Dear Chatzy, I Slept with the Pizza Boy

Title: Dear Chatzy, I Slept with the Pizza Boy

Author: BarksFan

Celebs: Samantha Barks

Codes: MF

Disclaimer:  As much as I hope this has happened, this is definitely fictional. None of it is real!

Samantha was alone at night, without her boyfriend home. She opened her laptop, and connected to Chatzy. Once she was through to an actual person. She had a quick conversation with the man. Traded one pic, and then had something to tell him.

“I haven’t done anything like this before. But I am beyond horny.” She confessed. “I don’t want you to say anything. I just want you to listen. She is me. My name is Sam. Listen to my story.”

She ordered a pizza to be delivered. She has plenty of money, but don’t intend to pay. She’ll have some fun playing with the pizza delivery guy and maybe get herself a free dinner.

The doorbell rings.

She’s naked, wearing only a short silk robe that hugs her body and shows plenty of leg and cleavage. The pizza delivery guy is young and handsome, possibly 16. Maybe 17.. Not what she expected. His age and looks make her plan even more interesting. He hands her the pizza and tells her that it costs $12.00.

“I don’t have any money.” She tells him, giving him her best, “I’m sorry” look.

“Is there any other way I can pay?” She asks, hardly believing that she’s actually going through with this tease.

The young man hesitates and then stammers, not knowing what to say.

She can feel herself getting wet between her legs. “How am I going to pay you?” She asks, as she takes him by the hand and walk him through the door and into

the house.

She was slightly amused by the confused, uneasy, look on his face. She slowly unties her robe and let if fall open. He stands there, wide-eyed, staring at her gorgeous, naked body.

“Do you like what you see?” She asks, enjoying how uncomfortable she’s making him. “If I let you touch my breasts, would that pay for my pizza?” The young man surprises her by reaching out and pulling her close, grabbing her hair and kissing her.

It is a strong, tongue down her throat, wet, sloppy kiss.

She can feel his hard cock against her stomach, as she tries to escape his grasp. “So, you want to fuck with the pizza boy?” he asks. “That’s not nice. Maybe you need to be taught a lesson.” He lowers his head and takes a nipple in his mouth, flicking it around with his tongue. Then he bites the hard little nub.

“Ouch! That hurt.” The young man says nothing and throws her onto the couch. She watches as he lowers his pants, Her nipple still stinging. His manhood pops out and waggles back and forth. My god, he is big and thick. She is both excited and scared.

She was already wet. Now She’s flowing.

He pushes her down to her knees, grabs her hair and pushes his cock up against her lips. “Suck it!” The head and part of the shaft slide between her lips, spreading her mouth open until it hurts. Pizza boy pumps his manhood into her mouth. It is big; she tries not to gag.

He is rough. This is not pleasure sex. She has been a bad girl and he intends on making her pay for her naughtiness. Pizza boy fucks her mouth. Her eyes watering, saliva trickles from the corners of her mouth, her nose runs, and her mouth and jaw hurt.

He tosses her onto the couch, flips her over, moves her robe to the side, grabs the back of her neck, and pushes her face down into the couch seat. Her can feel the head of his cock at her pussy as he slides his giant spear over her wet lips and covers it with her nectar.

He enters her, slamming his full member into her hole. The tip of his cock strikes her cervix. It hurts.

Her clit stretches to accommodate his pole, but her being torn in half. His thick tool begins to fuck her pussy. She clenches her teeth, her eyes water, and her cry out telling him that it hurts. Pizza boy says nothing. He slams his monster dick deep into her, impaling her on the couch. Slowly, pleasure begins to mix with the pain.

“Harder.” She thinks to herself, not realizing that she is saying the word out loud. Pizza boy fucks her deep and fast, pushing her face into the couch. She feel the first urges of her own pleasure and release. She can hear his balls slapping against her drenched pussy. He goes faster. The building pleasure overcomes the pain of his big cock.

“Fuck, yes!” she yelled out. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” She feels something sliding over her puckered hole. Pizza boy’s fingers fill her asshole and she is taken to

another level of pain and pleasure. She wanted to fuck with his mind, tease him, and maybe let him touch her. Now she was his.

She has lost control. Pizza boy can do whatever he wants. She cums. It is intense and long; it consumes her whole body; every fiber, every nerve. She can hear herself scream into the fabric of the couch seat. But the pizza boy is not done. He continues to fuck her horny little fuck hole and holds her face against the couch for several more minutes.

He pulls his cock out of her cunt and she falls over, sitting on the floor with her back against the couch. He grabs her hair and holds her head up, as he strokes his cock, arches his back, and shoots his seed on her face and hair.

He staggers a bit, then pulls himself together, yanking his pants up over his massive, still throbbing cock, and tucks in his shirt.

Samantha sits, dazed, cum running down her face and dripping off her chin. Pizza boy walks towards the door. “Please. Don’t leave,” She begs the pizza boy. He doesn’t even look back.

“Please. I want more! Please fuck me some more. Please.” He turns and looks at Samantha as he opens the door. “You have our number,” he says. “No need for a tip.”

He steps outside and the door shuts. Samantha sits on the floor, strings of cum stretch from her chin to her tits and stomach. “More. I need more!” She whispers.

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