Dark Desires

Title: Dark desires

Author’s name: Greg Nails

Content Codes: MC, M+F, oral, rec

Celebs: Simone Simons

Description: Old, cursed books can be dangerous for beautiful girls…

Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21.This story is total fiction; it has no connections with a real persons or real world.

Inspired by Bathory’s song title “Woman of Dark Desires”.

I’m still rookie when it some to writing such stories, I’d be grateful for any feedback, feel free to send your opinions at gregnails65@gmail.com

It’s been late, cold autumn evening and Simone was browsing the shelves in the public library. She was looking for books about occult and magic. Having troubles with finding inspiration for the lyrics, she decided to check some old books about magic. She wore white blouse and black skirt, along with black pantyhose and heels in same, black color. Her long, red hair was free, running down her arms. This section of the library wasn’t very popular; she coughed occasionally because of the dust gathered on the books. Finally she found a nice, grim looking book titled “Absque Arts Magya et Erotisma” and grabbed it.

Simone opened the book, willing to see what that was about. When she saw strange, wild yet very erotic illustrations inside, she felt her heart pounding fast. All those pictures looked very old, yet were made with rare talent. They pictured women in ungodly acts with strange, vile creatures that could be clearly called demons. While holding the book, Simone couldn’t see eerie aura glowing on the back of it.

Chill run down her spine as she was looking at those arts with some morbid fascination. There was something odd in this book. She’d bet those pictures weren’t born in imagination, they looked so realistic. This thought left goose bumps along her body. Previous chillness was changed into the equally strange yet familiar warmth which was born in Simone’s belly and slowly started to move down, to the redhead’s thighs. She wanted to put the book back onto shelve, but some strange power made her studying it more. She leaned forward against the bookcase. Her breath become more rapid and her cheeks blushed. She found that her nipples were already stiff.

“Huh… what’s up… What’s going on…” she moaned, licking her firm, red lips. Her hand moved down, against her will. Her manicured fingers touched her trembling thigh and hike it up a bit. Another wave of warmth flooded all over her body, making her knees quivers. Book was standing on shelve in front of her, open and fascinating. She wanted to close it and reached her hand, but she found that she couldn’t do it. Something in her mind was forbidding her.

“No… it’s wrong…” she sobbed, moving her fingers to her white panties. Her body trembled as she touched her pussy. It was like electric shock. She left loud moan when her red painter nail moved inside, down to her clit.

“Have to… control…myself” she tried to regain consciousness, but she couldn’t take her eyes of the book. In the dim, semi dark room she could see eerie aura around the ancient tome. All she could do was to look around to make sure none will see her masturbating in the dark corner between bookshelves. She was lucky it was late, so there weren’t much people inside and this part of library wasn’t popular. Her juices were flooding freely, streaking her black hose as she was pounding her pussy, giving up to the growing delight. Her mind was filled with dark thoughts and fantasies. Pictures from the book were coming to life in her mind. She was imaging herself in such degrading and humiliating positions. She could feel that it wasn’t really her dreams and desires, but she couldn’t do much. Dark book was making her to do it.

“No… so good… so hot…” she moaned, as her hips here moving. She dipped two fingers deep inside her most pussy, feeling aroused like never before in her life. She was fully aware that someone might catch her. But this situation was making everything even more arousing. Half of her brain was screaming to stop it, but other half was calling for more. Her inner, dark desires were covering her mind with web of perverted, wicked ideas. In her thoughts she was chained odalisque, given as a victim to the huge, horny demon, high priestess of some ancient cult, spreading her legs for her forgotten, shapeless god, slave in the harem, serving her master, captured warrior, raped on the battlefield, test subject on the medical table, forced to give birth to some alien hybrid… It was running so fast that she could hardly notice. But all those pictures were cruelly clear and she was always a victim. Her body reacted, keeping her horny like never before.

Busty redhead was panting, biting her dark lips as she rocked on her black heels, pushing three fingers in and out now until she finally climaxed. It was strongest climaxed she ever experienced. Juices gushed out of her womanhood, completely drenching her white panties and dripping down between the thighs. Her eyes were still pointed on the book. For a moment she could see transparent, blue vines coming from the old, tattered pages and caressing her body, giving her unknown, forbidden pleasure. Despite her will, she moaned loudly and her voice was filled with passion and delight. Closing her eyes, she let dark power control her completely, accepting it completely. Avalanche of images from different parts of human history, yet always wicked and perverted run through her brain, increasing her hornyness to the unknown level. Everything happened in few seconds, but Simone was in sexual nirvana.

