Dannii – A Kinky Night In

Story Title: Dannii – A Kinky Night In

Author’s Name: Viper_Noj

Content Codes: MF, FF, Cons, Oral, Anal, mDom, fDom, Bond, Spank, Exh

Celebs: Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue – A Kinky Night In

This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don’t use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!

The cold, crisp winter air was broken by, among other things, the dull clump of Dannii’s boots as she strode confidently along the frigid
pavement. The weak November sun had already sunk below the horizon, leaving the city prematurely darkened, though that offered opportunities for people such as herself to come out and play. Wearing a long, smooth black leather coat that almost touched the ground, gathered lightly at the waist with a belt, she glanced up at the clouds from behind her large, dark sunglasses. She hardly needed them, but being recognised was not something she wanted and she could see just fine. Dannii didn’t consider there anything wrong with what she and countless other people indulged and enjoyed, but being a celebrity had the media vultures circling all the time and having this particular aspect of her life spread all over papers was not something she fancied.

Arriving at the door of a favoured club of hers, the bouncers just gave her a smile and ushered her in, knowing full well who she was and her standing at this club. With a sexy, suggestive smile and cock of her eyebrow she left them, strutting through the lobby and into the ground floor. The ground floor of this club was the public area, open to anybody who paid, which wasn’t why she’d come here. This place was renowned for its darker side, which was. Still hidden from view in her leather coat, she headed for the lifts, walking past the edge of the dance floor where she got a few glances, but nobody noticing who she was for sure.
Riding up in the lift, there was no tacky music like in most, there was some proper music to listen to, which suited the fashion of the club. The doors slid smoothly open and she stepped out into the warmth, even warmer on the first floor than it had been downstairs, but perhaps that was just her anticipation overcoming her.

“Good evening Dannii,” said a well-built man in a smart suit, who she knew quite well, in charge of this floor and the staff, including the other bouncers to protect the dancers, just in case.

”Good evening David,” she said with a smile, “how are you tonight?”

“I’m very well thank you Dannii, and how are you?” he asked politely but with a smile, suggesting he was very interested in how she was.

“I’m also well, thank you,”

”Good, may I take your coat?” he asked, offering his hands.

”Thank you,” she said with a smile, taking her large sunglasses off as she slid the belt undone and turned away, shrugging her shoulders back to slip it off into his waiting hands, and also reveal what she was wearing.

Her long dark brown hair was done up in thick dreads that hung down round her pretty face, partially covering it and flowing down over her bare shoulders. Her make-up was black and heavy round her eyes, strongly shadowed and with long false eyelashes, which she batted perfectly. Her lips were blood red, which matched her outfit. Dannii’s delicious curves were squeezed into a blood-red leather corset, her luscious breasts almost spilling out of it before leading to a slender, laced-in waist. A black dog collar with short polished spikes graced her neck, and a pair of black bracelets with three rows of polished metal studs matched on her wrists. A tiny, tight black PVC skirt followed, just about long enough to hide her arse when she was standing up which gave a flash of smooth thigh before they met the skin-tight black latex rubber stockings she was wearing that came to mid thigh. The strokable rubber ran down into a pair of knee-high black PVC platform boots, six inches high under the heel and three inches under her toes, perfectly shaped to fit her, secured with eight buckles down the outside of each boot and polished to a mirror shine.

David was a little speechless for a moment, staring at the tight lacing up her back. It was not a surprise that she was dressed in a fetish outfit, it’s what she was here for, but she still looked utterly mind-blowing in it. The outfit matched her feisty, almost aggressive attitude, the boots stamping her authority on those around her. The club was broken into three floors, and the first floor was a members only fetish club, with erotic dancers of the same, a place for people to indulge themselves, which was exactly what Dannii did. She came here to enjoy indulging her fetish and bisexual urges away from public eyes. The second floor was similar but much more intense, with far more focussed and extreme shows, entertainers and members. Dannii was a member to go up that high, she had done several times before, but generally it was quite rare for her. She liked it on this floor, it suited her just right and everybody knew her here. The dancers sure did.

After a pause, David handed the coat to someone to take away for her as she turned with a slight smile.

”I’d like booth please, and a dancer,” she said, looking up foxily from under her sexy long lashes, batting them a couple of times for good measure.

”Of course. Who would you like?” he said. Dannii was thoughtful for a moment, thinking who was in tonight and then glancing round the club at the stages and poles. Her attention was caught by a slender blonde with a firm pair of breasts swinging round a pole, wearing black knee high boots, red fishnet tights, a black rubber thong in a tight V and a leather collar.

”I’ll take…her,” Dannii said slyly, pointing to the blonde. Dannii knew full well who she was. Her name was Lucy, her stage name was Midnight, a sexy young thing in her early 20s who always gave her a great dance. Dannii gazed at her long enough to see Lucy steal a glance at her, having set eyes on Dannii the second she’d stepped out of the lift and be checking ever since in the hope she would request her. David just gave a smile, knowing the story behind the pairing.

”We’ll send her to your booth. Your usual one is free,” he said politely with a smile indicating with his hand.

”Thank you,” she purred, turning with a definite shake of her arse, the short black PVC skirt hinting at her peachy rear beneath as she strutted towards her booth, giving a sultry little glance back towards the bouncers at the entrance, pausing at the bar en route to collect a bottle of vodka and two shot glasses as they eyed her up. As she strutted towards her booth she looked nonchalantly round the club, making eyes at a few of the sexy dancers, knowing most of them on more than a professional level to say the least. She gave a glance back to Lucy, her pick for the evening, who was just finishing off a lap dance for another member of the club, writhing expertly on him, which Dannii watched for a moment before sliding past the curtain into her booth, thinking about what had brought her here this evening…

It’d started the previous evening, Dannii sat her computer in her luxurious leather chair, slightly reclined as she watched the scene play out before her on the screen. Her jeans and underwear were pushed down to her knees, her hand busy between her legs, very busy. Feeling horny and the urge to indulge her fetishes and fantasies, Dannii had headed onto the Internet in search of something to help quell those urges. Heading to Kink.com, Dannii had soon located and downloaded some videos of her favourite bondage porn star, the sexy, perfectly curved Christina Carter, and got down to work on her horny body. Laying back in the soft leather, Dannii rubbed at her dripping pussy, pulling at the piercings she had in it, which consisted of a black barbell horizontally through her clit and a silver ring through her hood, making for interesting sensations. Pressing down quite firmly, there were little clicks as the wet jewellery touched, which was lost in the groans of pleasure from their owner as she gave herself to the sensations gripping her body, lazily eyeing the video as she rubbed at herself.

Arching her back, Dannii slipped two fingers up inside herself, pushing them deep and rubbing at her pierced clit with the heel of her hand as the erotic bondage film blended with her own fantasies, imagining that she was the one being dominated and bound, having her body set alight with pleasure as she was controlled, fucked and owned. She’d already made a considerable wet patch on her expensive leather chair as she pulled back to toy expertly with her clit, ducking under the hood to twist and pull at the barbell through the most intimate part of her body. A little shock of pain slashed her soul as she twisted the barbell hard, feeling a rush through herself as she started to tug at her left nipple roughly with her spare hand, biting her lip and grunting deeply as she started to thrust against her hand. Her tummy trembled and tightened as the orgasm overcame her, giving in completely to the advance of what she was sure to be an explosive climax as she worked her aching hand to exhaustion…

Only it wasn’t. It was a good satisfying orgasm sure, certainly made her feel a lot better than she had before it’d happened, only it didn’t quite hit the spot. The spot in her begging to indulge her fetishes, and this orgasm just hadn’t done it. Giving a sigh, Dannii knew she couldn’t satisfy these urges alone and that actually doing these things was the only way to approach this. After pondering for a moment, she got dressed again, quickly taking the time to remove her underwear so she could go commando the rest of the day, and then found one of her bags. After a moments search she found a card she’d been given by one of the people she knew at the Club, which was for a male escort agency. Of course she knew people who could and had done these sorts of things with her, but she had an appetite for someone and something new, an edge to take away her cravings. After a moments thought, she picked up the phone and dialled…

Dannii had sat down, drunk a shot of her vodka and then gazed off into space in her daydream, remembering the previous evening and not even noticing when the topless blonde dancer Lucy slipped into her booth, the stunner well over a decade her junior, ready and waiting eagerly for her. Noticing Dannii was laid back with her eyes shut, paying no attention whatsoever, Lucy quietly stepped in and carefully lowered herself down onto the seat next to Dannii, just taking a moment to watch her gorgeously enhanced chest rise and fall with her breath. Eyeing the sexy pop stars outfit, especially the tiny skirt and sexy rubber stockings, she slid in close. Pressing herself to Dannii, Lucy’s hand slid over and down the inside of Dannii’s right thigh, between the skirt and top of her rubber stocking on the warm skin, her left hand sliding round Dannii’s shoulders and through her thick dreads as she leaned in to gently nuzzle her, feeling the hot Aussie stir under her as she pressed her lips to Dannii’s. She murmured and then let out a little purr of pleasure as Lucy kissed her softly, the way she knew Dannii loved to be kissed, just gently pouring her tongue into Dannii’s mouth, tasting the vodka slightly as she slowly and tenderly worked her tongue with the hot brunette.

“Mmm good evening Lucy,” she mumbled with a smile, opening her eyes and locking her gaze with the sexy dancers.

”Hello…mistress,” Lucy said, looking away shyly, her voice weakening a little.

“How are you tonight?” Dannii said, sitting up as Lucy slid to sit next to her, not taking her hand off her thigh though. Dannii was happy for it to be there though, it was after all why she’d asked for a dance. Just eyeing her dancer up, Dannii took in the delightfully pert breasts she had, a good size and the firmest she’d ever come across.

“I’m good thanks, been quite busy,” Lucy replied as Dannii poured two shots of vodka out, watching as she picked one up.

”You’re always busy, because you’re so hot,” Dannii said, looking sexily sideways at her with a smirk before downing her shot, Lucy feeling a little tremble go through her as she saw Dannii tilt her head back to swallow it, her spiked collar and smooth skin just something she wanted to tongue and suck at.

“Thank you,” Lucy said quietly, blushing a little bit though she didn’t know why, it was just the truth. She was good at what she did and was hardly shy given what she did, but somehow Dannii just got to her. She couldn’t deny she had a crush on Dannii, always trying to make sure she was dancing near her when she was in or attracting her attention so she would be requested, though Dannii did it a lot even when she didn’t see her first, so she knew Dannii liked her. She just didn’t know how much, since Dannii had had dances from every other dancer in the club and, aside from the completely straight few, had taken them home with her. Yet Lucy had never been taken home by Dannii, despite the affection she was shown and praise she was given, not to mention big tips, Dannii had yet to fulfil her desire to be taken home by the singer, which hurt more than she knew it should.

“You’re the sexiest, most beautiful and enticing dancer in this place Midnight,” Dannii said, turning to her more on the seat, holding the shot of vodka. They were on first name terms, and whenever she was called by her stage name she knew Dannii was feeling ready for some fun, which made her heart pump a bit harder. She didn’t say a word, and obediently tipped her head back as Dannii put the shot glass to her ruby lips, making no attempt to take it herself, just letting Dannii feed it to her. The cold, strong vodka slipped down her throat, leaving a burning sensation in its wake, but she didn’t care as Dannii put the glass down and took hold of her collar, pulling her forward and kissing her again, firmer this time, their lips locking tightly, tongues quickly meeting before breaking apart.

“Dance for me Midnight,” Dannii said in a purr, eyes sexily half-closed with a smile as she did, not letting go of Lucy’s collar for a moment.

“Yes mistress,” she whispered, staring into each others eyes for a moment before Lucy pulled away, Dannii’s fingers slipping from the black leather of her collar as she settled back on the seat, Midnight climbing up onto the platform in the booth, taking hold of the cold, polished pole with both hands and swinging testingly round it, making sure her sweaty hands didn’t slip off. Dannii eyed her tight, 20-something body as she climbed up, especially the way her firm arse looked in her rubber thong as she pulled herself up, making her tempted to give her a spank, but she decided to save that for later. The music from the club was everywhere, so Lucy had no trouble starting her dance as Dannii poured herself another shot of vodka, her eyes following every curve and motion of her slender body, pausing only to knock the shot back.

Putting all her training and experience to use, Lucy spun round the pole to stand behind it, hooking a fishnet encased leg round it, pressing her rubber covered pussy into the pole and sliding down it slowly before pushing herself back up, giving an over-acted “ooh” and pout as her firm breasts pushed over the cold pole, her erect nipples tingling as she did it, leaning forwards towards Dannii as she danced. Dannii eyed her interestedly, not missing a thing as her sexy blonde writhed, shaking her hair out.

Dannii was well aware of how Lucy felt towards her, it was more than obvious. She didn’t return the feelings with the same intensity however. Dannii wouldn’t say she had a crush on Lucy but she wasn’t just a dancer to her. She was easily the sexiest, prettiest and most intelligent girl working there, not mention the best dancer she’d ever had, and it easily made her Dannii’s favourite at the club, which was why she requested her so often. Dannii wasn’t sure what she wanted to do about Lucy though, as she had no problem with her bisexuality, but she mainly kept it just to sex, as she’d only had a couple of girlfriends and neither relationship had lasted long at all. Being in the public eye didn’t help that side of her life either, and she didn’t want to mislead Lucy into believing it would be more than just sex.

Because she was her favourite however, Dannii wanted to save her. She’d slept her way through most of the other strippers at the club, just to see who was any good and for some fun. Now she knew the best dancers and the best ones in the sack, and there were only a couple she’d go back to, which she had done since. But Lucy was the best and she was very fond of her, and wanted to wait before taking her home, so as not to rush the surprise of how good Lucy was as a bed mate. Lucy of course always ended up horribly put out when Dannii didn’t take her home, but she knew it’d be worth it when she eventually did. Their relationship was already more than just sex, they had great chemistry, but it was in no official capacity and very likely would never be, so Dannii wanted to savour what they had, though Lucy was likely to get hurt, and Dannii didn’t know how she could avoid that no matter what route she took.

