Dannii Minogue – Tempted And Bound

Story Title: Dannii Minogue – Tempted And Bound

Author’s Name: Viper_Noj

Content Codes: MF, MFF, Cons, Oral, Anal

Celebs: Dannii Minogue

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission.
(c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards.

Dannii Minogue – Tempted And Bound

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

Dannii Minogue strutted down the sun-baked street, her open, high-heeled sandals showing off her dainty feet and pedicure, her neatly painted nails. They clicked delightfully with every step, adding about four inches to her height and pushing her legs and ass up into a very foxy position, which pleased her, even more so as a passing car honked or its occupants whistled at her as they passed her from behind. Her legs were wrapped in a very tight pair of jeans which clung to every curve of her firm, round ass, showing off her shapely legs too. Hidden beneath was a sexy pair of panties, a little black lace thong which was more mesh than lace, making it completely see-through on the areas that mattered. So anyone who got her jeans off could take in her puffy pussy and its neat landing strip of hair with the lace out the way at her hips.

On her top half, she wore a tight-fitting white linen shirt, with had poppers to hold it closed up the front. It was a little small, pulled tightly across her impressive chest, the linen straining the poppers at her breasts, offering a little peak between to her bra. Of course a lean over offered a much better look at her bra, and her fantastic D-cup breasts, as she had the top of the shirt undone to show off a little chest, and a necklace she wore. The bra that had the honour of supporting her magnificent rack matched her little thong, sheer and black, with lace around the cups, but nothing to obscure the view of her large nipples, which already threatened to poke through the snug shirt. If she took her kit off, she may as well be naked, which was kind of the thrill.

Dannii was feeling more than a little horny today, it had gotten worse since she’d come shopping. It was the reason she wore the tight jeans and shirt, to feel them tightly closed round her body, making her feel every womanly curve. She’d almost decided to forego underwear so that her clit could rub on her jeans, but had decided she might need something to soak up any wetness. It wasn’t much, but it helped enough that she didn’t make a wet patch on her jeans. As for her boobs, well she’d also toyed with the idea of going braless, to let her nipples rub on the fabric, but decided she couldn’t risk it. The shirt was tight as it was, and one popper going would leave her exposed, and besides, her magnificent puppies still needed support. Because of this she’d opted for her sexy set of lingerie hidden beneath her erotically demure outfit.

She’d only been out for around half an hour when she cursed having not used one of her vibrators or at least her fingers before she’d slipped from beneath her silk sheets. Dannii was feeling mighty horny, her labia swollen in her little undies, her puffy lips rubbing more effectively against the denim of her jeans. That only served to make her wetter and turn her on even more, which made things worse. She was feeling a little flustered and self conscious, worrying that her nipples were sticking out for all to see. A quick trip to a bathroom calmed her down, where she touched up her make-up, took a few deep breaths and rearranged her jeans so they didn’t split her swollen cameltoe quite so perfectly to get at her clit whilst she walked.

Despite calming down however, she was still horny, and mused that perhaps after all this she could pick up a new toy to take home and service her needy pussy. It only took a few paces to affirm the decision, and she headed in the direction of a small sex shop she knew. It was a little away from the high street understandably, and a lot of people thought it wasn’t there any more. That was because it’d closed down and then re-opened with new management, who had apparently made changes and boasted a larger stock with more improvements to come. It sounded wonderful, but she still hadn’t found time to get there with her busy schedule. Her last visit had been to the closing down sale where she’d picked up some good bargains, a few toys, some sexy clothing and outfits, a whip and notably a cheeky remote controlled vibrating buttplug for her older sister Kylie. It was quite large and she hadn’t really expected her sibling to use it, sending it more as a joke present back to her sister in London. She’d been quite surprised and a little turned on when Kylie let slip she had used it and quite enjoyed it, wearing it out now and then so at the flick of a button she could feel a deep, fulfilling buzz from her hot ass.

Her pace quickened without her realising as she headed to the small establishment, the windows displaying a certain amount of tame fantasy outfits and playful things like handcuffs, something she’d had plenty of fun with in her time. She’d first felt the cold bite of steel at her wrists aged eighteen and never looked back, loving to be rendered helpless, pinned, teased and taken. Musing over it, she realised it’d been a while since she’d been cuffed, but then it’d been a while since she’d had a steady boyfriend who understood her kinky needs, or obtained the services of anyone who would do what she asked. She wasn’t above using escorts, after all why not? A well hung man who did exactly as she asked for a good price, she couldn’t turn that down, but she also had a few friends who she could slip into bed with, but that wasn’t always possible as they got girlfriends and she’d lost more than one to marriage, which she supposed was fair enough.

Pushing the neon trimmed door open, the lights a passionate mix of pink and purple that reminded her of the toys they sold, she stepped in, blushing a little at the quaint bell that rang, as if to make people feel on the spot that they’d just walked into a sex shop. Taking a deep breath, she held her nerve and tried not to let the flush show on her face, willing the blood back to her puffy, imprisoned pussy at that moment as she sashayed in. It wouldn’t have mattered, as her high heels made almost as much noise as the bell on the hard floor as she strutted in, arching her back to push her chest and bum out, showing off her figure, as if to advertise she didn’t need men, that toys were all that could satisfy her, which of course was so far from the truth she couldn’t have explained it. She loved a good hard cock and the caress of a man almost any time she could get it, but right now toys were all that was available, and she merely wanted to look calm and collected, able to handle any cocky shop clerk that might try his luck with her, rather than the raging bag of hormones and arousal that she really.

Sashaying into the shop, she gave a quick glance to the man at the desk, along with a little smile that suggested that she was happy to be there but didn’t wish to be harassed in her shopping. At least that was what she hoped it conveyed, since she was so horny it could easily have been the most alluring, inviting smile she possessed. She perused along the shelves, starting at the typical vibrators and tame stuff like outfits, some fluffy handcuffs. She already had them, and there was little point getting a new outfit when there was nobody to show it off to. Dannii moved along to the kinkier stuff, which she couldn’t help noticing was nearer to the counter. Looking up and down the racks she took in the harder whips and floggers, clamps, chains and other metal stuff. There were a set of metal nipple clamps with such sharp teeth she was sure they would just bite one right off, wincing at the thought, but at the same time her nipple tightened and screwed itself up so she could feel it against her bra and through her shirt, knowing she’d put someone’s eye out now.

