Daughter’s Rape

Daughter’s Rape

Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar

by hellmaster

I just had a couple of drinks at the club and decided, just for a change, I would go home early, the club was much too crowded and full of cigarette smoke. It was a clear moonlit night and a real pleasure to walk the few hundred yards home. As I passed an alleyway I heard a slight noise, a girlie noise and I stopped to look. The drinks I had made me bold for I would have never put myself in such a dangerous situation sober. A few yards into the alleyway I saw a knot of bodies, men mostly, holding the slight figure of a young girl up against
a brick wall. Well, I knew straight away what was going on but I wasn’t so stupid as to intervene.

The full moon made it so bright that I could make out most of what she looked like; she had short dark hair and lovely long slender legs. Just as I finished my inspection, they had at last managed to pull her dress down to expose her small tits to the warm night air. The hand over her face to keep her quiet effectively hid her features and stopping me from identifying her but just then she must have bitten her captor’s hand.

“Fuck it,” he swore.

For that instant, when his hand was off her face, it felt like a bucket of icy cold water had been poured over my head for I recognized her instantly. She was my youngest daughter, Sarah. I felt this overwhelming urge to run to her aid but sanity returned, the odds of four to one hadn’t changed with my identification of their victim and I had no wish to end up in hospital.

“Hold her still,” a voice called.

I was rooted to the spot, unable to give her aid or even run away, I just stood there and watched as he moved between her legs and pushed into her. I could see his rear pumping as he fucked her hard.

“Me next,” called the one holding her arms.

One by one they took their turn between her slender legs until; at last, their lust was sated. Now at last I found that I could slink away and go home.

I sat in my chair, my mind in an unending spiral of disgust with myself for not stepping in and saving my precious daughter from being gang raped. As I sat there, the front door opened and in she walked. I was all set to comfort her in her hour of distress.

“Hi, dad,” she said brightly. “You’re home early.”

“Yeah,” I replied but I was stunned at her happy attitude.

Hope soared within me for perhaps I had gotten it all wrong and she wasn’t their hapless victim.

“You ok?” I asked.

“Yeah, fine,” she replied happily.

As she turned away I noticed some dark dust on the back of her light coloured dress.

“What’s that on your back?” I asked.

“What?” she said, “oh probably something I stood up against. I’d better go and brush it off.”

So I wasn’t mistaken but why was she so cheerful?

“Just some brick dust,” she said.

She had changed into the short red kimono her older sister Mary had bought her for Christmas and it was soon pretty obvious that she wasn’t wearing a lot under it. She lay down on the sofa and pulled her slender legs under herself, treating me to a flash of her pink panties

“So why are you home so early?” she asked.

I glanced over to her and immediately noticed the front of her kimono was open enough to see she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“I am going to watch a movie on the big screen so I came home a little early,” I explain. “What about you, you don’t have to be in for an hour yet?”

This being a Friday her curfew time was eleven o’clock.

“Yeah, I met a few friends, had a laugh then they all split, so I came home,” she explained.

Having a laugh obviously included being gang fucked up against a wall by four guys.

“Who were you hanging out with?” I asked.

“Hey, what is this an integration?” she laughed.

“No, of course not,” I said, “but you have to be careful these days. You don’t know who you’ll run into in some dark alley.”

“Don’t worry, dad,” she giggled, “I can look after myself.”

“Yeah, but I do worry, precious,” I said noting she didn’t flinch at my previous words. “There’s a lot of weirdo’s out there. You know there’s this ‘date rape’ thing you read about in the tabloids.”

“Yeah, I should be so lucky,” she giggled.

“It’s not a laughing matter,” I said sternly.

“Oh, dad, you worry too much,” she laughed. “Anyway, I’m going to have a shower.”

She got off the sofa and came and gave me a peck on the forehead and in doing so she revealed her small breasts to me.

It had been hard these last few years since her mother had died, Mary was gone too, up and married and moved away; now there was just Sarah and me.

“God, I needed that,” she sighed as she plonked herself back on the sofa.

This time, all she had on was a massive bath towel wrapped around her slender form. I closed my eyes to think, I suppose she had been growing up before my very eyes and I hadn’t noticed. I could remember she did this quite often, sit in her bath towel, while watching the TV but, before tonight, I hadn’t really thought about it.

“It’s so warm tonight,” she observed, “I’d better get dressed before I start sweating and need another shower.”

What I needed was a stiff drink, my world was suddenly all upside down and I was totally confused.

“There, that’s better,” she said and sat down again.

I was almost afraid to look but when I did she had put on a cut off T-shirt with a pair of pink thong panties Her legs were just about perfect, long and slender and I also knew now that her tits that were thrusting out of her top were small but perky.

After an hour of so she decided to go to bed.

“Good night, daddy,” she said and climbed onto my lap for a cuddle.

I didn’t know where to put my hands, everywhere I did, I found naked flesh.