Devouring Lucy with her eyes, watching as she hung upside down, her gorgeous legs wrapped round the smooth pole, just letting herself slide slowly down, blowing a kiss to Dannii. Dannii leaned forwards, offering Lucy a view of her awesome cleavage as she poured two more shots of vodka, already starting to feel the effects slightly herself, she just wanted a little more buzz, and if Lucy had one as well they’d have a great little romp before she was collected. Dannii raised the shot to entice her, giving a little smile and flick of her eyebrows, making Lucy giggle slightly with a grin. She bent upwards and grasped the pole, letting her legs slide down so she put her feet down before swinging round the pole and dropping to all fours in front of Dannii at the edge of the podium, licking her lips erotically. Just giving a smile, Dannii pressed the edge of the glass to Lucy’s eager ruby lips and tipped it back, pouring it into the dancers mouth as she leaned back to swallow it, giving a little shiver.

“Another?” Dannii murmured, standing the lipstick smudged shot glass down and tracing a finger over Lucy’s soft lips.

“Please,” she whispered with a little smile, blushing a little at the attention Dannii lavished on her. Dannii simply reached over and picked up her own shot of vodka, raising her own glass to Lucy and pouring it into her waiting mouth, seeing her shiver again, just enjoying the burning of the pure spirit as it glided down her throat. Dragging her fingertips down Lucy’s soft neck, she hooked her fingers into the collar again and pulled the feisty dancer towards her a little, leaning forwards herself to kiss her again, a bit more firmly this time, pushing her tongue strongly into her mouth before breaking away noisily, letting Lucy rock back on her knees. Dannii stood the glass down and filled it again so she could have her own shot, looking back to her waiting blonde beauty. Leaning back on the leather booth seat, Dannii just gave her rubber-clad knee a little pat with a foxy smile.

“Come on Midnight,” Dannii said softly but with a distinct hint of lust to her voice. Lucy could see straight up Dannii’s tiny skirt, not for the first time, to see her in the tiniest black thong, semi-sheer and barely concealing her. But then this was a fetish club, and the entire outfit she had on was daring and exceptionally sexy. Giving a smile, Lucy pulled a little move she’d spent time perfecting, knowing a lot of people she danced for loved it. In one quick move, she did a little forward roll, tucked her legs in and landed on the seat on her knees over Dannii’s legs, straddling her hips and presenting her squeezably firm breasts to Dannii, who gave a smile as Lucy’s arms draped round her neck.

“Good girl,” she said with a smile, her hands sliding to Lucy’s hips, touching her properly for the first time that evening, just lingering a moment before she slid her hands up to cup the luscious rack before her, pushing up and firmly squeezing the pert C-cups in front of her. She graced each one with a simple kiss, which made Lucy tremble, feeling her pussy wetten in her rubber underwear as Dannii just teased her before pulling away.

“Would you hand me my drink please?” she cooed, glancing past the girl on her lap to the glass. Lucy looked back to it, just playing with Dannii’s dreadlocks before she turned on her lap and reached out for it, grasping the shot and turning back with it, holding it just in front of the sexy Aussie. Lucy gave a little smile, looking sideways and down to Dannii before turning fully and offering the glass to her lips, pushing her luck a little since Dannii was well and truly in charge. Dannii however welcomed it, since it was good fun, opening her mouth a little to invite it, which Lucy did, pouring the vodka carefully into her waiting mouth, the blood red lipstick smearing the glass a little she drank before Lucy stood it down, immediately covering Dannii’s mouth with her own to kiss her, their tongues battling powerfully as Dannii’s hands continued to grope and squeeze at her breasts, Lucy grinding herself down against Dannii’s hips, squeezing with her strong thighs…

Walking the last few steps to the club, the escort Dannii had hired wondered if he was really in the right place to collect someone like her, but headed in towards the main entrance, figuring someone would know where she was. He thought back to how he’d got this privilege, which had been him happening to answer the phone when nobody else had been to hand. Dannii had immediately introduced herself and then asked if there happened to be any fans of hers working there. After a moments pause of shock, he’d managed to answer that he wasn’t sure on the others, but he sure was, hoping that didn’t sound like a cheap attempt to bed her.

Dannii had assured him he’d do her just fine, at least she hoped he would, for the following night if that were possible. He knew enough about the deskwork to check the schedule but was fairly certain he wasn’t booked, which was clarified when he found it, informing Dannii that would be just fine. She’d been happy with that and asked him to collect her at this particular club, which was where he was standing right now, reaching the desk.

“Hi, I’m looking for Dannii Minogue?” he said politely to the girl behind the desk, quite pretty herself, sporting tattoos down her arm and a few piercings. She just gave a slight, knowing smile.

“May I ask who you are?” she said politely. He knew this was policy, after all anybody could just walk up and ask for someone like Dannii Minogue by name. He reached for his wallet and showed his ID card given by his agency, which was known to the Club, so she recognised it and just gave a smile.

“Thank you. One moment, let me check,” she said, having not set eyes on Dannii herself when she arrived, she knew where she’d be if she was in. She picked up the phone and pressed a speed dial button, waited a moment before getting an answer.

“Hey David, it’s Anna downstairs. Is Dannii up there?”

“She most certainly is,” he replied, Anna able to tell just from that that Dannii was looking fine tonight.

“There is a gentleman here for her,” she said.

“Send him on up,” David replied, knowing that as soon as the world “gentleman” was used it was someone from an escort service.

“Thanks,” she said, and put the phone down.

“Miss Minogue is on the first floor, the lifts are just down there on the left,” she said to him, indicating with a hand and a smile.

“Thanks,” he said, smiling back and walking down to the lifts, waiting just a moment for one and then riding up to the first floor where he was greeted by David and his bouncers, only with less enthusiasm than Dannii had received.

“Good evening sir, may we just see some identification first please?” David said. He once again produced it, David just checking it and then nodding.

“Thanks, procedure you know. Dannii’s booth is just over there,” he said, indicating with a hand. He tucked his wallet away and thanked David, shaking his hand just out of courtesy and then heading towards it, feeling a little out of place wearing a suit as he looked round the various dancers and guests wearing fetish outfits. As he got close to the booth, he could hear little giggles and mumbles, his heart just increasing a little despite the fact this was his job. It was Dannii Minogue after all, and it certainly sounded like she was busy. He reached out and knocked on the side, the curtain closed for privacy.

“Come in,” Dannii murmured breathily with little hesitation. He pushed the curtain aside and stepped in, freezing in his tracks as he got an eyeful of Dannii Minogue, done up as a full Goth, romping with a gorgeous blonde dancer, who was currently squeezing Dannii’s delicious breasts whilst grinding herself into Dannii’s hand, which was resting down the front of her rubber thong. He was unable to speak for a moment, taking in Dannii’s look; the thick dreadlocks cascading down over her shoulders, heavy make-up and false eyelashes, her tight laced corset squeezing her body perfectly, and the tiny black PVC skirt which showed off her tiny, semi-sheer knickers, before sliding down into the moulded black rubber stockings and fearsome boots, just so utterly sexy in a way he couldn’t pinpoint.

“Mmm you look better than you sound,” Dannii mumbled, looking over with a sly smile, Midnight not stopping what she was doing. This had happened before, and Dannii had always told her to keep going so she just did it now without a thought.

“Thanks,” he said, finding his voice and catching the gaze of the blonde on Dannii’s lap very briefly, seeing a little jealously in it.

“Have a seat,” Dannii said, gesturing with her spare hand. He sat down, still watching, trying not to eye her up too much even though that’s what this was all about. It was still his job after all, and business had to be done. After a moment, Dannii pulled her hand out of Lucy’s underwear, raising her fingers to blonde stunner’s busy mouth and pushing them to her lips. Lucy didn’t even pause, sucking Dannii’s fingers into her mouth and hungrily licking and sucking them clean until they were withdrawn, Lucy going back down onto Dannii, quickly giving her a peck on the lips before nuzzling and sucking lightly on her neck, making Dannii giggle a little and smile.

“Sorry, she’s very good,” Dannii said to him, making Lucy inwardly beam, shivering a little at the compliment. With her free hands she found her bag and reached in, pulling out a legal document and a pen, before handing it to him.

“What’s this?” he said, reaching out for it, Lucy, looking sideways to see what it was out of curiosity.

“Non-disclosure agreement. It’s nothing personal, but I can’t take the risk that you’ll talk to the media,” Dannii said, turning her attention back to Lucy for a good kiss.

“Ok then, fair play. I brought one as well, company policy with high profile clients,” he said, reading through the document quickly, just checking for anything that shouldn’t be there. It was almost identical to the one he’d brought, industry standard pretty much.

“No signature, no pussy,” Dannii said with a giggle, making him give a slight laugh.

“All looks ok to me,” he said, and signed it. He tore off the carbon copy for himself and then handed the original back to Dannii, who fumbled for it as she slid down in the seat a little more under Lucy’s energetic ministrations. He couldn’t keep his eyes from Dannii’s pussy, the little thong barely covering her mound, the bottom part solid but top half of it sheer so he could see she was waxed smooth.

“Thank you,” she mumbled, folding it and stuffing it back into her bag with the pen, sitting up a bit more again and pushing Lucy back slightly with a stroke of her soft hair. Lucy was a little confused for a moment until Dannii reached for the vodka again, not bothering with a glass and simply uncapping it and taking a quick, neat slug of it. She offered it to Lucy, who took it and did the same. When you worked in a place like this, hard drinking just became a way of life. It started as a way to calm the nerves and just went from there, though Lucy was always a little nervous with Dannii, afraid she’d fail her somehow. She gave it back to Dannii, who offered it to her escort. He thought a moment and then took it, deciding to calm his own nerves just a little as the girls locked together for a passionate embrace, tongues battling each other as their hands roamed, Lucy taking in Dannii’s slim, corset-squeezed waist as Dannii groped her firm, naked breasts, just teasing the nipples with her thumbs.

“You’ll get that soon enough,” Dannii purred, looking at him sexily from the corners of her eyes, having caught him eyeing her evident pussy.

“I…sorry. Did you have anything in mind for this evening?” he asked, since she was hiring him.

“Beyond good hard sex?” she said with a smile, Lucy shifting on her lap and hunting for a kiss, which Dannii rewarded her with, sucking at her tongue in the process.

“Well of course,” he said with a slight laugh, “but I wondered if you had anything specific in mind?”

Dannii just paused a moment, letting Lucy tug and suck at her lower lip with a breath of contentedness before pulling away and turning lazily to him, Lucy delving to lick at her magnificent cleavage again, the leather of her tight corset creaking as her back arched.

“I just have a few basic rules, the rest is up to you,” she purred, smiling devilishly.

“Ok then, sounds good, let’s hear them,” he said with a smile, thinking of the fun of having freedom in the bedroom with Dannii.

“Well I wanna get a bit kinky. Not as kinky as this outfit would suggest, I’m not after that tonight, but a good bit of kink…and a bit nasty as well. So that’s what I want, it’s up to you to give it to me, but you’re not allowed to go too far. A bit of pain with pleasure is fine, but you can’t hit me. Don’t go getting too rough with me. Use your common sense,” she purred.

“Gotcha, I’m not like that anyway. So, you ready to go?” he asked, casting an eye to her beautiful dancer.

“Yeah I am,” she said, immediately feeling Lucy tighten up, grasping her waist firmly and pulling a little closer to Dannii, something she didn’t miss. Dannii just gave her a moment, sliding her hands up the sexy dancers sides to her breasts, just squeezing them firmly before moving up to brush her fingers through the soft blonde hair.

“Lucy, I have to get going now,” she said, locking lips with her for a good kiss, just giving a little nip to Lucy’s lower lip before they broke apart. Lucy reluctantly let go of Dannii and climbed off her onto the seat beside her, casting a glance to the waiting escort as he stood up. Dannii stood up and straightened herself out a little, brushing her dreads away from her face and tugging her tiny skirt down, just enough to cover herself as she walked. Settling her dainty feet in her boots a little more, she plumped up her breasts in the blood red leather corset, stretching herself towards the ceiling with a little murmur before looking to him with a smile and stepping towards the door as she picked up her bag. She looked back to Lucy, who sat looking down dejectedly at the floor, clearly having trouble just accepting this was her job when it came to Dannii.

“Could you wait for me at the lifts please?” Dannii said to her escort. He didn’t argue, just giving a little nod and stepping past the heavy curtain, his footsteps diminishing as he walked away towards the exit.

“Lucy, I’m sorry it’s not you I’m taking home tonight. You danced great,” Dannii said, stepping towards her a little and extending a hand to her.

“Well it’s my job isn’t it,” Lucy said unconvincingly, unable to conceal her disappointment, reaching up for Dannii’s hand.

“Tonight I’m not in the mood for some pussy, I need some cock, and I know you understand that. It’s not you, it’s not because I don’t want to, you’re still my favourite,” Dannii said with a smile, pulling Lucy to her feet as she fished a wodge of money from her bag with her spare hand.

“Have a great night Dannii,” Lucy said softly, smiling slightly as she looked into Dannii’s eyes, seeing the sincerity. With a little smile, Dannii pushed her hand down, sneaking under the front of Lucy’s little rubber thong and pushing her hand into the strippers black fetish underwear, pushing the thick wad of bank notes down against her moist pussy.

“And you have a great weekend,” Dannii purred, smiling slyly to Lucy, whose knickers had just been stuffed with around £700, a very good tip.

“Thank you,” Lucy whispered, smiling a bit wider as Dannii just drew her close for a deep, soft kiss. Their tongues sensually caressed each other, Dannii just holding Lucy’s hip and round her shoulder before they broke apart with a smooch.

“Maybe next time,” Dannii said with a smile, just giving a little cock of her eyebrow and a sexy wink before turning and walking out through the curtain, her boots thumping on the floor as she strode away toward the lifts. Lucy breathed out, feeling exhilarated and turned on at the very thought, sitting down and picking up the vodka bottle that had been left for a good swig…

Reaching the lifts, David stepped forward and offered a hand.

“I trust you had a good evening?” he said with a smile.

