Darkness Of Love

The Darkness Of Love
Continued from “Lacey’s Day Off”

Author: DarklordZ
Celebs: Lacey Chabert and Jennifer Love Hewitt
Codes: MMFF, anal, oral, fDom, mDom, viol, Les
Disclaimer: This is only a fictional story. Events like these have never happened to the celebrities or will never happen for that matter. If you are under 18, I wouldn’t read on if I were you but I’m not. If any parts of the story offend anyone, I’m sorry. Now, please enjoy the story. Also, there are a few references in this story with one being a horror movie reference.

“No, leave her alone,
take me instead” Lacey said. There were two men who tied her one of her friends and former co-star. “Quiet you, we had you and now we want her,” Jake told her. “Lacey, Help me” said her friend. “Be quiet” Derek yelled at her as he taped her mouth with duct tape. “Leave her be” Lacey angrily yelled.

She ran over to stop them but then, she tripped when Jake threw the metal pipe to her legs. “NO!!!” Lacey yelled as Derek had the gun that “shot” him and pointed to Lacey’s friend, Jennifer Love Hewitt who was stripped off of her clothes. “Avenge me, Lacey” Jennifer said. “Say good night instead” Derek said as he pulled the trigger and killed a nude Jennifer Love Hewitt. “Sorry Jen” Lacey said crying.

“Don’t worry, your next” Jake said as he snatched the gun off of Derek’s hand and walked up to her and pointed to her face. “You’re hot, but not enough to save your life” Jake told her as he pulled the trigger. “NO!!!” Lacey yelled as loud as she could but then she woke up off the floor.

“Huh, it was all a dream but not everything” Lacey said as she got up and saw that she was nude. “How long was I out” she said to herself. Lacey looked at the time and saw that it was almost 7 PM. “What time did those jackasses finish” Lacey wonder…

“Oh yeah, two dicks in your pussy” Jake said. Derek grabbed her hair and started to ram into her faster. Lacey moaned as her eyes rolled back. When she rolled her eyes back to the front, she quickly caught the time but then Derek’s hands covered her eyes as he tries to put his cock deeper inside her already filled with cock pussy.
End flashback…

“Hmm, so I was out for 6 hours, those bastards sure do know how to fuck” Lacey said to herself as she looked for her clothes but then realized something. “Crap, they said they would after Jennifer, I better call her to see if she’s alright” Lacey said as she grabbed her phone and called Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The phone rang for a few seconds before “Hello” said Jennifer. “Oh good Jen, your alrig…” Lacey quickly said before getting cut off by the answering machine. “Sorry, I can’t make it to the phone now but if you leave you name, phone number, and a brief message, I would call you back ASAP and with much love” Jennifer’s answering machine said before the machine recorded her laugh.

Lacey hanged up and quickly got dressed. “Eww, the sperm those fuckers spewed into my mouth left this bad aftertaste in my mouth” Lacey said as she went to her bathroom to clean herself and her mouth too. A few minutes later, she cleaned herself up and put on another bra and thong set. She then got the gym clothes that she wore in the gym scene of “Mean Girls”.

She quickly locked the door to her house and ran to her car. She turned her car on and started to pull out of her driveway but what she doesn’t realize is that there is a car waiting for her to pull out and in that car are Derek and Jake. “About fucking time,” Jake said as he saw Lacey pulling out of her driveway.

Jake turned around and saw Derek sleeping. “Goddamn it, wake up” Jake yelled. He pushed Derek to the side door. “Damn you, I was resting my eyes” Derek told him. “Well, let’s go” Jake told him as Derek was on the driver’s side and Jake was the passenger. Derek kept his distance from Lacey’s car as they are driving close to her.

20 minutes later…

Lacey then noticed the car following her but doesn’t know who’s in it. “That car has been following me for quite sometime now” she said in her mind as she pulled over next to a big house in the suburbs. Derek parked a few feet away from the house. Jake got out with the metal pipe he hit Lacey from behind earlier.

“Quick, hide in the shadow of the tree” Jake told Derek as he saw Lacey looking around for the car that was following her. She doesn’t find the car anywhere as she walking up to the door. “Ok, now what Jake?” Derek asked. “Hmm… you go o the front while I sneak into the back” Jake told him.

“What would I do then?” Derek asked again. Jake gave him a bottle of chloroform and a small towel. “Ok, here’s the plan” Jake whispered into his ears. As the two were going over the plan, Lacey got to the door and knocked to see if Jennifer was home.

“Please be home, Jen” Lacey said as she knocked again and still not answered. “Shit, it may be too late” Lacey said again in her mind as she was leaving, but then the door opened. “Yes… oh Lacey, what are you doing here” Jennifer said, dressed in sweatpants and a tight white t-shirt without a bra on. Lacey stared at her breasts for a few seconds. “Take a picture, It would last longer” Jennifer said laughing.

“Oh sorry, I thought you said that you wouldn’t do anything nude.” Lacey asked her as the two are walking inside her house. “I said that for movies but when I’m in a private area like my house, I have no problem, so what brings you to my house, Lacey” Jennifer told her as she sat down on her leather couch.

