Debby Ryan Takes Peyton List To The Mountains

Title:  Debby Ryan Takes Peyton List To The Mountains

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Debby Ryan and Peyton List

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Debby Ryan has always been jealous of the other Disney stars.  She hated Miley, Selena, Ashley and Brenda Song, who she worked with on her first show.  She also hated Bridget Mendler and now, she had her own show and she was still taking a back seat to her pretty co-star, Peyton List.  Peyton was your typical Disney teen.  She was 15 going on 24 with blonde hair, long legs and a smile that opened up doors in Hollywood.  Everyone fawned over her and left poor Debby to sit in her trailer crying after each shoot.  Debby decided it was time to show everyone she was a star.  She decided to teach her little co-star a lesson she would never forget.

She made arrangements to rent a small cabin in the woods, miles away from civilization and asked Peyton if she’d like to spend a little “girl time” with her.  Peyton was elated.  She didn’t think Debby liked her very much and this was the first time she ever invited her to do anything.  She accepted right away and told Debby she was looking forward to becoming her new BFF.  Debby smiled and kissed her on the cheek and said she hoped so too.

They finished filming early on Friday and hit the road in Debby’s BMW.  They had a bag of sweets and listened to the radio while they drove up into the mountains.  They arrived at the cabin just before midnight and decided to wait until morning to unpack.  They were both exhausted from working and the drive and went to bed right away.

Debby woke up early and got things ready for her new BFF.  She laced her orange juice with a strong sedative she’d been taking for her depression and called Peyton down for breakfast.  The pretty young blonde came down in nothing but a tank top and her pink panties.  She gulped down the juice and started in on a bagel when she said she felt funny.  Debby smiled and told her that wasn’t all she was going to feel and with that, she passed out and fell to the floor.  Debby made a quick phone call and got out some handcuffs and a ballgag she’d purchased at a sex shop in Hollywood.  She put the gag in Peyton’s mouth and cuffed her hands behind her back.  About 45 minutes later she heard a knock on the door.  She opened it and saw her three friends from back home in Texas.  She had called them out to visit with her and promised them the weekend of their lives.  They were three, tall cowboys with tight jeans and cowboy hats and when they got her invite, they thought they’d be doing her all weekend, just like in the old days, before she went Hollywood on them.

They walked in and saw the little teen laying on the floor and just stood there and stared down at her.  Debby told them she was all theirs for the entire weekend and if they did a good enough job, she’s let them all take her up the ass before they left.  All three let out a yell and high fived each other.  They picked the teen up and took her upstairs to one of the bedrooms.  Peyton started to come too and was confused by her surroundings.  She was looking up at three stranger’s faces and realized she couldn’t move her hands.  She also realized there was something in her mouth.  One of the cowboys, Dru, took out a buck knife and cut off her panties.  He then sliced off her tank top exposing the young girl’s smooth white body.  While he did this, his friends, MIkey and Danny, got undressed.  Debby was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room taking in the sight of her friends.  She remembered all those Friday nights in Texas after the football game when they drove out of town and took turns letting her suck and fuck them in the back of a pickup.

Dru walked over and slipped his hand up Peyton’s legs and started rubbing her virgin pussy.  She started to mumble through the gag and tears ran down her cheeks as he played with her clit.  He told her if she kept quiet, he’d take the gag out of her mouth and she nodded her head.  He removed the gag and she started to say something when Mikey came over and shoved his 8 inch cock in her mouth.  He pushed it all the way down her throat and she gagged and blew snot out of her nose. Danny walked over the Debby and she took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him off.  Mikey kept face fucking the pretty little teen until he felt his balls swell up and when he pulled out he covered her face with his hot load.  She was gasping for breath and crying when Dru shoved his cock into her virgin pussy.  He felt her cherry pop and she screamed out in pain.  He didn’t miss a beat and just started slamming his cock in and out of her tight pussy.  Debby looked over and saw his cock coated with her juices and some blood and smiled as she finished off Danny and swallowed his load.

Dru pulled his cock out of her and grabbed by the hair and pushed her mouth onto his cock.  He pumped her throat for a minute and then came in her mouth.  He told her to swallow it all down like a good little whore.  She did as she was told.  She was in hell.  Nothing she’d ever experienced before in her life was as bad as what was happening to her.  She told herself that it was a dream but the pain in her pussy was real and it was about to get as real as it gets.

Mikey lay down on the bed and pulled her on top of him.  He slid his cock into her dripping wet pussy and started to fuck her.  She felt someone behind her and then, without warning, Danny shoved his cock deep into her ass.  She screamed so loud, the birds in the trees outside flew off.  Danny pushed his 10 inches deep into her torn asshole.  He could feel Mikey’s cock in her pussy and they started to fuck her holes without a thought of the pain they were inflicting on the skinny young girl.  She didn’t have time to say anything because Dru put his cock in her mouth, grabbed her head and started ramming her throat again.  All three were pumping the little teener as Debby sat and played with herself.  She got herself off just as all three of them filled the little bitch with their hot loads.

They got off the ruined girl and told Debby they were hungry and headed downstairs.  Peyton was lying on the bed, face down, sobbing uncontrollably into a pillow.  Her face was covered in sweat and cum and her once virgin holes were bruised and bleeding from the rape.  Debby sat next to her and asked her how she liked her new BFF now.  Peyton looked up and asked her why she let them do that to her.  She told her that the best was yet to come.  She put the ballgag back into Peyton’s mouth and headed downstairs to join her friends.

