Darkness Keeps Chasing You

Title: Darkness Keeps Chasing You

Author: The Darkness

Celebs: Grace Vanderwaal, Olivia Vanderwaal

Codes: MF, MFF, Mf, rape, first, viol, fist, sick, tort, mutil, snuff

Disclaimer: This story features the graphic kidnapping, rape, mutilation, torture and killing of a 14 year old girl and her 18 year old sister.  The individual depicted in the story is a sadistic psychopath who, if he was real, should clearly be locked behind bars for the rest of his life if not worse.  This story is extremely sick and demented and you should not read it unless you feel that you have been very much desensitized to the violence of the world and don’t mind watching the psychological and physical torture of a young teen.


I should first introduce myself, not by name of course, that would be ludicrously irresponsible of me, but more so by reputation.  I was once employed by my government in a capcity as an elite soldier doing special operations that require intensive planning, spot on organisation and flawless execution, even telling you the government or name of my branch of the military might be enough to identify me so let’s leave it at that.  Needless to say that one cannot be once employed without some story behind it and mine is certainly not within the ranks of what one might call an honorable discharge.  It takes a certain mind to be able to do what I did and when you can turn off your human compassion and forgo empathy to other human beings to get the job done you can get into a lot of hot water with some of the stuff that goes on during missions but those in charge always understood that and we were given far more leniency than anyone else probably should have, at least in well functioning societies.  My problem was special though, I was given a lot of lee-way but we did occasionally get some down time in missions and that’s when I got to play, and boy did I enjoy the play, always girls mind you but I didn’t care the age as long as they were tight, innocent and scared, this was my magic formula and once I saw that combination there was little that could stop me despite my colleagues urging.  Don’t think I wasn’t the only one who partook in there own sexual fantasies, some liked the men, some liked the women, one of the chaps even enjoyed the elderly; I think he had some repressed feelings towards his own grandparents, or maybe parents, we don’t really talk about families, but it was my propensity for the young girls that got me noticed enough times that things were rough.  How many times did they tell me, rape and kill, rape and kill and nobody will bother you, it’s the torturing that was too much, but I loved the screaming.
But, enough about my former life, you didn’t come here to hear about my past adventures, well, not yet; you came here to know what I do now.  A very rich industrialist had heard through the grape vine that I was available and brought me in for an interview.  He was building a playground, out in the middle of the ocean, far away from fishing lanes.  A floating pleasure island where other rich people can come and partake in all their greatest fantasies.  He had established the island back when cloning became a thing, he set himself up a labratory and started growing human clones almost immediately.  The process has improved substantially over the years and he can accelerate the growth of a human from embryo to full adult (18ish years of growth) in about 2 years, he can get them to puberty (12-14 years of growth) within the first year.  His wealth only grew as more rich, deviant individuals came to play on his island but random women, harvested from willing volunteers who needed the money, was growing thin and his clients had begun asking for specific people, celebrities, models, ex-girlfriends and suddenly we were in a whole new business, one that required my skills.  I have two possible directives, the first and cheapest option is to simply harvest eggs from the target, I move in while the subject is unconscious, I make sure they stay unconscious, I remove eggs via a specialized syringe, I take a small amount of blood for DNA and I get out.  The subject wakes up with abdominal cramps, nothing a woman is not already well experienced with and moves on with her day, healing withing 24-48 hours leaving them none the wiser.  The eggs can be used to make perfect clones, the DNA can be used to make more difficult and not usually perfect clones and eveyones happy, this is the cheap option only in the millions.  The expensive option and when I say expensive I mean up to a billion dollars with a hefty deposit, so not a lot of takers, I will retrieve the subject, fully intact and untouched, physically.  We will then extract eggs and DNA on site for future clones and then the client can do what they want with the original.
So that’s me, that is my life, and it is comfortable and well paid and as long as I keep it professional when I’m on the job I can live out my life in luxury on the island raping, torturing and killing to my hearts desire, because there are always more clones.  Now the story you’ve all been waiting for, something fairly recent and was particulary exciting for me because something new happened and new is always good.
The job was one of the expensive ones, fully intact subject, untouched physically.  These are always a little trickier but at least I don’t have to sneak in like a ninja in the night, not that I can’t, I am quite capable, but not having to be a ghost gives me the titilation I enjoy for some particularly rauchy fantasies later.  I’m allowed to talk to the subject because the deposit has been paid so their life is already forfeit and speaking and seeing me changes nothing, unless I fuck up, in which case I will crack my tooth and die before I let myself be caught.  The target was a young girl, apparently some new singer made it big on one of those stupid American reality shows that have infected the world.  12 years old when she won it big but now is 14 and starting to move out of the truly fun stage but still young enough for me to enjoy myself, not that I’m here for that.  Little Grace Vanderwaal, singing sensation, a shame her life will be cut so short.  I’ve hunkered down and started my research, one sister, Olivia 18 years old, too bad we weren’t grabbing her I can enjoy them at that age too.  She has a brother, military background, that could be a problem if he’s around but it looks like he’s often on the road, has an abuse problem of sorts, should be able to neutralize him ahead of time and remove that threat.  Her father is some VP at an electronics company in the U.S., he looks like he’s in shape, might be an issue.  Mom is definitely out of shape, looks to be a home maker, good, she wouldn’t be a problem.  I’m not interested in turning this into a massacre so we’ll find a way to get them out of the way without having to paint the walls in blood.  It looks like she has a tree house, ah, she got one in another stupid reality show, these white privilege bitches seem to get everything they want.  Hm, this does look like it would be a good staging ground, a little close to neighbours fences, they’ll probably hear any noise coming from the tree house but it is fairly secluded comparitively and Grace apparently likes to go out there alone to work on songs or chat online to her fake internet friends / fans.  This shouldn’t be a problem, I’m not devoid of tech I can use, I will head in there before hand and get spray some clear foam up on the tree house, it won’t be visible from outside of 10 ft and has been formulated for maxiumum noise cancellation, and readily disolves the second I apply the catalyst leaving no trace.  I’ve used it before for jobs like this and I will again.
So, putting plan to action I anonamously donate a large sum of money to a local muckitey muck organisation along with tickets on to concert venues in the area that I know her parents will like and request that they be used in a raffle event / charity for the town of Suffern.  Of course her parents go and of course it is the simplest thing in the world to make sure that they win the prize that just happens to fall on a day when I know Grace will be home and her brother will be out.  Her sister is a bit tricky, I know her parent will want her to stay with Grace that night to look after her, but my contacts are many and deep and I have Olivia’s friends suddenly come into posession of a cottage that weekend and they will certainly invite her up, all hush hush of course, Olivia will leave Grace alone and badda-bing, we’re in business.
Everything goes as planned and I move in at nightfall as everyone is inside preparing to head out, giving last minute instructions to Olivia.  I spray the foam up on the treehouse as quickly and quietly as I can, it quickly hardens, thins and turns transparent, good enough for neighbours.  I hunker down for now and wait, the parent leave, Olivia’s friends come and I see them leave, perfect.  Sneaking up to the house I make a small adjustment to the water pressure entering the house and the pipes start seizing.  Not enough to break but enough to cause an annoying noise every so often, just enough that concentrating inside will be a pain in the ass.  Lights come on as Grace moves around to investigate and no less than an hour later she’s out of the house and heading toward the tree house.  I follow as closely as makes sense as she climbs up, I quickly and silently move in, she enters her loft from the inside and looks around curiously. noticing the massive sound suppressions, of course she does, musicians have good ears, I hit her with my specialized tranq that knocks out her motor functions, she collapses to the ground.  Now I have time to inspect my prize, her hair is a very light brown, some might even say a very dirty blonde, pixie cut, bangs.  Her white skin looks smooth and clean, almost certainly the job of makeup for someone this young, her tiny breasts are just starting to pike at her loose white t-shirt mostly untucked from her jeans pulled all the way up past her navel, I can already feel my cock starting to harden at the thought of what I’d like to do to this girl but I have to stay professional, someone has paid for her and she’s not to be harmed, physically, but now we can chat while I take care of preliminaries.