Keeping cool and controlling her blush, she kept looking at the toys, moving to needles and other freaky stuff. Then she spotted an interesting item, some kind of chains. She’d never vastly been one for bondage besides the light playful cuffs and blindfolds, and especially not chains, but it just caught her eye seductively. The chains themselves were black, the links small but thick, clearly heavy duty and designed to punish. They didn’t seem very big, not like they’d bind up an entire person, not that she really knew what you’d need for that. Cocking her head she eyed them, wondering just what they were for, trying to judge their length and the way they worked, since there was some sort of device with them. In the end her curiosity overtook her and she reached up to pluck them from the shelf, taking the packet down to look at it, her eyes widening as she read the words ‘Breast chains’ on the front, seeing a little diagram of how the chains were supposed to fit on a female chest, though it didn’t make itself very clear and she found herself studying it rather more intently than she wanted to.

Unable to quite make out how it all worked, she took a breath and stepped to the counter, where the clerk pretended he hadn’t been looking at her and looked up, then to what she was holding.

“Afternoon, what can I do for you?” he said politely, his eyes taking in her pokey nipples but managing not to get caught doing it.

”Well, I was just looking at these, and I’m not quite sure how they work, or whether they’d fit my…how big they are, as it doesn’t say,” she finished, composing herself swiftly, but it was already in the mind of the clerk that she wanted them for her own magnificent rack.
“Well these are bigger than they look, and designed to be done up quite tight, so they fit large cup sizes,” he replied, keeping his eyes away from hers, almost knowing she wanted him to slip up and ogle her prominent chest.

“Well that’s good, but I also don’t understand how they really work, this diagram isn’t very useful,” she said, pointing it out to him.

“Ah yes, poor quality packaging, I don’t know why they bother. You know I can get them out for you, show you how they work?” he offered, raising his eyebrows slightly as he posed the invitation. Dannii thought about it a moment, not wanting to appear anything more than casually interested in the chains, though she knew she was. She couldn’t even work out why she was, she’d never been into anything but the lightest bondage, but couldn’t help but admit she was cunningly intrigued.

“Yeah, if you could, it’d be most appreciated,” she said softly, giving him a smile. He returned it, making sure he didn’t grin.

“No problem, if you just want to pop back here, you know, so nobody else can come in and potentially embarrass you or anything,” he said, indicating she should follow to what just seemed another part of the store. It seemed fair enough, and Dannii directed her dainty feet to follow him. Clicking behind him on the hard floors, she walked past him as he waited at the doorway, then he quickly pulled a curtain across behind them, still holding the chains. She paused and looked about, seeing obvious signs of his business around as she sat her bag aside, looking back to him as he opened the packet for the chains she was curious about. Pulling it out, it seemed like just a tangled mess of chains, but he quickly pulled out the neat black links and laid them neatly on the bench in the middle of the small room, setting them up.

Looking away from him a moment, she slipped her phone into her bag, right before he stepped behind her and pushed his hands round her sides, grabbing her white linen shirt and yanking it open, the poppers easily letting him expose her ample chest and sexy bra. Dannii’s eyes flew right open and she yanked forward half out of his grasp, turning back towards him.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” she demanded, but before he answered, or she could utter another word, a hard, very hard, spank landed on her pert ass through her skin-tight jeans, which she’d unwittingly turned perfectly towards his right hand. She cried out in the shock and pain of it, her whole body jolting.

“Shut up Dannii,” he said calmly but firmly, in a voice that just oozed command and dominance, making her obey as she stood in his arms, shirt open.

“You wanted to know how they worked, so this needs to be off. Besides, you can hardly hide the fact you’re already rather turned on, even more now, so just relax and let me work, you’ll enjoy yourself,” he said as he indicated her nipples, now even harder and bigger, protruding through her sheer black bra. Dannii looked down embarrassedly, hiding her blush from him as she stood still and let him continue, pulling her shirt back down and off her slender arms. His fingers slid up her back to her bra strap, then quickly slid forward under her arms to cup her large breasts in the sexy bra, sliding up to run his fingertips over the top of them, making her shiver before he pulled back round and flicked her clasp undone, letting her lovely breasts free on her chest as he turned her to face him.

“You really do have the best surgeon,” he said, commenting on her enhanced chest, making her feel foolish as she proudly smiled at the compliment, hiding as she looked down.

“Thank you,” she said in a small voice as he pulled her sexy bra down and off her hands, putting it aside by her bag where he’d also placed her shirt, showing her a considerable amount of respect for someone who was very much taking advantage of her. It did feel good to free her breasts though, especially when his hands took hold of them, pushing up her tummy to lift and cup them, then give them a good firm squeeze, his fingers pulling back to caress the nipples.

“Very nice, what size are they?” he asked, continuing to fondle her.

“Thirty-two D,” she said, unable to hold back a proud smile at it, having always been proud of her breasts.

“Well they’re perfect,” he said, running his hands round the sides, making her shiver as he stepped away a moment.

“Now, can’t have you fighting me Miss Minogue,” he said, and before she knew it a handcuff had snapped onto her left wrist. She didn’t say a word as he pulled her arms behind her back, pushing her lovely chest out more as he cuffed her hands behind her back, snugly closing the cuff on her wrist. Dannii gave a testing pull at them, she couldn’t help it, trying to stay calm. She didn’t actually feel worried he’d do anything to hurt her, well beyond the chain she’d asked for, but she couldn’t help panicking a little as she was locked up. He let her just calm herself down though as he picked up the breast chains, stepping back to her, round in front, holding them up.

“Well Dannii, as you can see there are these two loops, which obviously go over the breasts and down against the chest,” he said, pulling them out to show exactly how they’d fit over her.

“Mm ok pretty simple,” she said, keeping her eyes on the bondage apparatus in front of her, still wary but knowing it would happen.

