Darci Lynn Famrer Wins AGT The Hard Way

Title: Darci Lynn Famrer Wins AGT The Hard Way

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Darci Lynn Famrer

Codes: inter, fF, hermaphrodite, anal, rape, cream pie, facial, first

Disclaimer: This story is fictional and has never taken place except in fantasy alone.


12 year old Darci Lynn Farmer was on her way to winning the million dollars but was afraid she would never make it and confided herself into the Hostess of AGT, Tyra Banks. Back in Tyra’s dressing room the two sat and talked and Darci expressed her fear of losing the biggest event of her life.

Tyra sat in her yellow dress that clung to her body and showed off her long sultry legs as she placed her hand on Darci’s tanned knee and caressed it with a soothing circular motion and consoled the young starlet.

“Ya know, I have quite the pull around here and can sway the votes and the judges choices with a whisper in their ear if I wanted to. I see much talent in you and I think you will go far if you have the right person helping you.” Tyra exclaimed to Darci.

“Really!? You can do that for me!?” Darci shouted with joy and that happy giggle she liked ot give off.

“Sure. But, you have to do something for me…Or with me, I should say.” Tyra stated to her.

“OK, Like what?” Darci replied.

Tyra stood and unzipped the back of her dress while stepping out of her heels and let it slide to the floor off of her frame, then undid her black laced bra and then lowered her matching panties to the floor and stepped out of them with a smile. Tyra stared at Darci with a smile whose own smile turned to fright as Tyra stood before her with a raging hard on.

“Oh my God, Tyra! What the heck is it! I mean, you’re a girl and that’s a…” Darci tried to get out.

“A dick!?” Tyra replied as she began to stroke it in front of the young starlet.

Tyra approached Darci and wiped it against her face as she sat moving her head side to side in a ‘NO’ fashion with disgust on her face.

“Listen you little shit, I can make you or break you…Which is it gonna be? Now open!” Tyra demanded of the young girl sitting before her.

Darci reluctantly opened her mouth and Tyra pushed her 10” dick down Darci’s throat and made her gag and choke as a  long strand of saliva oozed form her mouth and dangled form her chin. Within seconds Tyra was cumming and filling Darci’s mouth as she pounded the palms of her hands against the fronts of Tyra’s legs. Tyra finally withdrew from the whimpering Darci and unleashed o fury of cum strands onto her pretty face as she looked up with a betrayed look.

“Fuck yeah, baby. Bet you never sucked a dick before, especially a big one like mine. Don’t worry, I’m a girl too and know what girls need, they need a cock in their pussies and asses. So why don’t you take off that cute dress of yours and lets get started.” Tyra stated as she panted from her orgasm.

“What? No, I can’t…Please don’t make me.” Darci begged of her with tears rolling down her face and crying.

“We can do this the hard way or the easy way, which will it be?” Tyra told her.

Darci stood and took off her blue and white dress and black shoes and then removed her dainty panties, exposing her prepubescent girlhood to Tyra.

“WOWWWWW! Darci, Darci, Darci….Look at that tight little pussy of yours…Not a pubic hair in sight and look, I can barely slip a finger into it.” Tyra stated while reaching down between Darci’s legs and inserting her index finger into her and making her cringe.

Trya pushed Darci back onto the sofa and pushed open her legs and went down on her. Darci gasped as Tyra flung her tongue about in Darci’s pussy while fingering her tight asshole.

Tyra couldn’t take it anymore and rose to her knees and propped her massive shaft up against the vaginal entrance to Darci’s pussy. Darci looked down between her legs with worry and a pouty look on her face and then cringed and cried out loudly as Tyra pushed her rod into Darci’s pussy and began to fuck her. Tyra was quick to cover Darci’s mouth with the palm of her hand as she plunged back and forth into Darci, turning her dick red as she snapped Darci’s hymen from taking her virginity.

“Holy shit! Look at that, baby! You really are a virgin and I took it from you! You jewel! Yeah baby, take it! Take it all! Fuck! I’m gonna cum, Darci!” Tyra groaned to the young girl under her.

Darci’s eyes widened and her muffled pouts turned to loud muffled screams in Tyra’s hand as she felt Tyra explode into her, filling her with the filthy insemination provided by Tyra. Tyra withdrew from Darci and took her hand away form Darci’s mouth and let her sob on the sofa as she watched her cream pie flow from Darci’s freshly fucked snatch.

Tyra went to her wardrobe closet and pulled a silver torpedo vibrator from it and went to Darci, forcing her to stand on the edge of the sofa and squat down. Tyra then inserted the vibrator into Darci’s sore pussy and listened to the sounds as they changed the further the thing went into Darci.

Tyra stood and pushed the head of her cock firmly against Darci’s asshole and then shoved it into her fully while reaching around and stuffing her panties into Darci’s mouth to stifle her screams. Tyra reached down and cupped Darci’s legs just behind the knees and lifted her into an anal full nelson.

Tyra strolled over to the full length mirror on the wall and let Darci watch herself get pummeled in the ass with the vibrator stuck in her pussy. Tyra pressed Darci’s body up against the mirror glass and the vibrations became loud as they reverberated against the mirror. The harder Tyra thrusted the more Darci cried until she finally exploded and her gush sent the vibrator flying against the mirror and breaking it.

Tyra let Darci down  to her kness and pull from her ass while jerking off onto her face while pulling back on her pretty blond hair to keep her face facing upward to soak in her cum shots.

“That was fucking awesome, Darci! Holy shit! You definitely need to win and I will be putting in a good word for you, honey. You can get cleaned up and leave now…” Tyra stated after being fully spent.

“That’s it? You raped me and that’s it?” Darci asked of her bewildered in the fact she was used for sex just to win AGT.

“Yep…And remember, if you tell anyone then you’ll never win.” Tyra stated.

Darci shook her head in a ‘YES’ understanding fashion as she gathered her clothes and put them on aftre getting cleaned up, leaving the room feeling dirty and used and only hoping Tyra would come through for her after  all that.

By: Dr. Demented 666

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