“Who are you?”, she gasps, surprised and scared, perfect.
“Nobody you need to worry about for now.”, I follow as I quickly take out a needle, I can see her eyes grow wide in fear but her limp body won’t allow her even the slightest nudge away as I quickly tie a rubber band to her arm, slip the need in and extract a tiny amount of blood.  I remove the needle and press a cotton ball to the prick and strap it down with a band wrap around her arm.  Despite how sure I am, there are procedures to follow to make sure that this is indeed Grace Vanderwaal.  I unpack the small drone I’ve brought with me and slip the vial into the drone.  Grace must be in shock because I have not heard a peep out of her since the first question, I look up just to make sure she’s still there, she’s still staring at me, wide eyes with fear but now curiosity seems to be coming into those baby blues of hers as she is starting to feel less threatened by my obvious professionalism and the fact that I have not hurt her and have even been gentle up to now, if only she knew.  I send the drone off, it will take the sample to a prearranged location where the blood will quickly be checked against records, obviously we’re not going to be able to get a DNA match that quickly but between my research and a blood sampling match and the conversation I’m about to have with her, we should be as close as we can be that this is who we’re after.
“Grace Vanderwaal?”, I ask turning back towards her. She nods.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
“Who are you? and what do you want?”, she repeats looking more confused than scared now, well, we can fix that.
“I told you that you don’t need to know, I’m just the delivery boy, someone else has bought you.”  Ah, the fear is starting to creep back in now as she realises her predicament.  Then she starts screaming.
“That’s not going to help, the whole place is sound proofed.”  I’m pretty impressed with her mental fortitude up to this point, most people just go with the straight screaming, either she’s been through some training or she has a good head on her shoulders, my targets don’t often impress me and so far she is.
“I’m not alone, someone will come looking for me, I have a security detail.” She mentions, desperately trying to hide the fear but her voice does shake noticeably.
“No you don’t, unless you mean your dog, and everyone else has left for the night so cut the crap.” Though for the first time I get a little bit worried, where is her dog?  She brings that dog with her everywhere.
“Where is Frankie?” I ask, glaring at her.
“Inside with my sister, she’ll be out here any minute with him.”, she states.
“Your sister went out with her friends, where is Frankie?”, I return.
“She didn’t want to leave me, Frankie was scared and hiding because of the banging.  Olivia told me to head out to the treehouse and she was going to call my parents and get Frankie and would be out here afterwards so your whole plan is shot, you should probably leave quickly before everyone gets here.” I see her finger twitch but I don’t let her know that I see.  The drug is wearing off faster than I was expecting and I have deeply underestimated her sister, I quickly take a look out the window of the tree house towards the house and see Olivia coming down the path through the garden.
“Shit.” I mutter under my breath.  I can’t wait to watch that smug expression coming off Grace’s face, I will have to request the tapes of her session.  I have only a few moments to prepare, I quickly send a text out to my contact watching her parents and grab my tranq gun and slip downstairs as quickly as I can, I can’t risk confronting Olivia outside as it has not been soundproofed and the last thing I need is neighbours involved so I take up position in the corner, out of line of sight from the door, I will have one shot at this.  I hear Olivia coming up the stairs, thankfully Grace is being quiet upstairs but I am reminding myself repeatedly that her finger was moving so it won’t be long now before she has full movement.  I only have one shot left in the gun and so, unfortunately, I might have to tie Grace up, unfortunately because it might cause physical harm but a few plastic strap cuts on the wriss and angles are not going to permanently damage her, I’m eating into my commission a bit since I’ll have to pay for her recovery but sometimes shit goes a wee-bit sideways and you have to do what you have to do.  The door cracks ever so slightly and now Grace screams, goddamn that child has brains, I have to stop underestimating her.
“Run Olivia! Call the police!”, shit, the door didn’t even fully open, it’s like they’ve actually prepared for this.  How the fuck are you this prepared and don’t have a fucking security detail.  Olivia starts running, I move quickly, I slam open the door and shoot, Olivia turns quickly to look and the dart hits the fucking dog.  She’s already at the steps down, I run a leap off the side and collide with her knocking her to the ground.  She a fighter, twisting and turning but I manoeuver her into a choke hold, this isn’t my first rodeo and pretty soon she loses consciousness having never let out a peep.  If you can get them fast they won’t even be past the shock.
I throw her over my shoulder and make my way back to Grace, she sees me with Olivia unconscious and I see the blood drain out of her face, she makes a dive for the stairs but I was expecting it and throw Olivia’s body at her knocking her down, she’s still quite slow and sluggish anyway, the attempt would never have succeeded.  Having pinned her with her sisters body I quickly grab out some zip ties and tie her hands together behind her back, then I tie her ankles together and then I tie them both together behind her back, effectively hog-tieing her.  I move her back to her cushion and lie her dowm so she has a good view of the room.
“Is she dead?” She asks of her sister, but I don’t have time to talk right now, I have to get Olivia secured before she comes around, if she has half the stamina of Grace she should be waking up any second, a choking someone out doesn’t last that long.
I do the same tieing that I did to Grace and now they’re both hog tied and I take a moment to check my phone.  My contact has responded that the father had stepped out to take the call as the performance had not yet started.  The conversation had lasted about 5 minutes and then he hung up and went back inside.
“Your parents are not coming Grace, seems like knocking pipes is not a good enough reason to cancel a concert evening.” She is starting to look more wild now, realising that there is nobody left.
“Where’s Frankie?”, oh now she’s interested in the answer to that question, though I guess I should let her know.
“He’s probably dead, the tranq hit him instead of your sister but it’s not formulated for dogs and he’s a pretty small dog, I wouldn’t bet on his survival.”  I can see the sadness fighting with the tears but now I have Olivia stirring behind me so I shift to keep both girls in view.  Olivia is a pretty cute 18 year old all things considered, brown hair, brown eyes, pretty standard, smooth white skin and a nice set tits, maybe B to C, never was a tit guy myself, as you may have guessed.
“AAAAHHHH!”, ah good, standard stuff, I’m now back into my element.  I wait for Olivia to stop screaming and take a breath.
“Please continue, this place is sound proofed beyond anything you’ve seen before, you’d have to be standing 1 foot away to be able to hear what you just did over the sound of the crickets up in your garden.
“Why are you doing this, please let us go.” The tears are starting.  I look at Grace and she’s still well composed, does nothing phase this kid?
“Well, I haven’t decided what I should do with you Olivia, if only you’d gone out with your friends I could have just completed my mission and taken Grace.”  She quickly glances over at Grace.
“I would never leave her, to the end of my life.”
“Oh, God, it’s like we’re in a Disney movie.”  I say aloud while looking around at what I have available here.  I’m feeling the stirring in my pants again and I have collateral damage here, decision made.
“Alright, to the end of your life then.”  I stand up and her face become a shocked expression.
“NO! Please! Don’t hurt her! Please, I’ll do anything you want, I’ll go with you, just don’t hurt my sister!”  The unexpected exclamation from Grace draws my attention.
“You were going with me anyway, and your sister here is a loose thread.  I need you physically intact, not mentally, and frankly, I’m getting bored of you.”

