Dear Diary: Entry 1

Dear Diary;
I found out why I have been so damn empty, I mean the fame is great, and well me and Justin sex life is like Whoo! I need to go no further on that subject *blushing*, but there have been something missing in our relationship, sexual and physically.

At first I thought Justin was getting tired of having sex with me, then I realized he was bored, and so was I, needed to spice thing up, but we did every little kinky thing in the book, and books, but we were never satisfied.

Then after Justin and I talked, he reminded me, that we didn’t do every little kinky thing in the book, and that was a threesome.
Justin told we should go to a club, any alternative club, and find the third person. I was against it at first, but I’ll do anything to keep a relationship going good.

We picked a date to go this club, a Saturday. We did everything we needed. Saturday rolled, we got everything ready candles, oil, and well I said everything. We went to a club, then me and Justin walked around, and I was surprised to all these gays, lesbians, and bisexual. Then one man approached Justin and was about to kiss him, but Justin turned his head the guy kept hitting on Justin, till Justin finally grabbed me, and we sat somewhere else.

We checked every girl in there, we could find one to take home, all of them just wanted me not Justin, wait there was this one who wanted both of us, but she was too dumb, Justin wanted someone who was a little smart. Then we spotted her, this caramel beautiful, thick thighs, beautiful face, she could’ve been a model, if she wasn’t 5’5”, and thick, but they have thick model, she wasn’t fat, she was thick, she looked like she was from down south, her make up was nicely done, she didn’t have on a lot, her hair was long and silky dark brown, with a few light streaks, her beautiful brown eyes, and her tongue ring, she wore a outfit similar to mine; hip huggers, but hers were leather or rubber they had no zippers, or button, I think she had on the pull up kind, I had on the blue jean ones, her shirt was just like mine both of us reveal our belly button ring, anyway her shirt differed mine though, hers was black with red flames on the sleeves, and mine was black with blue flames on the sleeves.

Justin stared her down and he walked over to her, and whispered something in her ear, he must’ve asked her to come over to our place, because she agreed. The three of left the club and got into Justin’s car me and the girl got in the back, oh by the way her name was Bobbie, we kissed each other, I felt her tongue ring, I was fascinated by how a tongue ring felt, Justin watched us as we, then he turned his head back on the road.

We got to the hotel and entered our candlelit room Bobbie pushed me on the bed and sat on top of me, she started kissing me again, her tongue ring fascinated me so much, I couldn’t get enough of it, she went down licking my neck, to the bottom of my shirt, she raised my shirt and reveal my big beautiful chest, then she took my shirt off, she started sucking on my nipples getting them both hard and firm, I loved the way she did it, she put Justin to shame, she then licked my nipples with her tongue ring, it felt so good, Justin in a chair next to the bed and watched us. Bobbie was quick, she snatched my pants off which made my panties came off with my pants.

She stuck two fingers inside me, and massaged my pussy, Oops… I did it again, I mean vagina, I moaned at her tips, she was moving in and out, faster and harder, I had to bit my lips to stop me from screaming, she stopped then I felt her tongue enter me, she moved it wildly inside me, I began moaning louder it was wonderful, Justin never ate me out like this, I guess lesbians and bisexual women, know what women really need in the bedroom. Bobbie the went slowly, and gave me the tongue rolled it felt good as I felt her tongue ring, I moaned louder and louder then I looked over at Justin who was jerking off, then Bobbie stopped eating me out and just rubbed her tongue ring up and down my clit, the friction was awesome, I can’t believe that a women could shame men, the all of a sudden I was coming in here mouth, was lapping it up like a pro, after we finished, she came back up to my face and kissed me and dropped some of my juices into my mouth, I taste good, we kissed some more. Then stopped and looked at Justin, she called Justin to her, he walked over to her slowly and they began to kiss, Justin took off her shirt reveal her bigger than mine, caramel round breast, he massaged her breast and played with her nipples as they kissed, he played her with breast and made them hard and firm, they stopped kissing, and she told him to kiss me, he kissed me as she got up and took of her pants, she wasn’t wearing anything other underneath, shave completely shaven, just like me, Justin massaged my breast and did onto mine as he did to Bobbie, after he finished he walked over to Bobbie and kissed her again, she then took off his top, and pulled off his pants and boxers, she got her knees and sucked Justin off, she was bobbing her head, Justin was enjoying it, held his head back, his eyes rolled in the back of his head, I guess, she was sucking him better than me, her tongue ring rubbed between his balls, he moaned and shot some loads in her mouth, she swallow but kept some in her mouth, she crawled over to me, and we kissed again and she dropped some of Justin’s cum into my mouth, I swallowed.

Justin grabbed Bobbie and laid her on the bed, and spread her legs and rammed the shit out of her she moaned loud as hell, he was rough and she liked it, she smiled as he rammed harder and harder, she then looked at me, Justin did his last ram, then came inside her, they both moaned as I watched. Justin got off of her then came over to me, he kissed me and opened my legs then rammed me, I screamed in pain and pleasure, then I started to get used to it and moaned I was in pain when did is last ram, and came inside me.

Bobbie got up, and rubbed my head and kissed my forehead, she caressed my head….

“Britney!!!” Justin called.

Gotta go, be back to finish my entry…

To be continued…

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