Day At The Office

Title: Day At The Office

Author: LazyNinjas

Celebs: Kendall Jenner

Codes: FF, cons. oral, exh

Disclaimer: None of this has ever happened or ever will happen.

“Alyssa! Where is my latte?” Kendall barked as she held out her hand, waiting for her latte to be in her hand.  I handed Kendall her latte and she took a sip. Kendall was my best friend, but she was also my boss. With Kendall’s modeling career taking off and her mother Kris preoccupied with the careers of the other girls in the Kardashian/Jenner clan to take care of, Kendall decided she needed to hire an assistant to help take care of her personal life and her business life. Kendall thought about hiring someone who was outside the family to be her personal assistant.

I spoke up about wanting the job. I mean I’ve known Kendall since we were kids. She also knew how organized and timely I was. Who would be better to be her personal assistant than someone who’s so involved with her life already? Kendall thought about it for a moment before she decided I was the girl for the job and hired me on the spot.

To be completely honest, she could be a bit of a bitch at times. Even though she was a bit bitchy, that didn’t stop me from falling in love with her. I wanted to fuck her and taste her sweet cum so badly, but that wasn’t professional behavior and it I made a move on her and she didn’t respond correctly, I’d be out of a job.

“Alyssa, I want you in my office in 5 minutes,” Kendall said as she walked away, her black high heels clicking as her cute little butt swung back and forth with every step she took. I was worried sick. Was she going to fire me? I didn’t do anything wrong. I just got her daily latte like usual. I sat at my desk and waited until 5 minutes had passed. I got up from my chair and adjusted my knee-length skirt. I walked into Kendall’s office and quickly covered my eyes.

There Kendall was, completely naked, hands playing with her dripping wet pussy. We made eye contact and I quickly covered my eyes, even though I wanted to see her naked, I didn’t want to see it if she didn’t want me to see it. From what I was able to see though, her pussy was neatly trimmed and her nipples were a light pink and rock hard.

“Shut the door and get inside already,” Kendall moaned as she continued to play with her clit. I closed the door and continued to shield my eyes.

“Stop covering your eyes, you look stupid,” Kendall said as she got up from her desk and walked towards me. I open my eyes and before I knew it, Kendall was right there. She grabbed my face and brought it towards hers. Our lips met and her tongue wrestled with mine. I was about to lose myself in the kiss before Kendall pulled away.

“I need to fuck you right now, but we need to get rid of these clothes first” she moaned as her hands slowly unbuttoned my blouse. Letting the blouse drop to the floor. Kendall’s eyes went down my body until they reached my bra. She reached behind me and unclipped it with ease. My 32 C sized breasts were exposed. She licked her lips and grabbed my tits, her hands holding them. I moan as she began to roughly knead them, her head slowly moving closer and closer. The anticipation was killing me, but finally her tongue rolled over my nipple sending a shock wave through my body. She became more comfortable and swirled her tongue around it, making it extremely hard. She stopped and reached for my skirt, ripping it down to the ground.

“Oh no panties, you dirty girl,” she moaned in my ear as my completely trimmed and wet pussy was now out for Kendall to see. I usually wear panties but I’m glad I chose not to today. Kendall slowly kisses her way down my body, passing my breasts and kissing my stomach until her eyes were right across from my aching pussy. I was so wet from Kendall’s teasing, it was literally dripping all the way down my freshly shaven legs.

“Oh, who got you this wet slut? Is all this pussy juice for me? Tell me who got you so wet slut,” Kendall commanded.

“You did Kendall, I’m so wet because of you. You got me this wet.” I replied.

“Fuck yeah I did. Now I’m going to make you scream my name,” Kendall moaned.  She didn’t waste a single second of time. Like a cougar, she took what she wanted. Kendall jumped towards my pussy and pushed her head into my wetness. I had only ever gotten ate out by a guy before, but there was no way he could do it as well as Kendall was doing it right now.  Her tongue furiously lashed against my clit before I grabbed her head and pulled her closer. She continued to use her amazing tongue to stimulate my poor aching cunt.

