Definitely A Better Love Story Than Twilight

Title: Definitely A Better Love Story Than Twilight

Author: Blackjack

Celebs: Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence

Codes: FF, Cons, Oral, Anal

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Smiling politely at the conversation, Kristen Stewart threaded a hand through her short, yet styled hair and cast her glance over the throngs of people who were crowded on the floor of the award show she had been invited to. After the Twilight movies and then the Snow White movie that unfortunately suffered from Kristen’s personal life and making a slightly poor choice in bedding the married director. Since then, Kristen had had a set of hits on the indy circuit and her manager had suggested she stay there so she could continue to build her resumé and not be stuck as ‘that chick from those shitty Twilight movies’ which is exactly what Kristen didn’t want to be. Looking over at a petite blonde who was parting the crowd as if she was a hot knife and the crowd was a cool stick of butter.

Jennifer Lawrence had left her small golden award with her agent who was busy fussing over her with a selection of the world’s press. Kissing the woman on the cheek, Jennifer turned her back to the cameras and walked over towards where the party was. Jennifer’s baby blue eyes moved over the crowd of people before almost jumping out of her skin at the sight of Kristen Stewart. The young, amazingly talented women moved forward and cut a path towards the brunette star who had, essentially paved the way for the Hunger Games to come to the big screen. No matter what her fans said, the blonde actress felt like she owed Kristen something.

Of course, with two actresses in similar genres came all sorts of tabloid nonsense and the current leading story was that Jennifer hated Kristen’s guts for Kristen going after Jennifer’s last boyfriend. Jennifer had to get this sorted before anything else got spun out of control and she could lose a possible friend in the Hollywood scene who wouldn’t just be interested in riding her coattails or just getting a cheap pay cheque from her. Moving to her, Jennifer took Kristen’s hands in hers and gushed.

“Oh my God Kristen! I’m so sorry! I don’t want you to think we’re feuding!”

Kristen was quiet for a moment, squeezing Jennifer’s hands gently before speaking again.

“We’re feuding?”

The two actresses were both silent before looking at each other and bursting into fits of laughter. What had been a friendly, if slightly forward embrace, turned into a full-blown embrace, their arms had linked around each other and their foreheads were resting in the napes of one another’s necks. The laughing subsided eventually and the two looked at each other wiping away a few errant tears that trickled out of their eyes.

“Seriously? Who said I was mad at you?”

“I was reading it on TMZ!” Jennifer explained, the two walking through to the small cocktail bar at the side of the award show floor. There were a selection of tables that littered the floor and while there was typically enough room for a man or woman to move freely. Now that the show was over however, the walkways had actually become a gangway of people trying to improve their own status. Kristen and Jennifer moved over to the bar and took a seat. Jennifer looked over at Kristen, almost too eagerly awaiting her response.

Kristen grinned and playfully rolled her eyes. “Welcome to the world where everything you say gets turned into something it’s not!” Waving a hand at the bartender, Kristen ordered two glasses of tequila for her and her new friend. Kristen rearranged herself on the seat and stole an occasional glance at the woman. Jennifer’s dress was a nice, seductive creamy white one that was tight in all the right places and showed off the Oscar winner’s body very, very well. Kristen was in something similar though she wasn’t wearing a block colour as Jennifer was, hers was more of a pattern with floral leaves that were stuck to the outfit. Her figure was nowhere near as full as Jennifer’s was but Kristen thought she filled it out well. The two women shared a playful clink of the glasses before they each swallowed the drink whole. Wincing and recoiling at the bitter, yet very enjoyable taste, the two girls began a very long and very interesting conversation with one another.

Four different glasses that had once been full of Tequila were laid out in front of the two women and the hug from earlier had arrived again, this time more to keep one another up and making sure that they wouldn’t fall down. The two women found out that they were in fact residing in the same hotel in the fancy part of Los Angeles and were simply a few rooms apart from one another. Kristen ordered them two glasses of water before Jennifer spoke.

“It’s so fricking dumb that we’re so close to each other and we’re not hanging out.”

“Right?” Kristen said, lifting the glass to her forehead to cool herself down before taking a deep sip of it. “You should come to my room so we can hang out some more. I’m not flying tomorrow so I can get as drunk as I want and do whatever I want too.” It wasn’t until a few seconds later that she realised what she had said. Jennifer didn’t seem to mind though and she nodded her head enthusiastically before bringing up a finger as if to slow herself down and took a deep gulp of the water her new brown haired friend had brought for her.

“Deal!” Jennifer said, slapping her hands on the bar as if to confirm their plans. “I’ll get my driver and we’ll go back to your place and get fucked some more!”

