Day at the In-Laws

Title: Day at the In-Laws

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Olivia Wilde

Codes: MF, nc-cons, oral, anal, drugs

Summary: Olivia Wilde meets her fiancée’s family, specifically his uncle

Disclaimer: The following story involves a celebrity being raped but turns consensual by the end. If this is a problem for you, then go back to the page you came from.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me and I like the celeb (no Miley, no Ariana, no Scarlett and absolutely no Kardashian/Jenner).

In the morning, two days before Thanksgiving in Fairfax, VA, Olivia Wilde, her fiancé Jason Sudekis and their son Otis pulled into the driveway of Jason’s aunt and uncle. After being forced to miss the traditional family get-together the last few years, Jason was excited to introduce his new family to his existing family.

The previous two Thanksgivings had seen Olivia and Jason spend time alone, enjoying each other’s company and only each other’s company. Now with a child in their lives, it made more sense to go back to the traditional fashion of big family holiday. Jason and Olivia’s parents, along with other extended family members from both sides, would be arriving the next day.

Jason grabbed the family’s bags while Olivia carried Otis to the door. Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe opened the door just as Olivia set first step on the patio. Mary immediately was drawn to the child, covering him in affection while her husband ha his eyes locked on the thirty year-old actress.

“You must be Olivia,” Joe said as he struggled to keep his eyes on her face.

“I believe that I am,” she responded as she went in for a hug.

Joe hugged his beautiful guest very tightly with his hands resting on her lower back. Olivia was a bit uncomfortable at first but had figured that it was normal once Jason walked up and said nothing about it.

Being a cold November day, the family quickly entered the warm house. Jason hung his heavy coat up and followed his aunt and son down the hallway. Joe stood by the door as Olivia pulled her long, tan trench coat off and hung it up. The older man admired her body in the tight pair of jeans and even tighter black sweater she was wearing. Again, Olivia was a bit uncomfortable but brushed it off and went into the kitchen with the rest of the family.

The couple made small talk with Jason’s aunt for about five minutes before Joe walked in. Olivia was curious as to where he had been but since Jason and Mary made no notice of it, she ignored it. She had only known Joe for a few minutes but was already having uneasy feelings about him.

“Olivia,” Mary said, bringing her attention back to the conversation. “You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on a person.”

“Thanks Aunt Mary,” she said with a smile. “I get that a lot. I can only hope this little guy ends up with my eyes,” she said as she tussled her son’s hair.

“It would be better than mine,” Jason said. “I don’t think the world needs another person looking like me.”

“Aww, the world would be better if there were more people looking like you,” Olivia said before giving him a quick kiss.

“Get a room you two,” Joe said as he placed a hand on Olivia’s shoulder but not Jason’s.

Olivia looked back at him and met his staring eyes.

“I need to use the bathroom,” she said as she quickly sat up and scurried out of the room.

“I didn’t tell her where the bathroom was, did you?” Jason asked.

“No,” Mary and Joe both responded.

After several entrances into bedrooms and closets, Olivia finally found the bathroom and rushed inside. She looked at herself in the mirror and let out a sigh.

“That guy is a creep,” she told herself.

After calming down, she turned to the toilet and saw a razor blade sitting on the back with a straw lying next to it. Inspecting closer, she noticed a small line of white powder next to the straw.

“A cokehead and a creep,” she said as she stared at the drugs.

Olivia did her business and was about to leave the bathroom when she stopped and stared back at the drugs. She took a deep breath before swiftly grabbing the straw, putting it to her nose and snorting the small line of cocaine. She let out a sigh of pleasure as she brushed any residue off of her nostril before tossing the straw back in place.

“Been too long,” the actress whispered as she left the room and rejoined the family.

Aunt Mary made a nice early lunch for her family and they continued to talk for hours until the clock struck noon.

“I have to go do some shopping,” Mary announced. “Jason, would you like to bring Otis along and help me out?”

“Sure thing Aunt Mary,” he said as he looked over at Olivia. “You don’t mind if we leave you alone for a few hours.”

“No, not at all,” Olivia said before seeing Joe let out a creepy smile. “I need a shower and a nap anyway.”

“Oh you can have the guest room upstairs, its right next to the bathroom,” Mary said as she grabbed Otis’s jacket out of one of their bags.

