Deflowering Peyton

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Deflowering Peyton

By voodoojoe

“What do you girls want on your pizza?” Darren Daniels asked his sister, Dawn, as he dialed the phone.

“No mushrooms,” Dawn said, wrinkling her nose.

“What about you, Peyton?” Darren asked Dawn’s her friend, Peyton List.

“Olives and peppers,” Peyton said eagerly.

“So, veggie pizza without mushrooms?” Darren asked the two girls.

“Sounds good,” Peyton said, smiling as Darren walked away.

“You might want to wipe the drool off your chin before he comes back,” Dawn said, laughing as Peyton blushed.

“What? I wasn’t doing anything,” Peyton insisted.

Peyton’s parents had decided to go on a second honeymoon, or technically first since they really hadn’t had a first one. So rather than stay home by herself, Peyton had decided to stay with Dawn and her family instead.

“You might as well have screamed ‘take me now’ at him,” Dawn said, smirking as Peyton scowled.

“Fine, he’s hot,” Peyton sighed. It was hardly a secret between them that Peyton had a crush on Dawn’s brother. Dawn had been giving her crap about it for years, largely because it embarrassed her so much.

“He’s a butthead,” Dawn said, using the same refrain she’d been using on Peyton since they were twelve and Peyton had first started paying just a little too much attention to Darren.

“But he’s a cute butthead,” Peyton sighed, shrugging her shoulders.

“I don’t know why you don’t take Mike up on his offers,” Dawn said, referring to Mike Nelson, the star of basketball team that ninety percent of the girls in school swooned over, but not Peyton.

“Okay ladies, I ordered your pizza,” Darren announced as he came back in the room. “If mom asks, I’m going to Rob’s house and I’ll be back by eleven.”

“Whatever,” Dawn said, barely looking up from the tv.

“Bye,” Peyton said.

“Seriously, get a room,” Dawn grunted just loud enough for Peyton to hear.

*  *  *  *  *

“Dude, Peyton’s staying with you guys? Maybe I should have gone over there,” Robert Yancy, Darren’s best friend, said as they shot at rampaging aliens on the video game.

“Back off, man,” Darren said, clenching his teeth.

“Oh, I forgot, you’re saving her for yourself,” Rob said, grinning as an alien head exploded on the screen.

“Fuck off,” Darren snapped. “She’s like my own sister, asshole.”

“Come on, like you never noticed how hot she’s become? Those perfect little tits or that tight little ass? I bet she fucks like a champ,” Rob said, laughing as Darren got distracted enough to get killed in the game.

Actually, Darren had definitely noticed the changes in Peyton. Just last week while he’d been going for a swim, Peyton had dropped by to hang out by the pool with Dawn. Darren had damn near whimpered when she turned away from him and bent down to strip off the shorts she’d been wearing to reveal the baby blue bikini underneath.

Even so, Peyton was still his sister’s best friend. He’d known her forever and while it was easy to look at her bikini-clad ass and be aroused, it wasn’t nearly as easy to forget having to be a guest at their tea parties, eating pretend cookies while seated next to stuffed animals.

“If you’re not going to fuck her, I’m going to,” Rob said even though both of them knew he didn’t have a shot in hell.

“I said fuck off,” Darren said, shooting Rob’s character for the fun of it.

“Not cool, dude,” Rob groused as he respawned.

*  *  *  *  *

“What are you doing in here?” Darren asked Peyton as he walked into his room to find the blonde watching tv alone.

“I couldn’t sleep and Dawn was complaining about the light from the tv keeping her awake. You don’t mind, do you?” Peyton said.

“What are you watching?” Darren asked, flopping down on his bed next to her.

“I don’t know, some detective movie,” Peyton said. “We could watch something else if you want.”

“No, that’s fine,” Darren said, leaning back against the wall to watch the movie. “Is there any pizza left?”

“We put it in the fridge,” Peyton said. “Get me one too?”

*  *  *  *  *

After eating a piece of pizza, Peyton had finally started feeling tired. She’d tried to fight it, but her eyes had started to droop as she watched the movie. Rather than getting up and going next door to Dawn’s room, she found herself leaning her head on Darren’s shoulder and closing her eyes.

Feeling Peyton’s head on his shoulder, Darren turned and saw that she was asleep. Sighing, he turned off the television. He thought for a moment of letting her stay where she was, but that was never a serious option. At the very least it would lead to his sister accusing him of doing god knows what to her.

Likewise, taking Peyton to Dawn’s room would have just been asking for trouble. The last time he’d set foot in there without her blessing she’d screeched like a harpy until he’d promised to stay out unless he had her written permission, and he wasn’t about to wake her up to get her permission.

So he decided on option C. Slipping one arm under Peyton’s shoulders and one arm under her knees, he lifted her up. Carrying her across the hall to the guest room, he set her down on the bed. She was already ready for bed, so all he had do was cover her up.

“G’night,” Peyton murmured as Darren tucked her in.

“Good night,” Darren said, impulsively bending down and kissing her forehead.

*  *  *  *  *

Feeling the sunlight on her face, Peyton opened her eyes. Not recognizing her surroundings immediately, it took her a moment to figure out where she was. When she remembered falling asleep on Darren’s shoulder, she figured he probably took her to guest room rather than risk his sister’s wrath.

Getting out of bed, Peyton stretched her arms over her head as she headed for the door. Opening the door, she crossed the hall to Dawn’s room. As expected, Dawn had already gotten up and left her room so Peyton headed downstairs to join her friend for breakfast.

“What happened to you last night?” Dawn asked when Peyton appeared at her side. “You didn’t hook up with Darren, did you?”

“I fell asleep watching a movie and woke up in the guest room,” Peyton said.

“See? I didn’t touch her,” Darren said as he came out of the pantry with a couple boxes of cereal.

“Shut up, Butthead,” Dawn said, rolling her eyes.

“Whatever, Beavis,” Darren said, using the nickname he’d given Dawn after she’d started calling him Butthead. “Cereal?”

“Please,” Peyton said, taking the proffered box.

“God, look at you two,” Dawn grunted as she took the second box of cereal away from her older brother. “Something really did happen last night, didn’t it? It’s way too polite in here.”

“I was on my best behavior,” Darren said, holding up his right hand.

“Maybe that’s the problem,” Dawn said suspiciously as she poured herself a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. “You’ve got Peyton thinking you’re actually a nice guy or something.”

“No way, she’s known I’m a complete pig since the time I made both of you eat worms when you were seven,” Darren said, grinning as he grabbed the box of Lucky Charms after Peyton was done with it.