The award show had long since finished and the crowds had disappeared to their respective cars that would take them back to their hotels all over the downtown metropolitan area of Los Angeles and as Kristen Stewart sat back in her chair in the back of the limo, the actress closed her eyes and conjured a mental image of Jennifer Lawrence and just how the sexy woman had looked before they had parted ways with another, long hug. Licking her lips, the brown haired woman threaded a hand through her hair and then her dirty mind started to wander ever so slightly. There was no denying that Jennifer Lawrence was one of the hottest things in Hollywood now and not just in box office returns. Her body was definitely desirable and Kristen was sure that there wasn’t a single person inside of the award ceremony that wouldn’t want to share positions with Jennifer and Kristen could definitely come up with a few of her own. Running a thumb over her bottom lip, the brunette breathed softly before opening the window to the car ever so slightly. Why was it so hot now?

Jennifer’s car ride back was just as uneventful as Kristen’s, though the tequila that had been flowing through her veins had started to decrease as well and her own limo’s insides wasn’t spinning nearly as fast as it had been when she had first stepped in. The young actress was happy however, she was glad that Kristen didn’t hate her guts like she had feared and the fact that the brunette was more than happy to share drinks and some of her precious free time with her also made Jennifer smile. Relaxing and looking out the window of her car, Jennifer wondered just where the night would go tonight.

The walk up to her room was long and boring for Kristen Stewart, she stepped through the door and inspected the insides of her room. For what it was, it certainly did the trick. A bed, a small two seater couch and an armchair sat close to the large, widescreen TV that hung off of the wall. Kristen’s room didn’t have a balcony like Jennifer’s did, but truthfully, the actress didn’t need it. She only needed an open window for the substance that was only legal in a few states at the time of writing. Walking inside of the room, Kristen tossed her phone and purse onto the bed and looked out of the window, her eyes drifting over the skyline before moving down to look at the bag that was resting on the chair. Her tongue escaped and ran over her lips before she moved over to it and unzipped it. Her small hands then fished out several adult items. A small bright blue vibrator, a massive red double ended dildo and then a final purple fake cock that was attached to a set of leather straps that gave it the impression of underwear. Looking the toys over, she started to think back on Jennifer and just how she might look or sound with Kristen using them on her… Would she even be interested in that?

The knock on the door quickly snapped Kristen out of the dirty and impure thoughts, the actress quickly stuffed the toys back in the top of her bag. Her phone sat on top of it and Kristen moved to answer the door, not needing to check the peephole as she knew exactly who was on the other side of the door. Opening it, Kristen beamed at the sight of Jennifer who seemed equally as happy to see her new friend. Inviting her in, Kristen closed the door behind her, her eyes drinking in the sight of Jennifer’s rear as it swayed to the left and to the right gently. The two girls fell back into their usual discussions of anything and nothing at the same time.

Ten or so minutes had passed and Kristen had been really enjoying it when she felt her hair was out of place. Making her excuses, she disappeared to the bathroom and left Jennifer by herself in the room. Folding her hands on her lap, she looked around before hearing a phone go off. Checking hers, she then spotted Kristen’s phone flashing to life.

“Kristen? Your phone’s going off.”

“Can you see who it is? Probably won’t be anything important.”

“Sure.” Jennifer got up and walked over to the bag, bending at her waist to inspect the caller ID screen. “It’s your mom.”

“Ha! Probably just something to do with my cat. Ignore it.”

“Got it.” Jennifer was ready to go back to the chair when she spotted something bright in her bag. Looking over her shoulder, Jennifer bit down on her bottom lip before going back to the bag. Slowly tugging the zipper to ensure that she didn’t disturb or alert her new friend, Jennifer reached in and found the large double ended dildo that was waiting for her. Lifting it up to inspect it, Jennifer didn’t even hear the door to the bathroom swing open.

Kristen saw Jennifer looking at one of her toys and the brunette smiled at the sight before closing the door with a sharp tug. Jennifer jumped out of her skin, but Kristen was already across the room and behind the Oscar winning actress. Quickly adapting to the role of seducer, Kristen’s breath tickled Jennifer’s neck as she whispered to her.

“Like what you see?”

“Kristen! I-”

“Shhhh sh sh sh. Did you like it?”

“I… I’ve never seen one so big before.”

Kristen smiled, threading her fingers through Jennifer’s blonde hair before speaking again. “Do you want to play with it Jennifer?” When she didn’t answer, Kristen pressed her lips against her neck and repeated her question. “Do you want to play with it Jennifer?”

“Yes… Kristen… I do!”

Kristen’s face stretched into a wide grin and the actress nodded her head. “Good. But first… We need to play with all the other toys! And I… Want to see your golden globes.”

