Dannii – A Kinky Night In: Part 2

Dannii – A Kinky Night In: Part 2

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

Looking in the mirror, Dannii Minogue focussed as she carefully
applied the oily black lipstick to her full pout, carefully running along her soft lips with it. Rolling her lips, she blew herself a kiss and smiled a she looked into her own eyes, deeply, seeing her own need, which anybody up close would be able to see, and she hoped later would. Tonight was a big night, as at her favoured underworld club it was a Devils and Angels theme night, where both guests and dancers would be dressed and subsequently acting as whatever they’d chosen to be, though she’d been before and some of the angels were anything but. Looking down at herself, she checked her outfit, which was another kinky affair, the only thing really suitable for such a club.

She was wearing red thigh-high PVC boots, which had two-inch platform toes and tall six-inch stiletto heels, skin-tight round her powerful thighs, and a tiny black rubber mini dress, which was hugging every possible curve and pushing her breasts up and out, her magnificent cleavage almost spilling out of it past the matte-effect rubber. It was short, barely covering her bum and allowing an enticing peak at the smooth thighs above her boots, before fitting her delectable body like a second skin, accentuating her waist up to her lovely breasts, where it was low cut to offer plenty to look at and blending to the strained straps over her shoulders, supporting her rack. Ironically she was wearing knickers underneath it, quite conventional ones at that, though she intended those to be removed by someone when the night was through. She topped it off with a blood red leather dog collar that had sharp polished black spikes. Down each arm she wore snake armbands, which were made from black metal and were snakes wrapped round her forearms towards her wrists, where they had aggressive heads and red eyes.

Smoothing out a wrinkle in her smooth dress, she looked in the mirror again, adjusting her hair a little, a quite deceptively classy style. It had volume and was sort of pinned up on the top of her head, allowing it to hang down round her face, but it also flowed down her back over the rubber dress. Just adding a touch more mascara to her heavily made up eyes, which were done with dark shadow, eyeliner and mascara, she smiled and then reached down for her red devil horns, which were worn for things other than this. Picking them up, she slid them into her dark hair, settling them with a grin, excited at the prospect of the evening. Just checking the squeezing mini dress was fully done up, since it was such a squeeze, she tried not to let herself get over excited. This was a very hot night at the club, it always was and she’d never failed to pull someone, or get lots of attention, but tonight was a little different. Even without the Devils and Angles themed night she’d be going, as right now she really needed some girl-on-girl action. It was just a hankering. She just needed to slip beneath the sheets with another girl, feel the caress of a woman, and the expertise of one too.

But she didn’t want any girl. She wanted Lucy, her precious blonde Lucy. After months of teasing and contemplation, she’d decided that tonight she needed her sharing her bed, she would finally take her home. She simply couldn’t wait any longer. She was just as eager to get Lucy home as Lucy was to be taken home, but she could never let on she felt that way, and she’d been building up for it for ages, and to finally do it was the fulfilment of all that patience and frustration for both of them, and she wanted it to be as good as she dreamt. Unless there was some reason not to, Lucy would be coming home with her tonight, but if not then another lucky dancer would instead. Dannii simply would not be denied a night of lesbian lust, not tonight. Giving one last check, Dannii took a deep breath and slipped into her coat, doing it up carefully to make sure she was concealed, then picked up her handbag, headed to her door and out to the waiting car.

Arriving at the club, she purposefully walked in, being quickly recognised and waved through at the slightest glimpse of her membership card. Quickly cutting through the more casual downstairs crowds she was allowed to the lift to head upwards to the first floor and her much-enjoyed kinky strippers.

“Good evening Dannii,” David said warmly, greeting her and extending a hand for her to shake.

“Evening David, how’s business tonight?” she asked politely, shaking his hand. He was dressed in his typical business suit, standing amongst his bouncers in case any trouble broke out, which it very rarely did.

“It’s very good, busier than last year for sure,” he said, glancing into the club from the lift she’d entered on.

“Looks it,” she murmured, glancing to the bustling club, filled with devils and angels as far as she could see, all having a good time. Still holding his hand, she leaned up to give him a kiss, cheekily slipping him the tongue before pulling away. It was all part of buttering him before she stole one of his dancers later for a romp, which he’d never told her off for but she still felt it best to grease the wheels a bit.

“Someone’s eager,” he teased with a smile as she turned and undid her coat, pushing her shoulders back as he slid it from her shoulders without even asking.

“Maybe,” she purred, glancing back over her shoulder with a little flick of her eyebrows and a sly smile as he slid the coat off to reveal her, pausing for a glimpse of her rubber glad body, as he handed her coat to someone to be properly stored for the duration of her stay. He couldn’t help but take in her lovely shape and the inviting boots, and even more prominently her large breasts as she turned round with a smile he knew all too well.

“Well it’s no surprise, you’re always horny,” he said with a slight laugh, reaching up to lightly pat the red devil horns on her head. Dannii just gave a sexy giggle, turning and looking into the club once more, taking in the scene.

“Lucy’s an angel tonight,” he said into her ear, sensing her intentions. Dannii crept forward, not wanting to get spotted, David walking with her, till she could just about see Lucy on the catwalk, seeing how she danced. She was captivated for a moment, silent as her favoured Midnight did her thing, the thing that had always enticed and enchanted her, and it was no different now as she performed for the crowds.

“She dances like one too…well a real naughty one,” Dannii said with a smile.

“She asked me if you were coming tonight when I got here you know,” David said, watching Dannii as she eyed Lucy intently.

“Really?” Dannii asked without really concentrating.

“Yeah, but there’s no surprise there,” he said, deciding to leave her to it. Giving a soft pat to her bum he turned and walked back towards the entrance, Dannii giving a little yelp and turning to him with a sharp but playful look, before blowing him a kiss and turning back to watch Lucy performing. Angel she may be, but her outfit was rather devilish that was for sure. She had a pair of white ankle boots on, white lace-topped hold-up stockings, a patch of feathers covering her crotch and then a large one over each nipple on her perfectly firm breasts, simply stuck in place, and a feather boa around her neck and shoulders. As she turned she could see a pair of white fluffy wings, cute but very sexy in such a situation, and it really left little to the imagination, but still only served to increase her interest in getting her hands on another woman, especially Lucy.

Sliding into the main room of the club, she watched the sexy show, performed by a collection of dancers, a mix of devils and angels, which Lucy was a part of. As an angel she was supposed to be innocent and at the mercy of the horny, evil devils as they kissed and stroked her, though the fact was they were all very sexy dancers and that was what interested the guests, male and female alike. Striding confidently along the outer edges of the crowd, Dannii strutted in her PVC boots to the bar, keeping her eyes on the show, well mostly Lucy, as she writhed and wiggled for the delight of other customers. Reaching the bar, Dannii only had to wait a moment and lean forwards a little to get served immediately, getting herself a shot of vodka and a cocktail. She downed the vodka as the cocktail was made and given to her, handed over her money, and then collected her change with a sexy little wink to thrill the bartender before turning back. Taking a sip of her cocktail, she sauntered towards the catwalk, the people parting around her, most of them looking straight down her dress, which made her smile.

As she approached the catwalk, Lucy immediately spotted her, her eyes fixing on Dannii’s sexy figure, pausing a moment as she took in the sexy brunette in her tiny rubber mini dress, then smiled broadly as Dannii got close, sliding onto a seat a little further down the catwalk. The dancers she was with let her slide from their grasp, knowing she wanted to go to Dannii, and Lucy slipped away from them, taking a step towards Dannii as their eyes held, the gaze never wavering. Dannii shook her head at Lucy the second she tried to go to her, confusing and surprising her, but making her stop. She had no idea why Dannii had refused her, but she did as she was told, continuing with the other dancers, sliding back to them to be lightly spanked by a hot red headed devil next to her. Dannii watched Lucy intently through the routine to the slow, bass-loaded tune, sipping her cocktail as she took in every possible detail of Lucy’s gorgeous figure as she writhed with the other girls. Lucy, confused and scrutinised, felt very exposed, put on the spot by Dannii, almost shy, blushing a little as the singer watched her with her big, pretty eyes.

As the tune ended, Lucy dropped to all fours, controlled and owned by the feisty red-headed devil girl she’d been performing with. People round them clapped as the performance, since this was a far showier, proper night where they were offering a show rather than just a sexy dance. Looking to Dannii, she saw a sly, foxy smile, her tongue just flicking out over her black lips before she raised her slender hand and slowly, sexily beckoned Lucy to her with a curl of her finger, pausing and then turning her hand over and pointing her finger down onto the edge of the catwalk in front of her. Smiling, she crawled slowly, like a pussycat, towards Dannii along the catwalk, someone cheekily leaning out to smack her on the ass as she passed, but she didn’t care. She crawled to Dannii, who waited patiently with a smirk, till Lucy arrived at her with a flick of her tongue, where Dannii immediately drew her forward a bit more and into a long, firm kiss, their tongues battling with each others as they snogged, other people looking on a little surprised at her blatant touching of a dancer, but enjoying the hot scene all the same. A sexy blonde angel dancer snogging a voluptuous goth devil right there, how could they go wrong?

“Good evening Lucy,” Dannii purred with a knowing smile, letting her hand slip from Lucy’s soft blonde hair.

“Hey Dannii,” she breathed, her chest positively heaving, her breath short, heart pounding.

“How’s it going tonight then? Lots of interest in you I bet,” she teased, letting her finger tease across Lucy’s cheek.

“Yeah, but you’re the only one I was waiting for,” Lucy whispered, looking down embarrassed.

“How did you know I’d come tonight?” Dannii said with a smile, brushing Lucy’s hair back. She was a sucker for a blonde, which was one of the reasons her sister enticed her.

“You came last year and…well…” Lucy mumbled, unable to really give a proper answer.

“Doesn’t mean I was definitely coming, does it now?” Dannii teased, straightening a little and arching her back, pushing her magnificent breasts up towards Lucy, who was already desperately horny for her.

“Well…I guess I was just hoping,” Lucy admitted, looking up into Dannii’s enchanting blue eyes.

“Mmm good girl,” Dannii purred, smiling fully and leaning forward to give Lucy a quick kiss on the lips.

“Thanks…mistress,” she murmured shyly, looking down.

“You just keep getting better, you’re exactly the kind of girl I want, and I want you for a little…private get together. I think your talents are best off enjoyed alone…Midnight. I’ll be in my booth,” she purred, leaning forward and locking lips with the blonde stripper once more, their tongues just lightly caressing before she pulled away, giving a little flick of her eyebrows as she drained her cocktail and stood from her seat, sashaying away down the side of catwalk, through the parting crowds.

Lucy couldn’t leave the catwalk immediately, she was part of a team expected to continue performing for a while, and a glance of the clock told her that was over ten minutes. As she joined back in with her other dancers on another foxy, gyrating routine to a sexy song, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from Dannii, eyeing her gorgeous profile from the rear, the taper of her waist, flare of her hips and lovely legs in the bright PVC boots. She couldn’t stop watching, and felt a flush of jealousy and anger burst through her, a rush of adrenaline as Dannii stopped to talk to a couple of other dancers on her way. Eyeing the scene, she watched as Dannii talked and giggled with them, allowing probing hands to stroke and squeeze cheekily at her rubber clad body, the dancers clearly liking the outfit Dannii wore. They flirted heavily, not attempting to be subtle as Lucy watched enviously, almost wanting to shout out in annoyance as Dannii leaned forward to enjoy a lingering kiss with each of them.

Dannii cast a fleeting glimpse back to the catwalk and Lucy, seeing her staring intently as she flirted and kissed with the dancers. She was partly doing it for that exact effect, to rile Lucy up, and partly because she knew the dancers very intimately, with both of them having been taken home by her before. Casting another quick glance to Lucy, she turned slowly away from them and then swayed off towards the bar, where she paused briefly to collect two more drinks, then strutted away to her booth, sliding through the curtain into it and out of sight, Lucy still feeling wound up, though she knew Dannii was a tease and was just doing this to get to her, since she’d personally asked for her…company. It didn’t stop it getting her going though, especially being the only dancer Dannii hadn’t taken home, or at least invited. Finally her routine was over and a natural break arrived, after feeling like hours, where she was able to arrange cover and say she’d been personally requested for a dance, which only brought knowing smirks and acceptance since they knew Dannii had arrived.

After a minutes break to just check her appearance and take a deep breath to calm herself down, Lucy slid out into the club once more, dodging members and other girls delivering drinks, as well as lap dances. Turning down requests for more than one lap dance, she got to Dannii’s booth, breathing hard to compose herself.

“I can hear you Lucy,” Dannii said from within, clearly smiling to herself from her tone. Lucy blushed, feeling embarrassed at being caught out, and pushed past the edge of the curtain, checking it was fully closed as she found Dannii once more, sitting at the table with its pole, reclining casually on the luxurious red leather padding of the seat.

“Hi again…mistress,” she almost whispered, feeling quite self conscious right then as Dannii clearly drank in her body, minus the feather boa which she’d thrown into the crowd.

“Dannii, please call me Dannii…for now at least. Come, sit,” she said, patting the seat beside her. Lucy stepped forward and slid onto the seat, inhaling sharply at the cold leather on her bare arse and lower back, Dannii giggling. Leaning in, she immediately nuzzled Lucy into a kiss, an opportunity Lucy didn’t let slip past, kissing Dannii back quite aggressively, pushing back against her, thrusting her tongue into the singers mouth. Dannii just gave a little curious murmur at it, but doubled her efforts, making sure she was in charge.

“Someone’s a little eager,” Dannii commented as they broke apart noisily.

“Must be you, as I’m very eager,” Lucy whispered, being bold and putting it out there, though Dannii could see through her anyway and already knew it. They both laughed over it, and Dannii slid one of the drinks over to Lucy, having got a nice cocktail for each of them, getting Lucy her favourite, something not lost on her.

“Just how I like it too,” she commented, picking it up as she noticed the exact drink she preferred.

“I know, that’s why I got you it, remember who you’re with right now,” Dannii said with a smile, since she and Lucy were pretty intimate and had done more than just romp in a booth before now. They talked and cuddled as well, got to know one another, which was kind of why Lucy wanted Dannii so much, as she seemed to get her. They both enjoyed their drinks, polishing them off quite quickly, Dannii’s hand still finding the time to slide up Lucy’s thigh, stroking over the hold-ups she was wearing and teasingly close to her feathers, making Lucy somehow even hotter. Lucy tried to do similar to Dannii, but her hand was quickly swatted away and she was scolded by Dannii, which made her feel naughty. Well she was really, which was why Dannii liked her. Standing empty glasses aside, Dannii gave her another kiss, then just barely broke away, nuzzling Lucy before she whispered.

“Dance for me Midnight,” she whispered hotly, a foxy, purring tone just edging into her voice, enough to make Lucy shiver.

“Yes Mistress,” she replied, barely a whisper as they looked deeply into each other’s eyes, Lucy’s emerald eyes met by Dannii’s steely blue eyes, which pierced through her very being. Dannii quickly pecked her on the lips again, then pulled back from her, settling in her seat as Lucy slid up onto the small platform, holding the pole to pull herself up, the slight warmth of the alcohol seeping through her system. Getting into the mood, Lucy grasped the polished pole tightly, pulling herself up and pressing herself to against it, pushing it between her pert breasts, inhaling as the cold metal kissed her soft skin. Hooking a leg around it, she leaned back and held on with one arm, spinning round it and down to the bottom, sitting against the pole, leaning on it and looking round it at Dannii, who smiled back at her.

“So Lucy, now I’m here as you’d hoped, what do you intend to do with me hmm?” Dannii teased as Lucy slowly stood up, dragging her tongue up the pole as she did. Holding it once more, she spun round and leaned back over towards Dannii, arching her back and hanging her head, viewing her upside down.

“Whatever you tell me,” she said softly as Dannii reached up to brush her fingers through the hanging blonde locks, like a shampoo advert, whilst being offered a great view of her exceptionally firm breasts.

“Good girl, that’s what I like to hear…well one of the things,” she said with a sly smile as Lucy pulled away, also smiling as her heart raced with excitement, spinning round the pole to the bottom, facing away from Dannii this time as she pressed her winged back to the pole, the wings sticking out either side.

“You dress like an angel but kiss like the devil sweetie,” Dannii said, catching Lucy’s gaze as she glanced back over her shoulder at the singer.

“I think you like the devil in me,” she teased, turning round and sliding forward over the platform, reaching out to stroke Dannii, who immediately swatted her hand away.

“Bad girl,” she sternly but playfully said, pouting invitingly. As Lucy stood up Dannii reached out and pinched her bum, making her gasp a little in surprise, Dannii giggling as Lucy regained her focus and grasped the pole, flipping herself upside down and grabbing the top of the pole between her thighs, holding herself there, displaying it as she held her arms out to show off.

“That’s gorgeous Midnight. I love pole dancing, but you just make it like…art…” Dannii breathed, eyeing Lucy as she hung for her.

“It’s worth it for you,” she replied, then slightly released her grip and let herself slide down the pole to the platform, resting down on the back of her head and shoulders, looking back over her eyebrows to Dannii.

“Mmm makes me wonder what else you can do with thighs that powerful,” Dannii cooed, leaning over Lucy, then down to sexily kiss her, sliding her tongue into her mouth, grasping Lucy’s hands as they tried to go for her prominent breasts, pulling away with a ‘nice try’ type smile.

“No you don’t, you said you’d do as your told. What did I tell you to do?” Dannii said, still holding Lucy’s wrists.

“To dance for you,” Lucy replied, flushing a little.

“That’s right. Dance for me. Not feel me up too, so do as you’re told,” she teased, leaning down to run her tongue across Lucy’s lips before pulling back to her seat and releasing Lucy. She slid back up, rubbing her crotch up the pole and arching her back as she pulled herself up to her feet once more, ankle boots clicking on the platform. Pushing it again to get some proper attention from Dannii, she spun and pressed her back to the pole, only on Dannii’s side, so she was facing her. She held the pole behind her and slide down into a crouch, spreading her legs wide open to let herself be seen, the patch of feathers covering her pussy revealed completely for Dannii’s roving eye.

“Who’s choice were the feathers?” Dannii said, eyeing the soft white covering she had.

“One of the people that decides the costume here, they said it would be something new,” she replied, wiggling her hips a little as she lifted herself a bit and then pushed down into the splits sideways, making Dannii give an approving murmur.

“They are new, and they suit you a treat, especially for things like that,” she said with a grin, reaching out with both hands and running them along Lucy’s smooth, stocking covered limbs.

“Thanks,” she said with a smile, pulling her legs together, pushing her boots in to Dannii’s waist teasingly, where Dannii grasped her ankles and folded them back towards her.

“I think perhaps I need to pluck you…with my teeth,” Dannii giggled as Lucy stood back up, hooking a leg round the pole once more and giving a typical twirl.

“That sounds lovely, perhaps later…” she said, sounding a little more hopeful than she intended to.

