

“Now I’m going to stick my dick in your virgin pussy.”

He started to rub up against her entrance. Topanga started moaning
loadly. Suddenly he plunged into her.


Cory only had a few inches in and it was tight. I went deeper and
deeper until I burst her cherry. Blood ran down my penis as I got
deeper and deeper.

“Oh it hurts, fuck me”

I started moving in and out. Her huge breasts jiggled and she screamed
in pain. I kept going deeper until I ran out of room. Her sreams were
uncontrolable. The little pink skirt swayed and I began to fuck
faster. I grabbed her breasts because I couldn’t take her tight cunt.

Her naughty words sent Cory over the edge. With one huge plunge and
Cory shot his seed deep into her pussy and Cory collapsed on top of her.

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