Jennifer moaned as Kristen’s lips left her neck and moved down to her shoulder. The brunette had already stripped off the shoulder straps of the Oscar winner’s dress and Jennifer’s breasts had been revealed to the room. Kristen curled her arms around Jennifer’s waist and held her back close to her chest as her right hand continued to unzip the long dress. The former Twilight star stepped back, regretfully letting go of the actress of Katniss so she could finally take the dress off of her. The white clothing fell to the floor in a puddle of Jennifer stepped out of it, turning to look at Kristen, almost shyly waiting for her approval.

“Beautiful.” Kristen sighed, looking at Jennifer’s chest all the way down to her feet. She could see Jennifer blush, so she continued. “Now turn around and bend over.”

Jennifer complied with the request and did so. Turning around and then bending over, her hands curled around her ankles as she bit her lip and waited for what Kristen was going to do. She sighed in pleasure when she felt Kristen’s hands run over her ass and then playfully smack it. Jennifer lifted her head and looked over at Kristen, some of her long blonde hair encroaching on her vision as she tried to look over at her newest lover.

“Please don’t tease me Kristen…”

Laughing, Kristen shook her head and planted a soft kiss on each of Jennifer’s hips before she spoke again. “Why wouldn’t I? It’s so much fun…” The former Twilight star then pressed her teeth into the waistband of Jennifer’s panties, slowly tugging them down by using only her pearly whites. The white lacy fabric rolled down Jennifer’s lower body at an increasingly slow rate. Soon, the fabric was on the floor as well, lifting it up to her nose, Kristen took a deep whiff of the scent before tossing it over to one of the chairs. Something made Kristen stop though. Kissing Jennifer on the rear, she squeezed her ass and then lightly tapped the obstruction in Jennifer’s rear.

“So you really do have butt plugs?”

Jennifer laughed and nodded her head, looking back at Kristen. “Of course I knew no one would believe me when I said that. Now… As nice as my ass is, you’ve made my pussy so wet!” Kristen looked back at Jen’s face before going back to look at the now exposed slit. Running her finger over the entrance to Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen lightly pushed it forwards and moved inside of her new lover. Listening to Jennifer moan, Kristen smiled and probed her entrance with the finger for a few, quick pumps before the brunette took her finger out. Licking the digit clean, Kristen then used the fingers to spread Jennifer’s lips apart so the brown haired woman could lean forward and taste her new lover for the first time.

Jennifer went back to grabbing hold of her ankles, biting down on her bottom lip as she felt Kristen’s tongue slip inside of her. Looking down at her feet, Jennifer could feel her nails digging into her ankles as Kristen’s tongue probed her. The soft pink organ dipped in and out, up and down, left to right, using no rhyme or reason to eat her out, Jennifer could feel a series of low moans bubbling up from the pit of her stomach as she did her best to try and not let every single person in the hotel know just what she was in the middle of. As Kristen’s hands cupped Jennifer’s ass while she ate her out, Jennifer felt Kristen’s hand run up the curve of her ass and then take hold of the handle of the plastic butt plug. Jennifer shivered at the contact when the toy slipped out so that the very bottom of the butt plug was exposed to the Adventureland star.

Kissing Jennifer’s lips, Kristen took her mouth away from Jennifer’s pussy and asked her companion a question. “You like having your ass fucked Jennifer?” Before she had chance to answer, Kristen went right back to eating out Jennifer Lawrence’s pussy. Her tongue moved at a rapid rate while she awaited Jennifer’s answer. Looking up at the blonde haired woman, Kristen listened to her moaning out the answer for her.

“Ye… Ye… Fuck yes!”

“Would you like me to fuck your ass Jennifer?” Kristen asked, continuing to toy with the butt plug while she teased her lower lips. Pushing the plug in and out of Jennifer’s ass while the actress of Mystique in the new X-Men movies moaned for her. Kristen took her mouth away from the slit and spat at Jennifer’s back door before moving back to teasing the ass hole with the buttplug while her other index finger teased Jennifer’s lips.

Jennifer whined almost pitifully before lifting her head to look over at Kristen. She bit down on her bottom lip before nodding her head and breathing her answer.


“What was that?” Kristen asked, smacking Jennifer’s ass as she looked up at the blonde.

“Yes. I want you to fuck my ass.” Jennifer breathed, almost completely submitting herself to her fellow actress. It was probably a good thing that the blonde couldn’t see the big grin on the face of the woman between her legs.

“All in good time dear… All in good time.” Kristen whispered to her, kissing the blonde on the inside of her thighs before moving back to drinking in the wet pussy before her. Parting Jennifer’s lips with her index finger, Kristen pushed her tongue back inside of the blonde and continued to lap and lick at her. Drinking up Jennifer’s sex, Kristen used her hand to tease the butt plug sticking out of Jennifer’s rear. Her fingers tightened around the grip and slowly pulled it back and pumped it forward as she licked at Jennifer’s slit.

