Deflowering X-men babe Shadow cat

Title: Deflowering X-men babe Shadow cat

Cele: Ellen Page

Author: Kash the Priest

Code: cons, oral, anal, first time

Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under 18 & the story is fiction. I haven’t met Ellen Page or been to the Cannes Film festivel, the story never really happened, I made it up.

Deflowering X-Men babe Shadow Cat

by Kash the Priest

Author’s note: Ellen Page will be the next big young actress, kind of like Hilary Duff, Olsen Twins and Lindsay Lohan. Except for we won’t need to wait for her to turn 18, she’s 19. So I thought I’d be the first one to get in there
and write a story about her. If anyone disagrees with me about her, feel free to e-mail me on the address at the bottom of the page. Hope you all enjoy. Also just for your own personal information, all the facts on X-Men and Ellen page’s career in this story is all true, the meeting her and screwing her isn’t.

“Yo’ dude, you going to the X-Men 3 premiere?” Jimmy asked.

“We’ve already been to two today.” Janine complained. I had to agree. We had been to two screenings today. Jimmy wanted to become a script writer and had already written three scripts. He wanted to try and get a script off the ground, so he decided that he Cannes Film Festival was the best place to meet Hollywood producer and get them interested. He was lucky that he had a rich father. He was a lawyer and managed to get four tickets from a client. And naturally, Jimmy chose to take his girlfriend, Janine and his two best friends, me and Tony.

“Hey, I’d love to see X-Men 3!” Tony said. “Anna Paquin is just too fine! And Halle Berry and Famke Janssen are in it too. Some major ass in one movie!”

“You know, it’s not a porno and if you start jerking off, they probably will throw you out.” I made fun of him and the other two laughed.

“What about you two?” Jimmy asked.

“Please…” Janine begged. “Say no. I don’t want to go see X-Men.” She really hated the big action movies. She was more into the teen flicks, romantic comedies and foreign movies.

“I don’t feel like going.” I said to Janine’s delight. Honestly, I thought X-Men was great, but found it a little slow and too long. I’ not one to sit still for a long time and thought it was more of a DVD movie for me.

“Let’s go get something to eat.” Janine said kissing Jimmy good bye and then turning to me and dragging me by the hand and the four of us paired off \and went our separate ways. I followed Janine, her still holding my hand but a step ahead of me. I admired her body from behind and if the truth be told, I met her first. I introduced her to my friends and took too long to make my move and Jimmy got in there first. He didn’t know how I felt about her, if he did he would’ve backed off. Janine saw me more as a good friend than anything else now, so that put the prospect of anything happening between us, ever, out of the question.

We spent the next hour hanging out at a cafe. Things were going great between us and she was flirting with me a lot. She started to touch me and I saw that as a sign, so I made my move and kissed her. It was a short kiss and once I broke it she acted like I had a disease. She made an excuse and got the hell away from me as fast as she could. That was probably the end of our friendship and most likely she was gonna tell Jimmy. That’s two friendships in one day, I was doing quite good. Now all I had to do was find a way to end my friendship with Tony, maybe if I told him I was gay.

Any way, all jokes a side I think today was going to be the worst day ever, even worse than the day Janine told me she slept with Jimmy, which like any good relationships was the first thing that happened between the two of them. I sat at the cafe, now on the stool at the counter. No point sitting at a table by myself. Now, apart from a couple in the back was empty. Probably because everyone was at the X-Men screening.

The door opened. I looked over to see a young girl walk in. She had a black skirt up to her knees and a white top, but the front of it was green. She had brown hair tied up and had slightly pale skin, which looked like the kind of skin tone that a Canadian would have, but with a hint of a tan. Probably from being out in this heat. She took a seat beside me and ordered a decafe coffee.

“Not a fan of X-Men?” I asked.

“I’ve already seen it.” She replied.

“Isn’t this the first ever showing of the movie?”

“I’m in the movie.” She smiled. “I play ‘Shadow Cat.'”