She dove right into my folds with her tongue. I had never experienced so much pleasure at once. I couldn’t even get myself to feel this way when I used my vibrator while thinking about what Kendall was doing to me at this exact moment. This was the best experience of my life.

Hearing and feeling her moan over into me sent a strong chill of pleasure throughout my body. I can’t hold on for much longer. Her tongue finally hits my sweet spot and I know I’m about to cum like a waterfall. Feeling my insides clench onto her tongue. I experience an Earth shattering orgasm as I feel my slick juices fill her dirty mouth. Nothing could ever come close to being as perfect as this exact moment was right now.

I looked down at the black haired beauty as she licking up my juices like my cunt was a water fountain. Anything she couldn’t get, she used her fingers to collect and lick clean. She moaned my name loudly before she looked up at me with those incredible brown eyes.

“Go get dressed and take your lunch break, because once you come back, you’re going to have to return the favor,” Kendall said smiling as she handled my clothes. I got dressed and headed out to lunch. I got some food and quickly ate it, not wanting to wait any longer to get back to Kendall.

“Oh, I’ll return the favor and then some.” I thought as I took the last bite of my food. I was going to make sure Kendall never forgot today. I was going to make her beg and plead for my pussy like a commoner.

I went back to the office that Kendall rented out and knocked on the door to be let in. Kendall answered the door and before she could even register that it was me, our lips were already kissing each other. Her legs weakened beneath her. I noticed this and pushed her back to the make-up chair. I pushed Kendall into the chair and straddled her waist.

“Do I make your pussy wet Kendall? Do I get that dirty cunt of yours dripping wet?”

I stopped the make out session and trailed my kisses from her collarbone to her breasts. She unhooked her bra and threw it across the room, leaving the older Jenner completely topless. I was kind of shocked to see her nipples were pierced. She never told me she got then pierced, but the surprise made the experience all the sexier. I continued down to her breasts and took a pierced nipple into my mouth.  I maneuvered my tongue around her nipple, making sure I didn’t accidentally cut my tongue on the piercing. I start sucking in her nipple, making Kendall moan.

“I’m so fucking wet Alyssa. I need you on my pussy right now,” Kendall whimpered. I climbed off of her lap and kneeled on the floor. She hooked her fingers on the tip of her jeans, pulling them down. Kendall lifted her waist and pushed her jeans and panties off, leaving her completely uncovered.

“Please, Alyssa. Don’t make me wait anymore,” she begged as I pushed my tongue into her wet pink folds. Kendall could feel my warm saliva sink in and wanted more. I laughed for a second, seeing the funny faces Kendall was making with each move from my tongue. I immediately reattached her tongue to Kendall’s exposed pussy. I swirled my tongue all over and around her cunt, making her audibly moan.

“Holy fucking shit Alyssa. Your tongue feels so good baby,” she moaned as her hands reached up and grabbed her breasts. She took her nipples in each hand and pinched them hard. I decided my tongue needed some help, so I took two fingers and shoved two fingers inside of Kendall with no warning. Kendall jumped a bit, suddenly feeling my two fingers suddenly penetrate her.

While my fingers continued to pump in and out of Kendall, my tongue moved all around l her pink flesh. I looked up at Kendall and got so wet seeing how much I was pleasuring her. Kendall took one hand down away from her nipples and pulled my hair to get my tongue where she wanted it.

“Fuck! Lick me there Alyssa! Lick my pussy!” Kendall told me as she seemed lost in her pleasure.

Kendall’s head jerked upwards when I decided to twist my fingers inside of her. I wanted to add more fingers into my best friend and boss, so I took a third finger and pressed it inside of her. She pushed her hips out, begging me for more as she tried to catch her breath. Kendall’s head rolled back to the head of the chair as her orgasm took over her. She seemed completely lost in her pleasure as I continues to suck down on her clit. I sucked on the center of her pussy. This was exactly where Kendall wanted it the most.  Into her mouth and pulled it in between her teeth.

She yelled, “Fuck! I’m going to cum! Don’t stop sucking on my pussy baby!”

I got up and set my pussy against Kendall’s. I started bouncing up and down against Kendall, which made our pussies smash into each other.

