Dax Gets His Revenge

Title: Dax Gets His Revenge

Author: Tori

Celebs: Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard

Codes: MF, gang. NC, rape, oral, anal, BDSM

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Kristen Bell walked into the house she shared with her husband Dax.  He watched her go over to a chair and as she sat, he could see her wince a little as she slowly lowered herself into the chair.  When he looked closer, he could see her knees were scrapped and slightly bruised.  He came over to her and said, “Where the fuck were you?  I’ve been calling and texting for two fucking days?”  Kristen looked uncomfortable in the chair and then said, “You know where I was.  I was with some friends.”  He slapped her face and said, “Oh yeah?  What friends and how the fuck did your knees get like that?  Besides that, you’re sitting there like someone’s been fucking you in the ass.”  Kristen smiled and then he slapped her again.  “Speak up you little whore.  WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?”

Kristen rubbed her cheek and said, “FUCK YOU!  You want to know where I’ve been?  Well, I’ll tell you.  I was at a party at a rapper’s house.  I’ve spent the last two days sucking and fucking all the big nigger cocks that were there.  I swallowed load after load of their nasty cum and let them fuck me in ass.  Are you happy now?”  Her husband grabbed her by the throat and pulled her out of the chair.  He squeezed her neck and within seconds, she passed out.  When she woke up, she was lying naked in her bed on her stomach, her wrists and ankles tied to the four corners.  She turned her head just as her Dax hit her with the leather strap.  “FUCK!!!!!” she screamed.  He hit her several more times with the strap making her scream out with each blow.  “This is what fucking whores deserve” he said as he continued to whip his pretty blonde wife.  Red welts began to form on her back as he beat her with the strap.  Sometime during the whipping she passed out.

When she came too, Dax was climbing on the bed behind her.  “Good, you’re awake.”  He spread her cheeks apart and impaled her with his cock.  He slammed all the way into her already sore asshole making her screamed out at the violation.  “FUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!”  “HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST THAT HURTS!!!!!!!” she screamed causing Dax to pound her harder and deeper.  He slapped her ass and said, “This is how you treat whores like you, fucking bitch.  You want to get assfucked?  Well then, I’m going to fuck your ass until you can’t take anymore and then I’m going to fuck it again.  I might just invite some of my friends over and let them fuck you in the ass too.  Would you like that whore?  Would you?”  Kristen was screaming and crying as her husband raped her asshole.  “PLEASE STOP I’M BEGGING YOU!!”  Dax slammed into her gaping hole and filled it with cum.  He fucked her two more times before he shoved an empty beer bottle inside of her and left her there crying on the bed.

Several hours later, Dax came into the room followed by six of his friends.  “There she is boys.  Go ahead, fuck her whore ass.  She loves it, don’t you whore?”  Kristen opened her eyes and said, “I’m sorry honey.  Please don’t do this to me.”  Dax walked over to her and leaned in and said, “Fuck you!” and spit in her face.  The first guy climbed on top of her and pulled the bottle out of her torn asshole.  Dax said, “Go for it dude.”  The guy shoved his already hard cock balls deep into the blonde beauty and fucked her hard for several minutes.  When he pulled out, he shot his load all over her back.  The next guy came and then the next, followed by the others until Kristen was completely covered in cum, her asshole gaped wide open.  Dax leaned in and looked at her lying there with her eyes wide open.  She didn’t speak.  Dax just smiled and said, “Serves you right bitch.”

After the men left, Dax came in and untied her.  He picked her up and put her in the bathtub and washed the filth from her broken body.  When he finished, he toweled her off and took her to bed.  The next morning, Kristen woke her husband up with breakfast in bed.  When he finished eating, he pulled out his cock and said, “Suck me off whore.”  She did as she was told and swallowed his load when he came in her mouth.  After he showered, he had her get on her hands and knees and he fucked her in the ass.  He shot his load in her mouth and made her clean his cock.  The next several days were more of the same for beautiful blonde actress.  Sucking and getting fucked in the ass by Dax had become the norm for her.  One day Dax looked at her and said, “Who are you?”  Kristen kneeled in from of her husband and said, “I’m your anal whore.”  Dax smiled and let her suck his cock.  “Yes you are and don’t you ever forget it.”

The End

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