“Yeah right!” I did not believe her for a second. “And I played Colossus.”

“He wasn’t in it. If you’re an actor, I could put in a good word for you and you could play him when he’s introduced in the movie.”

“Why would you do that?”

“You have the build for it.” She replied. The person at the counter placed her drink in front of her. “Thanks!” She said, picking up the cup by the handle.

“You might wanna wait a bit, they’re pretty hot.” I told her and she put the cup down. She turned to face me and smiled. “I thought that this was the last X-Men movie.” I said sipping my espresso.

“Well… with a movie like X-Men, the comic is so long there could easily be another 3-6 movies.” She said. I still wasn’t buying that she was in it.

“Doesn’t Katie Stuart play Shadow Cat?”

“She did in the last one, but she didn’t want to do this one.” I don’t know if she was telling the truth. Sumela Kay played Shadow Cat in the first one and didn’t come back for the second, I guess Katie Stuart could’ve done the same. Besides, Shadow Cat was an insignificant character in the first two movies, don’t know if she had a bigger role in X-Men 3 as I hadn’t seen it. But if she was still insignificant, why would she lie about playing a minor character.

“What else have you done.” I asked.

“I have another movie called ‘Hard Candy’ coming out this year.”

“Hold on a sec. You’re in ‘Hard Candy?’ The one about a 15 year old girl meeting a guy on the internet and going psycho.” I started to recognise her face from the movie trailer.

“Yep! That’s me!” She laughed.

“That would make you Ellen…”

“Page.” She cut me off. “That’s me. So how have you heard about me being in ‘Hard Candy’ but when I say I’m in ‘X-Men’ you don’t believe me?”

“My friend’s into movies big time. He’s a script writer and me and my friends are into the whole independent movie scene.” Ellen took her first sip of coffee.

“I didn’t catch your name.” She said.

“It’s Kash..”

“I’m Ellen.” She said extending her hand. I reached out and shook it. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Like wise.” I said. We carried on talking about independent movies, apart from X-Men 3, all of her movies were pretty much low budget, independent movies. She did most of the talking. She was a total opposite of me. She was a teen, full of energy and very talkative. I was, quite and drained out of energy, mainly from the Janine incident earlier. Which came up in the conversation and I explained to her. She gave a sympathetic ‘Aw’ and a hug..

I had to admit, I was finding her attractive and thought that maybe it could escalade into more, but I decided to stop it. Her body looked like it was still in the developing process, she was quite short. From what I saw when she came in and was standing, I’d say she was about five foot tall. All of this made me unsure of her age and in ‘Hard Candy’ she plays a 15 year old. I don’t want to be getting arrested for statutory rape. Sometimes she looked like she was over 18, sometimes she looked like she was younger. That’s why I had to end our conversation.

“It was nice chatting to you kid.” I said, using the word ‘kid’ to let her know that I thought she was too young. I put money on the counter for how much I owed for me and Janine’s drinks earlier and included a tip. I started to walk away. I could hear Ellen say ‘check please.’ But didn’t pay any attention, I thought it was best to get away from her, she was definitely jail bait. Under age and flirting with older men.

“Hey!” Ellen said catching up to me. Great! That’s just what I needed! She was following me around now like an excited kid, who just made a new friend and wants to spend every second with them. “Why’d you call me a ‘kid’ and leave? I’m not a kid! I thought we were having fun talking.”

“I called you a ‘kid’ because you play a 15 year old in ‘Hard Candy,’ you look very young. The maximum you could be is about…” I thought for a second looking her up and down. “…about 17”

“17?! You think I’m 17?” She was getting irritated and I had to admit she looked cute when she was angry.

“Well… 17 is pushing it. It’s the oldest you could be. But I think you’re about 15… 16 maybe even 14. That’s why I’m getting away from you.” I said turning around and walking away from her.

“I’m 19.” I heard her say and stopped in my tracks.

