Debby Ryan Gets Arrested, Part 1

Title:  Debby Ryan Gets Arrested, Part 1

Author:  Tori

Codes:  MF, NC, CONS, RAPE, ANAL, VIOL, snuff

Subject:  Debby Ryan

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Debby Ryan was working way too hard.  She was forever filming her TV show for Disney or on the road doing publicity gigs to promote the show.  In addition to all that, she was working very hard to get a part in a feature film that was going to start production soon.  She needed some time off so she begged and pleaded with her agent to let her go away for a few days.  Her agent told her there was no way she would be able to take a day off let alone 4 or 5.  She tried everything to change his mind but he wouldn’t budge.  Left with no choice, she walked over behind his large desk, dropped her knees and ran her hand over his crotch.  She rubbed his growing cock through his trousers and asked once again if he’d change his mind.  Before he could answer, she unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock.  She started stroking it with her soft, manicured fingers and gently ran her tongue around the tip.  Her touch made his cock grow rock hard and soon it found its way into her warm mouth.  She slowly took him deeper and deeper and soon she was bobbing up and down, sucking him and running her tongue along the shaft and across his balls.  He placed his hand on the top of her redhead and pushed her down, driving his hard cock deep into her throat.  Debby was an experienced cocksucker and took the full length with ease.  This wasn’t the first time she sucked her manager’s cock to get her way and she knew he would give her whatever she wanted.  She squeezed his balls and soon he was filling her mouth with his hot load.  Debby loved the taste of cum and swallowed it all down.  She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and asked him once again for a few days off.  He said he’d let her have 3 days but no more.  She needed to be back on the set on Tuesday.  He would have to cancel one of the morning talk show appearances she was scheduled but he’d make sure they would rebook her later on.  Debby jumped up, gave him a big kiss and left before he changed his mind.

Debby ran across the parking lot and got into her BMW and headed out of town.  She’d already had a bag packed and a bag of weed she’d gotten from one of the grips at the studio.  She liked to get high every once in a while but she made sure only a couple of people knew.  She gave the grip a handjob and a kiss for the bag of weed.  She would have given him a blowjob too if she had too but he was more than satisfied with a handjob.

She headed up the coast without a care in the world.  She didn’t have any firm plans, she was just going to drive until she got tired and stop at a hotel and relax.  It was starting to get dark when she saw a sign for an Inn.  She got off the highway and headed down some back roads through some woods when her tire blew.  She pulled her car over to the side of the road and sat there for a few minutes.  She got out her cellphone but saw that there was no signal.  She thought about getting out and walking back to the highway but decided to roll a joint and just sit there for a bit and hope someone drove by.  She was into her third joint, listening to some music when she saw the flashing lights of the police car behind her.  She turned her head and there, standing by her window, was a cop.  She quickly put the joint out in the ashtray but it was too late.  The cop had already seen the joint, the bag of dope on the seat and smelled the distinctive aroma that went along with the California Sensimilla she’d been smoking.

The cop was huge, at least 6’8’, 250 pounds and all muscle.  He tapped his flashlight on the window and told her to step out of the vehicle.  Debby got out and was told to go to the back of the car and place her hands on the trunk and spread her legs.  She tried to tell the cop who she was but he just told her to shut up.  He patted down the pretty teen starlet.  The pat down included several hard squeezes of her breasts as well as running his hands along her pussy and ass.  After he finished he had her place her hands behind her back and handcuffed her.  Debby knew full well that being arrested would be a huge embarrassment for her as well as Disney and would probably get her fired so she knew she had to convince him to let her go.  She begged and pleaded and told the cop who she was and that she’d suck his cock if he let her go.  He told her that he already knew who she was and that he had run her plates.  He also told her that a blowjob wasn’t going to be enough.  Debby knew then that he was going to want to fuck her.  She had lost her virginity to both of the twins on her old show a few years back and had a pretty regular sex like so she figured, what the hell.  She told him he could fuck her as long as he let her go.  The cop smiled and said she had a deal as long as she did his partner too.  She looked over at the cop car but didn’t see anyone else.  Before she could ask him about his partner, he pulled out his 12 inch cock and pushed her down across the trunk of her car.  He kept the cuffs on her and pulled her dress up over her ass, pulled her panties aside and slid his cock into her pussy.  He pushed his entire length into her already dripping wet hole and started to fuck her.  In and out, he pounded her wet pussy, shoving his cock balls deep into her.  She was enjoying his cock and was nearing her first orgasm when he pushed his finger into her ass.  This sent her over the edge and her body shook as she came.  She was still shaking when he pulled out and came all over her ass.  He pulled her down to her knees and put his cock to her mouth.  Debby took him deep and sucked the remaining cum and swallowed it all with a smile.