“Well, I want to tell you something that needs to stay between us” Lacey asked her. “Sure, what’s up” Jennifer asked. “I sort of lost my…virginity earlier” Lacey said. “Well, that wasn’t so bad,” said Hewitt. “Not the way I lost it, I was gang raped” Lacey said as she started to cry. ‘Oh dear, did you call the police” Jennifer asked.

“No because they said that they were coming for you next” Lacey said crying. Jennifer froze for a few seconds and then took a deep breath. “So you came to protect me, your friend from the same fate you got earlier,” Jennifer said as she leaned over to give Lacey a hug. Lacey still crying leaned over as well to accept the hug.

“Wait, didn’t you try to protect yourself, Lacey” Jennifer asked her. “Yes, but they faked a gunshot wound and tied me” Lacey told her. “Well, nothing has happen to me yet, so as long as we protect each other, we can fight them off” Jennifer told her as she got up off of the couch. “But…” Lacey said as she grabbed Jennifer’s hand before she left.

“But…what, Lacey” Jennifer asked. “They may have their way with me… but I sort of enjoyed it” Lacey said with a sad look. “YOU enjoyed the raping” Jennifer told her as she sat back down. “I don’t know why but I liked it when they double teamed me” Lacey told her. Jennifer sat there silently for a few minutes as Lacey told her about her first sex experience.

Outside, Derek has reached the front door and was about to knock but then Jake text him not to knock but wait until his next text message. Jake took a peep through the window and saw Lacey talking to Jennifer. “Shit, she may have told her already but now she will get it again along with her friend” Jake said in his mind. As he was walking, he stepped on a few twigs.

Lacey heard the crunches and walked up to the window to look outside. She opened the window to look within the dark shadows of the trees. She found nothing as Jake was hiding behind the tree. He took his phone out and called someone. Lacey felt her phone ringing, so she answered. “Hello” Lacey said as she answered it.

“I know what you did… earlier,” Jake said in a high-pitched voice. “No, no, how the hell did you get my number, Jake” Lacey said panicking. “How the fuck did you guess my voice?” Jake asked in his normal voice. “What else was I doing earlier you fucking retard, I was banged by you and your buddy” Lacey yelled over the phone as Jennifer bead over to see what she was yelling about but then the door knocked. “Well, let’s see how mad you be when this happens” Jake said as her ran from the tree to the window and drilled Lacey with the same pipe from behind.

“Goddamn ….” Lacey said as she fell back onto the floor unconscious. Jennifer looked over after she opened the door. “LACEY!!!” Jennifer yelled before Derek put the chloroform-covered towel over her mouth and nose. “Calm down, nothing is happening… yet” Jake said as he climbed the window and closed both his and Lacey’s cell phone. He placed them in his pockets and then picked Lacey up and placed her on the couch.

Derek picked Jennifer up to as well. “Look at them, two hot asses, big breasted, brunettes’ ladies” Jake said. “Oh man, it’s getting hot in here” Derek replied. Jake closed and locks the windows and the door. He then closed the window curtains and walked up to the two unconscious Party of Five former co-stars. “Let’s start with Jennifer’s sweatpants” Jake told Derek. Jake slowly started to pull her sweatpants off to show them that she was wearing nothing down there.

“Oh shit, that fucking nice,” Jake said as he slowly rubbed her shaven pussy. Derek then went to Lacey to pull her gym shorts down. He also saw that she had another thong on. Jake then pulled Jennifer’s t-shirt off to show that she didn’t have a bra on either. Jake felt his erection growing after seeing an unconscious Jennifer Love Hewitt nude.

Derek then took off Lacey’s gym shirt first and next, her bra off. Now, both Jennifer and Lacey was nude and unconscious. Jake took his clothes off and groped Jennifer’s big breasts while Derek did the same but he slapped his cock around Lacey’s breasts. Jake then placed his dick between Jennifer’s tits and slowly started to fuck them as Derek did the same only he was facing the other way.

“Oh yeah, between those big tits of her” Jake moaned as he went faster but not too fast. Derek stopped with the titty fucking. He then moved to her pussy and started to lick it. She twitched for a bit as Derek licked around her pussy. Jake then pulled away from her tits and opened her mouth. “This is going to be sweet,” Jake said as he held Jennifer’s head and shoved his cock all the way into the back of her throat.

Derek stopped for a second and went to find something. “Dude, what is it?” Jake said as he held Love’s head. “I forgot to tie their wrists up; I mean what would happen when they wake up and start attacking us?” Derek told him. “I thought we could still use chloroform,” Jake told him back. “Yeah, but I want to hear them scream in pleasure” Derek said to him as he found the ropes in his back pocket and started to tie their wrists up.

After tying up the girls’ wrists, Derek slowly insert his cock into Lacey’s pussy as Jake kept throat fucking an unconscious Jennifer Love Hewitt. Derek grabbed her shoulders and began fucking the unconscious Lacey. Jake held her head while he kept pushing his cock further into her throat as far as he could.

As the two were doing the unconscious brunettes, the mind of Chabert had a thought. “Let two worlds crash, and one would stand up to fight” said the voice in her mind. Lacey was looking around seeing if anyone was there, but she was in her own mind. She could see her own thoughts until a voice called out for her but it wasn’t the voice she heard earlier.