“They’ll comfortably fit over your thirty-two D’s,” he said with a smile, which she couldn’t help but return a little, looking down again. In looking down she saw him lift it to her chest, pulling it over her heaving breasts as she inhaled sharply at the freezing cold metal of the chains on her skin. Her skin shivered and goosepimpled as his hands and the kinky chains touched her, arousing a mixture of emotions in her.

“Then here, this tube sits between the breasts,” he said, tapping it so it pressed on her sternum, making her pay attention to it.

“The chains run into it and meet at this handle in the middle. They’re linked to it, so that when it turns, it pulls them tighter round the base of the breast, like so,” he said, turning the handle with definite clicks so the chains pulled in. They took up the slack gradually, pulling up quickly to the soft undersides of her breasts where they’d previously been hanging. She grit her teeth at the renewed cold, then murmured as the chains pulled into her breasts, squeezing into her large boobs and pulling in behind her implants, pushing them outwards, pressuring her nipples from within.

“And it’s a ratchet mechanism, so the chains can’t come back out till it’s properly released, keeping the breasts bound tight and secure,” he said, pulling the chain at the side of her breast to demonstrate.

“Mm simple enough now I see it,” she mused, looking down at it, then up to him briefly, then back to the chains, contemplating them with a slightly pained frown.

“So…how do you release them?” she asked tentatively, hoping she didn’t sound desperate to escape.

“Oh there’s a special lever up here that frees it, but I’ll show you that later on,” he said with a smile, just resting his hands at her waist as she stood in front of him, blushing profusely and feeling very exposed. His hands slid up again to her breasts, now standing out from her chest due to the chains at the base, which were just firmly nipped in to take up the slack of her soft skin. His hands ran over her breasts, feeling the smooth skin and hard nipples jutting out from them, squeezing firmly at her and just taking her in, reading her.

“These chains really suit you Dannii,” he whispered in her ear, making her smile to herself, briefly however as his hand found the handle in the middle of her chest once more.

“But you can go much tighter,” he said, giving a few quick snaps of his wrist to turn the handle, the ratchet mechanism taking up the chain, pulling it hard into the base of her breasts, behind her large implants, making her squeal at the cold black steel biting into her chest, feeling the strain in her skin as her breasts were locked up tight. They’d already felt a bit tight, but this was like someone tightening a string hard on her finger to see it go purple, only they were doing it with both her magnificent breasts, and she couldn’t stop them. She winced and let out a shuddered gasp as they stopped where he left them, almost unbearably tight, pulling in so hard on her boobs her implants were shoved right out, her nipples huge and hard, tender to the air alone now. Her breasts were already going a dark red colour from the trapped blood pooling in them, which she was sure couldn’t be healthy, but she couldn’t deny there was something highly erotic about it all.

“There you go Dannii, we’ll leave it there,” he said, using her hips to turn her to face him and show off her magnificently bound chest. He didn’t hide the lusty admiration from his face as he observed the way the chains cut into her, ignoring her complaints as he touched her puffy, tender nipples.

“Mm fantastic, just brilliant. You look like a porn star, the way its pushed your implants out, bound at the base, since most porn stars are enhanced, but usually ridiculously, you’re are perfect as I say,” he said with a smile. Dannii pouted a bit, not liking being likened to a porn star, even if she did get the point he was making. He admired her a moment more, then leaned down to drag his tongue across the tops of her pulled up breasts, offering easy access, especially with her four-inch heels. It felt incredibly alive and sensitive now as he licked her, shivering in his grasp, her feet shifting on the floor.

His hands went to her waist, holding the pinch of her lovely hour-glass figure, just keeping her still as he went to work at her chained chest, evidently having been relishing the idea of them like this since he’d seen her pick up the chains to ask about them. Fairly burying his face between her hard breasts, he felt the soft skin on his cheeks as he pressed his nose to her chest past the mechanism of her chains, his hands rushing up from her midsection to grab her breasts hard, squeezing tightly at the already strained skin, making her cry out sharply. He released her, his hands slipping back down to the waistband of her jeans, only to pull her forwards so he could bite at one, lunging for her left breast and biting to the outside of her nipple, making her gasp. He didn’t say a word, and neither did she, just taking what was given to her as his fingers pushed into the waistband of her jeans, making it clear that it might not just be about her top half in time. Holding her to him as she automatically tried to recoil, arching her back, he kept her within range as he mixed between kissing and nipping at her left breast, loving her gasps and heavy breaths, her breasts heaving from her chest before he swapped to the other side, always managing to avoiding her big, puffy nipples, swollen and tender.

That was only for the first assault however, as he immediately attacked her chest once more, biting much harder at her, leaving significant marks over her, especially in places where he latched onto her, biting hard and sucking to leave a mark, making her whine and try to pull away. This time though he included her nipple, starting by very teasingly kissing and tonguing at it, before properly licking the hard point, pushed out obscenely by the chains behind her implants. Running his tongue around it excited her quite a bit, feeling wonderfully sensitive to such ministrations, moaning in pleasure as he went right over her nipple, where he then attacked it directly with his tongue, making her quiver and feel a bit more aroused. It quickly diminished again as he used his teeth on her puffy, delicate nipple, the trapped blood making them throb as it was, and so it was like nothing else when he bit it, making her scream out loudly in sheer pain as he clamped his teeth down. Initially it was just a little nip, then he went for it again, biting down and holding on tight, increasing the pressure then pulling it away from her tortured breast as she wailed, leaving deep teeth marks in the dark red nipple. She didn’t find it any nicer as he did the other side, leaving them throbbing painfully with every heartbeat as she gasped for breath.

“Hm I’ve got a little something that’d suit those,” he said, reaching up from her jeans to grasp her nipples with his fingers, making her gasp loudly before he stepped away. She watched what he was after, and in such a place it only took moments for him to find them. He stepped back to her holding some nipple clamps, making her eyes widen.

“Hey wait a minute,” she said, instantly protesting before thinking about how she’d got herself into this. She’d only agreed to the chain essentially, but given she was handcuffed, there wasn’t a lot she could do anyway.

