Dark Horse: Who Done It? Killer Anal – Episode 2

Title: Dark Horse: Who Done It? Killer Anal – Episode 2

Author: X-tremeFAN

Content Codes: ANAL, BEAST

Celebrities: Katy Perry

Disclaimer: Be aware that this story is for adults only and should not be construed as a true story in any way. It is pure fantasy and for non-commercial use only.

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Katy Perry was finding it difficult to concentrate on her task at hand longing to get away from it all and forget the pressures of her daily life. Being a world famous singer has its hang-ups most particularly difficult she found was how to stay at the top of the music charts. And all those stupid questions from silly little fans. Of course she kissed a girl that’s what she sang about didn’t she.

Being rich has its perks though. Katy did have the perfect hideaway retreat, a quaint little horse ranch which she visited regularly. Growing up she’d always wanted a horse and now she had a dozen or more of them. And she loved them all. The sheer size of them made her weak at the knees, how they’d tower above her and snort whilst twitching their massive thigh muscles. She remembered the first horse she bought. He was a seventeen-hand black stallion all of him rock hard muscle. The first time they meet Katy wrapped her arms around his neck and he responded by putting on display the biggest erection she had ever seen in her life, thirty inches and counting; and she was sold. From that moment on she was in her words, a fully-fledged stud farm owner.

A light tap at the door of her dressing room snapped Katy out of her daydream and she turned to see her assistant standing there.

“Tamra”, Katy said lifting her eyebrows to stretch her tired eyes so she wouldn’t mess up her makeup. “What is it?”

“I have an invitation for you.”

“Well read it to me”, Katy instructed in a matter-of-fact but fun tone of voice.

Tamra opened up the envelope and read the invitation excitedly.

“It’s from Alicia Keys. It says you are invited to celebrate Selena Gomez’ new hit single Good For You a week from today. It’s an after party so lots of celebs. Please, regrets only.”

Katy looked surprised.

“I’m not celebrating that little hoe’s no talent excuse for a song. And why do these so called big knobs feel the need to throw a party in the name of every singer that makes it into the top ten? They all end badly. At mine a massive fight broke out between Eminem and 50 Cent. Something about rights to a first born daughter I don’t know I didn’t get it. It’s lucky no one got seriously hurt but fuck.”

“No probs”, Tamra said non-fussed dialling a number on her mobile phone. “I’ll call and smooth it over.”

“Tell ’em to go fuck them… ”

“Yes hello. Erika. Hello. It’s Tamra calling on behalf of Kay Perry how are you? Good, good. Yes I am calling in regard to that. No she can’t make it. Well kind of. She’s travelling up to Idaho Falls to sing for the Chukars. Yes baseball. Yes she promised. Of course. Love you too. Bye.”

Katy turned to Tamra and teased her, “The Chukars?”

“They’re a good team”, Tamra responded smiling. “Besides I wasn’t going to tell her to go fuck herself.”

“Yes I’m lucky to have you.”

A pause ensued until Tamra finally spoke, “You are going up to the horse ranch next weekend aren’t you?”

“Not a moment too soon”, Katy answered sighing and taking a framed photo of a horse from her dressing table. It was a white stallion in a perfect trotting pose, and half an erection that almost reached the ground.

Tamra fell in behind Katy first looking at the picture then Katy in the mirror. She began to massage Katy’s shoulders causing them to creak.

“Is this better.”

Katy allowed her head to bob backward and forward.

“A little. But it’ll do. For now.”

“Finally”, Katy thought as she was chauffeur driven onto her quaint little horse ranch. It was a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, the grass was green and the white wooded fenced in paddocks bordering the long driveway shone brightly. Orchard apple trees also followed the road right up to the house but you could still make out the horses scattered here and there. Some were eating grass whilst others galloped about. Some simply looked up watching the arrival of Katy as much as they were being watched. The vehicle pulled to a stop and Katy didn’t waste any time searching out her best ranch hand.

“You know what to do with my bags”, Katy said to her security guard who doubled as her driver, heading straight for the stables.

An attractive blonde woman no older than her early thirties stepped from the barn and called out to her, “Katy.”

Katy smiled and said, “Chelsea. There you are.”

“You know me. Always around somewhere.”

They shared a warm embrace and the blonde ranch hand asked how Katy was.

“A bit stressed”, Katy answered. “To be honest I’ve been pining to get here for two weeks. My boobs are just bursting see.”

Katy rubbed her hands over her breasts pausing on the nipples which were clearly apparent through the t-shirt she wore. Across the top of the t-shirt were the words ‘Big Beyond Belief’ written in large letters. Katy smiled devilishly before continuing.