“Yes, I accidently walked in there when I was looking for the bathroom,” Olivia said with a laugh.

Mary and Joe shared a kiss, as did Jason and Olivia before the family split up. Not giving a chance for Joe to act creepy around her, Olivia quickly dashed upstairs with her suitcase in hand. She plopped the luggage on the guest bed and pulled a fresh pair of clothes and a towel out before dashing out.  Joe was waiting outside the door and was bumped into by his hurried houseguest.

“Why the rush?” he asked as Olivia looked up at him.

“Sorry Joe, I haven’t showered in two days, I really need to wash this stink off of me,” she explained.

“I like a little stink on a woman,” he said with a grin.

Olivia shuddered as she ran into the bathroom, locking the door and fighting the urge to vomit. She pulled her sweater off and wiggled her way out of her tight pair of jeans. After folding the clothes up, she yanked her pink cotton panties down her legs and unhooked her matching lace bra, tossing them aside. The actress jumped into the tub and took a long, hot shower while clearing her mind.

The thirty year old woman stood naked in the shower with her mind racing. She was already regretting the decision to stay instead of going out with her fiancé and Mary. As she soaped up her body, she heard a noise coming from the door. She peeked out from behind the curtain and saw the older man walking inside.

“I locked the door,” Olivia thought.

“Hey, where’s my coke!?” Joe yelled.

Olivia’s heart began to race as she heard the anger in his voice. She knew that she was helpless at this moment and was worried as to what the creep would do to her. The scared woman stood still as she heard Joe exit the room, slamming the door behind him.

“Shit,” Olivia said as she let out a sigh of relief.

Olivia finished her shower and stepped out. She walked to the sink and saw that all of her clothes were gone, as was her towel. She looked around, opening drawer after drawer, searching for a spare towel but was unsuccessful. The actress was fully naked, dripping wet with no way to dry off and nothing to cover her nude form while a creepy man was roaming the house, probably waiting for her to step out. She grabbed her brush and slowly brushed her hair as she contemplated her next move.

After several minutes, Olivia came to the conclusion that she could not just sit and wait as he had already broken into the locked bathroom once. In her mind, she was screwed either way. She crossed one arm over her breasts while her other hand covered the small patch of hair above her pussy. She gingerly opened the door and looked both ways in the hallway, not seeing Joe in sight. Quickly, she scurried into the bedroom and shut the door, locking it. Dropping her hands to her side, she turned around and found Joe sitting on the guest bed with her panties in hand.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed as he stared at his nephew’s wife in all of her bare glory.

“What the fuck!” Olivia yelled. “Why are you in here and why did you steal my clothes?”

Joe stood up and approached the wet, naked woman.

“Why did you steal my coke?” he said as he got nose to nose with her.

“I-I had-I needed,” she stuttered as Joe smiled at her.

“You’re just a dirty little coke-whore, aren’t you?” he asked.

“No,” she yelled as she slapped him across the face. “Don’t you EVER call me a whore again!”

Joe grabbed her by the wrists and pushed her against the door.

“You don’t make the rules, missy,” he said. “This is my house and you stole something very expensive from me.”

“If you weren’t being such a creep I wouldn’t have needed it!” she screamed as she tried to fight free from his grip.

“You owe me one hundred dollars for that shit,” he said as he brought his nose to her neck and blew. “Or we can think of another form of payment.”

Before Olivia could respond, Joe tossed her hard onto the bed and ripped his sweatpants down, exposing to her his seven inch erect penis. The actress was in shock as he jumped on top of her and started rubbing the head of his cock against her unwilling pussy.

“No!” she screamed before Joe shoved the used pair of panties into her mouth.

Any sound Olivia made was now muffled and inaudible to any potential savior’s ears. Joe thrusted forward and forced all seven inches deep into her tight pussy. She tried to wriggle free but was sandwiched under his two hundred pound frame.

Joe slammed his hips hard against hers, making his victim feel every bit of his cock sliding in and out. She was in pain as her cunt was not prepared for the invasion and was still relatively dry. She was conflicted as to what she wanted. If she stayed dry, she would be in severe pain during however long her raping would be but if her pussy became moist, she would have the humiliation of showing him the enjoyment her body was feeling. Unfortunately, she did not have a choice; her body was not in control anymore.

