Darci Lynn Farmer And Mel B. Together Forever And Ever

Title: Darci Lynn Farmer And Mel B. Together Forever And Ever

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Darci Lynn Farmer, Melanie Brown

Codes: Ff,  hermaphrodite, reluc, inter, facial, anal, cream pie, squirt, first, oral

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and never happened except in fantasy alone.


At only 12 years old Darci Lynn Farmer was well on her way to winning AGT thanks to Mel B’s golden buzzer. Luckily, Darci was going to be able to get the chance to thank Mel after her latest performance in a one on one with her back in her dressing room.

Darci showed up in a nice white dress with speckles of glimmer on it and her tanned arms and legs glistened in the soft room light as Mel B sat there on her sofa with a smile in her blue body outfit that clung to every facet of her perfect frame and glimmered with its own shiny glitter-like effects and her short haircut showed off her pretty smile as the young girl entered the room with her latest puppet, Oscar.

Darci smiled as she sat next to Mel on the sofa and set Oscar off to the side.

“Mel, I have a confession to make.” Darci exclaimed.

“Ohhhhh really? Like what?” Mel replied.

“It isn’t Oscar who has a crush on you…Mmmmmm, it’s really me…I hope you don’t think badly of me.” Darci said with a worried face.

Mel was shocked at first but fell into the scenario and felt it was just an infatuation of a young girl for a role model who propelled her into the semi finals.

“It’s ok, Darci. It’s only natural. We are only human.” Mel stated.

“I know, which is why we have a better chance at being together than you would with a play mouse.” Darci reaffirmed her infatuation with the much older MILF.

Mel now realized Darci was serious and actually wanted to date her and couldn’t believe what came out of Darci’s mouth next.

“Remember when Tyra said you and Oscar should get a room? Well, since I’m really Oscar and we have a room maybe I could give you mouth to mouth like Edna Doorknocker wanted to give Simon.” Darci stated as she reached out and playfully strolled her fingers up Mel’s voluptuous leg.

Mel jerked her leg away with surprise as she was stunned at the young girl’s advance towards her.

“Darci, I can’t! Do you know what would happen if anyone would find out? You’re only 12 for crying out loud!” Mel stated with worry.

“I know, but I won’t tell…We can have a relationship now and maybe get married when I turn 18. But we have to see if both of us like each other in that special way first. I know I will you, but will you me? Lets try and see…” Darci said as she leaned in and surprised Mel with some mouth to mouth.

Mel struggled to get out words but Darci easliy managed her tongue into Mel’s peppermint flavored mouth and swirled it over her tongue. Mel succumbed to the young girls advances and shut her eyes and reciprocated with her own tongue into Darci’s Juicy Fruit gum flavored mouth. The two became heated and began to caress each others bodies.

Mel stroked Darci’s dainty breasts through her dress and then down to her freshly waxed and tanned legs, maneuvering her hand up Darci’s dress and playfully massaging her pussy that was getting wetter by the second. Darci moaned as they continued the French kiss as Darci cupped Mel’s much larger breast and slid her hand down between Mel’s legs where she got a handful of something that shouldn’t be down there on a girl.

Darci pulled away quickly from their lip lock with a curious look on her face, stating: “What the heck is that!?”

“Wanna see?” Mel said with a smile.

Darci shook her head in an ‘Yes’ motion as Mel stood before her.

“Take hold of my crotch and rip it open.” Mel told Darci.

Darci slid both her hands up the front of both of Mel’s legs until they reached her crotch. Darci grasped at it and pulled hard to either side, ripping open Mels’ crotch and watching as her immense shaft flung out at her.

Darci jumped back with a shocked look on her innocent face and a loud squeal chirped from her mouth…

“Ohhhhhh my God, Mel….What in the heck is it!?” Darci exclaimed.

“Don’t be alarmed. It’s my dick, just like on a boy…But I’m also a girl, look.” Mel stated as she lifted her boner and showed Darci her pussy underneath.

Darci stared at the smooth shaven private area of Mel B, taking in every aspect of the new discovery and wanting to reach out nad touch it but jerking her hand back just before she does.

“It’s ok, here…Stroke it.” Mel stated as she took Darci’s hand and wrapped it around her erection and showed her how to stroke it.

Pre cum began to ooze from it as Mel  relished in what Darci was doing to her.

“It’s so big and what’s all the white stuff?” Darci stated and asked.

“Yeah, it’s like 8” overall and that’s my cum…Well, not all of it, but its a start of something you’re doing.” Mel replied.

“Wanna get naked?” Darci asked of Mel as she looked up at her while stroking her shaft.

“You read my mind.” Mel stated.

