Dear Stuff: A Kirsten Dunst Story

this is not ment for people who are under the age of 18 or people who have no sexual humor at all. this is fiction. if you take it seriously, go shove your mouse up your ass. thanks and enjoy the story. 🙂

Dear Stuff: a Kirsten Dunst Story

“So why the fuck did you drag me out of bed at 7 o’clock in the morning, Kiki?” Eliza Dushku asked to her ‘Bring it On’ costar and real life friend. Eliza, not a real morning person, had her hair in a ponytail and was still in her pj pants and a tight spiggheti string top. She seemed to make the simplest things look sexy.

“Look at this shit i found
in my dads magazines!” Kirsten Dunst replied as she handed Eliza the mini magazine. As she was getting dressed in her light blue sundress. She slid on a white thong that just covered her freshly shaven cunt.

Eliza looked at the cover. It was a copy of STUFF’s readers choice of the top 125 Women of the Year. She turned to the bookmarked page. it had a picture of Kirsten with the title ‘Gorgeous Good Girls’ above the picture.

“And…?” Eliza questioned.

“AND I’m tired of being called a good girl,” explained Kirsten, “just because i dont get naked in my movies they have to label me ‘miss innocent’ all the time. I’m sick of it”

“You called me over this early to have a tizzy fit over what a magazine says?” Eliza said,”You gotta fucken lighten up.”

Kirsten looked at Eliza with her hands on her hips.

“Noooo, im gonna show these bastards that im not always the good little girl they see in the movies.” Kirsten exclaimed

“And how you gonna do that? Write a complaint letter?” Eliza said, poking fun.

“Actually I’m gonna send them a video” Kirsten said matter-of-factly. “and i need you to do the videotaping”

“This could be interesting” Eliza said raising her eyebrows.

“Belive me, by the end of the film, i’ll never make another ‘good girl’ list again” Kirsten said with a devilish grin. She handed Eliza the handheld video camera.

“Now heres the camera, it has a four hour tape in it. This has to last the whole experiment. And we have to have it done before the mail gets here.” Kirsten explained. They went into Kirstens Blazer and headed down the street to the park just outside of Kirstens neighborhood. Eliza got the camera adjusted and made sure it was ready. She pushed record.

“Smile for the camera, you lil innocent bitch!” Eliza teased.

“Dont fool around, i dont know how much film we’re gonna need” Kirsten said, “follow me.”

They got out the SUV and headed to the basketball courts. They glanced around to find the game with the most action. There were six guys playing a three on three game in the far corner. they were playing shirts vs. skins. The guys playing skins were three tall black guys, each about six feet tall and well built. Eliza and Kirsten liked their lips at the same time as they watched them play. Eliza tryed to keep the camera on most of the action.

“Thats Game point bitches” the leader of the skins team said, “pay up”

Kirsten walked over to the skins team. Eliza followed. As they approached, one of the teammembers noticed them.

“Yo! aint that the bitch from Spiderman?!” one of the teammates said.

“Hi, I’m Kirsten, this is my friend Eliza. we were wondering, since you guys won if you’d like to come to my place and celebrate if you know what i mean.”

Eliza was taken off gaurd by what her friend just said. she didnt know what Kirsten was planning but now she was full aware. As she thought about it more she became moist and it showed a little through her pj pants.

“Shit yeah” the three black guys said at once.

“follow me then” kirsten said with a smile.

She led them back to her Blazer and drove them to her house where she lived in the spare apartment behind her parents house. They all sat down on her couch in her living room and she got drinks for them all. They all got aquainted. the leader of the team was Trey. And his teammates were Mike and Joe. Eliza sat across from them to get a good veiw

Then Kirsten got back to her task. She took a seat on Mikes lap and wrapped her arms around his bald head and planted the biggest kiss on his lips.

“Damn, this bitch is horney as fuck” Trey said.

Joe was sitting next to Mike and Kirsten and was trying to get a glimpse up Kirstens dress.