“I had almost forgotten about that, thanks for reminding me,” Peyton said, wrinkling her nose at the memory.

“So, what are you two doing today?” Darren asked as he poured milk over his cereal.

“Mom left us a list of chores to do and then we were going to hang out by the pool,” Dawn said.

“Good luck with that, especially the chores,” Darren said, grinning at his sister. “You know, Peyton, you’re a guest, so you could probably sit around watching Beavis do them all by herself.”

“No, mom said she’s part of the family for the week, so she has to help,” Dawn insisted. “You too.”

“No, I have to go to work, so I have an excuse,” Darren countered. As a recently graduated eighteen year-old, he’d gotten a part-time job stocking shelves for one of those big-box retailers for the summer to earn some cash before heading off to college in the fall. “Speaking of which, gotta go. Have fun vacuuming.”

“I’ll save that specifically for you, Butthead,” Dawn snarled.

“Sure thing, Beavis,” Darren said, mocking his sister as he put his bowl in the sink. “See you later, Peyton.”

“Later,” Peyton said, waving after him.

“And you’ve got the hots for that jackass?” Dawn asked, shaking her head in disbelief.

“What? He’s nice to me,” Peyton said, turning her attention back to her cereal.

*  *  *  *  *

Grabbing a can of Pepsi out of the fridge after work, Darren looked out the window and immediately regretted it. Floating in the pool on inflatable air mattresses were his sister and Peyton. Almost of their own volition his eyes zoomed in on Peyton in her green bikini. They took in what Rob had called “her perfect little tits” before rolling down over her tight tummy and her shapely legs.

Finally able to pry his eyes off the teenage girl in the pool, he grabbed his Pepsi and the paper bag containing his lunch and headed for the stairs. Staying in the kitchen to eat likely would have meant more time staring out the window perving over blonde that had suddenly become impossible to ignore.

Closing his bedroom door behind him, Darren sat down on his bed. Turning on the tv, he let it play in the background as he ate his hamburger and surf the internet. Whenever he let his mind go idle though, images of a blonde in a green bikini popped into his head.

Just as he was shaking his head to clear it of a particularly enthralling mental image of Peyton dripping wet as she climbed out of the pool, thrusting her chest forward as she reached behind her to grab her hair and wring some moisture out of it, he heard a knock on his door. Making sure to adjust himself so the tent in his shorts wasn’t as obvious, he closed the lid on his laptop.

“Yeah?” Darren asked, completely unsurprised when the door opened and Peyton’s head poked through.

“Uh, Dawn wanted to know if you’d drive us to the mall,” Peyton said.

“So she sent you because she thinks I’d be less likely to say no to you?” Darren asked, chuckling as he realized his sister was dead on.

“Something like that,” Peyton said, blushing.

“Sure, just let me grab my keys and I’ll be ready to go,” Darren said, smiling.

“No rush or anything,” Peyton said. “Dawn’s about hop in the shower and then I was going to take one when she’s done.”

“Use mine,” Darren suggested, pointing at his bathroom.

“Really?” Peyton asked, surprised at his offer.

“I’ll just go downstairs and get something to drink,” Darren said. “And there are some fries left if you want them.”

“Why are you being so nice?” Peyton asked as he held out the paper bag so she could take a french fry.

“Would you rather I throw you down and shove dirt clods in your mouth?” Darren asked, smirking.

“You’re right, not going to question it,” Peyton said, remembering when Darren used to threaten to do such things. He never did though, except maybe to his sister when Dawn pushed him too far. “Just let me go grab a towel and clothes.”

“I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready to go,” Darren said, trying, and failing, to not watch her ass as she left his room.

*  *  *  *  *

“You look like you’re having fun,” Peyton said as she took a seat next to Darren.

“I see Dawn outlasted you as well,” Darren said, sipping a blueberry smoothie.

Darren had had a little shopping to do as well, so when he’d dropped the girls off they’d made arrangements to meet in the food court for dinner. Then he’d bought a new pair of shoes and looked at some electronics with hearts in his eyes before buying himself a smoothie and settling in to watch the passing people while he waited.

“I bought a couple tops and a cute skirt,” Peyton said, showing Darren her purchases. “But you know Dawn, she’d live in the mall if they’d let her.”

“Well, she still has a half hour before she’s supposed to be here, which means more like ninety minutes in Dawn-time,” Darren sighed. “Want something to drink while we wait?”

“Actually, that looks pretty good,” Peyton said, pointing at his smoothie.

“Blueberry? Or are you still a strawberry girl?” Darren asked as he stood up.

“Strawberry,” Peyton said, mildly taken aback that he knew that.

*  *  *  *  *

“Come in,” Darren said, hearing a soft knock on his bedroom door as he was getting ready for bed.

“Still up?” Peyton asked, poking her head in the door.

“I was going to ask you the same thing,” Darren said. “Couldn’t sleep again?”

“Yeah, strange house, I think,” Peyton said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Strange house? You’ve spent the night here dozens of times,” Darren said, laughing.

“It’s different though, knowing I’m not going home in the morning or something, I don’t know,” Peyton sighed.

“I was going to watch a movie before bed if you want to join me,” Darren offered, sitting down on his bed.

“What are we watching?” Peyton asked, crossing the room.

“You pick,” Darren said, handing her the remote as she climbed onto the bed next to him.

“Even a chick flick?” Peyton asked, more than a little evil in her eyes.

“Nothing Twilight,” Darren said as she searched through the movie section. “In fact, anything with vampires or werewolves aimed at teenage girls in general is out.”

“Ooh, Pretty Woman, that doesn’t have vampires or werewolves,” Peyton pointed out.

“Fine, play it,” Darren said, laughing as Peyton beamed triumphantly at him.

“Too bad we don’t have any popcorn,” Peyton said, giving him a sad puppy dog look.

“You’re higher maintenance than my last girlfriend,” Darren grunted, rolling his eyes as he went to make her popcorn.

*  *  *  *  *

“Wake up,” Darren said, nudging Peyton as she leaned on his shoulder and snored quietly. “I’m not carrying you to bed again tonight.”

“But I’m tired,” Peyton grumbled, half asleep.

Giving up, Darren let her sleep. Grabbing onto his arm she sunk down a bit on the bed and snuggled up against his side. For some reason she obviously felt more comfortable in his room than Dawn’s since she’d come into his room two nights in a row complaining of not being able to sleep only to fall asleep not long after getting him to watch a movie with her.

