Deflowered and Defiled: Making Isabela Moan

Title: Deflowered and Defiled: Making Isabela Moan

Author: RoboBongoCuckooCop

Celebs: Isabela Moner

Codes: M+f, rape, anal, oral, bondage, torture, underage

Disclaimer: This story is 100% fictional and none of it is based on real life.
Also this story contains violence, torture and rape of an underage celebrity.
If that offends you don’t read any further!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.



Isabela was running hard. “This wasn’t meant to be like this” she thought to herself as she ran “it was meant to be a peaceful rally”. The rally had indeed been peaceful until people started rioting and causing disturbances. Isabela, not wanting to get caught up in anything had run the opposite direction of the violence. She had long since lost track of her friends, but spotted some security guards who waved her over to them.

“You’re Isabela, right?” one of them asked of her, to which she nodded quickly. “I’m glad we found you, your parents sent us to keep an eye on you and to have an escape route just in case anything went bad. Quickly now, into the van here and we will take you to safety.” Isabela didn’t even think, she just accepted their words and jumped into the van. The guards jumped in behind her, smirking as their plan had worked perfectly. The driver took off and left the chaos of the rally behind.

“We will have you home soon Isabela” the security guard said. He glanced at what she was wearing. “Don’t you think you dressed a bit light for a rally?” he asked. Isabela was a bit taken aback but retorted “well it’s hot out, and I didn’t want to be overdressed. Plus, what’s it to you what I wear?” The security guard smiled, and said “oh I don’t mind what you’re wearing. It will actually make what we have planned for you far easier to accomplish.” Isabela looked at him, confused, just as the two security guards either side of her hit her with a stun gun on both her thighs. Isabela convulsed for a few seconds, then fell unconscious.

The van they were in stopped at an abandoned factory and Isabela was helped inside. The 4 “security” guards tied her to a chair and one threw a bucket of cold water over Isabela to wake her up. Isabela woke with a start and realised quickly that she was tied up. “Please let me go” pleaded Isabela, “I promise I won’t tell anyone about what you did, just let me go!” The 4 men laughed at her words. “You aren’t in a position to bargain, little slut” one said. “We have you all alone to ourselves for the rest of the day and oh boy do we have some fun stuff planned for you” another chimed in.

The man in charge clicked his fingers and the others sprang into action; two of them brought a table over and the other wheeled a trolley over. The men then unceremoniously ripped her skirt and shirt off leaving her in just her underwear. They took a moment to admire that view before removing her underwear as well, leaving her stark naked. The men then began to play with Isabela, flicking her nipples as they untied her. Once Isabela was untied they forced her over to the table and put her face down on the table and secured her hands under the table so she couldn’t move.

“Ass first” said the man in charge, and Isabela yelled out her protest. “Scream all you like princess” one of the men said “ain’t nobody around here gonna hear you”. Isabela felt the cock of the man line up to the entrance of her asshole. Isabela was still a virgin, having never even had a boyfriend at this point, so was completely unprepared for what was about to happen.

With one violent push the head man, Gary, thrust his engorged cock into her tight asshole. Isabela screamed as she was sodomised over and over again by Gary, who was not at all relenting. Due to the tightness of her asshole, it didn’t take long for Gary to cum deep inside Isabela. Gary pulled his cock out of Isabela’s ass with a loud popping sound, and Isabela was glad that was over. However her ordeal was far from over as the next man, Andrew, stepped up behind her and started vigorously fucking the cute ass that was in front of him. Isabela screamed, cried and squirmed but all that did was excite the men even more. In addition to that, the table that she was on was old and rickety and as she squirmed she started to get splinters in her still developing chest.

Andy didn’t cum into her bowels, instead pulling out and spraying his thick cum all over her back. Isabela felt disgusted but that feeling was soon replaced with pain again as the two other men, Jason and Frank, took their turn violently fucking the teen starlet in her tight ass. After Frank had blown his load into Isabela, Gary announced that round one of her ass was over and it was time for round two. It took a while for his words to sink in for Isabela, who realised that she was going to be ass raped again by these animals and she started squirming even harder than before but to no avail. Gary and his crew brutally raped Isabela’s ass twice more each before declaring her ass done.

Isabela’s arms were released and she was pulled off the table. Every part of her hurt, her ass the most, but her ordeal was far from over. Isabela was brought over to Gary who was sitting on the chair Isabela started in. He asked her if she was still a virgin, to which Isabela meekly replied “yes”. “Well then” Gary sneered “this will be a new experience for you, won’t it!” Gary removed the chair’s detachable arms while Frank and Andrew picked Isabela up and spread her legs wide apart. Isabela knew what was about to happen and screamed at the top of her lungs but it was too late to stop what was already in play.

Andrew and Frank guided Isabela’s pussy down onto the erect cock of their boss, Gary. Jason then grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back so that her back was perpendicular to the floor. A stool was placed under the small of her back to relieve some of the pressure on her but Isabela was still in a fair amount of pain from the position she was in. Jason then tapped his cock on her cheek and told her to open wide. Isabela refused at first but after Andrew and Frank twisted her nipples hard she obliged and Jason stuck his cock balls deep into Isabela’s mouth. Gary and Jason then started rocking Isabela back and forth between their cocks. They started off slow but then got faster and faster as they fucked both her pussy and mouth for the first time. Isabela’s body was wracked in pain; not only from the extreme position she was in but her pussy felt like it was on fire and her tits too; Andrew and Frank were working on them, flicking and biting her tits as they pleased.