“Lacey, where are we?” Jennifer said as she came from out of the shadows of Lacey’s mind. “I think we’re having an out of body mind encounter,” Lacey told her as she looked around. “What is the point of this?” Jennifer yelled. ‘Wait if I remember correctly, I was taken out by a metal pipe,” Lacey said. “Yeah, I was out by chloroform when you were out,” Jennifer said too.

“Let two worlds crash, and one would stand up to fight,” said the voice. “Who are you?” Lacey yelled. “I’m a part of your mind, I’m your subconscious, I’m your mind speaking,” said the voice. “Wait, I thought that I wasn’t supposed to be aware about my subconscious” Lacey said. “True, but your desire to protect your friend is what trigger your subconscious and she’s has something that she wants to share with you,” said the fading voice.

“Jen, what do you have to say” Lacey said before she realized the true meaning about what her mind said but then all of a sudden, she opens her eyes and sees Derek’s sweaty chest, moving back and forth as her was fucking her. Jennifer woke up and saw Jake’s balls and anus. She tries to move her hands but she saw that her hands were tied. “Oh shit, they woke up” Jake said. Derek then looked down and saw Lacey staring at him, mostly his chest. ‘Oh yeah, wait guys, stop, oh fuck yeah!!!” Lacey said moaning. Derek pulled out as Jake did too from Hewitt’s mouth.

“What is it, girls?” Jake said. Jennifer and Lacey got up and looked at each other, leaving the guys confused. “Untie us and we’ll do something exciting for you guys,” Lacey told the two. “Yeah, untie us now and see” Jennifer said as the two gave out the old puppy eye dog stare. “Oh man, this could be hotter then expected,” Jake said.

Derek untied the both of them and then the two told Jake and Derek to sit down. “This is going to be more fun to us then to you guys” Jennifer said as she grabbed Lacey by the hips. “Yeah, WAY more fun to us” Lacey said too as she put her hands onto her former co-star’s ass. Both men were getting way too excited from this. “Oh fuck yeah, we’re going to force you two into lesbian acts if you two woke up” Jake said to the two.

“Trust us, this will better if you didn’t” Lacey said as she leaned in the kiss Jennifer. The two kissed but they didn’t break it, leaving the guys shocked and speechless. “Holy Crap” the both of them said as Lacey started to smack Hewitt’s ass and Jennifer combed through Lacey’s hair with her right hand.

Both men were now getting but then the two broke their kiss and pushed the two back down onto the couch. “No, let us take control of this” Lacey said as she and Jennifer both got down on their knees and slowly started stroking their dicks. “Oh yeah, this is way better then taking advantage of you two beautiful ladies,” Jake said. “We’re not ladies, we’re women” said the two as they stroked faster.

Derek and Jake just lay back, watching the two women from “Party of Five” taking action. “They think they can relax, Jen” Lacey said. “Well, let’s show them they can relax” Jennifer said as she lends to Lacey for another kiss but she stopped her. “No, let’s have something else to kiss along with too” Lacey said as she and Jen lower their head and kissed with Derek’s dick between their lips as they kissed.

“Holy shit, I think I’ve died and went to heaven,” Derek said. The two kept their kissing, making Derek’s cock wetter with saliva. “Hey, what about me” Jake told them. The two opened their eyes and took a long stare at Jake. Then the two crawled over to Jake and resumed their kissing between cocks. After a few minutes, Jennifer broke the kissed and pushed Lacey’s head to the side and took Jake’s dick back into her mouth.

‘Oh, you bitch” Lacey said laughing. Jennifer moved her eyes at her and looked at her like as if she was taunting her by her eyes. Lacey turned over and took Derek’s dick into her mouth. The two guys ran their hands through the girls’ hairs as the two sucked faster and faster, making Derek and Jake moaned louder.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, suck that cock” Jake said. Derek rolled his eyes back as Lacey was bobbing up and down on his cock. Then the two stopped and took the guys’ dicks out of their mouths and began kissing each other again. They broke the kiss off after a few minutes and got up. “Stay still” the two told them together as they were over Derek and Jake’s cock and slowly lower themselves onto the guys’ cocks.

“Oh shit, that’s big” Jennifer said. “Fuck, that’s tight” Jake said to her as he placed his hands onto her hips and slowly began fucking her. Lacey was already bouncing up and down onto Derek’s dick. “I think we may have turned her into an animal” Derek said but then Lacey leaned over to kiss him.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Lacey said as she lead over to Jen and the two kissed again while riding cocks. The two groped each other’s breasts as Jake began fucking her faster, causing her to move around, breaking up the kiss. “Come on, you took Lacey to a new level, why aren’t you doing that now” Jennifer told Jake.

“Oh you want next level,” Jake said as he pulled Jennifer off of his dick and placed her on all fours on the couch. “Yeah, going to fuck that ass now” Jake told her. She looked at him with patience as he rubs the head of his cock around her asshole. “Are you going the fuck me in the ass or not” Jennifer said to him.