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

“What I need I.D to hang out with you?” She replied. “Besides, my hotel room has a mini bar. How would I have a mini bar if I’m under age.?” She had a good point. Usually I would walk away, but she was a celebrity. There was something about nailing a celeb that was luring me towards her. I gave in, I smiled at her and walked over to her. She was quite happy at my decision. I put my arm around her waist and she put her arm around mine.

“Let’s get out of this heat!” She said.

“Where should we go?”

“My hotel room is air conditioned.” She suggested and I followed her lead. We entered the hotel.

“Hi Miss Page.” The guy at the reception said. She smiled at him.

“One of my friend’s are staying here, I need to get a message to them.” I said to her.

“I’ll wait here for you.” She said leaning forward. I think she was leaning in to give me a kiss.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” I said quickly turning around and starting to walk towards the reception desk. She stood by the elevator. I actually didn’t have a friend staying at this hotel. I went up to the guy at the reception.

“Hey you see that girl I came in with?”

“Miss Page? Yes.”

“How old is she?”

“How would I know?” He said in his French accent.

“Don’t they fill out forms and have to fill in their date of birth?”

“Yes! They do, But I can’t give out that information.”

“Look! The situation is this. I’m about to go to her hotel room and I don’t know her age. Do you see what I’m trying to say? Look at her.” I said. He looked over at her.

“She is a very beautiful young woman.” He said admiring her.

“She says she’s 19, but I’m not so sure.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll check for you.” He typed some keys on the PC. “Ah! Here we go! February 21, 1987.” I did some quick basic maths in my head. She turned 19 a couple of months ago. So she wasn’t lying.

I went up to the elevator where she was waiting.

“You get the message to your friend?” She asked, looking very innocent. I put my hands on her waist and kissed her.

“Yeah.” I replied and she had a big smile on her face. We went into the elevator and made our way up to her room. I was starting to get a slight hard on thinking about fucking her, because I knew that once we were alone in a hotel room that’s where everything was leading to.

Ellen opened the door and we went in. It was bigger than the average room, but it wasn’t huge. It had a little living room area with a mini bar at the corner of the room and a door that looked like it lead to the bedroom area. Ellen was a rising star, on her way up, she wasn’t up there yet so she had to settle for a room slightly smaller than what someone like Halle Berry or Hugh Jackman probably had. We took a seat on the sofa. I sat down first, spreading my arms out on the top of the sofa, so when she sat down my arm would be around her shoulder.

“You want a drink?”


“What’ll you have?” She said leaning forward, pushing her breasts out, which to be honest were not big, the were kind of small, but they were a handful. I’m more of an ass man and as long as there was something there I was fine. And she definitely had something there.

“I don’t know. A beer. Do they have beers?.”

“Let me check.” She said and got up and made her way to the mini bar. I checked out her body for the first time, now that I knew she was over the legal age. She wasn’t the curviest woman alive, but she had shape to her body and a nice little round ass. She was one of those women who are referred to as being ‘petit.’ Not one of those petit women with the features of a 5’7″ woman squashed into 5 feet. Her body was in proportion to her height and weight.

“They do have beers!” Ellen called out, sounding surprised. She picked up two bottles one for me and one for her. She handed one to me and sat down beside me on her knees.

“Don’t you have to be over 21 to drink?” I asked taking the cap off and taking a big gulp of beer.

“In Europe, the age is 18.” She said taking the cap off and taking a sip.

“Are you dating anyone?” I asked, taking another sip of the beer.

“According to the press, I’m dating Ben Forster.” I looked at her like I was suppose to know who that was. “He’s in X-Men.” I nodded my head and carried on drinking.

“So you ever had a serious relationship?” She shook her head. “How many boyfriends have you had?”

“Two. But they only lasted about a month. It’s hard to keep a boyfriend when you have a busy acting schedule.”

“You’re a virgin!” I said thinking out loud.

“No!” She tried to protest, her face getting red from embarrassment.