As the movie came to an end Darren found himself facing similar choices as last night. He’d already told her he wasn’t carrying her to bed two nights in a row, and he still wasn’t about to wake his sister up to come claim her. That left leaving her where she was.

Turning off the tv, Darren stretched Peyton out on his bed and pulled the covers over her. Sighing, he grabbed a pillow and a blanket. Laying them out on the floor, he curled up at the foot of his own bed to sleep on the floor.

*  *  *  *  *

Waking up, Peyton was once more disoriented at the strange surroundings. Looking around she saw several posters on the walls, many of well-endowed women with cars in the background. Sitting up she glanced down and saw Darren sprawled out on the floor and remembered that she’d fallen asleep on him again.

Extending her foot Peyton tried to reach the floor on the other side of him without waking him up. Unfortunately, she got tangled up in the sheets and wound up going down in a heap, right on top of Darren, achieving exactly the opposite of what she’d been trying for.

“A simple ‘good morning’ would’ve worked better,” Darren groaned as he he tried to recover from having his breath knocked out of him by her landing on his stomach.

“I’m so sorry,” Peyton said, feeling absolutely terrible. She’s taken his bed and then hurt him while trying to sneak out quietly.

“No problem,” Darren said as she managed to stand up. “I’m just happy you didn’t land a few inches further south.”

*  *  *  *  *

“Again?” Dawn asked as Darren and Peyton came downstairs. “Still going to tell me there’s nothing going on? Because she sure as hell didn’t sleep in the guest room last night.”

“We were watching a movie, she fell asleep, I slept on the floor,” Darren said, rolling his eyes.

“He was a complete gentleman,” Peyton said when Dawn looked unconvinced. “He even let me pick the movie, Pretty Woman.”

“You watched Pretty Woman, and there’s nothing going on?” Dawn asked, skeptically.

“She couldn’t sleep, so I let her watch a movie in my room,” Darren said, exasperated. “I didn’t lay a finger on her.”

“Too bad, I bet she would’ve liked it,” Dawn said under her breath, just loud enough for Peyton to hear.

“Shut up,” Peyton hissed, turning bright red.

“Okay, well, I have to take a shower and get to work,” Darren announced, choosing to ignore the not-quite audible comment and the sudden crimson tint to Peyton’s face. “Anywhere you guys want to be dropped on my way?”

“Actually, yeah, Wilson and Mike are supposed to be working today at the pool,” Dawn said. “We’re going to go get our flirt on.”

“Okay, sure,” Darren said, gritting his teeth at the idea of Peyton flirting with other guys. “Go get ready and we’ll leave.”

*  *  *  *  *

“Hey,” Peyton said, poking her head in Darren’s door.

“Hey,” Darren said coldly as he flicked through channels on the television.

“Something wrong?” Peyton asked. Ever since they’d gotten back from the pool he’d been distant and surly and pretty much the opposite of the sweet guy he normally was.

“No, nothing’s wrong,” Darren said, not even looking at her.

“Oh, well, Dawn went to bed but I’m not really tired,” Peyton said, hoping she could watch tv with him again.

“There’s a tv in the guest room, or there’s the one downstairs,” Darren said, looking up and seeing the hurt in her eyes at his words.

“Did I do something wrong or something?” Peyton asked, her eyes tearing up.

“Oh shit, come here,” Darren said, hopping off his bed to cross the room. “It’s not you, I’m just in a bad mood, I guess.”

“Did something happen at work?” Peyton asked, trying to understand. He’d been in a good mood earlier, or at least seemed to be, so it must have happened after that.

“Kinda, but not really,” Darren sighed, giving her a hug. “I don’t know. I don’t really want to talk about it. It’s kinda stupid.”

Actually, Darren knew exactly what was eating at him but he didn’t know how to say it even if he wanted to. All day at work he’d pictured guys flirting with Peyton and it had driven him up the wall. Then when they’d gotten home he’d caught more than a few hushed giggles and snippets of conversations about what cute boys they’d seen and talked to and it hadn’t put him in the best of moods.

“Come on, I was just about to watch some Modern Family if you want to watch with me,” Darren offered, nodding towards his bed.

“Okay,” Peyton said, smiling weakly.

*  *  *  *  *

Feeling Peyton rest her head on his shoulder, Darren figured she was falling asleep on him again. Looking down though, he was greeted by the sight of Peyton’s hazel eyes wide open watching the television. She looked so cute that he couldn’t help himself.

Moving his hand, Darren slid it along the bed until his pinkie touched her hand. Slowly moving his hand over hers, he paused when his ring fingers covered the same fingers on her hand. When Peyton didn’t pull her hand away, he inched his hand along until it was fully atop hers.

Feeling Darren’s hand squeeze hers, Peyton’s heart beat like a jackhammer. It obviously wasn’t an accident, but she had no idea what, if anything, it meant. For all she knew he was just apologizing for being an ass earlier.

“Are you going to tell me why you were in a bad mood earlier?” Peyton asked, hoping she wasn’t pushing too much.

“I don’t know, I guess I just didn’t like you flirting with other guys,” Darren said nervously.

“Oh,” Peyton said, her heart bouncing around inside her ribcage. She still wasn’t sure quite what it meant. She kinda hoped he was jealous, but figured he was probably just being protective. Of course, there was only one way to know for sure. “Does that mean you, you know, like me?”

As he looked at her Peyton felt her heart stop while she waited for her answer. Rather than get it in the form of words though, Darren took her by surprise by leaning over and kissing her. Stunned, it took a moment for it to register before she moaned and returned the kiss.

Putting her hand on the back of his head, Peyton pulled Darren to her. Her heart soared and her brain whirled as she got what she’d been wanting for so very long. When his tongue licked at her lips, she opened her mouth and purred as it darted into her mouth.

Feeling her tongue caress his, Darren suddenly became very aware of who he was kissing. He’d known all along, obviously, but the fact that he’d likely just severely complicated his own life suddenly popped into his head. He was making out with his sister’s best friend, and anything that happened between him and Peyton could potentially effect things between Dawn and Peyton.

Knowing that and doing anything about it though were two separate things. And the fact of the matter was that Darren had his tongue in the mouth of a gorgeous girl that had been driving him nuts. It would’ve taken more strength than he currently possessed to stop simply because it might make his sister mad somewhere down the line.

Taking a chance, Darren put a hand on Peyton’s hip and slowly inched it up her side. When it reached her ribcage, he moved it towards her front before reaching the bottom of one of her breasts. After pausing to give her time to stop him, he continued up until her breast was in the palm of his hand.