“Perhaps,” Dannii smirked. For the next few minutes she continued to dance, sneakily trying to get her hands on Dannii, who swatted them way quickly, leaving Lucy getting hotter and more frustrated. Dannii loved how she could toy with her, smiling and watching on at the gorgeous young blonde writhing round her pole. Unable to take it any more, and with full frontals not doing the job, Lucy decided she would not be denied attention and touching rights, spinning round from the pole to land on her knees in front of Dannii, who cocked her head interested at the sudden departure from the pole. Sliding her hand down, she brushed over the soft white feathers, then blatantly rubbed herself through them, giving a shiver and a little moan, which Dannii felt run through herself, towards her own stiff, pierced clit which wouldn’t mind some attention. Dannii decided she wouldn’t torment Lucy any further and smiled, leaning back and patting her lap, which invited Midnights signature move.

She grinned and closed her legs, placing her hands on the edge of the stage before carefully throwing herself into a forward roll, tucking her feet in and spreading her legs just right to land on Dannii’s lap, straddling her thighs with a smile, immediately sliding her arms around the singers neck and gripping her hips.

“Good girl, you certainly know how to dance,” Dannii purred, her own hands sliding round Lucy’s slender waist to her back, holding her firmly.

“Thanks, it’s all for you,” she cooed, leaning forward to kiss Dannii tentatively, lest she be told off. She wasn’t told off however, and Dannii returned it vigorously, delving her tongue into Lucy’s hot mouth as their lips sealed tightly, feeling Lucy’s overwhelmed a moment before it returned the favour, diving into her own mouth and stroking round everything it could find. Her hands slid up Lucy’s back to the wings, just running her fingers along the edge of them as their tongues massaged each other’s, before Dannii’s flicked to the roof of Lucy’s mouth, just tickling at it, making Lucy give a muffled squeal and pull away with a loud smooch, quickly scratching the itch with her own tongue as Dannii giggled. The roof of the mouth is the only place you can tickle yourself, so the hot, talented tongue of a hot brunette was bound to do it. They resumed their heavy kissing, their hands roaming over one another, Lucy finally allowed access to Dannii’s gorgeous body, her hands stroking and squeezing Dannii’s magnificent breasts, taking in her tapered waist, running her fingers over the snake armbands, as well as teasingly tugging and fondling Dannii’s leather collar, pausing to lick the spikes. Sliding her hands up, she ran them up the back of Dannii’s neck and into her carefully styled hair, unable to stop herself pushing them into the thick, dark hair as they snogged, grasping handfuls of it and pushing the horns up, making a bit of a mess of it to say the least, making Dannii grab her wrists and pull back to break their kiss, Lucy fearing the repercussions of her messing.

“Lucy, how would you like to mess up my hair in the best possible way?” she purred, looking deep into her luscious green eyes. Lucy’s heart gave a lurch and she was unable to speak, giving a ragged sigh and smile, looking back into Dannii’s gorgeous blue eyes, which were like beautiful oases. Lucy just remained silent, which Dannii took as a yes with a smile.

“Go get dressed,” Dannii said simply, smiling and brushing Lucy’s blonde hair back behind her ear. She still didn’t believe it, that what she’d wanted for so long was actually there before her, Dannii offering to take her home. She had no idea what to say, and couldn’t form any words to go with her amazed smile.

“I’m taking you home. Go get some kit on,” Dannii said, easing Lucy off to the seat beside her, still a bit dazed by it. Lucy finally clicked into gear, standing up and hastily fumbling, trying to focus. She turned to the curtain to head out and backstage to get dressed, Dannii giving a giggle.

“Calm down girl, take a breath, and then go get your kit on. Bet you didn’t think I’d want you doing that did you?” she said with a smile.

“No…really didn’t,” she breathed, looking at Dannii with a slight smile, breathing hard, feeling almost dizzy.

“Good girl, now go,” she said, reaching out and smacking Lucy on her firm arse, which spurred her into action, quickly heading out and walking backstage to get ready. Dannii leaned back with a satisfied smile, giving a little giggle to herself and reaching up to feel her hair, stroking odd bits back into place so she looked presentable and her look was sustained, pressing her horns back down, since despite the fact she’d got what she’d come for pretty much, she still wanted other people noticing her, it was just who she was. Straightening up, she stood from her seat, giving a stretch and arching herself, picking up her bag and sliding the curtain back, stepping out of the booth to a few glances, some of them lingering on her rubber wrapped body, as she swaggered out and back towards the performers area as she waited for Lucy to get ready.

Lucy quickly ran backstage, some of the other dancers looking at her haste as she quickly pulled the feathers from her breasts, shrugging her wings off as she tried to get ready as fast as possible for Dannii. Running into the dressing rooms she found her locker, quickly unlocking it and yanking it open, pulling the feathers from her pussy with a slight wince since they were stuck on. Bending over, she quickly unlaced the ankle boots, wrenching them off and pulling her stockings down, sliding them off and casting them aside. She shoved the boots in her locked as she pulled her knickers out from her pile of clothes, looking at them a moment. There was little point wearing them, and the same went for her bra, and she stuffed them into her handbag. Grabbing her jeans, she quickly stepped into them, pulling them up and buttoning them.

“Hey Luce…in a hurry?” a voice said, and she looked round to see another dancer who went by the name of Donna eyeing her as she hurriedly dressed, neither of them concerned she was topless.

“Yeah…Dannii,” she just mumbled, grabbing her white top and pulling it over herself, covering her delightfully pert C-cups before grabbing her old pair of slip on shoes and dropping them to the floor.

“Oh-ho,” she said with a knowing smile, “have fun,” she said, and continued on about her business. Lucy grabbed her jacket, sliding into it as she looked at herself in the mirror on her locker door, smoothing her blonde hair a bit and arching her back a bit, taking a deep breath before picking up her bag and closing her locker. Stepping into her shoes, she noisily made her way back out to the club, looking round for Dannii. A few other performers glanced at her, wondering why she was out of costume, but carried on doing their job as Lucy looked for Dannii, wandering out into the club till she spotted her, chatting to another member, who happened to be a man, who also happened to be looking down her dress. Lucy felt a little flash of protectiveness, angered he was eyeing Dannii when she was hers, however she calmed herself as she approached, sliding up to Dannii, who greeted her with a smile and gave Lucy the confidence to slide her arm through Dannii’s, sending a message to the man she was talking to that she was taken.

“I’ll catch up with you another time,” she finished, dismissing her acquaintance, who went on his way with a glance to Lucy, who just eyed him briefly before looking back to Dannii, who was smirking at her.

“Ready to go?” she said, glancing down at Lucy’s street attire, which didn’t hide her stiff nipples.

“Yeah,” she breathed, her heart thumping in her chest.

“Good,” Dannii said simply, sliding down to take Lucy’s hand and making a beeline for the exit, pulling Lucy behind her. Other dancers looked, seeing the pairing, that Lucy was finally being taken home by Dannii, what she’d always wanted. They smiled as she was led obediently to the exit, one of them giving a wolf whistle as they passed, a couple of the others giggling if they could. Lucy looked round with a shy smile at them, blushing at the attention shown in her and Dannii as they left, Dannii pulling her down towards the exit, where the bouncers and David looked up to greet them, the bouncers smiling a little as their minds evidently got going on the thoughts of Dannii and the hot blonde she had with her going at it like rabbits.

“Lucy’s clocking out early tonight,” Dannii said firmly, making it clear it was a statement, not a request. He didn’t try to argue, simply casting a glance to Lucy, who was holding Dannii’s arm again and standing slightly behind her, hiding a little from David in case he told her to get back to work. He didn’t though, just smiling since he knew the pairing well, how much this meant to Lucy and that it was quite a big moment for Dannii too.

“I’ll get your coat,” he said, turning and nodding to someone who immediately fetched her long leather coat.

“Thank you David, you won’t regret this,” she said with a sly smile and a little wink. He just smiled as he was handed her coat, then turned and offered it to Lucy, so she could put it on her mistress. With shaking hands she slid from Dannii and reached out for it, Dannii turning and sliding her arms back into the leather, Lucy carefully putting it over her shoulders, before Dannii turned back and took her hand again.

“Thanks,” she said, then kissed her full on the lips, right in front of the bouncers, pushing her tongue into Lucy’s mouth. She was powerless to resist, not only Dannii but the urge to kiss her back, their tongues dancing before Dannii broke away with a little satisfied murmur, all the bouncers and David staring on.

“Thanks David, you’ll get her back in one piece, and I’ll be back real soon,” she purred, letting her tongue tease over her black lips and then turning and leading Lucy to the open lift, stepping in and tapping the ground floor button, waiting for the doors to close.

“Have fun girls,” David said with a smile, looking to Lucy, who wouldn’t stop smiling. Dannii didn’t say a word, just smiling and giving a sexy little finger wave as the doors slid closed. Lucy wondered whether Dannii would get close in the lift, but she didn’t, just sliding her arm round Lucy’s waist and holding her close, and leaning over to teasingly breath over her neck as the hand slid down to her bum and gave a firm squeeze to check her out a little. She couldn’t find the courage to return the favour, but Dannii didn’t mind. She knew she’d unleash the Lucy she knew was deep inside the sexy blonde, the kind she wanted in her bedroom. Once they reached the bottom, all of a few moments, she just took Lucy’s hand again and led her out, swiftly out the exit into the cool night again. Lucy went towards the taxi rank, but Dannii pulled her into line and down the street, intending on taking her for a little walk home in the chilly night, a nice excuse to fondle and tease her newest conquest, and what she hoped to be a supreme bed mate.

Once away from the prying eyes of the club Dannii slid in close, her arm sliding round Lucy’s middle again, pulling her close and nuzzling her cheek.

“Going as well as you always hoped it would?” she said with a smirk, feeling Lucy take the step of sliding her hand round Dannii, only she boldly went underneath the coat and round her rubber encased body, holding her actual waist.

“Yeah, though I didn’t imagine us walking, guess I never really thought about…” she said, turning and immediately being silence by Dannii’s full lips, their tongues powerfully fighting now, lips mashed together in a no-holds-barred snog, stumbling along in the darkness under the thick blanket of night clouds, odd stars peeking through in places, the moon shrouded completely by them. Dannii’s heeled clicked loudly on the pavements, Lucy’s low shoes making little sound though, her simple outfit a far cry from Dannii’s fetish get up, though both girls had the same idea in mind. Dannii’s hand now strayed down to Lucy’s arse again, this time giving a proper squeeze to it, thoroughly feeling and patting her, as if she were getting to know it. Lucy didn’t mind in the slightest, and took the opportunity to get her hands on Dannii’s, a rarity since she was usually seated for their altercations. Her hand hovered just above it, on the curve of the firm derriere under the tight rubber, her heart racing, breathing shallow, well what breath she was getting.

“Come on honey don’t be shy with me,” Dannii murmured, casting a quick glance to where they were going, alone on the dark streets. Lucy took a breath and slid her hand down to Dannii’s bum, feeling it through the snug rubber dress, giving it a good squeeze that made its owner shiver, teasing down along the hem of the dress, threatening to reach up underneath or lift it, though she didn’t have the guts to try. However she did find herself very attracted to Dannii’s large breasts, unsurprisingly, and her other hand found its way across, reaching straight out and grasping the right one nearest to her, giving a squeeze through the tight rubber. Dannii gave a light moan and looked down, then back up to Lucy with a devilish smile, doing the same thing and reaching across, however she quickly paused to open Lucy’s jacket and reveal the gorgeously firm, pert C-cups under the snug white top.

“Mm they’re so neat, can’t wait to get at those properly,” she purred, reaching inside the jacket and groping her chest, feeling the hard nipple press into her as Lucy gave a little gasp, biting her lip, before Dannii kissed her again. They continued like this for a while, as they walked, Dannii expertly guiding them despite their kissing and groping, when there was an almost cliché rumble of thunder across the heavy leaden sky. Both girls glanced up, before they felt a few spots of rain begin to fall.

“Perfect huh, a good excuse to get out of these clothes,” Dannii teased, pulling herself close to Lucy, who did her jacket up again, Dannii fastening her coat.

“Yeah…as if we needed one,” Lucy said softly, smiling at Dannii as they slid back close together.

“Yeah but isn’t it romantic, walking home in a thunderstorm. I think you’re that kind of girl Luce, a bit darker and more intense, into things like this,” Dannii said, offering her opinion as the rain got a little heavier, a bright flash of lightning spreading through the clouds.

“Yeah, I love looking out at rainy wet nights and curling up indoors, warm and comfy,” she said, as the following thunder broke noisily overhead, making them both jump a little, Lucy pulling tightly to Dannii as the rain turned into a complete downpour, the heavens opening to soak the horny pair as they strode home in the night. Walking through the pouring rain for a few minutes, despite their coats it soaked through, though Dannii was all right in her rubber dress and PVC boots, and the leather coat kept most of it out. Lucy however, her jacket couldn’t stand up to it at all, soaking through, and through her thin white shirt, chilling her breasts and pokey nipples, making them screw up even tighter.

“Oh sweetie you’re shivering,” Dannii cooed, holding Lucy closed as she trembled in her arms from a mixture of excitement and cold from the rain.

“How much further?” Lucy asked, wanting not only to get out of the rain but into Dannii’s flat for the far more entertaining aspects of her company to be explored.

“Just round the corner,” she replied, and it was. Only another minute or so and they were stood outside her expensive apartment block, where Dannii stepped ahead of her and turned, taking her hands with her own, the rain still pouring down over them, their hair soaked and matted to their heads, both girls quivering a little in a mix of sensations.

“This is it Lucy, are you sure?” she asked, feeling Lucy squeezing her hands quite firmly. She broke into a huge grin, like a Cheshire cat, which told her all she needed to know.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she said with a slight giggle, then drew Lucy to her, leaning in to nuzzle her softly, looking deeply into the emerald eyes of her, as Lucy looked back into the crystal pair looking back. There was a pause where their souls seemed to blend, their urges and desires just matching completely, before the eyes closed and they melted into a kiss, the rain suddenly seeming deafeningly loud as it hammered down around them, their tongues softly caressing as they shared the most loaded kiss they ever had, the tension just electric between them as the cold rain continued to drench their bodies, their hands sliding round each other to hold one another close, just where they wanted them. Breaking apart with a sigh, they held each other, eyes closed, till Dannii took her hand again, and spoke in a mere whisper.

“This way,” she said, and turned to lead Lucy into her building, typing in the code to let herself into the building, opening the door and leading her dripping blonde into the building, the door slowly closing behind them as the relief at being out of the pouring rain momentarily paused them just inside. Pulling themselves together again, Dannii led Lucy to the lifts, pressing a wet finger to the button to call one down, which seemed to take forever though it was probably only a few seconds. They stepped into the lift, Dannii pressing the button firmly, the doors closing, Lucy immediately hunting for a kiss from Dannii, her hands moving towards her body.

“Behave, there’s a camera in here,” she said, rewarding Lucy with a quick kiss however. Sliding behind Lucy, she pushed her arms carefully round her waist and leaned over her shoulder, whispering into her ear as they rode up, little things about how she tasted and smelt, just teasing her as they waited for the lift to reach her floor, which didn’t take long at all. Time in Dannii’s arms seemed to just melt for Lucy, it always had. The doors slid open and Dannii moved past Lucy, grasping her hand and pulling her out of the lift firmly, quickly leading her to her door, deftly plucking her keys from her handbag and slotting it into the lock, quickly turning it and letting them in, dragging Lucy quite forcefully into her place. She let her go and closed the door, locking it behind them as Lucy took a moment to look around, shrugging off her soaked jacket, revealing her quite wet white top which clung to her toned, well-maintained figure, especially round her delectable chest. Glancing round the place, she saw the modern, stylish layout, a plush Persian cat sleeping unconcernedly on a sofa in the front room area before stepping towards the bedroom. She was somehow taken off-guard as arms slid round her waist, pulling her back close to a very ample chest, Dannii having discarded her coat as well, her hands sliding round Lucy’s toned stomach as she breathed over the back of her neck.

“Mm do you know how long I’ve wanted to get you here?” she whispered, leaning forward to drag her tongue up the back of Lucy’s neck, making her shiver as she pressed her lips to the warm skin and kissed softly at it, just below the hairline. It was something she utterly loved herself, and Lucy seemed to be the same, giving a little moan and shuddering slightly at the gentle touch of her lips.

“And now you have me,” Lucy breathed in return, her eyes closed as she let herself go to Dannii’s careful ministrations.

“I always get what I want,” she murmured, continuing to kiss her, her hands sliding down Lucy’s tummy to the waist of her jeans. Her fingers teased along the belt for a moment, then she rather abruptly shoved her hands down into them, straight onto Lucy’s bare, bald pussy, making her inhale sharply in surprise more than anything else as Dannii discovered first-hand that she was going commando, literally, and very wet. She immediately pressed her fingers to Lucy’s stiff clit and started rubbing, firm and fast, intent on getting things going right away, Lucy giving a strained groan, her body tensing up.

“Certainly eager aren’t we? No knickers and dripping wet,” Dannii teased, her hand going swiftly now, expertly fingering Lucy’s slippery pussy, not bothering to try and penetrate her at all, simply working the clit to get her off, which seemed to be doing the trick just fine. Lucy wasn’t fighting back and completely gave into it, sagging back and letting Dannii hold her, her breathing quickly picking up, her eyes squeezed shut as Dannii worked at her, already feeling a little tremor of orgasm ripple through her. Dannii felt it too and increased her efforts still further, which meant Lucy had no chance at all, feeling the climax rush up on her, her body tightening as her knees tried to buckle, bending over a bit, Dannii following her down to continue at her to rub the orgasm out of her. She held out briefly, giving a series of deep, throaty grunts before she exploded, giving a squeal and arching up into Dannii’s talented hand, pushing hard against the massaging digits and back against the younger Minogue sister, who held her firmly and gave a sexy little giggle, still fingering her.

Lucy bucked powerfully against her hand with a few short, sharp aftershocks, accompanied by little moaning sighs from her before she sagged back into Dannii, breathing hard and feeling the soft lips as Dannii gave her a lingering kiss on the cheek. It’d taken less than a minute for Dannii to bring her orgasm, which was rather embarrassing for her as Dannii pushed her back onto her feet and slipped her hand out of her jeans. She looked round shyly at Dannii, blushing as she saw Dannii smiling with a smug little grin, raising her hand to lick her fingers, just dipping them into her mouth.

“Mm, now that pesky first orgasm’s out the way we can really enjoy ourselves,” she purred, flicking her tongue slightly at Lucy, who couldn’t help but smile despite how easily she’d just been conquered. Seeing Lucy was a little unsure quite how to get on doing that, still rather cautious right now, she reached out and drew the sexy blonde to her and into a long, lingering kiss, their tongues meeting once more, something Lucy was very comfortable with, knowing just how to treat Dannii there, which was slow and sexy, not aggressively, with the tongue at least. Their hands soon found their way, Dannii’s quickly getting the bottom of Lucy’s wet, clinging white top, breaking their kiss to pull it up and peel it from her tight body, revealing the delightfully firm C-cups beneath with their stiff, dark nipples as she pulled it over the wet blonde hair and cast it aside, Lucy’s skin goosepimpling in the air despite the warmth. Dannii’s hands immediately went for Lucy’s naked chest, squeezing her rack firmly as they kissed again, Lucy’s hands sliding down her sides and onto her large breasts, feeling their size and firmness through the snug rubber dress before her hands slid round Dannii’s back and stroked down to her firm bum.