“Just relax Dannii,” he said in a soothing tone as he held the clamps up to her, using one hand to hold the breast in question and the other to apply the clamp. They weren’t too vicious, they didn’t need to be with her nipples so big, and he slid them on and let them bite down on her, making her hiss through her teeth at the pain, especially as he tightened it a little.

“There you go, one to go Dan,” he said cheerfully as she grimaced, her eyes following him as he walked to the other side, fitting the clamp, watching her expressions as she took in the pain of the clamp. He was already holding her breast and carefully weighed it in his hand a moment before stepping away from her, round behind her once more. She shivered as he stroked his hands down her back, working round her cuffed hands, the way he brushed her long hair aside to see her sexy body, running them down then over her denim clad bum, which he gave a squeeze to.

“I think I’ve got something else that’d suit you Miss Minogue,” he murmured, then stepped away from her again. She didn’t look round for him, just standing waiting for him, her master right now though she’d never say that out loud. Dannii could hear him rummage around things for a moment, then he stepped back to her, still behind her, when he gathered her hair to one side, away from her neck. She just held still, aware of her breathing as he slipped a collar round her neck, letting her hair drop down forwards over her shoulder as he fastened it firmly. Not too tight, just enough to let her know what it signified, which was that right then he owned her, which she already knew. The collar was a wide black leather one, which would offer good control over her as a bitch if she fought him, not that she would. On the front was fixing ring for a lead or other fastenings, like ropes or chains, and she wondered if that had some significance as he fitted it.

With no ceremony at all, his hands slipped down to her hips, then round to her firm ass, giving her a good squeeze through the snug denim, taking her in. Dannii didn’t say anything, knowing this had gone way beyond the chains now and he was intending on more, but she didn’t mind. She was achingly horny now, and the thought of a fuck from someone with as much lust for her as he had wasn’t exactly a bad prospect right then. Grasping her hips once more, he turned her back to face him, looking into her deep blue eyes as he did, just taken in by the enchanting beauty of them, never taking his gaze from them as his hands moved to the front of her jeans, his fingers matter-of-factly slipping down the front of them as he deftly undid the button, quickly getting onto the zip and drawing it down, not that it did much to loosen the tight denim from her lovely hips and bum. His hands grabbing the sides and peeling them down did however, and his eyes did move from her beautiful face as he pulled back to arms length to strip her of her jeans.

Tugging them stubbornly from her curvy hips he revealed her tiny little black thong to match the sheer bra she’d been wearing, showing off her puffy cameltoe and carefully shaved landing strip up the middle. Pulling her jeans down her thighs, he shoved them down to her ankles and left them there, not wanting to battle them past her high-heels, and besides, they were well out the way for what he had planned. He let his hands glide back up her legs, the outsides of her smooth thighs, to the thin waistband of her tiny knickers, making her inhale sharply, the suddenness of the intimate touch momentarily getting to her. He just smiled as he let his fingers hook under the edge of them, toying with them a moment, pulling them up a little tighter to show off just how puffy her pussy was, before wasting no more time in revealing her. Peeling the little thong from between her legs, Dannii couldn’t help but be a little shy and squeeze her thighs together a bit to try and hide as the thong clung to her feminine curves before finally disappearing down her legs to join her jeans, revealing her smooth, soft lips, bulging and full behind a neat landing strip of dark brown hair.

“Very nice, love a girl who makes an effort,” he said, making Dannii blush and look away, as if she could be any more displayed, standing before him with her breasts chains, nipples clamped, hands cuffed behind her back and now her jeans and underwear pushed down to her ankles. Standing up, he ran his hands up her sides to her large, captured breasts, brushing lightly over the tight skin with a smile, before he surprised her by giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, leaving her positively speechless as he slipped round behind her again, his hands easily finding her smooth shoulders to guide her to the bench in the room that she’d barely paid any attention to. Pushing her towards it, she gasped at the cold edge of it as it pressed into the tops of her thighs, where he held her by standing close to her from behind, Dannii’s hands pressing conveniently to his crotch, where she could feel just how hard he was for her. Not wanting to disappoint, and not being a cocktease, Dannii grasped it firmly through his trousers, making him pause with a groan as she felt him, spurring her to squeeze firmer and start giving him a light handjob through his clothes. He allowed her to for a minute or so, then pressed on the top of her back, bending her forwards over the bench, where he dainty hands slipped somewhat reluctantly from his hardon, which seemed rather large and stiff just for her, something she was relishing having felt it.

Pressing her down over the bench, Dannii growled in pain as her tortured nipples hit the bench, the tight clamps twisting and turning as they pressed into the bench top, pulling at the stiff points, before her sensitive breasts joined in, pressed to the cold, hard top of the bench, making her cry out as they were pushed onto it under her bodyweight, no matter how slight it was. He didn’t stop though, getting her bent right over the bench and making her stay there. Stepping round from behind her, where he’d been enticingly close to her now naked rear and the sweet bulge of her pussy between her legs, to look under her, where her large breasts held her up from the tabletop, allowing him to reach for the fixing ring on the front of her collar. Dannii knew he’d had something in mind for that, and now she found out as he reached round the front of the bench for a piece of rope that she figured was permanently fixed to it, which he quickly threaded through the ring and knotted tightly, holding her down over the bench. She had a little movement, but not a lot, and certainly not enough to escape, leaving her vulnerable to an attack from the rear.

There was the unmistakeable sound of him undoing his trousers as she heard his zip being pulled down, then him dropping his trousers and shorts behind her, freeing his rock hard cock, which was even harder now it was free and ready to fuck her. Without wasting any more time or making any small talk, his hand went to her hip, holding her firmly as he pushed his cock between her smooth thighs, easily finding her slippery labia with his swollen head, groaning lightly as he felt her hot, slick juices and entrance on the tip of his cock, Dannii sighing at the familiar sensation, realising it’d been far too long since she’d had proper sex. After taking a quick breath, he pushed forwards into her waiting snatch, feeling her body tighten and resist him a moment, before she opened up and he buried himself in her juicy pussy, groaning throatily as he felt her warm, snug walls clench up around him, tighter than he thought she might be. After a moment she relaxed a bit and he burrowed his cock as deep as he possibly could into her, Dannii moaning long and low as he gave her every inch of what felt a very nice cock. Not porn star big, but an ample size and a good thickness to give her a thrill, and it felt great stretching her out for the first time in a while, hot and hard in her velvet tunnel.