“i think Joe is trying to see something, Kiki.” Eliza pointed out while filming the expression on Joes face. Kirsten broke the kiss to look at Joe.

“You want this big boy?” Kirsten asked, smiling. She grabbed Joes hand and placed it on her panty covered mound. Then she went back to making out with Mike.

Trey whipped his cock out and started to rub it as he watched his buddies mack it with the chick that he sees on tv. Kirsten felt the shaking from Trey’s jerking. So she broke the embrace and stood up. she looked at the three black guys and took her dress off. leaving her in just her white thong that was soaked by now. Her nipples were hard as rocks as they stood straight out. The guys stared in awe as they saw Kirsten Dunst in her almost nude glory.

“well you’ve seen mine,” Kirsten said breaking the silence, “lemmie see what i got to work with.”

Joe and Mike took that as a que to free their cocks like thier teammate, Trey. Kirsten glanced over the cocks. All of them were at least nine inches long and very thick. She loved thick cocks, so it was even more of a treat for her.

They lined up and she went on here knees. Eliza zoomed in and spread her legs as she started to rub herself through her pants. Kirsten looked up at Trey and smiled. then she licked up and down his shaft gettin it nice and wet for her to take. then she wrapped her lips around the head and tried to take as much as she could. She got four inches down before she started to choke. she took her mouth of the gigantic cock and spat on it.

“sorry, usually i can take this much.” Kirsten apologized. “i gotta get more warmed up, hehehe”

Hearing her giggle made Trey grow even harder. Eliza figured Kirsten would be a while so she snapped and pointed to Mike and Joe to start working on Kirstens bottom. they didnt need to be told twice. Joe moved the panties aside and crawled underneath Kirsten to get good access on her dripping cunt. Mike had different plans though. He loved ass and dove tounge first into Kirstens.

“wow” Kirsten moaned with 6 inches of Trey’s meat in her mouth. the vibrations from Kirstens moan sent shivers up Treys spine. He was close to cumming.

Mike and Joe were working on kirstens ass and pussy like there was no tomarrow. Eliza wanted more action so she took advantage of her directorial debut.

“stick some fingers in that ass, Mike, make her loose” Eliza said.

Mike did as he was told and put one finger in her ass and put his pinky in her sopping wet pussy. This drove Kirsten off the edge. she immediatly wanted to be filled. she took Treys cock out of her mouth and moved back a little bit so she could fit her tight little cunt on Joes cock.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH DAYUMMM THATS SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!” Kirsten yelled, enough for they whole neighborhood to hear

“you like that blondie?! you like getting nailed by a big black cock?!” Joe said smiling from ear to ear.

“OH GOD YES!!!! I LOVE BIG BLACK DICK!!! POUND ME HARDER! HARDER! HARDEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!” Kirsten yelled. She looked up at Trey and told him to go fill her ass up with his giant black meat. Mike cleared the way.

“All lubed up for ya, Trey, she’s gonna get her ass STRECHED OUT!” Mike said as he gave his teammate a high five. Trey, without warning, stuck the whole nine inches up Kirstens tight ass with one push”

“WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHH” Kirsten screamed. she had cock in her ass before but they usually went in slow. by this time Trey was working like a jackhammer.

Eliza took off her pants to get better access to her pussy. she was close to cumming but she was trying to keep the camera steady and on the action.

Meanwhile Mike wanted to try something on this once in a lifetime oppertunity. he got in front of Kirsten while she was being double fucked by his homies. Kirsten saw him and reached out for his cock. But Mike turned away. Kirsten was half confused and half lost in sexual bliss.

“Nah bitch, i licked your ass, so its time you licked mine.” Mike said as he turned around and pointed his ass toward Kiki. Kirsten had never licked ass before but she thought about the camera that was pointed at her and she stuck her tounge out till it reached Mikes puckered asshole.


“Mmmmmhmmm” Kirsten replied. she liked this new way of sexual escapade. and continued to lap at his ass harder. Just then Trey announced that he was comming soon.

Kirsten stopped licking ass and turned her head “come deep inside my tight little ass, you big black stud”

Then a stroke of genious hit Eliza as her orgazam came.