Jennifer’s nails dug in deeper in her ankles, leaving small crescent marks on the inside of her currently tanned legs. Her mouth was open in a permanent ‘o’ shape and sweat was starting to form on her brow, pleasure was coursing through her veins as Kristen Stewart gave her the sort of sexual pleasure she could only dream of. Her nipples had long since hardened and were begging to be sucked on while her clit was also throbbing for attention although Kristen was more than happy to comply to play with that.

Kristen’s hand continued to rub against Jennifer’s clit while she ate at Jennifer’s pussy. She wanted to know what Jennifer Lawrence tasted like when she came. She wanted Jennifer to drench Kristen’s face in her cum and she wanted to listen to the sounds the actress would make when she came. Would she arch her back? Would her toes curl? All these questions and Kristen just wanted the answers now! So, she focused her efforts on licking her tongue in and out of the blonde, pushing Jennifer further down the line to her orgasm.

Jennifer’s orgasm was almost there, her breath was coming out in quicker, shorter pants and her bottom lip was almost always being bitten as Kristen’s tongue hit all the good spots inside of her. Then, her world fell apart and her body exploded in pleasure. Her back arched and she reached back, her hands shoving Kristen’s face deeper into her pussy as she came all over the Twilight star’s face. Her orgasm came in waves and waves, her body just exhumed pure pleasure as she shook and quaked in the middle of the room. Eventually, her strength left her and she fell forward, stumbling towards the bed, Jennifer sucked in as much air as possible as she came down from her orgasm.

Looking at the Oscar winner, Kristen stood up from her kneeling position and wiped some of the fluids off of her chin before licking her fingers clean. Walking forward, Kristen slowly pulled the butt plug out of Jennifer’s ass and inspected it before throwing it away. As Jennifer whined and tried to recover, she saw Kristen go through the bag and find the large double ended dildo Jennifer had played with earlier. Lifting that up and then the strap on, Kristen tossed them both aside and picked up the normal vibrator. Walking back to the bed, the Twilight actress moved up to the head of the bed and unzipped her own dress, stripping herself of it and shimmying herself free of it.

“You owe me one now Jennifer.” Kristen teased, stripping herself of the dress and revealing her entire naked body to the Oscar winner. She spread her legs and dropped the vibrator down the bed to Jennifer who was now sitting up on her knees, looking up at her. Taking hold of the toy, Jennifer inspected it before twisting the base to the first speed setting, inspecting how it buzzed to life. Twisting it off, she moved her way up the bed and planted her lips on Kristen’s, kissing her again passionately as the girls wrapped their arms around one another’s necks. Their mouths parted and their tongues explored each others mouths hotly as the two moaned. Their legs spread slightly and the two became enclosed in another hot embrace.

Their hands explored each other’s bodies as they kissed and groped each other. Their moans fell out from their mouths as Jennifer pressed Kristen back against the bed and started to kiss down the brunette’s neck down towards her slightly smaller than Jennifer’s rack. Jennifer’s mouth opened and closed her lips around Kristen’s nipple, sucking and licking against the hard nub, the Oscar winner opened her eyes to look up at Kristen who now had a finger in her mouth, biting the tip as she had her breasts teased.

Jennifer kissed her way across to the other nipple, teasing it with a circular swipe and trace. Nibbling her teeth against the nipple, Jennifer teased it to life, watching as Kristen wriggled on the sheets, her legs kicked and her arms shook as she essentially became Jennifer’s play toy. The brunette sighed softly as her nipples were left rock hard under the low moonlight that was starting to seep in through the barely drawn curtains.

Kristen managed to summon the strength to lift her head up off of the insanely comfy pillow to watch as the blonde headed woman blindly grope the sheets by her sides. The vibrator was getting closer and closer to being inside of her and the Twilight actress could barely contain her excitement. Her legs kicked and her body bucked upwards as the anticipation became palpable for the young woman. She let out a low, husky moan for the actress, watching her carefully.

Having the vibrator in hand, Jennifer gave Kristen’s chest a goodbye lick before sitting back up on her knees. The young woman looked down at her hands, the vibrator felt so… Powerful in her hands! It gave the award winning actress something of a power trip and she wanted to push through with it. She wanted to see just how Kristen would look while getting fucked with the toy. Reaching between the brunette’s spread legs, Jennifer ran the tip of the toy over Kristen’s lips. Brushing the toy over her slit, Jennifer slowly brought the toy up to her mouth. Licking the tip, Jennifer finally had chance to taste Kristen.

“You taste so perfect Kristen.” Jennifer said with a smile, looking down at the woman who was biting down on her bottom lip.

“Mmmm thanks. I cum pretty perfect too. Wanna see?” She challenged, opened her eyes to look up at the blonde.

