Davina McCall’s Telling Off


This story is pure fiction. In no way is it meant to intend that the
described story has really happened. It does not intend that the
involved people have ever been or will ever be involved in the
described proceedings. (Although fantasising about it is fun.)
If you are easily offended by explicit sexual material, DO NOT READ

If you’re underage, DO NOT READ ON.

If this material and/or the described proceedings are illegal in
your country, DO NOT READ ON.

Starring Davina McCall. U.K. TV personality.

(M+F, spank, nc/cons, oral, anal, fist, ws)

Davina McCall’s
Telling Off

By Prof. Git Finger.

July 2003 (002)

Davina was sitting in her trailer outside the ‘Big Brother’ TV show
compound. It was Friday afternoon and she was relaxing in tight
leather trousers and a white T-shirt, preparing for that evening’s
live broadcast by reading the notes and running order for the show.
There was a knock at the trailer door. She opened it and standing
there was Ed the producer.

Ed was 33, slim and about 6 feet tall with short black hair and
green eyes.

“Come in” she said to him, “I’ve just been going over the notes for
tonight’s show. Some juicy facts about tonight’s evictee.”

“Well their families are here and they like to talk, especially
their mums” he replied.

Sitting down on the lounger and in a serious tone Ed continued,
“Although they’re not the only ones who like to talk, are they?”

“What do you mean?” Davina asked. “Coffee?” Davina pointed to a
coffee pot.

“Yes please, milk and sugar. Someone at Channel 4 read your
interview in Heat magazine and wasn’t to happy with what you said
about the channel and the show.”

“Yes, I thought they might be.” Davina poured out two cups. “The
contestants on this series are a bigger bunch of losers than last
year and I tried to make them more interesting.”

Davina passed Ed his drink. “Bickies?” she asked.

“Please.” Ed sipped his coffee
Sitting down Davina passed Ed the biscuit barrel and he rooted
around for a chocolate one.

Davina carried on. “Actually the magazine didn’t print the interview

“You mean they embellished it a little?” Ed said around a mouthful
of hob-nob.

“No, they printed what I said, but not how I said it. And they moved
things around and left some good bits out. I said I liked working
for this show and for Channel 4 but they left it out.”

Ed took a sip of his drink “Well the bosses aren’t to happy and
asked me to talk to you about the interview and your attitude.”

“What about my attitude?”

“Well apparently some people think you’re not committed to this

Davina nearly choked on her drink. “Not committed?” Davina said
exasperatedly, wiping coffee from the end of her nose. “I’m back for
this fourth series. I like this show; it’s a pity that the
contestants aren’t a bit more interesting. Anyway who’s been

Putting his empty cup on a low side table Ed said, “They didn’t say.
I received a memo from high up, that stated in no uncertain terms
that I should give you a telling off for your bad behaviour.”

Putting her cup down next to his, Davina laughed at him. “Well go on
then,” she prompted.

Taking her hand he lightly slapped it, “You’ve been a very naughty

Davina laughed at him again, wiping some crumbs from his chin.
“You’re not taking me seriously, are you?”
Davina shook her head.

“Right then little miss, how about now.” Still having a hold of her
hand, Ed pulled Davina onto his lap and twisting her arm behind her,
pinning her down.

Davina struggled in his grasp “Let go of me, you perv.”

Looking at Davina’s bum in the tight leather trousers, Ed raised his
hand and said “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time” and
smacked her bum sharply.

“Ow,” Davina exclaimed and wriggled on his lap.

Smack. Smack. Smack. “This is for your own good.” Smack. Smack.
Smack. Ed thought about what he just said, “actually, and mine.”

“Ouch. Ow.” Davina squealed at each stroke. With one arm held behind
her back Davina couldn’t get enough leverage to break free and
kicking her legs wildly about didn’t help either, although they were
having an effect on Ed.

The way that Davina was wriggling on his lap and rubbing on his
crotch was turning Ed on and he could feel his cock straining in his

‘In for a penny, in for a pound,’ he thought. He let go of her arm
and Davina jumped off him and was about to slap him across his face
when he punched her in her stomach.

“Ooof.” Davina went down with the wind knocked out of her.
Ed got up and locked the trailer door.

As he turn to watch her lying there clutching her stomach and trying
to get her breath back, he took off his clothes and dumped them in a
pile. “It’s about time someone knocked you down a peg or two,” Ed
said rubbing his now erect 8-inch cock.

Taking his belt he knelt down next to Davina and turning her over
tied her hands behind her back.

Ed then slipped off Davina’s shoes and undid the zip at the back of
her leather trousers, slowly peeling them down her plump bottom and
off her long shapely legs.

