Dark Angel Becomes Horny


Starring: Jessica Alba

By sharkboy

codes: MF

This story is a work of fiction and therefor untrue. I am not saying that Jessica Alba acted like this ever on the set or anything like that. If you have any comments send them to sharkboy77@hotmail.com


By Sharkboy

Jessica Alba sits in her dressing room inside of the studios where the FOX TV show Dark Angel is filmed. She reads over a script where she
takes a man up to her apartment when Max has a huge problem with her sexual drives. She sighs some as she says to no one. “I am not doing this.”

Suddenly, she hears a knock outside of her open door. “Delievery!” The kid shouts.

“Come on in please?” Jessica stands up. In her golden shorts and her very small top she looks incredible in. She smiles at the handsome kid before her. God he is only seventeen maybe. Just two years younger than she.

“Holy shit!” The kid blurts out at the beautiful Jessica Alba.

“Thank you?” She asks him very shyly, and he blushes hard.

“I should not have said that. I am so sorry.” He holds the very heavy packages very long as he waits for his orders.

“I am flattered really.” Jessica informs him, and then she states. “Oh, you can put them down over there.” She points, and he takes them over to the spot that she stated.
He sits them down and he looks at her. “Can I say something?” He asks her.

Jessica smiles at him. “Say anything you want.”

“You look really… um… good today. I am a big fan.” He says to her with a slight stumble.

“I look good, huh? So those were not birds whisting at the shoot today?” Jessica smiles to the handsome kid before her.

“Likely men whistling at you. Max is so hot.” He looks over her body, as he hands her the clip board.

“Who do I make this blank piece of paper out too?” She smiles very sexy at him and he blushes some. “I know you guys do not have blank pieces of paper to sign.

“My name is Tommy. Tommy Green,” He smiles to the beautiful Jessica Alba, and she begins to laugh. “What’s so funny?” He asks her, as she drops the clipboard, and she doubles over laughing.

“Tommy is a name…” Jessica struggles to stand with his help, and she takes a breath. “I used to call any man who I could not remember his name Tommy. Can you believe no one ever complained?”

“I am pretty sure I know why too.” Tommy comments to the beautiful Jessica.

“Because I look good today?” Jessica asks him, as she leans down and she takes a picturs out of a folder she has to hold her shots. She smiles up at him, as she signs it.
“Enjoy looking down my top?”

“No! Yes, I did. I am so sorry, Ms. Alba.” Tommy confesses to her.

“Miss Alba? How old do I look?” Jessica crosses her arms, as she looks to Tommy a little PO’d.

“I would card you if you bought beer from me.” Tommy smiles at her, and Jessica grins.

“Can I ask a favor of you Tommy?” She snickers some from the name. She then hands him a picture of her in the outfit she wears right now.

“What kinda favor do you wish Jessica?” He asks her nervous as hell.

“I have read over the script for an episode and I need your help please? Can you read it and tell me what you think?”

Tommy reads over the script while Jessica signs the picture she picked up. “He falls to sleep?” Tommy asks her in shock, and Jessica nods at him.

“Yes, he does. Can you believe that shit?” Jessica asks him.

“No, you do take your shirt off, right?” Tommy asks her with a look in his eyes, and this look has an affect on her.

“Can you do me one more favor then?” Jessica smiles pretty at the handsome man before her.

“What can I do to… I mean for you?” Tommy blushes some, as he asks the question and Jessica giggles some.

“Can you be the body double for the man I am to wake up?” She asks him. She gives him such a sexy smile, as she poses for him some.

“Love to!” Tommy shouts, and Jessica laughs hard at him.

“You do have to get…” Her eyes widen some, as Tommy gets naked before she finishes her sentence, and she smiles as his hard on. “Okay, you are naked now. Let’s go in the back?”

Jessica follows the naked Tommy into the back part of her dressing room, and she whistles some at him, as he walks. “Yes?”

“Just checking out the goods. Can you blame me?” She grins at him, because this guy turns her on so much. “Over there.” She points, as she pushes him kinda hard to a very nice bed inside of her dressing room.

Tommy lies down and he looks at her. His large erection sticks up straight making her giggle some. She then walks into the dressing room and she takes off her shirt exposing her tits to him. “Tommy, Tommy?” She has forgotten the character’s name, so she calls him Tommy. She then lies down beside of Tommy, and she grabs his hard on. “There is a god. He is still hard.

Tommy arches his back as Jessica plays with his erection. He closes his eyes as he does this. Jessica continues to run her fingers over him. She then looks into his eyes. “Are you awake Tommy? You might have a drinking problem you know?”

He opens his eyes, and he looks to Jessica Alba in her golden shorts. “Nice tits.”

“Thank you. Kiss them I become a real slut.” Tommy leans up, and he kisses her nipples, and her head goes back. She moans really loud, as he does this. She sets her shorts on his chest, and she has a black thong on. “Fuck me Tommy, please?” She lies on Tommy and she looks into his eyes.

“Before we do that I have to admit something to you.” Jessica gets a weird look on her face. “I am a virgin.”

“No way! Really?” Jessica asks him shocked some.

“Yeah, thought you should know.” Tommy then blushes some.

Jessica kisses him firmly on the lips and she takes his hand and she guides him to her panties. Then she gives him a smolding look as she asks. “Can you take off my panties, please?”

Tommy’s eyes go down her amazing body as he takes off her panties, and he smiles at her sexy body. “Can I kiss…”

Jessica looks up to him and she smiles so sexy at him with her full lips. “Do anything you want to me.”

Tommy moves past her pussy, and he kisses her flat tummy, and Jessica coos hard. She lifts her tummy to his mouth as she moans so hard. His hands then move over her ass and legs, as he enjoys the taste of her stomach.