Jennifer didn’t verbally answer, instead the blonde reached down between her legs and pushed the toy all the way inside of Kristen, filling her instantly with the toy. She watched as Kristen whined and bit down on her bottom lip, wriggling at how full she felt. Kristen’s neck was then attacked by Jennifer as she pulled the toy out to just the head and pushed it right back inside of her, giving Kristen the illusion of being slowly fucked with short, shallow thrusts of a real cock.

“That’s right… Take that dick…” Jennifer moaned against Kristen’s neck as she fucked her with the dildo. Her teeth continued to scrape against and tease the neck bone of the brunette actress who was on her back, fisting at the sheets beneath her. Kristen was panting in pleasure as the fake cock slipped in and out of her, forcing more of her wetness to slip out of the bed and onto the sheets. Whoever was cleaning the place tomorrow was going to have one hell of a find!

“You like having your pussy fucked by another girl Kristen? You thought about me fucking you before?” She asked, watching the brunette as she pushed the dildo in and out of Kristen’s wet pussy, not yet turning the vibrator on but doing a good enough job to keep the Twilight star begging for more. Jennifer looked down at Kristen’s bouncing tits and then the soaking wet entrance that seemed to get more and more moist with each stroke of the dildo.

Kristen’s mouth was now hanging open in a perfect silent moan. Sweat was starting to run down her forehead and her fingers were white as she gripped at the sheets, tugging the fabric clean off of the mattress as her orgasm was building already. While she couldn’t answer there and then, Kristen HAD fantasised about being fucked by Jennifer and the way the star of the Hunger Games was treating her was like something clean out of her dirtiest, wildest fantasy.

Jennifer pumped the toy in and out of Kristen’s pussy, watching the wetness spill out onto the sheets and leave a darker stain from the arousal of the Twilight star. Pushing the toy all the way inside of her, Jennifer reached down and found the speed setting. Looking up at Kristen, Jennifer dragged her tongue along Kristen’s neck before taking a firm grip of the speed setting and twisted it once to the right, moving the speed up to the first and slowest speed setting.

“Oh fuck!” Kristen exclaimed, her back arching off of the bed as her legs frantically kicked out. Pleasure was running wild in her veins and her body wasn’t able to handle it as her hair became a wild mess, strands of her luscious mane had become stuck to her skin from the sheen of sweat on her body. Wriggling in anticipation from side to side, Kristen reached up and cupped her breasts in an effort to try and regain some resemblance of control over her pleasure drunk body.

Jennifer watched how Kristen reacted to how she was teasing her. She slowly pulled the toy out of Kristen’s body and twisted the speed down to off. When Kristen managed to look at her, Jennifer grinned and kissed Kristen on the lips before slipping away.

“On your hands and knees.” She said with a smile, licking her own lips before licking Kristen’s and awaiting the brunette to comply.

Kristen giggled and nodded her head, rolling over onto her front, Kristen made a show of arching her back and letting her sweat soaked hair breathe from not being splayed across the pillow. Crawling to the foot of the bed, Kristen pushed her head down to the side of the bed and reached between her legs, spreading her pussy’s lips so Jennifer could continue.

Jennifer’s hands ran over Kristen’s back, stroking the sweat beads over the skin and then reaching down to cup Kristen’s ass. Looking at the spread lips, Jennifer grinned and pushed the toy all the way back inside of her. Twisting the toy from side to side and then pushing it in and out of her, Jennifer pushed the toy all the way back inside of her and then as it bottomed out inside of the Twilight star, Jennifer turned the toy up to the fastest setting.

Kristen’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and a low, long unintelligible moan came from Kristen’s mouth as she panted in pleasure. Her body was in absolute pleasure and she couldn’t fight the will of the Hunger Games star who was toying with her. Her pussy was absolutely soaked and her orgasm was going to be insane. Biting down at her sheets, Kristen’s body was quaking in pleasure and she was going to blow so soon!

Jennifer kept a hand on the fake toy as she pumped it in and out of Kristen, the blonde had an idea. Her hand reached up and cupped Kristen’s ass, squeezing it gently before she lifted it up and brought it down hard with an open palmed slap. Smacking her ass, Jennifer listened to the harsh slapping noise that Kristen’s sweat soaked skin made. Her mouth stretched into a grin and she repeated the process once more, making the porcelain ass of her new lover start to redden.

As soon as her ass was struck, Kristen threw her head back, her hair whipping backwards in a near perfect arc as she screamed out in pleasure. She no longer cared who, if anyone, in the hotel knew what they were doing, she was simply interested in cumming as hard as she could do for her new lover. A long string of curse words in something that sort of resembled the English language left her mouth before her back arched and her eyes widened.

“Jennifer!” She exclaimed, reaching behind her in an almost panicked tone. “Take it out!”