“Very, Lucy was impeccable, thank you,” she said with a smile, taking his hand for an almost non-existent shake before leaning up to give him a quick peck on the cheek, pulling away as David was handed her coat. Offering her arms behind her a little, he slipped the coat onto her sexy form and let her slip into it, closing the long black leather coat and tying the belt. She glanced back with a smile and then walked over to her waiting escort, between the bouncers who all eyed her with only one thing on their mind.

“Bye boys, I’ll see you all again very soon,” she cooed, looking round at the bouncers with little waves of her fingers and a pout as they checked her out, all of them gazing at her arse as she passed them to the lift, eyeing the chunky, dominant boots as they flashed past the coat which flicked up as she walked. After a moments wait for a lift, she and her escort stepped in, Dannii giving a smile and then blowing a kiss with her ruby lips just as the doors slid shut. As the lift descended, Dannii glanced up to take in her escort, who she had to admit looked hot. Short dark hair, around 6 feet tall, a nice, distinguished profile, sort of ruggedly handsome, and he looked well built. Certainly good to keep her up all night she thought to herself with a private smile.

“So, do you come here often?” he said, breaking the silence. Dannii just gave a little giggle, sliding her slender hand into his, which dwarfed hers.

“I think you can tell that I do,” she said, just pressing herself a little closer to him as the lift stopped and the doors slid open to the public ground floor.

“Good point, you certainly seem to have plenty of fans here,” he said with a smile, since she’d asked on the phone if any of the escorts were fans. Dannii just smiled, giving a little wave to the girl on reception as they headed out the front doors onto the dark street, a light breeze just moving her long, thick dreadlocks. Since it was still quite early, there was no shortage of taxis, and a well-placed hand had one pulling up at the kerb almost immediately. He opened the door for her and she slid into the back seat, carefully manoeuvring her hefty PVC boots, the driver casting a roving eye over her as he got in next to her.

“Evening, where to?” he said, glancing at them in the rear view mirror. Dannii asked him to take them back to her posh flat, giving him the address, which he set off for. As they got moving, she turned slightly towards, not needing to spread her legs at all to offer him a good view up her skirt to her barely hidden pussy, which drew his attention.

“So, am I what you expected?” she teased, shuffling a little closer to him on the seat.

“You’re better than I expected,” he said with a smile, leaning down to kiss her, feeling her tongue slip eagerly into his mouth.

“Oh really, how?” she mumbled, pulling away slightly, her hands sliding up his side under his jacket.

“This outfit of yours for starters,” he said, reaching out to slide a hand to her hip, resting it on the warm, tight leather of her corset. It immediately slid up the pinch of her waist, flowing straight on up to her ample chest, where he cupped her large left breast, forced up tightly out of the corset, begging for it. Dannii just gave a murmur, casting her eyes forward to the driver, who was watching in the rear view mirror, quickly pretending he hadn’t been and looking forward at the road again.

“Anything else?” she purred, giving a naughty smile.

“Your hair, your make-up, everything. You’re a complete package,” he said his hand brushing her dreadlocks back from her face before sliding down onto her leg now, brushing over her silky thigh and onto the smooth black rubber of her stocking, now warmed by her body.

“Well, I just hope you can handle me,” she said with a grin, giving him another kiss. His hand went to slide back up her thigh but Dannii swatted him away.

“There’ll be plenty of time, just control yourself,” she scolded playfully, slapping his hands away from her now and turning her legs back so her tiny PVC skirt concealed her again. It only made him more eager and ready for her, which she was only too aware of, being a master tease. During the rest of the ride she swatted away sneaky hands he tried to lay on her, her leather and rubber creaking sexily as she did, giving him come-to-bed eyes as she did, which only served to heighten his want for her. Though the ride wasn’t particularly long it felt like forever, for both of them, Dannii now painfully horny and wanting to get busy. Arriving at her building, Dannii produced a twenty and handed it to the driver with a smile and a foxy look he could feel as her escort got out.

“Thanks for the ride,” she purred, giving a little giggle as she slid across the back seat and co-ordinated her hefty PVC boots onto the kerb, giving him a sexy wink and then exiting the taxi, shutting the door and taking the hand offered to her by her man. The taxi pulled away as they walked into her building, into the well-illuminated lobby.

“Where are the lifts?” he said, glancing round since they weren’t immediately obvious.

“We’re not taking the lift, you’re going to follow me up the stairs,” Dannii said thickly, undoing her coat and slipping it off, just reaching down to suggestively tug her tiny skirt a little to make sure it was in place. He didn’t say anything else, simply letting Dannii guide him to the stairs and then slide ahead of him, her hand slipping from his as she started up them, her shiny PVC boots thumping heavily on the steps. Dannii gave a little glance back with a saucy smile through her dreadlocks, fluttering her fake eyelashes and wiggling her hips enticingly, arching her back as she stepped up, her lovely arse peeking out from under the black PVC. The tiny thong was just visible concealing the back of her pussy, barely managing that as she stepped up, giving a little smirk as his eyes locked on her arse. She flicked her hips a little, not that the stiff PVC skirt moved but it just gave the invitation, which he gladly accepted, following her up the stairs almost in a trance as she pouted, wiggled and giggled her floor, strutting the corridor to her door.

“Here we are,” she said with a smile, unlocking her door and stepping in, flicking her lights on as he followed, Dannii quickly shutting the door and locking it again, yanking the key out and grabbing his hand, walking determinedly towards the bedroom, hefty boots almost threatening as she walked. Entering her room, he was struck by the sweet perfumed smell of her private space as she cast her coat over a chair, glancing round at it, since it was quite a special place to be after all. There were a few pictures of her cats, a pass from an F1 race, usual make-up at the mirror on her dressing table. There was only one special thing in the room that mattered though, and that was the delectable lady herself, who turned to him with a self-assured smile and pressed a finger to his chest to stop him.

“In case there’s any confusion, let me make this real clear to you,” she said, looking him square in the eyes.

“Ok…” he said, unsure what she was going to say exactly, just holding her steady gaze.

“I want a good hard fucking outta you. I want you to thoroughly control and own me. If you do me right, I’m all yours,” she said, her gaze never wavering.

“Sounds good to me,” he said with a smile, eyeing her up, peeking down her magnificent cleavage.

“However, if you don’t, you’re all mine,” Dannii said firmly, giving a raise of her eyebrows, giving him a quick up-and-down. He got her point straight away, shuffling a little uncomfortably since he didn’t literally want to, now even more motivated to give her a good stiff night. He went forward for a kiss to get things rolling, Dannii smiling as his hands led the way before boldly grabbing hold of her arse, going straight up under her skirt to hold her firm, naked rear. They kissed hard, his hands squeezing her in response under the PVC, Dannii giving a murmur of pleasure as he did so, thoroughly feeling her tight rear before moving up, pulling the skirt up round her waist, the PVC noisily squeaking and creaking as he exposed her tiny thong, amusing Dannii a little. Sliding his hands up onto the smooth leather of her blood red corset, he let them flow into the beautiful curves of her tightly squeezed waist as they continued to snog, tongues doing battle as his hands just held her slender waist before moving round the back to the column of lacing down her spine. Finding the end, he went to undo it, his wrists immediately grabbed by Dannii, who pulled back from him sharply.

“It took me ages to lace myself into this and you can damn well leave it alone!” she snapped in a sharp tone, glaring at him. He just looked back at her for a moment, then reached back down and smacked her firmly on the arse, making her yelp and jump, standing onto the toes of her formidable boots. He did it again with both hands, delivering a hard spank to each cheek, which converted to a full-blown arse grab, squeezing hard. Dannii gave a loud gasp and lunged forward, biting his lower lip pretty hard, making him wince and give a grunt of pain at her aggressive bite. He reached up with his right hand and grabbed her long, thick dreads, yanking her quite sharply off him, making her squeal, grimacing himself again as she tried to hold onto his lip, pulling it hard before he pulled her back, still holding her hips to him with the hand on her arse so she bent back, offering her ample chest to him.

Changing the pace a little, he kissed slowly and sensually down her smooth neck, his lips hot and wet on her soft skin, just skipping past her spiked gothic collar and heading down to her chest, kissing onto the large mounds of her breasts, feeling her tremble in his arms, just pulling against his grip on her hair a little. She gave throaty grunts as he started to nip and bite at her prominent chest, feeling her twitch and wiggle under him as he planted little pinches to her large breasts. Her little grunts turned to soft moans, pressing her hips forward towards him now, grinding her exposed crotch against him to feel his large erection through his trousers. He dragged his tongue across her chest, exciting her as he licked the tops of her breasts, just teasing them at the front edge of the corset that contained them, making her squeal before he suddenly yanked away. He stopped pulling on her hair and pushed up, which combined with her own tension pulled her up straight, and right into place for him to snog her hard, holding her tight as their lips mashed together, tongues duelling once more.

“This fit your criteria?” he mumbled as they broke apart.

“I’d like to see if something else fits,” she growled, nipping at his lips. He didn’t reply, simply grasping her arm behind her and twisting it up her back, making her give a yell of pain as he got a firm hold on her, turning her swiftly around and bending her straight over in front of him. Dannii protested, wriggling in his grasp but spreading her legs and standing firmly without being asked, well and truly gagging for it. With his spare hand he yanked her skirt up again, then grabbed hold of her tiny black knickers, seeing the little LK badge to indicate it was from her older sister’s “Love Kylie” lingerie range. He hooked his hand into it and gave a sharp yank, tearing it straight off her little body as she gave a cry of surprise, her hips jerking from it as she was exposed, struggling in his grip, pushing with her rubber-clad legs to escape.

He reached round under her and stuffed the ripped underwear down her impressive cleavage before reaching down for his trousers, undoing them to free his big cock. His large 9” cock was absolutely hard as rock now from all her teasing and he was well and truly ready, taking hold of it and twisting Dannii’s arm a little harder to subdue her struggles. Pushing a foot between her chunky platforms, he gave a tap to the insides of her boots, Dannii immediately spreading her legs and taking a strong stance in readiness for him. He pushed his huge cock, one of the very reasons he’d ended up in this business in the first place, down to the back of her juicy, shaven slit, just teasing the bulbous head up her dripping entrance, Dannii writhing under him. She was desperate now, she needed him inside her now, she’d waited all night for this and he was holding out on her, and she couldn’t even see it! Looking back side-to-side was obscured by her thick Goth dreadlocks, and looking down meant she could only see her cleavage, forced up by her tight corset.

Starting to struggle more, she pulled away a little but was sharply pulled back, a twinge in her shoulder making her wince, right before he penetrated her, immediately stilling her resistance and pushing a long moan from her, her eyes squeezing shut as he pushed his large cock into her, a delicious treat for her since she hadn’t known what she was about to take, her body rippling around him as she stretched out, giving a squeal at his size, which despite herself was still a little uncomfortable at such short notice. He gave a grunt as he slid his cock into her, immediately slowing. She was so hot, tight and wet, the sweetest pussy he’d ever been in, and he’d been in plenty due to his chosen profession. Despite her size and tightness, her body eagerly accepted him, cervix yielding with a little more pressure, pushing all the way up till his hips were pressed tightly into her arse, balls deep in the gorgeous Australian brunette. He gave another deep grunt as she deliberately squeezed him, feeling her vice like grip on his shaft, her well-trained body a perfect fit on him.

“Mm, but do you know how to use it?” Dannii goaded, wiggling her arse against him, pulling her legs back together a little, just taking a moment to get used to his magnificent size.

“You’ll be using that pretty mouth to beg,” he said with a slightly smile, holding her arm powerfully and grabbing her hip tightly with his other hand, immediately drawing right back, making Dannii inhale before he gave her a hard pump, right back to the hilt again, driving a strained squeak from her. He wasted no more time, holding the little beauty firmly and starting to pump on her, rapidly building pace. Dannii grabbed hold of the foot railing of her bed with her spare hand, her arm tensing tightly as she tried to hold still for him to fuck her, her knees trembling a little as her pumped hard against her arse, their bodies slapping noisily together as she grit her teeth and let out a long growl of sexual energy. Pushing back against him with every thrust, they built a fast, hard rhythm, her pert arse jiggling with every thrust into her he was so vigorous, Dannii’s knuckles turning white at the strain of holding onto the bed.

Holding her hip and arm he started to pump harder, angling down into her more as he did and teasing her G-spot, making her tremble before her arm gave way, unable to take the strain anymore. Holding onto her he followed as she collapsed forward, Dannii just about managing to throw herself over the rail rather than into it, grunting as she was slightly winded, the rail hitting her stomach. It was rather high and now she was standing up more because of it, which wasn’t as a good a position, however she didn’t need to worry. Before she could speak he picked her little body up and pushed her further over the foot rail, her feet and heavy boots dangling off the ground, railing uncomfortably pushed up into her lower abdomen as she gave a murmur of complaint. Due to their height difference she’d been below him slightly, despite the boots, and now she was at the perfect height for him to fuck, and he wasted no more time in getting on with it. Dannii gave a growl as he held her arm firmly up her back and moved to pull her long dreads as he plunged all the way back into her, as deep as he could, her body rippling and accepting him wetly.

“Ungh fuck,” Dannii grunted, her eyes squeezed shut, uncomfortable as the railing pressed up into her despite the tight leather corset, her whole body and bed shaking as he powerfully thrust into her, slapping noisily against her vulnerable rear as he did, showing pace she hadn’t handled in a long time, and she was absolutely loving it despite the discomfort. He pulled back on her hair and pushed her arm a bit tighter up her back, making her squeal and sending a twinge of pain through her, her back arching even tighter as he pulled her head back. Dannii couldn’t take any more, struggling in his grasp, trying to wriggle free. His method was great, her position was not, and she just had to get out of it, which was a lot easier said than done. He gave her a few good hard pumps, which would’ve weakened her knees if she’d be standing on the floor, but also weakened her resistance and allowed her to be pushed further over, arse high in the air as he stroked his large cock rapidly in and out of her dripping snatch.