I turn my attention back to Olivia and ignore the pleas from Grace.  Ok, business first, always business first.  I have the cold storage for eggs with me and it can fit four full ovaries in it if need be so if, by some chance, in the future some client wants to play out their Grace and Olivia fantasy I’ll probably need the eggs so I have to make sure those stay intact.  I will need blood too, I have enough storage here for 6 pouches if need be and Olivia is not a big player so I’m going to grab 1 from her, otherwise I’d say I’m in the clear, so let the games begin.  I go into my satchel and extract the blood kit and slide over to Olivia. She immediately starts squirming making it impossible for me.
“Look, I can get your blood one way or the other so if you want to keep your body intact I would suggest you let me draw some blood.”
“Fuck you, you piece of shit, you just said you were going to kill me, like hell I’m going to make it easy.” She screams at me, obviously she needs to learn a lesson, there is a pretty good artery running into your hand.  I grab her hand, easily overpowering her and I slam it down on the ground, I take my knife out of it’s holster on my leg and jam the blade down hard severing her middle finger.  Her ear-curdling scream is easily absorbed by the walls even as Grace begins to scream too.  I jam a special syphon into the mangled wreckage of her finger joint and hook up the bag.  It’s slower than I would like, obviously shock is starting to take affect and blood is being pulled back from her limbs, I have just the thing for that.  I jab another needle into her upper arm and plunge the serum of salt water and a cocktail of benzodiazepines into her system, the blood flow begins to return to normal and her screams begin to intesify again.  With the baggy full I cap it and put it into the cold storage I am required to bring for just this occasion and then grab my astringent applicator and press it into her joint until the bleeding stops, I then bandage it and sit back to think.  Slowly her screams soften and I look at her body, I’m going to have some fun and I’m going to need to start now or I really will run out of time.  Olivia has on some silly white, dress far too short for not wearing any pants, I lift it up, she has shorts on.  She grunts at me as I touch her clothing but now I’m ready to get started so I slice the tie holding her feet to her hands so she can stretch out a bit, better for me to look at.  She starts struggling immediately, trying to flop around on the floor like a dead fish.  I give her a solid punch in the stomach and she starts to curl up the other way, but before she can go too far I grab my knife out again and she freezes, she starts sobbing, obviously tired from her screaming.  I can hear Grace behind me begging for Olivia’s life again but this is not Grace’s time and she is not my plaything, Olivia is.  Careful to not damage any more of the alabastor skin, just so I can get a good first impression of what my toy has in store for me, I slide the knife up the inside of her dress and cut it right down the middle, from tits to twat.  Carefully I slice the straps holding it to her shoulders, sleeveless, and then cut the straps on her bra off her shoulders and between her tits.  I peel everything back revealing her entire upper body, laying on her clothes like a runied beach blanket.  Her tits are firm and I grab one and give it a nice squeeze, plump and juicy but not too big.  There is a little bit of sweat just running down her cleavage probably from all the extertion we’ve had so far.
“Don’t touch her you pervert”, I look over at Grace.
“You’re in for much worse Grace, but please, keep begging and threatening me, because it turns me on.” I grab my cock through my pants and lewdly gesture it towards her she is slightly taken aback.  At 14 I would have thought she’d seen dick before but then again, maybe not, she’s had a lot going on since she was 12.  My penis is throbbing in my pants at the though of 12 year old Grace and even more at having her watch me rape her sister, this is now doubly enjoyable for me.  I shift so that Grace can get a good view of the show and I fix her position with some of the rope she’s got, so nicely strewn about here in the tree house so that she can’t turn away and then I get back to Olivia.  I trace the sweat down her cleavage and then lower my mouth to her firm tits and suck a nipple into my mouth.  I tease it with my tonge and it hardens more than it was already erect from the exposure to the cold, surely she’s not enjoying this I chuckle to myself and I bite down hard, enough to hurt but not enough to sever, she cries out in pain and then goes back to whimpering.  I slide my hand down her smooth belly, I love a girl who takes care of herself, and only then do I realise I still have my knife in my hand.  I switch hands to unbutton her shorts, I slide my hand down into her panties and feel nothing but the smooth caress of a well shaven pussy, maybe not even shaven, waxed.
“I see you were expecting visitors, I shall not disappoint.” I smirk as I see her fumble in her already traumatized brain for some comeback that seems to elude her, she settles on spitting at me.  I wipe it off my cheek, this girl does know what turns me on and if I don’t soon free my throbbing member from it’s cotton prison I fear I will tear my pants.  I stand up, ducking slightly in the low ceiling of the treehouse and unfasten my own pants, sliding them down and off in one smooth motion letting the mast raise quickly and strongly bouncing in front of me, a modest 8 inches, modest by standards that I could have had, obviously not what I was born with but rich men reward well and sometimes you need a good size to inflict maximum pain.  I look at Grace and she’s staring at my cock, maybe this is the first one she’s seen.  I move towards her, she flinches trying to slide back but she is well fastened.
“I would give you a taste if you belonged to me, but rich men have a lot of ideas about what things they consider virgin and I imagine that might be something they’d want to introduce you to personally, so wait your turn little fuck slave.” she looks shocked as I reach over to give her tiny tit a hard squeeze getting my dick exceptionally close to her face.  I move back to Olivia, making sure Grace has an unimpeded view as I slide my knife, every so carefully into Olivia’s shorts.  The 18 year old seems to have smartened up as she freezes when she feels the cold steel pass by her most sensitive parts.  I slice up the side of her shorts and then slide my hand to the other side and slice there as well and then grabbing them from the front I peel back panties and shorts to reveal her nakedness to her sister.
“Here’s what going to happen.” I say to Olivia while firmly grasping her tit in one hand and pointing the knife threateningly.
“You know I don’t care about hurting you, and you think you’ve got me figured out and that you’re going to die.”  I can already see the look on her face switching from disgust to worry.  Her body had just started to cool and now the sweat was back, giving her entire body a nice sheen that I was going to enjoy.
“This isn’t about you, this is about Grace.  You don’t know who I am, you couldn’t pick me out of a lineup if your life depended on it, and it would.  I can’t touch Grace but as you can see, I have a bit of sexual energy here so you do a good job satisfying me and I will let you live.  You do a bad job and we’ll start cutting off more bits, do you understand?” I look her in the eyes and nod my head to encourage her to nod hers.  She looks, terrified at Grace and Grace looks equally terrified back at Olivia but I see the ever so slight nod of her hed to encourage her sister to take the deal; a deal, mind you, that I have no intention of fulfilling.
“Ok.” Short but sweet.  I’ve been looking forward to this, I present her my cock.
“Open” I command, and she opens her mouth.  I grab her by the back of the head and ram my cock as far as I can, hitting the back of her throat, she gags.