Jennifer’s eyes moved up to Kristen and worked as quickly as she should have done. Her hand gripped the vibrator and pulled the toy out of her slowly, dragging the toy out, Jennifer was greeted by Kristen’s orgasm as it was forced from her entrance and it sprayed through the air. Kristen grunted in pleasure as she shot Jennifer in the face with her first ever squirting orgasm. Her body shook as another couple of jets tore from her and painted Jennifer’s face and neck with her cum.

Kristen’s eyes had long since rolled into the back of her head and the loss of something buried inside of her hadn’t even gone noticed as the sting on her cheeks had also faded into nothingness as her body shook, quaked, trembled, shivered and rocked from the intense afterglow of her orgasm. Her head was resting on her forearms as the body of the Twilight actress shined under the midnight moonlight. She hadn’t even noticed the feel of a hand in her hair before her head was yanked backwards so Jennifer could press her cum-soaked lips against Kristen’s in a hot kiss.

When the kiss ended, Jennifer grinned and smacked Kristen on the ass again, enjoying the whine the brunette had made. Sitting down on the couch across from the bed, the Oscar winner observed Kristen as she recovered and laughed to herself gently.

“You know… I never thought I’d like fucking another girl.”

“Dick’s are good but there’s nothing in the world like pussy.” Kristen laughed to herself, not having the energy to lift her head but she could at least speak back to her friend and lover.

Jennifer laughed and nodded her head. “So I see!” She was quiet for a moment before reaching over to Kristen’s bag and observing the other two toys. “So what’s next lover?”

Kristen grinned and managed to pull herself forward to the foot of the bed, swinging her hips around so that she was now sitting on the edge of the bed. Her legs pressed herself forward, despite how wobbly she was, she managed to get herself up to her feet. Stumbling forward, she looked over at Jennifer and let out a low, husky laugh.

“My legs feel like jello!” She exclaimed, looking over at the blonde who was now relaxing on the chair to watching the brunette with a wicked grin.

“I hope you’re not going to blame me for that?” Jennifer grinned, reaching down to pat at her pussy as if to satisfy the wet opening. The blonde watched Kristen stumble over to the bed and fish out the strap-on that Jennifer had seen earlier on. The star of Twilight held the underwear by her ankles and carefully stepped into each of the leg holes, one by one as if she was putting on a pair of pants. Kristen stroked the shaft of the toy before her green eyes flickered up to meet Jennifer’s own blue ones.

“If I was… You’re going to pay for it now!” Kristen replied with a grin. She threaded a hand through her sweat soaked hair and then sighed softly. “You made me cum so damn hard. Look at me! I’m soaked.”

Jennifer flashed her a million dollar smile and slithered off of the couch and down onto her knees. Crawling towards Kristen, she stopped just in front of her and slowly pushed her body upwards, the fake toy pressing against Jennifer’s forehead and then down to her cheek before teasing her lips. The star of the Hunger Games ran her legs up the back of Kristen’s legs before she winked up at her.

“How about you make me pay?”

Jennifer’s hand curled around Kristen’s fake cock and she gently stroked it up and down as Kristen threaded her hand through Jennifer’s long blonde hair and gently, yet forcefully lifted the Oscar winner to her feet. Standing face to face, the two girls kissed again, Kristen tasting herself on Jennifer’s lips after she had neglected to clean her face. Moaning for each other, their hands explored each others bodies, their hands cupping the others ass or breasts as their tongues mingled with each others.

Kristen broke the tenderness by swatting Jennifer clean on her ass and then nodding towards the bathroom.

“Bathroom. We’ll go get clean so we can get dirty again.”

The two girls walked towards the bathroom, their fingers interlocking as they crossed from warm, plush carpet to cold, hard tiled floor of the bathroom. The bathroom, again was a fairly typical one of a fancy hotel. A large walk-in shower, big enough for the both of them, a large mirror hung off of the wall just behind the chrome sink that now reflected both of the women as they walked inside. Kristen’s body was still showing the large fake cock jutting out from her hips as she reached in and twisted the ‘warm’ tap to the right, a jet of water shooting out from the shower head and started to fill the cubicle. As she turned to face Jennifer, she found her blonde lover bent over the sink, a hand spreading her lips and looking up at her in the mirror. The actress smiled, winked and then bowed her head slowly.

Jennifer’s hair fell down by either side of her head as she braced herself for whatever Kristen was going to do to her. Biting down on her bottom lip, Jennifer braced… Braced… Braced… And then she was filled up to the brim. She could feel Kristen’s hands on her waist and the plastic hilt of the dildo was pressing inside of her. Kristen’s hips were against her ass and then they were away then they were right back against her. Kristen was starting to work into a rhythm and Jennifer was perfectly happy to take it as she discovered just how much she loved being fucked by another woman. A slap landed on her ass and her head jumped up, a low yelp leaving her mouth.

