Dark Angels

by Number One (clyde_dawkins@yahoo.com)

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction based on a recurring fantasy. Do not read this if the material offends you and/or you are under the age of 18

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Voluptuous Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton was in her bedroom late one night–posing in front of her mirror. She had been spending the last five minutes trying on different outfits before finally settling on a simple but sexy black dress. The blonde beauty looked absolutely stunning in her apparel, which showed off her assets perfectly. As soon as she was done admiring herself in the mirror, Kate left her house in a rush and headed to her car. She was off to meet Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, who was busy doing another one of her photoshoots. Ironically, it was on the set of one of Kate’s shoots for SI that she and Miranda started hooking up. The two have been an inseparable romantic pair ever since.

After a lengthy drive, Kate finally arrived at the set and started looking for Miranda. Her arrival caught the eye of another Victoria’s Secret model, Candice Swanepoel, who gazed at the babyfaced blonde with a bit of an evil smirk on her face. “She’s here,” Candice said to fellow “angel” Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who also flashed a smirk on her beautiful face. Meanwhile, Kate continued looking for her girlfriend, so they could enjoy yet another night of romance together. However, her search was interrupted by a voice from behind her.

“Hello, Kate.”

Kate turned around and saw Candice slowly walking closer and closer to her, while simply gazing at her in amorous fashion. “Looking for Miranda?” Candice asked coyly.

“Yeah,” Kate replied.

“Miranda’s not ready yet,” said Candice, who was standing face to face with Kate. “I, on the other hand, am quite prepared.”

“So am I,” Kate heard Rosie comment from behind. The statuesque blonde suddenly found herself surrounded by a pair of tall, seductive Victoria’s Secret beauties–whose main objective was to entice Kate. “You know,” said Candice, “Rosie and I think that you are just absolutely scrumptious. Don’t we, sweetie?”

“Most definitely,” the English vixen replied.

“In fact,” Candice continued, “I was thinking that before you and Miranda get together again, the three of us could have a little fun.” At that moment, the South African siren placed her hands on Kate’s hips and moved right in on her. The result was the pair of blondes passionately making out with each other while Rosie walked closer to the pair and started gently kissing the back of Kate’s neck. Though part of her enjoyed being seduced and fondled by the pair of angels, Kate had to free herself from their romantic embrace. “I’m sorry,” Kate said politely. “But I have plans with Miranda.”

“I told you this was a bad idea,” said Rosie.

“Shut up,” Candice angrily responded. “You know, Katie, dear, I tried to be nice. Now I have to resort to a more stern approach.” Kate watched in slight bewilderment as Candice closed her eyes, but her confusion quickly became horror as she saw that the young vixen had grown fangs–and was venomously hissing at her. The very sight had Kate backing away from Candice in sheer terror. “Oh my God!” Kate exclaimed. “You’re a…vampire?!”

“That’s right, dear,” replied Candice. “And I’m not the only one.” The wicked beauty motioned for Kate to look behind her, and she did just that. She would see Rosie–floating upside down and sporting a pair of fangs of her own. Terrified, Kate ran away from the demonic pair, while both ladies simply laughed in evil glee at the SI supermodel. The blonde bombshell was still feeling quite apprehensive as she was back outside, and she took the time to regain her composure. An unknown hand on her shoulder shocked Kate, but when she saw that the touch came from Miranda, her fears were put to rest. “Hey, baby,” the Australian model greeted. Kate responded by hugging her girlfriend tightly, right before the two ladies made out with each other. “I see you’re very glad to see me.”

“I’ve been looking all over for you,” said Kate. “Come on, let’s go.” Kate practically pulled Miranda her way as they walked to her car, a sure sign that she was still shaken over her encounter with Candice and Rosie. As they were seated inside, Miranda couldn’t help but notice the worrisome look on her bright-eyed girlfriend’s face, but she kept quiet about it throughout the entire drive. The pair  finally arrived at Miranda’s house–the destination requested by the Aussie beauty herself–after ten minutes on the road. While Kate parked the car, Miranda decided to break her silence. “Are you OK?” she asked her lover. “You seem a bit nervous.”

“I was,” replied Kate. “But I feel much better now that I’m with you.” The blonde bombshell moved in to kiss her beloved, but Miranda placed a finger on Kate’s lips to stop her. “Not yet,” she said. “Save your lips for later. Trust me, it will be worth the wait. This will be a night that you will never forget.” The pair of models got out of the car and walked towards the front door, with Kate leading the way. Her nerves were completely gone and she had a bright smile on her face as she opened the front door. But once Kate entered, she saw Candice and Rosie seated on the living room table, and the very sight caused her apprehension to return.

“Hello, Kate,” Candice said with a wicked smile on her face. “Remember us?” Both blonde vampire beauties started slowly walking towards Kate, which caused the frightened young lady to back away in a steady manner. “Miranda!” Kate exclaimed.

“Yes?” Miranda calmly replied. “What is it?”

“What are they doing here?” asked Kate.