Dannii was more resourceful than he’d suspected as she suddenly pulled her legs up, getting her chunky boots on his hips as he pulled back with impressive speed and agility, giving one hard shove of her rubber clad legs and shoving him off her, at the same time pulling herself forwards with her hands so she dropped onto the bed, giving a loud sigh of relief as he staggered back. Pausing just long enough for one deep breath, Dannii scuffled forwards over her sheets, thrusting her hand underneath the pillow for something before rolling back over to face him as he approached the bed for her again, shrugging his clothes off. Pulling up a pair of handcuffs, Dannii gave a grin before throwing them to him, surprising him a little as he fumbled to catch them, giving her more than enough time to dive off the bed in front of him. Grabbing his cock at the base, she sunk it into her mouth and started noisily sucking him off, bobbing up and down rapidly on what would fit her mouth, open wide round him as she made no attempt to throat him, just plunging wetly up and down his first few thick inches, her slender hand squeezing and jerking the base, working hard and fast at him as he stood, unsure what do she’d taken him so fast.

“Damn girl, you sure can suck,” he breathed, just holding the cuffs and resting a hand on her head as she voraciously fellated him, twisting slightly in her thick dreadlocks as her head bobbed quickly, her tongue assaulting the underside of his large penis aggressively. Unable to bring himself to pull her off his cock just yet, he reached down and snapped the cuff around the wrist of the hand on his cock, just ahead of her stuffed bracelets, then bent over as much as he could and grabbed her other one, which she playfully tried to keep from him. Pulling both behind her back, he pulled her arms up a bit to strain her before locking them together behind her back, letting them go, Dannii dropping them down and pulling tentatively at them, checking they were secure as she continued to suck, trying to take just a little bit more now just as he grasped her head. He pulled her off with a noisy slurp, Dannii looking up with a daring smile, just urging him to take her, which he obeyed, grabbing her under the arms and lifting her up as she gave a cry of surprise before dropping her firmly on the bed on her back, head hanging back over the side.

“This looks…interesting,” Dannii purred with a sly smile, arching her back a little as she settled her shoulders and arms underneath her, almost offering her breasts to him, her tiny knickers still stuffed down her cleavage.

“It’ll get more than interesting,” he said with a smile, bending his knees to bring his huge 9” erection down to her mouth. He guided it into her mouth with his hand, feeling her tongue immediately greet him as her warm breath engulfed his manhood, which slid easily into her hot mouth, pressing to the back of her throat, feeling her resist. Just letting her suck for a moment, he pulled back and then pushed down, Dannii trying to accept him into her throat, taking a bit more but involuntarily resisting. His hands found their way to her magnificent rack as they continued this way, gradually getting into a rhythm and relaxing her throat bit by bit. Giving her breasts good hard squeezes, he felt her writhe under him on the bed as he gave a slightly sharper thrust forwards, which was enough to do it, Dannii swallowing every inch of his cock, her body giving a heave as she was unable to hold back her gag reflex. He just gave her a moment to get used to it, then pulled back and picked up his rhythm again, Dannii now into it and able to take him down her throat each time, giving muffled grunts as he started to speed up.

Holding her ample chest, rapidly thrust in and out of her mouth, going balls deep with every thrust, her mouth noisily slurping and popping as he thrust his huge cock in and out, very impressed at her ability to swallow cock, though she was gagging occasionally, unable to stop herself. She was drooling quite a lot now, the saliva running down her face, causing her make-up to run down over her cheeks and onto her forehead, smearing her gothic look as he continued to pump, not caring particularly about the make-up, and neither did Dannii, who continued to suck firmly, using her tongue to attack him as hard as she knew how, which was having an affect since his thrusts were becoming more urgent, his cock twitching in her throat. She gave a cheeky little bite and he gave a little jolt, both of them immediately knowing she’d just done enough to get him to his climax. Giving a little moan of triumph, Dannii sucked and tongued at him energetically, her eyes watering as he grunted and breathed heavily, thrusting rapidly into her throat.

“Here it comes…” he breathed, eyes closed as he froze before driving down her throat with a shudder, Dannii gagging at the sudden intrusion after a few seconds without it, controlling it just as his hot, thick come spurted down her throat, too deep for her to taste it. She mumbled something indistinguishable as he held onto her chest, her dreadlocks tickling his legs as he emptied himself, Dannii automatically swallowing even though it was already down, feeling the thick fluid as it ran down into her. Just letting her milk him for a minute with her talented tongue, he gave a last few shivers and slipped his spent, softening cock from her mouth. Dannii gasped for breath, sweating plenty herself as she rolled over onto her front, holding her arms up to hint as he found the key and released her. She rolled over again and sat up as he sat down on the other side of the bed, grabbing a tissue and wiping her face, heading to the bathroom briefly to clean herself up, since she didn’t want to look like a beat up street whore after another fix.

Walking back to her bedroom, she found him laid flat out on her bed.

“Don’t tell me that’s all you’ve got?” Dannii teased, smiling devilishly as she approached, having made no attempt to right her skirt and conceal her pussy as she pulled her torn knickers from down her corset and cast them aside. She bent down and picked up the handcuffs from the floor, the key still in them, looking to him with a smile and approaching the bed where he lay. He looked up at her, his eyes widening and tensing as he saw her with them, clearly rather uneasy at giving Dannii control.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you…or fuck you,” Dannii added with a tone and a smile, since he clearly was wondering if she had it on her mind. He visibly relaxed and then stood up next to the bed, towering over her again as she snapped one round his wrist and then pulled it behind his back, pulling his other arm round and snapping him into the cold cuffs, the same way he had to her.

“Kneel down,” she said softly but confidently, guiding him with a light press on his shoulder. He did as she asked, sinking down on the carpet and then shuffling back till he was right against the bed as she guided him. She pushed his head back onto the bed, urging him to just relax and let it sag back on the edge of the mattress, which he did.

“Good boy,” she purred with a smile, stepping away and standing before him as she reached back for her skirt, undoing the zip to release the tiny strip of black PVC, which slipped easily down her silky rubber legs, catching on her chunky boots, which she carefully lifted out of the skirt, deftly kicking it aside with a thick toe. It wasn’t like she was showing off anything new, but it was the first time he’d properly got to look at Dannii’s naked pussy, immediately noticing her jewellery, peeking out between her puffy lips. Dannii saw his gaze and reached down, running a finger up her slit through her soft, engorged labia and then pulling her clit hood up so he could catch a glimpse of the barbell in her clit.

“Like them?” she asked, pausing to idly rub her erect clit, feeling the familiar rush the piercings created.

“They’re lovely, would never have suspected,” he replied with a smile as she twisted and pulled at them quite hard.

“Good, because oral sex goes both ways around here and I want to feel that tongue on them,” Dannii said with a sexy smile, stepping forward to him, carefully stepping round him and sliding onto the bed on her knees so she was right over his face, carefully lowering herself so he could service her.

“Make sure you get real deep, I want to feel every inch of that tongue, otherwise it’ll cost you…privileges,” Dannii purred suggestively, pushing her swollen pussy into his lips, where it was immediately greeted by a hot, strong tongue, which glided up her entrance and immediately went for her pierced clitoris. Dannii let out an approving murmur and closed her eyes as he went to work, tilting her hips so he could attack her clit properly, sucking at her hood and tugging the small ring with his teeth before pushing under with his tongue, exploring her sensitive nub with the tip, feeling how the barbell penetrated and dominated her intimate button. Dannii was already exceptionally horny, having not orgasmed from the fucking he’d given her, very wet and ready for him. He could taste her abundant juices as he lapped at her, dragging his tongue back down slit, teasing the soft inner lips before burying his tongue powerfully into her, feeling her clench and contract around him as he flexed his tongue within her, starting to circle slightly.

“Mm good boy,” she growled, reaching down to push her fingers through his hair as he worked fervently at her pussy, thrusting and probing with his tongue inside her before pulling back, going back to her clit again, pressing down against it so her hood piercing stimulated her nub underneath. She was grinding down against him slightly, pressing his head into the bed underneath them a bit as she got into it fully, eyes squeezed tightly shut, hands resting on the bed as she almost rode his face. As his skilful tongue slipped back down her entrance she knelt up, resting her hands on her thighs and shuffling forwards a little, rolling her hips so his tongue slipped backwards.

“Keep going,” she murmured, making it clear enough what she wanted. He hesitated just a moment, then got on with it, dragging his tongue back between her firm, toned cheeks to her rosebud. He ran his tongue flatly over her tight back entrance, hearing her groan lightly before running his tongue round her rim, pushing tantalizingly at the centre before running round the tight ring again. Dannii didn’t expect him to penetrate her ass and was satisfied just by his pushing, but she gave a little shiver and growl of pleasure as he took a breath and pressed his hot, slippery tongue into her anus, just pushing the tip into her as her body relaxed and let him in, something Dannii was used to.

“Mmm thank you,” she breathed, softly tousling the hair she could reach as she leaned forward and slid back again, arching her corseted body so he had full access to her dripping pussy again, pushing her soft lips against his own as he eagerly slid his tongue back into her, thrusting it quickly within her, making her hips buck slightly before he pulled out and clamped securely to her clit with his lips, sucking and kneading with his tongue. Dannii’s grabbed fistfuls of the sheets as he assaulted her pussy, the pleasure building rapidly in her as she hurtled towards orgasm, hips circling over his face as he worked, tongue and neck aching. Feeling her body tightening and the rush of energy, Dannii let out a shriek of pleasure as she climaxed, bucking her hips violently and digging her nails into the bed as her orgasm hit her hard, like a lightning bolt, the sexual energy racing up her spine and buzzing her brain.

“Fuck!” she gasped, teeth gritted and body tense, twitching and trembling as she was hit by an orgasm, the pure sense of release almost too much for her, face and chest flushed, sweat beading all over her wherever there was bare skin. Throwing her head back she drew a huge breath, dark dreadlocks flicking everywhere as her hips gave the last few bucks and she went still, her crotch still pushed into his face, leaving him only able to smell her soft femininity as he breathed, his cock completely rock solid again. Dannii pulled herself up, still breathing shallow and fast as she pushed back to place her feet on the floor, her legs a little shaky as she turned, stepping carefully over his legs to face away from him. Lowering herself down, she pushed her tight arse back against his chest with a sexy look back over her shoulder as she slid down, expertly lowering herself straight down towards his cock. As his huge erection touched her slick lips she just gave a little shake of her hips to position him and continued down in one smooth motion, sinking all 9” of his large cock into her hot snatch all the way to the hilt as she straddled his legs.

“Damn Dannii,” he breathed, having never had anybody do that to him before. She started to slowly ride his large cock, her pussy absolutely stuffed as she slipped up and down, just loving the way the contours of his manhood fit her body as her dainty fingers fished for the handcuff keys, which she’d concealed down her deep, luscious cleavage. Continuing to ride him in an undisturbed rhythm, her long hair in his face, Dannii reached back behind herself and behind him, showing incredible skill as she found the handcuffs and deftly popped the key in the lock, undoing the metal bracelet to free him. He brought his hands out and she quickly freed them from his other wrist, him pausing until she did before his hands swung round in front of them and straight onto her tightly squeezed breasts. She murmured contentedly as he groped her, groping her hard to make an impression through the tough leather, enough for her to feel and enjoy. Dannii flicked her hair aside and leant her head back onto his right shoulder, her lips right next to his ear, her hot breath making him goosepimple, and then shiver as she playfully ran her tongue round his ear.

“I’ve been a bad girl,” she whispered huskily, continuing to ride him, his hands now resting on her slender waist, her own hands reaching back to hold his hips as she leaned out to lightly suck at his earlobe, just sexily blowing into his ear as she ran her tongue up it again.

“I need to be punished,” she murmured, giving a little giggle before leaning up a little and pressing her ruby lips to his cheek for a kiss, slowly and firmly, leaving a smudge on him as she sat back up properly, putting a little more length into her strokes on his cock, taking most of his length each time.

“Really? Do you have anything in mind for method?” he asked with a smile, reaching up to pull lightly at her spiked leather dog collar.

“Well I’m not letting you use my cane for it,” she said with a laugh, squeezing his cock with her pelvic muscles as she did, feeling him thrust up into her slightly, smiling at her effect.

“You have a cane?” he said, catching her gaze as she looked back slyly at him.

“Yeah, for my sister,” she said nonchalantly as she turned away, pushing herself down on him fully and then freezing, tensing up completely as she realised what she’d just said and heavily implied. There was a tense silence for a moment, broken only by their breathing as Dannii sat down on his cock.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me,” he said with a slight smile. His cock gave a hard throb inside her as the mental image of the sisters frolicking, Dannii caning her older sibling Kylie in sexy outfits ran through his mind.

“I guess that’s another reason I should be punished huh?” Dannii said with a sly smile, starting to slowly ride him again.

“I want you bent over,” he said simply, his hands sliding over her leather corset.

“Who doesn’t?” she remarked with a cheeky smile, her face close to his still as their eyes met. He wasted no time in pushing her over forwards onto all fours, Dannii resting familiarly on her hands and knees as he grabbed hold of her thick dreadlocks and pulling her head back as she gave a grunt. He immediately picked up the pace from her teasing patience, slipping her his full 9” length, Dannii feeling his bulbous head pulled right back and almost out of her before he powerfully sunk it all the way into her again, her cervix popping each time he did so he was so large. They both groaned in pleasure as he pushed himself completely into her tight haven, getting more into it than they’d initially intended as he started to go faster, pumping her quite swiftly with his cock as she effortlessly squeezed and clenched around him.

“I thought you wanted me bent over,” Dannii said, looking back with a smile.

“This’ll do for now,” he said with a return smile, pulling her head back round straight as he pulled her hair tighter again, levering against her firmly to pump into her, picking up the pace rapidly, not giving her much time to prepare herself for it. She dug her black nails into the carpet, her knees sore from rubbing on it as he humped her hard. Pulling her hair tightly strained her neck, making her growl in discomfort as he thrust in and out of her rapidly, chasing his own pleasure as her hot, dripping pussy squeezed and rippled around his impaling cock. Dannii had been here plenty of times before and knew he was going to come. Not having a problem with that she pushed back, arching her spine and pressing against him.