Pressing her chest against his palm, Peyton gave him the green light to keep going. As good as his lips felt against hers, his hands felt even better on her body. Of course, she’d known that since the first time she’d asked him to put suntan lotion on her and felt the soft, nimble touch of his fingers rubbing the lotion into her back.

Pushing his body against hers, Darren slipped his right leg over hers. Gently kneading the boob in his hand he pressed his crotch against Peyton’s hip, grinding it against her body.

“Wow,” Peyton said when the kiss finally broke, her lips tingling.

“Does that answer your question?” Darren asked, giving her another, much smaller peck on the lips.

“I might need more convincing,” Peyton said, feeling his hard cock digging into her hip.

“I could try,” Darren said, grinning as he pressed his body against hers once more.

When Darren parted his lips, Peyton beat him to it by sliding her tongue into his mouth this time. His mouth tasted kinda fruity, like he’d been sucking on a Jolly Rancher beforehand or something. It tasted a bit like grape, but Peyton was a little too busy to concentrate on the exact flavor.

Feeling Darren press his thigh against her crotch Peyton moaned and instinctively pushed back against it. As she slowly ground her pussy against his thigh, she felt tremors course through her body. A moan escaped her lips as Darren complemented the sensations by squeezing the boob still in his hand.

With Peyton using his thigh to bring herself pleasure, Darren decided to try to push the envelope a bit more. Letting go of her tit, he moved his hand down her body. When his hand crept past her waist she tensed up slightly and he paused. When she didn’t push it away though, he slowly inched it over the fabric of the boxer shorts she wore until his hand was resting directly on top of her pussy.

Extending his middle finger, Darren pressed it into the folds of her pussy, through her shorts. As Peyton gasped and shuddered at his touch, he moved his finger in small circles, letting the material of her shorts provide friction against such a sensitive area.

“Ohhhh,” Peyton moaned, breaking the kiss as she spread her legs wider for him.

Taking the move as an invitation, Darren moved his hand further south until he found one of her legs. Slipping his hand into a leg hole of her shorts he followed her leg back up to the gates of heaven at the top.

As good as Darren’s finger had felt through her shorts, it felt a million times better without anything between it and her pussy. When it found her clit and started to rub, she was nearly overcome by the sensations.

It wasn’t the first time she’d been touched down there, but it was by far the best. The one other boy she’d let get his hand into her panties, her ex, had done it simply as a means of getting laid. When that didn’t happen, he’d accused her of being a tease and dumped her. But she was willing to whatever Darren wanted, probably because she trusted him to what was right for her rather than for him.

“You’re really wet,” Darren observed as he dragged his finger down to run through her labia.

“Yeah,” Peyton mewled, hunching her hips to press her pussy against his hand.

Reaching her hole, Darren traced his finger around the rim. Moving his lips down Peyton’s jaw, he nibbled on her neck and collarbone as he slowly pushed his finger into her pussy. Before he got very far, he got a great shock when the tip of his finger ran into an obstruction.

“You’re a-?” Darren started before trailing off.

“Uh huh,” Peyton said, nodding nervously as she felt him stop everything he was doing.

Suddenly everything got a million times more complicated for Darren than it already had been. Fucking his sister’s best friend was bad enough, but popping her cherry was something else entirely. Of all the times to have a crisis of conscience, having a gorgeous girl on his bed, ready and willing, was probably the worst possible time.

While he really wanted to fuck Peyton, and the thought of being her first and the one that she would always remember no matter what else happened was extremely attractive, he wasn’t a cherry collector. He cared for Peyton way too much, both as a friend and a potential lover, to do something that would likely break her heart. And with him going off to college in a couple months, there really wasn’t any long term future for them.

“Please?” Peyton quietly pleaded, pushing her pussy against his hand, her needs ignited and then forgotten as Darren fought with his conscience.

Hearing the need in her voice, Darren forgot about his scruples for the moment. He’s gone this far, going a little further wouldn’t hurt. In fact, finishing her off could be easily rationalized as helping her out, so it was like he was doing a good thing as he moved his finger back to her clit.

“Uhhh,” Peyton moaned, clinging to Darren as he stroked her nub.

As Peyton felt the pleasure grow inside her, Darren watched her pretty face get even hotter as it contorted in pleasure. Her eyes opened wide and she bit her lower lip, her eyes alight as Darren sought to make her come.

Leaning in, Darren kissed her. Peyton moaned into his mouth as his kiss drove her even higher. She’d masturbated a couple times before but her fingers felt absolutely nothing like Darren’s. There was a certain strength and roughness to them, yet extremely gentle at the same time. It was a combination she wouldn’t have thought possible.

“Ohhh gaawwdddd,” Peyton hissed, trying to keep her noises under control.

When he pushed Peyton over the edge, feeling her body tremble and quake in his arms, all while trying to stifle her moans, it was one of the hottest things Darren had ever witnessed. His cock strained against his shorts, threatening to burst right through them to get at the adorable blonde currently in the throes of ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhh,” Peyton moaned quietly, easily the best orgasm of her young life washing over her in waves.

When the last tremor coursed through her body and Peyton limp, Darren finally pulled his hand out of her shorts. Staring at his finger, glistening with Peyton’s juices, he brought it to his lips, tasting her orgasmic juices as he cuddled up next to her.

“Mmm,” Peyton sighed, luxuriating in his presence after her climax.

Peyton had been a little unsure about how far she should let things go, but each time she’d drawn a line in the sand in her head, Darren had managed to sneak past it and make it feel so good that she moved the line. But as he held her close after her orgasm, she officially made up her mind that she was his to do with as he pleased.

“Make love to me,” Peyton said quietly enough that Darren almost thought his brain had made it up.

“Your first time shouldn’t be like this,” Darren sighed. “It should be special, with someone you care about.”

“What do you think you are?” Peyton sarcastically asked. “I’ve had a crush on you since I was twelve. My first, I guess you’d call sexual fantasy was you cornering me in your kitchen and kissing me. When I was fourteen I had a dream, don’t really remember everything, but you had pinned me to the bed and kissed me as you made love to me. This morning you have no idea how disappointed I was to wake up in your bed, and find you sleeping on the floor rather than with me. Trust me, I want this.”

“It’s more than that though,” Darren sighed. “You should be with a guy your own age that will still be here when school starts.”

“What if I don’t want them?” Peyton countered. “You just told me you liked me. If you’re interested, and I’m interested, then what does it matter?”

“It matters because I don’t want to be the asshole that fucked you and then broke your heart when I went off to college,” Darren muttered, exasperated.