“You’d better start sucking because we’re only 2 seconds in and you’re already not impressing me.” I say, glaring down at her.  She closes her mouth, purses her lips and starts giving it a real go.  This is probably not the first dick she’s sucked.  I think I will take this opportunity to inspect that pussy.  I position myself on top of her and keep my member pressed against the back of her throat, she keeps moving her head back and forth to get air, good, I don’t want her passing out, but then immediately going back to it, this little whore knows her stuff.  I move my head down to her smooth mound and rub my hand over it.  I love a good puffy pussy mound, I don’t know what it is, but it just makes me want to bite into it… but that’s for later, right now, we’re playing nice.  I spread her lips ever so slightly and run my tongue down the middle of her slit, I feel her shudder, it must feel good.  I wonder if I can get this bitch to orgasm, probably not, but let’s give it a try.  I run my tongue again and again and spread the inner lips with my tongue.  I can taste the wetness coming from her pussy and I take a deep breath, she smells good, makes sense, a body like that must have a good diet to go with it.  I start running my tongue again up and down touching her clit gently, and then for slightly longer.  I ease up a bit with my thrusting to make the experience less violent, I am playing a game anyway and there is not reason to give myself a bigger handicap.  She is still sucking for her life as I lick my fingers and begin to tease the outside of her vagina while my tongue begins to show all the attention to the clit.  It engorges and the wetness is becoming more pronounced.  I slide my fingers into her pussy as I hear Grace whimper at what she’s watching.  Easy, I think, that nearly made me finish and that would be no good right now.  I start working the pussy with my fingers, slowly, then faster, then slowly again as I work all around the clith with my tongue.  I can feel her breathing increase.  I work it, feeling when she tenses and when she relaxes finding exactly the right spots to touch and when to touch them.  I’m a fast learner and to truly be a master at delivering pain, you need to be a master at delivering pleasure.  I hit the spots, faster, slower, deeper, stronger, the breathing keeps increasing, I can barely hold my load but I’m almost there, I can feel it.  Her breathing quickens again and I feel her muscles tense, she’s just about to orgasm and I know that means a deep breath is incoming.  I plunge my fingers deep into her pussy and clamp down on her clit with my teeth as I use that leverage to ram my cock down into her throat as hard as I can.  Her orgasm starts and she goes to take a deep breath but my cock is in the way, and this is when I release spewing my hot load down her throat and deep into her lungs as she tries to breathe in and gets nothing but what I’m delivering.  I can feel her jerking on my cock so I bit down harder on her clit, cum sprays out of her nose as she tries to breathe but I can feel my time coming to and end so I clamp down as hard as I can, tasting blood I rip her clit off in my teeth, I withdraw my member from her throat as she coughs and wheezes and screams all at the same time while my filth is running out of her nose and mouth, down her body covering her tits and belly.  Grace looks disgusted but I don’t think she knows what’s going on until I spit her sisters clit at her face, it hits.  Then she sees the blood pooling between her legs and starts screaming too.  I’m spent, so I’m going to let them scream for a bit and see if I can get a second leg of this.
I check my watch and see that we’ve already been here for 30 minutes, has it been that long?  I wanted to be out of here in an hour, I’m expecting a report on whether it’s a go/no-go on Grace Vanderwaal, which of course will be a go, this is obviously the real Grace, but procedure is procedure.  Olivia has curled up into a ball, expecting the worst is over and Grace has her eyes shut crying quietly to herself.  The cries of young girls have always been a turn on, so, stroking myself I soon find that I am ready for a second go, and good thing too because that pussy felt awfully tight when I had my fingers in there and I was going to have to finish the Olivia job quickly as I’m running out of time.  I slide back over to Olivia and grab a tit, she whimpers.  Good.  I spread her ass cheeks and take a look at her asshole, clean, excellent, I fucking hate shit.  Contemplating my options I know that I want to be fucking that pussy when she dies so I consider my options with so little time left, should I sever more fingers?  cut of the tits?  For sure I should do that.  I wanted to take a nice big bite out of that pussy mound but I don’t want to do that with my cum leaking out so I’d best do that before I go in.  I run my hand down her belly again, the mixture of cum and sweat is less appealing now, I grab some shreads of her ruined shirt and use it to clean up as best I can.  It doesn’t look like I got any cum on her pussy so best start there.  I casually lean over and run my tongue over the bleeding knob of her clit, she cries harder, clearly it’s painful.  I open my mouth as wide as I can and suck that mound deep into my mouth, I don’t mind the blood, it adds flavour, a good rare piece of meat, I bite down hard ripping through her pussy mound, her muscles go all rigid as her back comes off the floor, bridged between her still tied ankles and her head, she opens her mouth to scream but no sound comes out, not that there aren’t scream, Grace is screaming behind me as I tilt my head back tearing the rest of the fatty flesh from the muscle beneath, Olivia’s eyes roll back in her head and she passes out as blood pours from my mouth.  I chew it up while wide-eyes Grace screams he pretty little head off, oh God how I’d love to be able to play with her, I’m definitely going to grab a 12 year old when we get back to the island and she is going to have a rough night, hell, I could grab a clone when their ready.  The thought of getting a Grace clone to play with was too much and my semi immediately became rock hard again, good.  Let’s do this.  I use my astringent on her pussy mound to stop the bleeding and then start smacking her face to bring her around.  It doesn’t seem to be working but I’ve got some smelling salts in my kit for just this issue, I grab them out and hold them under her nose and she jerks back to life, screaming.  I flip her over and don’t even wait for permission but go straight in, balls deep; I hit cervix.  I begin to mercelessly plunge into her ruined pussy slamming into her cervix over and over while doodling on her back with my knife, nothing obvious that would point to me.  I’m well versed in serial killers both caught and still at large and if I’m going to leave Olivia here then I want this to look like a copycat killer at worst.  I draw some of the diagrams associated with a child kidnapper/rapist/killer that I am aware of, well, facinated by.  Once I’m done with those I flip Olivia back over and cut the tie on her legs so I can properly leverage myself in front.  I start plunging again and I feel her cervix give, I’m now fully in, pumping deep into her womb with each thrust.  Her eyes are wild, the humanity is gone, there is too much pain, a shame, I thought she’d take more.  I grab her tits with both hands and start mashing them, kneading them, grabbing and twisting as hard as I can.  I lean down and take a bit out of the underside of one, God, I love to do that, so I do it to the other one too.  Her screams change tones but don’t cease.  Well, I’ll have to end this soon, I’m running short on time, so I grab my knife and with one hand lift her bitten tit and slice it cleanly off and throw it at Grace, it bounces off her body; it’s only at this time that I notice that she’s been screaming the whole time, it’s funny how sometimes sisters sounds the same you can’t tell which one is screaming.  I go to cut the other off and then wonder if maybe I’ll just tear it off, it already has the bite in the underside.  Grabbing firmly with both hands I heave up as hard as I can and it starts to give way as it tears off starting at the bite and working around but then, much like a badly planned hangnail removal the skin just keep coming off so I slice it with my knife and leave the shred of skin still attached at the shoulder, a bloody monument to my work on her chest.  She starts to sputter and I can heard a bubbly sound coming from her breathing, shit, did I puncture a lung or something, what the hell?  Fuck, well, I’m nearly done here so, still having access to her face I begin to punch it repeatedly, break her nose right away, smashing her lips, knocking out some teeth, actually this is fun, I focus a little more on her mouth trying to knock out all her teeth, she’s lost consciousness again, whatever.  I break the sockets of her eyes until the whole face is just a mash of blood and bits of bone.  Now I flip her back to her stomach, blood still pouring from her face and chest I start stabbing her asscheeks as I come close to climax, they are firm and round and so satisfying to stab.  I briefly consider putting my knife in her ass but I don’t want to risk damaging her ovaries so instead I put my knife down and shove my arm into her asshole.  I can feel my own cock sliding hin and out so I grasp it hard through the wall of flesh.  Her unconscious body is no longer gripping my dick so I’ll have to do it myself.  I pump a few more times before I’m close to finished.  I withdraw my hand and reach up to her head grabbing it as far around as I can I leverage as best I can from my current position and pull her neck around.  I feel her pussy grab me again as her body forces her back to consciousness as I strain to pull her head all the way around backwards.  She starts spitting out teeth and an inhuman whaling sound comes from her mouth just as her neck muscels give way and I feel the crack of the bones in her spine, I explode.  I fill her womb with my seed as I stare into her dead eyes, her head facing completely the wrong way.  I withdraw, spent, I glance over at Grace, she’s passed out, a shame.  I don’t have much time left so I pick up my knife and carefully make an incesion in her lower abdomen.  I spread it open and cut through the stomach muscles and see her uterus there, I pull it out, being careful to get the tubes and ovaries too.  I carefully detach the ovaries from the tubes and place them in cold storage, eggs acquired.  I wipe off my knife and resheath it.  I pack up my stuff and pose the corpse the way a serial killer would, displaying her uterus prominently for maximum effect when someone comes in here.  I hear the notification on my phone and glance down.