“You… fucking… bastard,” Davina struggled to say between gasps of

Flipping her over onto her back again and trapping her hands
underneath her, Ed put one hand on Davina’s stomach pushing out more
air and with his other hand he grabbed her panties and ripped them

Davina had trimmed her bush and shaved it into a neat ‘V’ shape.

“Oh I do so like a girl that looks after herself,” Ed said as he
started rubbing his hand over her pussy and pinching her clit.

“Please… stop… it,” Davina was still out of breath.

Ed didn’t stop. “Why? Don’t you like it? I know I am.”

After a few minutes of Ed’s ministrations, Davina opened her legs a
little and started moaning.

Ed raised his glistening hand and said “Can’t resist it, can you?
Look you’re already wet.”

“Piss…off,” Davina replied.

Ed leaning on her stomach was really causing her to struggle for
breath. However his manipulations were indeed having an effect on
her. Davina knew she would be cumming soon.

A few minutes more of playing with Davina’s pussy ensured that she
was well lubricated and Ed forced her legs further apart. He laid
down on her and entered her. Savouring the moment of penetration, Ed
held still feeling Davina’s flesh pulsating around his cock.

Davina started to struggle under him, “Get…off…me…you…fat…bastard.”
Ed wasn’t fat but with his weight on her, Davina’s arms were now
digging into her back and were also going numb from his extra

He raised himself up, his knees and elbows taking his weight and
fucked her. Ed first started thrusting slowly then steadily gaining
speed until he was about to cum.

“I hope you get carpet burns.” Davina said defiantly, now having got
back her breath.

“It’ll…be…worth…it,” Ed said between each thrust.
“No it won’t, as soon as you’ve gone I’ll tell everyone and have you

“Then…I’ll…really…have…to make it worth it.” Ed said, stopping
before he came. He thought of all his sexual fantasies and what next
to do to Davina.

Ed got off Davina and stood up, as he did so his cock made a loud
‘pop’ as it came out and he pulled her up into a kneeling position.
“Open your mouth,” Ed ordered her.
Davina shook her head.

Ed smacked Davina across her face a few times, backwards and
forwards until her head was ringing. Having stunned Davina and her
mouth hanging open, Ed held onto Davina’s head with both hands and
he pushed his cock all the way in and down her throat.
She started choking and came to her senses. As her lips
instinctively wrapped around his cock, Ed jerked in and out of her

“That’s it baby, you’re a good girl,” he told her. Ed could feel his
cum about to explode and pushed even further down, he could feel her
throat opening and closing on his cock as Davina struggled for air.
His whole body tensed and he exploded down into her gullet cutting
off Davina’s air, nearly making her black out. Ed pulled out and let
the last of his spunk splash onto her face and into her hair.
Letting Davina fall to the floor, Ed said “Oh dear, baby’s all
messy, let me clean that for you.”

Tugging on his flaccid cock a few times, Ed nudged Davina with his
foot and said, “You told me to piss off, so here goes,” and he let
go a steady stream of hot golden rain onto her. He aimed his piss up
and down her body, soaking her T-shirt and bra, pissing in her open
mouth, blasting his cum from her face and drenching her hair.
Ed shook off the last of his piss while Davina lay choking and
spitting out piss. He then looked for something else to tie her up

Ed found a roll of ‘Gaffa’ tape in a drawer and went back to Davina
and taped her mouth shut.

He then grabbed her by her T-shirt and dragged her to the low table,
knocking the coffee cups off and pushing her down onto it with her
head hanging off the end.

He taped her knees to either table legs at one end and untying his
belt from her wrists, taped her elbows to the legs at the other end.
Ed stepped back and admired Davina in the classic ‘Doggy’ position.
Davina’s bum was sticking up invitingly, causing his cock to rise
once more.

“Hmm, what to do next?” Ed said. Davina turned to look at him. His
cum and piss had smeared her make-up and her hair was a fright. Ed
laughed at her.

Looking at her arse Ed got an idea. Grabbing a bag of ice-cubes from
the fridge he knelt behind her. “People say you’re a cold bitch, so
lets prove them right.” Ed tore off a cube and held it against
Davina’s anus, numbing it then pushed the cube in.
Davina squirmed against the cold invasion and tried to squeeze the
ice-cube out but Ed pushed it in as far as his finger would reach.
He then inserted another.

Davina struggled against the numbing pain Ed was inflicting. Every
time a new cube was inserted a muffled scream emerged from behind
Davina’s gag.