“uhhhhhh wait! dont cum inside herrrrrrrrrrr mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Eliza yelled as she was cumming. The three men stopped and looked at her dumbfounded.

“All three of you cum on her face” Eliza said.

Kirsten smiled at her friend knowing what a good idea that was. but Eliza shot back a

response to her well filled out friend: “you dont know the half of it!”

Eliza propped the camera on the table so that it was facing the scene. Kirsten sat on the couch as the three black cocks were circled around her face. She sucked the tips of whichever cock was closest to her face as the three black guys worked on pumping out the jizz that was gonna cover this sluts entire head. Eliza thought she’d help out and went behind Mike to lick his ass. Eliza was skilled in that department. She licked quite a few of her girlfriends ass’ back in highschool.

“yeah lick your ass flavor off my cock bitch” Trey said to Kiki as she sucked on his dick”

“I’m commiinnnggggggggggggggg!” yelled Joe as he came all over the left side of Kirstens beautiful movie star face. Trey followed as he came a lil bit in Kiki’s mouth. Kirsten took his cock out and aimed it to her face. Load apon load of white cum flowed on her face like a jizz squirtgun. She laughed as it coated her face. She was proud to be their little white slut.

“HERE IT COMES BITCH!!!!!!” Mike yelled as he unloaded his jizz all over what was left of dry spots on Kirstens face. And as he came, his asscheeks clenched catching Elizas tounge and nose in his ass. She moaned as she enjoyed being in the action.

Eliza then took her face out of his ass and looked at Kirsten. Kiki could barely keep her eyes open. there was so much cum on her face and hair.

“Now what?” Kirsten asked. as she waited for what was in store.

“Now the kinky part” Eliza said.

Eliza went over to Kirsten and began to lick and suck up all the cum off of Kirstens face. It was a difficult task getting all of it. Alot of it was dribbling out of her mouth. But she tried to keep as much as she could. then when Eliza’s mouth was full of cum she looked at the camera and smiled. She looked at Kirsten as Kirsten wanted to see Eliza swallow it all. But instead Eliza took her hands and opened Kirstens mouth. Kirsten looked at her friend and watched as Eliza spat all the cum that was just on her face into her mouth. It seemed like more then what was on her face but she tried to take it all.

Then Eliza looked down at Kirsten.

“Swallow it you little blonde slut!!” Eliza hissed. “swallow it ALL!!”

Kirsten started to swallow it. She looked at the camera and winked. She then threw her head back and started to gargle. She had a slight gag but then she gulped. Kirsten looked at the camera and walked up to it and opened her mouth to show that there was nothing in it. Then she hit the pause button.

“well thats a wrap guys,” Kirsten said to the team. “I’ll be back to the courts whenever i feel lonely” The guys got dressed and gave the girls a goodbye kiss.

Eliza looked at Kirsten. “wow that was fun girl, now im horney as hell.”

“well, I didnt say we were done” Kirsten said as she examined the camera, “we still have two hours of footage left”

Eliza looked at Kirsten with a wicked grin. she wondered what else Kiki had planned.

“What else do you want to do Kiki?” Eliza asked. She couldnt wait.

“well why dont you take off the rest of your clothes and lay on the couch” Kirsten said as she pressed record again on the camera.

Eliza was happy to do as she was told. The black guys and all that cum mader her so horney and she’s been wanting her ‘Bring it On’ costar for so long. It was like a dream come true for her. She got naked and laid on the couch and spread her legs exposing her neatly V-trimmed pussy.

Kirsten put her hair in a ponytail and put the camera back on the table facing the couch. she got on her knees and crawled over to Eliza and as she snaked her way up Eliza’s beautiful body Kiki whispered in her ear.

“i want to get soooooo nasty with you baby, you have no idea how long i’ve wanted this” Kirsten said. with that she grabbed Eliza by the jaw and gave the most passionate kiss Eliza has ever had. Kirsten and Eliza were locked in embrace and Kirstens hands floated down toward Eliza’s firm tits.

