Day Three And My Birthday

Day Three and my birthday

My brother and I left to the awards show early in the morning so we
could arrive and start the last minute details for the award show. We
entered the arena and everybody was saying Happy Birthday to me. I was
very excited about the evening because I could see things that no one
else would. It was a very exciting evening that would later surprised

One of the first things that surprised me was that some of the big stars
in the back bought some gifts for me for my birthday. I got some CD’s,
pictures and other things along those lines. The afternoon
went on fairly quickly and it was time for the awards show. I watched
the entire show from the back and really enjoyed myself. One of the
things that was the highlight of my day was holding a fairly long
conversation with Bruce Willis about a number of things.

After the show all of us went to a building where a after award show
party. My brother and I were one of the last people to leave the show.
When we got to the party and opened the door everyone yelled surprise
to me as I walked in. I was really surprised that these people would
throw me a surprise birthday party. It was a great party. I talked to
all kinds of stars and even talked to Britany Spears more than I did
the other day. Around 10 o’clock I was sitting down talking to Bruce
Willis again when Britany Spears came over and grabbed my hand and took
me to the back where some rooms were. She sat me down in a chair
inside one of the rooms and then left. When she came back I was
surprised as hell because she was wearing the outfit she wore in the
music video Baby One More Time. I was kind of wondering what was going
on when she hit the radio on and the song Baby Hit Me One More Time
came on. She started to jive with the music and started dancing giving
me strict instructions not to move from my seat.

She slowly started to approach me still dancing to the music. She then
turned around and sat right on my lap. Now I didn’t know what to do
next but she did. She slowly started to move her hips across my lap
going along with the music that was playing at the time. Then it
finally dawned on me she was giving me a lap dance. She continued to
move butt all over my pelvic region very slowly trying to get my dick
nice and hard. When my dick did get hard, she found it with her ass
real quick and slowly started to move up and down with her ass. After
a couple of minutes of this she got up and took off her skirt revealing
the thong she was wearing. She came back and continued the lap dance
she was giving me. In no time at all I came hard right in the pants I
was wearing. She stopped the lap dance and got up to reveal a big wet
spot on my jeans from me cumming and from Britany’s juices. I felt
very embarssed but she gave me a pair of jeans that my brother gave
Britany to give to me when she had finished what she was doing. I went
to the back and changed my paints. When I came out she was gone and
there was a box on the chair I was sitting on. I opened the box and
there was a pair of panties, autographed picture and some pictures of
her in her underware. On the note also it said don’t forget to write.
I walked out with the box and with the biggest grins on my face I’ve
ever had. As I was walking out my brothe pulled me aside and said that
was his birthday gift since he knew I liked Britany Spears so much. As
my brother and I were leaving the party he told me another surprise was
waiting at the hotel and this would be more fun than anything else I
had so far.

We got back to the hotel room and walked in. I saw nothing spectualar
with the room but a video camera in the middle of the room. I looked
at my brother and he smiled and whisteled. Comming out of the bathroom
were Christina Arguilera and Jessica Simpson. He whispered what was
going to happen and I couldn’t believe what my brother was doing. He
also made me promise to show no one this except for my brother and I.
I said of course and I said let the party begin. Well it was a night
to remember for my birthday as I got a pair of Christina’s panties, a
pair of Britany’s panties and some other revealing things about her, a
lap dance from Britany, had sex with Jessica Simpson while my brother
had sex with Christina and on top of that video taped it so I could
enjoy it anytime I wanted. It was a birthday to remember and Britany
and I became great friends.

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