Dee Dee’s Bad Day

He was stunned the first time he saw her. Clintons’ press secretary, he

watched her on tv. Then on Equal Time. Those legs, he would one day have


Dee Dee stood

trembling. “How stupid am I.” she thought, she had fallen for the old

deliveryman routine. She let him in, never suspecting his true

intention. Now she stood shaking in her red silk robe.

“What do you

want?” she asked, knowing the answer.

“Do and say as your told.”

“How old are you Dee Dee?”


” You look good for a older bitch.” “You are a bitch right?”

“Yes I’m a bitch.” Dee Dee said calmly, she wasn’t going to cry or beg,

no way.

“You will strip, then I’ll fuck you, you

want me to, right?” He asked, his knife at her right eye.


please don’t cut me.”

“Open your

robe.” Dee Dee fumbled with the beltknot then let her robe fall open. He

slipped it off her shoulders and gazed at her breasts. Not very big,

pale with light pink nipples a few freckles in between

“Lose the robe.”

She slipped it off.

“Now the panties.”

Dee Dee hooked her fingers in the

sides of her panties and slid them down her legs After she stepped out

of her panties she stood straight and put her arms at her sides. She

flushed red as as he looked at the thick honey blonde hair between her

legs.. “Real blonde, I see.” She blushed harder. “Make your nipples

hard.” She started pulling and pinching her tits. He put his blade on

her cheek “Softer, you know how.” She lightened her touch and groaned as

her nipples hardened.” Stroke your pussy, make yourself wet for me.”

Dee Dee moved her right hand between her thighs and slipped first one

then a second finger into her cunt. Her head tipped back, her mouth

opened and she gasped as she pumped her fingers in and out. After ten

minutes he had her stop and walked her into the livingroom. “Bend over

rthe sofa, elbows on the back.” Bent over, her ass up, she waited, when

she heard him lower his pants and shorts she looked over her shoulder.

She saw his eight inch rock hard cock. Purple head red sides, veins

budlging. “God no.” she begged. “Please don’t.” Goosebumps broke out on

her as he put his hands on her butt. He ran his hands over her ass, over

the small of her back, along her sides under to her tits. He moved his

right hand down between her legs and felt her pussy. “Nice and wet for

me, you do want it, yes? “No, no.” she cried shaking her head. Then she

grunted as he shoved into her. She groaned as inch after inch was pushed

into her cunt. He started to rape her.Each stroke a way of owning her.

He would pound her, bruise her, Hurt her until she was raw. He would

show her what a little rape slut she is. For ten minutes she screamed

and begged him to stop. The next ten minutes she cried, hating herself.

Ten more minutes blubbering and sobbing, then she just grunted in time

to the terrible pounding. After almost a hour he eaculated deep inside

her. He pulled out and stood her up on shaking legs and moved in front

of the couch dropping her on her back. Her head rested on the arm of the

sofa. “Hands over your head , bitch.” Stunned she did as he said. “Knees

up and back,” As she opened her legs he got between them. “Not again.”

she weakly cried. He smiled at her and shoved his cock back into her. He

raped hard and quick. He put his hands on the backs of her knees and

folded her in half. Dee Dee looked down thru the valley between her tits

and saw his shaft sawing in and out of her. She wept.”NO please stop,

please.” But as before her begging just made him harder. Finaly he

emptied inside her, then still inside, he leaned down and kissed, licked

and bit the right side of her neck. When his cock softened he pulled out

put on his pants. “For an older bitch you are a nice piece of ass, your

husband is a lucky guy.””See you later.” As she heard him leave, Dee Dee

curled into a ball and wept.

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