He quickly shoved his cock into her tight asshole but only a bit got in. “Oh fuck… shit…. This is tighter then Lacey’s ass,” said Jake. “Come on, shove that big dick into my tight asshole” Jennifer demanded. Jake couldn’t believe that Jennifer is demanding. He got another few inches in but still was tighter then before.

Meanwhile, Lacey was still bouncing up and down onto Derek’s cock. “Oh yeah, fuck that pussy, you bastard” Lacey said moaning. Derek placed both of his hands onto her hips and began pumping faster. “Oh shit, oh yeah, fuck,” Lacey said again moaning. She placed her hands onto his chest but nails first though. She scratched him with her nails as he was fucking her.

The two couldn’t believe that these sweet looking girls were wild and crazy during sex. Jake finally got all of his cock into Jennifer’s really tight ass while Lacey was still scratching Derek’s chest. “Oh fuck, that really is tight” Jake moaned. ‘What, my ass too much for you” Jennifer told him. “Oh no, no, I will fuck you raw” Jake said as he began fucking her ass.

“Lacey, could you stop scratching me?” Derek told her. “Hmm…NO” Lacey yelled at him as she kept bouncing on his cock. Jake finally took control and began smacking Jennifer’s ass as he grabbed her hair with his right hand and his left hand, smacking her tight adorable ass. “Oh yeah, fuck that ass like a man” Hewitt moaned. Derek grabbed Lacey’s hips and pulled her off and onto the couch.

He then positioned himself for the missionary position onto Chabert. Derek slowly entered his cock into Lacey and then put his arms around her head and started fucking her. Lacey let out a few small moans and then she turned her eyes to her girlfriend. Jennifer was moaning louder as Jake fingered her pussy as he kept ramming his dick deeper into her asshole. The two looked at each other and held each other’s hands for some strange reason but then was broke a second later, without the guys knowing.

“Ohhh fuck yeah” Hewitt moaned as Jake took his other thumb and rammed it into her already filled ass. “Oh yeah, now I’m taking control” Jake said between breaths. “Keep fucking that ass” Jennifer told him. He then got out of the doggy style position but with his strength, he held Jennifer with his arms and sat down on the couch as Jennifer lend back and slowly bounced on his cock.

Lacey was moaning louder and louder as Derek kept pumping in and out in her pussy. Derek then grabbed her ass cheeks and stretched her asshole, making her moan more. “Ohhh yeah, stretch that ass you mother-fucker” Lacey told him. Derek pulled as far as he can to her pleasure. As she was enjoying her ass stretching, Lacey lend her eyes over and saw that Jennifer was bouncing up and down like crazy on Jake’s cock in her ass.

Jake grabbed her hips and took control again and rammed his cock into her ass but once it was deep enough, he held his position. Jennifer was feeling that his cock stopped inside her ass and then all of a sudden, he resumed his pounding into her ass. Jennifer rolled her eyes back as a result. Jake then tapped Derek on his shoulders. Derek looks over and he saw that Jake is telling him to get over to him.

He pulled out of Lacey, making her disappointed that she’s left without anything but then an idea popped into her head. “Guys, are you going to double bang her?” Lacey said as she got up off the couch. “Oh yeah, just like we did to you earlier” Jake said. Derek positioned himself to enter Jennifer’s pussy with her legs on his shoulders. He slowly inserted his dick into her pussy.

Lacey stood on the couch and walked over to the three. Derek, Jake, and Jennifer were confused on what Lacey was doing. She put one leg over Jennifer’s head and stopped there. “I always wanted your head” Lacey said to her. The two looked at each other again before Lacey lower herself to her friend’s face. The two guys began fucking Jennifer while she began eating out her former co-star.

Jennifer began eating out Lacey but moaned as Derek and Jake fucked her holes. “Ohhh yeah, eat me” Lacey moaned as she had her hands on Hewitt’s head. As Jennifer was eating her friend, loud slurping noises was coming as Jennifer was mostly slurping Lacey’s pussy. The two never believed that anything like this could happen to them. Lacey looked down at Jennifer who was still slurping her out. Derek looked up and kissed Lacey’s ass and then he slowly started to lick it as he was still banging her friend.

“Ohhh shit” Lacey said as she felt it coming. Derek was licking around her asshole while Jennifer started to lick the inside of Lacey. Jake was pounding away inside Hewitt’s ass. He then grabbed her tits and started to fond them. Lacey held Jennifer’s head for as long as she could but with Hewitt eating her and Derek licking her asshole, she felt that it was coming. ‘OHH SHIT, FUCK YEAH…. FUCK” Lacey said as she gushed out her woman juices to her friend’s face.

It felt like a heavy downpour of water as Jennifer’s mouth was covered in her friend’s orgasm. Lacey held her friend’s head until she stopped. After a few seconds, she let go of Jennifer’s head and then she fell down onto the right side of the couch passing out again from her own orgasm. As she fell, the guys continued the double penetration of Jennifer as the two are in high pace pounding. She moaned as the two pounded away inside her. She leaned her eyes over to see if Lacey was still out.