“You like that Jennifer?” Kristen asked, squeezing the cheek she had just beaten. Her hands pressed the cheeks apart and she spat down against her ass hole, her finger slipping inside of it to tease her ass hole. Pushing her finger in and out of Jennifer’s ass hole, Kristen continued to pump her hips backwards and forwards fucking Jennifer in both of her holes while the blonde moaned for more. Kristen’s green eyes were focused on the back of Jennifer’s head as she fucked her new lover hard and fast from behind.

Jennifer’s mouth was constantly open and moaning as her body was rocked hard and fast from behind from Kristen’s penetrating thrusts. She then let out a loud yelp as Kristen took a fist full of her blonde hair and yanked her head backwards and up off of the cool chrome of the sink. The cool feel of the fake cock inside of her and the roughness of how Kristen was with her was sending the young woman all the way back to an orgasm. She had no idea if it was going to be as powerful as Kristen’s had been, her lips reminding her of that very good time. Her breath was catching in her throat as the sound of skin hitting skin started to fill the bathroom.

Kristen could see Jennifer was getting close from the look in the mirror, her tits were bouncing back and forth in an almost hypnotising manner and the redness of her cheeks let the brunette know that Jennifer was getting close to an orgasm. If she wasn’t so into it, she would have appreciated how insane the whole situation seemed. Kristen Stewart was stark naked in a bathroom, wearing a strapon and fucking her long rumoured rival, Jennifer Lawrence, who was begging for more. It sounded like something she would have read on a porn website!

“Oh God… Oh God… Please! Please! Please!” Jennifer exclaimed as Kristen angled her thrusting to keep pushing herself in and out of her, the fake cock stretching out her folds and keeping her going back and forth against the chrome sink. Jennifer had never been so happy for the chrome to keep her cooled down. The sounds of the water hitting the inside of the shower was also an ample distraction for the blonde, but it was no good. She was going to cum and she was going to cum hard. Gritting her teeth, Jennifer’s eyes opened and she looked up at Kristen, her eyes pleading to let her cum.

Kristen decided she was going to be merciful and nodded her head slowly in the mirror. Her hips started to pick up in speed, bouncing and slapping against Jennifer’s as she started to fuck the blonde to an orgasm. It wasn’t that long to wait, the orgasm on Jennifer’s face was far too apparent as her mouth dropped open and she exploded around Kristen’s fake cock that was stuffing her hard and to the brim. The orgasm leaked around the shaft as Kristen loosened the grip on Jennifer’s long blonde hair and moved down to take a hold of her hips and used it to fuck her just a little bit harder. The look in the mirror was one in a million for Kristen, the look of Jennifer climaxing just for her.

“God… God… God damn it…” Jennifer breathed, her body slowly coming down to where she wanted it to be and more so just so that she could at least start breathing again in something of a regular rhythm. The last thing she wanted after this whole ordeal was a thirst for lesbian sex with Kristen Stewart and an irregular heartbeat. She could only imagine the look on her Doctor’s face and the headlines the two would be in. Kristen slapped her ass again, bringing the decorated Actresses face up to look at her in the mirror.

“Our shower’s ready.” Kristen winked at her as she shimmied herself out of the strap on. Passing the toy over to her, Kristen stepped into the shower and started to was at her luscious locks, making sure to soak all of the sweat out of it before grinning at the feel of Jennifer’s arms slinking around her waist and the plastic of the fake cock nestling between her ass cheeks. “You’re going to fuck my ass now Jennifer?” Kristen asked, brushing some of her wet hair over her shoulder so she could look over at the blonde who was getting equally soaked.

“Yes I am.” Jennifer decided, looking down at Kristen’s ass as refreshingly warm beads of water from the shower started to wash down at her skin.

“Well… Don’t hold back.”

And Jennifer didn’t. The fake cock slipped inside of Kristen’s ass with some resistance but eventually she was all the way inside of Kristen and the brunette was moaning in appreciation of that fact. Jennifer’s hands were resting on Kristen’s chest, squeezing her breasts every so often as she pumped herself in and out of Kristen’s ass. Inexperienced but getting the hang of it, Jennifer was listening to how Kristen reacted as she pushed herself in and tried angling the direction of the penetration. Finding out all of Kristen’s spots, her fingers continued to tease and pull at the rock hard nubs on top of Kristen’s breasts.

Kristen’s hands were busy between her own legs, rubbing against her clit and pushing two fingers inside of herself while she was anally pounded by Jennifer Lawrence. She hadn’t planned any of this but the way it was going was more than enough for the brunette to let out a sigh of pleasure. Lifting her head up, their lips met in a passionate and sloppy kiss, their tongues tangled together as Kristen and Jennifer grunted at the carnal action that was going on inside of the shower.