“Is he ready?”

Chelsea couldn’t have looked more self-satisfied.

“He’s been cooped up in the stables with three mares on heat and a little more than a couple of hours of exercise a day for two weeks. Those mares are lucky he doesn’t break down the walls of his stall to get to them he’s so horny. He’s had a fat for the last three days straight he is going to cum at the sight of you.”

Katy piddled herself a little upon hearing Chelsea’s words. Her anus was squeezing itself silly and the excitement reverberated through her vagina up into her tummy. She was experienced enough to know that emptying her colon earlier that day was absolutely necessary or she’d be shitting her nickers at this point.

Chelsea could see the dream boat look in Katy’s eyes.

“Are you going to keep him waiting then?”

“No no. It’s a date. I’ll be ready in fifteen”, Katy answered before turning on her heals.

Katy walked to the stables and quietly entered through a side door finding herself in a room closed off from the rest of the building. She was almost naked wearing only an open cowboy leather and stud incrusted shirt that barely covered her perky swollen breasts and a stunning little g-string with rear access to her anus which was lubed to the nines. She wore her hair up in a formal bun with matching ear dangles featuring silver plated horses rearing on their hind legs. Her makeup assistant wasn’t available but Katy did a fairly good job hoping her date wouldn’t mind a bang up job.

The wall at the far end of the room was one big mirror separated from the rest of the room with a horse barrier. Katy got side tracked looking at herself.

Chelsea appeared through the doorway and couldn’t help herself but speak her mind, “You are one sexy lady.”

“Do you think he’ll like”, Katy asked brandishing a side pose.

“He’ll love”, Chelsea answered as she began to inspect a converted seminal fluid extractor for horses. Being spring loaded she pushed against it and sure enough it sprang back into its original position. In fact the machine looked brand new it was that well maintained.

“All good?”

“It’ll keep him on his hind legs, but you know he won’t mind working for it”, Chelsea explained assuredly.

“Well what are you waiting for hun? Strap me in!”

Katy stepped up onto two foot pegs located on either side of a rest which she laid tummy down on. She was slightly inclined and could see herself clearly in the mirror. Her boobs stuck out over the rest so she could not only see them but she could move her upper body for a better view behind her. She could just see her ass stick up just above the bottom of her shirt.

Helping Chelsea strap her ankles to the pegs she then reached forward to grab hold of the horse barrier in front of her. Chelsea strapped her wrists to it so they wouldn’t budge. The only movement Katy had was her head and some upper torso.

Chelsea admired the shirt Katy wore and asked her, “Where can I get one of those?”

“I have a few I’ll give you one”, Katy answered.


“Are you sure I need my hands tied?”

“It’ll stop you from moving and getting squashed we’ve been over this”, Chelsea again explained assuredly. “And you’ll need this.”

Chelsea placed a rubber bit into Katy’s mouth so she had something to bite down on.

“Are you sure you don’t want the full harness?”

Katy nodded her voice muffled.

“Your date will be in shortly then”, Chelsea said giving Katy one last smile and turning on her heals. She pushed and left open a sliding door that accessed the main stable area and left the room. Katy could hear her speak to one of the horses declaring him a big boy. Her anus started to twitch again and urine ran down the inside of her legs. This is what you live for she neighed to herself blowing her best snort.

A few minutes of silence passed. Katy was waiting for the tell-tale sign of her stallion leaving the stall and sure enough horse shoes on concrete soon echoed from the stable into the room. Chelsea had opened the stall and closed the stables on her way out now her date just had to find his way to Katy. She suddenly felt very weak at the knees and her groin rubbed uncontrollably into the rest. She wanted him so bad.

The horse’s head appeared looking sideways through the doorway and upon seeing Katy his head reared with a snort. He was a stallion through and through, pitch black and extremely big and powerful. Katy had even named him after his colour.

“Dark”, she muffled before remembering she couldn’t speak clearly.

But the stallion didn’t need an invitation. The clop of the horse shoes echoed louder as he stepped into the room causing Katy’s heart rate to increase. She watched him lean back kind of stretching out his front legs before leaping forward in an attempt to show off his prowess as if Katy needed convincing of his horsehood. He was fully erect no less than two and half inches thick and longer than Katy could imagine fitting inside her. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror with her mouth ajar nothing short of admiring it.