He does this for a long time until Jessica cumes, and he has not even touched her pussy yet. She leans up on her elbows and she smiles at him. “Fetish?” She says with a kinky smile.

He then runs his fingers over her tummy and she shudders some. “Maybe I should ask you that question?”

“Yes, doing that turns me on so bad.” She continues to gasp so hard, as his fingers move over her flat tummy. Her eyes then widen as his fingers then move inbetween her legs, and she closes her eyes and she moans so hard.

Tommy’s fingers then move over her pussy, and she closes her eyes even tighter. Her chest moves up and down, as Tommy watches it. Jessica moans so hard, as he plays with her pussy, as she jerks her hips into his fingers making her scream so hard. “Not so loud beautiful. Someone might hear?”

Jessica opens her eyes, and she smiles up to Tommy. “Yeah, they gave me a bed to sleep in. Everyone knows what we are doing. Fuck me now, please or I go and turn on a sex toy.”

Tommy gets up, and he positions himself over her pussy. His dick is really large and he looks into her beautiful brown eyes. “Can I do something before you land?” She asks, as her hands move up his shaft.

“Yeah, do anything you want… oh god!” He shouts, as she cups his balls. Her closes his eyes, as she does something strange. She pushes on the back of his balls and it hurts really bad, and then his penis grows even bigger.

Jessica then licks her lips, as she looks to it and then she looks into his eyes. “Jackpot! You may fuck me now.”

Tommy takes his huge penis and he inserts it inside of Jessica, and she closes her eyes. He begins to fuck her so hard, and Jessica moans so hard as he does it. He looks at her beautiful face, as he continues to fuck her so hard.

He fucks her so the longest time as Jessica moans so hard. She slams her hips into him so hard, and he should have came moments ago, but he hasn’t. She wraps her sexy legs around him, and he kisses her thighs, as he fucks her so hard. Jessica moans even harder, as she cums so hard around him, and she smiles up at him. “Still hard?” She asks knowing that he is.

“Yeah, I could go for hours.” Tommy smiles at the sexy Jessica Alba, as she tights around him so hard. His eyes widen, as he cums so hard inside of her.

“Right, for hours. I don’t have hours kid. I have a date tonight.” Jessica smiles at the handsome kid. “You can get off of me now, please?” She smiles up to Tommy, and he nods.

Tommy gets off of her and he looks out of the door and he notices that the bedroom door and the door to her dressing room was not shut. “Oh my God! Everyone heard?”

“Trust me kid. The moment you came inside of this room everyone knew what was going to happen between me and you.” Jessica smiles at the handsome young man before her.

“You have a reputation?” Tommy asks her.

“No, lately I have been really horny and so on. Thanks kid, I really needed that.” Jessica stands up naked, and she posses before him. “How was I, kid?”

“Icredible! What did you do to me?” He looks to his large penis, as it drips on the floor.

“A little trick I learned from my first lay. If I did it someplace else you would be unable to get it up.” Jessica smiles at the kid.

“Even right now?” He asks her, and Jessica nods at Tommy. Tommy gulps some. “I heard you have been trained to fight too.”

“Yes, I have Tommy.” Jessica smiles at him, “Never rape me.”

“Can I…?” Tommy stops, as he asks the question and Jessica grins at him.

“Can you fuck me again? Sure! Can you bring me something tomorrow?” Jessica asks him. She has not made an effort to cover her beautiful body.

“What else do you have coming by mail?” Tommy finds this really shocking.

“A cheerleader uniform. A boyfriend bought it for me.” Jessica continues to grin at him. “Would I look good in it?”

“Good yes,” Tommy looks at her body. “Max would look in it too.”

“Please don’t start that idea please.” Jessica smiles at him. “FOX would likely make it happen. Got to go shower now.”

Jessica walks into the shower and she begins to bath. Tommy walks to the door and he closes it, and then he looks to the picture on the table. It’s a picture of Jessica in just a thong and he boobs are exposed to everyone. It has writting on it that says. (Tommy thanks for bringing me my sex toys from home. Glad your name IS Tommy. Love Jessica Alba) Tommy looks at her as she showers. “With a body like her’s I can’t blame her for being so confindent.” Tommy smiles as he watches her shower. He has two pictures of her now!

Years later, Jessica Alba waits on the set of The Fantastic Four, a movie she is making for Marvel Comics. Some men walk by her and they scan her some, and she smiles at them hoping not to encourage them at all. She sighs some at what fame has done to her life. “Delievery!” She hears from behind her. She knows that voice. “Tommy!” She shouts, as she turns to face him. Some men who work on the film turn to her, and she sighs hard. “This Tommy right infront of me, boys. Thank you anyways.” Her eyes go over Tommy and she grins wide. “You have grown up? Cool as heck.”

“Yeah, I work boom next door, and I came to visit. Hear you had a break up?”

“Yeah me and Mike did not last. Big surprise?” Jessica rolls her eyes because she has gotten so many told you sos since she and he broke up. “Another failed Hollywood marrige, huh?”

Tommy shrugs some. “I liked you two together. Can you blame me?”

Jessica smiles at Jessica and she adds. “Can you believe they sent me chicks after what we did? How can I show a chick my cheerleader uniform and give her a woody?”

“Was it a chick with short black hair because she claimed she nailed you?” Tommy smiles at Jessica, and she rolls her eyes.

“I got an idea for a t-shirt. It says, I am not gay sorry butch.” Jessica smiles to the very handsome Tommy. “Can you cum inside of my dressing room?” She begins to unzip her uniform some. “I have got an itch.”


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