Dark Ryder

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Dark Ryder

Night had fallen.
No longer did it mean that
people would be tucked in their beds,
safe in their homes. That was no problem. She was one of a new
breed, those that adapted. Homes were no longer needed. Prey
were to be sought on every street. Once it was necessary to hunt
but now they came to her readily enough. As she stepped out
into the street, staring up at the moon lit sky she knew that
tonight would be a good night for hunting.

The constant drumming beat of the techno music, blasted through
the club, making the very air seem to shake with each pulse. Even
here at the back, furthest away from the music it was loud enough.
This was the darker area, far from the bar, far from the music and
dancing. Few people bothered to come up here and the few that
did, didn’t want to be bothered. Tonight the area was all but
deserted. If you looked hard enough you might see a figure, hiding
in the shadows. Her dark coat and clothing blended her into the
shadows even more, as did her jet black hair. It was only her pale
white face that seemed to glow in the darkness. Even in the apparent
darkness there was light enough to read. Given the place and the
time and the light and sound it was remarkable but that is exactly
what the small woman was doing. Reading. She was reading because
it was her favourite book. She was here because she needed to get
out of her flat. Only she hadn’t felt like dancing tonight. Somehow
she had a more sombre mood this evening, one that seemed to
hang over her like a storm cloud.
"J.D Salinger?" a soft voice said from just beside her.
The woman turned to see the source of the voice. It was another
woman, also in black, also with black hair. She was taller and her
hair was longer, but they shared a pale complexion. Her dark trench
coat and entire wardrobe seemed to cling to her like a layer of oil.
"Catcher in the rye." the seated woman nodded. "Have a seat?"
"I wouldn’t want to interrupt your reading."
The seated woman smiled and flipped the worn book closed. "I’ve
already read it."
The taller woman smiled and sat down gracefully.
"My name is Lucrecia Chantel." she extended her slim hand.
"Winona Ryder." she shook it, unable to ignore how cold it felt.
"I thought you looked familiar. Don’t worry, I’m not a stalker or
"I hope not." Winona smiled.
"How can you read in this place anyway?"
"I don’t know. I guess I just needed to get out of my place. After
while the noise just sort of fades out."
"I suppose so."
There was a moment of silence between the women. Winona looked
across her table at the pale woman. There was something in her eyes,
deep and dark which the actress couldn’t quite place. It was as if
they hid behind them an infinite depth.
"You have lovely eyes." Lucrecia said softly.
Winona blinked, suddenly feeling self conscious.
"Sorry." The other woman smiled. "I didn’t mean to sound sleazy
or anything. But you do."
"Thanks. So do you."
Winona looked again at the dark eyes, eyes that didn’t blink only
faced straight forward. It almost felt as if they were boring through
to her soul.
"It’s noisy here." Lucrecias voice seemed to ring in Winonas head.
"Do you want to leave?"
"Yeah," the star agreed, "why not?"