She laid there as if she was sleeping but then Jennifer got an idea. “Ohhh stop please, stop” Jennifer said moaning. The two heard her but kept pounding away into her. Pump after pump in both holes, she couldn’t stop it from coming. “Yeah, you like getting ducked don’t ya” Jake told her. “Yeah, big boob Hewitt loves fucking” Derek said to her face as he pounded away in her vagina. She couldn’t stop herself from yelling at the top of lungs. “OH FUCK YEAH, KEEP FUCKING ME, I’M ABOUT TO COME” Jennifer said out loud.

The two banged her like they banged Lacey earlier in the day. Derek wiped the sweat from his forehead as he placed his hands onto her hips. Jake also placed his hands on her ass cheeks and the two kept banging her until she couldn’t take it anymore. “SHIT, I’M COMING, OH FUCK YEAH!!!” Jennifer yelled as her juices erupted like crazy as her juices flew from both sides of Derek’s cock and her vagina. She was gushing out more then Lacey did for her first time and when she gushed out onto Jennifer’s face.

“WOW, I didn’t know that you were a big squirter” Derek said as he pulled out of her vagina. “Well, what can I say?” Jennifer said with an innocent look. “You’re not so innocent then” Jake said as he lifted Jennifer up from her ass cheeks and put her next to the unconscious Lacey Chabert. Jennifer placed her hand onto her perfect ass. She rubbed her ass, trying to get Chabert up again. She then leaned her head and slowly licked her vagina. The unconscious Lacey shook a bit as Jennifer positioned herself with her ass up in the air, licking her unconscious friend’s vagina.

She licked around Lacey’s vagina and then licked right at her G-spot. Lacey’s eyes opened immediately with fear. She looks at who was licking her and saw that Jennifer was the one. She was confused at first but then Jennifer gave her a wink. She knew right away from that wink. “Oh yeah, you like licking me” Lacey told her as she put both her hands on top of Hewitt’s head again. Then Jake walked over to Lacey and told her to lick his cock while Derek was slowly positioning himself around Jennifer’s ass.

Jake started pushing his cock deep into Lacey’s throat again as Derek grabbed hold of the couch for support as he inserted his cock into Jennifer’s ass as she kept licking Lacey’s pussy. Jake was now throat-fucking Chabert as he held her neck for support. Lacey was gagging on his cock as he pushed it deeper into her throat. Her eyes started to water and she was also moaning as Jennifer licked her quickly. She still had her hands on top of her head, pushing her head closer to her vagina. Her face turned to a very deep blue color as Jake didn’t pull out his cock from her mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah, this ass is really tight” Derek said as he continued to thrust onward into Jennifer’s asshole. “Yeah and you guys can’t fuck it” Jennifer said to them as an insult as she lifted her head up from Lacey’s vagina. The two guys looked at each, and then resumed their positions. Derek grabbed a huge chunk of her hair and rammed his pelvis right to her round ass, making it jiggle and the sound of the ass slapping can be heard all around the room.

“Oh yeah, come on, fuck me like a real man” Jennifer said again insulting him. “Bitch, shut the fuck up” Jake told her as he pulled his salvia covered cock out of Lacey’s mouth.

Lacey was gasping for air quickly but was still moaning as Jennifer was fingering her pussy. “I’m said that to motivate you guys to fuck our brains out” Jennifer said to Jake. “Yeah well, motivate us in the sexual way and not the insulting way” Jake said as he pulled Lacey away from Jennifer and positioned her for the spoons position. Lacey was still taking in deep breaths as Jake lifted her leg onto his leg as he slowly began fucking Lacey’s ass at a slow pace as he looked over at Derek and Jennifer.

Derek was fucking Jennifer’s ass at a fast pace as Jennifer moaned. “Oh yeah, fuck me” she moaned as she rubbed her vagina. Derek pulled the chunk of her hair he had in his hand back, making her head tilt up by force. She rubbed herself violently as Derek pounded away. Lacey was now moaning as Jake was fucking her ass and rubbing her pussy. “Oh fuck yeah” Lacey moaned. ‘Yeah, you like that, don’t ya” Jake said. “Shut the fuck up and keep fucking me” Lacey told him and with that he rammed his dick deeper into her ass, making her moaned louder.

Lacey looked over at Jen and saw her eyes, rolling to the back of her head and then she had a thought. She took her right arm and stretched it to Hewitt’s face. Once she rolled here eyes back, she saw Lacey’s fingers right in front of her. “Go on, suck them” she whispered. Jennifer did just that as she opened her mouth and took four of her fingers into her mouth. Lacey moved her thumb around Jennifer’s cheek as Hewitt was licking her friend’s fingers inside her mouth. Jake looked up and saw Jennifer having Lacey’s fingers inside her. He then moved his arm and placed them around Lacey’s lips but what he didn’t know was that Lacey was disappointed when he did that.

Derek then pulled out of Hewitt’s asshole. He then smacked her ass a bit, making her butt jiggle. “Hey Derek, get over here” Jake said. He was walking over to Jake and Lacey but then, Jennifer put her arm around his chest, blocking him from moving forward. She took her friend’s fingers out of her mouth and told Derek, “What, you never heard of ATM?” she looked at him with a mean stare.

