Dave’s Harem

Story Title: Dave’s Harem

Author’s Name: Greg Nails

Content Codes: MC, M+F, cons, oral,

Celebs: Shakira, Liv Tyler, Maaya Uchida

Description: Three beautiful, sexy celebs as your own, personal servants. Everyone’s fantasy, isn’t it? And how about we make it true?

Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21.This story is total fiction, it has no connections with a real persons nor real world.

This is my first story, I’d be grateful for any feedback, feel free to send your opinions at gregnails65@gmail.com

Dave enters his home. Just as he walks inside, three young women bow to him, saying „Welcome home, master” in unison. They’re all dressed in scanty French maid outfit, with high heels. He smiles, looking at them. Their goal is to welcome him home whenever he returns. Tall, black haired beauty Liv Tyler, blonde haired Latino chick Shakira and short, pretty girl from Asia, Maaya Uchida. Maaya kneels, helping him to remove his boots. She licks them clean with her tongue. Dave gives sign to the other two, as they follow him to the main room. He sits in the armchair and looks at them. After a minute of thinking, he points Shakira.

Liv obediently leaves the room, while Shakira kneels in front of him. Dave spreads his legs wider, while Latino beauty opens her full lips and unzips him with her teeth only. He looks with satisfaction at her devoted face, as she lets his dick out. Shakira licks her lips and touches her master’s cock with her tongue, licking it, making it hard and ready for her. Finally she takes his huge cock inside her mouth and starts sucking like its most important thing for her. Dave caresses her blonde tresses with his palm, listening to the wet sounds as her skilled mouth is slowly driving him to the satisfaction. Sometimes he calls her Suckira, because she is second to none when it comes to the oral skills. There no better thing after hard day than the blowjob from her. Shakira caressed his balls, than she takes them to her mouth too, letting them bath in her saliva. Finally, she returns to his cock and deep throats him, gurgling and moaning.

Dave says “out” and Shakira takes his cock out of her mouth just a second before final. He cums right on her face, jets of his semen lands on her cheeks, nose, lips, forehead and on her hair. When he finishes, she licks his cock clean. Dave looks at her. Its amazing view to see her face smeared with his semen. No matter how often he makes her look like this, it always turns him on.

In the same time Maaya enters the room, saying that his boots are clean. Dave calls her to him and tells to lick Shakira’s face clean. Maaya kneels on the floor, beside Shakira and takes her head in her hands, licking Dave’s semen out of her face. She carefully licks all trails of semen and finally, she kisses warm lips of Shakira. Dave lets them do this for a minute, enjoying the view of two beautiful women in scanty clothes sharing lesbian kiss in front of him. They look so lovely and it seems that Maaya really knows how to kiss with passion and love. Dave moves his foot forward and caresses Maaya’s pussy with his big finger. In his home women are prohibited from wearing panties.

Eventually he rises. Both girls finish their kiss and they walk to their jobs. His home is big, so there’s always lot of work to do. Dave goes to different room. Dinner is already served and Liv stands right beside the table. As Dave sits and starts eating, she gets on the floor, on her fours. Dave takes chips and tosses it to her. Skilled, Liv catches flying chips in the air. After few minutes, he does the same with piece of meat. Once again, Liv does not let the meat fall on the floor. Every time she catches pieces of food, she swallows it and looks at her master with gratitude. As she is catching food, her big boobs are almost jumping out of her scanty outfit, but she managed to keep them inside.

Finally, Dave finishes his dinner. Liv takes dishes back and lies on the table in front of him. She removes top of her costume, revealing her round, pretty breasts. Taking cup of chocolate sauce, Dave pours dark, thick liquid over her boobs and starts licking it. Liv moans as his tongue wanders over her sensitive chest, tickling and caressing her breasts. He bits her crimson nipples a bit as he tastes the sweetness of her skin and chocolate. He always enjoys desserts like that.