“Yeah! Think about it!” I said as if I’m talking about her to someone else. “You’ve had two boyfriends, not serious, you’re 19 years old. Unless you randomly slept with some guy, you’re still a virgin!” She went all quiet, folding her arms in a kind of spoilt brat look, but still looked very cute. I leaned forward and kissed her. She didn’t kiss me back, she just stayed still.

“Okay then. You’re a slut who’s slept with a million guy.” I joked, putting my drink down on the table.

“No I’m not!” She said playfully hitting me on the arm.

“If you’re not a virgin then you’re a slut.”

“Just ’cause I’ve slept with a guy, that doesn’t make me a slut.” She put her drink down and went to hit me again but I grabbed her hand to stop her. She trying to hit me with the other hand but I got that one to. She was on her knees, so she was able to lunge forward at me easily, knocking me on to my back, straddling me. This was starting to turn me on and I think she could feel it.

She had me pinned down but I still had a hold of her hands. Her tits hanged down in front of my face and by now I was fully hard and I could feel my dick press against her. She smiled at me and leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed her back letting go of her hands and wrapping my arms around her. She wrapped her arms around my neck, with her hands at the back of my head pushing my head closer to her, making it a deep, hard and passionate kiss.

I put my hand under her top and made my way up, unhooking her bra with ease, which was quite surprising that I did it so easily. I pulled her top up and she broke the kiss, lifting her arms up , allowing me to pull her top and bra off at the same time. I cupped her tits, rubbing her nipples gently with my thumbs. I lifted my head up, bringing my mouth to her nipple, taking it into m mouth, sucking on it gently, which caused her to moan.

“Fuck me!” Ellen whispered devilishly.

I sat up with my arms wrapped around her. I stood up still holding her and she wrapped her legs around me. I walked over to the bedroom, while Ellen carried on kissing me passionately. I put her down on the bed. From our little scrap, Ellen’s hair had come undone and was no longer tied up, but now flowing down, just past her shoulders. I pulled off my T-shirt, I wasn’t a muscular guy but I was a big toned guy. Ellen sat there biting her bottom lip in anticipation. I put my wallet on the bedside counter and stripped down to my boxers.

“Aren’t you gonna take them off” Ellen asked.

“Ladies first.” I replied. She gave me a mischievous smile and got off the bed. She stepped out of her shoes and let her skirt drop to the floor. She had on black panties. She stopped and seemed a little nervous now. I walked around to her and put my arms around her.

“Don’t worry!” I whispered in her ear, kissing her forehead. “I’ll be gentle.” She looked up at me with those innocent eyes and kissed me, her lips trembled. I picked her up and placed her on the bed. I walked around to the other side of the bed and got my wallet. I opened it to see two condoms. That’s all I was gonna need. I took them out. I pulled down my boxers to reveal my hard on. I quickly ripped a rubber out and put it on. I knelt in between Ellen’s legs and pulled her panties down. Ellen lifted up her hips and then her legs, allowing me to take them off with ease. Maybe she has slept with a bunch of guys. She only met me today and a couple of hours later, here we are. about to fuck.

She was already wet in anticipation. I placed the cock head at her opening and it was tight. I leaned forward, putting my weight on to Ellen, so we were face to face. I reached down with one hand and pushed tried the head in and felt resistance. Obviously she had lied, and she was clearly a virgin. I held my dick and forced it in, ripping her hymen. Ellen threw her head back, biting her bottom lip to stop herself from screaming. Her eyes were closed tight, tears streaming down the side. I could only fit about two thirds of my cock into her pussy, she was quite a small woman. I paused, allowing her time to adjust to having something in her for the first time.

I had one arm wrapped around her shoulder, going underneath her and holding her other shoulder. With my free hand, I wiped her tears away.