“Grace Vanderwall confirmed.”, good, time to get going, a second ping, I glance down again.
“Client has been murdered, deposit forfeit, acquire harvest material from Grace but dispose of the body.” I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The client that had paid so handsomly for me to acquire Grace, physically intact was dead and now Grace belonged to me.  I looked at the sleeping angel.  Well, we’re going to have to move from here as we’ve run out of time, so I guess I’m acquiring her for now.


I quickly made my way to my waiting SUV, tucked back away from the road in a small wooded area nearby.  I did not forget to apply the catalyst, obviously they were going to be able to pick up my DNA from everything I left around but as this is something that happens quite frequently the nerds back on the island were able to formulate a little bug that will consume any organic matter matching my profile, or anyone else for that matter that they have a good DNA sampling from.  Being extremely careful for obvious reasons, I gave a quick sray into Olivia’s mouth, a quick sprits on her chest, on the piece of shirt I used and on her prominently displayed uterus; I even gave a shot into the open abdomen wound.  These babies multiply quickly when fed and they had a couple of solid loads to work through so I didn’t want to risk getting any on me, gruesome death, so I got out of there as fast as I could.  Once back at the SUV I took out a small injection that was designed to keep Grace asleep for her trip back to the island and gave it to her, I then put her in the special compartment specifically designed for human transport built into the floor of the SUV.  I pulled out and, careful to obey all the laws, headed to highway 17 headed south out of Suffern towards Teterboro airport where I had a waiting plane.  We have an interesting side business of “making” planes, where planes owned by us, obviously through numerous subsidiaries, land in foreign countries that have no problem making them disappear.  Then we just make new planes, sell them to businesses at critical locations and the first flight involves flying our targets out.  It’s a pretty nice setup that prevents us from having to skirt the law when it comes to flight plans.  We can take off and land and take off and land and then someone loses track of us when nobody cares anymore.  It makes the trips back a little indirect but better safe than sorry.  As soon as I was on the road I took my opportunity with a 30 minute drive ahead of me to make a special request.  I sent out a message requesting I complete the delivery but take possession upon return.  This isn’t a usual request but this was definitely not a usual situation, clients don’t end up getting murdered between deposit and final payment very often and frankly, I didn’t know what else to do with Grace, I was spent for the evening having dumped two loads in her sister before ending her and I frankly wasn’t up to the fun I would like to have with this child star, I’d like a little recovery time, get myself good and ready.  The answer was long in coming, too long, but I got an approved with caveats, these would be discussed lated but for now, approved to bring her back to the island.  My smile couldn’t be bigger, I really wished that I could be the one to teach her a lesson and now here we were, wishes do come true.
The trip was around 30 minutes and I pulled onto the tarmac with special ID.  The waiting plane was fueled up and waiting at the hangar when I arrived, we transfered the package from the SUV to the plane using the specially designed mechanism for just this.  I then handed off my keys to a waiting man whose job it would be to switch the plates, sterilize the car of any evidence, remove the secret compartment and get it into the hands of some John Q. Public that would think he’s buying an excellent condition SUV second hand.  I made my way onto the plane and immediately headed for the shower, I was move covered in blood than I thought and frankly I was a little surprised at myself.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t stopped by the police along the way or I would have had a hard time explaining why I’m covered in blood.  I spared a thought for the SUV as I stripped down and got into the shower.  I was just finishing up when I felt the plane lurch as we began to taxi.  I would only have a few minutes before I was going to need to sit down for takeoff so I grabbed a pair of track pants and slipped those on and went to find a place to sit for take-off.  I flipped on the news channel, everything was still quiet and I would expect it to stay that way for the next hour.  The concert was 2 hours long and so still did not finish for another 30 minutes, then the drive home and the looking for the girls, then the calling the police.  The police probably won’t lock down the neighbourhood, shut down the airports and put up barricades for another hour and by then we should be out over the Atlantic heading for Morroco (our first stop).  Also, this is a worst case scenario since who knows if Grace even affords that level of response.  The plane takes off and the pilot turns off the seatbelt sign, I never see the pilot and he never sees me.  Two scantily clad ladies come out and head towards me.  I know these are clones from the island that have been trained as stewardesses and I usually have free reign with them because of such but as I had already made a pretty hefty request this evening I wasn’t looking to make any waves.  I invited the better looking of the two, a cute asian girl, Japanese maybe to have a seat with me and the other, some cute redheaded lass to fetch us drinks.  We drank and she slid her hand down inside my pants to massage my member.  She was cute and I was starting to feel the stirrings again and despite my earlier resolution to try and keep it in my pants there really is no better way to fly than in the mile-high club.  Before long she had her mouth at work as I sat back to relax.  This felt much better than what Olivia had done, these girls were specially trained and before long I was unleashing a new load in her mouth, the redhead knelt down and the asian spit my spunk on the redheads face and began to lick it off, at the same time the redhead was fighting for dominance trying to lick the asian clean.  I have to be honest, it was turning me on quite a bit but my thoughts kept straying back to young Grace back in storage, I could not wait to have her.  The two girls were now full on kissing, tongues in each others mouths, they sunk to the floor where they began to remove each others clothing.  Well, drinks and a show, I can get behind this.  Like two lovers that had not seen each other in months they began tearing at each others clothes, breasts exposed the readhead began suckling the tiny titted asian as the asian was reaching down her pants and fingering her quite strongly and licking her neck.  The pants were soon gone and they were grinding against each other and gasping and moaning in unison.  I checked the side-pockets of the couch I was lounging on to see if there were any accessories I could use.  The in-flight entertainment is not always the same but they usually have a variety of objects that could be used to enhance the experience.  I started pulling stuff out, dildo’s, whips, a strap on; there we go.
“Fuck that redhead’s brains out”, I tossed it to the asian who put that on like an experienced pro and then started wailing the redhead with no mercy, just the way I like it.  She was really getting into it to and the readhead was gasping in what seemed like pleasure but with these whores you never know.
“Ok, you, redhead, stick your arm up her ass.”, I instructed the redhead, the asian looked confused for a moment but these were trained professionals and only a moment later the redhead was up to her elbow in the asians ass.  The asian was pretending to enjoy it but at this point it was obviously a show but I didn’t care, I was starting to enjoy this.
“Make it hurt”, I instructed the redhead and she started punching the asians insides as best she could through her ass, a little bit of blood was starting to leak out but that was cool, it wasn’t the worst the planes had seen, they were coated on the inside for just this reason.  I watched as the asian tried to feign pleasure but seeing me watching and hearing what I asked she soon realised I wanted to see pain and frankly she was in a lot of it so she let herself go.
“Good good, not do her pussy, elbow deep too.” I instructed the redhead.  The asian looked at me in surprise as the redhead moved into position.
“This might kill her” the redhead informed me.  That brought me back a little, I was trying not to push my luck so I probably shouldn’t start offing the plane girls.
“Ok, fine, go in as far as you can but don’t kill her”, the asian looked quite relieved as the redhead began pounding on the cervix with her fist.  I was starting to get hard again, so I pulled my cock out and started to stroke it.  I was only at a semi when the asian slipped over, still being pounded in the pussy by the redhead and started to suck me off again, making good use of her hands.  I gestured to the redhead to stop and gave the universal sign for carpet munching.  She nodded in understanding and pulled out, flipped over and slid under the asian like a mechanic under a car and started getting busy on her undercarriage.  The pain turned to pleasure rapidly and the quality of the blow job increased considerably.  I pushed down on her head hard, but not aggressively and she got the message and started taking me into her throat.  I put my head back and honestly I can’t remember how long this went on for but I started feeling the stirrings that the end was coming so I brought my head back into the game and pulled the asian off my member and told them to switch places, I got the redhead up on me facing out with the asian knelt down in front of her.  Her legs curled back beside mine on the couch I slid my cock into her waiting pussy and she started moving up and down along my shaft while the asian licked my shaft, when it was exposed and her clit when I was buried.  We moved slowly because I was enjoying myself and didn’t want this to end but as the end came near we moved more rapidly and soon I lost my fourth load in so many hours into the redhead.