“You won’t be needing these either,” Dannii mumbled through their constant kissing, tongues aching as Dannii’s slender hands went to undo Lucy’s wet jeans, getting the buckle released and fumbling a little with the button as their owner kicked off her shoes, right before the button popped and Dannii quickly got the zip down, using both hands to forcibly push the tight, wet denim off Lucy’s hips and ass, rather threateningly raising one of her thigh-high PVC boots to put her toes between her legs and stepping down on the jeans to get them down round her ankles, where Lucy obediently stepped out of them to leave her completely naked for Dannii, which she suddenly became coy about despite the fact she was a stripper, blushing and looking down from Dannii, who stood back a little to admire the naked glory of the delicious blonde before her, shifting a little unsurely on her feet in the cutest fashion. Reaching up, she cast the horns aside from her wet hair and started to undo her snake arm pieces, since Lucy wasn’t making any effort to strip her, a little nervy it seemed.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” she cooed, dropping them aside and reaching up for her collar, unbuckling it and sliding it from round her neck.

“Yeah, it’s what I’ve dreamed of,” she said, blushing a little again, her cheeks burning as she felt so on show for Dannii.

“So how about you come help me out here?” she said with a sly smile, inviting Lucy with a sexy little wag of her finger. Lucy smiled back, unable to help herself and stepped to Dannii, immediately being calmed by another kiss, taking the step and letting her hands roam, down to Dannii’s arse again for a good feel as the singer moaned into their embrace, feeling Lucy’s fingers searching up her back and sides for a zip or some other way to open the kinky rubber dress.

“It’s a one-piece, up and off,” Dannii mumbled, giving just enough information for Lucy to get her undressed. The hands immediately went for the short hem of her dress, barely onto her thighs to conceal her, and lifted it, peeling the black rubber up Dannii’s body. Pulling firmly to get it off her, Lucy tried to glance down to see Dannii’s bottom half, whether she was herself wearing any underwear, but was quickly occupied by Dannii tugging at her bottom lip before another kiss, slowing the peeling of the dress a moment before she continued, getting it up to Dannii’s large breasts, which halted the progress, making Dannii give a little giggle through their snog. Giving a firmer tug, Lucy got the dress to roll, quickly going over her breasts, Dannii pulling away and raising her arms so Lucy could battle it off over her head and soaked hair, pulling it off her arms and triumphantly throwing it aside onto the floor as Dannii smoothed her hair back down somewhat, not that it really mattered. Lucy stepped back a bit, her pretty green eyes wide as she took Dannii in, stood now in just a pair of red PVC thigh-high boots, tight to her legs and a pair of black knickers, side-tied at her hips with pink ribbons. Looking up her luscious body, her eyes immediately stopped at her magnificent breasts, which were capped with horizontally pierced nipples, each stiff little point sporting a thick, deeply pierced titanium barbell D-ring, which the thick rubber dress had managed to conceal.

“I only got them done recently,” Dannii said, interrupting her staring, making her glance up quickly, before looking back down to them. They were set at the back of her nipples, close to her breasts and she’d opted for thick jewellery. This was so they could endure plenty of tugging and punishment, which was basically why she’d got them done. She wanted people such as Lucy to enjoy hours biting, sucking, pulling and twisting them.

“They’re lovely,” Lucy whispered, just mesmerized by them. She loved Dannii’s ample breasts, almost as much as Dannii loved her own, and to find she had pierced nipples that just begged to be played with and sucked made it simply sublime.

“They’re really sensitive too,” Dannii said smoothly, reaching down and lightly pinching them both, giving a deep, slow moan which made Lucy’s heart surge as a rush of excitement washed through her.

“Can I touch them?” Lucy asked in a near whisper, looking up imploringly to Dannii, like a little girl.

“Later sweetie, you’ll have all the time you need. But first, undo my knickers…with your teeth,” Dannii said, smiling sexily and brushing at the ribbon on her hip.

“Ok,” Lucy breathed, looking down to take in the knickers, quickly nipping forward for another kiss before she sank down before Dannii. She ran her hands down Dannii’s sides, taking in the profile of her slender waist and looking at the black underwear, which was not the least bit risqué. It wasn’t sheer, tiny or any strange material. Simply black cotton with pink ribbon side ties, almost an oxymoron in its contrast to the rest of Dannii’s outfit, but still cute and sexy. Sliding her hands down to Dannii’s thighs, she leaned forward and took one of the ribbons in her teeth, drawing back to release the bow, the side of the knickers flopping loose and almost revealing her, till Lucy did the same to the other side and they fell loose, slipping away from Dannii’s intimate areas to the floor and revealing her neat pussy, and a neatly shaven lightning bolt of dark pubic hair striking down to her clit. Lucy’s gaze was drawn away from it very rapidly though, to the little ring pierced through her delicate clit hood, a matching titanium one that was also pierced quite far back in the soft pink fold.

“Look underneath,” Dannii purred, wanting to show off a little bit. Lucy hesitantly reached forward, brushing her fingers through the soft lightning bolt, before she took hold of the little hood ring, using it to pull the hood up and reveal the clit as Dannii inhaled at the somewhat interesting technique, Lucy feeling a little rush of exhilaration at stimulating Dannii. With the soft hood out the way, she could see the sensitive nub itself, and the titanium barbell running horizontally through it, matching the rest of her jewellery. She’d had her clit piercings for quite a while, years in fact, it was only the nipples that were new, but they all matched, and all made for one thrilling night. Lucy wasted no more time and dived straight in, grasping Dannii’s now naked hips and pressing her mouth to the smooth lips, sliding her tongue into Dannii at long last, something she’d wanted to do for so long, Dannii squeezing her with a light groan as she did, closing her eyes. Dannii’s hand went to her head, sliding into her damp blonde hair as she pushed her tongue up her velvet tunnel, tasting and teasing her before she pulled back and moved straight to the hard clit above, licking up the soft labia to it and quickly sucking through the pierced hood to make Dannii murmur in pleasure, feeling the ring on her tongue as she did.

“Mm good girl,” Dannii murmured, just letting her taste and explore her pussy.

Lifting her tongue up underneath it, she pressed onto Dannii’s clit itself, feeling her shake a little and groan as she did, her tongue swirling round the pierced nub, feeling the titanium barbell running through it, pushing at it a little with her tongue. Dannii ground forward a little into her exploring mouth, wanting more from her, which she quickly got as Lucy went right to work, holding her tight and orally assaulting her, attaching herself to Dannii’s pussy and sucking quite hard. Dannii gasped as it felt like the piercings were being pulled out of her, which they weren’t really, making her tense up, arse clenching as Lucy tongued briskly at her, stimulating her fully before she grabbed the hood ring in her teeth. She twisted her head about a bit, making Dannii grit her teeth in the teasing, conflicting sensations as her piercing was turned, then Lucy pulled back, stretching away and tugging at the little ring, using it properly as she stretched Dannii’s hood slightly from the top of her slit, making her give a little cry as it was loosened, Lucy letting it go and attacking her again, going right for the clit now, her talented tongue diving under the pink hood, onto her button and tonguing hard, Dannii’s knees weakening.

“Fuck Lucy,” she grunted, screwing up her face as she staggered back, Lucy shuffling along with her, till she collapsed back onto the bed with her weak legs, spreading them wide to let her blonde playmate continue. This allowed Lucy to really go at her now, knelt between her booted legs, lapping vigorously at Dannii’s snatch, her tongue burrowing into her pussy once more before she moved back to her clit, wasting no more time with the hood and working the hard button itself, swirling and massaging it with her tongue strongly, flicking at the barbell through it, which despite looking hot offered less purchase for her.

“Why don’t you have a ring down here?” Lucy gasped quickly as she worked, sucking firmly again, dabbing the intimate area with her tongue as Dannii shuddered slightly.

“I like the barbell more, it hides under the hood. Hidden treasure for people like you,” she breathed, running her fingers through Lucy’s hair as she worked her fast, tongue dancing on her clit, overwhelming her with pleasure, causing her to flop back on the bed, her hands slipping from Lucy’s head to grab handfuls of the sheets as she let out a groan. Lucy doubled her efforts, carefully bumping the clit with her teeth, before very lightly squeezing it and twisting, her teeth able to get at the barbell properly for her to twist and pull at it, which she set about doing. Dannii’s reaction was powerful and noisy, letting out a loud squeal of sensations, a mix of pleasure and pain coursing through her sexy body as her clit piercing was twisting, transmitting the effects straight into her nervous system, making her tremble. Lucy quit with that and opted for an outright attack on the clit to finish Dannii off, attaching her lips and sucking firmly, attacking with her tongue as much as possible, alternating between the sucking and circling of her tongue round the outside of it, Dannii shaking on the end of the bed, ready to burst.

“Oh god Lucy you little…” Dannii started through gritted teeth, trailing off into deep grunting breaths and then arching up off the bed with a loud cry of ecstasy, grinding her crotch into Lucy’s working tongue and aching jaw as she came, her body flooding with earth-shattering pleasure, tensing up, almost tearing her sheets as she wrenched at the handfuls of it through her climax, her body shivering tightly before she shuddered back to the bed, covered in sweat, a smile on her face through her heavy, ragged breaths as Lucy gave a last lick to her puffy lips and pulled away smiling, feeling almost as happy having given Dannii a hard orgasm.

“You hadn’t had that pesky first orgasm yet,” Lucy said with a smug grin, stroking the tops of Dannii’s thighs and looking up over her sexy naked body, the sexy piercings to her clit, over her toned tummy and the new piercings in her stiff nipples, which looked utterly mouth watering. As Dannii laid back on the bed resting, Lucy simply couldn’t resist the temptation and took her chance, leaning forward to firmly kiss Dannii’s clit again, eliciting a curious “hmm” from its owner as Lucy went for it, starting to quite aggressively move up Dannii’s body with kisses and nips to her, using her front teeth to give little sharp nips, not enough to really hurt Dannii but certainly wake her up, along with hot, wet kisses as she moved up, with only one goal in mind. Reaching her breasts, one hand went for Dannii’s right nipple as her mouth went for the left one, immediately attaching herself and sucking it firmly into her mouth, the barbell D-ring clicking on her teeth as Dannii gave a groan, her back arching as she sucked at one, using her tongue to flick the jewellery, as her fingers pulled the other, lightly twisting it.

“Ahhh Lucy, stop that,” she gasped, her body rushing in excitement as Lucy twisted her right nipple further and pulled a bit harder whilst taking hold of the other in her teeth and pulling away to stretch it from her large breast, keen to see how well they stood up to the punishment Dannii had designed them to. Dannii grabbed her head to stop her, trying to pull her off, but she stayed attached firmly, her finger hooked into the D-ring, teeth holding the other strongly, pulling her nipples even harder, making her grunt loudly through gritted teeth. Moving her grasp from wrist to hand, Dannii crushed Lucy’s grasp on her, making her squeal and release her grip, allowing her to get the fingers away from her tortured right nipple. Reaching down quickly, she located Lucy’s own stiff nipples, quickly pinching them both at once before she could get her hand back in place, causing her to give a yelp and release her left one, Dannii giving a loud sigh of relief as she did, quickly grabbing Lucy’s wrists, wrapping her PVC-covered legs up round the sexy blonde and rolling her over on the bed, straddling her and pinning her down as she looked up lustily at her brunette mistress.

“Bad girls get punished round here you know,” Dannii said with a devilish smile, Lucy’s gaze again flicking to Dannii’s large breasts and their pierced nipples.

“I thought you said I was a good girl?” she mumbled underneath her as Dannii held her down and eyed her slender figure, especially her particularly firm C-cups in return.

“You were, until you tried to have my nipples before I said you could. You didn’t do as you’re told, so you’re a bad girl, and it’s time to face the consequences,” Dannii purred with a smirk.

“Consequences?” Lucy murmured nervously, worried she’d bitten off more than she could chew with Dannii and that she was about to get seriously kinky with her. Dannii leaned over off the bed to a side drawer, leaving Lucy held firm by her powerful thighs and bodyweight, and got a pair of handcuffs out, kneeling back and dangling them from a finger.

“Playtime’s over, for you at least,” Dannii said with an evil smile. Lucy bit her lip nervously, tensing up underneath Dannii, her chest heaving as she breathed heavily, heart thumping away so hard it felt like it was in her throat. She was unsure, she’d never really been much for bondage and she really didn’t know what Dannii had in store for her, but none of the other girls had said anything but good things and she wagered they’d got plenty kinky in their nights of passion with the singer. Holding up her hands, she submitted to Dannii, offering herself to be cuffed up.

“Good girl, you know when to do as you’re told,” Dannii said with a smile, sliding the cold steel round one wrist and closing it snugly, raising her up arm up the metal head of the bed, pushing the cuff round and then getting her other wrist into it, locking her tightly to the bed so she couldn’t escape. Dannii could see how terrified she was, just so nervous of the unknown.

“Calm down sweetie, I’m not gonna hurt you, just lie back and relax ok?” Dannii purred soothingly, reaching down to stroke her hand back from her face, before leaning down to kiss her gently, a nice passionate French kiss before pulling away with a smile. She didn’t pull away far though, moving back in again to kiss Lucy’s face and then lick down onto her neck, snaking down towards her chest. Lucy groaned as Dannii arrived at her breasts, hands immediately cupping her ample boobs and giving a firm squeeze, right before she dragged her tongue to her left nipple, circling and flicking at it, sucking it into her mouth hard, making her groan loudly as she gave a little nip of her teeth, all the while her hand working the other nipple, rolling, pinching and pulling at it, just winding Lucy up. She’d had her pussy rubbed just a few minutes earlier, she could last without an orgasm for now, so in the mean time she intended to turn her on till she begged for it. Dannii did temporarily get sidetracked though, as Lucy’s lusciously firm breasts captivated her, squeezing, licking and biting at them, spending a few minutes at them alone before she realised she really should continue.

“You’ve got gorgeous boobs, you should be making people work to see them,” Dannii teased, giving a last firm squeeze of them and proceeding down to Lucy’s smooth tummy, kissing and licking over the soft skin towards her hips, running her hands down Lucy’s sides as her mouth worked the middle, teasingly circling and then plugging the bellybutton with her tongue before continuing. Moving down to just above Lucy’s bald pussy, she paused, licking side to side just across above it to tease her, threatening to move onto it as Lucy wanted, then suddenly moving down her left leg, making Lucy groan in frustration as Dannii giggled, licking all the way down Lucy’s smooth left leg to her feet, just playfully dragging her tongue down her sole, making her squirm and try to pull it away since she was ticklish, something Dannii took great pleasure in, tickling at Lucy’s foot before she dragged her tongue across the perfectly manicured toes, neatly nail polished, moving to Lucy’s right foot now. Tickling her some more, she sucked on a toe a moment and then moved back up her leg, stroking ahead of her slippery, sliding tongue as she worked her way back up, making sure to run up the inside of Lucy’s thigh, desperately close to her dripping pussy.

“Not yet sweetie,” Dannii teased, pressing Lucy’s rising hips down onto the bed authoritatively. She could smell her arousal and need, and was enjoying making it worse. Lucy’s clit was throbbing with every heartbeat as she watched Dannii and her lips make her way back up towards her, kissing back up between her breasts, pausing to push them together before she moved up under her chin, Lucy leaning her head back for Dannii to sensually, romantically kiss up her neck as she knelt over her, reaching up to hold her hands in the cuffs at the top of the bed, their fingers interlocking as Dannii conquered her chin and got to her mouth, slowly sliding her tongue into Lucy’s mouth before kissing her, allowing Lucy to suck at it a moment before their lips met for a soul-melting kiss. They shared it for a moment before Dannii pulled away slightly with a smile and light hmm of smug satisfaction at having Lucy in her bed at her whim.

“So, Midnight, would you like me to eat your pussy?” Dannii purred saucily. She already knew the answer, but wanted to hear Lucy say it.

“God yes,” she gasped, looking into Dannii’s deep blue eyes.

“Yes what?” she said, holding the gaze with Lucy’s emerald pair.

“Yes…mistress,” Lucy finished, getting back into the character she played as Midnight, who submitted to Dannii fully.

“Good girl, hold on tight,” she purred with a smile, kissing her lightly on the lips and sliding down again, her hair tickling Lucy as she moved down to her dripping, swollen pussy, which begged to be touched. Leaning down, she licked flatly up the slippery entrance, over the exquisitely soft outer labia, tasting her juices again and teasingly her a tad more, before she dragged the soft underside of her tongue back down again, then powerfully thrust it up between the soft lips, which parted easily to allow her to bury her tongue deep inside. Lucy squealed as she wriggled it to the hilt, as far as possible, circling round her velvet tunnel before sliding back, settling to attack her with it, thrusting her tongue quickly and powerful in and out of her. Lucy shivered, having never been eaten quite that way before, her muscles being fooled into clenching and releasing at strange times somehow, adding more interesting sensations to soak up.

Dannii slid her tongue out and moved up, raising her hand to tease two fingers along the dripping folds before sinking them in, Lucy’s body easily taking them as she moved up to kiss her clit, lightly biting the hood and tugging at it as she lightly thrust her fingers in and out of the smooth tunnel, tiring of it quickly and engulfing her clit, hood and all, under her lips, sucking firmly so Lucy gave a pre-orgasmic tremble, arching up a little, her legs tightening then releasing once more on the bed under Dannii’s work. Nudging the soft hood up with her top lip, Dannii sucked onto the clit, stiff and unmolested, no piercings like her own, which was nice in a way, though it gave her less to do. Sucking it firmly made Lucy squeal, pulling at the handcuffs, the whole bed shaking as she attacked with her tongue, circling it rapidly with the tip, feeling it get even harder under her ministrations. Pulling her hand back, she bent her ring finger out and pushed forward again, angling it down to Lucy’s anus, pressing against the strong ring, catching her unawares, causing her to tense and resist.

“Come on sugar, don’t fight it,” Dannii mumbled through her mouthful of pussy, sucking at her clit again to help her mood, which didn’t fail, Lucy relaxing and letting Dannii’s finger in, wiggling it into her tight ass as her two wet fingers went back up into her soaked pussy, which was just begging for more. However, Dannii could do far more at her clit, and continued to, using stuff she’d learnt over the years to give Lucy maximum pleasure and delay her orgasm as she rhythmically pushed her hand back and forth to finger both her holes, which Lucy seemed to really enjoy, rotating her hips a little and squeezing with both of them as she probed certain spots inside her. Lapping quickly at her clit made Lucy inhale sharply and shudder, close to climax now despite Dannii’s attempts to delay it, not that she mattered. Licking slowly over it again, she gave it a goodbye kiss and pulled away, sliding her hand back to release her finger from Lucy’s tight rear, wanting only the two in her pussy.

