Dark Angel’s Hell

Title: Dark Angel’s Hell

Jessica was screwed. It was after midnight and she had to get home. She
had all kinds of things to do in the morning. Meet with her agent, go to
breakfast, discuss a few potential movie roles… a mllion things ran
through her head.

She looked at her date with a look of disgust. WHY did she even agree
to a date all alone with this guy? He looked like a “perv”, she thought,
plus his place was really run down. She thought about her so-called
“friend” who had set her up with this loser after Jessica dumped her 30+
year old fiance. He was way too old for her anyway, but this date of
was a complete jerk. He kept looking at her body, mostly her
breasts. He drooled as she simply tried to talk to her. She even saw him
stare at her butt when she walked to the bathroom to redo her makeup!

Her date asked “so… do you like… ‘movies’?”

That was it.

“Uh, look dude, I have to go. It’s really late and…”

“WAIT!” his voice made her jump, “JUST…. just one little kiss…
that’s all.”

Jessica swallowed as she looked at him. He had a stern look on his face.
Almost like he was gonna hurt her. She better give him a little peck,
she thought.

“Okay! Okay! Just one, then I am out.”

The man smiled and puckered up rudely. Jessica looked worried, but
licked her lips and leaned for the target. She touched his lips with him
for a second, keeping her mouth really tight. Suddenly his tongue shot
out and tried to pry her lips open.

“MMMPH!!!” she mumbled, pulling away.

The man lunged forward and kissed her again, mouth open and tongue
licking her upper lip and nose. It flicked up and down all over as it
slid across her cheek.

“EWWWW GET OFF!!!!” she said as she smacked him hard in the face and ran
for the door.

She turned the knob and pulled the unlocked door. It opened and she saw
a glimpse of light to the cool evening air. But it only opened a few
inches. The chain was on the door. She pulled over and over, not
acknowledging the chain lock, until the door was closed by the man’s
hand. She slowly turned her head and looked him in the eye. He saw the
scared look on her face.

“Ready for some fun?”

He had a few pieces of rope in his hands. He hugged her and laughed, as
she threw weak punches to his chest.

“Come on Dark Angel! I thought you were tough,” he said, laughing, “you
don’t do ANY of your own stunts you fucking liar! You can’t even throw a

He carried her to the chair and bent her down as she wiggled but it was
no use. With a few tugs, her shirt and bra were gone. Her shoes flew off
of her wiggling feet.

He grabbed her arms and twisted them behind her back, tying them
together quite tightly. She wanted to shout out but he placed his hand
over her mouth, then with the other, put something around her mouth.

He spun her around so she was sitting, hands behind her back, and her
beautiful tits were seen. He took her right nipple in between his thumb
and index finger and pinched it a little. She gasped and he said
“struggle and I will tug these HARD” as she suddenly sat still. The man
grinned and took the liberty of suckling both of her C cup breasts like
he was breast feeding, one by one. He teased the nipples until they were
completely erect. They were very dark and looked like 1 inch pencil
erasers on top of dark pepperonis that were the size of quarters.
Latin-blooded chicks rule! Jessica moaned and whined as the man had his
way with the famous titties. He nibbled on the left one, making her
gasp, then flicked his tongue on the right one, back and forth, before
pulling away and admiring the view.

He bent her over a chair, tying her feet to the back legs. Standing
behind Jessica’s prone body, he lifted up her short skirt and saw her
panties that were wedged up her ample butt from the struggle.

“My my my! What do we have here?” he asked as he saw Jessica’s hot red
silky panties.

“Jessica. You have a wedgie! Can I pick it?” he mocked.

“You can go leave me alone and fuck offfffff…. AHHHH!” she cried out
as the man smacked her ass hard.

“Bad girl! Ask me to pick it, or I’ll give you more!”

“P… pick… pick it….” she said quietly.

SMACK-SMACK on her rump as Jessica cried out again.

“I need a better response than that!”

Jessica whimpered in a baby voice “pl… please… pick my wedgie…
it’s… it’s stuck up my butt….”

“Good girl,” he said, as he used his teeth to bite her panties. He
inhaled her scent as he pulled them out of her butt.