“Candice and Rosie?” said Miranda. “I invited them over.” Knowing what she knew about the gorgeous pair, Kate simply looked at her girlfriend with an expression filled with pure bewilderment. “What’s the problem?”

“They’re the problem!” Kate shouted as she pointed at the pair of blondes. “You wan’t to know why i was so nervous? It’s because of them! They’re vampires!” Kate was expecting Miranda to laugh off her accusations directed at her fellow angels. The Australian beauty did laugh, but unfortunately for Kate, it was more like an evil cackle. “Of course they are, dear,” said Miranda. “Who do you think turned them?” At that very moment, Miranda flashed her long, deadly fangs at the terrified young blonde, while Candice and Rosie did the exact same thing. Kate ran for the exit, but she was stopped by the villainous pair of blondes, who used their supernatural power to close the front door.

“You’re not going anywhere, my dear,” said Miranda, who motioned for her sinister sisters-in-arms to bring Kate right to her. Kate never thought this would happen to her. She was in her girlfriend’s living room with three Victoria’s Secret models who just happen to be vampres. Even more bizarre:  her lover, Miranda, is the evil ringleader. “So beautiful,” the devilish beauty commented as she stroked Kate’s tender babyface. “You are truly a sight for my pretty eyes.” As she said that, Miranda’s pupils instantly changed color–from baby blue to a cat-like yellow shade. Candice and Rosie’s eyes displayed that same color in an expression of pure lust.

“What do you want from me?” asked Kate.

“Your body,” replied Candice. “Among other things.” The evil blonde started to lunge at Kate, but she was stopped well short of her jugular by Miranda–by the single wave of her hand. “Not yet,” she said sternly. “We have to prepare her first.”

“Prepare me?” asked Kate. “For what?”

“Don’t worry,” said Miranda. “We’ll be very gentle.” The seductive Aussie walked up to Candice and gave her a soft kiss on her lips, and did the same to Rosie–right before she gave the order:  “Take her upstairs.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Candice and Rosie said in unison as they took Kate upstairs to Miranda’s master bedroom, with the wicked queen right behind them. The room was quite large, in fact, it looked big enough to fit two small bedrooms inside. The bed was certainly large enough for four voluptuous and enticing women to have fun together, and the first to hop on was Miranda, who giddily ran past the others and laid down–striking a seductive pose. “Come on, ladies,” she said to her statuesque companions. Candice and Rosie wasted no time joining their evil mistress, and shortly after, the gorgeous angels were all over each other. As for Kate, she simply stood and watched as the vixens took off each other’s clothes and were passionately kissing each other.

“Girls,” said Miranda, “I think our girl is still a little shy.”

“Come on, Kate,” said Rosie. “Join us.”

“You know you want to,” Candice coyly commented. Still showing a bit of fear on the inside, Kate removed her black dress and joined the trio of vampiresses. She slowly crawled onto the bed and started locking lips with Miranda, while the Aussie vixen’s partners in crime placed their hands all over her. What started out as a make-out session between the two ladies was interrupted by Rosie, who started kissing the blonde Sports Illustrated siren herself. Miranda was busy making out with Candice, but the bright-eyed beauty couldn’t help but notice the attention her British beau was giving Kate. However, once she felt Miranda’s fingers inside her South African snatch, Candice’s attention was diverted.

“Ahhh!…AAAHHH!!!” Candice moaned loudly while Miranda toyed with her tight pussy. She was not the only one screaming in ecstasy.

“OHHHH YEAAAHHH!!!” Rosie shrieked as Kate was orally pleasuring her. “More! MORE!!!” Normally, Rosie’s orgasms would put a smile on Candice’s face, but the sight of Kate licking her British lover’s pussy made her very jealous. Her once erotic squeals quickly became demonic snarls, and in an instant, Candice removed Kate from Rosie and pinned her down–baring her fangs at her as she did so.

“You little slut!” Candice snarled at the babyfaced blonde. “No one licks my girlfriend’s pussy but me, and don’t you ever forget it!”

“Candice!” Rosie whined.

“Calm down, Candice,” Miranda sternly instructed. But the diabolical South African vixen had nothing but malice in her mind, and she was all set to insert her fangs into Kate’s throat. Again, Candice was thwarted, but this time it was by Rosie, who started toying with her hot-tempered lover’s pussy in an attempt to appease her. “Ohhh…aaahhh…,” Candice softly moaned. “OHHH YES!!!” It was clear that Rosie’s method was working, as her act of sexual pleasure curbed Candice’s temper. As both ladies were going at it, Miranda started moving closer to the English beauty.

“I truly appreciate you calming Candice down,” the vampire queen said, right before she took full control of Rosie’s snatch. “But you were the one who set her off in the first place!” Miranda started a finger fucking session of her own, and Rosie’s luscious pussy was the object of her hedonistic desire. “AHHHH!!! AAAHHH!!!” the British beauty squealed in pure ecstasy, much to the delight of the evil Miranda, “OH GAWD!!! OH GAWD!!!” Rosie’s loud screams put a wicked smile on Candice’s face as well, clearly showing her enjoyment at her girlfriend being at Miranda’s mercy.