“Do you squirt?” Dannii asked as she delved them into Lucy’s juicy cunt, holding her hips with her spare hand as she knelt up between her legs now, hooking her fingers inside and rolling her wrist to find just the right place.

“No,” Lucy managed before she tensed up and gave a strained groan as Dannii found the sweet spot, which was her G-spot.

“Good, won’t need to worry about my sheets then,” Dannii giggled as she started to quickly and firmly massage Lucy’s G-spot, something she rarely had time to do herself. She had a few toys that could do it, but she didn’t spend too much time pleasuring herself and few of her lovers knew where it was or bothered to stimulate it, which seemed to make Dannii even better as a bed mate for her, something she’d always dreamed off that was now playing out. Unable to even think straight now, she could only give little yelping, gasping grunts as Dannii’s skilful fingers worked her G-spot, the heel of her hand pressuring her clitoris to add to it, which given she was close to orgasm was torturous. She didn’t have to endure it long however, giving a tremendous shudder and loud scream of pleasure as she climaxed, her body shaking in an orgasm the likes of which she’d never known from Dannii’s talents.

Sweat beaded on her skin as she gasping and shook on the bed, Dannii continuing to work her so she could prolong the ride on the pleasure wave, finally being completely overtaken by it and giving a last arch and collapsing limp on the bed under the sexy singer, who smiled widely, pleased with herself as she slid her fingers from Lucy’s dripping pussy, reaching up to suck them clean with a murmur as her other hand slid up to just comfortingly rub her tummy.

“Fuck Dannii…I …how did you know…” Lucy gasped, unable to put together a coherent conversation right then.

“Hush, just lie back and rest a minute,” Dannii cooed, crawling forward and placing a soft kiss on Lucy’s forehead lovingly, brushing her fingers over her cheek as she withdrew and slid off the bed, standing down on her heels once more, still clad in her thigh-high red PVC boots. Leaving the hot blonde gasping and bound on her bed, Dannii smiled and sidled to her drawers, opening them and giving a thoughtful murmur, looking through for a moment before she pulled out a strap-on and harness, turning back casually and stepping towards the bed as she loosened the straps. Lucy rolled her head over to see what was going on, eyes immediately fixing on the strap on, taking in the seven-inch deep purple shaft, and glancing up to the smiling Dannii as she leaned down and stepped into it, sliding it up over her boots and into place, quickly and efficiently fastening it round her thighs and hips to leave her sporting the rubber cock.

“Rested?” Dannii asked playfully, since Lucy was very interested in her now she’d put her strap-on on.

“Uh huh…” Lucy mumbled, laying back down flat as Dannii stepped to the bed, grinning.

“Good girl,” she purred, sliding onto the bed on her knees, Lucy bending her leg up to let Dannii get between them.

“Mm well trained as well,” Dannii teased, running her hands up Lucy’s smooth legs as she slid close to her, the toy now inches from its target. Dropping forward onto her hands and knees, Dannii leaned over Lucy, her large breasts hanging down so they almost touched Lucy’s body. Noticing this, Dannii deliberately leaned down a bit more so they did, her nipple piercings cold and hard against Lucy’s skin, making her inhale sharply, Dannii giggling as she slid forward up her, her strap-on bumping against Lucy’s pussy as she got right up so her breasts rested against Lucy’s. Reaching underneath her, Dannii gave Lucy’s firm breasts a good squeeze, pushing a moan from the blonde, who looked up into Dannii’s excited eyes, seeing the spark of desire. Releasing her breasts, Dannii leaned either side of her again and leaned down, her hair hanging down round them like curtains, blocking out the light, feeling Dannii’s hot breath on her as she gasped. Nuzzling her a little, Dannii prolonged the silence, her rubber cock hanging tantalisingly close to Lucy’s entrance.

“Ready Luce?” Dannii murmured, leaning down to lock lips with her, their tongues entwining briefly before she slipped off, kissing and licking onto Lucy’s jaw.

“Yeah…” she breathed, closing her eyes as Dannii kissed onto her neck, feeling the weight of Dannii’s enhanced breasts resting on her own.

“Good,” Dannii said simply, leaning up and reaching down, grasping her toy as she rocked back a bit, lining herself up. Pressing at Lucy’s juicy slit, she felt the snugness of Lucy’s pussy, just resisting her a little, making her give it a wiggle and a little more pressure, breaking through and pushing the head of her purple strap-on into her sexy stripper. Lucy gave a grunt, Dannii smiling as she slowly slid forward, letting Lucy feel every possible contour as it pushed into her, Dannii looking down to watch Lucy’s tight body swallow it up. There was no need to pull back, just sliding in gracefully, Lucy’s pussy taking it all the way to the hilt on the first go, Dannii pressing the harness into her as they both gave a sigh.

“There we go. So how’s it going so far Luce, as good as you always dreamt it’d be?” Dannii teased, wiggling a little as she settled, leaning down on her elbows next to Lucy so she could use her beautifully slender hands to fondle and squeeze Lucy’s delicious breasts and tease the stiff nipples.

“Yeah, but you haven’t really fucked me yet,” Lucy said playfully, pouting a little.

“Oh is that right? Did I not just rub your G-spot hard enough to practically make you black out?” Dannii cooed, grinding her harness into Lucy, making her moan lightly.

“That doesn’t count,” she breathed, sticking her tongue out a little.

“Doesn’t count? Don’t push your luck sweetie, else I really will fuck you,” Dannii said, smiling as she leaned down for another kiss, sliding the strap-on back out of her dripping pussy. Lucy didn’t retort with anything else, just letting out a satisfied murmur as Dannii started to slowly slide the purple rubber cock in and out of her, just pulling carefully back so the bulbous head threatened to slip out, just making her bulge a little before she slid it right back in, all the way till she ground the harness against her. Taking her time, Dannii held onto her and they continued to share soft, wet kisses, their tongues twisting and mixing in intriguing manners as Dannii squeezed her breasts, her hips and ass rising and sinking steadily to push the seven inches of purple rubber in and out of Lucy. Lucy raised her knees up so she could dig her heels in a little and hold herself in place, pulling at the cuffs a little as Dannii started to speed up a little bit, using a bit less length and sliding in and out of her quicker, still going full depth in her, bumping her cervix with the head of the toy.

Pulling away, Dannii breathed quite hard, taking a good lungful of air, arching her back before looking back down at Lucy, who looked up at her with innocent emerald eyes, making her look so cute and nubile, something she definitely wasn’t. Smiling, she thrust a bit harder, making Lucy give a grunt and shiver, which sent a little thrill through Dannii, who ground herself into Lucy a bit more, groaning herself, spurring her to pick up the pace a little more. Thrusting properly now, she pushed the purple cock in and out of Lucy briskly, their bodies moving in unison, Lucy pushing her hips up to meet her, loving how she could feel every little ridge and shape moulded into the smooth strap-on toy. Pushing up only made Dannii realise she was eager for more and increase the pace a little, both of them breathing quite hard now, face to face, staring into each others eyes as they fucked, the toy connecting them perfectly, Dannii on top and in control, exactly where she wanted to be, and right then exactly where Lucy wanted her, exactly where she’d always fantasized she’d be.

“How is it now Luce? Getting fucked good enough?” Dannii teased, pumping away steadily.

“Yeah…” she whispered dreamily, her eyes squeezing shut as a powerful wave ran through her.

“That’s good…but I can do you better,” Dannii said with an evil smile, suddenly picking up her pace, Lucy giving a long groan as her body was stimulated further. Holding tighter, Dannii started fairly pounding on Lucy, looking down to watch how her perky breasts bounced and shook. She was as bad as most guys she thought with a giggle, but then so was Lucy. She realised she’d never actually asked Lucy whether she was straight, bi or lesbian. All she knew was that she was into her, but had kinda just assumed she was bisexual, though she didn’t really know for sure. She made a mental note to ask her later, now really wasn’t the time as they were a bit busy, which she focussed on with a couple of particularly hard thrusts, getting herself back to full depth and shoving a couple of loud grunts from Lucy through her heavy breathing.

“Fucking love this don’t you?” Dannii growled, shifting herself to fumble a hand down to Lucy’s smooth pussy, locating her stiff clit with ease and starting to rub as she found extra reserves of energy, pumping even faster, slamming the harness into Lucy’s body as the toy went full depth with every high speed thrust. Dannii’s thighs burnt from the exertion of fucking Lucy, not wanting to let up on her till she was finished, though that shouldn’t be long now she’d managed to get her hand on her clit. Rubbing and pumping at high speed together, she managed to find Lucy’s mouth and shoved her tongue in, getting her into a kiss, the hot blonde returning her hungrily as her body gave a shudder, arms pulled tight against the cuffs, her thighs squeezing Dannii’s hips as she fucked her, about to burst. With a final circling and series of thrusts Lucy’s orgasm broke, giving a piercing scream of pleasure into Dannii’s ear that made her wince but not let up, continuing to fuck her as hard as possible as she came.

Even though it was a strap-on, Dannii could feel Lucy’s contractions and squeezes, trying to pull the toy up into her as she thrust, her abundant juices making it a little easier as she drove in and out despite her tightening climax, which had Lucy shuddering and writhing beneath her, not helped as Dannii continued to fuck her and pinched her nipples. Lucy’s climax faded, her body giving bucks and jolts with the aftershocks, soothed by Dannii stroking her nipples nicely now and slowing down to a stop, giving one last push to the hilt and lying still. Lowering herself down on Lucy, their soft breasts pressed together, right before their soft lips did the same for another juicy, tongue twisting kiss, slowly this time, since there was no rush. Sliding back, Dannii slowly extracted the toy from Lucy’s tight body, the rubber slipping out of her with a slight noise, leaving her a little looser than she had been previously, before Dannii slid down and laid her head on Lucy’s chest, pressing it to her breast and hearing her rushing heartbeat.

“That better sweetie?” she cooed with a smile, her other hand just lightly rubbing Lucy’s side.

“That was fucking intense,” Lucy breathed, resting limply on the bed.

“Live up to your fantasies, the way you always imagined I’d fuck you?” Dannii said, circling a fingernail round Lucy’s still hard nipple. Lucy blushed, feeling a little shy at suddenly being put on the spot, and definitely no means of escape.

“Um…what do you mean?” she countered, trying to shrug it off and dodge around the question.

“Oh please, I know you’ve been wanting me to bring you back here for a long time. I’m not blind, or deaf either. Girls talk you know,” she said, meaning the other dancers Lucy worked with that Dannii had taken home for nights of passion. Lucy was caught, and decided to just admit it.

“Better than I ever dreamed of,” she said quietly, wanting to hide in the pause that followed.

“Glad I could give it to you,” Dannii said with a smile, leaning up once more for a lingering kiss. They lay silently for a few minutes as they rested in each other’s arms, well Lucy in Dannii’s, snuggled together warmly as they dozed softly to recover from their vigorous humping. Stirring, Dannii leaned up from Lucy’s inviting body and gave a stretch, disturbing Lucy who also stretched and looked at her to see what she was up to, being greeted by a feisty smile. Dannii slid up a little, her arms sliding fully round Lucy again, wasting no time in grasping her firm breasts again, making them both giggle as Dannii pulled in tight to her back, leaning down to nuzzle and softly kiss at her neck, Lucy feeling a flush of arousal run through her. Leaning up, she blew lightly over her neck and into her ear, making her shiver and squirm a little as she continued to squeeze her breasts, going back to kiss her neck once more.

“I’m gonna do something real naughty to you baby,” Dannii murmured, Lucy giving a moan of anticipation as she pushed back into Dannii, her skin tightening as it goosepimpled, Dannii leaning forward to slide her mouth to her ear, her tongue giving a teasing flick.

“I’m gonna fuck you in the ass,” Dannii whispered in her ear, pausing and then sliding back to kiss her softly at the nape of her neck as Lucy tensed up, her heart rate increasingly sudden, her tension not unnoticed.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Dannii purred, continuing to lick and kiss the back of her neck.

“Well it’s just…I dunno Dannii, I haven’t…” Lucy tried, blushing a little and looking down at the bed.

“Haven’t what dear?” Dannii cooed, laying it on saucily as she lightly groped her blonde lover.

“I haven’t done that much, I’m not what you’d call…experienced with the whole anal thing…” Lucy mumbled, feeling a little embarrassed. She didn’t know how but Dannii just seemed so vastly experienced compared to her, and she was hardly a blushing virgin.

“You know I’m not actually asking, Luce…” Dannii said casually, pausing in her kissing of Lucy’s neck.

“Oh,” was all Lucy could manage after a pause, a little worried, being a bit reluctant about the whole thing.

“Don’t worry I’ll be gentle with you, it’ll be fun,” Dannii said with a smile, giving her pert breasts a good squeeze before sliding away from her and off the bed to get some lube. She returned from the bathroom in a few moments, holding up the tube of lubricant with a smile, hopping back onto the bed gleefully, settling back down behind Lucy. Uncapping it, she put some on her fingers and lowered them to Lucy’s arse, using her other hand to spread the firm cheeks and get her fingers to the tight back hole, Lucy flinching as she touched her strong ring.

“Relax sweetie, come on,” Dannii cooed soothingly. Lucy wanted to let Dannii have anal sex with her, but she hadn’t done it much and still had memories of her painful first time, which she figured might help to mention as she managed to relax, Dannii spreading the lube over her anus, pushing a finger in slightly to get it there as well.

“I’m just worried it’ll hurt, like it did the first time you know,” Lucy murmured as Dannii added a little bit more, thoroughly preparing her.

“You can’t have done it right then, it shouldn’t hurt if you do,” Dannii said, finishing lubing her up.

“Well I guess not, and I’m just worried it’ll still hurt you know? I’ve not done it much,” Lucy said, glancing back a bit.

“I understand, but don’t worry, I’ll be careful with you, we’ll take our time and you’ll have plenty of fun,” Dannii said, leaning over to kiss Lucy on the cheek as she used her hands to lube up the purple strap-on. Satisfied, she cuddled in behind Lucy snugly again, the slippery toy resting against Lucy’s arse as she spooned her.

“Ready baby?” she purred, reaching down for it, pushing it between Lucy’s firm cheeks.

“As I’ll ever be,” she replied, breathing deeply, controlling and relaxing herself. Dannii kissed the back of her neck again, holding her toy with one hand, Lucy’s hip with the other. Pressing forward, she pushed the head against the tight entrance, feeling it yield and carefully easing in, the head popping in past the muscles with a gasp from Lucy. Dannii held still a moment, then pressed in slowly, just gradually sliding the ample rubber toy into her, her hips slowly closing the gap on Lucy. Feeling some resistance, she paused, feeling Lucy trembling in her arms, breathing hard.

“Just calm down, does it hurt?” she asked, stroking Lucy’s side.

“No, feels kinda nice,” she replied.

“Told you I’d be gentle with you, now just enjoy, and calm down a bit,” she said with a giggle, pulling back slowly and then pressing in once more, past where she’d got before, a bit deeper. Dannii repeated this a few times in the next couple of minutes, just carefully working herself to full depth till she could pressed herself to the hilt, right up behind to spoon her blonde playmate.

“There, that’s alright isn’t it?” Dannii said, sliding her arms round Lucy and up to her breasts once more, teasing the stiff nipples with her fingertips.

“Keep going,” Lucy murmured, enjoying the pleasant full sensations of anal sex, Dannii’s soft hands like lightning bolts into her body as she was caressed. Dannii slid back, then slow into her once more, building up a steady rhythm. She had no intentions of fucking her, she intended on just a steady, enjoyable session for them both, and also intended for her hands to do the rest of the talking. With her arms round Lucy, she built up the rhythmic thrusts, using most of the toy to just firmly fuck Lucy in the ass, getting her desired speed sorted, both of them comfortable and into it. With that done, she could let her hands roam, and began by cupping Lucy’s breasts, pushing them up.

“As if these ever need a push-up bra, they’re so firm,” Dannii giggled, sliding her hands away from them and down over her stomach.

“It still looks nice though,” Lucy said with a light groan.

“Yeah I know, I’m not telling you not to wear one, just that you don’t need it, but I’m sure you already knew that,” she said with a laugh, her fingertips tickling down over her toned tummy towards her smooth, inviting pussy. Their bodies slowly rocked in unison on the bed, Lucy’s hands pulling a little at the handcuffs as they made love, Dannii’s hand resting on her hip as her other slid down onto her wet pussy, just rubbing lightly over the outside of her labia, stroking the sensually smooth skin, pressing a little to feel just how soft her swollen, engorged lips were. Continuing to thrust gradually in and out she rubbed slowly over them a few more times, then pressed her finger down a little to just split the lips, her fingertip gliding up her delicate folds within, teasing the inner lips and just pulling up to let the base of her finger rub over the stiff clit under its thin hood, making Lucy arch and give a moan of pleasure.

“Ready for another already? I should’ve known,” Dannii said with a sexy smile, pushing down a little firmer to stimulate her clit some more, hooking her finger a bit to press it into her entrance, gliding up between the puffy lips, feeling the dripping heat within. Lucy moaned lightly with every breath as Dannii stroked her hand up and down, the base of her knuckles stimulating her clit to go with the fingertip slipping up and down between her swollen lips as she steadily thrust the strap-on in and out of her arse. Suddenly switching to two fingers, Dannii hooked them back and pulled them up into Lucy, feeling her give a squeeze on them as she pressed as deep as possible into her arse, just holding a moment before drawing back. She gave a few thrusts of her fingers, rubbing the G-spot a couple of times before she withdrew them, pulling them back up to Lucy’s clit, which she trapped between her fingers, gently twisting it this way and that whilst its owner gasped and writhed in her arms.

“What do you want?” Dannii breathed, kissing her on the back of the neck again, something that always drove her wild when in a proper, slow lovemaking session, and seemed to do the same for Lucy.

“Come, make me come,” she rasped, her eyes squeezing shut as Dannii immediately rubbed her clit quite firmly.

“Not much then,” Dannii purred teasingly, her other hand sliding up Lucy’s body to her breast, grasping a firm handful of it, feeling her respond, followed by a groan of pleasure as her fingers slid back to the nipple, lightly pinching it to draw a grunt from Lucy, followed by a squeal of pleasure as she rubbed at her clit faster. Lucy felt like she was being played like an instrument by Dannii’s slender, skilful hands, which works daintily at her body, hitting all the right notes. The orgasm rushed up on her unexpectedly. No sooner had she felt the first quiverings of climax then it hit her like a freight train, her whole body stiffening up as she let out a deep, primal grunt, Dannii immediately intensifying her work, pulling and tugging at her hard nipple and getting her fingers under the hood to directly stimulate her clit.