“Right now you’re just the asshole that rejected me after I poured my heart out to him,” Peyton grumbled.

“Your first time shouldn’t be with someone you’ve never even gone on a date with,” Darren said. “So tomorrow night, want to go out with me? On a real date?”

Rather than answer, with words at least, Peyton took a page out of Darren’s playbook. Grabbing his head she pulled him in for a kiss. Even though she’d gotten her heart set on her first time taking place tonight, she’d instead gotten the best possible consolation prize. She was getting a real date with Darren and hopefully more after that.

“I’m going to take that as a yes,” Darren said, grinning when the kiss broke. “Now for an even more important question. Are you planning to sleep in here tonight or are you going back to Dawn’s room?”

“Dawn will understand,” Peyton said, rolling over onto her side to indicate she wasn’t going anywhere.

“You obviously have more faith in my sister than I do,” Darren said, grinning as he pulled the covers up over both of them.

*  *  *  *  *

“I knew it,” Dawn said, opening Darren’s door to find him curled up with Peyton.

“Go away,” Darren grunted, suddenly becoming aware that he had Peyton’s boob in his hand.

“Not until I hear all the details,” Dawn said, happy that her friend had seemingly finally got what she’d wanted for so long.

“She’ll tell you later, now go,” Darren said, letting go of Peyton’s tit long enough to pull the blankets up over their heads.

“Mmm, morning,” Peyton said, rolling over in his grip to face him once they’d heard the door shut.

“I don’t have to work today, so I don’t plan on moving until I can say ‘afternoon’ instead,” Darren proclaimed.

“I still get my date tonight though, right?” Peyton asked, making sure he didn’t forget.

“How does dinner sound?” Darren asked her.

“Great,” Peyton said, beaming at the fact she was finally getting her chance.

“Normally I’d pick a girl up at her house, but I can’t really do that with you at the moment,” Darren said. “So I guess I’ll have to pick you at Dawn’s door at seven?”

“And don’t even think of standing me up because I know where you live,” Peyton said, joking.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there,” Darren assured her. “Now you should probably go talk to Dawn before she actually bursts in anticipation.”

“Okay, but if you’re not downstairs by the time I’ve given her all her details, I reserve the right to come back to this very spot,” Peyton said, pointing at a spot on the mattress between them.

“I’ll make sure to keep it nice and warm for you,” Darren said, leaning forward. At the last second though he remembered that he hadn’t brushed his teeth yet and instead veered up to kiss the end of her nose. “Sorry, morning breath and all.”

“Then maybe you should do something about it before I get back,” Peyton said, smirking as she climbed over him to get out of bed.

*  *  *  *  *

“Okay, spill,” Dawn said when Peyton finally came downstairs. “Did you do it?”

“No,” Peyton said, rolling her eyes. “You know how he was being a bit of an ass last night?”

“No, he’s always an ass,” Dawn said, giving Peyton a look.

“Well, he said it was because he was jealous that I was flirting with other guys, then he kissed me,” Peyton said, a certain shrillness creeping into the tone of her words. “He was a complete gentleman.”

“So he didn’t lay a hand on you, just kissed you?” Dawn asked.

“I didn’t say that,” Peyton said, blushing.

“Ohhh, this I gotta hear,” Dawn squealed, sensing juicy details.

As Peyton recounted the events, Dawn was caught in a bit of a quandary. While she really wanted the details, she was struck by the realization that those details were also about her brother. By listening to Peyton, she was becoming far more familiar with her brother’s sex life than she ever wanted to be.

“So he asked you out for tonight?” Dawn asked. “That only gives us a few hours. We have to do your hair and makeup, pick out a dress.”

“Darren’s upstairs waiting for me,” Peyton said, grinning. “And if I have to choose between picking out a dress and cuddling with him, the dress can wait.”

*  *  *  *  *

“I was beginning to wonder if you were coming back,” Darren said. Upon hearing the door open, he’d rolled over to see Peyton slipping through the door.

“You know girls, we have to walk about everything,” Peyton said, crawling under the covers.

“I believe I owe you something,” Darren said as he leaned in to kiss her.

“Mmm, I could get used to that,” Peyton said, practically purring at his kiss.

“Don’t get too used to it,” Darren said. “You might decide you don’t like me any more after our date.”

“Between what I’ve seen you do over the years and what Dawn has told me about, mainly in an attempt to stop my crush, I’m not sure there’s anything you could do to make me stop liking you,” Peyton said, rolling over so her back was to him. As Darren wrapped his arms around her she smiled dreamily and pressed herself back against him. “I’ve been yours for the taking all along and now that you’re finally doing the taking, that’s not going to change.”

Darren thought he should be a little worried about her phrasing, that she was way too serious way too soon, but for some reason he wasn’t. Rather than making his typical male commitment-phobic response kick in, he actually found himself hoping she was right. Now that he’d finally let her in, he didn’t want her to leave.

*  *  *  *  *

Standing in front of the mirror Darren nervously fiddled with his hair. Normally he was pretty low fuss when it came to his appearance, enough to look good but not so much that it took over his life. But for some reason tonight he just couldn’t get it right.

It had started with being unable to decide what to wear. His first thought was to wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants so he didn’t look like a slob, but also didn’t look like he was going to too much effort. But he couldn’t find anything in his closet that looked right.

After so long of not paying much attention to Peyton, the blinders had been ripped off. Suddenly she was in his head and his every thought seemed to alternate between filthy thoughts of his new obsession and admonishing himself for said filthy thoughts.

Checking the time, Darren decided his hair was as good as it was going to get and opened the door. Taking a deep breath, he took the couple steps that separated his bedroom from his sister’s. Lifting his hand, he rapped his knuckles against the door and heard his sister tell him to hold on.

When the door opened Darren was greeted by his sister’s grinning face. After a moment she stepped aside and was replaced in his field of vision by a sight that knocked him senseless. Peyton stepped forward, dressed in a cute yellow dress that showed just a hint of cleavage and quite a bit of long, shapely leg.

“Wow,” Darren said, forcing his eyes back up to her face.

“I think he likes it,” Dawn said dryly.

“Yeah,” Darren said, nodding his head dumbly before breaking into a smile and extending his elbow out from his body.

“See, told you he was a gentleman,” Peyton said, sticking her tongue out at Dawn as she took Darren’s arm.

“No, he’s still a butthead,” Dawn said, grinning as she watched them leave her room.

*  *  *  *  *

“That was really good,” Peyton said as she stared down the last bite of her spinach ravioli.