“Suck it out.” I tell the asian as I point out the mess on my cock to the redhead.  She turns around and starts cleaning me with her tongue as the asian kneels behind her and sucks my cum from her pussy.  Once I’m all clean and the redhead is cleaned out I pull up my pants and grab the menu that’s been sitting on the table the whole time.  I was feeling hungry and thirsty, I open it randomly and end up looking at a bunch of pussy steaks and I chuckle to myself, I already had one of those today, fresh and rare, so I order a chicken entree as the girls get dressed and they shuffle off to get it.  I think I’ll take a nap after I eat, it’s been a long day and I have a big tomorrow planned.


The plane eventually landed on the island after becoming lost in Africa somewhere.  Grace had been unloaded and taken to medical to be fixed up and I had been summoned to speak with the director.  His office is not as flashy as you would think for a man as rich as he is but that’s not what he cares about, he knows his business and keeps to it.  A clean, well functioning operation that has been flying under the radar for a decade and will probably stay that way forever.  The oak doors open into the medium sized office, the director is sitting at his desk review some paperwork of some sort and looks up when I come in.
“Come in, sit, do you want a drink?” he asks, never one to turn down a drink I accept and he pours me one himself, never a good sign.
“So what happened?” Now I’m even more curious since I felt everything went off without a hitch.
“I found the target and tranq’d her, while I was confirming her ID her sister arrived unexpectedly and I captured her.  I acquired her eggs and blood as well as I thought it would be a good addition to the vaults if we’re going to have her little celebrity sister with us.”
“Ah, that explains it.  They found her corpse, the sister, and said it was pretty horribly abused.”
“Yes, I was trying to make it look like a U.S. serial killer to throw suspicion off.” He nods and I relax.
“Then, I guess that brings us to the issue of Grace.  The client is dead and we have her here now, and you wanted to have her?” He asks, expectantly.
“I would like to have her, it is my style, as you know.”  He nods.
“You would forfeit your pay for this job if you take that prize and we will extract the harvestables first.” I nod in agreement.
“I’m ok with all of that, I prefer not having to be careful.”, his smile widens at these words and he claps his hands.
“Great then.  Would you like her delivered to you when she is ready?”
“That would be ideal, thank you.”, I turn to head out.
“You left the dart in the dog.”, I freeze, shit.
“Shit, did they trace it?”, I ask?
“Fortunately not, but this is the first sloppiness I’ve seen from you and you know the rules.  I hope you enjoy Grace because you’re off duty for 3 months and until you can complete the training again.”, goddamn it, that could be six months.  Fuck, well, you have to accept the consequences.
“I understand”, and I leave.
The next 3 days were agonizing, I’m not allowed any girls while I’m off duty a.k.a. on probation but I knew my Grace was coming as soon as they finished her up and my excitement was growing fast.  Soon the day arrived and I heard the knock on my door, I opened it and Grace was standing there eyes puffy and red from crying, understandable, flanked by two guards.  She looked perfect and as soon as she saw me she screamed and tried to run but there is only so much a 14 year old can do against two full grown men who routinely handle women much larger than her.  They picked her up and shoved her through my open door with a nod, I nodded to them and slammed it behind her.
“No no no no.  Not you, you said you couldn’t touch me.”, she stammered, eyes darting wildly.
“Things change honey, now, I got three months where you are my only play thing so I’m not going to spend you all in the first day.”, she looked at me, I could see her brilliant mind racing, trying to find a way out of this impossible situation.
“Wha… what do you want?” She fumbles?  Oh the things I want to do, so young and innocent, dressed so nicely in a little blue denim dress just like I remember from that one poolside picture that really got my loins stirring while I was researching her.
“I want you to sing me a song.” Her surprise was noticeable, but come one, after all, she is a singer and it would be a shame to waste the opportunity for a private concert.
“but… I don’t have an instrument”, I give her a look and hand her the ukelele I had had brought in.
“ok… what song do you want me to sing?”.  Now, that was a tough one, I had obviously heard all her songs while I was researching her as her repetoire is not that deep.  I particularly liked the newest one Clearly but I think there was one more poingnant to her current situation.
“Darkness keeps chasing me, please.”  She takes the Ukelele and starts to strum the strings a bit.
“No, not here, in the other room where I’m more comfortable.” I put my hand on her back and she cringes as a guide/push her into the other room.  I move away from her to sit down and notice her eyes darting back the way we came.
“The doors are locked and sensitive only to my touch and the windows are super reinforced, the screens are a wire mesh that would sooner cut you then yeild, I suggest you stop thinking about escape and entertain me.” I say as I sit on my couch, spreading myself out a bit.  Grace looks like she’s about to pee herself but I give her a go ahead look and realising that she has little choice and this is probably better than the alternative she starts to strum again.  It sounds awful.
“You’d better smarten up.” I warn her.
“I’m nervous and not used to this ukelele” she cries.  Fine, I’m feeling magnanomous despite the pressing bulge in my pants that wants to tear a new hole straight through this little girl.
“Fine, figure it out, quickly.” She strums a bit and fixes the tightness of some strings, fumbling but soon she seems ready and I hear the melody I’m used to.  Her voice is shaking but she seems to fall into a more comfortable zone as she’s singing, closing her eyes and swaying to the music, her voice gets stronger and my cock gets harder.  I pull it out and start stroking it, watching Grace swaying with her eyes closed.  I quietly stand as she is clearly not watching me anymore and using all of my training I move silently to stand in front of her.  Just as she mutters the last words of the song and again opens her eyes she’s confronted with my rock hard member directly in her face, her eyes go wide and she tries to take a step back but I grab her head and ram it down onto my swollen cock.  She gags and coughs, ah sweet relief, I drag her by her head as she collapses back to the couch where I continue to pump into her mouth.  Already so small I don’t want to risk trying to go down her throat as that would end my fun far too early but her arms are flailing as it is and her head is little more than a masterbatory tool for me right now as she continues to cough and cry and sputter.  She tries to bite down on my cock and I slap her face as hard as I can, freeing her from her torture momentarily and leaving a very red hand print on her face, that will probably bruise.
“Don’t fucking bite me, I can get my dick fixed but nobody is going to replace your teeth if you make me pull them out and I certainly don’t want to hear a toothless singer.”  She looks scared but before she can respond I grab her head and pivot it back onto my cock again thrusting but with a little less mercy since the little bitch bit me I don’t know how much she deserved.  I continue to ram the back of her throat, she pukes all over my lap but I’m too far gone to care, we’ll deal with that in a second.  Moments later my balls tighten and I jam her head down hard, trying to get into her throat but it’s too tight, I unload three days of cum into her throat, it explodes out her nose and mouth but I hold her there for what seems like forever as my balls just keep pumping.  Finally, they cease and I let her go and she falls back on the ground gasping, she heaves again but I guess there’s nothing left in her stomach.  As soon as she gains enough breath she starts crying and she curls up in a ball.
“It’s not time to sleep Gracie, you made a big mess and you have to clean it up.”, she doesn’t even look at me, I can’t have this. I stand up and grab her by the hair and lift her up off the ground until her feet are kicking a good six inches off the ground.