He just held for a minute, shifting slightly, just taking in the feel of the Australian pop star impaled on his cock, her deliciously juicy tunnel squeezed round his cock as she enjoyed the sensation of being delightfully filled up. He pulled back, feeling her hugging firmly at him but gliding like silk, all the way till he almost slipped out, feeling her tight entrance holding his head, before pushing all the way back into her, up to her firm ass, making her take every inch of him, which she did without problem. Dannii groaned as his girth stretched her out once more, loving how deep he seemed to be drilling into her, though she was sure he wasn’t that big, just that he knew what to do. Momentarily she wondered how many customers were given this treatment, then quickly forgot all about it as he took hold of her hips firmly and gave her a proper thrust, making her grunt throatily as he started fucking her properly, using his grip to pull her back against the restraining rope attached to her collar, allowing him to use her hips for leverage so he could thrust powerfully into her, driving deep with every stroke, pace building quickly till he was jamming himself into her hard, his hips bumping her nice arse repeatedly as she breathed sharp and short. She could feel the collar pulling at the back of her neck as he held her, his hands grasping her hips tightly and most importantly, every contour and ridge of his thick cock as he drove it up into her clenching pussy, loving how it felt, rubbing her G-spot from the position, urging her to roll her hips to get more of it, which in turn increased his pleasure and resultantly his pace.

His hands moved from her hips to grab her hands, cuffed behind her back, Dannii immediately grabbing him hard to hold tightly, which he returned, both of them hanging onto each other as he gave her another little yank back against the collar, making her cry out sharply, then groan deeply at the pleasure as he pumped her even harder, completely owning her as she made no complaints. She gave a mumble of discomfort as he raised her cuffed wrists by the chain, straining her shoulders and pressing her down harder on her aching breasts, making her wince, trying to hold back the sound of pain, though she didn’t know why she did it. It was quickly overwhelmed by the pleasure of his bulbous head rubbing firmly on her G-spot as he fucked her from behind, giving a breathy moan with every thrust, trying to push back herself even though she was restrained, leaving him to do the work and her frustratingly powerless.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of the door, the bell ringing as it opened, the sound cutting the thick, sexually charged air like a knife. He looked up quickly from her towards the door as Dannii sharply tried to pull up, yanking hard against the collar, leaving her unable to hold back a grunt of pain, trying to look round at him pleadingly. There was a moment of uncertainty, until he heard his friend call out for him.

“Hey man, you here?” his friend called simply from the front of the shop. Looking back down at Dannii he gave a smile, gripping her hips and sliding back slowly till his cock popped free and up from her juicy pussy, Dannii sighing as he left her. Quickly pulling his trousers up, he quickly did them up and looked to the curtain.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a minute,” he said with a smile, patting Dannii on her fine arse, making her bite her lip as he stepped away and through the curtain to greet his friend.

“Hey there you are, thought you’d gone out and left the door open,” his friend said as he emerged from where moments before he’d been balls deep in Dannii Minogue.

“Hey Steve. Yeah I should’ve locked the door I guess,” he said, looking to it as he thought of being caught fucking Dannii. Actually it didn’t seem so bad when he thought about it, certainly worse things that could happen.

“Why would you need the door locked, you’re here?” Steve asked cautiously, curious as to why he’d want the door locked when he was in the store. Glancing back towards the curtained area, an idea sprung into mind that he couldn’t ignore, and he looked back to Steve with a smile.

“Lock the door, flick the sign,” he said simply. Steve was clearly confused but did it anyway, turning back to him hoping for some kind of explanation.

“Ok what’s going on?” he asked, looking around as if a sudden surprise would spring out on him.

“You’ll never guess who I’ve got back here,” he said with a sly grin, giving a quick flick of his eyebrows to indicate it was something special.

“Um…no idea, who is it?” Steve asked, still confused.

“Come take a look,” he said, waving his friend to follow as he turned to walk back towards the curtain behind the counter. Dannii had heard everything and was breathing heavily, panicking and pulling at the restraint of her collar as she heard their footsteps coming towards where she was, wincing as her sore breasts pressed into the bench at her movement. Finally accepting she was stuck and about to be displayed to another person, she went still and breathed in deep, willing herself to calm down. The curtain was pulled back as he returned, Steve in tow, who immediately stopped dead and looked at the brunette beauty laid out over the bench, kinkily restrained. She looked round at him, unable to stop herself, quickly taking him in. He was a nice looking guy, average really. He just stared at her however, eyes widening as he saw who she was.

“Holy shit, Dannii Minogue!” he blurted out, not inanely questioning whether it was her at least. She immediately blushed and looked down, her luxurious hair cascading down around her to hide her burning cheeks. He just stared at her prone and ready over the bench, eyeing her chains breasts, cuffed wrists and thick, dominating leather collar, before looking to his friend who just had a big smile. He took a few more moments to take her in, walking round, eyeing her up, not failing to notice her juicy, loosened pussy, suggesting she’d already been fucked, which made sense. Looking up to his friend, he just smiled, his eyes flicking to the vulnerable Dannii before he spoke up.

“I want in,” he said simply.

“Thought you might, you wouldn’t be much of a man if you didn’t,” he said with a smile as he reached out to shake his hand in some macho, manly style agreement. Dannii just lay still as they talked like she wasn’t there, over her head, essentially just arranging to use her as a fucktoy. He seemed quite fine for his friend Steve to join in sharing her, but she wasn’t so eager. She wasn’t a slut, so just letting some other random guy fuck her wasn’t really on her list, but then she mused that she’d got herself into this situation so just took a breath and decided to go with it and enjoy herself. It’d be fun to take on two guys after all, a bit of a challenge and she’d be properly satisfied, even if it was a bit slutty, but she was still immensely turned on by the thought.