The cop told her it was his partners turn.  He pulled Debby to her feet and walked her to the back of his car and opened the door.  That was when she saw his partner.  A very large German Shepard was sitting there licking his balls.  Debby started to back away, shaking her head no but he stopped her and grabbed her by the hair and told her a deal is a deal.  He pushed her into the car.  She went face down on the seat with her ass sticking up.  The big cop pulled her panties down and the Shepard mounted her.  He was pumping air with his huge dog cock already out and ready for fucking.  The dog was pumping against Debby when he finally found his mark.  His cock was at least ten inched long and slid into her freshly fucked pussy with no problem.  Debby was horrified with the fact that she was getting fucked by a dog and suddenly retched and vomited on the seat as the dog was ramming his cock into her.  She felt him knot up and knew there was nothing she could do until he finished his business.  The big dog rammed the pretty teen starlet for almost 15 minutes before he finally filled her pussy with his vile liquid.   It took almost 3 more minutes for him to finally lose the knot and pull out of her.

Debby Ryan was laying there with dog cum dripping out of her sore pussy in the back seat of a police car on the side of the road.  She felt the cop grab her by her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the seat.  She felt him spit on her ass and then, without warning, he shoved his cock in her asshole.  This made her scream out loud in pain as he violated her virgin poop chute.  She’d never had anything in her ass except a finger or two and now she was getting fucked by this huge cop.  He pounded her deep and hard and she felt his balls slapping against her swollen pussy.  He grabbed her by her red hair and pulled her head up off the seat.  He put his hands around her neck and started choking her as he rammed her torn and bleeding asshole with his footlong cock.  He choked her until she was ready to pass out and then let her breathe.  This continued for almost 20 minutes as he assraped her.  She felt like the assault would never end but finally, he blew his load and filled her bowels with cum.  He pulled his cock out of her ass and pulled Debby out of the car onto her knees on the gravel road and made her clean her filth from his cock.  When she finished, he told her to open her mouth and then he proceeded to empty his bladder.  He pissed in her mouth and all over her face and hair.  He told her to swallow and she did.  Her humiliation was now complete.

Debby Ryan, pretty young Disney starlet, trying to get some peace and relaxation was on her knees, handcuffed on the side of the road, covered in piss and cum.  Her pussy and ass were torn to shreds and her entire body ached from the assault.  She looked up at her assailant as he put his cock back into his pants and zipped them up.  He pulled her to her feet and took the cuffs of her wrists.  He was bending down to pick up her torn panties when Debby reached over and pulled his pistol from his holster.  The cop was taken completely by surprise and froze when he heard her pull the hammer back.  She told him to put the cuffs on his wrist and put his hands behind his back.  She completed the task of cuffing him and told him not to move.  She undid his gunbelt and pulled his trousers and underwear down.  She told him to get into the back seat of the car and as he did, she pushed his face into the puddle of vomit she’d left earlier.  She pulled off his shoes and removed his trousers and underwear leaving his bare ass sticking up from the seat.  Debby placed the muzzle of the pistol on his asshole and shoved it in as deep as it would go.  The cop screamed in pain and started to cry as she raped his ass with his own gun.  That was when Debby’s mind went black.  She was in full blown hate for this bastard that assraped her and made her have sex with a dog.  She knew then and there how it was going to end.  Her finger squeezed the trigger and a shot rang out.  The bullet exploded in the cops ass, killing him instantly.  She turned the bloody pistol towards the dog and pulled the trigger once again, blowing the dog’s head off.

Debby walked over to her car and opened the trunk.  She took out a towel and wiped her prints and the blood off the pistol and laid it on the ground next to the cop car.  She then took out her spare and changed her flat tire.  When she finished, she got back in her car, turned around and drove back to the highway.  It was well past midnight by the time she got home.  She parked her car in the garage and went in the house and showered.  After she had washed the remains of the rape from her bruised and battered body, she threw her ruined dress, panties and bra into the fireplace and burned them.  She rolled another joint and when she finished, she went to bed.  She fell asleep almost at once and she didn’t dream at all.

The next morning, as she made her breakfast, she fell to her knees on the kitchen floor and sobbed, uncontrollably for almost an hour.  It all came back to her in flash, the rape, the shooting, she remembered it all.  She didn’t know if she would ever get over the ordeal but she knew she had to try.  She finally got up from the floor and was headed to her bedroom to get dressed when the doorbell rang.  She opened the door and she saw two men in uniforms.  They arrested the young starlet on charges of first degree murder.  It seems most of the events were captured on the cops dashboard cam.  It seemed that her nightmare wasn’t over yet.

The End.

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