“Mmmmm” Eliza moaned as she got some attention on her tits for the first time today. Kirsten broke the kiss. Eliza moved her head up to try to get more of a taste of Kirstens lips but Kiki pushed her back.

“See? it was worth it to get out of bed early this morning” Kirsten teased. “now watch”

Kirsten slid down Elizas body and moved her mouth to Elizas clit that was sticking out like a little mini cock. Kirsten sucked as hard as she could and then began to flick her tounge over the clit.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWD!!!!!!! KIKI DONT ST-ST-STOOOOPPPPPPP!” Eliza moaned. Eliza might play a tough girl on the screen but she was putty in Kirstens hands (and mouth).

Kirsten stoped focusing on the clit and moved her mouth to Elizas cunt lips. Kiki wrapped her mouth around it and sucked her cunt lip. Flicking her tounge during the process. This drove Eliza absolutely crazy.


“yeah baby all over my face” Kirsten yelled back “i want your girlygirl cum on my pretty lil face.” Eliza coozed all over the place. Making her cum was the greatest thing on earth to Eliza.

But Eliza’s sexual lust turned to fear as she saw a man across the room. She looked down and saw that Kirsten was looking at him too.

“Dad?!” Kirsten said, “what are you doing home?”

“i had to get my camera for my fishing trip tonight” Her dad said as he looked at the two beautiful starletts who were too shocked to even cover themselves. He had an obvious hard-on from the site he just witnessed. And that caused Elizas fear to turn back to lust.

“well we’re shooting a movie Mr. Dunst” Eliza said as she grabbed her friends dad’s cock through his pants “and we would love you to be in it”

“is that so?” Mr. Dunst said as he glanced over to see the red light on the camera.

“yeah Mr. Dunst, and you get to get the fucking of a lifetime from your daughter and her friend” Eliza said hoping Kirsten would follow her lead. Either way Eliza wanted cock now.

“that sounds good to me” Mr. Dunst said with a trembling voice as Eliza pulled his pants down. “and call me ‘Dad’, Eliza.”

“Ok daddy,” Eliza said while stroking his cock, “would you like me to suck you off, while your daughter eats my ass?”

“Oh yeah baby doll, i’d love that” Mr. Dunst said as he looked over to his daughter who was still in shock as she watched her bestfriend suck her dads cock. She felt weird at first. but she looked at the camera and realized that its what she had to do so she took a deep breath and started to eat Elizas beautiful ass.

“mmmmmmm” Eliza moaned, she took her mouth off her new daddys cock and looked back at Kirsten. “show daddy how you love to eat ass now”

Eliza turned back to Mr. Dunst and lifted his shaft so she could suck his hot ballsack into her mouth while she stroked his meat with her hands. Mr. Dunst had a big cock just like the basketball players.

As the three were lost in their sexuall bliss another unexpected visitor decided to join Kirstens porno movie. Max, Kiki’s five year old German Sheapard, came in. His nose in the air, sniffing for the smell of sex that had clouded Kirstens small apartment. His cold nose ended at Kirstens cunt as he started to lap at the flowing juice that had been there since the double fucking she endured not to long ago.

Kirsten loved the feel of the tounge and didnt care weather or not her dog was licking her cunt and ass. she wanted to be eaten out so badly she didnt mind who was back there. But one idea turned into another as Max grew bold and mounted his owner. he wrapped his paws around kirstens waist and got into her cunt on the first try. this sent shockwaves through Kirstens body.


“Just go with it babyyyy–ooooohhhhh” Mr. Dunst said to Kirsten as Eliza took all of his cock into her mouth. “oh shit im gonna come!!!”

Eliza stopped and looked up “not yet daddy, you gotta fuck us first. Pwwwwwweeese?” Eliza whined as she fake pouted. And she turned around to see Kirsten getting the shit fucked out of her by her dog.

“thats what i do with my dog all the time, Kiki” Eliza explained, “i thought i was the only one”

Kirsten didnt even listen. She was lost in the bliss of the fucking of a lifetime. she was hooked. she loved getting fucked by this beast and its huge cock.

