Debby Ryan Gets Arrested, Part 3

Title:  Debby Ryan Gets Arrested, Part 3

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Debby Ryan

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Debby Ryan, the pretty young star of the Disney show “Jessie” was raped and brutalized for several hours after arriving at the police station.  She had been arrested for killing the cop that raped her the day before and now she was at the mercy of his police brothers and sisters.  Her body ached from head to toe and her pussy felt like it was on fire from being fist fucked by Chief Miller.

She lay naked on her cot for several hours before finally falling asleep.  She had prayed to God that her nightmare would end soon.  She came awake with a start when the door to her cell opened and she saw the cop from the trip to the station standing in her cell.  He looked down at her with a smile on his face and she saw he had his cock out.  That was when he started to piss on her.  He sprayed his urine all over her face and hair and across her breasts.  She could do nothing to stop it and just lay there, letting the warm, vile liquid coat her tender flesh.  When finished, he pulled her out of the cot and forced her on the floor.  He bent her over the cot and shoved his cock up her tender, torn ass.  The cop brutalized her for more than fifteen minutes.  She didn’t fight him or scream, she took all he gave her and felt his cock pounding away inside of her.  He slammed her asshole with the hate of a man possessed.  The only thing he said to her was that she was going to pay for killing his friend and continued his assault on the young teen.  She started to wish he would just kill her and get it over with but snapped out it and told herself that come hell or high water, she would survive this ordeal.

He grabbed a handful of her dirty, piss soaked red hair and shoved his cock down her throat and filled her mouth with his cum.  He told her to swallow it all down like a filthy whore.  She gagged as the slime ran down her throat and filled her stomach.  When she finished, he beat her to within an inch of her life and left her there, bleeding on the floor of the cell.

The next morning, she could see light coming through the window.  Her left eye was swollen shut and she was sure he had broken some of her ribs.  She tried to get up off the floor but couldn’t muster the strength to do so.  She called out for help but no one came.   It was around 1pm when two big cops came in and picked her up from the floor and took her out of the cell.  They carried her broken body down another hall and took her into a small room.  They tied her wrists together and hung her from the ceiling.  Her toes barely touched the floor.  One of the cops took out his nightstick and proceeded to rape her ass with it.  She felt her insides being torn apart by the instrument.  He brutalized her for several minutes and then the other cop shoved his nightstick into her pussy.  Sometime during the assault, she passed out from the pain.

They threw a bucket of cold water on her and brought her around.  She looked up and saw one of the female cops standing there wearing a strapon dildo.  She got behind Debby and sodomized the teen once again.  She prayed this hell would end soon.  The three police officers continued their assault on the young starlet for over an hour.  Her mind went black and she felt her consciousness leave her body.  She believed she was looking down at her broken body being brutalized and beaten.  She felt at peace with God and started to walk away only to be brought back to reality by an unbelievable pain on her ass.  One of the cops had branded the word “whore” on her ass with a steel branding iron.  She smelled the burning flesh and felt the excruciating pain run through her entire body.  They all laughed and told her no one was going to want a teen starlet that was branded a whore.  They continued laughing as they left the room and shut the door leaving her hanging from the ceiling.  Debby Ryan was completely destroyed.  She hung her head and cried uncontrollably and then passed out again.

She was still hanging from the ceiling when she woke up.  Her arms were numb and she was still in pain from being branded.  She hung there for several hours when the door opened and another female cop came in.  She gave Debby some water and cut her down from the ceiling.  Debby slumped to the floor and started to cry.  The female cop pushed her filthy hair out of her face and patted her forehead and told her she had called the studio and spoke with her agent and told him where she was.  She said he’d be here soon and it would all be over.  She told her that the cop that she killed had raped her too when she was a rookie but she didn’t say anything out of fear of reprisals from the others, just like they had done to Debby.  Just then the door opened and Chief Miller and three other cops came in and pulled the female cop to her feet and handcuffed her.  Debby watched as they hung the pretty cop from the ceiling like they had done to her.  They tore her uniform from her body and then took turns raping and beating her.  Debby crawled over to the corner and sat there and watched the entire episode.  When they were finished, they took her down and carried her out of the room.

Chief Miller pulled Debby to her feet and took her back to her cell.  The rest of the day the cops came in and raped her repeatedly.  Sometimes one at a time, sometimes in groups.  They fucked her mouth, her pussy but mostly, they fucked her ruined asshole.  They covered her in their cum and also made her swallow load after load.  By the end of the day, she was in a catatonic state and just lay there while they violated her teenaged body.  When they had finished with her, Chief Miller came in and pulled down his trousers.  He squatted over her face and shit into her mouth.  He filled her with his scat and then pissed all over her.  All Debby could do was spit the pile onto the floor and vomit for several minutes.  He wiped his ass with her hair, pulled up his pants and left, locking the cell door behind him.  Debby was no longer afraid to die.  In fact, she wished for it.  She didn’t know how much more she could endure and prayed that her agent would send help soon.

She didn’t know how long she was alone in her cell when she heard the commotion outside.  She pulled herself up off the cot with all the strength she could muster.  The door opened and her agent came in followed by several State Policemen.  Her agent took off his coat and covered her up.  She started to sob uncontrollably and her agent told her it was over.  Two paramedics came in with a stretcher and gently placed her on it and covered her up with a blanket.  As they wheeled her out, she saw all the cops and Chief Miller up against the wall in handcuffs.  She also saw the female cop that helped her being place on a stretcher of her own.  It appeared that they had continued their assault on her as well.

She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was cleaned up and had her broken ribs treated and bruises tended too.  She was thankful that there were no reporters there to see her being brought in.  She got the first good night sleep in two days and the next day, her agent and her lawyer came into her room.  They explained that she would have to go to court and tell her side of the story about the killing but they assured her that with her testimony and the testimony of the female cop that she would be exonerated of all charges.

It took almost three more months before she was able to return to the set of Jessie.  Everyone cheered and clapped when she walked onto the set.  She cried and hugged everyone and thanked them for their support.  Chief Miller and the other officers were found guilty of rape and assault and were sentenced to long terms in the state prison.  The State Police conducted an inquiry and other females, cops included, had come forward with stories of being raped by the officers from that station.  The female cop that helped her recovered from her injuries and returned to the job.  She and Debby became friends and still see each other often.  Debby still has nightmares about her ordeal and is seeing a therapist.  She had the brand cosmetically removed but still has a slight scar where it was.  She also recently found out that she had gotten the part in the movie she had auditioned for before she left on her trip.  Her prayer, it seemed, had been answered.

The End.

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