Dark walked forward and reached toward her buttock with his left hoof. He’d done this many times before and knew exactly what he wanted. Katy tried to relax as he leaned back on his hind legs but the sheer size of him had more urine running down her legs. She tried pushing her ass back to meet him in the middle but she was unable to move and had to be patient. His penis prodded her in the vagina but the g-string prevented him from entering her. It then slipped on anus lube sliding up Katy’s back and causing the contraption she was strapped on to spring forward under his weight. Dark instinctively stepped backwards and as the springs pulled back into place the erection quite accidentally found the hole it was looking for. Katy felt Dark wrap his front shins around her hips for stability and without further ado he lurched his hips forward.

Katy held her breath and tried to relax. Her anus instantly wanted to squeeze out the foreign intruder but without enough pressure to fight against the strength of the thrust it simply opened up and took what the horse could give. Katy’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and relaxed enjoying the moment. But Dark wasn’t finished not by a long shot. He bucked withdrawing his penis before thrusting forward a second time. For Katy time began to slow down and as the stallion pushed almost seventeen inches of full erection into her anus she had to bite down on the rubber bit. Dark squealed with a sense of urgency right in Katy’s ear causing her to shudder from her neck down to her ass. Her virgina started quivering uncontrollably and piss started free flowing down her legs. She and Dark were going to climax together.

Another thrust and Dark started to release his semen some twenty inches inside Katy’s anus. Katy squinted at the mirror and again admired the size of the stallion’s penis which was over half way inside her. Piss continued to flow from her screaming vagina as Dark thrust his hips a fourth, fifth and sixth time giving all he could give before lifting his front legs back and away from Katy. Her anus didn’t want to give the penis up easily though and held onto it like a suction cup causing intense pleasure for the both of them as they separated with a sshllp.

A river of semen followed Katy’s piss down her legs and pooled on the floor to which the stallion move in for a close inspection. Dark’s penis twitched and Katy assumed he could smell her female hormones in the wee. Once certainly was not going to be enough. She watched as he reached for her buttock once again and within a minute or so he lifted himself back onto his hind legs. He was gentle and though his energy had wained he came to a hard erection in the process of searching out her anus. Katy tried to push her ass backwards again, impatient and hoping he’d find the hole. After a few attempts his penis slipped in and Dark took his position behind her gripping her hips with his front shins and thrusted slow and deep inside her. He snorted on the back of Katy’s heard like he was full of longing while she simply listened and watched in the mirror. He was in no hurry.

Katy decided she’d had enough of the rubber bit and spat it onto the floor in front of her. She was being slow fucked by the stallion and could do without it. At complete ease she watched her boobs move to and fro in motion with Dark’s muscular legs and hips thrusting that huge penis. Dark unexpectedly bent his neck down and moved his muzzle in beside her head breathing through his nostrils onto her neck. Katy turned her head slightly to meet his and he licked her lips. Without hesitation Katy allowed her tongue to escape from between them and as Dark licked a second time they came together in a rough embrace that left them both tingling. The stallion’s shoulders shuddered causing him to thrust deeper and harder getting off on the stroke more than the impending orgasm. Katy took his powerful thrusting with a squeeze of her anus and sure enough that was too much for the stallion to handle. With an oink to three quick thrusts Dark released his second load into Katy within the space of five minutes and it was all over.

Relaxed but tired Katy let her mind simply enjoy the moment once again. Her ass was agape and full of enough horse semen to last a month, maybe two at the most. In a bit of a daze she looked up at Dark to thank him and there on his back she could swear Famine was saddled in and looking back and down on her with a glint in his eye. She blinked and shook her head but he was still there riding Dark out of the doorway and from the room.

Katy began giggling and any last remaining stress in her body was released with a satisfied sigh. The weekend was off to a great start.

Lazing around in her king size bed Katy ran her fingers up and down the wooden bedhead carved out with horses. She was wrapped in silk sheets and eating horseshoe shaped chocolates with bubbly champagne for her Saturday breakfast. Spreading her arms out across the bed she smiled and allowed her mind to drift freely.

The sun shone through the window and Katy instantly thought about all those horses outside. She wanted to run outside then and there and give them all a hug and a big kiss on the snout. She would then choose a lucky winner and take him to the barn for the wildest blow job he would ever receive. Victor, a sixteen-hand pure white stallion, was adorable for it. He was always well-behaved allowing Katy to explore every aspect of him. And he ejaculated rivers of cum that Katy loved to let flow down her throat gulping it down like there was no tomorrow.

Katy placed an unfinished chocolate horseshoe back on the china plate from whence it came. It was no longer wanted as weren’t the silk sheets that fell to the floor as Katy clambered from her bed singing, “Coming at you like a dark horse”. She didn’t even bother to change out of her bed shirt running outside knickerless with a hop, skip and a jump. She was at the top of her game and boy did she shine.


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