“it….feeeeeelllls…s-s-sooooo goood!!” Kirsten moaned.Just then Kirsten’s eyes got wide.

“i think he’s commmmmming….oh that feels sooooo good GAAAAWWWWWWD DAMMMMMNNNIT” Kirsten yelled as her pussy gets filled with gallons of dog jizz.

Kirsten was running out of breath but she was far from done. She wanted more cock. She got up and walked over to her dad and pushed him back on the floor.

“time to fuck daddy, i know you want me sooooo badly, dont you?” Kirsten said coyly.

“yes baby” her dad said. “i wanna cumm so deep in you”

Kirsten straddled her father and guided his dick into her dripping wet cunt. She moaned as she took all nine inches into her honey pot. Eliza, not wanting to feel left out, stood with her ass facing Kirsten and she bent over so Kirsten could eat her out while she kissed Mr. Dunst.

Kirstens dad was lost in bliss. He had his daughter on his dick and her best friend making out with him. And all of it was on tape! He started to lose control.

“Kiki” he moaned “im comming sweetheart”

“do it daddy, cum in my sweet pussy, i want your cum daddy! give it to me! ughhhhhhhhh!!!!” she screamed as she felt burst after burst of her dads come shoot into her womb.

Eliza pulled Kirsten up and started to eat Kiki out so she could eat as much cum as possible.

“man,” Eliza moaned, “i want to eat more cum.”

“me too” Kirsten said as she looked at her dads limp cock. she bent down and started to suck it and try to get it back up. she wanted all of her dads cum. Eliza turned to Max, who was laying on his side, and grasped the dogs furry sheath.

“i want some doggy cum, baby” cooed Eliza. And she went down and started sucking for all it was worth.

Once Kirsten got her dad hard again she thought it would be good if he fucked Eliza. So he got up and went over to Eliza who was bent over with a mouth full of dog cock and Mr. Dunst shoved his cock up her ass.

“WWWWWWMMMMMMMMMMPHFFFFFF” Eliza screamed around the dogs cock. she hadnt been fucked up the ass in so long. she forgot what it felt like. and to her it was sooooo good.

“yeah fuck her deep daddy, i love you so much” kirsten said as she thought about putting her new talent to good use as she knelt behind her father and spread his asscheeks. She stuck out her tounge and tounge fucked her dads ass with all her power.

“fuck yeah baby im gonna cum!!!” Mr. Dunst said.

“CUm in my mouth daddy!” Kirsten yelled.

“No, cum in my ass daddy!” Eliza said as she removed Maxs cock from her mouth.

After hearing that Mr. Dunst didnt have the power to stop and he just came as hard as he could deep into Elizas ass. Kirsten saw this and with great envy went to the dog and stole its cock from Elizas grasp and sucked it like it was the last cock she’d ever suck. It didnt take long for him to cum and he exploaded into Kirstens small mouth. she swallowed as much as she could but some dribbled down her chin. Eliza looked over and licked it up off Kiki’s neck and up to her mouth where they met in a angry passionate kiss.Then Kirsten broke the kiss and slapped Eliza.

“i wanted daddys cum!” she yelled.

“its ok baby,” her dad said. “how much film do you have left?”

Kirsten went over to the camera. “about 10 minutes”

“well follow me girls” their dad said as he led them to the bathroom. “get in the tub”

Kirsten sat in the tub on their knees and waited for what their dad was gonna do. Mr. Dunst held the camera with one hand and his cock with the other.

“now open wide girls, and drink as much as you can” he said as he let his golden piss spread all over his girls.

Kirsten and Eliza drank as much as they could and just bathed in the the rest. then they took turns peeing on Mr. Dunst and each other and they cuddled together in the tub and kissed each other. and as they took in each others embrace they heard the camera beep as the tape was done. Kirsten packed it up and put it in the mailbox for it to be picked up. it was only 11am and she thought about what the rest of the day held. she couldnt wait…


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