I didn’t sleep much and when I did, that dark alley came back before my eyes. I should have done something, called out, made a lot of noise, anything to stop the gang rape. But that was only half my problem, for if I was right, and it was Sarah being gang raped why isn’t she upset?

Saturday was cleaning day for us so I got up early and started in my room. I could hear the vacuum cleaner going in her room so I knew she was up too.

“Hi, daddy,” she called out over the noise of the cleaner as we met on the landing.

“Morning, precious,” I gulped for she wasn’t wearing much on top.

True, she wore her jeans but on top she had on an old blouse just tied up under her bust; it didn’t conceal much. Although she wasn’t that well built up top, what she did have was mostly on display.

“I thought I’d wear some old clothes while we are cleaning, dad,” she explained after noting my gaze.

“Good idea,” I said.

Something had changed in her and I suddenly knew what it was. Last night, she had been raped true but suddenly she knew she was a women and not a little girl anymore. I don’t know what happened before the assault but in her mind she was now a sexual being that men lusted after and her choice of clothes last night and this morning reflected that. Perhaps she sparked the assault herself, flirting with them, egging them on or daring them even, I don’t know, but what I do know is the brutal outcome changed her but not in some nasty way.

“I don’t know why I have to wear anything really,” she giggled, “there’s only you and me here.”

“Well, you can’t really answer the front door wearing nothing now, can you?” I laughed.

“Oh, dad,” she giggled and she nearly popped out completely. “If there was someone at the front door, I’d let you answer it.”

We split up again and I didn’t see her for an hour when we met again in the back kitchen.

“That’s about it,” she gasped holding an armful of dirty washing.

I had already put on one load of my stuff.

“Yeah, that’s a good job done,” I agreed. “Let’s have a shower and I’ll buy you lunch down at the club.”

“Great,” she said with a big smile. “I’ll just leave these here, first.”

With that she pulled off her dirty top exposing her bare breasts to me then slipped her jeans down her legs and stepped out of them.

I will have a shower first,” she giggled and ran out of the kitchen, heading for the bathroom. I just stood there with my mouth open unable to make any intelligent sounds.

“Have you got a young man yet?” I asked over our lunch, “You know, someone special.”

“You’re doing it again,” she laughed, “Interrogating me.”

“Hey, I was just being interested,” I defended myself.

“Well, ok,” she said taking a big bite from her burger.

“So have you?” I prompted.

“Not so you’ll notice,” she said, “but I’ve got my eyes on a few.”

Four, I bet, I thought.

“What about you, dad?” she said, “You’re still young and handsome

I thought about it while I took a bite from my dinner.

“No, not really,” I said. “After your mother, all other women don’t measure up.”

“What about me,” she asked, “do I look like her?”

“Yeah, in some ways,” I said looking hard at my youngest daughter.

“Well, there you go, dad,” she said wiping her lips with a tissue, “I’ll be there for you.”

“You’ve got your own life to lead,” I said, reaching out and touching her hand. “But thanks anyway.”

I didn’t sleep very well again that night for I kept seeing her naked body as she stripped off her dirty clothes in the kitchen. But at last it was morning and I didn’t open my eyes but just lay there. I just thought about getting up when I felt a warm body next to me. My first thoughts were it was my late wife lying there and her death was all a bad dream. That thought faded just as quickly as it had arrived. I turned around and in the dim light of my closed curtained bedroom I could see the sleeping face of my daughter. How was it that she was sleeping next to me? As I stared at her pretty face she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Morning, Dad,” she said.

“What are you doing here?” I asked softly.

“I couldn’t sleep so I slipped in here last night,” she said, “I didn’t disturb you, did I?”

“No, no, of course not,” I confirmed. “But you really shouldn’t come into my bed now, you’re much too big.”

“I’m not that big;” she giggled and threw the covers back to reveal her totally naked body to me.”

“Cover up,” I groaned. “Look, Sarah, you mustn’t come in here, people will get the wrong idea.”

“Who’s going to know?” she giggled.

She sat up exposing her perfect form for my scrutiny.

“See, I’m not that big,” she giggled and cupped her small tits.

“Stop it, please,” I begged.

“Look, daddy,” she said, “yesterday I promised to look after your needs, so here I am.”

“No, no,” I said.

“What’s the problem?” she said and moved to sit astride me.

I watched in horror as she manoeuvred my cock to the right place then she sat down hard. I know I should have stopped her but I just didn’t.

“Please, Sarah, we mustn’t,” I said.

She didn’t answer but she started to move her hips against me.

“Anytime you want this, ok, dad?” she said her voice sounding slightly breathless.

“No, no,” I whispered almost to myself.

It had been a long time since I had felt the smooth skin of a young woman.

“Come on, dad,” she said, “come for me.”

I couldn’t help it for soon I was spurting deep inside her.

“There, that was nice,” she said getting off me. “Now, remember anytime from now on just ask, ok?”

I watched her walk out of my room beautifully naked. She stopped at the door and posed for me.

“Remember, I’m here for you,” she said and then she was gone.

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