“Are you ok?” I asked. She nodded. “Take as much time as you need.” I re-assured her. I started to kiss her, slowly at first, pushing my tongue into her mouth. Ellen started to suck my tongue, kissing me back. The kiss started to turn more passionate as it picked up pace and I could feel Ellen pull her hips back and try to grind it forward slightly. She was eager to sex but wasn’t having much progress, as I was on top of her and obviously more heavier than her.

“You ready?” I asked, trying to be the sensitive guy. She just smiled and started to kiss me again. I pulled my hips back a little and pushed back into her, slow and hard.

“Nnnghmmm…” Ellen moaned into my mouth. I pulled back again and thrust back into her, causing her to moan again. She looked a little uncomfortable. I carried on with the slow thrusts for a couple of minutes, but I didn’t push as hard. Ellen started to look a little more comfortable, adjusting to this new feeling that she was getting.

“You can go faster now.” She told me. She looked so beautiful, and unbelievably cute. I locked my lips on to hers as I started to thrust my hips in and out of her a little faster, wrapping my arms around her tightly. She wrapped her arms around me, kissing me passionately as I started thrusting in and out of her faster and faster with each thrust. I was starting to get breathless, breathing into her mouth. I was now going pretty fast, building up the pace with every thrust.

She was so tight is was unbelievable. I started to feel like I was getting ready to cum. With her being this tight, I don’t think I’ll have much trouble getting another hard on for another round. I started thrusting faster and faster, feeling it build up until I was going as fast as I could. I always make the woman cum before I do, but it wasn’t gonna happen this time. I only lasted another couple of thrusts and felt my cum start to burst out. I watched Ellen’s face as I climaxed, moaning with pleasure each time I shot a load. I thrust into her deep as I felt my first load shoot out. I quickly pulled back and thrust into Ellen again as I shot my second load, I did this a couple of times, keeping in rhythm with my cum. Once I had finished orgasming, Ellen looked up at me, I looked down and out eyes met and she started to kiss me again wildly. I was a little spent form my climax and didn’t kiss her back, so she just started to kiss me around my mouth, around my face, anywhere she could land her lip.

Her pussy was so tight, it kept hold of my dick like a vice, not letting go or allowing my dick to get flaccid and small. I gave her a couple of thrusts and body shivered from the touch on my sensitive cock head. I got p, kneeling in between her legs, still inside her. I held my cock at the base and started to slowly pull out.

“Ahhhhhh!” Ellen moaned as I pulled half of it out. I stopped. “AHHHHHHH!” She screamed even louder as I pulled the rest out and struggled slightly to get my huge cock head out of her tight cunt. Once I pulled it out there was evidence of her virginity. There was a bit of blood all round my cock, thank God I had a rubber on.

“I thought you weren’t a virgin.” I said. Ellen smiled, while she moaned and grinded her hips. Usually I would finish them off with my tongue if I came before them, but right now I didn’t see that as an option, cause of the blood. I don’t know how it really worked, women losing their virginity, all I knew is that she bled and I wasn’t going to find out if I was going to get a mouthful of blood or not.

“I didn’t want you to think of me as a kid.” She replied.

“Well you’re not a virgin any more!” I said and she let out a cute little giggle. I pulled the condom off. I looked around to see where I could throw it and noticed a waste basket on the other side of the bed. I should really flush it away but it was going in the bin for now. I disposed of the used condom in the bin. I turned around to see Ellen’s eyes fixated on my manhood.

“I’ve never seen cum before.” She claimed.

“You ever suck a dick before?” I asked. Ellen shook her head. “Here I said, going towards her, still on my knees. I held my cock in front of her face. “Suck my dick.” I told her, sounding more like an order. She looked up at me and opened her mouth. My cock head was still covered in my cum and I moved my cock head into her mouth, not touching anything. She had her eyes locked onto mine and she slowly closed her mouth enveloping her lips around my shaft. I felt my cock touch her tongue and I noticed a look on her face. Guess she didn’t like he first taste of cum. But she carried on sucking the head, swallowing the little traces of cum. I held her hand, bringing it up to my cock.