“That better Jess?” he asked, rubbing her butt through the silk.

Before Jessica could react, he yanked her panties down around my ankles.
Jessica ran in place and whimpered out loud as this stranger saw her
bare butt exposed in this compromising position. She couldn’t avoid his
eyes seeing her bare ass.

He took in the spectacular view and bent down, kissing Jessica’s bare
butt on both cheeks. Jessica wiggled, but was held down as she felt the
man’s stubbled face rub against her latin ass. He sucked both butt
cheeks equally then pulled away, giving her ass a firm smack. Walking
around now to face her, he looked right at her.

“Having fun?” he asked her with a smile on his face.

She had to strain her neck to look at him. Jessica was scared. Still,
she had never been used like such a slut before, and she could feel
herself getting very turned on, but held back.

She shook her head “No.”

“Wrong answer!” he shouted, and whacked her ass with his hand.

“Ahhhh!” It hurt like hell, but Jessica’s pussy began to get warmer and
a little moist.

“Having fun?” he asked again.

She didn’t move.

“Wrong answer!” and he whacked her ass again three or four times, each
time the man got aroused watching Jessica’s thick butt cheeks flex and
contract. It stung a little, but she was secretly loving it.

He moved to her head until he was standing in front of her. He undid his
pants and pulled out his dick, which was very hard by now. Taking the
gag off he ordered her to suck on his cock. She hesitated, then slowly
parted her juicy lips.

The man slowly began to move his cock near the gorgeous face of the
young star. Her mouth was wide open. A few inches before he reached her
mouth, he felt her warm breath on his cock and his balls contracted. It
was going to happen.

He closed his eyes and moved forward as he felt the underside of his
cock land on Jessica’s hot wet tongue. Her thick lips surrounded his
cock and he nearly shot his load.

“Uhhhhhhhh fuck yeah!” he moaned, “you know what to do now Jessica,

She began to gently bob up and down, her tongue licking the bottom of
the man’s dick. His hips began to pump a little. He had wanted this for
years. Every man wanted this. He held her pretty face and moved her hair
back as he began to face-fuck her like a slut. Jessica’s cheeks were
bulged out and she kept glancing up to make eye contact. Her warm mouth
was too much for the man to take, so he pumped it a few more times,
touching her throat, before he pulled away. He knew there was a lot more
to come. He put the gag back on and walked back behind her.

He grabbed her ass and squeezed it gently. It felt so hot. Then he slid
his fingers down and played with her asshole for a while. Working his
fingers even lower, he teased her pussy lips lightly and slowly pulled
on them.

“Mmmm, you’re so wet,” he said with a certain satisfaction in his voice.

He licked her pussy as Jessica jumped against the binds. She felt her
clit get sucked on lewdly and her pussy folds shifted by his rough
tongue. She let out faint little gasps as her cunt was explored. She
felt dirty for liking this, but she couldn’t help it. She was getting
wetter and wetter.

The man licked her cunt once more, ensuring it was wet, then stood up.
He spit in his hand and rubbed his own cock. It was at full attention,
of course. He placed his cock at the entrance to Jessica’s pussy and
pushed it in.

“AHHHHHHHH!” they both yelled in unison, her voice a bit more of
surprise, his of satisfaction. She felt her pussy stretching. She let
out another groan as she was immediately pumped at full speed with out
any warning.

He suddenly stopped and walked to face her again. This time he grabbed
her by the hair and forced her face up.

“If I untie the gag,” he asked, “will you be a good girl and not

She nodded yes.

He grinned and removed the gag, then moved back behind her. She readied
herself for more dick in her pussy, but instead got an unexpected SMACK
on her big booty.

“AHHH!” she yelped at half strength, trying hard not to scream and piss
him off. He proceeded to give her ass a few more hard whacks. As
promised, she did not scream, only moaned and whined a bit with an
occasional yelp.

He undid her feet and stood her up to face him.

“What a beautiful girl you are,” he exclaimed. “Do you even KNOW how hot
you are?”

No answer.

“Are you gonna be a good girl and do what I say?” he added.

“Ye… yes.”