Darci stood and the two removed all of their clothes and took in each others amazing attributes: Mel with her shapely figure, large breasts and stiff nipples and those amazing brown legs that led up to her hermaphroditic features and stupendous ass; Darci with her just forming breasts and pink niplets along with her blond hair pulled tightly in a swoosh behind her head that hung mid back, down to her gorgeous legs and an all over tan along with the tightest prepubescent pussy Mel has ever seen.

Mel gave Darci a quick shove back onto the sofa and pushed open her pretty legs and Darci gasped with excitement as Mel playfully licked her way down the inside of Darci’s smoothly waxed tanned leg until her wet tongue met Darci’s dripping snatch. Darci’s mouth opened in awe as Mel stroked her vaginal folds with her tongue and then penetrated her pussy with a flicking action and probing Darci’s hidden clit with it.

Darci watched as Mel parted her petite vaginal lips and exposed her virginal pinkness that oozed fresh vaginal fluids and coerced her white clit out from its hiding spot. Slowly Darci’s clit grew and Mel suckled it like a nipple and slowly inched her middle finger into Darci. Darci cringed a bit and tried to inch away but stopped abruptly and her hips shot up with convulsing spasms as squirts showered Mel’s face and upper chest.

Mel giggled and lapped up the squirts as they splashed against her face, taking in the strawberry aroma and Darci’s heavy pants as her hips slowly sank back down as her orgasm dwindled and her legs shook uncontrollably.

“What did you do to me, Mel?” Darci asked with a panting voice.

“I gave you an orgasm, honey.” Mel replied with a smile.

Mel licked her way up Darci’s heavenly scented body until their lips met and they both inched their tongues into each others mouths while staring into each others eyes, watching their pupils dilate and flickering stars going off like fireworks in the background of their minds. Mel began to grind her shaft against Darci’s pussy and teased her with the bulging length and the veins on it created a sensual texture that aroused the young girl into horny desire.

“Put it in me, Mel.” Darci begged of her much older lover.

“Really? You really want it in you?” Mel asked for her blessing.

Darci nodded a profound ‘YES’ and watched as Mel slowly began to sink it into her. Darci’s eyes bulged with awe as the huge cock disappeared into her and then a gush of orgasmic fluid rushed past Mel’s dick and showered her private area and upper legs as Mel reached her apex into Darci.

Mel’s eyes grew large as well and she squealed with delight from the sudden and unexpected orgasm Darci gave her…

“Holy shit, Darci! That was quick!” Mel exclaimed with a laugh.

“Make it happen again, Mel!” Darci begged with a crying laugh, still recuperating from her fresh orgasm.

Mel began to take the young girl under her and laid down on Darci, sinking her tongue into Darci’s mouth and fucked her with passion, feeling Darci lift her legs around Mel and hook them in a loving embrace. Soon, Mel was feeling an orgasm of her own coming on and sharply blurted out: “I’m gonna cum, Darci! Fuck! Let me up! I can’t cum in you!”

“Wait! Mel! Don’t pull out! It hasn’t happened for me again, yet!” Darci pleaded with Mel.

Mel shot up anyway and yanked form Darci’s pussy just in time as her dick shot hot cum all over Darci’s preteen body and all the way up onto her face and into Darci’s mouth. The cum strands arched and dropped onto Darci with splashing white puddles as Darci struggled to get herself off.

Darci began to cry as Mel finished on her…

“What’s wrong, Darci?” Mel asked of her lover.

“It didn’t happen…I didn’t squirt…” Darci whimpered.

“Ohhhhh….You’re so adorable…Here, lets try something else that might get you off.” Mel stated.

Darci watched as Mel lubed her shaft with the cum on Darci’s stomach and lined the tip of her chocolate cock up with Darci’s puckered asshole. Darci couldn’t believe what Mel was about to do but prepared herself for the worst as Mel sunk herself deep into Darci’s ass. Darci clenched at the leather on the sofa and gasped as the hard cock stretched her anal walls and she could feel every vein and the ridge of Mel’s cock head ruffle through her anal cavity.

Much to both Darci and Mel’s surprise, Darci took the cock in her ass with ease. Although her ass was quite tight and clenched at Mel’s shaft with each backward pull. Mel took Darci’s hand and pulled it down to her pussy and made a circular action with Darci’s fingers, indicating what she wanted Darci to do to herself while she laid Darci anally.

Darci played with herself while Mel fucked her in the ass and began to quiver and whimper with sharp puppy-like yipes as her pussy squirted as she felt Mel’s cock pulse hard in her ass and fill it with cum. Mel dropped atop of Darci and let her finish her orgasm onto Mel’s body as Mel finished deep into Darci’s ass and the two flicked their tongues playfully into each others mouths.

As both their orgasm subsided they rested their foreheads against each others and stared into each others eyes, softly kissing and relishing in the warm feeling of their bodies massaging against each others.

Mel did agree to have an open relationship with Darci, but not until she became 18 and after that…Marriage—This time with a pre nup…


By: Dr. Demented 666

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