“Rub it up and down with your hand.” I told her, putting her hand on my shaft, her hand didn’t make it all the way around, she had small hands and I had quite a thick cock. Ellen started to rub up and down instantly with her hand. Her head stayed still, she just sucked the head, so I placed my hands on the back of her head and started to push her back and fourth. I let go of her head and she carried on.

“Yeah! Just like that Ellen!” I moaned, as she carried on stroking my cock and bobbing her head up and down, working her soft lips up and down my shaft. She took my dick out of her mouth and looked up at me. She looked over at the counter where my wallet and the other condom was.

“I wanna fuck again!” She said, still holding my dick, hugging it with the side of her face. I was hard enough to go again, and I know that I’d last much longer the second time. I lay down on my back, my head on the pillow.

“You can do the work this time.” I said to her. She smiled and picked the condom up. She ripped the pack open with her teeth. She put the condom on my cock head and started to roll it down, imitating how I put it on, but slower. Probably because it’s the first time she was doing it. She let my dick fall forward on to my stomach and then straddled me, sitting on my dick. She raised herself up and positioned my cock and lowered herself on to it, only taking half of it in. She started to ride it up and down slowly, lowering herself down more each time she thrust down. She started to ride my cock pretty fast instantly, not realising the need for pace in sex to make it last longer.

She leaned forward for a kiss, holding me at the sides of my face with both hands. which slowed the pace down, which wasn’t really a problem at this point as I had cum about 5-10 minutes ago and it’ll probably be a while till I cum again. I just lay back, my hand behind my head, watching Ellen go to work on my dick, riding it up and down, watching her tits bounce up and down and seeing her cute face make sex faces.

I could feel Ellen’s pussy contracting around my cock and if I wasn’t mistaken, she was getting ready for her first orgasm. She starting going faster and lifted herself right off my cock and then slammed her body down onto my cock. She got off me and started to suck my dick, only working her mouth half way down, and using her hands on the other half. She quickly got back up, straddling me, taking my cock into her moist hole once again and started riding me as fast as she could. I started to feel her pussy contracting again and again she lifted herself off me. Sucking my cock again. She straddled me once again and just as I thought she was gonna cum again, she got off, sucking my cock fast and hard.

I was staring to notice a pattern. Just as she was about to cum, she’d get off my man hood and suck my dick, prolonging her own orgasm. I think she might’ve been trying to get me to cum at the same time as her. I don’t think that’s going to be happening, I had some big plans for what we’ll do after her orgasm. So when she hopped on to my cock, I pulled her close to me and rolled over, so I was on top and started to thrust into her as fast as I could.

Ellen started breathing faster and started moaning, getting louder with every thrust until her orgasm hit and she let out a loud scream. I didn’t slow down, I carried on ramming into her as fast as I could, still going while her hips bucked savagely underneath me. Once her screams stopped and her hips stopped bucking I slowed down to a stop.

I pulled out of her lay beside her. Ellen moved herself onto me, so half her body was on, on one side of me. I wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her tits with one hand and touching her face with the other. She opened her mouth and started to suck my thumb. I moved on to my side, which also moved her on to her side. I used one hand to reach down and push her thigh, which she wasn’t leaning on, up onto my hand that went under her. I held her leg by the back of her knee. So Ellen was practically on her front but still on her side.

I ran my finger along her slit, pushing my finger into her wet cunt and pushed it in and out a couple of times. Once I pulled it out I dragged it along her crack towards her ass hole and gently pushed my finger in. Ellen let out a moan, pressing her face on to her knee. Her ass hole was very warm. I started to slowly push my finger in and out of her rectum, getting it wet with her own juices. I pulled my finger out and then held my dick, pressing it against her butt hole. I pushed the head in and she let out a loud scream, the loudest one yet. She tried to move her hips forward away from my cock, but from the position I was holding her in, there was nowhere for her to go forward.