She wasn’t given a choice in the matter, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it anyway as Steve walked round to her head, undoing his jeans as he did, stopping in front of her pretty face as he pushed them out the way, showing her his growing hardon in his boxers, which becoming constricted by them. Dannii had to admit it looked tasty, not taking her eyes off it as he pulled his boxers down and let it free, giving it a quick rub to bring himself fully erect for her. It was very clear what he wanted her to do, and she had no problem with the idea as he reached down to brush her hair back from her beautiful face, revealing, among other things, her cocksucking lips, and enchanting eyes which flicked up to meet his.

“Hey Dannii,” he said with a pleasant, warm smile as he pushed a stray hair back from her cheek, making her smile back.

“Hey Steve, how’s it going?” she asked, playfully joking with the conversation, as if it were normal for it to happen when she was tied down and he was hard in front of her face.

“Much better since I got here,” he said with a slight laugh.

“I bet,” she said with a giggle as he reached down to hold the base of his cock. There was no more conversation needed, and he pushed his cock down to her lips, just nudging the swollen head at her full pout, which she parted to welcome him in. He gave a groan as he sank into the liquid heat of her mouth, feeling her hot, wet mouth envelop him as her lips slid down onto his shaft behind his head, her tongue lifting up to greet him as he closed his eyes and pushed forward a little more. He wasn’t aggressive or pushy with her, just pausing to feel his cock engulfed by Dannii Minogue’s mouth, letting her just suck, tongue and lightly nibble at him as they got started, giving a shudder as she hit a spot just right with her tongue.

“Goddamn that’s nice,” he murmured, his hands sliding forwards to her had, gathering her long, soft hair together and pulling it to one side to he could see her work on his cock. Behind her, Dannii heard the familiar sound of jeans being undone as her first suitor aimed to reclaim his position in her pussy, something she didn’t mind at all, since being fucked from behind was very agreeable to her. She didn’t have to wait long, as he wasn’t exactly patient in his aim to squeeze his cock back into her snug pussy, quickly stroking himself to full erection again, not that that was the least bit difficult since Dannii was bent over in front of him, sucking cock. Just listening to the soft, wet noises as his friend Steve started to rock his hips, sliding his cock slowly in and out of her mouth was enough to do it. Stepping up behind her, he matter-of-factly kicked her lets apart, Dannii’s hips dropping back down onto the cold bench as she almost fell off her high heels, spreading her legs and bringing her down to just the right height to fuck.

Sliding a hand to her hip, he just guided himself in, reaching between her legs to feel her wet entrance, slipping a finger into her slippery haven with ease, just to ready her momentarily before he grasped his hard cock and followed the same path to her waiting snatch, pressing to the hot lips, just feeling them sensually on the tip of his cock a moment before he pushed forwards, his cock just bending a little before it suddenly surged into her. Dannii gave a moan through her mouthful as she was filled up again, his cock gliding over her sensitive nerve endings as he pulled himself balls deep into her once more, feeling her squeeze tightly around him as he gave her his thick manhood. He just held himself there a moment, bathing in the exquisite feel of her pussy, before he pulled back out, right to the head so her muscles were fighting to keep it in her, before burying himself right back into her, spreading her ass with his hands to grind every conceivable inch of his cock into her waiting pussy, causing her to give a little yelp at full depth as he probed tight areas within her. He didn’t waste any more time squeezing slowly into her though, and quickly resumed his strong grasp on her slender body, holding her waist and quickly getting back into a fast rhythm that threatened to overwhelm Dannii in pleasure as his cock rubbed all the right spots within her, his hips slapping into her lovely ass as he did.

At the other end of the spit roast it wasn’t much different as Steve tried to push his cock deep into the singers throat, his hand holding her soft hair as he did. Pushing in, Dannii took all she could before coughing and choking, pushing him back out, where he pulled back and let her breathe, which she appreciated. She could deepthroat, it was just taking her time to get into it, which he was accepting, but he was also making it clear she was swallowing every inch of his cock today. It took a few more goes, her coughing and straining to swallow him, when on the next try she managed to hold it back and he pushed balls deep in her mouth with a groan of pleasure, Dannii murmuring in agreement as his cock fit perfectly down her throat. It hadn’t been easy, especially with his friend pounding into her juicy pussy from behind, and that was still making it tough for her to concentrate on sucking cock, though now he had access to her throat he pulled back and thrust in again, taking over more himself as she tongued and sucked at him.

Her brief moment of rest, if you could call it that, was swiftly interrupted as the strong thrusts into her slippery snatch suddenly ceased and he withdrew his thick shaft from her, slowly gliding back out of her pussy. Before she could ask any questions, not that she could with Steve pumping deep into her throat as she sucked at him, the cock was moved up and pressed to her anus. He immediately pushed to enter her, attempting to anally penetrate her dry, which she resisted strongly, clenching her ass and trying to pull forward, mumbling loudly in complaint at the move. She gave a muffled cry of pain as she was pressed down by him in another quick attempt, putting pressure on her bound breasts and clamped nipples, which were sore and aching now.

“Do you need some…help?” he asked, pulling back from her ass, leaning on her hips as he looked round slightly at her, not that she could turn her head from her mouthful of cock. Dannii pulled back enough to indicate she needed to talk, making Steve pull his impressive cock from her mouth, Dannii sighing in relief from the jaw ache as he pulled right out of her throat.

“Yeah please, if you really must fuck my ass you gotta lube me up,” she said bluntly after a deep breath. She immediately turned back to the hard cock waiting in front of her lips, opening wide, where Steve guided her head and pushed his throbbing prick back into her skilful mouth, wasting no time in going right down her throat this time, pressing his balls to her chin so Dannii struggled with the depth. He regained his previous momentum, thrusting quickly down her trained throat as she sucked and tongued at him as his friend went to find something to grease Dannii up so he could fuck her fine ass, which he was quite surprised she hadn’t refused him point blank. Taking one last glance to Dannii getting given a brisk throatjob, he walked out into his shop to find her some lube, which wasn’t going to be difficult, and he thought he might get her something else to amuse her.

