Debby Pays a Visit to Disney

Title: Debby Pays a Visit to Disney

Author: Tori

Celebs: Debby Ryan and Olivia Rodrigo

Codes: Mf. MFf, Ff, anal, oral, lesbian, first

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

It had been awhile since Debby Ryan visited the Disney Studios.  After her show ended, she took some time off and partied, sometimes a bit too hard but now, she was hoping for a chance at another show.  It was almost 6pm by the time she got off the elevator and walked up the Bob Parson’s receptionist.  “Hi, is Bob in?”  The secretary looked up and said, “Oh, Ms. Ryan.  Good to see you again.  Mr. Parson’s is in a meeting at the moment.”  Debby smirked and said, “A meeting huh?  I wonder which little slut is in there.”  The secretary smiled and said, “You know Mr. Parsons all too well.  You can have a seat and I’ll let him know you’re here.”  Debby sat down and listened while the secretary buzzed Bob.  After several attempts, Bob finally answered and the secretary told him that Debby was waiting.  After she hung up the phone, she looked over at Debby and said, “Mr. Parson’s will see you now.  Just go right in.”

Debby thanked her and opened the door to Bob’s office.  Bob was sitting behind his desk with his head tilted back and his mouth open.  Debby closed the door behind her and cleared her throat.  Bob looked over at her and smiled.  “Debby!  Great to see you.  Come over here and let me introduce you to one of our newest starlets.”  Debby walked over to the far side of the desk and looked down to see a very young, skinny girl on her knees sucking Bob’s cock.  Her long brown hair was braided down her back and Debby saw that she had her top off but was still wearing her tight jeans.  Bob pulled her mouth off of his cock and said, “Olivia, this is Debby Ryan.  Debby, meet Olivia Rodrigo.  She’s one of the stars of Bizaardvark.”  Debby smiled at the young girl and said, “Hi Olivia.  I see you’re fitting right in here at Disney.”  As Olivia stroked Bob’s cock with her tiny hand, she smiled and said, “Hi.  I’m a huge fan.  I loved you on Suite Life and Jessie.”  Debby leaned against the desk and said, “I like your show too.  Very funny.”

Bob put his hand on Olivia’s head and pushed her back down on his cock.  “Olivia is going to be joining the club later this week.  We’ll have time to talk about that later but first things first.  Keep sucking baby.”  Olivia went back down on him and Debby watched the cute 14 year old devour Bob’s cock like a pro.  Bob held the young teen’s head tight and then Debby saw a familiar look on his face.  A look she’d seen many times before.  Bob pushed his cock down Olivia’s throat and started to cum.  Debby watched her swallow his load and when she finished, she sat back on her legs and licked her lips.  Debby leaned over and kissed her, catching her off guard.  “Don’t worry sweetie.  I’ve tasted Bob’s spunk many times.”

Bob sat back and opened up his desk drawer and pulled out a huge strapon dildo.  He handed it to Debby and said, “Why don’t you put this on and we’ll show Olivia what it takes to be a member of the Disney Girls Club.  Debby smiled as she pulled her dress up over her head.  She quickly discarded her bra and panties and stepped into the strapon.  Her massive tits jiggled as she tightened the straps.  Once secure, she pulled Olivia up to her feet and undid her jeans.  Bob stood up behind the young girl and pulled her jeans and panties down and helped her step out of them.  He pushed her back down to her knees as Debby took the massive dildo in her hand and gently slapped Olivia on the cheek.  She began to rub the head across the girl’s lips and said, “Come on little girl, suck my big cock.”  Olivia opened her mouth and took as much of the toy into her mouth as she could.  Debby grabbed her head and shoved the rubber cock down her throat, making her gag and choke.  “Come on you little bitch, you can do better than that.”  Olivia had tears running down her cheeks as she tried her best to deep throat Debby’s cock.

Bob made his way over to the couch.  He’d fucked his share of Disney sluts on this couch and now it was Olivia’s turn.  As he stroked his cock, Debby was busy face fucking the cute 14 year olds mouth.  As soon as he was hard, he said, “Bring that little slut over here.”  Debby pulled the dildo out of Olivia’s mouth and dragged her by the ponytail over to Bob.  “Climb aboard baby.  Time to lose that cherry” he said.  Olivia slowly got on Bob’s lap and as she lowered herself down on his cock, she winced in pain as he broke through her innocence.  Bob held her for a second and then started to slowly fuck the young girl’s pussy.  Debby got up on the couch and told Olivia to suck the toy again.  As she did, Debby said, “Don’t worry sweetie, the pain won’t last long.  You should rub your clit.  Trust me.”  Olivia dropped one of her hands to her pussy and started to play with herself as she sucked the big cock.  She was soon bouncing up and down on Bob, taking him deep into her newly fucked hole.  Debby pulled the toy out of Olivia’s mouth and hopped off the couch.  She got behind Olivia and replaced the girl’s hand with her own.  As Debby rubbed and pinched her clit, Olivia started to cum.  Her body tensed and started to shake as she screamed out, “YESSSSS…..YESSSSSS…..YESSSSSSSSSSS!!”