“I didn’t know you could be in that kind of thing” Derek said as he grabbed her head and pushed her forward to the edge of the couch with his cock waiting. All of a sudden, Jake pulled his cock out of Lacey’s asshole and walked on over to the two. “Can you take two?” Jake asked her. Jennifer took both dicks and shoved them into her mouth. She worked on their dicks like crazy as bits of salvia dripped from her mouth. Lacey rolled over and got behind Hewitt as she got on her knees on the couch and rubbed her friend’s ass. “Oh yeah, I waited years to do this” Lacey said as she slowly licked the ass-crack of Jennifer.

Jennifer was now getting triple teamed as she sucked both of the guys’ cocks and was getting licked by her friend and former co-star, Lacey Chabert. She then took Jake’s cock out of mouth and took Derek’s cock deeper into her mouth. She did that for a few seconds and then, she took his dick out and took in Jake’s dick into her mouth. She did that every ten seconds as Lacey was licking around the anus of her friend. “Oh Jen, if you only knew how long a waited to lick you” she said. “Oh look, we let out some emotions between two friends” Jake said.

Jennifer then had an idea as she took Jake’s cock out. “Hey Lace, come over here” Jennifer said. Lacey stopped and crawled over to Jennifer. “Yeah, what is it?” Lacey asked. She then planted a kiss again on Chabert as the two fell down on the couch and the two started to make out. The guys tried to get in the action but everytime they did, the two gave them the death stare, telling the guys to walk away as they resumed making out. The guys just sat down on the other side of the couch, waiting for the two to finish.

“Mmm, I think its working” Lacey whispered. “Yeah…. Let’s finish this” Jennifer whispered back as the two kept kissing. Lacey moved her hands back to Hewitt’s round ass as Jennifer did just the same. After a while, Lacey rolled her eyes over to see what the guys were doing. She saw them jerking off to them. Lacey took her hand and moved it to Hewitt’s mouth. “Stop, I believe they suffer enough, let’s give them the real show” She told Jennifer as she got up and walked on over to the two. Lacey followed behind as the two got back down on their knees and started to suck their cocks.

The guys ran their hands through the girls’ hair. Jake then pushed Lacey’s head down but when he did, she tightens the grip she had on his balls. “Ow, what the fuck, that hurt” Jake yelled. “We said we would take control from here earlier, so I wouldn’t do anything to piss us off” Jennifer said. “Why not?” Jake told her. Lacey took his dick out of her mouth and said “We have a surprise for you two.”

“Which is?” Derek asked. Jennifer then took his dick into her mouth and started to bite it. “Ah, shit, fuck, stop please” Derek begged. She didn’t listen and kept biting his wang. Tears are slowly coming down from his eyes but then Lacey whispered to her ears and then she took his cock out of her mouth. Derek looked down and saw a few bite marks on his dick. “Ah, goddamn it, that fucking hurt” Derek said. ‘You see, be patient or else…” the two said at the same time with the evil eyes.

“Hmm, that doesn’t scare me” Jake said as he grabbed Lacey’s hair but then, she grabbed his cock and Hewitt grabbed his balls. “Trust us, or else….” The two said as they slowly tighten the grip they have on Jake. He felt a little but sharp pain from the two. “Ok fine, just don’t do it” Jake said to them as they get go and he sat back down. “Now, we are going back to the couch and when we are ready, we will tell you to come on over” Jennifer said to them. “Yeah, follow us and we’ll squeeze your nuts off” Lacey implied as the two walked on over to the couch.

The two stood still when they got to the couch. ‘Ok, so how are we going to do this?” Lacey asked Jennifer. “Hmm, ok let’s see, oh I have something” Jennifer told Lacey. “What is it?” she asked again. Before answering, Hewitt pushed Chabert onto the couch and then she got on the couch afterwards and then she crawled over to Lacey and then she turned around, making her backside facing Lacey and her front side in the way of her vagina. “How about 69” she told her.

Lacey started to lick her friend’s vagina again as Jennifer planted a kiss on Lacey’s vagina. “Oh yeah, lick me” Jennifer told Lacey. She did just that as she took her hand and rubbed it around Hewitt’s asshole. “You don’t mind if I…” Lacey asked before getting cut off by Hewitt. “Go on, you know you want to” she told her. Lacey did just that as she took her left hand and placed it on Hewitt’s round, juicy, ass and then she took her middle finger and entered her friend’s ass. She slowly began pumping it back and forth. Derek and Jake were in shocked at what transpired. “Whoa, holy crap” Derek said.

Jake just looked at the two, wondering what was going on. “Hmm, this isn’t like them, wonder what it is?” he said in his mind. He then tired to remember what the conversation the two had before they came here. “Nah, they can’t plan that” he said again in his mind. He looked for the pipe he drilled Lacey with but can’t find it around anywhere. “Why aren’t you looking at Chabert and Hewitt 69’ing each other?” Derek said to him. “Do you remember where the pipe was?” Jake asked him. “No, and could care less with that right now” Derek told him.