Winona pulled her jacket tight around her as she walked along the
street. It was a cold night but for some reason her companion seemed
unaffected by the temperature. Not that her skin wasn’t white as death
under the moonlight.
Lucrecia talked on and on as they walked, recounting her tales of
Europe in her strangely entrancing voice.
"I’m sorry if this is boring." she said suddenly. I hope I don’t seem
like a weirdo or anything."
"Trust me, don’t worry." Winona smiled. "I’ve dated Johnny Depp,
I’m a magnet for weirdoes."
The comment brought a comforting laugh from the woman.
"It’s starting to get colder out here. We’d best get inside. My place
is only a block from here."
"I’ll walk till there. The cold doesn’t bother me. It’s a continental thing."
Winona fumbled with the keys to her apartment in her cold hands,
finally managing to get the door open and enter. She took a few steps
then looked back at her companion.
"You can come in if you like."
"Thanks." Smiled the woman gliding through the door closing it
behind her.
The flat was warm, the heating left on. Winona shed her jacket and
quickly felt the temperature prickling her skin.
"Just a second. I’m going to get into something cooler. Make
yourself at home."
Winona went into her bedroom, changing her top for a singlet. Half
way through the action she stopped, feeling as if someone was
watching her. She hastily finished and exited the room. Lucrecia
was sitting calmly on the other side of the room. Winona shook
her head, banishing the feeling and walked to the kitchen.
"You want a drink or anything?"
"No thank you."
"You’re sure?"
"I’m fine."
Winona shrugged to herself and poured a glass of water for herself.
She sat down, noticing that Lucrecia was scanning the walls.
"I know what you’re thinking." Winona took a sip of the water.
"You do?" Lucrecia smiled coyly.
"You’re thinking ‘Is this how superstars live?’ Well I move about a lot.
No fixed abode I guess. No million dollar mansion or anything."
"Actually I was thinking you don’t have any mirrors."
"I guess not. There’s one in the bathroom if you…"
"No. That’s fine. To tell the truth I can’t stand the look of myself in
the mirror."
"Really? I think you’re beautiful."
"Thank you for saying so. Allow me to return the compliment."
Again Winona felt a blush of red rise to her cheeks, something which
her companion lacked entirely.
"It’s true," Lucrecia continued, " you are truly beautiful. Your neck,
your lips…" she rose from her chair and seemed to glide gracefully,
silently across the room.. "..your eyes.."
Winona felt the gaze of the woman meeting her own. Again she felt
those piercing eye, cutting into her thoughts.
"Soft black hair," Lucrecia ran her hand through the raven strands.
"With perfect, smooth skin," slowly across her cheek.
"And a gorgeous, neck…"
Winona listened, seemingly entranced by the smooth voice as the
fingers ran over her.
"And a body, so delicate and slim, so perfectly formed." her hand
moved down, almost touching Winonas breast but then rising again,
closing the stars now hanging jaw. Winona gazed into the blank eyes
with a vacant expression.
"A body which yearns to be touched…. Do you want to be touched
"Yes.." came the entranced reply.
"Good." Lucrecia smiled, lifting Winona from the chair with ease,
carrying her through the door to the bedroom and laying her down
Lucrecia crawled up slowly, over Winonas body until their eyes
came within inches.
"Look at me Winona. Look deeper.. deeper…" twin points of
darkness glaring down, drilling into the stars own glazed eyes.
"You will submit to me Winona."
"I…" she seemed uncertain.
"I will submit. And I will give you pleasure you never imagined."
"I..I will submit." Winona repeated.
"Good." Lucrecia smiled, her white teeth glimmering in the light.
She straddled the smaller womans waist, massaging her shoulders with
strong, slender fingers. As she stroked the soft flesh of the star she
toyed with the straps of the singlet and the bra straps below. Gradually,
very gradually, she began to move her hands lower and lower. They
moved like gusts of wind, silent yet strong, cold yet sending tingles down
Winonas spine. She closed her eyes, a smile rising on her face. She felt
the hands running over her stomach, creeping under the fabric of her shirt,
crawling up until they touched the lacy fabric of her bra. Here they began
to massage her breasts through the fabric, teasing the tender skin. Lucrecia
lent over, returning her hands to the shoulders, forcing Winonas arms to
her sides. As she rubbed the flesh she slipped the singlet straps down,
exposing the bra below. Then, repeating her action she slipped the bra
straps down so that both garments now encircled Winonas waist and
her breasts were free to be touched.
Winonas lips parted, letting in a slow gasping breath as the fingers swirled
over her breasts, brushing the already erect nipples. Lucrecia smiled at the
reaction and began to rub harder, extracting further gasps from her entranced
companion. Lucrecia enjoyed her power over humans, male or female. She
preferred the women though. She loved to see them writhe in pleasure, tremble
in orgasm before she went in for the kill. There was something about the
blood of the recently pleasured that tasted so much better. This time it was
going to be easy, she could tell that. Winona had submitted to her power
easily. Sometimes it was an effort to enslave the stronger willed but it was
clear to her that Winona was not one of them. Even the touch of her fingers
on those soft, white breasts were producing moans and squeals from the
woman. Lucrecia felt lust building in her, a lust to see how much ecstasy this
woman could experience before she fed. Passing the breasts for now the hands
slid down, past the white stomach, past
the bra and singlet, reaching the fly of Winonas black jeans. There was no belt,
the shapely hips of the woman holding them up well enough. Slowly, smiling