This unique feeling was cut down as she heard steps and male voice.

“What the hell is going on?”

Ryan was working in the library since years. It wasn’t great job, but from the other hand, it was safe and easy. He used to call whole library his kingdom, he knew every corner of this place and most of the books. Being in his mid 40’s, he was rather short and fat, but thanks to some exercises, he managed to keep some of his strength.

What he hated the most was when some kids were playing games in his library. So when he heard some noises coming from the deep corner of the shelves, he was sure that some teens wanted to have some naughty fun there. Holding a ruler in his hand, he decided to give those brats a lesson. But when he walked there, he stopped, looking with delight and disbelief at beautiful girl leaned against shelve and masturbating with passion.

Simone hastily pulled her hands from her soaking wet panties. Ryan could see spunk gleaming on her fingers and across her splayed thighs. Some buttons of her blouse were also undone, giving perfect view on her round breasts, covered with bra. He licked his lips, feeling familiar hardness in his trousers.

“Having fun here? Don’t you know it’s forbidden to do such things here? You could stain the book…”

Simone was all ashamed, but she could hardly control her actions. Dark thoughts were still in her mind, crowding and rolling there, blocking her sense of reason. Her cheeks blushed as unknown man was watching her. She wanted to escape, but this man was blocking her way. She was surrounded by the bookshelves. Ancient tome, that had this strange influence on her, was closed again, but she could feel this strange eerie aura emanating all over this place. Busty redhead was still horny; her pussy was itching, despite strong climax she already experienced.

“It’s not… how…” she tried to say something while librarian started to approach her. He could feel her arousal. She took step back, but it was hard to walk when her body was literally crying for more. Dark power wasn’t eager to release her from its grip. Perspiration glistened upon Simone’s cleavage, beads of sweat shone on her heaving, breasts. Her breath was still fast.

“No, stop!” she said, but her words turned instantly into moan when he touched her. Ryan grabbed her by the arms and turned her to face the basement wall at the end of the book aisle, immobilizing helpless girl without any problems. She was taller, but unknown power stole most of her strength, filling her body with burning fire of delight and desire. His touch was enough to make this fire explode and burn with strong, overpowering flame of passion.

Fat librarian met to resistance when he yanked her skirt down, moving his hand inside and finding that her panties are all drenched with her love juices.

“What a flood! You’re really a horny girl!” he murmured, making his way inside, sticking his fingers into her panties and rubbing her wet pussy. It was like an electric shock for Simone. Her eyes almost rolled up when librarian’s fingers started to touch her soaking womanhood. Beautiful girl moaned lewdly. She would like to kick him in the balls and escape from this place, but her body was like made with butter in the hot, summer day. She salivated from the corners of her ruby lips as the lewd librarian caressed her twitching pussy lips and suddenly pinched her clitoris, causing her to cry out loud. Finding this response encouraging and meeting not a sign of resistance, he started poking his finger inside her pussy.

It was too much for poor Simone. Purple mist covered her eyes as she could feel this unknown power taking full control over her thoughts and actions. Her stone hard nipples were rubbing against her bra, begging for more attention, just like the other parts of her aroused body. Ryan’s actions were brining her on the higher tops of sexual delight. Simone bucked up against the fat librarian as hiss enfolding left arm pinned both of her limp arms to her sides, giving her not a chance to neither resist nor escape from this passionate trap. The librarian sniffed Simone’s long, thick, red tresses as he caressed the taller woman’s backside. Digging deeply into her juicy pussy with two of his fat fingers, he finally made Simone came and squirted more juices between her long, quaking legs.

Simone hung helplessly in his arms like marionette whose ropes were suddenly cut down. Dark visions were marching through her brain, pictures from ancient times, where girls were forced to experience all kinds of sexual pleasures and torments for the glory of some forgotten gods and idols. They all have long, red tresses and features similar to her. While librarian’s hands were wandering freely all over her body, her imagination pictured her tied into stony, phallic shaped statue with huge snake crawling over her, rubbing its scale covered body against her naked skin. Ryan’s licked her milky skin and kissed her, while she could see snake’s split tongue caressing her neck, her cheeks and sliding between her lips in some godless, blasphemous parody of the kiss.