Olivia wrapped her arms around Bob and hugged him tightly as he continued to slam his cock into her sopping wet pussy.  Bob winked at Debby and she knew exactly what he wanted her to do.  She walked over to Bob’s desk and took out a bottle of lube and coated her rubber cock with it.  She squirted a good amount on Olivia’s ass and used her fingers to spread it around.  Debby pushed one and then two fingers into the tiny teen’s starfish and then she said, “It’s time for you to learn what it takes to work here slut.”  Debby didn’t hesitate, she simply pushed the massive rubber cock into the skinny girl’s ass causing her to scream.  The sounds coming from Olivia were incomprehensible.  As Debby pushed the entire length into her, a deep, animalistic groan rose from her throat and she began to orgasm.  The shock waves running through her body almost caused her to pass out.  Debby grabbed her braided ponytail and pulled her head back and Debby could she her eyes roll back and her mouth wide open.  Bob and Debby began to get into a rhythm and as they did, Olivia was grunting like a common street whore.  She was heaving and bucking against the two cocks inside of her and begged for them to fuck her harder.  Debby pulled the strapon out and looked down at the gaping ass.  She spit in it and then drove the dildo back inside Olivia.

After several more orgasms, Debby pulled out and Bob had Olivia turn around and take his cock up her ass.  The sweet teener straddled the executives cock and then took him balls deep.  Debby grabbed Olivia’s ankles and spread her long, thin legs as wide as she could before slamming the strapon into her swollen wet pussy.  They continued to DP Olivia for several more minutes until Bob erupted in her ass, filling her bowels with his hot cum.  Debby pulled the dildo out and dropped to her knees in front of the couch while Bob picked Olivia up off his cock, allowing Debby to lean in and suck the hot load from the teen’s still gaping asshole.

Olivia eventually rolled off of Bob and curled up in a ball on the couch.  When Debby stood up, she saw the little Latina start to suck her thumb.  Debby reached out and stroked the girl’s hair and said, “Now, wasn’t that fun?”  Olivia looked up at Debby with her big eyes and said, “My ass feels like it’s on fire.”  Bob stood up and walked over to his desk while Debby stripped off the strapon and sat next to Olivia.  She pulled the young girl up and kissed her.  She continued to stroke her hair and said, “Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll get used to it.  It took me a few times before I enjoyed getting fucked in my.  Trust me, you’ll learn to love it too, especially if you want to keep working here.”  Olivia giggled and then Bob said, “OK baby, remember, your party is this Friday.  Now go get a shower.  Your Mom will be here soon.”  Olivia stood up, wobbling a bit and slowly picked up her clothes.  She went into the bathroom and when they heard the water running, Debby said, “So, Bob, about that new show.”  Bob sat down at his desk and said, “We’ve got a few things we think will be perfect for you.  Why don’t you come over to my place tonight and we’ll discuss them.  Oh, by the way, I hope you’ll be able to make it to Olivia’s party this Friday.”  Debby pulled her dress on and said, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  Do you think Peyton will be there?”  Bob smiled and said, “I’m sure she will.”  Debby picked up her purse and headed out.  She opened the door and then turned to Bob and said, “Good, I hope so. I owe that bitch a good fisting after the one she gave me at the Jessie wrap party.”  Bob smiled and said, “Maybe we can both take turns.”  Debby blew him a kiss and said, “Or maybe we can both do her at the same time.  See ya!”

Bob finished getting dressed just as Olivia came out of the shower.  “Same time tomorrow sweetie?”  Olivia pulled her boots on and said, “Sure Mr. Parson’s.  Thanks for introducing me to Debby.”  Bob walked over and kissed her on the forehead.  He said, “My pleasure baby.”  After she left, Bob made a phone call.  A few minutes later, the door opened and Madison Hu, Olivia’s costar came in.  She walked over to Bob, dropped to her knees and said, “Did you have fun with Olivia?”  Bob pulled his cock out and said, “So much fun.  She’ll be all ready by the time Friday comes, just like you were.”  She started to stoke his cock and said, “Good.  I can’t wait.”  As the cute Asian teen started to suck him, Bob said, “Neither can I Maddie.  Neither can I.”

The End

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