When chocolate is over, Dave lets Liv go. She gathers her clothes and leaves, clicking of her high heels echoes in the hall. Dave relaxed on the sofa and turns TV on, watching the news all over the world. Once again they say that there’s no new info about three young women, American actress Liv Tyler, Latino singer Shakira and Japanese actress Maaya Uchida. They all disappeared without trace. Of course, none would guess that its Dave’s doing. Using the magic from the ancient book he found on the rooftop of his house, he managed to brought his three beloved celebrities to his house and turn them into his willing slaves.

Since it gets darker, Dave goes to the bathroom. All three women are already waiting next to the door. He smiled and chooses Maaya. Two other goes away, while Dave and Maaya enter the bathroom. Large bathtub is already filled with water. Japanese woman helps Dave to undress and then she gets naked too. As Dave enters the bathroom, Maaya washes his back and joins him, letting him caress her beautiful body and play with her boobies. They are smaller than Shakira’s or Liv’s, but perky and cute. She moans as his palm rubs her pussy. Dave really likes to watch her aroused face; none of his girls makes such a cute face when she’s horny. He puts more fingers into her womanhood and masturbates her till she cums. Her long, loud moan echoes from the walls of the bathroom.

As they leave bathtub, Maaya wipes Dave with a towel. Then she falls on her fours and serves his as footstool as he wipes his feet dry. Dave finally leaves bathroom and goes to his sleeping room. Bed is already done and ready. He smiles and turns TV on, watching the basketball match. When it’s over, Dave tolls the small ring next to his bed.

Doors to his sleeping room opens and three beauties enter. Liv is dressed in naughty schoolgirl uniform, with white knee socks, very short, pleated skirt and white blouse with last two buttons open. Shakira has tiger striped bikini that makes her looks like Tarzan’s girl. Maaya wears one piece blue swimsuit with her name on her chest. Dave personally bought them lot of uniforms. Every night they have to choose of them. He likes to see how they look in those clothes. His eyes wanders from one to another, enjoying tight swimsuit that shows Maaya’s curves, scanty clothes of Shakira that leaves almost nothing for imagination and fetish, provocative uniform of Liv. They all look incredibly hot. He could imagine them dressed like that on the covers of the magazines like Playboy or Hustler. Of course, in their normal lives, none of them would agree to pose dressed in such humiliating clothes.

Dave licks his lips as he finally chooses Shakira. She looks stunning this bikini, wearing almost nothing. He imagines her sings on the stage dressed like that. Shakira obediently crawls onto the bed, while two other girls stand beside the bed. Dave opens drawer in his bedside cabinet and gives them huge, long double sided dildo. Liv takes it and soon both girls are on their fours, while huge sex toy is linking their wet pussies together. As they moan loudly, Shakira purrs and joins Dave in the bed. She removes her tiger striped bikini panties, revealing her bald, shaved pussy. Dave’s dick is already erected, thanks to the erotic show he had before. Shakira straddles him, guiding his hard dick into her wet, open fuckhole. She groans as Dave penetrates her. His big cock fills her instantly. Sitting on his lap, she moves up and down, her moans mixing with those made by Liv and Maaya. Cock slides up and down her pussy, wet from her love juices. She knows how to do it.

Her big breasts jump as she serves her master with her body. Her long, blond hair sticks to her sweaty skin. “Aaahh!!! Aaahhh!!! Madre de Dios!” she cries with her melodic voice. She doubles the speed, feeling that her master is getting close to the climax. She isn’t very far too, but her ultimate goal is to satisfy her master. Nothing else matters. Dave reaches to her breasts, mauling and caressing those full, round mounds of warm flesh. Shakira is moving faster and finally Dave cums, filling her lovehole with her seed. Moment later she arches as orgasms reaches her body. Long, animalistic cry echoes in the room and then she falls down like a cut down tree. She rests on Dave’s chest, panting and breathing hard. Beside the bed Liv and Maaya are still fucking themselves with the double sided dildo, getting countless orgasms. Drops of their love juices are forming puddles on the floor.

Finally Dave lets them stop and tells Liv and Maaya to go, while he sleeps with Shakira beside him. His hands wander over her body while his head rests on her magnificent breasts. He closes his eyes, thinking that it was another amazing day…

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