“Hope you saved room for dessert,” Darren said, pushing away his empty lasagna plate.

“Cannoli,” Peyton said, her eyes lighting up.

“I was thinking gelato, but yours works too,” Darren said, smiling as Peyton ate her last ravioli.

“Even better,” Peyton said, smirking. “That way I get my cannoli and try your gelato.”

“You’re almost as devious as Dawn, you know that?” Darren asked, laughing at Peyton plotting to eat his dessert.

“When I really want something,” Peyton said, a decidedly evil edge to her smirk.

“Any dessert tonight?” the waiter, Antonio, asked.

“She’ll have the cannoli and I’ll have the strawberry gelato,” Darren said.

“Strawberry?” Peyton asked, surprised. “I thought you were a blueberry guy.”

“I figure if you’re going to eat most of it, I might as well get a flavor you like,” Darren said, shrugging.

“If you’re trying to make a good impression, you’re doing a great job,” Peyton sighed.

*  *  *  *  *

“Come here,” Peyton said, pulling Darren into a doorway and kissing him.

After eating dessert, Darren had suggested they go for a little walk. So they’d found themselves walking down the street in the fading light. Without even thinking Darren had grabbed Peyton’s hand and laced his fingers in hers.

“You taste like strawberries,” Darren told her, wrapping his arms around her.

“Wonder why.” Peyton said as he pressed her against the wall. “Thanks for tonight.”

“We’ve still got time if you wanted to do something else,” Darren pointed out.

“This is fine,” Peyton said. “Though maybe somewhere a bit more private might be better.”

“Want to go back to my house and watch a movie or something?” Darren asked. “Or more accurately, put on a movie that we may or may not watch?”

“We could,” Peyton said, a conspiratorial tone to her voice. “Though my house has far more privacy with my parents out of town.”

“Lets go,” Darren said, not even bothering to pretend to think it over.

*  *  *  *  *

“Mmm,” Peyton moaned as Darren kissed her neck.

After walking through the door, Peyton had grabbed his hand and led her directly to her room. While he sat down on the bed she’d grabbed a random movie off a shelf next to her tv and put it in. It had barely started before she’d climbed onto the bed and straddled his waist, blocking his view of the tv. Not that he was complaining as she bent down to kiss him.

Resting his hands on Peyton’s knees, Darren instinctively started sliding them up her thighs, under the hem of her dress. When Peyton didn’t stop him, he continued until his fingers found the elastic of the leg hole of her panties. Moving his hands around behind her, he grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her tight against him, their crotches rubbing against each other.

Feeling his cock pressed against her with only a couple layers of cloth between them, Peyton suddenly felt butterflies in her stomach. She wanted him, and it, so badly, but it was still new territory for her. And that was assuming that he’d actually go through with it, which was far from guaranteed after last night.

Using his grip on her butt to help lift her up, Darren started kissing down to the top of her chest. Her dress was still on and covering up the good stuff, but as his lips touched the flushed skin of her upper chest just above her cleavage, he could hear the slight change in her breathing.

Reaching down between them, Peyton’s hand found Darren’s cock. Flattening her palm against it, she felt a little light headed as she thought how it would feel inside her. Wanting more, she found his zipper pulled it down so she could snake her hand inside and close her fingers around his rod.

“Fuck,” Darren grunted as she stroked his cock slightly.

“Can I?” Peyton asked, squeezing his cock as she asked.

Darren wasn’t quite sure what she was asking for, but at the moment he would have given her pretty much anything. He’d spent all day thinking about how she’d looked during her orgasm or picturing how she’d look naked, or just imagining her in all sorts of positions. With a serious make out session on top of that, he was bordering on desperate.

“Yeah,” Darren gasped, hoping he was giving her permission to play with his cock in a more serious manner.

Slipping her hand from his zipper, Darren groaned at his cock being left alone, but it wasn’t long. Her fingers found his belt and fumbled with it slightly before getting it undone. After that, his pants were a piece of cake and in moments she was pulling his cock out of the flap in his boxers.

“Wow,” Peyton said, finally getting a good look at his penis.

Despite being a virgin, it wasn’t the cock first she’d seen. She’d given her ex a couple blow jobs, but his was nothing compared to what Darren was packing. Probably about eight inches long, but thick enough that her fingers couldn’t even close around it, Peyton felt the butterflies return as she wondered how it would ever fit.

“Please,” Darren groaned, realizing that she’d effectively turned the tables on him. Last night it had been her begging him to bring her sweet release and now he was putty in her hand, literally.

Devilish grin creeping across her face, Darren could see her debating whether she should tease him or not. Fortunately for him, she chose to be nice, really nice, and slowly stroked his cock. As he moaned she bent down until she was close enough to his cock to look it directly in its one eye.

Opening her mouth, Peyton leaned in even closer until she could wrap her lips around the head of his cock. Letting her tongue swirl around the head, she slowly pushed, taking a bit more of his cock into her mouth. It was stretching her lips in a wonderful way and encouraged her to start bobbing her head up and down on the three or four inches she already had in her mouth.

“Shit,” Darren hissed. It probably, or definitely, wasn’t the best blowjob he’d ever had, his last girlfriend lived for head, giving and receiving, so his standards there were skewed impossibly high. But it was still more than good enough to do a number on him, especially when Peyton tilted her head so she could look up at him, her hazel eyes gleaming and her pretty face grinning at him around his cock.

Knowing that he wasn’t going to last long if he didn’t calm down, Darren closed his eyes and leaned his head back. Taking a couple deep breaths he felt a calmness settle over him, even despite the immense pleasure Peyton was imparting upon his cock. Under a bit more control, Darren settled back to enjoy Peyton’s work.

While her technique was raw and needed practice, Darren had to admit that Peyton had enthusiasm. And generally, enthusiasm was almost more important when it to giving head. As with anything, it didn’t matter how good one was at something if they didn’t like doing it. Whereas, if they enjoyed it, inevitably they’d get the practice necessary to become good.

“Yeah, play with my balls,” Darren instructed as Peyton’s fingers tickled his sack.

Lifting her head so that only the head of his cock was still in her mouth, Peyton started sucking. Her tongue caressed the sensitive organ and drew a low moan from Darren as she started to break through his tranquility. Keeping up the suction, she pushed her way back down again, her tongue swabbing his shaft and bathing it in saliva as she went.

When the head of his cock bumped against the back of her mouth, Peyton broke the suction so she could take a deep breath. Applying the suction again, Peyton started to pull back, making Darren grab the sheets and ball them up in his fists as she tried to suck his prostate out through his urethra.

