Day At College Humor

Title: Day At College Humor

Author: Doctor

Celebs: Siobhan Thompson

Codes: MF, cons, rom, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Even though I wouldn’t mind being in James’ skin.

I landed in New York, took my bag and looked at my Rolex watch, shit… still European time… should’ve change it before landing. So I looked at my iPhone, which fortunately changes the time automatically according to time zone of current location. 12:40 PM, shit I might be late… I rushed into a cab standing outside JFK and hurringly said to the driver: “Take me to IAC building, please.” “Sure thing. Business meeting?”, he replied. I thought about it for a moment a decided to say the truth, what’s the harm “No, just visiting an old friend.” The rest of the drive I had to listen to driver’s monologue about how great Trump is, for which I cannot care less since I’m not american, but whatever.

When I arrived, Scott was waiting for me outside the building as he promised. “Scottie!” “James! Running late as usual?” he said and we both burst out laughing. “Good to see you, man.” I said to one of my best old friends, “What you’ve been up to?” He replied just like I remember him: “You remember that girl, Dorotha, from Birmingham? She just moved to NYC and it is on!” Like he could chat to a girl “Yeah, whatever you say, you heart-breaker.”

“And this is my office, Jamie.” he said as he walked me into big glass office. Pretty impressive, I must admit. “Biggest office in building, right? Compesating much?” I taunted him with smile. “Yep, how else?” he laughed, “Wait here for a bit, would you? I got something I need to care about right now, be back in half an hour, good?” “M-kay” I replied looking at his tennis trophy, “You still play?” “Once in a while…” he said as he was walked out of the door.

I was just sitting in Scott’s chair, which I can just assume is made out of human skin just to fuck with everyone as I heard suddle knock on the door. The doors opened and to my great surprise, familiar face walked in “Ehmm… have you seen Scott by any chance? she said with still pretty distinct British accent. “Siobhan?” I said still surprised. “That’s me! Do I know you?” she said standing in the open doors. “You don’t remember your pal James from Bristol uni?” I taunted smiling. “James? Oh! You? What are you doing here? she replies and smiled  little. “I’m here to see Scott or as I know him, see a strip show with Scott” I laughed. She laughed back: “Yeah, that’s our Scott as we know him. How do you know him?” “I know Scott since we were 8, we are old pals.” I replied.

The conversation went on for good ten minutes, Siobhan was sitting on the table, swinging her legs. She looked stunning. She was wearing big red glasses, modern sweater like a hipster would wear, short checker skirt and yellow pantyhose, she kicked off her shoes just as she sat on the desk few minutes ago. “I think you are actually great, doing what you love and entertaining millions of people. I always knew you were something special.” I said, quite bluntly. She seemed little shocked: “Really? I remember you making fun of me all the time at uni!” I decide to be honest, it’s been years after all: “You know… I always had a thing for you and I just, probably, didn’t know how to express it back in the times.” We were sitting quietly for what seemed to me like hours, but really could be just ten seconds. Siobhan was looking directly into my eyes the whole time. I didn’t even notice she stopped swinging her legs unby pantil she crossed them, but not all the way, just feet. She leaned closer, still sitting on the table, licked her upper lip and whispered: “And now? Do you?” She didn’t intend on waiting for an answer, she leaned back until she was almost lying on the table, pushing away from it with her hands and ran her pantyhosed left foot up my leg until it was sitting on my lap. She was never beatiful, stunning or hot by regular standarts but she had some kind of charisma that always turned me on, needless to say, I was immediately hard. She noticed: “Well, I guess that means yes.” leaned closer again, smiled and pushed from the table. She spread her legs and sat on my thights facing me, I started breathing faster and heavier. After all those years I finally get her! My mouth was already opened from disbelief when she pushed her lips onto mine and slid her tongue into my mouth. My erection started to be painful as she expertly moved her tongue in my mouth, I was incapable of adequate response so I just rested my left hand on her shoulder and placed my right hand under checker skirt to feel her firm, perfectly rounded ass. I don’t know how much longer I could’ve stand my throbing erection, fortunatelly Siobhan noticed my pleasurous pain. She broke the kiss, pushed herself up from my legs and knelt down. I stood up from the human skin chair, she undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants and they dropped down. My throbbing member was ready to shred my underpants to pieces when Siobhan released my 8 1/2 inches long cock, Siobhan let silent wow come out of her mouth and noted: “I always thought you were big, just never knew how much.” “So you thought about me?” I asked, she left that question without an answer, but I didn’t care. She licked her lips and put the head of my member in her mouth, inside of her mouth was really wet, she moved back from my dick and I could see her saliva dripping from the head of it. She moved back on my cock and started to slowly move her head while sucking it, she took 4 1/2 inch inside her mouth and I felt like I was going to cum any moment, but that wasn’t going to happen. She stood up kissed me again, after we broke from the kiss, she pull her sweater off. She is wearing plain white blouse underneath. We kissed again as I was unbottoning her blouse until her breast were covered in black laced bra, I undid that too. She had quite small but very firm boobs, I squized the left one as I licked her right nipple, she left out a small moan. With her right boob in mouth I unbuttoned her skirt, and unzipped the rest, I pulled it down as with my nose rested close to her pussy, still covered  by pantyhose and panties. I put my hands underneath the top of her yellow pantyhose and slowly pulled them down so her whole panties would be uncovered. She sat on the edge of the table and I kneeled before her. I slowly ran my hands from her knees, feeling her thights, I could see she was already getting really wet. When I got to her panties I stopped and put my hands on their band and pulled them down in one slow move. I smell the distinct odor of her soaking, clean shaved pussy the moment I removed her panties. I spread her legs and started licking her sensationaly moving from her clit to lower parts. God, she tasted good. Her soft moans vere getting more and more intense and high pitched as I put my tongue inside her, god she was so tight. After few more minutes I couldn’t stand it no more, I pulled her closer to the edge of the table and positioned myself to her opening. We locked eyes as I probed half of my dick inside her wet, but still really tight pussy. She closed her eyes in pleasure, tilt her head backwards and left out soft moan. I pulled out a little and push again, now sinking my whole cock down her, she left out something between a moan and scream. She continued to change between moaning and practically screaming as I was banging her. After 5 minutes I could take it no more, I said: “Siobhan, I am going to cum.” She replied in moans: “Me too, don’t worry, I’m on pills.” I pushed few more times and then we both came as I was deep inside her, I felt like I exploded inside and she must have too judging by her last big moans. We kissed as I was still deep inside her, I pulled out and we started dressing.

“Wow, that was something…” I said still little bit out of breath. “Yeah, tell me about it,” She chuckled. “Hey how come you are on pills? Do you have a boyfriend?” I wondered. “Well, technically yeah, but still, call me whenever you are in New York again.” She smiled. I certainly will.

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