“Come on, just do me a little harder,” Dannii cooed, urging him on towards climax, knowing that her teasing would help him, especially when she gave him a very tight squeeze when he was balls deep after he’d slammed her with a couple of good hard thrusts. She felt him tremble imminently, giving another series of squeezes as he very rapidly pumped her juicy snatch, smiling to herself satisfiedly as a well-placed squeeze on the fat head of his cock made him drive to the hilt with a roar of pleasure and empty a load of thick, hot come inside her little body. Leaning down he bit her on the shoulder as he pulled her head back by her long dreadlocks, making her yell out but also turning her on as he left teeth marks on her soft skin. He gave a few last half-thrusts as Dannii worked to milk every last drop of his juices into herself with her talented muscles before he sagged back, his cock slipping from her tight pussy wetly as he let go of her hair, resting her aching neck.

“Damn you’ve got a sweet pussy,” he breathed, still somewhat out of it from his orgasm.

“Well I guess it is nice and tight, and nobody ever complained,” she purred, looking back with a foxy sideways glimpse and girly giggle. Resting a minute more, he stood up, still holding her hair and pulled her to her feet, Dannii taking the hint and standing up herself so she wasn’t yanked.

“Do you have a chain? I want to control my bitch,” he said with a smile.

“There’s one in the drawer over there,” Dannii said with a point, just smiling a little humouredly as he stepped away for a moment and opened the drawer to retrieve the chain. Stepping back, he wasted no time clipping it to the designated ring on the back of her spiked leather dog collar, giving it a tentative pull that surprised her a little. Wasting no time, he grabbed the handcuffs from the floor and then firmly pulled the chain, guiding her towards the radiator. Being winter her heating was on, the proximity to the heat noticeable as she was pulled close, shying just a little bit as he slapped a cuff round her wrist. Pulling down on it, he crouched down and pulled her hand to the radiator, making her yelp and pull away as her arm touched the hot metal, still held by him as he grabbed her other hand and secured it, locking her wrists to the bottom of the radiator, Dannii on her rubber knees trying not to touch it.

“Stand up,” he commanded, holding her chain. She paused, looking up at him with wide, almost innocent blue eyes, which bugged a little as he pulled her chain to make the point, drawing the collar into her neck. Dannii carefully stood up, avoiding the radiator as she straightened her rubber leads out, settling on her hefty platforms as she bent over, restricted by the radiator. She tried to look back at him behind her, still holding her chain, dreadlocks hanging down round her face.

“Nice arse,” he said with a slight laugh, since they’d got way beyond flattery.

“Thanks,” Dannii said a little coyly, feeling very vulnerable all of a sudden at her exposed position, naked arse and pussy peeking out as she bent over, back arched by her corset. There was a swish of air and then a slap as he laid a spank on her lovely firm rear, making her give a little grunt, more out of surprise than anything else.

“Straighten your legs and push your arse out,” he said, since she’d bent her knees a little. She pushed herself back up, straightening her gorgeous rubber-clad, booted legs out again, arching her back to present her arse completely to him.

“Who said you could spank me?” she said nonchalantly, glancing back, flicking her hair aside.

“Quiet bitch, you’re mine to use as I please, and you wouldn’t let me use your cane” he said playfully with a smile. He laid a good spank on her, harder this time. Dannii made an over-acted “ooh” with her ruby lips, pouting at him and wiggling her hips a little. He delivered another one, harder again, weakening her knees a little so she sagged just a bit.

“Keep your legs straight Dannii, else I’ll push you into the radiator, or whip you with the chain,” he threatened. Of course it was empty, he’d never do that to her and the agreement was no real pain, so they knew it was just words, but it still made Dannii a little tense and eager to obey as she bent over just inches from the hot metal, the cuffs already absorbing it and warming on her wrists. He laid another couple of smacks on her, pushing loud gasps from her, her pert bum jiggling just a little and going slightly pink before he stopped, his hands going to her corset.

“No, please don’t take it off,” she whined, wriggling a little.

“Quiet Dannii,” he said simply, undoing the tight knots constricting the leather. There was a strip up her back of skin where the corset could tighten further, which he aimed to exploit. Undoing the laces, Dannii gave a little sigh as she felt the corset expand, giving her brief relief from the squeeze. It didn’t last long at all, as he gave a tight pull on the lacing, drawing it back to where it’d been and then further, Dannii giving a long throaty groan as her body was squeezed, feeling his strength before he tightly knotted it again, locking her knew position quiet expertly.

“There, how’s that feel, nice and tight?” he said with a smile, stepping back with the chain, pulling her head back a little.

“Yeah, you done that before?” Dannii breathed.

“I’ve had a couple of other clients yes,” he said in a mocked-up professional tone. Stepping back a bit he raised his hand, giving her a few moments of anticipation and then dealt her a good hard spank, a proper one here, enough to make her yelp in pain this time and almost leave a hand print on her toned rear. Dannii kept herself tight, legs straight and back arched to present herself for her punishment. A few more good hard spanks were laid on her, finishing with three in quick succession, making her give a series of ascending grunts, her arse clenching as he pulled her chain a little tighter and ran his hand over the pink cheeks.

“You’ve been badder than this punishment so far,” he said, before his hands again went to her corset. She didn’t argue this time, knowing what was coming and trying to prepare. Dannii was already squeezed in as tight as she could take, having only gone further than the four inches she was laced in now a couple of times, and never for very long. She felt it go slack again after he released the knots, drawing a deep breath and holding it for a moment before she let it go, taking another and sucking her stomach in as he tightened it, really going for it this time. Dannii let out a slightly strangled noise as her waist was hauled down to a tiny size, dragged in six inches from her normal size, which was a lot, and not comfortable, feeling her body nearly painfully squeezed. Her breathing was shallow, heat already starting to build from the squeeze, sweating glistening on her bare patches of skin as he knotted it and gave her waist a playful grasp.

“Nice and tight,” he said, almost reaching his fingers round her middle.

“Too tight, too tight,” Dannii whispered breathlessly, feeling a little dizzy briefly before she calmed herself. He didn’t waste any more time, simply pulling the chain firmly and starting to spank her, firmly at first but then rapidly got hard and fast. There was no holding back now from either of them, Dannii giving a sharp cry of pain as he pounded her arse with his hand, spanking her hard, every blow letting out a resounding smack and sending a harsh sting into the younger Minogue sister. He laid a few more hardslaps until Dannii was clenching hard and pressed to the wall as tight as she could, hot cuffs digging into her wrists painfully as she strained at them, then abruptly stopped, rubbing her gently, hearing her short breaths.

“Just hold still a moment,” he said, finding the key and crouching to unlock her, Dannii quickly standing up and stumbling away from the radiator on her large boots, her arse still hurting as she wriggled in the corset. He grabbed her wrist and released the other cuff before grasping her little waist and stilling her.

“Right stand there,” he said, stopping her facing away from him. Quickly releasing the knotting, the lacing of her gorgeous blood red leather corset slipped under the pressure and released Dannii, eliciting a loud sigh of relief from the Aussie pop star. He didn’t tie it back up though and Dannii knew that meant he was going to take it off her, which she immediately objected to.

“Hey, I put this on specially,” she grumbled, looking back at him.

“Yeah, but you don’t get a say in these things,” he said, crouching down behind her, observing her reddened arse from the hard spanking as he went to work on her fearsome boots. There were eight buckles down each mirror-shine black PVC knee-high boot but he moved quickly and made short work of them, releasing the fetish footwear so they were loose on her smooth, strokable rubber legs. Raising one of her feet, Dannii struggled for balance a moment and almost fell over, grabbing hold of the windowsill as he pulled her boot off, making her step down the six inches from the heel she’d been on. He quickly did the other foot, leaving her stood in just her moulded black rubber stockings, which looked fantastic. Dannii curled her toes slightly on the carpet as he stood back up, grasping her shoulders and turning her round. He slapped her lightly across the face, making her gasp and reel back in sheer shock.

“Stop complaining,” he said simply, then reached down for the front of her corset, pulling it together to unhook it and then peeling it off her, her full breasts spilling out, bouncing delightfully as he dropped the corset aside. He immediately went for her gorgeous breasts, free to the world for the first time that evening, which felt great for Dannii since the corset was very sexy but also very hot to wear, and she’d been in it for hours. Feeling their weight first as he cupped them, he proceeded to give them a good squeeze, teasing the large, stiff nipples with his fingers as she squirmed before he slid his hands to her ribs, just under them. He swiftly moved to slap the outer-undersides of her large breasts, making her yelp at the slight sting as her boobs bounced from the little smacks, something nobody had ever done to her before. She could only stand gasping and groaning as he slapped the soft, pale undersides of her breasts, loving the soft, silky smooth skin sliding over his fingers as he stimulated Dannii in a rarely used area.

“These were worth the money,” he said with a sly smile, taking a good hold of them again, giving a firm squeeze, his fingers roaming and taking in every millimetre of her gorgeous rack, dragging a teasing finger down between them. He firmly groped her for about another minute, Dannii just looking between his busy hands and his face, giggling slightly at the way her breasts kept his complete attention. As suddenly as he’d stopped spanking her he grabbed her by the hips and turned her round to face away, Dannii almost falling again as her rubber stocking slipped on the carpet. He grabbed the cuffs again, but this time she felt them at her elbow, before they were pushed round the bottom of her upper arm and latched. He pulled her other arm back so he could lock her together above the elbows, pulling her shoulders back tightly, arms jutting out as he secured her, leaving her hands just above her spanked arse.

She didn’t have much time to think about it though as he turned her and shoved her roughly against the wall, her surgically enhanced chest taking the brunt of the force as she gave a grunt, snapping her head round to see what he was doing. He continued to hold her chain as a sign of ownership as he let it slip and grabbed hold of her hips firmly, pulling them back hard and making her back arch so her arse was presented to him again, gasping as it was bumped by him, her cheeks tender from her punishment. He was holding her tightly and determinedly, clearly with one thing on his mind.

“If you’re about to do what I think you’re about to do, I’d like to mention there’s some oil in my top drawer,” she said with a nod of her head towards it.

“Why should I bother?” he said, his hardon brushing against her temptingly.

“Remember who’s in charge,” she said simply, which just said this was one of the things she had a say on. She had done dry anal before but it was just too painful and she didn’t want that right now, she rarely did. And when he had such a large cock there was no way he was going in without lube, even with it would be a big enough struggle. He let her go and stepped away, still holding onto her long chain as he opened the top drawer and found the bottle of oil she’d mentioned. He laid the chain from her collar over her shoulder and flicked the bottle cap open, stepping up behind her and squeezing a good amount up the length of his cock, especially over his large head. Reaching down with his spare hand, he spread it all over his cock, leaving it slippery and glistening for her as she looked back at him.

“Use plenty,” she said, clearly wanting to make sure this went right. He was very well hung after all, and she was very small, so it was understandable. She inhaled as he drizzled the oil down between her firm cheeks, the cool lubricant running down over her tight back hole, which was immediately joined by his finger as he slid his hand down to spread the oil over her thoroughly, the greasy tip of his finger just pushing into her a little. She was ready now, so was surprised when she felt a little more oil put onto her, but then giggled and gave a knowing smile as he rubbed his hand over her arse, leaving her gorgeous rear with a glossy shine. Dannii didn’t have much time to think about it however, as he grabbed her chain and then took a tight hold of her hips again, pushing his huge erection down to her arse, pressing against her anus. Before she could tell him to be careful he gave a powerful shove, popping into her arse and driving forward, right to the hilt as she gave a loud cry.

“Ahh fuck! Fuck!” Dannii shouted, gritting her teeth as she squeezed her eyes shut, her body pressed against the wall as he drove into it, still voluntarily arching her back to him however. She hadn’t handled a cock this big in quite some time, let alone anally, so it was going to take a moment. Her ass stretched out round his large organ, feeling herself stimulated to depths she had almost forgotten about, tingling slightly deep inside.

“Shut up and take it,” he said, holding onto her as she pulsed and spasmed around him, pulling back to give her the first proper thrust. Her arse tightened more as he withdrew, her ring trying to hold him still, giving him a little rush as he pulled back.

“Only if you give it,” she growled. Despite the pain she was spurring him on, wanting him to give her a good stiff fucking. She got exactly what she wanted, again taken by surprise at the speed he immediately assaulted her with, holding her even tighter and jamming himself into her as she yelped before starting to pump her hard and fast, giving her about half his cock, getting almost balls deep on every stroke. Dannii gasped loudly for breath as she was pressed against the wall, her body crushed uncomfortably as she felt a rush of conflicting sensations and emotions. The pain of being forced to take his large cock burned through her, giving little stabs as he went deep, at the same time as a little quiver of pleasure was created by him gliding into her hot, oily ass. Bracing herself, Dannii concentrated on the little glimmer of pleasure, which built quickly into what she enjoyed about anal sex, the great battle between pain and pleasure, which was very defined when her lover had such a large cock.

“Oh you mother fucker,” she squealed as he drove deep into her, her body trembling at her internal conflict, Dannii’s smooth back arching tightly as he pumped her, loving how her tight back hole stretched round his cock. He switched to slower, full-length strokes, seeing her ring bulge as he threatened to pop out of her before he drove back in hard, hearing her squeal and seeing her quiver against the wall. After teasing her with a couple of those he went hard at her again, Dannii’s knees weakening and giving way beneath her somewhat so she slumped a little, leaving him half-holding, half-pinning her to the wall as he picked up the pace even more, completely pounding on her tender arse now. He felt her strong, talented muscles squeezing rhythmically at him, grasping and clenching onto his cock tightly, which felt fantastic as he plunged in and out of her little body. Dannii was screaming and cursing now as her body was wracked with sensations and feelings, struggling in his grip as he held her waist with one arm and pulled back on her chain with the other, almost inhibiting her breathing as she wriggled.

“You absolutely love it Dannii, don’t act like you don’t,” he said teasingly, playing to her fantasies since this was what she’d asked for. She didn’t answer, just taking a few more sharp pumps before she suddenly unbalanced them, yanking her leg up and jamming her rubber-clad knee into the wall, shoving powerfully back into him so they over-balanced and crashed backwards onto the floor. Unfortunately for her it backfired, since he’d seen her plan the second she’d raised her sexy leg, and yanked her back towards him as he landed on his back, ramming Dannii down onto his large cock with her full weight, forcing him deeper than he’d ever been in her. Dannii gave a yelp and tried to pull away but he held onto her, rolling her over onto her stomach swiftly and pinning her down. He started pumping her again, Dannii responding to him eagerly this time though, pushing her hips up to him and groaning in pure pleasure into the carpet, knees feeling a little sore from it.