”Oh god!” she wailed, her body giving a tremendous shudder in Dannii’s arms before she let out a long, loud cry of pleasure as her orgasm broke on her soul, her entire body feeling like it was going off like a firework, a bolt of lightning running up her spine to her brain, setting her alight with ecstasy at the illicit sensations, running right to the tips of her toes as she trembled and shook with pleasure, her arse clamping down tightly on the impaling strap-on, slowing Dannii’s thrusts into her, not that it mattered anymore. Riding out her climax, Dannii continued to thrust as Lucy, sweating and tired, lay gasping in her arms, giving a final arch and then relaxing, allowing herself to go limp to rest, despite the fact Dannii was still in her. Dannii just smiled understandingly, slowing down to stop, pushing herself right to the hilt in her firm ass and holding it there, pulling her arms round Lucy’s waist and snuggling in tight to spoon her, her long PVC boots rubbing at the backs of her legs as she smelt her soft blonde hair, the smell of coconut shampoo still abundant as she planted another soft kiss on the back of her neck.

“I’d say someone liked getting fucked in the ass,” Dannii teased, just softly stroking Lucy’s stomach.

“Maybe I do,” Lucy said, not trying to deny it.

“After not even wanting it, tut,” Dannii teased, just resting her head down with Lucy’s on the pillow. They just cuddled for a couple of minutes, the strap-on still buried to the hilt in Lucy’s ass, enjoying being close to one another for this intimate moment, catching their breath and cooling down a little. Finally moving, Dannii slid her hips back, slowly extracting the strap-on from Lucy, looking down to watch it sliding out of her forbidden hole, the head popping out to let it spring up towards her a little.

“You’ve got a nice ass you know,” Dannii commented with a smile, rolling onto her back to undo the harness.

“Thanks, the dancing helps keep it tight,” she said as Dannii slid it down over her boots to reveal her neatly kept pussy again, the marks from the harness and straps on her skin.

“Not so tight now,” she teased with a little show of her tongue, sitting up to drop it off the bed. Lucy just gave a sigh and playfully rolled her eyes as Dannii snuggled back up behind her, spooning her again so they could share a few more minutes lying together as lovers, warm bodies as one, Dannii’s large breasts pressed to Lucy’s back as she held her.

“Hmm I spose we’d best get you out of those cuffs hadn’t we?” Dannii said, rolling away and sitting up on the bed, reaching over for her unit to retrieve the key as Lucy rolled onto her back, watching Dannii properly for the first time in a while, taking in her body once more. Leaning back over, she slid the key into the cuffs and unlocked Lucy’s right wrist, making her give a sigh of relief as she pulled the cuffs through and got her arms down, the cool feeling of blood running back into her arms again feeling fantastic after that as she sat up. Dannii took her other wrist and released the cuff, putting the cuffs and their key on the side of the bed as Lucy rubbed her wrists to take away the bite of the cold steel. Dannii turned back and smiled at Lucy, who looked up and caught her gaze with her mesmerizing emerald eyes, which seemed to look into Dannii’s steely blue ones perfectly, both of them getting lost in each others, which led them into a soft, long kiss, arms sliding round each other as their tongues sensually caressed and mingled, pulling apart with a breathy sigh of delight.

“Mm delightful,” Dannii murmured with a smile.

“Yeah…” Lucy breathed simply, having nothing else to add.

“Gonna return the favour?” Dannii purred, her tongue just flicking at her lips a little.

“Of course, and even better than you did me,” Lucy teased, flicking her eyebrows a little as her confidence got a foothold.

“Oh really, well then you’d better come get me and take me,” Dannii said, grabbing the cuffs again and dangling them at Lucy. She didn’t need asking twice, immediately lunging for Dannii, who rolled back out the way with a giggle. Lucy tried again, reaching out for the cuffs, which Dannii held just out of her reach as she struggled, immediately getting sucked into another snog with Dannii, another little battle raging between their tongues as Lucy tried to get the cuffs, Dannii smirking and keeping them just out of reach. Lucy realised she had to properly take control, groping Dannii’s breasts before her fingers slid to her sides to tickle her, Dannii immediately tensing up and squealing loudly, but still managing to keep the cuffs away as they writhed. Lucy went for it, shoving Dannii down on the bed fiercely, Dannii giving a growl and a smile, making Lucy’s heart give a little surge as she kissed Dannii hard, unable to stifle a growl of her own, reaching up to get her hands on the cuffs.

“Come on, treat me like a devil should be,” she teased, inviting Lucy to do all she wanted to her. Pinning Dannii down, she threw her leg over to straddle the diminutive singer, sitting across her toned tummy as she wrestled the cuffs from Dannii, immediately grabbing her wrist and slapping a cuff round it, Dannii still fighting beneath her as her hand took in a quick stop at her breasts before getting the other wrist, fighting them to the metal head frame and managing to lock her up, Dannii immediately pulling at it with a growl of sexual aggression.

“Don’t let me down honey,” Dannii teased, squeezing her thighs together with a grin.

“Be quiet and enjoy,” Lucy said firmly, shoving Dannii’s legs apart with a leg and sliding down to lay on top of her, grinding her crotch into Dannii’s, the little lightning bolt of hair tickling her smooth lips as she kissed her again, hands going to the large breasts that always captivated her, giving a squeeze before they found the barbell D-rings in each nipple again as their owner gave a moan. She licked down Dannii’s jaw, dragging her tongue roughly down towards her chest as she lightly pulled and twisted the nipple piercings, Dannii feeling it like an electric shock into her ultra sensitive nipples. She loved the sensitivity her piercings had brought her, it was just another dimension to her sex life, especially when someone like Lucy was very interested in them.

Dannii gave a little yelp as Lucy pulled quite hard, testing them out, seeing why Dannii had got them put in quite deep and close to her breasts, to allow plenty of pulling. Lucy moved to squeeze them, pinching the nipples down on the thick titanium bar that ran through each, making Dannii squeal, music to her ears as she continued to lick and suck down her body to her magnificent rack. She didn’t care they were enhanced, they were just perfect, so soft and full. Lucy pushed them up, squeezing a bit as she let her tongue slide onto the top of them, across the cleavage she’d created as her thumbs just pushed and stimulated the nipples, Dannii murmuring in pleasure. Lucy finally had her chance with those gorgeous pierced nipples and she wasn’t going to pass it up, diving onto one and sucking firmly, feeling the metal click against her teeth as it was drawn into her mouth, her hand going to the other, much the way it had earlier before Dannii had stopped her.

“Take it easy, I can feel that you know!” Dannii squealed, arching from the bed and kicking her booted legs a bit as Lucy went for it, biting down on the nipple in her mouth, feeling it squeeze down onto the barbell running through it, Dannii’s shiver and squeal making her smile. Her fingers worked at the other, well one finger actually, hooked through the D-ring, pressing at the tip of the nipple as she pulled and twisted at it, not holding back despite the fact they were quite recent piercings. As far as she was concerned Dannii wanted her to use them, else she wouldn’t have got them done, and the manner they were pierced made it clear they were ready for action. Pulling back on the one in her mouth, she caught the edges of the thick barbell and pulled back, stretching it away from the D-cup breast before her, an ascending squeal coming from Dannii as she did, using her fingers to do the same to the other breast till it turned to a scream, a mix of pleasure and pain as they were pulled out. She let them both go and spring back into place as Dannii gave a sigh of relief, then dived on them, the other way round now, sucking onto the other nipple and squeezing at the first one she’d sucked.

“Damn Luce, you’re ravenous!” Dannii gasped, wriggling underneath her, unsure whether to give herself to Lucy or fight away, her hands grasping the chain of the handcuffs as she did, muscles and body taught. Lucy didn’t need to reply, grinding herself against Dannii firmly as she tweaked and teased the nipple more gently with her fingers, working it different ways to get pleasing noises from Dannii, be they pleasure or pain. With her mouth she sucked firmly and lightly nipped and pulled on the nipple itself rather than the barbell D-ring, making Dannii purr before she took to the ring again, but still worked more tenderly, sending waves of pleasure into Dannii before a sudden twisting pull with her teeth and pinch with her fingers made her jerk in pain before she let go with a dirty giggle, sliding in to kiss down between them.

“Grrr,” she growled playfully, looking up into Dannii’s eyes, a spark visible in her own emerald pair, which said she meant business. She wasn’t finished at Dannii’s breasts, kissing her breastbone a few times, dragging her tongue back up between them, then suddenly gave a nip to her right breast, striking like a cobra as she gave a yelp. She wasted no time, attacking Dannii’s breasts in that manner, squeezing them with her hands as she nipped at them, biting all over quickly and sharply, not enough to leave a permanent injury, but leaving lots of eager little teeth marks over her soft skin, every one accompanied by a yelp from Dannii, which was particularly loud as Lucy took her time to leave them round each aureole as well before finally continuing down onto her tummy with her soft kisses and wet tongue.

Dannii’s tummy was lusciously toned and smooth, however there wasn’t a great deal to do there, she didn’t even have her bellybutton pierced to play with. However she still gave her the tease with soft tempting kisses, which hinted at so much more as she slid her tongue round her navel before pushing it inside, wiggling it powerfully. She was surprised as Dannii writhed under her with a moan, trying to pull away at the sensations, revealing Dannii was ticklish at her bellybutton, which she immediately exploited with her tongue, teasing her even more as she squirmed on the bed, Lucy giggling as she played before she moved down towards her pussy, onto her puffy mound where she was greeted by the neat lightning bolt, which she followed straight to her clit. However, she only made a whistle-stop tour of her slit at that time, sliding her tongue over her piercings and down the juicy entrance, then back flatly up her soft lips, which yielded at the pressed before she peeled off onto the inside of Dannii’s right thigh.

“Gonna undo them?” Dannii purred, looking down as Lucy slid her tongue teasingly round the top of her skin-tight red PVC boot.

“Not yet,” she purred, sliding her tongue onto the plastic round her thigh.

“I’ll let you use your teeth, no guy would ever say that,” Dannii said with a sly smile and a little laugh. Lucy just gave a little giggle, loving the fun they had even at the most erotic or intense moments, not that this was really one of those. Sliding her tongue down the boot, she licked slowly all the way down Dannii’s leg, lifting it up to allow access properly, spreading Dannii’s pussy invitingly as the lady herself just looked down to watch Lucy work, murmuring encouragement as her ample chest heaved. Finishing the right boot, she moved to the left, licking back up this one, quicker this time, circling round her knee on the way back up, loving the sudden soft feeling as her tongue touched back onto the skin of Dannii’s left thigh, which she immediately slid down the inside of.

“Mm don’t hold out on me honey,” Dannii whined, pushing herself up. Lucy however did, with her mouth at least, raising her hands to Dannii’s dripping entrance, gliding her fingers up the delicate folds, teasing her inner labia out a little as Dannii gave a moment, before she delved a couple of fingers into the hot hole, making her groan as she pushed them deep, her digits being swallowed by the scorching tunnel. Dannii gave a deep groan as Lucy hooked her fingers back, finding her G-spot almost expertly, pressuring it and rubbing firmly as her other hand went to her clit, rubbing at the pierced clit through its soft, pierced hood, using the jewellery to help stimulate the sensitive nub. She didn’t do this long however, as she didn’t want Dannii coming on her fingers, at least not yet, and only gave her a few more moments of pleasure before uncurling her fingers and stopping at her clit, just lightly pulling and tweaking at her titanium hood ring as she lightly thrust her fingers straight in and out. Dannii was still getting plenty of nice sensations though, taking a breath and calming down a bit, which immediately got ruined as Lucy slid another finger into her, stretching her a bit with three fingers as she pushed her hood back to get at her clit, curiously touching at the barbell through her clit as she continued to work her pussy.

“This is beautiful Dannii,” she murmured, giving a stroke over the button that made Dannii’s eyelids strain to close.

“Thanks,” she mumbled, letting out a breathy moan.

“Did it hurt? Lucy asked, eyeing the stiff nub with its small barbell.

“The hood wasn’t too bad but the clit did, a lot, even with the numbing, but it was worth it,” she breathed as Lucy examined her, still using three fingers on her.

“Definitely,” she said with a smile, giving it a good squeeze and making Dannii grunt before she took her hand away and moved it down between her legs, pressing the juicy fingers up between her firm ass to her tight ring, making Dannii moan and lift her legs a bit to improve access. Pressing a finger firmly, she pushed through the resistance and into Dannii’s hot ass as she gave a gasp, continuing to finger her pussy to keep her going, Dannii sweating and moaning as she played with her ass, using one finger at first and then pulling back to swap to two, pushing a grunt from her as there was a little twinge of pain as she was filled, five fingers in her now in total. Now she gave her the pleasure of her mouth, leaning down and planting her lips straight on Dannii’s clit through the hood, rubbing and flicking with her tongue at the soft pink folds, making Dannii give a twitch.

“Oh Luce that’s so nice…” she mumbled as Lucy worked at her, not wasting any time in ramping up the pace, thrusting both sets of fingers quite briskly in and out of Dannii now as she licked and sucked at her stiff clit, Dannii pushing up underneath her, grinding into her chin as she ate her, tasting her sweet juices as she licked over her most intimate area and surrounding soft lips. Dannii gave a pre-orgasmic shudder underneath her and Lucy decided that was enough licking for her, sliding up away from her, kissing quickly back up her tummy as she swung her thumb into place to work her pierced clit, pressuring her so the clit hood ring would stimulate her clit as she did, Dannii’s moans letting her know she’d hit it just right. It was a little awkward but she managed to continue thrusting her three fingers into her slick pussy and rubbing with her thumb, opting to just bury the two digits full depth in Dannii’s ass as she finished her off, quickly getting back to her breasts, where she immediately got licking and sucking.

“Oh fuck Luce you’re so fucking good with your fingers!” Dannii managed to gasp as the hot blonde worked at her with her dainty digits, pushing her very close to orgasm, the big one that was building in her tummy from the depths of her soul. Sucking at Dannii’s nipples, she attacked them with her tongue as she vigorously rubbed at her clit with her thumb, hearing the telltale signs of the approaching climax. Dannii’s breath became short and fast, her body tensing and twitching, pushing up towards her, her pelvic muscles contracting on her thrusting fingers, which only made her work harder, breaking down the way with a few more strokes and rubs, Dannii coming hard as she pulled at her left nipple piercing.

Dannii didn’t say anything as she climaxed, simply letting out a choked groan of intense pleasure, her body tensing tightly, powerful thighs squeezing Lucy as she lay between them, pussy and arse clamping down tightly on the impaling fingers, before her body gave a shudder and she almost reversed, arching tightly the other way, her teeth gritted, face screwed up in concentration as she breathed and grunted hard and fast through her teeth in the waves of pleasure that followed, finally giving a pull at her handcuffs and collapsing on the bed with a long drawn out groan of pleasure, Lucy smiling at inducing such a good orgasm for Dannii, who she gave a few more strokes to and stopped, withdrawing her fingers slowly and giving a last suck to her nipple, not that she seemed to care.

“When you get a bar put through a bundle of eight thousand nerves, it certainly makes it good to rub,” Dannii breathed with a dreamy smile, referring to her pierced clit.

“The simple things huh? The best things in life are free they say,” Lucy smiled as she sat up on the bed.

“It’d be free if I was doing it myself, but I seem to remember I’ve paid you quite a lot of money during our time together,” Dannii teased, since she did pay for her as a dancer.

“Because you know I’m worth it,” Lucy said with a wink, sliding off the bed and padding towards Dannii’s drawers, hoping to find some interesting toys and fancying a bit of a snoop to be honest, Dannii watching her sexy naked back as she did.

“Looking for something in particular over there?” Dannii asked lightly, seeing Lucy going through her drawers, seeing all her sex toys, of which she had plenty, as well as some of her underwear, which seemed to interest her.

“A strap-on, something different for you,” Lucy said, glancing back at the brunette singer on the bed waiting for her and relaxing.

“Second drawer on your left there, I don’t have many though you know,” Dannii said, which was true, as Lucy pulled the drawer open to reveal some more harnesses with their moulded rubber cocks, there were three more in there, one looking rather huge actually, which she didn’t dwell on, grasping the one catching her eye, which was a slender, veined eight-inch translucent electric blue and lifting it out of the drawer, which she nudged shut as she turned back to the bed, Dannii lazily sprawled back on the bed, watching her with a smile and looking forward to the solid fuck she was sure she was about to receive. Lucy just smiled back and stepped into the harness, sliding it up and taking a moment to check it out before tightening the leg straps. She’d worn a few of them but they were always different it seemed, and she didn’t know what Dannii had done with it. Tightening it up, she stepped back towards the bed.

“Ready?” Lucy asked with a smile as she reached the bed. Dannii didn’t even need asking, straightening and lifting her legs up, spreading them provocatively in the air with a grin that told her all she needed to know. Lucy was a little mesmerised by the sight of the woman she idolised spreading her legs just for her, wanting her between them, and only a polite “ahem” spurred her back into action. Ducking down, she crawled onto the bed under Dannii’s leg, which she was still holding in the air, her muscles burning as she did. Sliding up between her legs, the rubber cock laid on Dannii’s juicy entrance as Lucy found her lips again, engaging in a passionate kiss as she reached down to position the toy, just into the wet lips before she reached up under Dannii’s shoulders, taking a good hold and then suddenly thrusting forward powerfully, jamming the full length of thick rubber into her dripping pussy, right to the hilt, Dannii giving a cry as she was stretched out by the eight-incher, breaking through her cervix, her booted legs dropping onto the bed heavily beside Lucy’s from the sudden impalement.

Lucy didn’t waste any time, not pausing to let Dannii get her breath and accept the toy, hauling back and ramming in again to push another cry from Dannii, holding onto her shoulders firmly and quickly building a fast rhythm, thrusting her hips powerfully to drive the toy quickly in and out of the luscious Minogue. Dannii’s face was contorted in a mixture of expressions as she was stretched out, crying out and grunting heavily, gritting her teeth as she could barely stand it, Lucy humping relentlessly at her for about a minute. Dannii didn’t think she could bear a single thrust more with every passing second due to the intensity of the sensations, till Lucy suddenly stopped with a deep thrust into her, making her give a sharp yelp as she got to the deepest she’d been so far, the harness jammed against her pussy.

“God…you don’t hang around do you?” Dannii gasped as she was given the chance to recover.

“Not with you,” Lucy said with a smirk, leaning down to nuzzle Dannii before kissing her again, Dannii wiggling a little on the impaling rubber toy. After a minute or so resting, filled by soft, sensuous kissing, Dannii was ready for more, raising her legs again, bending her knees and pulling her boots round Lucy’s firm arse with a smug smile, wiggling sexily underneath her.

“I think you might be the right girl for me,” Dannii purred, running her tongue over her lips. Without a word, Lucy slid right back to the head of the eight-inch strap-on before driving it home again, all the way to the hilt in Dannii, making her cry out again.

“Definitely,” she gasped, sweat giving her a nice glossy sheen as they fucked.

“Should’ve taken me home sooner then,” Lucy growled, shoving in strongly again, grinding herself into the writhing singer. Sliding back, Lucy thrust in once more, more gently though now, although hardly softly. She got going into a steady rhythm of thrusting the strap-on in and out of Dannii’s dripping pussy at a good pace, using just over half the toy and going pretty deep, Dannii’s strong legs guiding her by pulling her into herself. Getting into a good solid humping, their tongues mixed in a few more kisses before Lucy leaned up on her elbows to explore, giving an evil smile, the kind people give when they’re in completes control, and let her fingers finger their way back to Dannii’s breasts, and more importantly her pierced nipples.