He picked out a bottle of KY lube, something he sold lots of, especially to people buying large toys, and a vibrator. It was by no means small, a nice eight inch pink creation with a particularly bulbous head that was bound to touch some new areas inside her lovely pussy, which he was very privileged to have had round his cock just moments before. Pushing back through the curtain, he took in the sight of Dannii Minogue, hands cuffed behind her back, breasts chained, nipples clamped, bent over his bench and held down by a wide collar getting his friends cock driven down her throat deep and hard, and taking it just fine, her ass and pussy just ready and waiting to be fucked. Pulling the vibrator from the packaging didn’t disturb them, Dannii working hard to please him as he fucked her mouth, though Steve did look up to see what he had in his hands, smiling as he saw it.

“Ok Dannii, got a little treat for you, hold tight,” he said, standing behind her and pushing the toy to her pussy. Dannii knew he was about to insert something into her, and then he turned it on. The familiar buzz of a sex toy reached her ears a fraction of a second before he buried it into her vagina, the shaking, tingling toy sliding easily up her loosened, slippery tunnel, making her squeal in pleasure and sensation through her big mouthful. Her noises turned to deep groans as the toy stopped with a few inches to go as her body tightened up, which he wasn’t having, firmly gripping the base and pushing it up into her squeezing pussy, all the way to the base, using his thumb to push it right up into her, the head stretching her velvet walls on its way as she trembled with a pleased murmur, trying to focus on sucking the cock in her mouth.

“Mm she likes that,” Steve said, looking down at her with a smile as he thrust his rock hard cock into her throat, trying to get as deep as possible. He just smiled as he uncapped the bottle of KY lubricant and pushed it down between her cheeks, squeezing an excessive amount of her tight arsehole, the slippery liquid running down over her pussy, stretched round the invading dildo. Quickly reaching down her rubbed it into her ass, Dannii receptive to him now, his finger dipping into her tight back hole, before he quickly rubbed a bit of the lube over the head of his cock and stood the bottle aside. He wasted no more time in mounting her, holding her hip with one hand as he guided his cock to her lubed ass, finding his target easily and pushing to enter her. Dannii braced herself, trying to relax and welcome the cock into her ass. Even Steve stopped what he was doing, just holding his manhood on her tongue as he watched his friend penetrate her arse.

Dannii gave a grunt as he popped into her, his head breaking her ring, holding a moment before he pushed himself into her, Dannii managing to relax and the lube doing the rest to let him have his way with her. After a couple of tentative strokes they got into her and he immediately went to town on her, fucking her hard, pumping against her smooth, round ass as he thumped into her, burying his thick cock in her rear, making her grunt and moan as the sensation of it combined with those of the vibrator in her pussy. All of this was on top of the feeling of being used by two guys, submitting to them, bound and owned, her breasts throbbing from the chains as her legs jammed into the table edge from the thrusts, making her incredibly turned on and approaching an orgasm, a spectacular one at that.

However she concentrated on the job at hand, which was fucking two guys, or rather getting fucked by two guys, very hard. Steve held her head firmly and plunged his cock in and out of her mouth, leaving her to just suck hard at him as he did, her tongue flicking up to attack his hot, hard cock. From the rear wasn’t much different, as a pair of strong hands gripped her hips, holding her tight so she could be fucked hard in the ass, slamming forward into her pert cheeks as he buried every inch in her tight, clenching hole, something she was consciously doing to hear him grunt and groan and fuck her harder.

With two guys going at her and a sizeable vibrator buried in her pussy however, Dannii simply couldn’t ignore the building orgasm within her, which was now at breaking point. She couldn’t get away from it, the thick vibrator buzzing hard, uncontrollably, unstoppably against her G-spot within her, pushing her over the edge. She tried to focus on what she was doing but simply couldn’t, giving a shudder and tensing up, her tongue stopping, leaving Steve to simply thrust down her throat, the underside of his cock pushing over her soft tongue, which was enough to please him, continuing quite happily. Dannii pulled at her handcuffs, putting more weight on her sore breasts in the process, grumbling at the pain as he orgasm kicked in, her back arching as she shoved her hips back, getting every inch of cock into her ass. It only spurred him to thrust harder and faster into her, jamming himself into her tight arse and shoving her back into the table, increasing her orgasmic intensity, which was already huge as it broke her soul in two.

She let out a long muffled wail as she came, her body shuddering with every rapid breath, well what she could get, her body writhing and wriggling on the table between the two men who continued to plunder her treasures. Her pussy squeezed tightly, then she felt something move, and in another climactic contraction the shaking toy was squeezed from her pussy and dropped to the floor loudly, buzzing away across the hard surface, but it didn’t distract her, she didn’t care then, as her ass squeezed and clamped tightly at the thick cock in it as she rode the wave of ecstasy. As she was beginning to wind down, her squeezing and clenching was more than enough to finish off the cock plunging into her ass, catching him off guard. Her fantastically tight ass had just got even tighter as she orgasmed, then seeing and hearing her do that was more than enough to set him off, catching him off guard so he just erupted as he was plowing into her. Using her hips to pull himself balls deep inside her, he let his hot, thick load spew into her lovely arse, hearing her groan as she felt it, his cock super hard as he came, giving a few strained thrusts deep inside her as he did, Dannii pushing back to invite them with her limited movement, a heel clicking saucily on the floor.

As he just held her, breathing heavily as he relished the post-orgasmic sensation, and still being in Dannii’s ass, she focussed on sucking the hard cock being driven in and out of her throat as he pressed to her lovely bum. She was quite impressed with herself that she’d been able to take such a pumping into her throat without retching or worse, and immediately attacked the hot, hard cock with vigour, pushing forward so she pressed her nose into him, his balls pressing to her chin. She immediately felt him respond, with a shudder and a groan as she sucked cock as well as she possibly could, which happened to be very well, her tongue flicking up around him to swirl and curl at him, pressing into the delicate spots to induce his orgasm as she doubled her sucking so it was like a hoover.