“Yes what?” he said as he massaged her bare tit.

“I will be a…. I will…… I will be a good girl for you.” she
quietly said.

He lowered her to her knees. Holding his cock in his hand he ran it
along her face. Pressing it against her eyes, caressing her cheekbones
and chin.

“Be a good little girl and suck my big cock” he demanded.

She opened her lips a little and felt it against her teeth.

“Come on, my little girl,” he urged, “open up.”

Jessica opened wider. She used her tongue and circled it around the
head, lubricating it with her saliva. At this time he grabbed her head
and started to fuck her face for the second time tonight, only harder
now. She gagged on his huge cock, but he didn’t stop, just kept going

“What a good little cock sucker you are!” he shouted, “so THIS is how
you made it Hollywood, huh?” he added with a small laugh.

He continued to fuck her face hard for a few more minutes, then suddenly
stopped. He told her to lay down flat on my stomach. Jessica, of course,
obeyed, still rather nervous about this whole thing.

He positioned her on her knees, but still facing down, almost flat on
the bed. Her butt was sticking up a bit because her knees were under
her. He rubbed her butt with both hands all over, kneeding her ass like
dough. His dick rested on her crack and just sat there. She could feel
it bobbing as it pulsated with fluid inside it’s long shaft. Jessica
gasped as she felt the head touch her pussy again and push forward.

“AHHHHHH……. ahhhhhhhhh……” she cried as her wet folds were
penetrated again. He entered her pussy again and again, slowly pushing
in and pulling out. His huge dick was beginning to feel so good inside
her. She was so wet she could feel it drip down on her thighs.
“You’re gonna make me cum if we keep this up. You are not supposed to be
enjoying this,” he groaned.

She wanted it more. Faster. Harder. Though she didn’t want him to cum
just yet. But he did stop. But not for long.

“OHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!” he moaned as he reluctantly pulled his dick out of
Jessica’s hot tight pussy. “We’re gonna have some real fun now.”

With her hands behind her back and her face against the floor, she knew
what was coming, and was a little scared.

“Oh please,” Jessica begged, “not in my ass!”

The man stood up abruptly, walked over to where his drink was and gulped
it down. He returned and spanked the hell out of Jessica’s bubble butt.
Very hard, and very fast. One word for every smack on her butt.

“I… don’t… take… orders…. from…. little…. girls!!!” he

Jessica wiggled to get free, but the man’s hand was firmly on her lower
back as the other hand reddened her butt. She whimpered and yelped as
her buns jiggled from the force of the smacks.

“When I tell you to do something, you will do it…is that understood!?”

She whined out a small “Yes,” her buns flexed all the way together to
try and ease the tingling.

With that he knelt behind her, spit on her asshole, and started pushing
his cock into her ass. The sting from the whipping combined with the
size of his cock was almost too much for her to take, but her pussy was
still wet. In the back of her mind, she just wanted some cock in one of
her holes. Mouth, pussy, or even up her butt. She didn’t care.

“Doesn’t this feel fucking good?” he asked her as he got all the way up
Jessica’s ass and started to pump slowly. She closed her eyes and
started enjoying the feeling. She couldn’t hold back any more.

“Ohhhhh YES!!!!” she purred. “It feels…. uhhhh uhhh ahhhh….. soooo

Now he was fucking her ass harder, driving his cock in deep. She knew he
was close to cuming and she urged him on.

“Ahhh…. ahhh… cum on! Ahhhh ohhhh yeah….. mmmmm…. give it to
me…. uhhh!,” Jessica begged him “Cum inside…. Ahhhh! Ohhhh! OHHHHH!
Cum right in my ass!!! AHHH AHHH! AHHH!”

With one big and hard thrust he did. He came inside Jessica’s nice ass.
He stayed still for a minute or two, breathing hard. Then he pulled out
and she felt his cum sliding down her thighs. He undid her hands and
held them in his.

Jessica smiled and in a sexy voice said “well…..”, with her eye brows

The man was still panting and could barely open his eyes.

“Okay Jessica…. you get the part.”

“YEEEEES!!!” she squeaked as she hugged him, jumping up and down while
doing so.

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