“You just can’t keep away from them can you?” Dannii murmured, closing her eyes and letting her head sag back onto the bed, her back arching as a little surge of pleasure spread through her, aided by Lucy just lightly playing with her barbell D-rings, not pulling or twisting to ruin it, well to begin with. Shortly after she did, continuing to thrust with the same persistent strokes of the toy as her fingers started to lightly pinch at her nipples, pull and twist the jewellery and jiggle them, just breaking into the pain range a little, mixing sensations flowing into Dannii’s body, which responded, her nipples stiffening a little more, her chest and neck flushing. Looking down, Lucy just casually watched the translucent electric blue rubber sliding in and out of Dannii, the thin inner lips hugging at the shaft as she pulled back, puffy outer ones spread round it. Releasing the grip with her legs briefly, Dannii gave Lucy a kick with her heels before digging them back into her arse, making Lucy gasp as Dannii smirked, basically kicking her into action, the way she would a horse.

“Giddy up,” she teased, flicking her tongue out a little. Lucy gave a giggle, leaning down and devouring her tongue in another hot, wet kiss, right before she picked up her pace, starting to positively thump into Dannii, the harness slapping against her as they fucked, her fingers getting rougher with the nipple piercings she was holding onto, which made Dannii squeal in the best possible way. Lucy’s hand slid from Dannii’s right breast and fumbled down towards her clit between their bumping bodies, their speed increasing still further, the bed shaking, head rail banging the wall as they fucked vigorously. Locating Dannii’s clit, Lucy began massaging it firmly, pressing her ring down to stimulate her clit powerfully, Dannii’s body giving a tense in her oncoming orgasm, close at hand now, the deep, enveloping sensation welling up from her soul. Pounding hard now, Lucy thrust the strap-on in and out in a near blur now, giving Dannii a pounding like she’d never had, especially from another girl as her fingers pulled and twisted her left nipple piercing, whilst the other ducked onto her clit and grabbed the barbell.

“Fucking come!” Lucy said quite sharply, evidently impatient for Dannii to climax, her orgasm just hitting her when Lucy twisted her left nipple ring quite hard, and at the same time twisted the titanium barbell through her clit, leaning down to sloppily kiss her chin and cheek as she gave a long, piercing, soul-shattering scream of ecstasy, her body shuddering in yet another powerful orgasm. Her legs tightly pulled Lucy into her, stopping her withdrawing, burying the toy to full depth in her juicy snatch as a chill ran over her skin, a tingle racing up her spine to her brain before her whole body burst with heat, sweat beading and glistening on her skin as she let out heavy, breathy moans as the peak faded away again, giving a final arch, pulling at her handcuffs and sagging back on the bed, Lucy leaning over her proudly on her arms. Leaning down again, she carefully took hold of Dannii’s bottom lip with her teeth, tugging and biting gently, smiling as she looked up at her from under her eyebrows, Dannii lazily opening her eyes and looking down to her with a slight attempt at a tired smile through her heavy breaths. Lucy slid off her with a few kisses down her jaw and then flopped down on top of her, head over her shoulder as they took a breather, Dannii not minding the warm weight on top of her, the electric blue strap-on still buried in her.

Finally lifting her weight from the foxy brunette, Lucy slid herself back, Dannii’s smooth legs sliding aside as she did to let her, slowly slipping the toy out, feeling Dannii’s natural tightness hugging it as it got to the head, which popped out with a little more pull easily, Dannii’s juices dampening the sheets beneath her as Lucy leaned up to give Dannii another kiss, which she raised herself from the bed for, sustaining it a little longer than Lucy intended, really wanting that kiss right then before she allowed Lucy to break away and flop carefully down next to her, smiling at Dannii and reaching over to just lightly stroke her tummy, Dannii giving a purr of satisfaction, comfortable laid back on the bed next to her newest lover, basking in the glow of yet another good orgasm. They didn’t say anything for a few minutes, Lucy just playfully tickling and stroking Dannii next to her, nudging at her large breasts with a smirk.

“Ready for more yet?” Lucy murmured. They both knew it was going to carry on from here, and just how as well. Well maybe not exact details, but the rough idea, but it had Dannii on all fours.

“I’m handcuffed, does it matter if I’m not?” Dannii murmured with a sly smile, her eyes rolling over to look into Lucy’s as she pushed herself up onto an elbow next to her.

“Not really, because I can do whatever I want with you right now,” Lucy grinned, rolling over onto Dannii again, sliding down between her thighs to nestle comfortably against the voluptuous singer.

“There you go then, pointless question really isn’t it?” Dannii said with a smile, squeezing her thighs a little on Lucy.

“True, however I’m being nice and thought I’d give you a chance for a rest,” Lucy purred, leaning down to softly kiss Dannii.

“Mmm, thank you, I’ll just take a moment, in which you can get some nipple clamps out of the middle drawer over there,” Dannii said with a smile, raising a leg from the bed to indicate the unit she meant.

“They’re not really my thing,” Lucy said, giving a pout before kissing Dannii again, the strap-on lying between them thickly.

“Good thing they’re not for you then isn’t it?” Dannii cooed as they broke their latest kiss. Lucy’s face lit up at the idea, as if she hadn’t contemplated it at the mention of them, her mind suddenly flooding with visions of clamping Dannii’s pierced nipples. Without a word she pulled away from Dannii and daintily hopped off the bed onto the floor, her strap-on bouncing in front of her as she went to the drawers, Dannii turning to look idly before closing her eyes and lying back again with a sigh to relax, enjoying the few moments to herself. Lucy went through the draw, it wasn’t just nipples clamps in there after all, flicking past some other toys, a few she’d never seen before till she found a few pairs of nipple clamps. Looking at them carefully, wondering which would best clamp the gorgeous pierced peaks on Dannii, finally settling on an all-black set. They were teethed spring clamps with a screw to adjust their tightness, held together by a black chain.

Glancing back to Dannii, who was laid out on the bed with her eyes closed, looking quite peaceful, Lucy went back to the drawer where she’d got the strap-on she was still wearing, having seen something interesting there. Opening it, she laid eyes immediately back on the long, thick burnt orange rubber toy and its black harness, looking brand new and shiny, and also begging to be used, to taste the sweet body of Dannii Minogue. Lifting the weighty toy out of the drawer, she concealed it as she stepped back to the bed, setting it down next to it out of view and dropping the clamps on the bed, Dannii looking back up to her with a smile as she undid the strap-on she was wearing, dropping it on the bed as well to make it seem that she’d used it for another round.

“Hope you’re ready for these then, because now I’m not giving you a choice,” Lucy growled with an evil little smile, picking the clamps up and sliding back between Dannii’s booted legs, holding the clamps and twisting the screws to make them a little looser. She wanted to tighten them on Dannii herself, a twisted little pleasure she’d never expected to get, and never really realised she’d relish till now.

“You can never really get ready for nipple clamps, so let’s go,” Dannii said with a smirk, awaiting the grim pinch of the clamps. Lucy squeezed one open and went for her left nipple, so she could use her right hand, which trembled ever so slightly, her own breathing heavy, heart racing. Dannii was no better, heart rate now much increased, her chest heaving with the breaths she hauled down, making her large breasts move delightfully for Lucy. Carefully pressing the metal to the nipple, Dannii giving a gasp, she pressed it in firmly, getting the tip in close so it was over the barbell part running through the nipple. Dannii bit her lip tightly right before Lucy let the clamp slowly close, squeezing down on her, teeth biting in, her squeal beginning and ascending rapidly and proportionately with the spring closing, till it hit the stop and her muffled squeal turned to a long, strained growl.

“Fuck that’s intense,” she gasped, breathing hard as the pain spread through her sensitive nipples. She hadn’t had them clamped since they were pierced, pinched plenty, including by her piercist who said he couldn’t resist, but not clamped. And now, the bite of the clamps and the tightness were just intense, magnified greatly by the bars now residing in her nipples. Just giving Dannii a chance to feel the bite of the black clamp, Lucy smiled as she watched the emotions wash through the singer then, satisfied she was ready to continue, pulled herself up and back, leaned down and then swiftly threw herself forward into her little trademark move, a forward roll, landing over Dannii’s stomach with her knees, straddling her toned mid-section with smile.

“That never gets old,” Dannii panted, looking up with a slight smile to the blonde stripper now straddling her.

“And now…” Lucy murmured with a smile, looking deep into Dannii’s eyes as she grasped the screw and started to turn it, making the clamp squeeze tighter, Dannii feeling the sharp pressure increasing very clearly, especially since they were clamping right down onto her barbell. She grunted deeply, Lucy smiling as a little thrill raced through her at the sound, continuing to gradually turn it, just slowly building up the pressure as Dannii breathed heavily, magnificent breasts heaving with her chest. She wanted to break Dannii, make her beg till she reached the absolute limit, and that wasn’t going to take long it seemed. Dannii didn’t like severe pain from clamps, preferring to keep it more fun, but she had done it a few times, and she usually got her nipples clamped much tighter than they were now, but she was already feeling she could handle no more. The piercings had done exactly as she’d wanted, made her nipples very sensitive, and she’d have somewhere to push her limits now with clamps. However, right now she wasn’t feeling the urge to explore those, giving a cry that’d been building up for a while, Lucy pausing. Leaning closer, she checked the teeth weren’t cutting into Dannii.

“How’s that feeling?” she cooed, looking up at Dannii before following in for a quick kiss before she could reply.

“Tight,” Dannii growled, her teeth gritted.

“Good, but not enough,” Lucy purred with a wicked smile, twisting the screw more to tighten the serrated teeth on her tortured nipple, crushing it down on her barbell.

“Oh my go….” Dannii attempted, descending into a squeal, her body tensing up, pulling at her cuffs as the sensations intensified, her eyes squeezing shut, face screwed up with the conflicting sensations, the pain dragging up pleasure she derived from it to mingle and dance with it on her soul. Gasping from the potent feelings running through her, Dannii opened her eyes and looked up to Lucy, who sat over her with a smile, watching her writhe, fingers just toying with the screw on the clamp. Twisting it slowly, the pressure increased more, sharp black metal teeth biting into Dannii’s resisting nipple, making her whine as she reached her limit, feeling like she could take no more.

“Is someone struggling?” Lucy cooed, pouting down at Dannii, reaching up to softly brush a hair back from her face. Dannii could only give a light moan in response, eyes half shut in the sensations coursing through her little body. This had to be the lightest she’d had clamps pushing her limits in her whole life. The nipple piercings had done what she wanted, heightening the sensations she felt greatly. She almost had enough time to muse how it might revolutionise her sex life, before Lucy turned the screw the last little bit to push her through the pain barrier, making her give a sharp cry, attempting to stifle following ones as she grimaced in the sharp pain through her nipple, too much now as she arched up from the bed, eager to alleviate the bite of the clamp.

“Fuck Luce!” she grunted, squirming underneath the hot blonde over her, who smiled devilishly at her control over Dannii.

“Who’s my bitch?” Lucy asked, her heart racing as she played the dom to the gorgeous singer, a position of control she’d barely dreamt of.

“I am!” Dannii squealed, arching up towards her, the magnificent breasts Lucy loved begging for attention, her hand eagerly finding Dannii’s untouched right breast and squeezing firmly.

“Damn right, and who am I?” she growled, pinching her unclamped nipple, Dannii breathing hard and fast through her clenched teeth, eyes squeezed shut and watering a little, making her make-up run.

“My Mistress!” Dannii yelled, not attempting any attitude, offering herself to Lucy completely, who rewarded her by loosening the clamp enough to dip back below the painful level, feeling a numbing buzz from her nipple.

“Good girl,” Lucy murmured, stroking Dannii’s hair back from her sweaty face, leaning down to kiss her quite softly as she caressed the free nipple. Lucy pulled away and repeated the same thing on the other nipple, pushing Dannii a little further past her limit to point out she was in control, Dannii yielding completely, giving a slight moan as she was loosened just past the climactic point once more, Lucy twisting a finger in the chain now connecting her nipples. Catching her breath, Dannii looked up into Lucy’s piercing green eyes, giving a slight smile and a growl as Lucy tested the weight of her breasts with her spare hand. She responded with a slight tug to the chain, making Dannii gasp loudly.

“Quiet you, I’ve got a surprise in store for you,” Lucy purred, giving an evil smile. Lucy pulled away a bit, reaching off the bed, interesting Dannii who leaned up to see what she was doing, her eyes widening with another gasp as Lucy lifted the massive strap-on back up with her, grinning at Dannii as she casually kicked the other one off the bed. She let Dannii ogle it for a minute with her pretty blue eyes, then pulled away and sat on the edge of the bed, slipping her feet into the harness as casually as a pair of jeans, standing up to pull it up.

“There’s a thinner one in there you know…” Dannii panted, watching as she did the harness up round her thighs.

“I know,” Lucy replied with a wicked sideways grin, finishing tightening the straps and sliding back onto the bed with her big fake orange cock as Dannii bit her lip.

“Use plenty of lube,” she said, eyes locked on the toy as her mind was locked on the prospect of what was to come. Neither of them had specifically mentioned anal sex, but they just didn’t need to. Dannii knew exactly what Lucy wanted to do to her, and Lucy knew what Dannii wanted from her, it was an unspoken mutual urge.

“I will, I’m not cruel,” Lucy said, running her hand over the top of Dannii’s thigh, temptingly close to her slick pussy.

“It’ll be the thickest thing I’ve ever taken, anally at least,” Dannii murmured with a slight blush, rolling onto her side a little, ready to be rolled completely and taken by her blonde lover.

“So why do you think I’m gonna fuck you in the ass then sweetie?” she cooed, her hands sliding up to Dannii’s hips, just lightly stroking at her, Dannii blushing a little though she wasn’t sure why, just smiling sly back at Lucy as she looked up at her.

“Because you want to make me your bitch,” Dannii said, wiggling herself a little.

“I’ll think you’ll find you already are my bitch, as you admitted yourself, unless…you were lying to me?” Lucy said, a hint of a threat to her voice.

“Of course not mistress,” Dannii said with an innocent smile.

“Good girl,” Lucy said with a grin, stroking up to Dannii’s waist.

“I’m already your bitch, and besides, I’ve got a hot ass, I know you can’t resist,” Dannii said cheekily, giving a showy pout at her young blonde playmate.

“Oh is that so? Don’t you think I should be the judge of that?” Lucy said, sliding her hands back to grasp Dannii’s hips again.

“Maybe,” she purred, giving the come-on with her gorgeous blue eyes. Lucy pulled to roll Dannii over onto her front, Dannii helping her of course.

“Maybe? Of course I should. Maybe I want a girl with a proper booty on her, did you ever think of that?” Lucy said as she pulled Dannii over. She started to tense to get onto her knees as she rolled when Lucy stopped her with a hand on her lower back.

“No you don’t, down on your front,” she whispered, for two reasons. Firstly, she wanted to press Dannii into the bed for a good look at her ass, and secondly she wanted to press her breasts and clamped nipples into the bed to make her squeal. Dannii relaxed as she was ordered and sank onto the bed, leaning on her elbows and pushed her hips into the bed.

“Flat,” Lucy ordered sharply, pressing higher up Dannii’s spine, whose breasts were swinging just above the bed. Dannii let herself be pushed down, sliding off her elbows to straighten her arms and take the weight on her breasts, giving a noise that started as a squeal and turned to a long, low growl of pain and pleasure.

“That’s better, now let’s get a look at this ass huh?” Lucy said with a satisfied smile, sitting back on her knees, the huge, heavy strap-on hanging down onto the bed between her legs. Leaning back, she ran her hands over Dannii’s ass, which tensed to show how firm it really was, Dannii glancing back over her shoulder with a slight smile.

“Mm very nice, perhaps not quite as toned as it could be but still nice,” Lucy teased, giving Dannii’s firm rear a squeeze. Dannii just gave a slight giggle before Lucy grasped her hips again and urged her up, Dannii gratefully taking the weight off her nipple clamps and getting onto her knees, pulling herself up the bed and leaning down on her elbows since she was handcuffed, arching her back as she settled.

“Oh yeah looks much better like that,” Lucy purred, brushing her hands over Dannii’s nice arse, down between her legs to brush over her pussy, making the singer shiver.

“In fact, you look better like that in general, natural,” Lucy teased, glancing over Dannii doggy style and ready to fuck.

“Oi,” Dannii protested.

“Quiet you,” Lucy said, landing a firm spank on her, making her gasp and quiet down.

“Want me to pull your clamps? Because that’s what happens to bitches that speak out of turn here,” Lucy threatened, stroking Dannii’s ass carefully. Dannii kept quiet, pleasing Lucy who waited a few moments for her.

“Nothing to say? Good, you learn fast, however that still won’t go unpunished,” Lucy said, swatting Dannii on the ass again, making her groan, her pussy dripping wet, nipples and clitoris throbbing. As if she could read Dannii’s mind, she slid her hand under and rubbed briskly up and down Dannii’s vulva for a moment, stimulating her clit powerfully as she rubbed the piercings, the small Aussie tensing up and letting out a stuttered groan before Lucy withdrew, leaving Dannii gasping noisily.

“A light spanking like this won’t be enough to punish a slut like you,” Lucy said, feeling a thrill rush through her as she owned Dannii, who just wiggled a little before her before she delivered another spank, making her clench and grunt.

“And I think the best way is to give this ass a good fuck, since you’re so proud of it,” she said with a smirk, spanking Dannii firmly again to make her moan pornographically.

“That’ll bring you down a notch,” she said, smacking her once more, the firm cheeks showing a little redness.

“However, you’re not so bad you deserve this dry, so I’ll let you have lube,” she said with a smug smirk that Dannii couldn’t see, swatting her once more to draw a grunt from her, Dannii biting her lip.

“Since you’re a good little bitch, you’ve earned that much,” Lucy teased, reaching down once more to rub Dannii’s dripping pussy, briskly working directly at her clit, rubbing her hood ring down onto her pierced nub, making her shudder and groan, pushing herself into Lucy’s hand, which was swiftly yanked away, delivering a hard, stinging spank on Dannii’s ass.

“Enough of that,” she said simply, giving another quick swat and then pulling away, reaching over to get the lube Dannii had found for her own anal session earlier, quickly uncapping it. Squeezing some onto her hand, she spread Dannii with her fingers and applied it to her waiting anus, Dannii giving a gasp and trying to pull away a little instinctively at the cold, quickly sorting herself out and relaxing, looking back as best she could to Lucy rubbing the lube liberally over her backdoor, adding a bit more and pushing a slippery finger in to get her as thoroughly prepared as possible. Satisfied Dannii was ready, she pulled back and looked to herself, and down at the large rubber strap-on she was wearing. Squeezing lots into her hand, she spread it between both hands and wrapped them round the toy, stroking smoothly over the entire shaft, getting it thoroughly covered, again adding a bit more and spreading it specifically round the bulbous head to aid the initial penetration.

