Debby Ryan Gets Arrested, Part 2

Title:  Debby Ryan Gets Arrested, Part 2

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Debby Ryan

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Part 2:

“Are you Debby Ryan?”

“Yes, I am”

“Miss Ryan, you’re under arrest.  You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court or law…………………….”

As the cop was reading her rights to her, the other cop was putting handcuffs on her.  They led her out of the house and put her into the backseat of their police car.  Debby was thankful it was an unmarked car.  She didn’t want her neighbors to see her taken away in a black and white.

She was told she was being taken to the police station in the town where the crime occurred.  The drive would take several hours and Debby sat handcuffed in the backseat next to one of the officers.  They drove in silence for the first two hours and Debby sat looking out the window going over the previous night’s events.  She thought about saying something to the cops, explaining what happened but thought better of it.  She understood her right to remain silent and decided to wait until she could call her lawyer and get him up to the police station.

She was uncomfortable as hell with her hands cuffed behind her back and started to squirm a bit in her seat.  The cop next to her told her to be still.  She just sighed and adjusted her arms and wiggled her wrists to help with the numbness.  That’s when the cop spoke to her.  He didn’t look at her, he just said that the cop she killed was a good friend of his and that she was going to pay for what she did.  She wanted to tell him how his friend had raped her and forced her to have sex with a dog but kept her mouth shut instead.

They finally made the turn off the highway and were getting very near the crime scene.  She looked up ahead but nothing seemed familiar.  It was dark after all and her mind was in another place when she drove home.  They rounded a curve and she saw it.  The police car was gone but she could see the remains of burned flares and the crime scene tape still hanging from the trees and a light pole.  The car slowed down and pulled over.  She started to get frightened, wondering why they stopped.  The cop driving got out of the car and came around to Debby’s door and opened it.  He grabbed her and pulled her out of the car and pushed her to her knees.  He pulled out his cock and forced it into her mouth and told her to suck him.  He told her he had seen the video from the car camera and knew she was a good cocksucker.  She took him into her mouth and started sucking him off.  He moaned and looked down at the pretty redheaded starlet with her lips wrapped around his eight inches.  She sucked him deep and hard trying to get him to cum so it would be over quickly.  It didn’t take her long to get him off.  He filled her mouth with his cum and told her to swallow it.  After she finished, he put his cock back into his pants and asked his partner if he wanted a go.  His partner said no, he had other plans for her when they got the station.  The cop picked her up and put back into the car and they drove on.

When they arrived at the police station, Debby could see a dozen or so cops waiting out front.  They parked and got out and pulled her from the car.  Several of the cops spit on her as the escorted her into the station.  They took her down a long hallway and put her into one of the interrogation rooms.  They removed the cuffs and told her to sit down and left her.  She sat down on one of the steel chairs and looked around.  The room was empty except for two chairs and a table.  One of the walls was a mirror and she figured it was two-way.  She’d seen enough cop shows to know that they were probably watching her to see what she would do.  She wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of seeing her cry so she just put her head down on the table and softly hummed a church hymn to herself and started to pray.  She eventually dozed off and dreamed she was on the set of her show and everything was normal.  She didn’t know how long she slept but woke up as soon as she heard the door slam.  When she looked up, she saw and older cop with stars on his collar.  He told her his name was Chief Miller and asked if his men had read her her rights and did she understand her rights.  She nodded and he slammed his fists down on the table and asked her again.  She said yes, she understood them.  He reached over the table and grabbed by the hair and pulled her out of the chair across the table and pushed her face down hard on the cold surface.  She knew she was in trouble.  She didn’t struggle as he tore her t-shirt from her body.  She wasn’t wearing a bra since they didn’t let her change before they left her house.  He threw the rag over in the corner and turned her over on her back.   He spun her around and grabbed her shorts and panties and pulled them off.  He spread her legs apart and without warning, shoved his fist into her pussy.  He pushed and pushed until his entire paw was inside of her hole up to his wrist.  She screamed out in agony as he assaulted her.  She felt him twisting and turning his hand inside of her and then passed out from the pain.

When she came too, she was bent over the table and the old cop had his cock buried balls deep in her ass.  She felt like her asshole was on fire as he rammed his shaft deep into her bowels.  He grabbed a handful of her hair and lifted her head off the table, only to slam it back down, hard.  He did this several times as he assraped her until she passed out again.  When she came too again, he was pissing all over her face.  The three cops on the other side of the mirror stood and smiled at the sight of the pretty Disney teen splayed out across the table with cum running out of her torn ass and covered in piss.  The Chief zipped up his trousers and looked at the mirror and told them to take this whore and put her in a cell.  The three men came in and carried her limp naked body out of the room and tossed her into the cell and locked the door.

She knew this was only the beginning and prayed once again for this hell to end.

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