“Listen to me your little fuck slut, you’re going to clean up your goddamn mess or this will be the kindest thing that happens to you for the next 3 months.” Her eyes are wide with fear at what is happening and what could happen.  I let her go and she looks around, sobbing.
“How?” She whines.
“With your goddamn tongue.  Clean me up you little whore.” She looks at me incredulous but realising that she has no power here starts to lick the carpet with her tongue.
“Clean me up first”, I tell her, pointing to my lap and cock.  She crawls over and starts licking up my cum and her spit and puke, gagging but not puking again.  I wait patiently, letting her get the job done, every time she tries to move away I point out another spot she needs to clean, my cum is also running down her face and every time it drips I force her to lick that up too.
“I need to pee” I mention casually but make no move to stand up.  She looks at me confused but since I seem to be satisfied that her job is done in my lap she starts scraping my drying cum off her face and licking her hands.
“Did you not hear me?” I ask allowed.  She stops and looks at me.
“I… I don’t understand.  What do you want me to do?” She asks.  Ah, so innocent.  I point to my cock, she still looks confused.
“Put your goddamn mouth on my cock so I can pee.”  She looks disgusted and shy’s away but only momentarily as she is not a stupid girl and knows I will punish her.  She crawls back and takes my now flacid penis and puts it in her mouth and waits.
“Now don’t spill any or you’ll be at this cleaning thing for a while.” I whisper in her ear as I release my bladder.  To her benefit she did a good job, she swallowed hard and fast and not a single drop came out her nose but she did spill quite a bit on her dress, she was quite the mess.  I stood up when I was done and she gasped and heaved.
“Good job” I point at a door just in the front hall.
“There’s a shower in there as well as the laundry machines, get cleaned up and get your dress clean.  I’m going to have a shower.” I head upstairs to the master shower and turn on my monitors to see the shower downstairs.  Despite everything this will be the first time I get to see Grace naked and that thought is exciting me.  I watch as she enters the room and closes the door.  She immediately heads for the toilet and pukes her guts out in the toilet, flushes, removes her clothes and climbs into the shower.  She’s much less developed for a 14 year old than I was expecting, tits are small and have that weird shape they get when they are first forming, her mound has just a sparse amount of hair, not quite there yet.  She turns on the water and sits down in the corner and starts crying, this kid knows how to turn me on.  I already feel the swelling as I watch her and know that I’m going to have to be in that pussy before I go to bed.  He tiny frame, shivering from crying in the shower is just too much for me, I turn the monitor off for now.  No reason to waste precious resources on the drain.
After I get cleaned up I head downstairs and still hear the shower running, not much surprise there.  I bang on the door, it’s good to establish fake boundries where they feel safe, so you can break them later.
“Finish up in there, it’s time to eat.” and I was hungry and not just for her pussy, something substantial.  I headed into the kitchen to take a look and ended up making myself a sandwhich, I made her one too.  Before too long she came into the kitchen.
“I only had that one dress and now it’s dirty” she says, wrapped in towels.  Well this is interesting.
“Stay on top of the laundry, you can wear towels for now, sit down and eat.”  She looks at the table and sees the sandwhich.  She takes a small bite from the crust.
“I’m not very hungry” she whispers.
“If I say eat, you eat.” I say very matter of factly.  She looks at the sandwhich and then at me.
“But I feel like I’m going to throw up.” she whines. I stand up and walk towards her, she stands up and backs away, I quickly leap forward and grab her.
“You are not learning very well, I’m not having a discussion, I say you eat, you eat, if you puke, you’ll clean it up and you will not run away from me or you will be punished.” I ripped her towel off her and spread her naked and face down across my lap.  Her smooth alabaster skin shone beautifully in the dim light of the kitchen coated with the dampness of the shower and the sheen of sweat from fear.  I could barely contain myself and I knew the bulge in my pants was pressing into her stomach but now is the time for eating, not for games so I brought my hand down hard on one exposed buttocks leaving a red hand print.  I repeated the action on the other for a nice matching pair, and now the coup do grace I swung my hand fully down and caught her right between the butt cheeks on her beautiful young pussy lips.  She started very quickly and cried out.  I put her down on her feet and her hand immediately moved to her nether regions to hold them in pain.  I threw the towel at her.
“Now sit down and eat or we will find other ways to teach you.”  She quickly wrapped the towel around her and sat down and very slowly and quietly at her sandwhich. I stood up.
“This is free time, do what you want to do but get your laundry done.  I’m going out for a bit to get you some more clothes, my house is monitored with cameras and someone will be watching so behave.” and with that I left.  I would need to get her some clothes, the blue dress is nice but if we mess it up we have nothing else.  The shop here is good, it stocks women’s clothes of all sorts and sizes.  I pick up a bunch of things in Grace’s size including some nightgowns and head back to my place.  I didn’t really have anyone watching and I didn’t want to be away for too long in case she decided to kill herself, that would be a short and stupid end to this.


Grace was sitting watching tv, some cartoon, I came in and sat down next to her, grabbed the remote and switched it to a news channel.  They were still talking about her sister being found the way she was and people were combing the neighbourhood looking for her.  They showed her crying parents, Grace tried to cover her eyes but I told her to watch, there were tears, it turned me on.  Fortunately night time was coming and I could feel the blood rushing down in anticipation.  I gave Grace the bag of clothes I had purchased.
“Find a nightgown to put on, it’s what you are wearing tonight.”, She looked in the bag and dug through it and pulled one out.  She looked at me and I made a shooing hand gesture.
“Go change”, she headed out of the room and came back moments later in the nightgown, I already had my cock out and was stroking it.  She looked right at it and then at me.
“It’s time Gracie”, I point to my cock and she came over and knelt down to suck it.
“No no”, I lifted her up, not that way.  She started crying again but I pulled up her nightgown exposing her young nether regions and lifted her up onto the couch, I positioned her over my cock and placed the tip against her pussy lips.
“Now put it in” I tell her.  Still crying she tries to lower herself down but her pussy is dry and tiny and tight and my cock is just too massive to push through anything that small and dry.  I stare at her expectantly.
“I… I can’t, it won’t go in.” She says, obviously distressed.  I sigh, fine, I would rather fix this myself anyway.  I lift her up until she is standing in front of me on the couch and then I lean forward and guide her back so my mouth is directly below her pussy and I start to lick.  My tongue dances over her newbile flesh, tickling here, nibbling there.  I don’t seem to be getting much reaction even when teasing her clit, perhaps she is remembering what happened to her sister, either way, my saliva is definitely lubricating her down there. My tongue dances in and out of her virgin slit getting everything very moist and I can start to taste the salts of her own lubrication starting to fire up in an effort to save her body from the onslaught it knows is coming.  Once I am satisfied I push her off and I see that tears are streaming down her face so I lower her back down to the tip of my cock that is precumming in anticipation and I wipe the tears from her eyes and cheecks and smear them over the tip of my penis and then placing both hands on her shoulders I push down forcefully and her tiny slit starts spreading and she makes a tiny groaning meep as her tight young pussy accepts my massive cock.  The first resistance comes after only a few inches, clearly her hymen is still intact, well, not for long, I give a good shove and she grunts as I push through that, the blood will help lubricating this dry passage.  The next resistence is her cervix, I stop there for now, I could probably break through with enough force but I have 3 months to work with and I don’t intend to break her the first day.  So I pull back until I’m fully out, she looks down and I look down to see the blood smeared cock propped between her legs.  I again push her down and then stop.
“Your turn now, and make it good or I will do it myself.”  She again starts to lower down under her own power now but doesn’t even go as deep as her broken hymen before pulling back.
“No, all the way down.” I indicate and she switches directions and comes down again lowering until I hit her cervix.