“Now, you didn’t fuck me, not really,” Lucy said, shuffling closer to Dannii, lifting the toy up with her slippery hand as her other rested on Dannii’s arse, stroking slightly.

“However, I will fuck you, properly,” Lucy said, patting Dannii’s ass casually, the point made. Dannii didn’t protest, there was little point, she’d only make it worse for herself, unless she genuinely backed out, and she didn’t want to do that as she was looking forward to the challenge and being sodomized by her young blonde lover.

Taking her place, she held Dannii’s hips and pulled herself up a little closer, kneeling between Dannii’s booted calves, which she nudged a bit further apart to get in close, resting the toy on Dannii’s tail. She rocked a moment and then grasped it, pulling her hips back and lowering it down to the slippery hole, pushing the orange strap-on forward against the strong entrance, feeling Dannii’s resistance holding her back. Lucy didn’t waste any time though, pushing quite firmly, feeling Dannii resist and stretch for a moment before she sunk in, the thick, bulbous head popping into Dannii’s ass as she gave a loud gasp and a long, loud growl of pain, her toes curling in her boots as she gritted her teeth from the sharp pain of the huge toy stretching her out. She had a good feel of Dannii’s body from that, which had stretched out quite impressively to handle the large toy, evidently the thickest thing she’d ever taken not being too much of a problem, even if it did hurt. She paused a few moments, just taking a breath and getting ready to continue, which would be sharp and sudden.

“And this is for all those nights you teased me and left me!” she hissed, thrusting hard, jamming a few more inches of the thick ten-inch strap-on into Dannii’s tight ass, making her cry out sharply in pain, her body tightening as tears pricked her eyes. She held Dannii’s hips tightly, thrusting her own forward to deliver another hard thrust, jamming another few inches into her ass as she gave a loud cry of pure pain, a tear sliding down her cheek from her watering eyes.

“And that’s for all those other dancers you screwed, the ones that told me how you were dynamite in the sack, who rubbed it in that you’d always rejected me,” Lucy snapped bitterly, Dannii giving a shudder as she cried a little, gasping heavily for breath, hands holding tight to her chain, pulling at the handcuffs. Lucy gave her a moment again, then started to push, not thrusting, just aiming to drive the ten-inch orange toy home, Dannii clenching on her with another cry.

“Stop stop, please Lucy stop!” she practically screamed, the pain really too much for her. She’d been up for a good hard assfuck, but this was too much, especially with such a big toy. She was enjoying domination but there were lines and she’d been thrust over hers. Lucy got the message, stopping immediately, slowly pulling herself back to extract the large toy from Dannii’s arse, pulling back, seeing her bulge a little at the back of the head, which she persuaded past her sphincter with a little tug, accompanied by a grunt from Dannii, which was followed by a loud sigh of relief from her, her arsehole gaping wide from the large toy. They’d barely got started but the stress had covered Dannii with a sheen of sweat, glistening on her smooth skin. Leaning down, Lucy softly kissed Dannii’s lower back, her hands stroking Dannii’s firm rear, squeezing the cheeks a bit.

“Do you want a smaller one?” Lucy murmured, not wanting to hurt Dannii too much.

“No, just lots more lube, and feed me that thing steadily,” Dannii breathed, still recovering.

“Ok sweetie, no problem,” Lucy said, reaching underneath to lightly rub Dannii’s clit to help calm her down, vindicated as Dannii gave a purr of pleasure. Leaning away, she got the lubricant back, opening it and squeezing a liberal amount onto her strap on, spreading it all over it thickly so it was almost dripping off it. Then she turned her attentions on Dannii’s ass, and decided far more than just lube was needed. She needed to get Dannii properly in the mood and relaxed, so figured she’d lube and finger Dannii’s ass at the same time to get her going, relax her a bit ready for her. Squeezing the lube out onto two fingers, she spread it round Dannii’s ring, which was still slightly open, liberally coating it, before she added some more and pressed her fingers against the hole. It took just a little pressure to get them in, pushing them just inside and twisting them to spread the lube round her muscle, then delving her fingers right inside.

“Lucy what are you…mmm…doing?” Dannii murmured, feeling a little pleasure drift through her.

“Getting you ready, just enjoy and be quiet,” Lucy said, hooking and turning her fingers to stimulate Dannii, who squeezed at her a little and relaxed, letting Lucy work at her, opening her gradually as she expanded her fingers, adding more lube to her and working her slowly open. Adding another finger with even more lube, she strained Dannii a little to get it into her, stretching her out a bit with a groan from Dannii, wiggling them slowly into her, just patiently getting them to her knuckles, feeling Dannii wanting to clamp down on her. She waited till Dannii was ready, then slowly thrust her fingers in and out, rocking and circling them to open her out, Dannii’s foot tapping up and down on the bed as she gasped and rocked her hips back towards her, properly into it now, which Lucy was pleased with, since it was the aim, using her spare hand to administer a quick clit rub before she added a bit more lube and slowly removed her fingers.

“Right let’s try this again shall we?” Lucy said, moving in behind Dannii and raising the toy, carefully pushing it to the loosened and waiting hole.

“Uh-huh, just be gentle,” Dannii murmured, flushed in pre-orgasmic pleasure. Holding Dannii’s hips, she pushed forwards into her, the head quite easily popping past with minimal fuss and a slight breath from Dannii, who took a deep one as Lucy slowly pushed forward. Dannii let out a low groan as the thick toy stretched her out, expressing some discomfort, but it was controlled and smooth, Lucy steadily pushing it in, the lube helping greatly to ease the way and make it actually enjoyable. Dannii felt it glide over what she’d describe as her anal G-spot, a point which, when pressure, just turned her on immensely, so she let out a long, throaty groan of pleasure, Lucy smiling at the noise, far more what she wanted to hear, Dannii pushing back just a little. Up to around seven inches, there were just a few inches of the orange rubber left out now, her hole hugging and taking it in expertly, where she paused.

“You ok Dannii, need a break or anything?” she asked, stroking Dannii’s sexy back. Dannii didn’t answer, simply rolling her hips and nudging back a little to signal she wanted her to continue and give her more of it. Lucy did as she wanted, slowly pushing again, though it was harder now, Dannii’s body barely able to take the full length of the massive toy, which was enforced as Dannii gave a strained groan and a grunt near the base, breathing heavily, her head down towards the bed. She gave a little whimper as Lucy got nine inches into her, just an inch to go to the harness.

“Almost there sweetie, be brave,” she cooed with a smile, enjoying her position of power. Pressing forward, Dannii gave a little cry, unable to hold it back as Lucy forced the remaining inch into her resisting body. She didn’t know whether to push back or pull away from the huge toy as it was buried in her to the hilt, the conflicting sensations of pain and pleasure setting her body alight, flowing through her from her very full feeling ass, which mixed with her throbbing pierced clit and numb, throbbing clamped nipples, which pained as they were, were wanting a quick tug. Lucy gave a triumphant little cry as she pressed herself to Dannii, the entire shaft in her, Dannii feeling very strained, unable to take any more, but still wanting her nipples tugged.

“Luce, can you tug my chain?” she breathed, resting her head on the bed.

“Sure,” Lucy said after a pause, giving a smile as she reached round and under Dannii, finding the chain between her nipple clamps, getting it tight and then giving a little sharp pull, not hard, but enough to make Dannii yelp, her body shivering, blood running cold with adrenaline.

“Thank you mistress,” she mumbled, closing her eyes.

“No problem bitch,” Lucy replied with a grin, sliding the toy back to just the head, then slowly sliding all the way back in, right to the hilt where Dannii gave a little yelp as the large head probed deep within her, her sphincter stretched out to new levels, the strained feeling not subsiding. She knew she was going to be sore in the morning, however right now it was kind of nice as Lucy slowly went back and forth with the full length of the toy, over her special spot and also others that were more intense or painful, a mix of sensations overwhelming her as she got gradually faster whilst they spoke.

“After all the times you ditched me, I’m finally here,” Lucy said, basically taking out her grudge on Dannii right now, a grudge fuck for not being taken home so many times.

“I didn’t ditch you,” Dannii murmured, pushing back a bit to meet her.

“What would you call it then?” Lucy said, getting a bit quicker, Dannii giving an ‘ooh’ as she did.

“I was waiting for the right time, I didn’t want to rush into it,” she said, grunting deeply as Lucy pressed deep.

“Why not?” Lucy probed, wanting to hear it from Dannii as to why.

“Mmm come on Lucy, fuck me,” Dannii groaned, feeling a little buzz of pleasure, avoiding the question a little.

“Answer me bitch,” she said, smacking Dannii on the top of the ass.

“I knew from the moment I met you that you were special, something else,” Dannii gasped before eliciting a moan, biting her lip as a rush surged through her.

“And…and I didn’t want to rush it and ruin it, meeting your dreams kind of thing,” Dannii said, inhaling sharply at a swift draw back by Lucy before she buried it into her ass again.

“And you didn’t share any of this with me?” Lucy growled, grinding herself into Dannii deeply for a moment, making her give a strained moaning grunt.

“Maybe I wanted to rush into it, ever think of that?” Lucy said, continuing to increase the rhythm, Dannii pulling at her cuffs, closing in on a climax.

“It wasn’t your call,” Dannii breathed, followed by a slow, drawling groan. Lucy slowed a little to talk to Dannii, since this was important even though she wasn’t upset, she understood fully.

“You could’ve just talked to me, not left me hanging you know,” Lucy said softly, letting her know this could be far more than a lay.

“Come on Luce, harder, faster,” Dannii purred, wanting them to enjoy the moment. Thoughts and emotions could be collected later in each other’s arms. Lucy decided she’d give her that, far more than she’d like however, grabbing her hips tightly and ramming in full depth. Dannii gave a cry from the intensity, writhing beneath her as she held it right in her to the hilt, half-moaning, half-crying as the sensations washed through her, clamping down on the thick orange toy impaling her so completely. Pulling back, she went to it properly, picking up the pace quite drastically, thumping in and out of Dannii noisily, Dannii’s moan almost constant as they fucked, the bed shaking, the handcuffs rattling on the metal head frame. Reaching under, Lucy gave a few precise and teasing rubs to her clit, taking her hurtling towards climax, which was immediately disturbed when Lucy suddenly yanked right out of her, Dannii squeezing shut and lurching backwards, cuffs cutting into her wrists as she gave a cry of protest.

“What the fuck Luce?!” Dannii snapped, forgetting her position, and was quickly greeted by a stinging slap on her ass, making her hiss as hands grabbed her again, the toy suddenly at her anus again and buried hard into her before she knew it, giving a loud cry of pain as Lucy went full depth, slamming into her ass, shoving her up the bed a few inches, a burst of pain immediately dredging up pleasure and yearning from within her, making her moan through her short breaths. Reaching up, she grabbed a handful of Dannii’s luxurious brown hair and yanked her head back, straining her neck as she gave a yelp of surprise followed by a guttural groan through clenched teeth. Lucy’s hand went under her swiftly, easily finding her clit, brushing the hood out the way and going directly to the sensitive nub itself, her fingers stroking at it and its titanium bar, which was immediately twisted and rubbed at, making Dannii shudder and tense as her orgasm was induced.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck…” Dannii cursed, her eyes squeezing shut and watering, causing her make-up to run even more as her body bucked under Lucy, who sank the toy absolutely full depth again in Dannii’s diminutive figure, which trembled and shook under her, Dannii screaming in ecstasy as she came, her body goosepimpling, shaking powerfully as she clenched tightly on the thick strap-on, feeling herself filled so perfectly as she climaxed, just so happy she’d taken Lucy home at that moment. Her nipples feeling as if they’d break the clamps as they throbbed hard, her clit feeling like it was getting even harder somehow with a rush of blood, her body swimming with chemicals, adrenaline and others awash in her system, dizzying a little at slight oxygen starvation to her brain from the intense peak, heart racing as she hauled down a breath, a tingle racing up her arching spine to her brain, spreading through her like an exploding firework as her orgasm finished with a final strain before she flopped limply in front of Lucy, her arms giving way and letting her fall onto her breasts, pushing a tired yelp from the worn out singer, still on her knees since Lucy still impaled her.

“Good girl, nice orgasm there?” Lucy purred, leaning forward over Dannii, reaching under to lightly stroke her as she pressed her own firm breasts to Dannii’s sweaty, sexy back.

“Uh huh…” Dannii murmured, barely coherent from the powerful climax she’d just endured, her body feeling so delicate, like she’d break if she were touched, sexually at least. Their sweaty bodies pressed together for a few moments, both of them breathing heavily, Lucy still pretty turned on since she hadn’t orgasmed herself, but it was all right. Pulling herself back up, she placed her hands on Dannii’s bum and pushed a little, slowly pulling the strap-on back out of her, Dannii moaning lightly as she did, tender after such a fuck, the toy long and slow to withdraw. She got to the head, and gave a little tug, Dannii giving a grunt as she thick toy pulled free completely, sagging down in front of Lucy, whose hands slid off Dannii as she slumped over to the side on the bed with a sigh, eyes closed and gathering her breath.

“Just rest honey,” Lucy said, reaching out to pat Dannii softly on the arse as she turned and sat down on the bed, undoing the straps of the hefty harness, laying back on the bed onto her shoulders to pull it out from under her own neat rear and down her thighs, pulling the heavy toy down her sexy legs and discarding it onto the floor with a thud. Getting the key to the handcuffs from the side unit, she shuffled up past Dannii to free her, unlocking the cuffs to let her arms down, another sigh of relief arising from the sexy Minogue, pulling her arms down and enjoying the cool sensation of blood flowing properly in them again as Lucy released the other cuff from her wrist. Rolling onto her back, Dannii opened her eyes and looked up to Lucy with a smile, who smiled back, leaning down for a quick peck on the lips before she looked to the clamps constricting her aching nipples. Reaching down, she grasped each one, Dannii mumbling as they moved, which was uncomfortable for her. Squeezing them, she swiftly removed them from Dannii blood spreading back into her nipples a bit, feeling them throb quite painfully, giving a growl.

Lucy dropped them aside and quickly dived down on Dannii’s chest again, sucking a nipple into her mouth, quickly massaging with her tongue as she sucked to help restore the blood flow properly and soothe a little, quickly switching to the other nipple and doing the same thing, Dannii moaning softly in satisfaction at the pleasant sensations which did help to fight away the ache from the clamps. Lucy then moved down with a few more kisses over her toned tummy, swiftly and efficiently unzipping Dannii’s long PVC boots, and then pulling back to slide them off Dannii’s lovely legs, throwing them onto the floor. With that done, Dannii reached down and urged Lucy up to her, drawing her into a soft, tender kiss, their tongues stroking and mingling with each other as they did, lingering for a time before they separated with a smooch, Dannii guiding Lucy to lie in front of her as the rolled onto her side. Her hot blonde lover slid perfectly into position in front of her as she pulled in close behind to spoon her, resuming control of the bedroom, at which Lucy became a little shy again, going quiet as they snuggled up. When she finally did speak, it was quiet and tentative, unsure where they were now.

“Am I leaving soon?” Lucy asked, not looking back to Dannii, who had her eyes closed anyway. She just smiled, since Lucy was basically asking if she was being thrown out, which she had no intentions of at all.

“No you’re not, you’re not like the other dancers who’ve come here, you know that,” Dannii purred, leaning in to nuzzle Lucy through her soft blonde hair.

“Really?” Lucy asked, just wanting to hear it.

“Yeah, you’re definitely staying the night with me sweetie,” Dannii murmured, pushing Lucy’s hair aside to softly kiss her neck, making her squirm a little before she pulled the covers back and helped Lucy under them, leaning over her to seal it with another kiss before Dannii drew the covers over them and snuggled down, arms round her blonde playmate. Lucy gave a satisfied, fulfilled sigh, having finally made it to Dannii’s bed, and having had it break every expectation she’d had by miles, and now to fall asleep in her arms for the night, it was just perfect. They let tiredness overtake them after their sexual exertions, quickly falling asleep together snuggled up cosily after their first encounter.
Dannii came to early in the morning to the sound of rain against her window. Still pitch black, apart from the weak light that seeped into her bedroom around the curtains, she lazily opened her eyes, giving a little stretch and a murmur, feeling immensely comfortable. She’d been sleeping deeply after the vigorous, satisfying sex she’d shared with Lucy, taking a few moments to focus, raising her head and looking over, seeing and feeling, as she became more awake, that she was alone in her bed. Leaning up on her arm, she glanced to the clock, which read three fifty-four, giving another more comprehensive stretch as she looked round her dusky room, and out the half-open door towards her. Glancing over, she saw that her robe was missing from the back of it, and, after stifling a yawn, pulled the covers back and slipped out of bed, still completely naked. She goosepimpled a little at the cool air but didn’t attempt to find anything to wear, pulling the covers back over to keep the bed warm before padding to the door on her bare feet. Reaching it, she leaned round, looking into her dim front room, and was just able to make out Lucy sitting by the floor-to-ceiling windows drinking a cup of coffee.

“Can’t sleep?” Dannii said, walking softly towards Lucy by the window, completely unashamed at her nudity, which Lucy paused to take in as she focused on her.

“No…I woke up and got thinking you know…” she murmured, her eyes still flitting over Dannii’s voluptuous nudity.

“Well I was sleeping just fine till my playmate left the bed,” Dannii teased with a knowing smile, before she turned and sauntered into the kitchen, Lucy eyeing her swaying rear as she did. She made herself a cup of coffee and then walked back out, still unconcerned at her lack of clothing. It excited her, to be naked in front of her large windows, the thought that someone might see her, though at four in the morning she wasn’t sure whom. She pulled up a retro styled gas lift barstool, which was made from moulded black plastic and hopped onto it, gasping loudly at the cold plastic on her naked bum, Lucy giggling a little. The way it was moulded meant it raised between the legs, and Dannii made no secret of grinding her naked pussy against it a little with a smirk, before settling and sipping her coffee. Dannii noticed her nipples were feeling particularly sore, which she guessed was really no surprise given what Lucy had done to them, sipping her hot coffee next to Lucy in silence, both of them looking out at the wet city below them, rain pouring down on it and against the tall windows, running slowly down the glass as they sat in the darkness behind it, no urge to put any lights on.

“So what’s up Luce?” Dannii said softly, looking up from her mug to Lucy, who was lost staring out the window, listening to the pitter-patter of the rain on the glass in the light wind.

“Hmm?” she murmured, looking round to her, having been miles away, not paying any attention to Dannii’s words.

“What’s up? You’re distracted,” she said, taking another casual drink from her mug.

“No I’m not, it’s fine, I just couldn’t sleep,” she said, finishing her own coffee off and standing the mug down on the floor.

“Yes you are, there’s something on your mind, I can tell, I know you well enough for that,” Dannii said with a warm smile, looking into Lucy’s luscious eyes.

“How can you tell?” Lucy said, raising an eyebrow with a slight smile, not denying she’d been caught.