“Oh that’s the spot,” she moaned, his slightly altered angle of penetration hitting what could only be described as her anal G-spot, making her clit throb as she felt a burst of pleasure deep within her. He suddenly stopped balls deep in her, making Dannii look back to see why, greeted only with a mischievous smile, whilst she worked on squeezing at him, which was explained as he suddenly dropped her chain and started to tickle her sides.

“Ohhh noooooo,” she squealed loudly, desperately wriggling under him to escape as he held himself balls deep, laughing as she giggled helplessly and writhed on him.

“This isn’t fair!” she whined, kicking out as he pinned her, torturously tickling her slender body. She couldn’t help but notice however that she was still periodically squeezing her ass on his cock and that her clit was throbbing with her arousal.

“Life isn’t fair, today you’re on the bottom,” he said with a smile, Dannii laughing slightly as he suddenly stopped tickling and started pumping her again, holding her waist and feeling his cock throb as she gave a particularly sexy little noise. He started pumping with a renewed urgency, feeling her body yield and ripple round him as he plundered her forbidden hole, Dannii squeezing at him and groaning throatily, giving a low growl as he pushed in particularly hard. Combined with her spanking her poor arse had taken a right pounding today and she knew she’d feel it tomorrow, but right now she was just going to enjoy it. The haste of his strokes and slightly hardening of his cock told her he was close, pumping her swift and deep as he approached climax. Dannii wasn’t going to have one herself, but she wasn’t too far from an orgasm. It could wait, she decided.

“Don’t come in me, I want to suck you,” she said softly between heavy breaths. He didn’t answer, simply giving her a few hard thrusts as he thought about it a second, enough to take him almost over the edge. He quickly stopped, slipping out of her squeezing ass and finding the keys for the handcuffs as she pulled herself onto her knees. Quickly unlocking one, Dannii didn’t wait for him to undo the other side, simply turning round and grasping his hips, kneeling before him to swallow his cock, which she did, sliding it into her hot, wet mouth. She tasted the unique flavour as she easily swallowed his cock, pressing herself all the way down, shivering slightly at the sensation of his thick cock slipping over her waiting tongue and down her throat. Neither of them said a word as she just held him a minute, then started to softly suckle and pulled back up his cock, all the way to the bulbous head before she pressed back down on him, her throat bulging as she swallowed him again, going down till his balls hit her chin. Dannii continued like this for a couple of minutes, using her tongue to tease at him as she did, getting him right to the brink of climax and then suddenly pulling off.

“Hey what the fuck…” he groaned in frustration as he opened his eyes and looked to see what was going on. Dannii stood up and stared straight into his eyes, her gaze almost painful as it pierced his soul.

“Shut up, get on the bed, now,” she said sternly, pointing, standing powerfully before him. Despite the fact she was many inches shorter than him, she was taking charge, and he got the feeling right there that he’d better not disobey her. He climbed onto the bed as she stepped to her draws, going through them as he eyed her up, standing naked save her collar and chain, studded bracelets and smooth, moulded black rubber stockings.

“Lay down,” she commanded, approaching the bed with a handful of black leather straps. She climbed onto the bed with him, making him think for a moment that she’d mount him for a ride. However she didn’t, and grabbed one of the leather straps, loosened it, then slipped it over his right wrist, drawing it up and pulling his hand to the rail of her bed. Before he could utter a protest she secured the strap to the metal head rail, binding his arm firmly.

“Hey wait a minute, Dannii…” he said, looking down as she got another strap, not resisting as she slipped it over his wrist, ignoring him as she drew it up. As she tried to pull his arm upwards he resisted, grabbing her wrist and holding her still, making her look down to him with a slightly discerning smile.

“Dannii, I don’t know about this,” he said, his concerns showing, though he had nothing to fear and deep down he knew it.

“Come on baby, I think you’re going to find this most enjoyable,” she murmured with a sexy smile, slipping over him to just brush her soft pussy over his still rock hard cock, pushing down teasingly to let his length just split the juicy lips, sliding along it a couple of times so he yielded, unable to resist the offer of her pussy, letting go of her wrist. With a sexy little giggle at her victory, Dannii leaned up to secure his hand, offering him her breasts as she did so, giving him a moment to suck at her nipple when he reached up and captured it before pulling away and getting off him to move to his feet. Dannii wiggled her sweet ass and the dripping bulge of her pussy at him enticingly, his eyes unable to leave the sight of her rubber clad thighs leading to that heaven as she secured his ankles to the foot rail, leaving him completely helpless, strung out like a star on her bed.

“Much better,” she cooed with a nice but devious smile as she stepped off the bed to admire him.

“For who?” he asked, looking up as she walked away, sexy ass swaying a little.

“For the only person that matters: Me,” she said with a smile and glance back at him as she opened her drawers again, spending almost no time finding what she wanted. She picked out a simple black ball gag, turning back to him holding it up, seeing his eyes widen.

“Dannii…” he said, not able to form words, but feeling he didn’t need to.

“Oh come on, it won’t hurt you,” she said a little less pleasantly, walking back towards the bed, body fully displayed.

“But I thought you wanted to owned…” he said a little weakly as she slid onto the bed, kneeling next to him with it in both hands.

“I do. But you had your fun, I had mine, then you had a lot of yours and now it’s my turn again. It’s give and take with me, don’t expect to give me spankings if you won’t let me tie you up. Now just suck it up, and remember the deal here, whose bed are you in?” she said, staring into his eyes.

“Yours,” he said quietly, not looking away.

“Right. Now open wide,” she said, holding the gag out and lowering it to his face. He opened his mouth for her and she pushed the ball between his teeth, and he lifted her head for her to secure the strap, just fixing it firmly to his face between his teeth.

“There, that’s not so bad is it?” she cooed with a smile, tapping the smooth black rubber ball in his mouth and placing a little kiss on his cheek before sliding off the bed again. He couldn’t answer her, just tonguing the smooth rubber of the ball in his mouth as she walked back to her drawers again, making his heart lurch as she rooted around, nervous about what she’d produce next.

“Ah, here it is,” she said, half turning to him and holding up a sizeable strap-on cock, She laughed inwardly at the look of pure horror in his eyes as he stared, absolutely petrified at the thought in that instant. Dannii then smiled warmly at him and dropped it, lifting up a black rubber cock ring in her other hand, giving a giggle as she turned back and walked to the bed. She saw him sigh in evidently relief as she slid onto the bed, her hand reaching for his large erection, which jumped as she touched it.

“Ooh does my poor baby have a hardon?” she cooed, jerking him softly, not wanting to get into a hand job.

“Well it’s gonna get worse before it gets better, see I’m gonna be needing this good stiff cock,” she teased, leaning down to drag her tongue up it before she pulled away and pushed the tight rubber cock ring onto the tip of his huge 9” member. He tried to mumble a reply but she ignored him, breathing hotly over him as she pushed it down, straining it as she rolled it down towards his balls.

“This will be just right. Keep you nice and hard, not let you go and do anything stupid like coming too soon on me,” she murmured, flitting her eyes to his with a foxy glance as she rolled it down to the base of his cock, settling it neatly, his cock hardening just a little more as every last drop of blood was trapped in it. Kneeling next to him, Dannii teasingly wiggled and showed off for him for a moment, giving sexy little moans and mumbles as she pulled the chain attached to her collar over herself, over him. She cheekily wrapped it round his cock and coiled it before sliding it off as she retreated from the bed, picking up her corset and boots without a word and walking out of the bedroom.

There was nothing from her for what felt like eons, him unable to call for her due to the ball gag as he lay on her bed with a raging hardon, wondering where the hell she’d gone. After around quarter of an hour alone, her voice cut the air like a clap of thunder as she called from some other room.

“What’s hotter, rubber or lingerie?” she shouted. Of course he couldn’t answer her, though he tried to, trying to shout “lingerie” to her though it was fruitless.
Dannii walked back into the room, still wearing her rubber stockings, studded cuffs and spiked collar, with the chain still attached and hanging loose. Except now she had another corset on, a black leather underbust number sporting silver stitching and matching lacing. Aggressively it had ‘Come Get Some’ embroidered on the front and ‘Eat This’ on the back, inviting a come on from every bloke that saw it, and who could blame them. His eyes followed her intently as she slipped onto the bed, putting the chain down in front of her and gesturing to her head, where she wore a set of little devil horns.

“Can’t deny I’m horny,” she cooed with a giggle. She edged to him and carefully slipped her rubber clad leg over him, sliding her smooth knee across his strong stomach, straddling him ahead of his large cock, which meant she was pretty close to his ribs, feeling him just rubbing her arse as she pushed back a bit. Raising herself up, Dannii slid back carefully till his rock hard cock touched her sensitive entrance, just teasing a moment before she pushed back onto him, both of them groaning as he slipped up into her again, Dannii letting herself slide all the way down till she sat on his hips again, the cock ring just slipping into her a tiny bit.

“Mm, much better,” she purred with a smile, wiggling on him a little before she started to ride him. Her snug, slippery pussy moved easily up and down him, his bulbous head teased by her cervix as she popped him in and out of them, just steadily riding him, periodically squeezing and pressuring his hard shaft, reaching down to lightly stroke and play with his balls as she rode him.

“Things are much better like this don’t you think? Me in charge,” she teased, giving him a wink as she felt him push up to meet her hips, her firm rear bumping into the tops of his thighs. She reached down to slow his hips and ground down into him to a stop, giving one last squeeze that would’ve made him come if he could before she eased herself off slowly, his cock springing wetly onto his body. Shifting herself back, she sat on his legs and let her hands roam over her gorgeous figure, her left hand moving to her breasts, rubbing over them and choosing a nipple to tweak, roll and lightly pinch, whilst her other hand went to her pussy, rubbing at her clit. As she teased the pierced nub she made a ponderous murmur, thinking for a moment before she looked at him.

“Think I should get my nipples pierced too?” she said, cocking her head slightly with a pout. He couldn’t answer her but gave an enthusiastic nod, which made her giggle as she started to twist and pull her clit bar, giving a jolt on his legs and letting out a stuttered whine of pleasure that made his cock a tiny bit harder. Without saying a word, Dannii leaned on his body and pulled herself over his cock, reaching down to bring his cock to her entrance before slipping down its full length once more with a breathy sigh of pleasure. He was still amazed at how her tiny body swallowed his huge cock, especially when her pussy was so delectably tight, wrapped round his cock like a second skin. She started to ride again, taking long strokes, lifting right up off his cock and then pushing all the way down, taking almost the full 9” length of his penis into her each time. He pushed up to meet her each time, matching her rhythm perfectly and keeping time as she breathed heavily and murmured with pleasure over him.

“Mm you’re just perfect aren’t you? Always erect for me,” she teased, squeezing on his cock and smirking at him, referring to his cock ring. He looked up at her silhouetted figure against the lights, her gorgeous slender waist and curvy hips on top of him as her dreads hung down round her pretty face.

“You keep up just right with me, a nice easy ride, and you don’t ask for anything more,” she cooed, pouting at him and blowing a kiss as she slid up and down his cock. She rode him for a minute or so much, then pulled herself up and off him, reaching down for his cock, slick with her juices. Dannii pulled it up and pressed it to her pierced clit, using his large head to rub herself, rolling and rotating her hips to stimulate herself. She rubbed him quite vigorously on her button, seeing him writhe and pull against the straps under her, tightening up as her intimate jewellery stimulated his cock. Dannii continued to use his cock this way until she was on the brink of an orgasm, sweaty and gasping in pleasure, eyes closed.

“Ah…ooh…yeah that’s it,” she breathed, managing to gain control of herself and lifting herself once more, quickly guiding herself onto his cock again, quickly pushing right to the hilt on him as he gave a groan to match her own. However she didn’t ride, just sat right on his cock and quickly got her fingers to her clit, supporting herself on his body with her other hand. Her fingers moved expertly, rubbing over and round her clit, quickly tugging and twisting at her clit ring, forcing a cascade of moans, groans, grunts, whines and sighs from her as she pushed herself over the edge of orgasm, her hand almost a blur on her labia.

“Oh god that’s it!” she squealed, her face contorting in pleasure as his face grimaced with desperate frustration. As she orgasmed, her already tight pussy squeezing powerfully on him, her velvet tunnel milking him rapidly, clenching and grabbing at him, pushing him to the point of orgasm though he was unable to climax, making him growl long and low through the ball gag in frustration, pulling tightly at his leather binding as Dannii quivered and moaned on top of him, bucking her hips a few times as her peak passed, her juices having run down over him as she sat down with a deep sigh, taking a good breath and smiling dreamily at him as she opened her eyes.

“That was wonderful,” she breathed, tracing her juicy fingers up his stomach as he tensed and arched beneath her, driven crazy by her teasing and hot pussy. He pushed up to try and keep his cock in her as she lifted up and let his large restrained member slip out of her dripping haven, climbing off next to him and sliding to lay beside him with a sexy arch of her back, showing off her gorgeous arse as she did. Snuggling close, her leg slipped over his stomach, bumping his stiff cock as she pulled in close, planting a soft kiss on his cheek past the strap of the gag.

“Aww my poor baby, does he have a hardon?” she cooed teasingly, pouting to him with her full lips. He could only look back into her beautiful eyes, not needing to give any response to her teasing, as he lay bound and erect for her.

“It certainly is big though,” she sighed, gazing at his huge stiff cock lustily as she sat herself up near his shoulder, since his arm was pulled up. This gave her the room to slide her rubber-clad feet onto his body, which immediately located his cock, pressing it between the hot, smooth black soles of her feet. He immediately groaned as she squeezed him firmly and started to move her feet up and down, stroking his cock slowly with her feet, pulling back to her toes. Gripping him with them, curling them round his cock a little as best she could, she applied a tighter and more stimulating grip as she started to move again, using her big toes against the back ridge of his swollen purple helmet. She felt him move under her ministrations, pushing up a little to her feet as she stroked him, moving her feet to slide alternately so she rolled his thick cock between her delicate rubber-coated feet, using the moulded stockings to their maximum to stroke him. He felt the familiar feeling, since he’d had no release but now was no different and he couldn’t climax, just held torturously close, which she was doing with her feet fantastically well.