“Yes, that’s it!” Candice hissed in fiendish glee. “Make her scream, Mistress.”

“Oh, shut up, Candice!” Miranda snarled at the blonde beauty–right before she used her free hand to take control of Candice in a sexual manner. As for Kate, she was watching quite a naughty scene between the three angels. Candice was literally at Miranda’s right hand–letting out multiple orgasms in the process.


On Miranda’s left, Rosie was also shrieking in ecstasy.


But Miranda was enjoying it the most, as she continuously cackled in true villainous fashion. Not wanting to feel left out, Kate decided to insert herself into the fray the best and only way she could:  she crawled closer and started going down under on her girlfriend from Down Under. “AHHHH!!! You bitch!” Miranda screamed in venomous but aroused fashion. “That’s it! Taste my luscious pussy!” Kate continued to do just that as part of a very hellacious sex scene, which included Miranda still fingering Candice and Rosie. The Australian vixen was so into it, that her vampire features showed themselves in an act of passion. With a wicked smile on her face, Miranda gave a quick glance to both of her sinister sisters-in-arms and after also giving one small wink, Candice and Rosie took control of Kate by each placing a finger inside of her snatch.

“Ohhhhh! Yes!” Kate exclaimed in amorous fashion, while Candice and Rosie were both toying with her pussy. As for Miranda, she was done with her part of the act, and she slowly licked her lovers’ vaginal fluids while she watched. “Scream for me, Kate,” Miranda said as she brought herself closer to her girlfriend. “Scream!” Kate acquiesced to Miranda’s demands and continued to let out orgasmic screams while the two wicked minions pleasured her. With a non-verbal command, Miranda stopped the act between the trio of beauties.

“Girls,” the vampire queen said, “I do believe it’s time.” It was at that moment that Kate was again staring at three vampiresses, all with their fangs and wild eyes out–clearly showing a lustful desire for her blood. Kate decided not to fight it; she simply laid down, closed her eyes and said, “I’m ready.” As soon as she said that, Miranda inserted her sharp canines into the throat of her girlfriend, while Candice and Rosie simply watched. Kate could literally feel her humanity slipping away from her, even after Miranda was done feeding. The Aussie beauty’s sexy henchwomen softly kissed her blood-drenched lips, which caused the ladies to snarl in a lustful manner. As soon as they both turned their attention to Kare, Miranda gave the word.


With that succinct command, Candice and Rosie lunged at Kate and each one sank their deadly fangs into the babyfaced blonde. “Ohhhhhh…!!!” the Sports Illustrated model moaned loudly as the South African vixen and her British beau were siphoning away what’s left of her humanity. “Ahhhhh!!!” All the while, the villainous Miranda laughed wickedly at her voluputous lover.

“Don’t fight it, my love,” the evil beauty commented. “Just let it happen.” What Miranda was talking about was Kate’s slow transformation into a vampire vixen, with her complexion becoming pale and her fangs slowly elongating. Kate opened her eyes, which displayed the same cat-like yellow color as her fiendish lovers, and used her newly acquired supernatural powers to force Candice and Rosie off of her. Once she rose up, the young blonde looked at her fellow vampires with a look of lust and hunger on her face. She looked longingly at Miranda, then at Rosie, but it was when she gazed at Candice that an evil smile formed on her face.

“I…want…Candi!” Kate exclaimed, right before she lunged at the bright-eyed vixen. She later put her new fangs to use and went for Candice’s throat–attempting to siphon as much as possible for her first taste, while the South African beauty moaned in a mixture of pain and ecstasy. Miranda loved what she was seeing, but the same couldn’t be said for Rosie, who expressed concern over her girlfriend. “Oh my God!” Rosie said as she attempted to stop Kate.

“No, no, Rosie,” Miranda said as she stopped her. “She needs this.” After a brief while, Kate removed herself from Candice and lustily licked her blood from her luscious lips. “So how was it, Kate?”

“So delicious,” Kate replied, still brandishing her sinister smirk.

“I don’t see why I had to be your first appetizer,” muttered Candice.

“What’s the matter, Candice?” asked Kate. “Am I too much for you?” Both Candice and Kate snarled at each other, but Miranda placed herself right between the two in an attempt to not only stop the in-fighting, but to regain control of her ladies. “That will be enough of that,” she said. “The three of you will co-exist together, not only because of your desire for each other, but most importantly, because I command you to!” Miranda gave a stern look to each of her seductive minions. “Rosie?”

“I obey your command, Mistress,” replied Rosie.

“Good,” said Miranda. “Candice?”

“I apologize, Mistress,” said Candice. “I promise to curb my anger.”

“That’s all I ask,” said Miranda. “And now you, Kate. Do you promise to pledge your love and allegiance to me?”

“I’ll always love you,” Kate replied as she kissed Miranda. “And I will always be at your side.”

“Excellent,” a smirking Miranda said. “And welcome to our group.”

The End

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