Eventually Ed inserted 24 ice-cubes into Davina who was desperately
trying to get free, kicking her legs up and down, thumping the floor
and breathing heavily again, as her insides were now on fire.
Ed positioned himself behind Davina and watched as a trickle of
water dribbled out of her arse, then watched as Davina’s anus
expanded trying to force out a cube. To stop this Ed pushed his cock
into her bum.

They both screamed at the same time.
Davina screamed from the pressure building up in her guts and Ed
from the numbing coldness. He was surprised at just how cold it was
and withdrew his once again flaccid cock.

“That didn’t work, did it?” he said. Davina just lay on the table
panting. “Lets have some fun until I warm up again,” he told her.
Ed pushed two fingers into Davina’s anus and twisted them around; he
then fitted a third finger in, pumping them in and out and spreading
them, expanding her arsehole.

Davina started moaning. Was it with pleasure or pain? Ed couldn’t

Ed moved his last finger and thumb into position and slowly pushed
in his hand, pushing the ice-cubes further into Davina’s guts, his
fingertips going numb.

Amazed, Ed watched as Davina took his hand up to his wrist. He
wriggled his fingers inside Davina’s arse, she squealed and pushed
back onto his arm.

Some of the cubes had melted and made Davina’s bum hole nice and
slick, so Ed clenched his hand into a fist and started pumping.
Davina pushed back in time with Ed’s thrusting and was moaning and
squealing quite loudly behind the gag.

“Go bitch, go,” Ed said to her. He then pushed his other hand into
her pussy.

Davina strained against the new invasion then relaxed as her body
adjusted to Ed’s second fist.

Ed couldn’t believe what was happening. Here he was fisting Davina’s
arse and pussy, it was beyond his wildest fantasy.
As much as the restraints would allow her, Davina pushed back
against Ed’s thrusts with her breathing becoming deeper with the
oncoming orgasm.

A few more thrusts from Ed and Davina stiffened with her first
orgasm, arching her back and nearly snapping the table in two.
The force of her cum pushed Ed out of her pussy and the muscles in
her arse squeezed Ed’s fist so tightly, that he thought his wrist
was going to break.

Davina lay on the table spasming with smaller orgasms, then went
still, hung her head over the table end and remembered to breath

He pulled his hand from her arse and wiped it on her T-shirt,
watching her hole shrink back to normal size.

Ed was hard again. “Oh well, sloppy seconds,” he said watching more
melted ice-cubes dribble out of her arse. He entered her arse for a
second time. “Mmmm. Lovely and warm.”

Davina barely felt this new invasion and lay panting on the table.
Ed took his time anally fucking Davina, his favourite fantasy.
Sometimes withdrawing right out and then thrusting all the way back
in. He also squeezed and slapped the cheeks of her arse.
It took him about 10 minutes before he cum, spurting his thick spunk
far into her arse, then flopped down on top of her.

After a few minutes he got up, pissed on Davina again and put on his

Ed looked at the piss drenched, cum stained, hair in a mess, makeup
ruined star and said, “I’ll send Chloe in. Get you looking better
for tonight’s broadcast.” Chloe was Davina’s 20-year-old assistant.
Davina looked up at him and mumbled something.

“Thanks for the coffee and biscuits. Same time next week.” Ed said
Davina nodded her head and gave Ed a thumbs-up.

Struggling with her bonds, Davina thought, ‘Ouch my arse hurts. Ed’s
getting much better. I’d just wish he’d stop using ‘Gaffa’ tape,
it’s a real bitch to pull off.’

Ed gave Davina a thumbs-up, spotted some daffodils in a vase and had
one last idea.

When he finished he unlocked the door and stepped out whistling. He
couldn’t believe it had been four series since the first time Davina
seduced him and made him eat her out.

Four years? Time flies when you’re having fun.
He looked at his watch, it was getting late, time certainly does

Ed looked around until he spotted Chloe. Calling her over he said,
“Chloe, go and help Davina will you please. She needs you again.”

“How long have I got?” Chloe asked.

Ed looked at his watch again. “She needs to be ready in an hour.”
She smiled at Ed and rushed off.

He turned to watch Chloe enter the trailer and heard her laugh. Ed
smiled, knowing that what Chloe saw, was a semi-naked Davina McCall,
TV personality, tied to a table with a bunch of daffs sticking out
of her arse.

Chloe appeared at the door and waved.

It would only take about 15 minutes for Chloe to redo Davina’s make
up and clothes, the other 45 minutes would be taken up with, well…
Ed wished he could stay, but he had a show to produce. Ed waved back
to Chloe and walked over to the mobile studio.

‘Hmmm. I might not wait ’till Friday. I think I might catch her out
on Mondays show.’

The End.

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