“Good?” she purred, glancing down to him as she reached up to squeeze her large breasts, dragging her fingers off and teasing the taut nipples as she did with a little breathy groan that made his body tingle with excitement, to accompany the busy, firm strokes and squeezes of her feet and toes. He wondered how many times Dannii had done this before, since she was having no problems getting him off with it, better than most hand jobs he ever got. Considering the places she hung out though, he realised this was probably jus the tip of the iceberg.

Suddenly though, she stopped, making him open his eyes and look down, just in time to see Dannii expertly extract her feet and draw them back under her, in one motion pushing herself over forwards as she put her knees down where she’d been sitting, leaning forwards and taking hold of his cock, leaving her pert, smooth arse just beside him, her pussy just peeking between her thighs as she leaned forwards to service his cock.

“God you’re hard,” she whispered with a smile, stroking both her hands up his cock, leaning on his strong stomach and the bed as she slipped her slender, perfect hands up and down his magnificent manhood, twisting ever so slightly so he slipped in her grasp for stimulation.

“Have you ever been this hard before?” she teased, her long hair tickling him a little as it dragged over him. He mumbled something incoherent, which was a yes as best she could tell. He was desperately horny from Dannii, her relentless teasing and off course the cock ring she’d fitted him with.

“Well I’m glad you are, didn’t let me down,” she purred, rubbing at his cock, needing both hands to encircle him completely, stroking the full length from his balls to squeezing the bulbous tip, loving every contour and ridge of the biggest cock she’d had the pleasure to meet in some time. He saw her lean forwards further, spreading her thighs for him as she did so he could clearly see her wet pussy, the soft, shaven lips bulging between her smooth, pale legs just below her sweet arse, still glowing slightly pink from her earlier spanking. His gaze followed her lovely legs; the silky, skin-tight black latex rubber hugging her toned legs sexily, highlighting the shapely thighs and calf muscles, and her talented feet.

“Mm I think you could use a little help here,” she teased, slowly stroking both her hands up his length, squeezing and kneading with her fingers. She switched so they were in line, unable to reach round him fully but able to excite more of his length which gave a little thrill to him, making him push up towards her as she gave him a few strokes.

“Ooh someone’s eager,” she coaxed with a giggle, pumping her little hands a bit faster. He saw, and felt, her lean forward, her warm breath spreading over the head of his cock as she did. He looked up at her sweet ass and pussy, both of them begging to be taken as she arched her back, arse pulled tighter by the squeeze of the corset, leaning down to his cock. Dannii’s dreadlocks tickled his stomach, her chain pooled by his side as she attentively pulled at his cock, working him skilfully before she switched her positions. Pulling her left hand back up, she grasped him round the back of his swollen head and pushed her other hand down to his balls, cupping them and giving a gentle squeeze as she worked her left hand busily, stimulating the back of his head. He groaned as she leaned closer, her hot breath all over his cock. He could sense she was just millimetres from his tip, almost brushing him with her fully red lips, making him convinced she was going to go down on him and simply swallow his cock with her deepthroating skills. He thrust up towards her as she worked him, hoping to help her slide his cock into her mouth, but he saw her lean back a little, just out of reach.

“No no baby, you’re not getting one of those,” she giggled, releasing his balls to push his hips down onto the bed before she took her grip again and continued. He groaned as she squeezed his sack, quite hard again, just barely on the side of being arousing rather than painful, but then he realised this was what taking Dannii to bed when she was in this mood entailed. She switched her fingers so they were down his shaft, her index finger just below the front of his head, her fingers in line down his shaft below and thumb under his head to very lightly hold him, just barely touching him. In short little motions, she quickly worked him as she fondled his balls, her technique something she’d discovered and perfected, finding it just got guys going, especially when they were in this state. She felt him get a tiny bit harder, his large cock sticking up straight up parallel to his body as she teased him. He was going crazy, ready to burst but he couldn’t, the cock ring seeming so hideously tight now as her delicate fingers teased at him.

“You know, you should be wearing these horns now. You’re a raging bull,” she giggled, looking round with a smile, dragging her finger up the underside of his cock and off the tip, making it twitch hard and bounce, making her smile. Dannii let go of him, making him give a moan, both of relief since he couldn’t climax and annoyance that she had, as she turned back towards him, wiggling her sexy ass at him as she did. She knelt with a smile, reaching up and taking the cheeky horns from her head, before leaning forward and putting them on his head, her large breasts almost within reach of his mouth.

“Hmm, and what are you gonna do if I untie you huh?” she cooed, reaching down under his head to release the kinky ball gag, pulling it out of his mouth and immediately diving in for a kiss before he could answer her, covering his mouth and plunging her tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately, Dannii very aggressive before yanking away, both of them gasping for air, his accompanied by a movement of his jaw which ached from the gag.

“You fucking teasing bitch!” he shouted, pulling against his leather restraints as she kissed idly along his jaw line. He was wound up, ready to explode for her as she knelt over him and bit his lower lip, nipping quite tightly as she pulled it away a little.

“Remember whose bed you’re in baby,” she murmured, sucking at his lip a bit.

“I’m gonna fuck you in the ass to pay you back for this,” he said, looking into her eyes as she looked foxily up towards him.

“So I tease, and you’re gonna do me the pleasure of fucking me in the ass?” she purred, pouting at him before giving another sexy smile as she looked into his eyes, sharing a moment with him.

“You’re damn right,” he said quietly, holding her gaze. Dannii didn’t say anything else and just turned round, arching her back and pushing her arse up as she crawled away a little to reach the straps holding his ankles.

“So you’re gonna do my ass hard huh?” she said softly, swaying her nice ass for him enticingly as she undid the straps, avoiding his slightly kicks and motions as he restored proper ciculation.

“Yep, gonna have you screaming,” He said with a smile as she turned round.

“Oh really, screaming?” she said, pushing her rubber coated knee over him, sliding easily across his body to straddle him before leaning forward for his wrists straps.

“Yeah, you’d better get some good breaths now,” he said with a sly smile as she looked down to him.

“I don’t need them, I’m not the one that’s been standing to attention for ages,” she said with a little growl, reaching back to squeeze his massive hardon to make her point.

“That’s your fault, and you’re gonna help sort it out,” he replied, sighing in relief as she released one of his arms from the head rail.

“I hope so, I’m not done with you just yet,” she giggled, undoing his other hand and sitting back on his stomach, just ahead of his erection. He immediately sat up and went straight for her breasts, Dannii smiling and kneeling up slightly to allow him the perfect height to play with them. His hands grasped one each, squeezing firmly, massaging and feeling them as she murmured with a grin, letting out soft moans as he set about licking them, rapidly but thoroughly licking all over her luscious boobs, circling her nipples powerful before tonguing them briskly. Alternating between her breasts, he licked her completely before attaching himself to a nipple, making her groan loudly in pleasure as he sucked hard, assaulting the hard tip with his tongue as he did, quickly switching to the other nipple, his large hands still squeezing and groping her ample rack, loving the feel of the soft flesh.

Dannii rested her hand on the back of his head and closed her eyes, sighing in pleasure as he sucked vigorously at her, surprising her and forcing a yelp as he added his teeth, using them to pinch at her nipple, holding and adding pressure till she squeaked before pulling off, doing the same to the other nipple. Her thighs tensed as he pushed her breasts together and buried his face in them, breathing hotly between them before planting little bites all over her soft chest, nipping at her large breasts rapidly and dragging the soft underside of his tongue across her warm skin.

“Mm that’ll do baby,” she giggled, pulling his head away by his hair, sinking down to sit on him again and then leaning down for a soft kiss on the lips with him as his hands slid down to her small waist, holding the black leather of her corset, his hands sliding round the back over the lacing again and then down, stroking her perky rear and then going for his cock, specifically to remove the cock ring she’d tortured him with, but she quickly stopped him.

“You’re gonna want that on,” she purred, reaching back to grasp his hands, giving a wink and running her tongue over her top lip. He thought about it for a moment and realised he would, since he was hard as iron, perfect for taking Dannii with, and without it he realised he’d probably blow his load in her ass after a couple of minutes since she’d teased him so relentlessly. He slid his hands back round to take in her slim waist, squeezing her a little before reaching out for the key to the cuffs lying on the side unit. The cuffs themselves were still hanging from Dannii’s left arm above her elbow, having never taken them off.

“Turn around,” he said, reaching to brush her dreadlocks back. She just gave a smile and carefully climbed off him, bumping his hardon slightly as she did before climbing back on, straddling his thighs, her chain temptingly close to his hand before he leaned forward and gave her a little smack on the arse, making her look back with a playful smile as he reached up to unlock the cuff from her arm, loosening it off and moving it down past the joint. There was a clear mark on her arm from it, attracting his eyes as he slid it down to her wrist and locked it snugly, quickly locking her wrists as she enthusiastically helped him, eager to be locked up and taken. Taking hold of her chain, he gave it a tentative pull and took up the slack.

“Forward Dannii,” he said, urging her with a little lift of his legs under her. Dannii obediently shuffled forwards on her rubber knees, feeling his eyes taking in her profile and sexy back, the silver lacing of the corset. She reached the end of the bed and felt him grab her waist, not holding back now as he simply pushed her over the cold metal foot rail, Dannii yelping as her large breasts touched it, nipples skimming it before she slid down over it, squealing as the cold metal pressed into her hips at the top of her thighs. He stopped her using her chain, feeling her collar cut into her neck a little and draw a gasp from her, Dannii feeling the blood rush to her head as she leant over for him, her arse painfully vulnerable, her rubber stockings making grip difficult on the sheets, leaving her in his control. She could feel his eyes on her arse, which they were. Her butt looked phenomenal like that, so tight and peachy as she bent over the end of the bed. He reached out and brushed it with his fingers, taking in the firm cheeks, silky smooth and toned, just looking such an inviting target.

“Oil…” she gasped, trying to look back up towards him. She felt a rush go through her as he leaned over her, a lurch in her stomach and surge of blood to her breast, painfully aware of just how vulnerable she was, especially her tight, firm ass. It was a mixture of exhilaration and nerves as his hand ran softly over her arse, his to do what he wanted with, and she loved it.

“Not this time,” he murmured, looking down at her arsehole, how tight and small the muscled ring was, certain to be a tough fit even if she did want it. Pressing his angrily hard cock to her back door, he eased against the loosened entrance, feeling the spongy resistance as he tried to penetrate her. Dannii didn’t say anything else, just focussing on relaxing herself, which was difficult in her position trying not to fall over the end of her bed. He pressed firmly, her sphincter resisting a moment before he penetrated her with a pop, Dannii growling loudly at the mix of sensations that rushed through her body. Feeling her squeeze him he was satisfied she was ready, holding her chain a little firmer and reaching down to grasp her slender waist with his other hand as she struggled to maintain grip with her erotic black rubber legs.

“Fuck…” Dannii breathed, her eyes screwing up closed as he powerfully pushed his cock into her tight ass, ignoring the natural resistance of her body as it tried to hold him back even though she was more than willing, sinking balls deep in her little figure so his hips pressed into her sweet rear.

“There, wasn’t so bad was it?” he teased, reaching under her to grope one of her large breasts which hung towards the floor with her position, her long brown dreads hanging down round her face so she couldn’t see, not that there was anything to see besides her foot rail and the carpet as she was ridden. Pulling back a little he gave a strong shove into her, the whole bed shaking, giving a grunt as Dannii growled from the slight pain as his huge, rock hard member was driven into her.

“For you maybe,” she murmured, biting her lip as he gave her another hard thrust, her hips banging into the foot rail as he held her chain firmly, supporting her hip with his other hand as her brain flooded with blood.

“For you either, and you know it, slut,” he said with a smirk she could hear as he pulled back out of her, groaning slightly as she squeezed him with her anal muscles.

“I’m not a slut,” she complained, wriggling a little as he plunged himself back into her, making both of them grunt before he quickly pulled back, starting to get speed up, aiming to properly hammer her arse right here.

“Really? I’ll ask Lucy about that one,” he teased. Dannii simply giggled a little, thinking back to Lucy and the club, and the various dancers she’d taken home. She didn’t have much time for thought though as a wave of sensations flooded her body, his pace picking up rapidly, thrusting the full 9” length of his cock in and out of her ass in long strokes, her body trembling and feeling as though it might shatter from an overload of senses.

“Fuck you’re so tight, I love it,” he smiled, holding her firmly, again reaching to roughly grasp her breast as he pumped her, making her wiggle in his grasp, her head feeling so heavy from her position, feeling a little dizzy as she was fucked. She started to squeeze and massage at him with her muscles, something guys that she’d let fuck her in the ass had loved, and he was no exception, immediately thrusting harder and groaning.

“I should have hired an escort years ago, with a cock like this,” she purred, getting more into it as the initial pains and discomfort started to subside, still there though, which she didn’t mind, it added a dimension to this that normal sex didn’t have, but now the pleasure was coming to the fore. She let out a groan and wiggled her fingers at him behind her back, urging him to take them, which he did, still holding her chain firmly as he pumped her briskly, still using full length strokes, loving it as he watched her ass swallow his entire thick cock with ease right to the hilt.

“Harder?” he asked, though he was going to do it whether she wanted it or not.

“Please,” she murmured, squeezing him tightly so he could barely move, loving how stunningly erect she had got him. She let out a squeal as he did just that, using short thrusts and pumping her ass with all his might. Going as swiftly as he could, he slapped against her arse, getting balls deep each time in her hot, clenching ass, loving how she quivered and moved around him, her body now leaning right over the foot rail, her legs off the bed behind her as he held her. Pulling back tightly on the chain he arched her body backwards, the spiked collar cutting into her throat, making her give a little choke before breathing deeply. She grunted and groaned as he pumped on her cute rear, making the most of the cock ring. He’d already got to the point of climax but since he couldn’t and had the hardest erection of his life he was going to make use of it to give her a good pounding. She groaned and wriggled as his large cock impaled her, loving the full, intense sensations of anal sex as he thumped into her.