“Yes, baby. Rub that dirty clit of yours against your best friend. I want all of your cum all over me. I want to be drenched in it baby,” I said to Kendall, teasing the model.

“Once you get all of your cum on me, you’re going to lick it all off me. You need to know how good both of juices are,” I said to Kendall, hoping to get her closer and closer to her climax.

“Fuck Alyssa. I’m coming for you baby!” Kendall said as her eyes rolled to the back her head as she began her orgasm. Kendall screamed so loud, I thought for sure someone was going to hear her, but luckily no one did.

I didn’t think that Kendall would come so hard from just rubbing our cunts together but seeing how much cum was leaking out of her pussy let Kendall know I had just rocked her world. Seeing the huge smile on Kendall’s face reassured that thought. Kendall didn’t just like it, she fucking loved it.

Kendall finally came down from her Earth-rocking orgasm, and crawled off the chair. She immediately looked up at me and brought me in for a passionate kiss.

“That was fucking incredible Alyssa,” she moaned in between kisses.

“I knew you would like fucking me,” I said to Kendall as we both laughed. We started kissing again until Kendall’s broke the kiss to say something to me.

“Now it’s your turn to cum Alyssa,” Kendall said to me as she began kissing me again. Kendall and I were once again passionately making out, this time on the floor of the office.

Her hands wandered down my body until her hands found my breasts. She began squeezing my breasts and playing with my nipples. I moan into her mouth and she starts playing with my sensitive nipples. I go back towards Kendall and continue to kiss the lovely model.  Her tongue felt so good in my mouth. I wanted it to be inside me forever. Kendall stopped kissing me and I was disappointed we weren’t kissing anymore. That is until Kendall slowly bent down and put her mouth on my breast.

She flicked my nipple with her tongue. I groaned loudly, throwing my head back. The way her wet tongue traced and licked its way around my nipple was indescribable. It was making me ready for what was to come.

Kendall took a few minutes to alternate between my left and right breast. It felt so amazing, there was no way this was her first time doing something like this with a woman. I didn’t care though. She was doing this to me and that’s all that matters. While lost in my train of thought, Kendall detached herself from my breasts and slowly slithers down my body, kissing down my stomach as she did. Kendall took her hands and placed them on my knees. She pushed them apart, once again revealing my pussy to her.

“You’re so wet for me, Alyssa. I’m going to lick all of your cum off your legs when I’m done fucking you,” Kendall said, giving me the image of her licking my legs clean in my mind. Just the thought of that incredibly erotic picture in my mind made me so much wetter than I was before, which I didn’t even know was possible. She played with my clit, making me jerk my hips up to her. Kendall pushed two fingers inside me while her thumb played with my clit.

“Fuck, Kendall, that feels so good,” I moaned as Kendall kept pleasuring my love hole.

“You like my fingers, baby? I bet I could always make you cum so hard and so fast,” she told me, clearly sure of her sexual skills.

“You want some more baby?”

“Yes! I want more,” I yelled.

“Your pussy is so tight. Are you sure it can take another finger, babe?” She teased.

“Yes! Yes! Kendall, please! I’m so close.”

She pushed another finger inside my pink pussy. She worked her fingers in and out like a champ. She had me so close to an orgasm that I could scream.

“Yes! Kendall. I fucking love that you’re fucking me right now. I love what you do to me baby!” I yelled. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I began to cum everywhere. I had never squirted before, but I was squirting everywhere. Kendall was able to catch some of my fluids on her, which she scooped up with her finger and licked off. Kendall leaned in as I was coming and gave me a soft kiss.

“Good girl, now here’s your reward,” Kendall said as she got back in between my legs and licked my legs clean of my cum, just like she promised she would. She opened her mouth, showing me all of my fluids that she had collected before she took a big gulp and swallowed it all down. I had finally got over the high of my orgasm. Kendall got up from the floor and helped me get off the floor where our love session had happened. We started kissing again until Kendall’s phone began to ring.

“You mind getting that for me baby?” Kendall said as we both started redressing ourselves. Before I let the room to answer her phone, Kendall stopped me.

“Want to pick up where we left off later?”

“Anything you want bestie,” I told her leaving the room.

The End.

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