up at Winona who gazed down her own body with a vacant stare, Lucrecia
pulled down the zip, spreading open the jeans to reveal the black underwear
beneath. Cold fingers pressed against the fabric, feeling the wetness which
grew. Lucrecia smiled broadly, her teeth now longer, stark white in the dim
light of the room. Slowly she slipped down Winonas clothes, her bra and
singlet, jeans and panties until she reached the end of the bed, dropping them
all into a heap on the floor and looking over the naked woman on the bed.
Her gaze fixed on Winonas eyes again and once more the helpless start couldn’t
look away. Lucrecia smiled as she undid the buttons of her shirt to reveal a
full bosom, pale white save for two soft pink nipples which stood erect. She
strummed her fingers gently over them, watching Winonas eyes fixed upon
them. Then she slid her hands down,
sliding off the remainder of her clothes as if they were liquid. Like that same
liquid Lucrecia slid down the bed, sliding her skin over that of her prey until
they were face to face. Winona gazed blankly up at the dark eyes that bore
down on her. She made no effort to move as the woman planted a soft kiss
on her cheek. Lips pressed against the white flesh the dark womans tongue
lapped softly over it’s surface. Slowly, in a single motion uninterrupted motion
the mouth began to move, sliding over the cheek and down the neck, running
over the pale chest until reaching a breast. There it sought out and found an
erect nipple, sucking and lapping at it before sliding a wet trail across to it’s
partner. Then the mouth descended downwards, Lucrecia shifting her white
body so smoothly that it seemed magical. The lips passed over Winonas
stomach, her belly button and then went lower, slowly, deliberately probing
the exposed wetness. It danced for a second on the surface, darting in and
out. Two pale hands moved inward
over the open thighs, pressing outwards, opening the passage. Once they
were in position the tongue began it’s work.
For the first time Winona reacted to the womans actions. A deep moan burst
from her own lips, body arcing back on the bed as if trying to escape the
probing woman. But Lucrecia was unyielding. She pressed deeper and deeper
until she found the source of the exclamations. The expert tongue darted once,
twice, three times. A harsher, deeper moan erupted from Winona, her body
trembling in the joy of orgasm. Lucrecia removed her lips, maintaining her
position and smiling as she felt the shaking of the woman against her. Only
when she felt the throbbing subside did she begin to explore yet again, once
more seeking out the delicate bud and once again lapping at it relentlessly.
Again she drove her victim to orgasm. Again she felt the body trebling in
ecstasy. Again she waited then began anew. Each time the helpless woman
was explored. Each time she came with a violent shudder. Over and over
Lucrecia listened to the gasps and moans of joy, felt the quivering of her
Finally she relented her assault, sliding back up, straddling Winonas waist.
Leaning down softly she lapped her tongue over each of Winonas breasts,
the thick layer of sweat mixing with Winonas other fluids. She smiled as she
looked down on her exhausted prey. Her fangs were at full length now, the
taste having brought up her full bloodlust. The tired woman would offer now
resistance now. She looked down at the youthful face. The stars eyes longed
to close but remained open, fixed on the vampire.
"How are you my dear?" Lucrecia asked smoothly.
"… thirsty…" Winona croaked.
Lucrecia laughed aloud to herself. She looked to the bedside table where
a drink bottle sat. Reaching she gave it to her captive.
"Here my dear. First you drink. Then I drink."
Winona took the bottle in a daze, greedily gulping down its contents.
"Now my dear." Lucrecia pulled the womans face up to her own. "How
about a kiss."
She fixed her lips forcefully onto Winonas own, feeling them first resist,
then part.. then…
Lucrecia broke the embrace gasping, pushing Winona back forcefully onto
the bed. She coughed and spat blood. Her own blood. Then she began to
gag, to choke. She couldn’t breath. It was as if she was burning from the
inside. In shock, desperately trying to understand she looked at her
intended victim. Winona looked back coldly, wiping the water from
her mouth.
The water she had drunk.
The water she had spat into the vampires mouth.
The water which she had reflexively swallowed.
The Holy Water.
Lucrecia fell to the floor in a naked writhing heap, feeling her body begin
to burn from the inside. The water she had ingested was burning her from
the inside. She watched as her limbs began to shrivel, her perfect female
figure decaying before her own eyes. Her last image of the world was Winona,
sweaty and naked, standing over her with a bottle and pouring it’s
contents down…..

Winona watched as the last remains of the decaying body dissolved to
dust. Soon there was only a wet patch of water on the carpet where the
vampire once had been. All her body, all her blood had returned to the
darkness. She picked up the clothes, hers and Lucrecias and piled them
into a corner. She moved slowly to the bath room, turning on the shower
to clean of her sweat and fluids.
It was part of her role in life to put up with this treatment, to lull the vampires
into a sense of security, male or female. It was her job as a slayer to play
their games no matter how perverse. This one had not been bad by any
means. In many ways it was satisfying.
Winona smiled to herself as she stepping into the flow of warm water.
Lucrecia was not the first.
Lucrecia would not be the last.
The dark haired girl felt the water washing away the filth she felt on her
skin as it always seemed to. She imagined how much harder it had been
in the old days for slayers.
Once it had been necessary to hunt.

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