“Because after a shag like that, in bed with your lover, you don’t just wake up in the middle of the night unable to sleep, and if you do you get them to help…relax you again,” Dannii giggled with a devilish grin. Lucy let out a laugh, a lovely sound as she glanced back out the window, quietening to just a smile before she looked back to Dannii.

“Ok well…I don’t know how to put this you know…” she started, looking shyly away from Dannii.

“Just tell me, I won’t know anything until you do,” Dannii cajoled, finishing her own coffee and standing the mug down, extending a foot to brush her toes over Lucy’s at the bottom of the robe.

“Well…the sex was absolutely fantastic, it’s more than I ever dreamt of, you’re brilliant in the sack like those other girls said, better than they said,” she said, blushing a little as she glanced to Dannii and then away again.

“That’s because I make a real effort with ones I like,” she purred, reaching out and brushing her finger softly down Lucy’s cheek, “but go on?”

“So that’s brilliant, but…I just don’t think we’d be right as a couple, like if we dated, but I’d love to just have fun with you as you know…a fuck buddy,” Lucy stuttered, looking down again, then hopefully back at Dannii, worried she’d feel the wrath of Dannii’s legendary temper. Instead she didn’t and was treated to a beaming smile from Dannii, who visibly relaxed and gave a soft sigh.

“Well that’s a bit of a relief honestly. I knew your interest in me, and I was worried that if I did bring you home I’d end up breaking your heart,” she said.

“Why?” Lucy probed simply, since Dannii had clearly thought about it.

“Because I really like you, but I’m not looking for a girlfriend or any serious commitment, and that’d never really work with who I am. The press would never allow it to be normal for me and another woman to be together, especially one who is in the…um…profession you’ve chosen,” Dannii said, glad that wasn’t an issue now.

“Well that makes sense, and we seem to be on the same page at least,” Lucy said with a smile.

“Yeah. Don’t get me wrong, you’re great, but you’re right, we probably wouldn’t work as a couple,” Dannii said, looking into Lucy’s eyes again.

“Well we needn’t find that out the hard way at least,” Lucy said with a smile.

“However, the sex is fantastic, and I’d love to have you as a fuck buddy,” Dannii said, her devilish smile returning.

“Deal,” Lucy giggled, realising just how many people would want this opportunity.

“And a bed buddy, I want you to stay the night sometimes and keep me warm,” Dannii laughed.

“I can do that, I’ll be too tired to leave once we’re finished anyway,” Lucy teased, running her tongue over her teeth.

“Damn right, and your tongue will ache far too much to call a taxi,” Dannii giggled, folding her arms since she was feeling the cold a little now.

“You’ll be begging me to stay anyway,” Lucy countered, feeling a little flush of arousal run through her. Her nipples stiffened up a little under the robe, her eyes becoming more interested in Dannii’s nudity, her pierced nipples, gorgeous curves, smooth pussy and lovely legs, all suddenly seeming so important.

“I won’t even let you leave the bed,” Dannii said, flicking her tongue out a little, her already slightly firm nipples hardening fully, noticing Lucy’s doing the same through the robe, her robe.

“Cold?” Lucy asked with a spark in her eyes, since she knew well it wasn’t just the cold making her nippy.

“Yes actually, I only came out here to retrieve my stripper,” Dannii teased.

“Want me to warm you up?” Lucy purred, completely turned on now.

“No I think I’ll cool you down, since that is my robe,” standing from the stool and pointing down at the thin silk dark blue robe. Ironically it was Midnight blue, fitting for Midnight herself, and a midnight encounter, well close enough. Lucy stood up and Dannii immediately reached for the tie at the waist, slipping it undone and pulling it open to reveal a strip up the front of Lucy, which quickly became all of her as Dannii pushed it back off her shoulders and let it pool at her feet, leaving them both naked, horny and hungry. Stepping close, she slid her hands to Lucy’s hips, pulling herself up onto her toes since Lucy was a few inches taller, and kissing her firmly, her tongue delving into Lucy’s waiting mouth, being greeted by her own as she slid her hands round and up her back, Lucy’s finding their way down to Dannii’s ass, holding it firmly. Their bare chests pressed together as they snogged, Dannii’s larger, softer breasts and their jewellery pressing into Lucy’s firmer, perkier pair, their bodies locked so perfectly together in that embrace. With no warning, Dannii suddenly raised her arms and broke the kiss, pushing Lucy back by her shoulders, straight back against the freezing glass window.

Lucy let out a loud piercing scream that was fit to make it break, and threatened to wake the neighbours, struggling to get free, and finding out how strong Dannii was as she held her against it with a playful smile till she got used to it, gasping hard at the cold spreading through her body, giving a shiver.

“Dannii, someone might see,” she whined playfully, knowing it was thrilling Dannii as much as herself, glancing to her side at the window, rain still pattering against it and chasing down to the sill.

“Shut up,” Dannii said simply, leaning forward and kissing her firmly again, giving her delightful C-cups a squeeze before she sank to her knees in front of the blonde dancer. Dannii wasted no time and grabbed Lucy’s hips, burying her face between her legs, her tongue immediately flicking out and splitting her lips, stroking wetly over her clit to make her moan and crank her up another notch straight away. She didn’t waste any time trying to get her tongue inside Lucy, simply knocking the soft hood up out the way and attacking the sensitive nub beneath, tasting Lucy’s sweet juices as she got even more turned on, her tongue briskly stimulating the hard clit at first before she swapped to a more sensual circling of it, allowing the wetness to let her glide round it at ever increasing speed. Lucy’s back arched and her knees weakened, almost pulling away from Dannii with pleasure, if her hands hadn’t slid down into Dannii’s long, soft hair to help pull her to her crotch.

Lucy moaned loudly, Dannii murmuring in satisfaction that she was doing a good job, Lucy’s ragged breaths only spurring her to slide a hand down between Lucy’s legs, then back up to her dripping entrance. With a little wiggle two fingers were buried to the knuckle in her, Lucy grunting throatily as she did it, groaning as Dannii started to thrust them, quickly exploring her slippery tunnel as her tongue continued at warp speed, pausing only to give quick, hard sucks to her, which caused a sudden rush in her pelvic region with each one, an almost unbearable sensation that took her ever closer. Her hands pushed through Dannii’s hair as she lapped and sucked at her, hooking her fingers to find her G-spot, which she seemed to have memorised as she touched it first time, immediately creating a pressure in Lucy that made her feel like she didn’t know what to do, which was quickly replaced by a powerful pleasure wave, amplified quickly by rapid, hungry tonguing from Dannii at her clit, which was more than enough to break her resistance.

“Oh fuck Dannii…” she whined, trailing off into a high pitch squeal as she climaxed, her body shuddering, hips bucking and pushing into Dannii’s chin, who pulled back a little but continued to eat and finger her pussy as the juices flowed, feeling Lucy’s muscles squeezing and contracting on her fingers. Lucy held Dannii’s head as she groaned loudly with little aftershocks, making her tremble and shiver against the glass, which now had a sweaty outline of her on it. Calming down, she breathed heavily, gasping in release at her orgasm as Dannii slid her fingers out, delivering one last kiss to her clit before pulling away, reaching up to suck her fingers clean and wipe her chin with a smile, glancing up to Lucy foxily from under her eyebrows, a sexy sideways smile playing across her full lips. Lucy didn’t look down, regaining her composure and breath, head back against the glass, her body still pressed against it, barely held up by her knees, which was exactly what Dannii wanted.

Suddenly hooking the backs of Lucy’s knees, Dannii pulled her down to her level, the hot blonde giving a surprised cry before Dannii snogged her hard, giving her no time to do anything else, driving her tongue deep into her mouth as she grasped her shoulders. Lucy just ran with it and eagerly kissed her back, their tongues battling fiercely as Dannii pulled her round and over, rolling her onto the floor and pinning her down as they continued to kiss passionately, Dannii’s large breasts swinging down to bump against Lucy’s less ample chest, her nipple piercings sliding coldly over her skin. Snogging lustily in the darkness, their legs entwined as they rolled around, Lucy’s arms wrapping round Dannii’s back in their lesbian embrace, starting to fight for control of it. Barely breaking for air, the sexy pair wrestled on the floor, rolling onto their sides until Lucy triumphantly pinned Dannii to the floor and leaned up with a smile, realising she was lying back between Dannii’s legs, something not lost on the singer, who wrapped them up round Lucy’s lovely body.

“I win,” Lucy murmured, looking into Dannii’s eyes.

“Hmm perhaps, but I still get the prize,” Dannii teased, licking her soft lips and giving a pout. Lucy smiled, leaning down to kiss her, suddenly pausing and pulling away a little to tease Dannii, who waited patiently, before Lucy leaned down, just nuzzling lightly and letting their soft lips graze together a moment before she pushed her tongue into Dannii’s willing mouth and locked lips with her once more. After a surprisingly tender kiss, she moved down, Dannii loosening her legs to let her since she knew where she was going, kissing and licking down her body, between the valley of her large breasts and down towards her pussy, just pulling away at her mound, breathing hotly over her. Dannii closed her eyes and laid her head back, relaxing as she anticipated the hot tongue and soft lips on her wet pussy. Only there wasn’t any, and Lucy suddenly withdrew, standing up from Dannii and grabbing her hand. Dannii, who’d been expecting to have her pussy licked, barely had a chance to realise what was going on as she was yanked to her feet by Lucy, who firmly grabbed her, turned her, and pressed her hard against the icy glass window, her nipple piercings clicking on the glass as she was held against it.

Dannii let out a scream that was practically enough to make the glass she was pressed against shake as she indescribable cold raced over her body, through her sensitive nipples, the barbell D-rings pressed into the glass and back into her breasts. Holding her in place powerfully, Lucy let her get used to it a bit, calming down a bit, which let Lucy slide in close and push her luxurious brown hair aside, smelling the sweet fruity shampoo scent from it as she leaned in close to softly kiss the back of Dannii’s neck, just below the hair line, a place she knew drove Dannii crazy. It worked a treat, a shiver racing down Dannii’s spine, making her moan lightly and arch her back, which pressed her breasts into the cold glass even more, making her squeal at the additional chill to her soft skin. Lucy’s hands slid out down Dannii’s arms, interlocking her fingers from the backs of her slender hands, lifting her arms out to her sides and pressing them to the large expanse of glass as well, making her tense up and gasp loudly again, Dannii’s heart now racing as she was positioned, taken, owned.

With her chest pressed to the glass and arms out, her head was tilted back, back arched and legs apart, which was one of the best positions anyone could ever hope to get Dannii Minogue into. Confident Dannii was staying put, Lucy slid down to her knees behind her, sliding her hands down her sides, onto her hips and then round to her arse, giving a squeeze of the firm cheeks. Leaning forward, she kissed her ass softly a few times and spread the cheeks with her hands, exposing Dannii and allowing herself access to her dripping pussy. Pulling herself down more, she leaned up underneath and buried her mouth in Dannii’s slippery labia, and in the same way as Dannii, wasted no time in going for the clit. Dannii immediately let out a sharp gasp, followed by a deep moan of pleasure as her clitoris was assaulted by an eager tongue. It was a slightly awkward position, but Lucy knew it wasn’t going to take her too long to get Dannii off.

Lapping briskly at her pussy, she used the flat of her tongue to stroke and stimulate Dannii’s lips as the tip of her tongue worked the pierced clit, sliding round it, bumping the ends of the titanium barbell on each side with every rotation. She fluttered the soft underside of her tongue over the tip of the delicate nub, Dannii’s hips wiggling as she groaned in intense pleasure again, pushing back to urge her on more. Taking a chance, Lucy pulled back, down Dannii’s slit with her tongue, and then slipped up to her ass, tentatively running her tongue over the tight ring of her ass, which caused Dannii to gasp.

“Oh Luce…” she sighed with a smile, eyes closed in pleasure. It wasn’t often she got her ass licked, and enjoyed it now and then, and Lucy had picked the right moment to do it. Buoyed by the encouragement, Lucy went to work, licking round the outside over it, feeling it clench and release as she teased, then carefully pressed her tongue in a little bit, wiggling to just stimulate Dannii, pushing a grunt from her before she retreated and went back to work on her pussy, immediately locating the clit which seemed even harder than before. After only a few more seconds brisk licking, Dannii gave a shudder, her fingers tightening on the glass, attempting to scratch it with her nails, her face screwing up in pleasure. She let out a squeal of pleasure as her legs tensed, wanting to squeeze shut but resisting as Lucy continued to eat her pussy, giving a couple of sharp jolts as she came, her back arching tightly, breathing loud and ragged through her clenched teeth as she gave a last tremble of climax before sagging against the window tiredly, Lucy finishing lapping up her juices before she pulled away and slid up to stand behind her. She slid her arms round Dannii’s waist, pulling herself close into her pert rear and leaning her head down to kiss softly on Dannii’s slim shoulders.

“Mm I feel like fucking this again,” Lucy purred, reaching down to give Dannii’s ass a squeeze.

“So what’s stopping you?” Dannii purred with as saucy smile, glancing back over her shoulder. There was a pause, then Lucy leaned up and pecked Dannii on the cheek.

“I’ll be right back,” she said with a playful giggle, quickly turning and scampering off towards the bedroom. Dannii didn’t move, staying prone and ready for her, as Lucy came back into the room holding the electric blue strap-on she’d been wearing earlier that’d been cast to the floor when Lucy had fucked her in the ass earlier. Quickly hopping into it, she hastily pulled it up and tightened the harness, Dannii smiling at her rush. With her ‘cock’ in place, Lucy quickly got back behind the hot brunette, kissing her on the back of her neck again as she reached down to position the eight-inch rubber toy, Dannii waiting to be taken. She was confused but pleased as she felt it slide into her pussy, giving a moan as Lucy easily slipped her it right to the hilt, pressing into her and grinding against her a little bit, making her think she was joking about fucking her in the ass again. It was only further supported as Lucy started to fuck her, pulling back and plunging into her again, getting a bit of a rhythm going, holding her hips as they started to move perfectly together.

“Mm Luce that’s lovely,” she murmured as she was fucked, loving the nice simple pleasure it was giving her. However, Lucy hadn’t decided against her ass, and proved it as she slid out of Dannii, pulled the toy out and pressed it to Dannii’s tight hole. It was lubed only by her juices this time, but Dannii, even though she was a little sore, relaxed for her and let her in, Lucy pushing firmly and popping the head in, giving Dannii a moment to take it before she just powerfully pushed it all the way up into her ass, pressing to the very base of the electric blue toy, pushing a grunt from Dannii as she took all eight inches of the stiff rubber, Lucy grinding the harness into her as she held her tightly. After a moments pause, she pulled back over half way and then pushed into her again, still tight but working her open a bit more with that push, going full depth once again as they fucked against the windows. The rain was still pouring down, pattering and running down the window, Dannii taking a moment to look out, seeing a lone car pass the end of the road, the thrill of being seen like this at her window still there and making it exhilarating.

“Harder,” Dannii breathed, wanting her to get on with it a bit, being treated to a hard, deep thrust that banged her anal G-spot, making her give a choked groan of pleasure at the intense sensations. Nestling back into Lucy, she reached for her hands, pulling them up round her to her large breasts, putting them between her rack and the glass, which made her moan as the cold glass was suddenly replaced by warm, soft fingers. Squeezing them a bit, she helped Lucy get going in groping her, as if she needed any help, as Dannii went back to leaning on the window to brace herself. Lucy was going well in and out of her arse now, both of them enjoying it, the harness rubbing Lucy’s clit delightfully. She’d left the harness a little looser to increase that exact effect and was receiving the rewards now, the same as Dannii who was loving the sensation of the veined rubber cock sliding in and out of her sensitive ass, whilst Lucy squeezed and rubbed her breasts, getting her fingers onto her nipples. She immediately pulled and twisted at the nipple rings, making Dannii cry out in pain since they were tender.

“Ah fuck watch it Luce, they’re sore,” she gasped, her tone making out immediately they were too sore to be fun right now, so she reluctantly abandoned them to squeeze and massage her large breasts themselves, being quite vigorous as she grabbed them, Dannii now pressed right against the glass. Lucy’s right hand strayed down Dannii’s body to find her clit again, starting to rub quickly at it, making her immediately shudder and groan, wanting to double over at the suddenly rush in her body. Lucy started rubbing at her as she continued to squeeze her breast, whilst thumping the strap-on into her ass, grinding herself into Dannii a lot, something not unnoticed by her either, knowing Lucy was clearly after an orgasm of her own. Doing her best, she helped to amplify the grinding as they fucked, Lucy giving a grunt, her chest and neck flushed, both of them slightly sweaty even in the chilly dark night. Lucy was right at the brink now, and Dannii was as well now since Lucy had sped up so she was working her clit like someone strumming a guitar on a thrash metal song.

“Fuck Lucy…” Dannii growled, her orgasm just beginning to break, as Lucy ground herself desperately into the strap-on harness to do the same to herself.

“I know, I know!” Lucy gasped in reply, giving a last grind and then a tremendous shudder behind her as she came, giving a loud scream of unbridled pleasure in the climax, the peak hitting her hard and sending a lightning bolt to her brain as Dannii let out a far more modest and controlled groan, loud and long, having had a short, fast orgasm induced, not something that gave her the best ones, but it was still nice, shivering and trembling against the glass as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of this tryst with Lucy behind her, biting her lip and feeling the hot flush rush through her as her climax wound down. Lucy’s was far more powerful, holding onto Dannii tightly as she struggled to stay on her feet, jammed full depth in Dannii as she shook and shivered whilst riding the crest of her orgasm, eventually sinking from the peak to slump against Dannii, both of them breathing heavily, heart rates high.

“That was great,” Dannii breathed, standing herself up a bit more, Lucy managing to do the same.

“Yeah, I’m glad you joined me for a coffee,” Lucy breathed with a slight giggle, giving Dannii a hug from behind before she slowly pulled away and drew the strap-on back out of Dannii, popping the head from her relaxed hole with a little sigh from her. Dannii pulled herself away from the cold glass, giving a last glance to see if they had any admirers, which they didn’t, and turned round to Lucy, who stood on wobbly legs before her with an uncontrollable smile. Dannii returned it and they melted into each other’s arms for another series of quick, soft, affectionate kisses. Breaking apart, Dannii quickly undid the harness and let it slip down Lucy’s legs to the floor, where Lucy stepped out and quickly picked it up.

“Right you,” Dannii said, reaching out and playfully touching Lucy on the nose, “we need to get back to bed,” she said with a smile.

“Why’s that?” Lucy teased, since they’d had such fun out of it.

“Firstly, I’m cold now, and want to snuggle up to a nice cute blonde for the rest of the night,” Dannii said with a giggle, Lucy beaming back at her.

”And secondly?” she asked, eyeing Dannii and the dark city behind them, no hints of daylight loosening the grip of night time just yet.

“And secondly, we need our sleep, so we have enough energy to play in the shower in the morning,” Dannii said with a devilish grin, taking Lucy’s hand, who just smiled as Dannii led her towards the bedroom….

To be continued…

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

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