Within seconds, Olivia’s pussy rapidly moistened up, relieving any physical pain she was feeling while causing new mental pain. Adding to the humiliation, she was not getting wet the way she usually did. Normally, her pussy would gradually lubricate but right now, she went from bone dry to swampy-damp within seconds.

Joe quickly noticed how wet his rape victim was feeling and used it against her. He reached down and swiped his fingers across her clit before raising it to her nose and shoving both fingers in both nostrils. Olivia took a deep whiff of her own intense sexuality and felt sick to her stomach. She groaned through her panty-gag while he smiled a huge grin.

“You little coke-whore,” he grunted while swirling his hips around on top of her.

Olivia stared up at him with tear-soaked red eyes as she heard his insult once again. She turned her head to the side and sobbed as her body continued to be abused with no end in sight. The entire time, she tried to push Joe off of her but he was too heavy for her to do anything.

After several minutes of raping Olivia, Joe pulled his cock out of her and dropped to his knees at the foot of the bed. He grabbed her by the legs and pulled her towards him until his mouth pressed tightly against her abused cunt. She started to sit up but the intense pleasure she felt from the tip of his tongue caused her to freeze. Her eyes closed and she let out a soft, muffled moan. Quickly, she shook her head and tried to get back into reality. Putting the pleasure aside, she fought the get off of the bed but his hands were tightly gripped to her lower body.

With her hands free, Olivia pried the soggy ball of underwear out of her mouth and threw it at Joe’s head.

“Stop it!” she yelled while slapping him on top of his head. “When Jason finds out what you’re doing, he will-OH!” she exclaimed as Joe’s tongue curled up and tickled the inside of her clit. “Oh god, that’s-no, no stop!”

Joe stared to suck on Olivia’s pussy lips while his tongue danced around inside her. He rubbed the inside of her thighs as she sat perfectly still.

“Uncle Joe, stop it, please!” she begged as she bit down on her lips and moaned. “Please! Please! Please stop!”

Olivia’s breathing was increasing rapidly as the pleasure rushing through her body. Any defenses she had had inside her minutes ago was disappearing.

“Please stop, please stop, please don’t stop,” she moaned as she lay down on the bed and arched her back sharply. “Do not stop Uncle Joe!”

Joe brought his tongue to her clit and slid two fingers inside of her. With a rapid movement, he violently fucked her with his hand and brought her to climax.

Olivia grasped the sheets on the bed as tight as her muscles would allow while howling out a loud, deep moan. Her soaking wet cunt vibrated hard and sprayed a thick liquid all over Joe’s face and hands. Every muscle in the actress’s body tensed up as she experienced a very powerful orgasm.

Joe softly licked at Olivia’s pussy as her body relaxed. For several minutes, she lay perfectly still, staring up at the ceiling with a look of pure bliss on her face. Her brain had completely shut off any anger and disgust she had for her fiancé’s rapist of an uncle. After her sexual haze had died down, she sat straight up and pushed Joe away from her dripping wet cunt.

“I cannot believe you just did that,” she said angrily. “You fucking raped me!”

“Didn’t look like rape to me,” he responded with a grin.

“Fuck you, I said ‘no’!”

“You also told me not to stop,” he said as he stood up in front of her.

“I’m fucking out of here!”

Olivia stormed over to the door but had her hand grabbed by Joe.

“Are you sure you don’t want a little more of my nose candy,” he said as he pulled a small bag of cocaine out of his shirt pocket, dangling it in front of Olivia’s deep blue eyes.

“No, I don’t,” she said as she started to unlock the door before stopping.

Olivia turned around and saw Joe pour the contents of the bag onto his slick, erect cock. She looked up at him with a curious look on her face. Slowly, her hand slid off of the doorknob and started shuffling her feet towards him. She grabbed him by the cheeks and brought his face to hers.

“You tell anyone about this and I swear to god I will kill you,” she said, dropping to her knees in front of him.