As their tongues meshed together, Kristen did her best to keep her tight ass hole loose for Jennifer, she wanted to ensure that she didn’t put up too much of a fight for the inexperienced woman behind her. One of her hands went flat on the wall of the shower while the other ran up behind Jennifer’s head and held the blonde close to her as the sound of wet skin hitting wet skin started to fill the inside of the shower. Twirling her tongue around Jennifer’s, the girls moaned together as Jennifer fucked her ass.

Kristen’s fingers continued to manipulate her clit and her pussy as she was filled from behind. Her hand came up off of the wall and groped her own chest, toying with her nipples as if to try and keep herself in control of her frame. It was no good however as Jennifer added another finger inside of Kristen, the both of them working inside of the brunette made her green eyes roll into the back of her head and her ass clamped down hard around the fake cock, forcing Jennifer to a standstill inside of her as Kristen exploded hard inside of the shower. Her juices flooded from her folds and ran down her thighs, leaking against both Jennifer and Kristen’s hands.

“Mmmmm fuck! You handle that like a pro.” Kristen purred, looking over her shoulder at Jennifer as the blonde slowly pulled the fat, fake dick out of Kristen’s ass. The brunette sighed in pleasure as Jennifer squeezed her ass and smacked it gently.

“You took it like a pro.” Jennifer countered, looking at Kristen as she turned in the shower to look Jennifer in the eyes. “You like getting your ass fucked?”

“I love it. What I love more though…”

She didn’t answer verbally, instead she dropped down to her knees and scooted forward. Opening her mouth, the Twilight star took the fake cock into her mouth and moved her head forward, wrapping her hand around the base and sucking it into her mouth. Jennifer was amazed as Kristen sucked the taste of her own ass off of the fake cock. Her hand remained firmly wrapped around the base of the fake cock and she made sure to push her lips down to meet her own hand. Kristen’s lips then slipped down further as Kristen cupped Jennifer’s ass and used it to push her mouth downwards. Having fully deep throated the fake dick, Kristen looked up at Jennifer and then took the blonde’s hands off of the wall and placed them on her head.

Getting the idea, Jennifer threaded her fingers through the hair of Kristen and started to rock her hips backwards and forwards, feeding the fake cock in and out of Kristen’s mouth, she got used to the sounds the Twilight star would make as the fake toy hit the back of her throat. She had no idea that Kristen was so kinky! Holding her head in place, Jennifer rocked her hips backwards and forwards, rocking back and forth on her heels as the brunette swallowed her deeper and deeper.

Kristen’s eyes were watering ever so slightly at how rough Jennifer was being, but she wouldn’t have suggested it if she wasn’t ready for it. The fake dick hit her throat every time Jennifer’s hips pumped forward and she could feel her throat tightening as Jennifer gave it to her. Taking a few more strokes, Kristen put her hands up on the blonde’s stomach, using it to slow Jennifer’s thrusts and let the blonde woman know that she was done with it.

“Damn! Ass to mouth as well. You really are nasty!” Jennifer grinned as she pushed the strap on away from her waist and letting it drop to the floor of the shower. Stepping out of it, she kicked the toy away and then turned the shower’s streams off. The blonde reached down and lifted Kristen up, the two sharing an embrace against the wall.

“Isn’t that why you’re still here?” Kristen asked, looking at the blonde before they stepped out of the shower and moved to dry themselves.

“That and your magnificent pussy eating skills.” Jennifer confirmed. Still naked, the women walked out of the bathroom and over to their clothing, finally getting dressed. Jennifer checked her phone, frowned slightly and then tossed it to Kristen. “Can you put your number in? I definitely want to do this again.”

Grinning, the Twilight star keyed in her phone number and then passed it back to her. Jennifer looked it over and nodded her head.

“I won’t be in the country for the rest of the month. How does the seventh sound?”

“The seventh is good. My place?”

“Your place.” Jennifer confirmed, looking her phone over and scrolling to the text message screen. “Okay, so… How do we end this?”

Kristen grinned and walked over to her, linking her arms around the small of Jennifer’s back, the blonde curled her arms around Kristen’s shoulders and the two teen movie megastars shared a deep, passionate kiss before they parted.

“Like that.” Kristen said, licking Jennifer’s bottom lip. She then smacked the girl on her ass before letting her go. “See you around Katniss.”

Jennifer grinned and nodded her head, kissing Kristen one last time before the two were parted.

As the door to her hotel room shut, Kristen heard her phone beep to life. Picking it up, she saw it was a picture message and a line of text with a winking emoticon.

‘U still owe me anal! Love from J-Law’

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