Day Two Of The Awards Show

Day two of the awards show

The next day was the dress rehearsal for the big awards show was on this
day so everyone was really tessed. I did my best by staying out of
everyone’s way but at times I did get in people’s way. Because of this
Britany Spears said I could stay in her lockeroom until the rehearsal
was over. I did and expect for the part she had to do we talked and
had fun which made the time go by faster. About 5 o’clock there came a
knock on the door and they told us the rehearsal was over and I could
come out and help clean
up with my brother. I thanked Britany for the
entertainment. She said no problem and we even exchanged addresses and
e-mail addresses.

That night my brother took me out to dinner at a restaurant where we
were mostly quiet until we talked about what I saw the night before. I
said I was sorry about spying on them but told me it was no problem as
long as I didn’t tell anyone. While we were eating a Christina
Aguliera and Katie Holmes came into the restaurant. My brother waived
them over and all four of us shared the same table. My brother
introduced me to Katie and said hi to Christina again. We had a very
enjoyable meal and after the meal we went back to the hotel for a

At about 12 o’clock in the morning Katie left the room and went back to
her hotel room. My brother asked if Christina would like to stay the
night in the room and she said if it was all right with me she would
like to. I said I have no problem with it and even said I would sleep
on the couch in the other room. I got the couch ready and went to
sleep about 12:30am. Around 2 o’clock in the morning someone had
tapped me and when I looked around I couldn’t see anyone. I got up and
walked toward the light that was one in the other bedroom. What I saw
didn’t surprise me like what I saw the night before. My brother was
kissing Christina passionatley and his hand was slowly moving down her
body. Christina said something and my brother looked at me and smiled
as Christina asked me to go sit on the bed she was sleeping in and
watch if I wanted to. I was so excited that I didn’t know what to do.
I just walked over to the bed and watched.

My brother slowly undid her pajama top and bottom and took them off. He
then while kissing her took off her bra exposing her beautiful petite
breasts. He moved down and put his mouth on one of her breasts and
sucked it eagerly. She was moving her head back and forth like nothing
before. My brother moved between her breasts for about 10 minutes when
he moved down across her belly to her pussy. He gave her a look and
went right to work on her pussy. She was thrashing around like there
was no tomorrow. She grab his head and just kept slashing around.
Finally after a couple of minutes she came like I saw her the night
before. My brother lifted his head and moved up her body. What I
thought was funny was that he directly went to fucking her instead of
letting her suck him. He slowly started to pump in and out of her and
building speed. She motioned for me to come over to the bed. My
brother switched to doggy style and she asked me to take my paints and
underware off and stand in front of her. As my brother fucked her she
started to suck my cock. My brother explained that this keeps her
quiet. As my brother picked up speed the faster she would suck my
dick. Soon I was saying that I would be cumming. She released my dick
and told me to jack off until I came on her face. I did what I was
told and soon came all over her face. I never thought I would be doing
this so I came like I never did before. Soon after my brother brought
her to a orgasm and he took out his dick and came all over her back.

My brother and Christina collapsed on the bed while I was going back to
the couch when both of them said just sleep in her bed and they would
sleep together. Christina got up to take a shower to get all the cum
off of her. After this we all went to sleep and got up early the next
morning. With all the fun I was having on this trip I forgot that
today was my birthday. My brother told everyone that he knew that
today was my birthday which I didn’t know until later that day.
Christina and my brother got up early that morning and got ready. My
brother woke me up about 8 o’clock in the morning. He gave me two
presents. One was from him and one was from Christina. I opened my
brother’s present and it was a free pass to the post award show party
with a fake ID so I could get in. He told me he did the samething for
some of the other girls and guys so that we could have a complete
party. I then opened Christina’s gift and was kind of puzzled and
surprised by what she gave me. I took out a pair of panties and the
note in the box said, Thanks for everything last night. P.S. These are
what I wore last night. I was excited as we left for the awards show
and what was going to happen on this day.

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