Gary held out as long as he could but eventually he couldn’t any longer and shot his seed deep into her pussy. Jason, on the other hand, took a bit longer as Isabela was clearly not very experienced at sucking cock and doing it upside-down was no easy feat. Eventually Jason pulled out and splattered his cum all over Isabela’s tits. Isabela was left in position as Andrew and Frank took their turn fucking Isabela’s holes. They were more ruthless than the first two and Isabella almost passed out twice from the pain, only to be brought back by a quick nipple twist from Gary who was monitoring the situation. Then the pairs were swapped around so that each man got a crack at each of her holes at least once.

Isabela was in agony as the final load was deposited in her once pristine pussy. She tried to stand up but her legs failed her and she collapsed on the floor, exhausted at what she had just endured. Every inch of her body felt like it was on fire. She had hoped that her ordeal was now over and asked again to be released only to be met with a hard slap to her face. Gary then dragged her by her hair over to an old filthy mattress where Andrew was lying down with his erect cock just waiting for her. “Time for some triple play now Isabela” Gary whispered into her ear, which caused Isabela to freeze inside. Gary forced her still sore pussy down onto Andrew’s waiting dick and forced her to ride him. At the same moment Frank grabbed her chin and thrust his cock into her mouth while Jason rammed his dick into her asshole from behind. Isabela screamed around Frank’s cock as she was brutally gang raped again. The four men were joined by two more men shortly after, men who Isabela recognised as instigators of the riot at the rally earlier. Isabela realised that this had all been a clever set up to get her, and cursed her stupidity at getting into a van with men she didn’t know.

The triple penetration gang rape went on for about an hour, with each man fucking Isabela relentlessly. Eventually the rape finished, but Isabela realised that her ordeal was not over by a long shot as the men picked her up and dragged her over to some chains hanging down from the ceiling. Isabela’s hands were attached to a chain each via a handcuff and she was hoisted up into a Y position. Her feet were still able to touch the floor but her legs hurt so much that she couldn’t rely on them much. The two new men, David and Ronnie, then proceeded to double team her pussy and asshole as they had missed out on some fun earlier. Isabela couldn’t cry anymore and just took their abuse head on.

David and Ronnie were a bit disappointed as they had heard that Isabela was a screamer but not once did she scream as they had fucked her. Gary noticed that and being a good leader gave them first go with the toys that they had brought with them. David and Ronnie grabbed a wooden paddle each and went to work on Isabela, spanking her ass, thighs and tits until they were all nice and red. This got them the reaction they were after, with Isabela screaming with every hit. Eventually they stopped hitting her and Isabela breathed a sigh of relief.

Gary announced that the finale was about to take place, and Isabela snapped her head up to see that he was speaking into a camera. Isabela could only watch as the men brought out two buckets each, filled with some sort of white substance. Gary looked at Isabela and asked her if she had ever heard of the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. Isabela said yes, and Gary told her that what was going to happen now was a similar challenge except instead of ice it was cum. Gary whispered in her ear what she had to say to the camera and Isabela did as she was told, saying “I’m Isabela Moner and this is the Cum Bucket Challenge”.

With those words, each man walked over to her and emptied the two buckets of cum all over her. Cum dripped down her tits, down her back and through her ass crack. Before long she was covered in cum from head to toe. Gary shut the camera off, and assigned the rest of the crew their final jobs.

David and Ronnie wiped cum off her abused tits and her eyes so that she could see. Andrew shoved an already vibrating dildo up her pussy and Jason shoved a butt plug into her curvy ass. Frank finished off her new look by attaching an alligator clamp to each of her nipples and attached the other end to a car battery. He also secured her legs to the floor to that she couldn’t interfere with the clamps. Isabella tried to shake the clamps off as they were biting into her already sensitive nipples.

Gary walked up to Isabela. “It’s time for us to depart” he said “however we won’t be taking you with us. You will be staying here, kept busy by your new toys. Those vibrators will keep going for at least 36 hours and just in case you feel like falling asleep, Frank has rigged the car battery to give you an electric shock to your tits every 20 minutes. Oh and if you even dream of dobbing us into the cops, don’t forget about what we have on you. You definitely don’t want the world seeing that video tape.” And with that, Gary started to walk away. He had reached the door before pausing and turning around to face Isabela again. “Oh and I should mention that I invited some of the homeless here for booze and food around midnight. Maybe you might get lucky and one might flag down a cop. But I doubt it.” Laughing, Gary left through the door and left Isabela alone in the cold warehouse.

It took two whole days for someone to finally call 911 with Isabela’s location. Gary had been right, the homeless guys that showed up did not call 911 despite Isabela’s pleas but instead removed the nipple clamps and dildos from her holes and started to abuse her hard. When they weren’t fucking her, they were putting cigarettes out on her lovely tits or giving her spankings with whatever they could find around the warehouse.

By the time the police got to her, Isabela was almost unrecognisable; covered in cum, bite marks and burn marks she was quickly covered up and rushed to the nearest hospital. After a year of intensive therapy, Isabela was finally able to regain control of her life but would never be the same outgoing girl again.

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