“What the…” she started as he suddenly yanked his cock out of her ass with a loud pop, cut off as he pulled back on her chain and grasped her waist, hauling her powerfully back over the rail and onto the bed, bouncing down on her bed, her large, unsupported breasts jiggling delightfully as she did. She looked up confused but tagging on very quickly, stretching herself with a grunt and pulling her arms under her bum, pulling her legs through past the handcuffs and then spreading them wide for him, holding her cuffed hands up against her chest, her rubber feet sliding smoothly over the covers as she raised her knees.

“Come on big boy, fuck me,” she purred foxily, giving him a look that would’ve made him hard in church. She felt a slight ache in her head as the blood rushed away from it now she was laying down, her vision going a little spotty for a moment as he lifted one of her strokable black legs and slid in, pressing his cock to her back door and quickly penetrating her. Dannii was easily able to take him now, groaning long and loud as he pushed all the way back into her sweet arse, pulling her legs back up and folding her knees up to her sides as he laid between her powerful thighs, leaning on the bed next to her. He just grunted as he started rapidly humping her again, Dannii rolling her hips back so he could access her easily, feeling the rubber cock ring bumping her tight entrance as he fucked her, seeing him steal a glance at her juicy pussy, hood ring glinting.

“You love that don’t you?” he said, gritting his teeth as he pumped into her powerfully, as hard as he could as she writhed on the bed beneath him. His hands went to her breasts as he leaned on his elbows, diving down and kissing her hard, their passion at aggressive levels now as he grabbed her breasts hard, squeezing them tightly and making her grunt as they kissed, their tongues doing battle. Continuing to snog her, his hands pulling back off her breasts with a pinch to her large, stiff nipples, making her yelp as their kiss broke, her hands resting on her corset squeezed midriff. Pulling his arms back a bit he started to quickly and firmly slap at the sides and undersides of her gorgeous tits, making her groan as he continued to thrust relentlessly into her, driving her little closer to orgasm. As he leaned up Dannii followed, attaching herself to his neck and biting quite hard, making him growl and thrust harder into her as she sucked, placing a love bite on his neck just above his left collarbone.

“You’re mine now,” she growled sexily, raising her cuffed hands to drag a finger over the darkened red patch, her teeth marks clearly visible on his skin.

“That makes me yours does it?” he muttered breathlessly as he continued to pump on her.

“Yep, you’ve been had by Dannii Minogue…” she gasped.

“I think I already knew that,” he said with a smile, pumping her with everything he had as she twitched under him, raising her hips to meet his thrusts.

“Oh fuck, right there,” she gasped, reaching down and suddenly grabbing his wrists to still his fondling hands on her breasts.

“I want you to lie fully on my legs, make me feel the strain,” she gasped, looking into his eyes. He didn’t say a word, simply leaning up a bit and hooking her sexy rubbed-clad legs under her knees, pulling them over his shoulders and quickly resuming his pace, Dannii giving an immediate whine of pleasure as he leant his weight onto her, straining her hamstrings.

“Oh thank you, thank…fuck,” she grunted, biting her lip sexily and dropping her head onto the bed, her hands quickly fumbling to her pussy. Her fingers just strayed to feel his cock as is pounded in and out of her arse, knowing she’d be very sore in the morning as she slipped them back to her pussy, immediately delving two into her velvet tunnel, feeling wetter than she thought she ever had been as two other fingers started to briskly rub her clit, attacking it hard, grinding her piercings into the stiff bud.

“It’s alright for those of us that can come,” he growled, pumping her hard and reaching for her chain, which lay loose on the bed beside her gyrating body. Grabbing it, he yanked it up and pushed it over her throat above her spiked gothic collar, deciding to push his luck a bit. As she rubbed her clit hard and he pumped into her, he pressed it down on her soft neck, cutting into the skin and choking her, her eyes popping open, just pushing her over the brink of orgasm. Her body arched strongly in the tightly laced black leather corset, her hips pushing up into him so his entire cock was buried in her tight arse as she let out a strained scream of ecstasy, her fingers moving in a blur on her clit as her two fingers buried themselves in her clasping snatch, seeking her G-spot though she couldn’t find it in time to aid her climax. Her sphincter grabbed tightly at his cock, taking him torturously close but unable to come with her, so he continued to pound at her, despite the additional tightness, holding her on a high.

“Oh my god, my god…” she breathed, her head sagging loose on the bed as her orgasm washed out of her. He let go of the chain and leaned up to check she was ok, her eyes flitting to his as she saw his concern, giving a weary smile and reaching up lazily to brush his cheek with a slippery finger.

“That was fucking fantastic,” she murmured as he slowed to a stop, Dannii tightening up on him now she’d come. He could tell she’d had enough, unable to take any more of it, having got a top-notch orgasm. Dannii lifted her legs, which had been hooked over his shoulders as he knelt up, slipping the hot rubber limbs off him and down to the bed on her feet, lifting her hips as he pulled his cock out of her, still as stiff as when he’d started to fuck her due to her expertly fitted cock ring. He slid out of her, his erection bouncing up and slapping against his stomach, Dannii eyeing it with a lazy smile as she let her legs sag down onto the bed, the smooth rubber limbs slipping down the sheets past him so he ended up knelt between her legs as she was spread eagle on the bed relaxing, breathing heavily still, well as much as her sexy corset allowed.

“Mmm do you want that taken care of?” she said, gesturing to his cock with a slender finger and a dirty smile.

“Did you enjoy that?” he said with a smile as his response.

“That’s a very big yes then,” Dannii said with a beaming grin, “Ok then, how about you get to do to my tits what I know you really wanna do?” she purred, looking him in the eye with a flick of her eyebrow.

“What do you think that is then?” he said, reaching down to lightly stroke the inside of her thigh.

“A titty fuck,” she said simply, reaching up to push her lovely breasts together.

“That’d be wonderful,” he said with a smile, since it was one of the perfect things to do to her given her delightfully proportioned figure.

“Good, now if you’ll just help me out here,” she giggled, holding up her cuffed hands and rattling the metal at him. He just smiled and reached over for the key that somehow they’d thought to put on her nightstand where they could find it before getting it on. Unlocking her wrists, he eyed her succulent breasts as she lay back down and rubbed away the bite of the steel.

“Get the oil,” she purred with a smile, waving her hand towards the floor where it’d been dropped after he’d pinned her to the wall. He hopped off the bed from between her spread eagle legs for a moment, picking it up and then gazing at her, laid out on the bed, her sexy black rubber stockings as enchanting now as when he’d first clapped eyes on her a few hours earlier.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she giggled, closing her legs and raising one knee ever so sexily. He slid back onto the bed and uncapped the oil, Dannii laying back and holding her arms aside, looking down at her chest as he poured a trickle over her gorgeous mounds and valley, murmuring as the cool oil ran down her skin. Her eyes followed him as he stood the oil down and tentatively, almost nervously, went for her breasts, laying his hands on them and, after giving a firm squeeze, started to spread the oil over them. It didn’t take long, even though she was well stacked, and after one little pinch to her nipples that made her roll her eyes with a giggle, he straddled her carefully, presenting his still unbelievably hard cock to her, shuffling forwards so he was just below her slippery breasts. Wordlessly, she reached up and took hold of his cock deftly with her nimble hands, just giving him a gentle stroke before she grasped the tight cock ring and stretched it out, pulling it swiftly off his cock and throwing it aside.

“Oh thank god,” he breathed in relief, feeling blood flow properly again, not that his cock got any softer, with her underneath him waiting to let him tit fuck her, but it just felt good to be released.

“Is that better baby? And you don’t have to call me god,” she teased, smiling slyly and blowing him a kiss as he looked down.

“Much, god you don’t know how that felt,” he murmured, lowering himself a little to her chest.

“Oh yes I do, now let’s take care of you,” she purred, reaching up for his cock, guiding it down towards her chest. He took over and pressed it to her breastbone, loving the feel of her warm, oily skin on his cock as she reached to her sides and pushed her firm breasts together, encasing his cock in a supple, slippery heaven. Dannii didn’t need to do anything now, simply looking up with a smile and holding her boobs, which she was very proud of, snugly round his cock, slick and warm. She didn’t need to invite him, he was far too worked up and eager now, grasping her shoulders and starting to thrust, immediately building pace as he slipped through the greasy tunnel between her soft breasts.

“Mmm that’s nice,” she mumbled, looking down as his long, thick cock pushed through her tits, the head coming up close to her chin, though not close enough to lick. He was far too engrossed to talk to her, picking up the pace quickly, having been close to climax lots of times already and now being free, he was already on the brink of it. He breathed heavily as he thrust his achingly hard cock in and out of her breasts, feeling his orgasm swiftly building, the unmistakable sensations taking hold. He gave a few fast, short strokes between her breasts, Dannii more than aware he was about to come, looking down to see what he would do. He suddenly pulled back and shuffled quickly up, Dannii’s arms getting pinned by his legs as she let out a little yelp.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned loudly, jerking his oily cock hard as he positioned himself, just about aiming at her pretty face before he came hard. Dannii had done this plenty of times before, she would’ve happily let him if he’d asked, but she got a thrill at him owning her this way, squeezing her eyes shut and opening her mouth quickly, feeling his hot, thick come spurt onto her face just a fraction after. He jerked his cock rapidly as he came hard, his first abundant shot streaking across her nose, forehead and into her hair, Dannii groaning and gasping underneath him as he blew his load over her pretty face, his hot load landing in streaks across the right side of her face and over her left eye before another went over her chin and into her wide mouth, Dannii letting out a low moan as it did. As his spurts weakened he aimed directly into her gasping mouth, letting his last couple eject straight into her mouth, onto her waiting tongue which flicked up towards him.

“That was great Dannii,” he murmured, rocking back on his heels a little as she opened her one good eye to him. Breathing heavily he leaned down on the bed with one hand, sweat covering both their bodies as he sat on his heels, just about making sure not to crush her little body beneath him.

“It wasn’t bad at all,” she murmured with a sly smirk, pulling her arms from of his legs and reaching for his cock, leaning up a little to pull the head of his large, softening cock to her mouth. Her tongue flicked at his tip as she suckled softly, squeezing and milking his oily cock to get every last drop out of him, letting him go with a gasp for breath before she wiped her chin with a finger and sucked it clean with a dirty smile. She tried to sit up, urging him off her, which he quickly did, sinking to sit down on the bed beside her as she sat up, reaching for her face again. He watched intently as she carefully wiped the thick come from her left eye and false lash with a finger, then sucked it matter-of-factly into her mouth. He watched her for a couple of minutes as she cleaned herself up, wiping his gooey load from her face and sucking her fingers clean, giving a little shiver as she did, mumbling in pleasure as she did.

“There, all done,” she said, turning to look at him fully with a beaming smile and little flick of her neat eyebrow.

“Yeah, we are,” he said with a smile, leaning to lie down on her bed beside her, closing his eyes.

“Lightweight,” she giggled, casting an eye over him as she sat up, raising a leg and grasping the top of her right rubber stocking. With a firm pull, she peeled it down her hot leg, sighing at the relief of the cool air getting to her sweaty leg now it was freed, a ring round her thigh where it had been tightly fitting. Pulling it off her foot, she playfully threw it over him, surprising him and making him jump a little before he realised what it was, looking over to her as she pulled the other one down, revealing her slender pins and dainty, skilful feet, which she teasingly wiggled at him. She reached back for her corset, working the knots for a moment before breaking their hold, quickly pulling the lacing through and releasing the front hooks, breaking the corset off her and laying it aside on the bed. She quickly undid the buckles of her studded bracelets in a well-practiced fashion, dropping them aside so she was wearing only her spiked collar.

“You were fantastic,” she whispered, brushing her dreadlocks back and leaning over to softly kiss him, just slipping him the tongue a little with a mumble of pleasure.

“So were you, you’re even hotter than I could’ve imagined,” he replied, lying out on the bed, rolling over to watch as she slipped over to put her feet on the floor. Without even thinking about it, he leaned over and reached out, swinging his hand to lay a good solid spank on her arse, making her jump with a little yelp and look swiftly back at him.

“Thanks,” she said with a genuine grin, swaying her sweet ass a little as she sashayed to the corner of her bedroom, the chain hanging down her back before she took a black silk gown from a hook, sliding into it and turning round, giving him one last look at her gorgeous body, her large breasts, small waist, shaven pussy and smooth, sexy legs before she pulled it together and tied it. She glanced over to him watching her, breaking into another smile.

“That was more than worth the price,” she purred with a little laugh and a dashing smile as she found her handbag, fishing in to find a thick wadge of money.

“I think you earned yourself a bonus tonight,” she murmured as she flicked through the bank notes, counting out a thick stack of them.

“Right, there’s the two grand we agreed to,” she said, handing it to him.

“Thanks,” he said, looking round to locate his jacket, then sitting up on the bed and stretching out to get it, tucking the money in a pocket.

“And this is for you,” she said, giving a little bat of her false eyelashes and handing him a little roll of money with a sly smile.

“Damn, Dannii you sure?” he replied, looking at the roll, which he estimated to be around £500. He wasn’t going to turn down a tip but she’d already paid for him so such a large tip wasn’t necessary.

“For the fucking you gave me you deserve it, go have a nice weekend” she said, just eyeing him a little as he tucked it into his jacket pocket and then started to dress.

“Well thanks, for the tip, and a great evening of course,” he said as he pulled his clothes on, not caring that his suit was now a little creased as she watched him with idle interest.

After he was dressed, she showed him to the door, leading him by the hand, unlocking and opening it before drawing him into a deep, lingering kiss. Their lips pressed tightly together, tongues dancing and battling powerfully, Dannii just being utterly ferocious with the snog, almost making him gasp for breath.

“Until next time,” she purred with a devilish grin as he stood back a little dazed for a moment, twirling her chain lightly, tugging at her collar sexily with a finger as she pulled back and closed the door slowly…

To be continued…

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