“Hey JR look, its Jennifer Garner from Alias and Daredevil.”

“I know who it is King”

“Did you see the costume she wore in that movie, Woo Hoo!”

Jennifer Garner politely smiles as she notices herself on the titantron. WWE and Daredevil were doing a colaboration to help get more exposure for both the show and the movie. As was the case many other times, Celebrities were obligated to attend a show. Well Jennifer was the lucky one who got to go to RAW.

Unlike others though, Jennifer showed up in time for the Heat tapings.

She was shocked when
she heard a low drumming beat resonate through her and the ovation of the crowd. She looked up at the entrance and saw a stunning Red-haired woman soaking up the attention.

Jennifer was in awe at the crowd’s reaction, but didn’t blame them as she saw some of Lita’s footage on the titration. She actually found herself disappointed when Lita didn’t come down to the ring.

As Christian beat down Spike Dudley, Jennifer asked a fan beside her when will Lita wrestle. “Oh she can’t wrestle, she got injured”

“Oh that’s sad, but wrestling is dangerous, is she any good.” Jennifer asked.

“Are you kidding she’s great, but she got hurt doing some stupid TV show that got cancelled.”

Despite what happened during the rest of the show, Jennifer never forgot about Lita.

“Ms. Garner?” A stagehand said as he approached her at the end of the show. “You can go backstage if you’d like.”

“Thanks, I will.” “Right this way”

the stagehand is called away and leaves Jen to explore on her own. She meets Test & Stacy, avoids talking to Steiner, and was surprised that someone as ugly as Jazz was allowed to be a diva. She laughs as she sees Y2J and remembers his antics earlier in the night.

Her little journey finally brings her in front of the women’s locker room. She enters without knocking not thinking it would be a big deal. She would just say that she was lost if anyone was surprised.

Jennifer enters intrigued, and sees Lita drying her hair in a pair of baggy pants and a black bra.

Lita looks up, her wet hair draping her face. “Uh, can I help you?”

Lita’s hot body stuns Jennifer, and it takes her a few seconds to respond. “Oh! I-I was just taking the tour and I ended up here.”

“Well I’m the only one here, not much to see.”

“Well actually, I’m really happy to have found you. I just wanted to know what it feels like to have so many people cheer for you like that? I was a little shocked.”

“Oh I love it. It’s just kind of sucks with my injury and all, I just want to get back into the ring.”

“I heard about that, what show did you get injured on?”

Trying to hide her anger Lita tells her, “Dark Angel with Jessica Alba”

“That piece of crap! they can’t take care of a guest, and they get canceled on top of it.”

Smiling slyly Jennifer tells Lita, “You know, if you were on my show, we’d take good care of you.”

Lita slowly walks up to Jennifer. “Oh would you now?”

Jennifer starts to run her hand through Lita’s hair and looks into her eyes. “I would personally make sure that you were very comfortable”

Lita puts her hand on Jennifer’s waist and pulls her towards her. Jennifer is surprised, but excited, and has no plans on stopping her. Lita smiles and says, “Well, that’s good to know.”

She then begins to kiss Jennifer who offers no resistance. Jennifer has never done this before but is caught in the moment as she makes note of how soft Lita’s lips are, and how well she kisses is.

Lita doesn’t rush Jennifer, but her kiss makes it clear that she wants more. Jennifer opens her mouth slightly, just wide enough for Lita’s tongue to snake its way in. Jennifer’s head is swimming as she feels another woman’s tongue on her own for the first time.

Suddenly, Jennifer feels a smooth hardness rubbing her tongue; she is confused for a moment before she realizes what it is. “Oh my god! she has a tongue stud!” The realization just heightens the experience for Jennifer as she wraps her arms around Lita’s neck and kisses her more furiously.

They finally stop to catch their breath. “Wow” Jennifer says in a breathless whisper.

“That was nice, but maybe you should go before people start worrying about you Ms. Garner.”

“Hey I’m here all alone, and I’m not going anywhere until we’re finished.” As she says this she places her hands on Lita’s breasts and rubs them through her bra. “Take it off”, she whispers.

Lita smiles and removes her bra. Her smile grows wider as she sees the amazement in Jennifer’s face. Lita quickly takes Garner’s hands and puts them on her breasts. The two women lock eyes. “Are you sure about this Jennifer?” “I-I’m s-sure.” Jennifer begins to caress both of Lita’s breasts. She rubs her palms up and down the nipples until they stiffen. The slow pace she uses is making Lita go crazy. Lita grabs Jennifer by the hair and pulls her head towards her chest.

Jennifer looks up at her. With her hand still holding Jennifer by the head, and a pleading look in her eyes, She says, “Jessica Alba wouldn’t suck them.”

Jennifer looks at her and says, “She’s an idiot.” And with that she wraps her mouth around Lita’s right breast and begins to suck. Lita throws her head back in pleasure. As Jennifer increases the suction, she flicks Lita’s nipple with her tongue. Not forgetting her other breast, she squeezes and rolls the other nip in between her fingers.

Jennifer then focuses all of her attention on sucking the nipple alone. Lita’s loving this but she wants to show Ms.Garner some real pleasure. She pulls her up again and they kiss. Jennifer is much more comfortable and immediately starts sucking on the tongue stud.

When they stop, Lita unzips Jennifer’s jeans. “You think you like my tongue stud inside your mouth? just wait.”

Jennifer’s eyes go wide, as she realizes what is about to happen. Lita pulls down her jeans and panties at the same time. Jennifer’s pre-cum from the activities before make her shaven pussy glisten.

Lita laps it all up. Jennifer is shuddering from the light licks, and tries to brace herself for what is about to come. Lita decides to stop teasing her and sticks her tongue right into Garner.

Jennifer screams from the sensation of the cold steel entering her warm folds. Lita explores Jennifer’s wet canal with her tongue, flicking it up and down and side-to-side.

Jennifer puts her hand over her mouth to stifle her moans of pleasure, but soon it doesn’t matter. Lita finds her clit, and is rubs the little steel ball against it. The friction is too much, and Jennifer has a massive multiple orgasm.

“OH MY G-G-GODDDDDD!” As Jennifer screams, Lita makes sure to drink up every last drop.

Lita stands up and holds onto Jennifer to keep her from fainting. Jennifer looks at her, “You have to be on my show.”

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