Date Night

Title:  Date Night

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Anna Kendrick

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“What are you doing?  Please get off me.  I told you NO!”  Anna Kendrick tried with all her strength to push her boyfriend off of her but he was too strong for the tiny actress.  “Shut up bitch.  I’ve put up with your shit for three fucking weeks.  It’s time you put out”, he said.  He grabbed the top of her dress and tore it open exposing her bra covered breasts.  Anna tried to push his hands away but he slapped her across the face and pulled her bra up over her tits.  He squeezed and fondled her with his right hand while he grabbed her wrists with the left.  “NOOOO, STOPPPPPP ITTTTT!!!!!” she screamed.  She closed her eyes tight and waited for the inevitable.  The man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the couch.  Anna heard him pull down his zipper and then she felt his cock on her lips.  “Open up cunt.  You’re going to finally suck this cock and then I’m going take your precious holes.  NOW OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!” he screamed.  She tried to keep her mouth closed but when he pinched her nostrils tight, she was forced to open wide.  When she did, he rammed his hard cock all the way down her throat.  He took her head in his hands and started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth, shoving it down her throat and then releasing her.  Anna was crying and gagging as he did this to her.  She thought about biting him but decided not to for fear of getting beaten.

After several minutes, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and let her go.  Anna fell forward on her hands and fought hard to catch her breath.  When she looked up, she saw a madman staring down at her.  He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the edge of the couch.  She was pulled up and bent over the arm and then he ripped off her panties.  “Pleasseee don’t do this Michael, Please!  I thought you were different, I thought you were special”, she begged but all he did was push his cock into her pussy and begin to rape her.  “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” she screamed as he violated her.  He started to fuck her harder and harder.  Anna closed her eyes and prayed for it to be over soon.  He wrapped his hands around her throat and choked her while he pounded her pussy.  She couldn’t breathe and within seconds, the pretty actress passed out.

When she finally came too, she was completely naked and bent over the end of the dining room table.  Her ankles were tied to the legs and her arms were stretched out in front of her and tied to the other legs of the table.  “Good, you’re awake.  I thought I was going to have to do you while you were unconscious.  Now you’ll be able to enjoy what I’m going to do to you bitch.  It’s time someone taught you a lesson about being a cocktease”, he told her.  Anna turned her head and looked at him and said, “I’m sorry Michael.  I didn’t mean to lead you on.  I never……..”  Her words were cut off when he shoved her torn panties into her mouth and covered it with duct tape.  “Shut the fuck up whore.  Get ready for the night of your life.”

Anna felt him start to run his fingers across her asshole.  He spit on her tiny hole and pushed his thumb in.  When he pushed two more fingers inside, her asshole began to open.  Anna screamed through the gag and the tears ran down her cheeks from the unbearable pain.  No one had ever done anything like this to her before.  He pushed another finger inside of her and fingered her ass for several minutes.  Her final humiliation came when he pushed his entire fist into her.  Anna knew then what hell was like.  The pain was excruciating and her entire body began bucking against the table as the man she thought was special fist fucked her ass.  She screamed and screamed while he twisted his hand and fucked her.  When he finally pulled his fist out, Anna’s body lost all control and her bowels and bladder emptied onto the floor.  “You nasty fucking whore”, he said laughing.  “Look at you.  Big fucking Hollywood star.  The wet dream of every pimply faced fanboy just shit herself.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!”

He left her there on the table crying while the stench filled the room.  A few minutes later, he came back in with a bucket of water.  He dropped several towels on the floor and poured the water over her.  She felt him spread her cheeks apart and then he rammed his cock into her ass.  He started to pound her mercilessly, making her grunt with each thrust.  “TAKE IT UP THE ASS BITCH.  I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU MY ANAL WHORE”, he said as he sodomized the beautiful star.  After about ten minutes, her mind went blank.  She lost all sense of her surroundings and laid there while he sodomized her.  He raped Anna for more than an hour, filling her ass three times with cum.  She was gaped and bleeding and she had a vile mixture of cum and shit running down her legs by the time he finished with her.  He pulled a chair over in front of her and lit a cigarette.  He stared into her vacant eyes and blew smoke in her face.  He tore off the tape, pulling the panties from her mouth and tossed them on the floor.  “I’m going to have to replace the carpeting in here, that’s for sure.  You made one hell of a mess cunt” he said and then laughed out loud.

When he finished his cigarette, he put it out on her ass, causing her to scream again.  She couldn’t believe someone could be some cruel.  She never believed nightmares were real before this but she was living in one right now.  He went into the kitchen and came back with a knife.  Anna thought he was going to kill her but all he did was cut her loose.  He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off the table.  He tossed her an old t-shirt and some sweats and told her to get dressed.  While she put on the clothes he said, “I was going to let you take a shower but I don’t want your nasty ass messing up another room in my home.  Now, get the fuck out and remember who’s in charge from now on.  Oh, and if you’re thinking about calling the cops, don’t.  I took a few pictures of our night together and I’d hate for them to get out on the internet, wouldn’t you?”  Anna just looked down and shook her head and started to make her way to the door.  Her entire body hurt, especially her ruined ass.  She was having a hard time walking and stumbled a few times before she picked up her purse and left.  She had to stop several times on the ride home to vomit.  When she finally got home, she got into her shower and turned on the hot water, trying to wash away the filth and humiliation she had just endured.

Several days later, Anna called Michael and asked to see him.  She told him she was so sorry for acting like a spoiled brat and wanted to make it up to him.  Michael thought about it for a few minutes and told her to come over at 8pm.  Promptly at 8, the doorbell rang and Michael went to let her in.  When he opened it, he saw Anna standing there holding a .357 magnum out in front of her.  He started to open his mouth to speak but before he could, Anna Kendrick, Hollywood Actress and victim of rape, blew his head off.  She emptied the remaining rounds into his dead body and went home.  The next day she turned herself into the Sheriff’s Department and confessed to the crime.  She told them what he had done to her and when they found the pictures he had taken, the DA decided it was in everyone’s best interest to cut a deal with her.  She was placed on probation and entered a rape counseling program.  In the aftermath, several more women came forward and told of being raped by Michael.  Anna is slowing recovering from her ordeal but she will have a hard time trusting any man ever again.

The End.

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