Ryan had no idea what made this busty redhead act like this. Not that her cared much about it. She was horny as hell, just like him. He could feel her arousal. The fat librarian spun the sex possessed girl around and forced her to her knees between the two tall shelves of the dust covered books. She was doing what he wanted, acting like a doll. His dick was so hard that he couldn’t wait any longer. This woman was like a living personification of sex.

“Suck it, babe,” he murmured, taking out his thick penis and moving it to the Simone’s red lips. She could feel its odor. In her wild imagination, she was kissing the huge snake. Their tongues were wrestling in her mouth. She opened her lips and accepted his huge cock inside. Lights and colors were dancing in her eyes as she started to cradle his prick, moving her mouth back and forward and polishing his penis with her shining saliva. Ryan groaned softly, feeling better than ever before. Big breasted chick was giving him head in his library. He placed his big palm on her red hair, caressing them.

Simone wrapped her ruby lips over his veiny shaft and started sucking it with lust and hunger. Her vision changed and for a short minute she could see what is really happening. She was kneeling in the dark corner of the library with a cock of unknown man in her mouth. But before she could do anything, dark visions spawned her mind again, stealing her senses and reason. She found herself on her knees, but in the gold filled room. Her sweaty body was covered with diamonds, just like her long, red hair. Huge, muscular man was in front of her and she was giving him best head she could. His eyes were so dominant that she couldn’t even think about resisting his will. She was owned by this barbarian king from the ancient times.

Ryan was in heaven. Simone was doing her best to please him. He had no idea why this girl was so eager to suck his cock. It was first time when girl did this to him willingly. And he loved every second of it. Her mouth was marvelous. He groaned as he rested both pudgy hands on top of Simone’s bobbing red head. It was late hour so there weren’t much people in library – he was probably alone with this horny girl. Rain started to hit windows and wind shimmered outside.

Possessed by the vision, Simone closed her eyes and lost herself completely in the act of blowing a man’s dick. Delight overpowered her body and mind, turning her into obedient sex machine. She could feel odd sounds, like a distant beating of the drum or gong. Whole situation was equally holy and blasphemous. She savored the salty taste of the cock sliding between her moist red lips, then down her gulping throat. She nuzzled his balls with her manicured fingers. Serving his cock made her panties completely wet again. She was starting to become horny again. Thick, invisible tentacles of lust were crawling all over her vulnerable body, stimulating her sensitive zones and giving her no time to rest or wake up from the sex filled vision. Fat drops of sweat were running down her back, just like rivulets of juices were leaking down her thighs. Stench of male genitals was driving her mad.

Ryan could feel that he is getting closer to the most fulfilling climax in his entire life. Holding her head with his palms, he increased rhythm. She was sucking him like a vacuum. He couldn’t see dark book glowing with eerie aura behind his back. He was focused on the girl with the beauty of an angel that knelt behind him. Her eyes were closed, she was like in trance.

“I think… I’m going to… uhhm… swallow it all!!” he cried as he finally came. He couldn’t take it any longer. Giving her his best shot, he creamed her mouth with his cum. Holding her head with his hands, he forced red haired girl to swallow his entire load, giving her no other way. Simone coughed but swallowed everything with loud gulps. Thin trickles of semen were dripping from the corners of her mouth.

Ryan moved back, feeling totally spent. It was something he never experienced before. His semi limp cock hung in front of her face. Simone panted, his semen dripped from her open mouth down on her full breasts, covered by the white blouse and bra. In her mind she just gave head to the barbarian king from the ancient times. When her heavy eyelids went up, she saw this man and his flaccid cock so close to her mouth. Instinctively she moved close and licked it, but then she regained her senses… She wanted to cry, but darkness covered her eyes again…

Simone opened her eyes again. She was sitting between the shelves, on the cold, dusty floor. Everything seemed to be fine, there was none nearby. Her head was bit aching and she was dizzy. Sniffing familiar smell of dust and old books, she decided that she probably lost her senses because of them. Gathering herself up, she left this place quickly, with her head filled with ideas for the lyrics. She never noticed odd, naughty smile of the fat librarian that bid her goodbye.

The end… probably.

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