It only took a few seconds to finish him off once she was concentrating, indicated by the way he grabbed tighter at her hair, pulling it quite hard as he pounded his cock down her throat, only turning Dannii on more at that point as she worked hard to make him come, awaiting a hot, thick load emptied in her mouth or down her throat. Only that wasn’t what happened, as when he got to the brink, he suddenly yanked right out of Dannii’s suckling mouth, his cock bouncing up in front of her face as she gasped in shock, where he immediately grabbed hold of it and started tugging it furiously, not that it needed it by then. She had just about enough time to register what he was going to do and squeeze her eyes shut, right before a thick, hot spurt of come landed across her face, catching her over the nose and cheek, before he followed it up with several more, just about missing her hair as she let out an irritated growl, not particularly happy that he’d just blown his load over her face, feeling the thick, warm mess sliding down her soft skin.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” he breathed, his hips bucking a bit as he squeezed the last bit out, rubbing it on her cheek, “what a great cocksucker you are, you little whore,” he breathed, not really thinking about his choice of words, but Dannii took affront to it, opening her mouth to complain at being called a whore, pissed off further by it following the facial she’d just been given, but then she had a moments thought and kept quiet. It brought her back down to earth as she realised she’d pretty much acted like one, bound up here and getting spit roasted by two strangers, including taking it up the arse, and blushed, looking down a little ashamed at the way she’d behaved, feeling the soreness of her nipples and breasts as she leaned down, wincing at them. There was a few moments silence, then Steve stepped back and pulled his trousers up, doing them up and looking around a little awkwardly.

“Hey man, um Dannii that was great, really great, lovely to meet you and everything,” he mumbled, feeling out of place.

“Nice to….meet you too,” Dannii said a little sarcastically, looking round to him a bit, her face still a mess.

“Hey man, I’ll catch you soon, give you a call, about…well it can wait, I’m gonna get going,” Steve said, walking towards the door, his bravado at getting a throatjob from Dannii Minogue gone.

“Ok sure, catch you soon,” was all his friend said as Steve exited, just as he pulled himself from Dannii’s sweet ass, his cock still semi-hard from her squeezing back hole. They waited as they heard him unlock the door and leave, then he immediately spoke up to Dannii.

“Sorry about him he can be a bit of an asshole sometimes,” he said as he pulled his jeans up, stepped up quickly beside Dannii to reach under for the rope securing her collar, keeping her bent over the table.

“I guess it’s what I get if I go doing stuff like this,” she said with a slight sigh, tipping her head up as he released her. He freed the rope and she immediately stood up, taking the pressure off her large breasts, still bulging from the chains, nipples painfully clamped, where she winced as they moved on her aching body, hands still cuffed behind her back. He quickly reached up and pulled her nipple clamps off, making her squeal in pain as the blood flowed back into them, almost doubling over at the sensation of it as he found the keys. Stepping to her, he pulled her in front of him and released the cuffs, holding onto her long enough to get them fully off her before she pulled away and rubbed her sore wrists, reaching up to palm her aching nipples with a groan of relief at the freedom. He reached up for the wide restraining collar, undoing it deftly and pulling it from her slender neck and putting it aside, grabbing a cloth and throwing it to Dannii, who immediately wiped her face of the thick load still left there.

Before anything else she had a desire to cover herself up, reaching down for her sexy thong, still at her ankles above her jeans, which she quickly pulled back up to where it should be, swiftly followed by her jeans, which she wiggled sexily into as he picked up the vibrator from the floor and switched it off. Turning back to him, they both knew what she wanted, and he immediately reached for it.

“There’s a release button here for the mechanism. You press it and they just undo easily,” he said, pressing it, where the chains under tension from her magnificent breasts slid out and loosened, making Dannii groan in relief from the pressure, the darkened colour immediately beginning to drain away as the blood was allowed to flow properly again, her nipples giving a definitive throb at that.

“I think I’ll take them,” Dannii said in a small voice, looking down at the floor.

“The chains? Well you’ve had a pretty good demonstration of them I’d say,” he said with a smile.

“Yeah, think I’ll keep them,” she said, looking up to him to face him, not to be ashamed at her sexual desires.

“Well they’re on the house, if you wear them out,” he said with a cheeky smile. Dannii’s eyes goggled at him, thinking of how sore she already was, but then figured what did it matter, and reached down to tighten them once more round her breasts. She turned the handle, feeling a sudden rush of arousal as the metal chains pulled into her again, her clit throbbing as she wettened a little more. She didn’t do them tight, just snug, then turned for her shirt, picking it up from under her sexy bra and sliding into the white linen, popping it shut over her large, bound breasts, nipples easily showing through the fabric as he watched, not that she was worried now.

“Can I have the collar too?” she said, looking to it.

“Sure, you’ve more than earned a few treats,” he said, smiling at her. She gave a little giggle and then picked up her bag and sexy black bra and walked back into the shop, him behind her.

“I think I’ll take a few other things while I’m here actually,” she said. He simply smiled and quite happily obliged in helping her shop. Over half an hour later they laid her chosen items on the counter. With the wide leather collar, she’d also picked out some kinky items, which were a large, thick dildo, an inflatable dildo, a set of glass anal beads, an inflatable butt plug, nipple clamps and a clit clamp. He’d made a few comments as they’d shopped, such as thinking her too tight for such a large toy and such, but she’d merely said it’d take more work to fit in was all with a sexy grin. At the counter, he packed it into a bag and handed it over before she could even pay, raising a questioning purse to him.

“No don’t worry, on the house, you’ve earned them honey,” he said with a laugh.

“Well…thanks, see you again sometime maybe,” she said, putting her bra into the bag and putting her money away, arranging herself before she left.

“Would be a pleasure,” he said, stepping round the counter to politely shake, then kiss, her slender hand, making her giggle. She turned to leave, when he reached out and planted a firm, healthy smack on her firm ass, making her stop and look back at him past her long, glossy hair.

“Goodbye Miss Minogue,” he said with a knowing smile, a hint of his dominant tone to his voice, making her just quietly turn and make her way out of the shop, back into the wonderful Australian sunlight to make her way home on shaky legs…

To be continued…?

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

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