Olivia pressed a finger to one nostril and snorted the drug into her other. She dropped her nose onto his cock and sniffed hard, trying to capture any last granule that may have left over. While her nose was pressed tight to his penis, she could smell the intense musk of her sexuality left over on him. Her mouth started to water as memories of her tasting herself after masturbation headed to the front of her head. She slowly looked up at Joe’s face and took a deep breath.

“I hate you,” she said before ducking her head down and catching his cock between her lips.

Olivia sucked hard as she bobbed her head forward, engulfing his hard cock in her warm, waiting mouth. She closed her eyes while her hands went around his hips, grasping at his ass. The grey-haired man rested his palm atop her head and started to thrust forward. He could hear her moan as his cock hit the back of her throat.

“Put your hands behind your back,” he commanded.

Olivia obeyed him and brought her hand behind her body, locking her fingers right above her ass cheeks and allowing her to push her chest out. Joe could see that her nipples were hard as a rock, causing him to reach down with his free hand and give them each a hard tug. He felt her let out a high pitched moan around his throbbing meat. He patted her atop the head in response, which brought a smile to brunette.

Olivia backed her head away from Joe and stood up. She pressed her hands on his chest and poked her head up to meet the taller man face to face, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“You are so lucky that you were right,” she said, confusing him.

“How so?” he asked as he felt her hard nipples press against his body.

“I am a little coke-whore,” she responded with a naughty smile. “Nothing is better than mixing drugs and sex,” she said as she brought his ear to her mouth. “Especially anal sex.”

Olivia backed up, turned around and bent forward, resting her elbows on the bed and sticking her ass up for Joe. She slowly shook her ass around while looking over her shoulder.

“Damn my nephew is lucky,” he thought as he slapped his cock against her tight ass cheeks.

“Stop teasing and just fuck me already, I know you are ready to cum,” she said as she backed up, bumping her ass against his balls.

Joe spread Olivia’s cheeks wide and spit a large wad directly onto her tight ass hole. He took hold of his cock and pushed the mushroom-shaped head against the slightly-lubed hole. Olivia gripped the sheets once again as she felt her anal walls stretch around Joe’s member. He slowly slid inside, taking almost a minute to slide all seven inches inside.

“Fuck,” Olivia exhaled.

Olivia immediately started bucking her hips against him before he was ready to start thrusting himself. He gripped on to her tight cheeks and matched the pace of the fucking that his former victim was perpetuating. With no more pressure of raping her, Joe took his time to enjoy the consensual anal love with the very beautiful woman.

Olivia buried her face into the sheets and let out a loud, cheerful scream as she felt her ass being ravished. Joe grabbed on to her shoulders and forced a few long, deep thrusts into her. He could feel her clench her muscles tightly around him, giving him an intense feeling of pleasure around his throbbing cock.

Joe lifted Olivia’s hips up, putting her in a doggy-style position without removing a centimeter of his cock out of her. She got onto all fours and looked underneath her, staring back as his cock disappeared back into her ass. She clenched her teeth and groaned as her back arched.

With no relief given, Joe pounded into Olivia as hard as her possibly could. Olivia’s eyes went wide as the amazing feeling inside her ass hit her coke-fueled brain. With no warning, her pussy, feeling the sexual intensity her body felt, released a massive orgasm. Her entire body clenched and vibrated as the massive climax ran through her bloodstream.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed.

“God damn it,” Joe responded as her ass clenched tight around his cock once again.

This was all Joe needed to reach a climax of his own, exploding in a white, gooey mess inside of Olivia’s bowels. He grunted loud as each shot sprayed deep into her ass, painting it in a white glaze. He rammed in and out of her for a few more seconds before pulling put, leaving a thick strand of cum hanging from her abused hole.

“Wow,” Olivia said. “That was much better than it had any business to be.”

Olivia quickly stood up and wiped the cum from her ass, running her hand across her lips, tasting the remnants of the intense fuck session.

“You better keep this between us,” she said as she slapped him with her wet hand.

“You better not steal my coke anymore this weekend,” he said, slapping her back.

Olivia let out a small smile before grabbing her towel to clean herself off. After Joe left the room, she crawled underneath the ruffled sheets and started to drift off to sleep.

“I’ll take what I want,” she whispered to herself. “I like being punished,” she relaxingly said before falling asleep, despite the cocaine in her system.

To be continued?…

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