“Ohh, Pey, uhhh,” Darren squeaked, feeling his self control dissolve.

Hearing the desire in his voice spurred Peyton on even more. He’d made her come last night and she desperately wanted to return the favor. Bobbing her head up and down on about half of his cock, she used her hand to stroke the shaft. Feeling him start to tense up Peyton pulled back until just the head was in her mouth.

“Gonna come,” Darren grunted, gritting his teeth to try to hold back even a couple seconds longer.

With the warning, Peyton was struck by indecision. The couple times she’d given her ex a blowjob she’d always pulled off and finished him off with her hand. But for some reason she couldn’t bear the thought of letting him escape her mouth any sooner than necessary.

“Pey,” Darren warned breathlessly, feeling the cum start to rise despite his best efforts to hold back.

Ignoring his warnings, Peyton used her tongue to caress the crown of his penis. The reaction was instant as it cracked the last bit of his resolve. With a loud groan his hips lurched forward a split second before the floodgates opened. A blast of hot, salty jizz leaped from his cock, striking the roof of Peyton’s mouth with surprising force.

Shocked, Peyton opened her mouth and pulled back. The moment his cock left her mouth another jet of cum erupted, striking her upper lip and causing her to reel back once more. A third burst struck her on the cheek before she recovered and took him back into her mouth.

“Oh god, Peyton,” Darren groaned as she used her mouth to milk the rest of his bounty out of his balls.

Finding the taste to be not nearly as bad as she’d feared, Peyton found herself humming happily as she let the lumpy, yet slightly watery liquid slide down her throat. Even after he’d calmed down and his cock had stopped spouting gravy she kept on nursing on his tool.

Finally letting him slip from her mouth Peyton wiped her face as she sat up and looked at Darren with a look loaded with such hunger that it would’ve scared him if it hadn’t been so hot. Grabbing her he pulled her back to him, kissing her and tasting himself on her lips and tongue.

“Fuck me,” Peyton gasped as she felt his hands go for the zipper on the back of her dress.

“The problem with that is that you just wiped me out pretty good,” Darren said, grinning as he gathered up the skirt of her dress and started to pull it upward.

“Can’t I just, you know, suck it or something?” Peyton asked, lifting her arms so Darren could take her dress off.

“You could, but I’ve got other ideas,” Darren said, tossing her dress to the side.

“Other ideas?” Peyton asked, suddenly feeling nervous as Darren’s eyes took in the sight of her in nothing but bra and panties.

“Mmhmm,” Darren said, his hands moving around to her back to unhook her bra.

Pulling the cups of her bra away from her body Darren’s salivary glands went into overdrive as his eyes feasted on the perfect pale orbs in front of him. Leaning forward he took one of them into his mouth, sucking on the nipple and drawing a low moan of approval from Peyton.

“I like other ideas,”  Peyton said, grabbing his head and holding it in place.

“Ee oo,” Darren muttered around the breast occupying his mouth.

Curling his lips over his teeth, Darren softly nibbled on her areola while his tongue swirled around the nipple. A moan echoed in his ear as Peyton leaned her chin against his head. His mouth felt so good that it almost distracted her from the feel of his hard cock once again pressing against her crotch.

Feeling Darren’s hands move to her hips she felt a thrill run through her when his thumbs slipped into the waistband of her panties. As he started to peel them down she lifted up slightly while trying not to dislodge her breasts from his mouth.

Shifting around in his lap, Peyton maneuvered herself around so Darren could tug her panties down her legs and off of her without breaking contact. While still lifted up she reached down to grab hold of his cock, but before she could aim it at her pussy Darren grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him, trapping his cock between them.

“Not yet,” Darren said calmly, using his grip on her hips to move her against him just enough to slide her pussy an inch or two back and forth along the shaft of his cock.

As Peyton whimpered at having to wait, Darren moved his hands to her ass. He’d felt it through her shorts last night and her panties earlier, but right now he wanted to feel those firm globes with absolutely nothing in the way. And as he squeezed and fondled her tight cheeks he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold her off for long.

Suddenly rolling, Darren deposited Peyton onto her back with him on top. Reaching between their bodies he grabbed hold of his cock and brought it into position. Feeling the moist heat of her pussy right at the tip of his cock he held himself in place as he looked Peyton in the eye.

“Ready?” Darren asked, his cock starting to get antsy with pussy so close at hand.

“Yeah,” Peyton said nervously. She really, really wanted this, but it was still something new, and huge and life changing and all that other stuff.

With her affirmation, Darren nudged forward, slowly spreading her open and feeling the tightness of her pussy cling to him. Feeling his cock bump up against her maidenhead, he leaned his head down. Pressing his lips against her, he distracted her with a kiss. When she moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck he suddenly lunged forward, shredding her hymen before she knew what was happening.

“Ahhhh,” Peyton whined, pain erupting inside her as her cherry popped.

Pausing with a little less than half of his cock inside her, Darren put his weight on his elbows. Cupping her face in his hands he used his thumbs to caress her cheeks to help calm her down. Softly kissing her, he ever so slightly started to move inside her.

“Ohhh,” Peyton moaned as she felt him sliding not much more than an inch of his cock in and out of her at a time.

As her pain started diminishing, Peyton started moving against Darren. Lifting her hips she encouraged Darren to push more of his cock into her. It was a tight fit, her pussy was stretched unbelievably, but each little movement he made felt better than the last until she finally felt his pelvis press against hers, his cock buried inside to the hilt.

Grabbing Peyton’s hands Darren pinned them one by one to the bed above her head. With his cock fully embedded in her pussy, Darren kissed her, softly nibbling on her lower lip as he slowly slid out. Stopping with half of his cock out of her snatch, he paused before pushing it back into her.

“What was it you said about wanting me to pin you to bed?” Darren asked, kissing her chin as he straightened his arms and raised up over her.

“Ohhhh,” Peyton moaned, shivering at the thought that the first sex dream she remembered having was actually coming true.

Sliding his cock back out of her, Darren watched her face intently. He watched the look of almost disappointment cross her face momentarily as his cock withdrew from her, leaving her feeling more than a little empty. Then he watched as her eyes closed and her mouth opened to let out a moan of pleasure as he pushed back into her.

“Ooooh,” Peyton moaned as he started fucking her in earnest.

Not wanting to go too fast too soon, Darren stayed slow and easy until he saw a look of pleading on Peyton’s face. Between that and the increasingly insistent movement of her hips he could tell she was ready for him to step it up a bit.