Meanwhile, Lacey overheard the talk the two had. She then took her right arm and groped Jennifer’s right boob like crazy. “Ohhh fuck yeah, keep fingering that asshole” she yelled. Lacey groped her right breast again as if it was a morse code for something. Jennifer then realized it and looked over at the guys, who were still talking. “Shit, they can’t be on what’s after they come, right?” she whispered to Chabert. “Just to be on the safe side, hey guys come over here, we’ll ready for you” Lacey yelled.

The two looked over and saw that they really are waiting for them. “All right” Derek said with excitement. “Wait Derek, keep this in mind” Jake said as he grabbed his buddy’s arm. “You probably just misplace it, give it a rest already” Derek said as he ran over quickly. “Goddamn it” Jake said under his breath. “Ok Derek, you go next to Jennifer while Jake will come over to me” Lacey told the two. “All right, now what” Derek said as he positioned himself between Jennifer’s face and Lacey’s pussy. “Jake, you get over here” Jennifer said as she slapped her own pussy as a sign to fuck her there.

“Hmm” he said as he positioned his cock right between Lacey’s face and Jennifer’s pussy. “Ohhh shit, that’s nice and big” Hewitt moaned as Jake inserted his dick into her vagina. He slowly began fucking her as Lacey was licking his balls and still fingering Jennifer’s ass. Derek inserted his cock as well into Lacey’s vagina and Jennifer was licking the top of his dick. The four was now in the multiple 69 position. Moans can be heard from Lacey as Derek was fucking her at a fast pace but she also has Jake’s nuts in her mouth. Jennifer stilled licking the top parts of Derek’s cock also moaned as both Chabert and Jake picked up their pace on Hewitt’s holes.

“Ahhh fuck yeah, keep fucking me” Hewitt yelled. Lacey took her mouth off of Jake’s balls and yelled “Shit, I’m coming”

“Oh yeah, I’m coming too” Jennifer said. Then all of a sudden, Jake looked over in the right direction and saw the metal pipe between the leg rest and the couch. He quickly pulled out of Hewitt’s pussy, leaving her half disappointed. “Well, well, I was right” Jake said. Derek looked up and saw that Jake has that same metal pipe in his hand. “Derek, pull out now” Jake yelled. Not wanted to be drilled in the head like Lacey was before, he pulled out of Lacey’s pussy.

“Well, what were you women going to do with this, bash our heads in after we came” Jake yelled as both Jennifer and Lacey looked over. ‘Umm, we had no idea how that got there” Lacey said. “I think I do know now” Derek said. “If I remember correctly, Lacey passed out from her first orgasm earlier and during that time when she was on the edge of the couch, she saw the pipe and tired to hide it from us” Derek explained. “How the fuck would you know that?” Jake questioned. “Easy, I saw her move her shoulder but I ignored it” Derek told him.

The two stood there frozen with a bit of fear. “I would take that as a yes” Jake said as he clapped it around his hands, ready to bash their heads in until Jennifer stopped him. “Wait, we hid it because…. of a surprise we had going with that pipe” she said. “Really, bash our heads in” Jake asked. “No, we’ll… going… to… do something sexual with it” she told him back. “WHAT???” Derek and Lacey yelled. “Yeah right” Jake said to her. “No really, we were, right Claudia” Jennifer told Lacey in her “Party of Five” character name. She looked at Hewitt for a quick few seconds, looking at her like if she was crazy.

“Right, that’s what we’re going to do, Sarah” Lacey also told Hewitt in her character name. “All right, then here” Jake said as he threw the pipe to them. Lacey and Jennifer caught it at the same time. “Excuse us” Lacey said to them as she gave the pipe to Hewitt and turned her around. “Jen, are you fucking kidding me?” she quietly whispered. “Its better then getting drilled with it on the head, by the by, how’s your head after two attacks, do you want anymore pipe drills because if you don’t, then say hello to a big old head bashing.” Jennifer quietly whispered back. Lacey took another long hard look at Jennifer and then the pipe which she had that caused this to happen.

“Sorry, we’re talking on how this is going to work” Lacey told them. “Easy, your pussies and then…. your asses” Jake said as he yanked the pipe from Hewitt’s hands. “Now first, suck it” Jake told the two as he threw it back to them. Lacey was first as she put the tip of the pipe on her lips as Jennifer did the same. Lacey opened her mouth and slowly took it in her mouth. “Good now how about you, Melinda” Jake told Jennifer in her character’s name. She took the pipe and began licking it.

“Look at Gretchen go” Derek said as Lacey was taking each inch of the pipe in but it hit the back of her throat quickly. She began gagging on it as tears came down the eyes quickly. Jennifer saw what was happening with Lacey and was having second thoughts about this but since the guys hold the cards now, she couldn’t back out so she quickly took the pipe in. The pipe hit the back of her throat which in turn, tears came down her eyes. “Good, now keep at it for a few more seconds and turn around on all fours” Jake told the girls.

After a few seconds, Jake took the pipe out of the girl’s mouths. “Ow, that hurt” the two said, still crying while rubbing their cheeks. “What did I tell you bitches to do when I took this out” Jake told them. Jennifer and Lacey listened and got on all fours as Jake held the pipe in the middle and told the two to scoot down a bit. The two listen again as the saliva covered pipe was slowly entering their vaginas. “Ohh, fuck” the two moaned as the pipe was now lodged in their vaginas now. “Derek, get over there and let Chabert suck your cock” Jake told him.