MIkey was cooking some steak and eggs on the stove and Dru was grabbing some plates from the cupboard.  Danny sat at the table and Debby sat on his naked lap and felt his cock start to get hard again.  She got down on her knees and started to suck him off again.  She had a big crush on Danny and even though they went to prom together, he always just considered her a friend.   Now that she was a big star, he thought about her more and more and was so happy when she invited them out for a visit.  She deep throated him like a pro and soon he was giving her another shot of his cum.  She swallowed every drop and when she was finished, she sat down and ate her breakfast.  They chatted while they ate, never mentioning what just happened with Peyton.  After they finished, they did the dishes and sat down on the couch.  Debby sat between Mikey and Dru and Danny found a comfy recliner.  They sat in silence for a few minutes when Debby asked if they brought Buck along, like she asked.  Dru said Buck was still out in the truck.  He went outside and soon returned with Buck, his 80 pound German Sheppard.  Buck came in wagging his tail and ran right over the Debby, licking her face and yelping, obviously very happy to see her again.  She looked down and saw his doggy dick sticking out and told them it was time to really see what kind of bitch Peyton was.

She led the dog upstairs and the boys followed.  They knew she was going to abuse the girl but they had no idea this was on her mind.  She told Buck to get up on the bed and she pulled Peyton up on her on her knees.  Her hands were still cuffed behind her so her face was on the pillow but her ass was sticking up and Debby had Buck mount her.  Buck instinctively started to hump on the young girl, missing his target.  Debby reached down and guided his massive dog cock into Peyton’s pussy.  Peyton moaned in horror as the big dog started to fuck her.  He was on top of her, ramming his cock and panting saliva all over her back.  She felt him knot up and no matter what she did, the dog was hopelessly attached to her until he was finished.  The guys stood in amazement while Buck fucked Peyton senseless.  They watched him tense up and then he filled her pussy with his cum.  He finally pulled out and jumped off the bed and started licking his cock and balls.  Debby dragged Peyton off the bed and pulled her over to Buck and told her to lick him clean.  She removed the gag and forced the young girls face onto the dog’s genitals.  She licked her juices and his cum from his cock and soon he was hard again.  Debby told her to suck him.  She grabbed and handful of Peyton’s blonde hair and forced her mouth on the dog’s cock.  Peyton sucked him for a few minutes and then Buck came again, this time in her mouth.  Debby held her nose shut and forced her to swallow the vile liquid.  When she finally let go, Peyton leaned over and threw up on the floor.  Debby was laughing and pushed her face into the vomit.  Peyton heaved again and this time she puked up all the cum that had filled her belly earlier.  Debby grabbed a towel and cleaned her up and then pulled her back onto the bed.  Peyton just looked up at her.  She was obviously in shock from the ordeal.  Debby told the guys to take a break.  They took Buck downstairs and Debby got on the bed with Peyton.  She squatted over her face and told Peyton to lick her pussy.  Peyton started to lick her and Debby told her stick her tongue in her pussy.  Peyton complied and soon Debby was writhing in orgasm as the little blonde continued to lick and tongue her cunt.  After she came, she felt another urge and filled Peyton’s mouth with her warm piss.  She emptied her bladder into the girl’s mouth and told her swallow it down.  She heard Peyton gulp and gag and then she left to join her friends downstairs, leaving the young, battered girl crying on the bed.

Buck was lying by the fireplace taking a nap and the boys were sitting on the couch, side by side, stoking their cocks.  Debby got down in front of them and started sucking them off, one after the other.  She was a skilled cocksucker and deep throated her friends until each of them had filled her mouth with their cum.  Dru wanted another go at Peyton so he excused himself and went upstairs.  Debby sat between Danny and Mikey and started stroking their cocks with her beautifully manicured hands and they heard Peyton screaming again.  Danny remarked that old Dru really liked to fuck little girls in their asses.  They all laughed and then Debby climbed on top of Mikey and slid his cock into her dripping wet pussy.   She looked over at Danny and told him that she liked her anal too.  Danny got behind her and pushed his cock into her ass.  She groaned in pleasure as he filled her butt.  The two of them DP’d the redhead while they listened to Peyton getting assfucked upstairs.  Debby’s gapping asshole and pussy was filled with cock and she started to orgasm over and over again.  The boys couldn’t take it any longer and shot their loads into her.  Just then they heard the loud bang of a gun shot.  They froze for a moment and then saw Peyton standing at the top of the stairs holding a pistol.  Debby was still staring up at her when the bullet hit her in the forehead.  She slumped over and Danny could see the back of her head was gone.  Peyton walked down and shot Danny in the chest twice and then finished Mikey off with the remaining two bullets.

The news ran the story for a week.  The pretty young teen star of Jessie had been raped and tortured in a cabin and she was able to escape her captures and kill them.  Unfortunately, the series star, Debby Ryan got killed by the kidnappers.  What they didn’t print was that Dru had taken the cuffs off Peyton and when he went into the bathroom, she found a pistol in the nightstand and blew his head off while he was taking a piss.  The rest of the story you already know.

The End.

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