Still going slow on the out strokes, Darren started giving Peyton a little extra on the in strokes. Each time he plunged into her tight pussy Peyton moaned and hunched her to meet his thrust. But what Peyton liked most was when he drove deep inside her, then swiveled his hips, grinding his pelvis against her and moving his cock around inside her pussy.

Bending his elbows Darren slowly lowered his upper body. As his mouth came in range of Peyton’s, he gave her a quick peck and pulled his head back before she could react. When she lifted her head to try to follow he slammed his cock forward with enough force to make the room echo with the sound of flesh slapping flesh.

“Ohh god,” Peyton gasped, her head lolling back as her eyes rolled back in her head.

“You like that?” Darren asked even though it pretty obvious.

“Yeah,” Peyton moaned as he gave her another one, this time coupled with a bit of the grinding she’d become so fond of in such a short time.

Letting go of Peyton’s hands he straightened up. Grabbing the backs of her knees he lifted her legs and spread them apart, opening her up to him. Smirking down at Peyton Darren really started showing her what he could do.

With powerful strokes Darren slammed into Peyton’s cunt. Each thrust sent shock waves through the teenager that she’d never felt before. Gasping as he bottomed out inside her with each thrust, Peyton felt herself overcome by the onslaught.

“So close,” Peyton hissed, feeling the pressure in her stomach building.

“Me too,” Darren said, hoping he could get her there first.

Letting go of her legs Darren dropped down to his elbows. Pressing his chest against Peyton’s he shortened his strokes as he kissed her. As his tongue darted into her mouth Peyton moaned and wrapped her arms around his back.

Hooking her legs around his waist, Peyton dug her heels into his butt to pull him into her. Every lunge pushed Peyton that much closer to her orgasm. She could feel it just out of reach and she worked herself against Darren with the sole intent of getting there, getting them both there.

Feeling the tremors start deep inside Peyton’s body and then start radiating outward, Darren broke the kiss and lifted his head. Slamming his cock into Peyton Darren watched intently as she arched her back, leaned her head back, and let out a low rumble of a moan as she started to come.

As Peyton’s snatch clamped down on his manhood, Darren was struck once more by just how beautiful she looked while coming. Except this time she was coming while his cock was thrusting in and out of her no-longer virgin tunnel rather than laying next to him while he diddled her clit. And that fact pushed right up to the edge as he grabbed his cock to pull out before he dumped a load of baby batter into her previously untouched pussy.

“Nooo,” Peyton whined, feeling suddenly empty as her body continued to quake in climax.

With Peyton using hands and legs to pull him back into her, Darren was torn. He was pretty sure she was on the pill and he really wanted to rebury himself inside her to unload, but the tiny part of his brain that was still capable of rational thought wasn’t sure he should take the risk.

Giving in to his baser instincts, Darren aimed his cock at her hole once more. Pushing back into her cunt, he groaned as her muscles latched onto him and started milking him before he’d even gotten half of his cock back inside her.

“Is this what you want?” Darren asked through gritted teeth as he slammed the rest of his cock into her.

“Ohhhh,” Peyton moaned, fresh spasms of pleasure shooting through her as she was filled again.

Unable to take any more, Darren pushed as deeply into Peyton as he could. Bowing his back he threw back his head and practically growled as he felt the cum race up the shaft of his cock. As it erupted out of the end of his prick it splashed against the inside of Peyton’s pussy.

Feeling his hot jizz fountaining inside her, Peyton couldn’t tell whether it sent her into another orgasm or if it just extended the one she was already in the middle of. Either way, she moaned and clung to Darren as she felt his cum unloading in her pussy.

“Mmm,” Peyton moaned when Darren had collapsed on top of her, his forehead resting on the mattress next to her head. She could hear him panting for air in her ear that matched the heaving in her own chest after their exertion.

Peyton felt a rush of seemingly opposite emotions and feelings run through her as Darren slid off of her and snuggled up against her side. She was sleepy and drowsy, yet every molecule in her body felt alive. She felt dizzy yet clear-headed, completely sated yet totally ready for more. Most of all though, she felt extremely happy, but also sad that it was likely just a one time thing.

“You’re not going to fall asleep on me, are you?” Darren asked as Peyton tilted her head to rest it against him.

“Maybe,” Peyton said, sighing peacefully.

“We should probably go home, then you can sleep all you want,” Darren suggested. Neither of them had curfews, per se, since Darren was over eighteen and Peyton was a guest, but Darren’s parents still liked to have some idea of the whereabouts of the people staying under their roof so they knew whether they needed to worry or not.

“Just a few more minutes,” Peyton said, rolling onto her side with Darren behind her. She could feel him press his body up against her back and thrilled at the skin-to-skin contact.

“So, what do you have planned for tomorrow?” Darren asked, his fingers tracing circles on the soft skin of her stomach.

“I don’t know, Susan Clark is going away to be a camp counselor for the summer so a bunch of us were thinking of getting together for a barbecue,” Peyton answered. “Why do you ask?”

“Oh, well, I was hoping maybe we could hang out or something,” Darren responded.

“You could come too,” Peyton offered. “You’ve met most of our friends, so you wouldn’t be out place or anything.”

“Actually, I was kinda hoping we could hang out alone. You know, just the two of us,” Darren said.

“Sort of like a date?” Peyton asked, her heart soaring at the possibility.

“More like exactly like a date,” Darren said.

“What happened to not wanting to be the asshole that fucked me and then broke my heart?” Peyton asked, smirking.

“That ship has sailed,” Darren said, chuckling. “Right now, no matter what happens it’s going suck. We can either spend the next couple months seeing what we might have here, and then be heart broken when I have to leave. Or we just go back to being friends and spend the next couple months glancing at each other wishing we’d decided to at least continue hooking up. Either way we end up getting kicked in the gut, but at least this way we get to have some fun before then.”

“Just one question, do I still have to sleep in Dawn’s room?” Peyton asked.

“You should probably leave some of your stuff in there so my parents think you are, but I kinda liked holding you last night,” Darren answered. “So you feel free to sleep wherever you want until your parents get home.”

“Then we should probably go so we don’t get in trouble with your parents,” Peyton said, regretfully pulling out of his arms.

“Bright side is that between getting dressed and driving back, we’ll probably wake up enough that we might have to tire ourselves out again once we get there,” Darren said, grinning as he sat up.

“This is going to be an amazing summer,” Peyton said, grinning as she pulled her dress on over her head, ignoring her bra and panties.

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