Derek walked on over and slapped his dick across Lacey’s face. “Ok, now go back and forth on that pipe, you two” Jake told them. As Hewitt was starting, Jake grabbed her hips and forced her to take the pipe in deeper inside her vagina. “OW, goddamn, that fucking hurt really badly” Jennifer yelled who was still crying. “Hmm, not as bad when the pipe goes in your ass in a bit” Jake told her. He kept pushing Jennifer back and forth on that pipe while at the end; Lacey only got a small amount of the pain. “Oh yeah, how could I forget?” Jake said as he pushed Hewitt back, making Lacey get another amount of pain of a pipe in the vagina and gagging deeper on Derek’s cock.

“Hey, do you think they had enough” Jake asked Derek. “Oh no, the only hole left is…” Derek said before the two looked at the respected ladies’ asses. “Oh yeah, pull Lacey off of the pipe” Jake told him. Derek did what he was told as when Lacey got the pipe out of her, she rubbed her pussy to relive the pain. Jake pulled the pipe out of Hewitt’s pussy but then quickly shoved it into her asshole, making her cry more. “No, stop it, leave her alone” Lacey yelled at him.

“Shut the fuck up you, we had you and now we want her,” Jake told her. “Lacey, Help me” said a crying Hewitt. “Be quiet” Derek yelled at her. “Don’t worry, your next” Jake said as he grabbed Lacey and sat her back in the doggy style position. “NO!!!” Lacey yelled as she tied to wiggle out of his grip but failed. “Take it IN!!!” Jake yelled as he shoved the pipe in her ass like he did with Hewitt. “Ohh fuck” a crying Lacey said. “Next time, don’t plot anything” Jake said as he walked over to Lacey and grabbed her head as she was forced to take his cock back inside her mouth. Derek did the same with Hewitt. The guys held the girls’ heads down for a long time, making them gag on their dicks. “Move back and forth again” Jake said to them.

Jennifer and Lacey did what they were told as they were now being gagged by dicks and being fucked in the asses by a metal pipe. Tears are now fully running down their eyes. “Oh yeah, keep gagging on my dick” Jake moaned. Saliva dripped from their mouths as Jennifer and Lacey felt something coming. Moans were coming from their mouths as they came. They erupted like crazy as their girl-cum hit each others, their asses, and the pipe. “Oh yeah, you girls probably liked that” Jake moaned again as he also came inside Lacey’s mouth. It was like deva vu all over for Lacey as cum after cum went inside her mouth again.

“Oh yeah, here it comes” Derek moaned as he came inside Jennifer’s mouth and then pulled his dick out of her mouth. “Wait girls, don’t shallow it” Jake said. “Swap it with each other” Derek told them. Jake pulled his saliva and cum covered cock out of Lacey’s mouth and pulled the pipe from their asses. “Now, swap it” Jake demanded. Jennifer and Lacey turned around and kissed with open mouth and swapped the sperm around their mouths. “Fuck, that’s nice” Derek said as he grabbed his clothes and quickly got dress.

“This was the greatest day for us” Jake told them as Jennifer and Lacey crawled up next to each other in fear, cuddling up with each other. “Yeah, we could do this again” Derek said as he passed Jake’s clothes to him. “Your plan backfired on you two” Jake said as he quickly got dressed as well. He grabbed the pipe and Lacey’s bra and thong set again while Derek took Jennifer’s sweat clothes. “See you later, you two….real soon” Jake told them as they left Jennifer’s house at last.

“Oh Lacey, I’m sorry I put you through that again” Hewitt said. “No, it’s my fault for not telling you that the pipe sex was a decoy” Lacey said to Jennifer. “She looked at lacey with a confused look. ‘Wait, what” she asked her.

“WHAT THE FUCK, WHERE DID YOU FUCKING PARK THE CAR, DEREK!!!” Jake yelled so loud that the two heard them from inside the house.

“Little did they know was that I notice them driving near me when I was on my way over here, so I called a tow truck to take their car to the car pound and after my first orgasm, I texted the guy back to confirm the towing” Lacey explained. “Oh, you really are a mean girl” Jennifer said laughing. “Oh stop and that’s nothing, wait for it” Lacey said as dog barks were heard from outside and screaming from two guys as they were running away, leaving the clothes behind on the sidewalk.

“Now I’m a mean girl” Lacey said laughing. “Yes, you are Lace” Jennifer said laughing too. “Well, I better get going Jen, it’s late and I’m sleepy” Lacey said as she got her gym clothes. “Wait Lacey, there’s something I need to tell you” Jennifer told her as she held her shoulders before she left. “What is it? Are you ok? Is something wrong?” Lacey asked her but then all of a sudden, the door knocked….

To be continued…..?

I hope you guys enjoyed it as there is not a third part to this….or is there? Contact me at the two locations at the forums or by E-mail. I would respond back as soon as possible to the messages. The in mind experience is just there for kicks, so wouldn’t put thoughts to that. If there were a third part, it may not be written until…let’s say… before or after 02/10/08.

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