“Good, there, now back up, and let’s pick up the pace.” I see the complete dissassociation in her eyes as she pushes herself back up and then back down again, over and over pumping on my cock, as gentle as a woman making love.  I indicate for her to pick up speed and she does but soon I want more and I indicate more speed.  Pretty soon she’s riding my cock like a whore playing cowgirl, I feel my balls tighten and I grab her sides slamming her down up to her cervix where my palls start pumping baby batter into her as quickly as they can.  She is tired and sweaty and so am I but I feel more relaxed and now, certainly tired.  I give her a kiss on the cheek.
“That was good.”  I lift her off and put her on the ground.
“Hold that cum inside you or you’ll be down here cleaning all night.” She quickly moves her hand to her pussy where the dripping cum and blood start pooling in her hand.
“Come with me” I get up and head upstairs, she follows.  I walk to a room opposite mine and she shuffles along, still holding her dripping pussy.
“This is your room” I open the door.  It has been outfitted exactly like her room in her house, precisely, even to the measurements.  I shove her in.
“Keep it clean” my eyes dart down to her hand still collecting the remanents of our session.
“and there are monitors in here that are constantly watching you.  If you try to do anything to escape or harm yourself I will be alerted and you will lose the privilege of having your own space.”  I close the door and hear the lock click into place, I head to my own room to crash for the night.  This is going to be a hard 3 months.


A month goes by and Grace and I have established boundaries where she feels more comfortable.  If I need to pee, she relieves me, if I need to cum she will service me, mouth or pussy, my choice, obviously.  I keep her on a strict regimen of birth control in her food to prevent any pregnancy and she sings me songs whenvere I want.  I’m not saying life is easy for her but it’s normal, a new normal.  We’re having a normal day when I get a call from the director.
“We need you back in active service.”
“It’s only been a month, I haven’t finished the training again, what happened?”, I ask quickly.
“We lost an operative and we’ve gained more clients than we can handle.  Your screw up was small, I understand, let’s forgive and move on, we need you back in service.” This is a lot, but I’m up for it, good to be back at work.
“Ok, when do you need me?”
“Tonight if possible, you’re going to have to finish the Vanderwaal girl.” Curiously this twinged something inside me, I think I’ve grown to like the girl, a shame, there will be others though.
“Yes sir, will do sir.” I give him a mock salute and sign off.  Shit, why am I always rushed with this.  I could feel the swelling in my pants as I realised that now was the time, I call Grace and she comes right away.  So beautiful and young.
“Come climb up on the table Gracie.” She does so and I present my cock and have her open her mouth.  I begin thrusting into her throat as I think about how I want to kill her.  Her eyes are on me, she isn’t scared of me anymore, I guess we’ll have to change that.  I reach out and grab her tits, they are tiny and this isn’t the first time but this is going to be the last time so I grab them with a vengence, she makes a grunting noise as I maul them with my fingers, pulling and kneading, trying to get a handful despite their small size.  She seems surprised and a little scared.  I pull out of her mouth and spin her around and go into her pussy.  More familiar territory for her she just holds on to the table as I push deeply into her.  I hit her cervix and think to myself I have to stop there but then second check and realise, no I don’t this is the end.  I grab her hip and pull myself forward with all my might, she cries out as I break through her cervix.  She’s looking at me with surprise and shock as I pump my cock deep into her womb.  It feels so good I can’t help myself and I release my load right there, filling her up.  She goes to get up but I push her back down, she looks surprised.  My cock is still hard, knowing what I’m doing and I’m not done yet.  I go to the counter and grab a knife and come back.
“No.” Grace puts up her hands.
“It’s only been a month, you said I had three”, I look at her.
“Somethings come up.” I hold her down as she struggles, I again massage her budding breasts and look at the nipple, stiffened with fear.  I bend down and take it into my mouth and suck on it, hard.  I close my teeth down and squeeze, she gasps, then I close my mouth the whole way and bite it off.  Blood starts gushing from her chest her hands move to her ruined nipple as she cries.  I look at her discarded dress where she left it and pick it up, I use the knife to tear 4 strips out of the dress and the tie her to the table legs, 2 hands, 2 feet, spread eagle on the kitchen table.  She has been so cooperative and delicious it would be a shame to simply waste her but I have to do what I have to do.  Starting from her nipple I start cutting lines down her breasts and across her body from neck to navel.  I bit off her second nipple to her screams of pain as I repeat the same process on the other side.  I turn around and remove several containers from storage, I want to preserve as much of this as I can.  My throbbing cock is asking for relief once again and I stop what I’m doing to take the time to enjoy Grace this one last time.  I tilt her head back and slide my member into her mouth, experience catches on and Grace starts sucking immediately but this is not what I want this time.  I push hard as I keep her head tilted back and my cock slides into her throat, slowly and unwilingly, she starts to gag immediately.  I can see the outline of my member in her throat as I start sliding it back and forth and then picking up the pace rapidly.  I can see her face turning blue and her eyes start to roll so I pull out to let her catch her breath, she gasps and chokes and cries but I give her just enough to keep her alive and I go back in, plunging over and over I grab her neck and squeeze trying to get maximum pressure while simultaneously strangling her.  This time as her eyes roll back I am close so I don’t pull out but again release a torrent of spunk down into her lungs as she’s desperately trying to breath in she instead fills her lungs with me.  Her eyes go white and her lips are blue, shit, I did kill her.  I quickly untie her arms and legs and flip her upside down and start shaking.  My cum is falling from her mouth onto the floor but she’s not coming back.  I lay her down and start chest compressions and she sputters and comes back to life.  Thank goodness, I didn’t want her dead yet.  I immediately go back to my work and start peeling strips of flesh off her body starting from the shoulder all the way down.  She screams the whole time and when I have carefully placed them all in containers I remove her breasts and put them into sepearte containers too.  The damage is severe, she is bleeding out so I quickly light the gas stove, all elements, pick her up and slam her down on top of it.  I don’t let her stay there for long, just long enough to cauterized the wound before I take her off and put her face down on the table.  She is sputtering non-sensical gibberish at this point but my cock is again getting hard and there is one last place I want to go.  Taking the specially made dildo out with fishhook spikes all up the side, I slide it deep into her pussy, certainly won’t hurt going in, but coming out it may.  I then slide my of cock into her asshole.  It’s tight and virgin but there is plenty of blood to use as lubricant so I smear it all over my shaft and push.  It doesn’t take as much as I though before I’m deep inside her bowels.  I continue to pump as I start to work the pussy dildo, blood starts coming out but I think Grace may be spent, she is tensing and making noises but it doesn’t seem like she’s with me anymore.  That’s alright, though the luster is somewhat gone, I take the pussy didlo out to a shower of blood and gore and do what I’ve wanted to do from the start and stick my whole hand up her pussy.  It’s a bit of an acrobatic move considering my dick is in her asshole but to complete the circle I grip my own cock through the wall of flesh that is barely separating her pussy from her ass and I jerk myself off inside of her, much like I did her sister.  As I cum into her bowels I bring myself out and shove my hand deeper, pushing through her cervix, her tiny uterus can’t hold my hand and I push through the uteran wall and into her bowels.  I keep push my hand up as I pivot her back to her front so that I can see her face.  She is already gone but I can feel her heart beating so I move my arm towards the feeling and grasp her heart, still beating in my hand and I pull all the way back out, ripping her still beating heart out of her chest through her pussy, I take a bit to gain her power and look down at the corpse I’ve made.  She has been my favorite so far and it is a shame to have had to end her.  I guess there will always be clones.  I wipe off my hand and pick up the phone and order a butcher to butcher the corpse as only those here on the island can and a taxidermist to preseve her head for me.  I don’t normally take trophies but I think this time, I’d like to have her mounted.

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