I gently started rocking back and fourth, rubbing her ass hole with my cock head up and down. Once I felt her ass hole open up and allow room to accommodate my member, I gently pushed forward, getting an inch in. Gently thrusting that inch, more like rubbing the inside of her bowels with it. I kept doing this until I had over half my man hood in her rectum.

“Now you’re not a virgin in any hole!” I whispered in her ear. Ellen turned to face me. I was half expecting her to be pissed off, but instead she smiled, reaching back with her hand kissing me.

“I love having you inside me!” She said sucking my bottom lip. I slowly pulled out and pushed back in, causing Ellen to moan out loud. I started to slowly push in and out, taking my time allowing her to get use to the size. Slowly inching in. It took a while before I managed to fit half my prick in. I was taking it very slow, she was a petite woman with a very tiny little ass hole, so I didn’t want to accidentally cause any damage to her ass hole by ramming in too fast.

Ellen pushed back against me, pushing her ass back, trying to grind up my cock. I took this as a sign that she was ready for an ass fucking. I placed one hand on her ass and the other, still going underneath her, holding her leg by the back of her knee. I started to thrust forward slowly and pull back. I carried on at this unbearably slow pace until Ellen started to push back, meeting my thrusts. It seemed like Ellen was a quite girl by nature and instead of saying ‘faster’ she took matters into her own hands or should that be ass?

I started to thrust faster, pushing more of my man hood into her ass, pulling her ass cheek up, giving me a better view of her ass swallowing my cock whenever I looked down. I started to work in and out faster and for the first time, Ellen was starting to get a vocal. She had let out the odd scream her and there from having me inside her for the first time, or from orgasming and mainly moaned and whimpered thought out, but this was the first time that she was actually screaming.

“Mmm… Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! UHHHHHHH!” She screamed as I thrust my full length into her for the first time. I stopped, let go of her leg and pushed myself up. My lower body was in the same position but my upper body was over her upper body now. I placed my arm on either side of her. Ellen let out a cute little exhausted laugh. I kissed her and carried on thrusting at her at a steady pace. I tried to build up the speed, but it was a little difficult in this position.

I wrapped my arms around Ellen and got to my knees, keeping her close to me, switching into the doggy style position. I started to thrust at her as fast as I could straight away, getting to a vertical position while I was on my knees behind her. I grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and squeezed hard as I carried on fucking her ass as fast as I could.

“Ummm… ummm… ummm…. OH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT!” Ellen screamed lifting her ass into the air and I felt my balls get a little wet. Ellen definitely was an anal girl, she even came from her first anal. I think it was probably because of how uncomfortable the first time a female has vaginal sex, because of the hymen being torn so it probably hurts, whereas anal sex, if done properly is suppose to be enjoyable for a woman first time around.

I leaned over her and she started to kiss me feverishly. Her tongue flicking out, sucking my lips and chin. “I want to see you’re face when you cum!” She moaned. I pulled out of her and turned her around, pinning her down on to her back. I reached down, pulled the condom off, didn’t really see any use of it now seeing as though her ass seem to be clean as a whistle and pushed my cock head at her anal entrance.

“I want to suck it first!” She said with a sly grin. She sat up and leaned forward, opening her mouth. I held my cock and put it into her mouth. She sucked the head. “Mmm…” She moaned, closing her eyes, as if she was savouring the taste. She bobbed her head up and down my cock a couple of times and then released my cock from her mouth. “Don’t you need to lubrication?” She asked innocently, but a very good point. I looked around and couldn’t find anything, I wasn’t thinking clearly, I was too busy trying to get my second orgasm and then it hit me.

“Spit on my cock!” I told her holding it up to her face. Ellen laughed, but saw I was dead serious and did it. I rubbed her saliva up and down and the pushed the cock head against her tight opening and her tight ring loosened allowing my cock to enter quite easily. I pushed my full length into her ass hole in one swift stroke.

“AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!” Ellen screamed at the top of her lungs and I continued to ram into her tight little ass hole. I put her legs on my shoulders and started to ram into her fast and hard, feeling my orgasm coming close. I pushed my weight down onto Ellen’s petit body and wrapped my arms around her. Her breaths started to become short and fast as I fucked her faster.

“UH! UHH! UHHHHHHHHH! UUHHHHHHHHH! Mmmmm… SHIT! (gasp)…” She was gasping for breath between her screams. Her face looked unbelievably beautiful when it was twisted in pleasure. I wanted to cum so bad that I was now going so fast that I was just a blur. After a couple of minutes of this I could finally feel it build up in my balls.

“Shit!” I moaned, giving fast, deep thrusts. “I’m gonna…”

“You cumming?” Ellen moaned. “Yeah! That’s it cum for me! Cum in my virgin ass!” Ellen licked my lip and started to kiss my face.

“SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!” I yelled as I finally orgasmed for the second time, shooting my cum deep into her rectum, filling her bowels with my white cream. My hips started to buck wildly, forcing my cock in and out of her butt hole as she clenched her ass, squeezing the life out of my sensitive cock head. Once I was finished I lay there on top of her. My arms loosening around her. Ellen managed to get her legs off my shoulders and lay there, with me on top of her and her arms wrapped around my neck, with me still in her ass.

“That was better than I thought it would ever be.” Ellen said softly. I pushed myself up, supporting my weight on my arms. I looked up at her and kissed her once again, it was turning quite passionate until my cell phone rang. I looked at the phone.

“Shit it’s Jimmy! I bet Janine told him about what happened earlier.” I said.

“Tell him se’s lying!”

“That’s a good idea.” I said pressing the answer button. The phone was a video phone and I didn’t have the hands free set, o I put it on speaker phone. “What’s up Jim!” I said casually. He didn’t look pissed off.

“You put the move on my girl?” He asked

“No I didn’t she’s a good damn liar!” I said looking over at Ellen and she smiled because I took her idea.

“No I’m not!” Janine shrieked, pulling the phone to her. I looked over at Ellen, she gave a look that said sorry. “You are the god damn liar! You kissed me! I could’ve made a scene but I didn’t!”

“Just like how you aren’t making a scene now.” I said trying to be smart.

“Gimme that!” Jim said snatching it out of her hand. “Look! Buddy! Where are you? If you were here, we could sort this out, you know what I’m saying.” I looked over at Ellen and she was now lying on her front, still naked, swinging her feet in the air, looking at her nails or something. “We could talk it out and get to the truth. Are you paying attention? What the fuck are you looking at?” I looked back at the phone and smiled to him and nodded. It was a look that we gave each other and said ‘Dude’ and the other knew instantly that we had scored.
“Dude!” He said. The cell phone had two cameras. One that pointed inward, for when you are talking to someone so they could see you and the other was for taking pictures. I switched the camera so he could see Ellen without her knowing and then switched back to the other camera so he could see me.

“She’s the God damn liar.” I said with a cocky grin. “We got drinks and then she went off and… well I think you know the rest.”

“Hold on a sec.” Jim said. I could see him going out of the room. “Okay.” He whispered. “I believe you, but you’re gonna have to make your own way back.”

“I don’t have any money!” I protested. When Jim bought the tickets, like an idiot he got one way tickets. He threw his fathers money away all the time and said that his dad will pay for the tickets and now it looked like his stupidity was gonna leave me stranded in France. I was gonna have to get a job and try to earn enough to get me back home. “Okay, I’ll speak to you soon.” I hung up and sat down beside Ellen.

“So…” Ellen said. “What was that about?” I explained the situation to her about the tickets. “You know, I don’t think I can go that long with out seeing this pretty face!” She said kissing me.

“Oh!” I said realising that this may be more than a one night stand. “So you see me in your future?”

“Of course! I don’t sleep with just anyone you know?” She was right about that, she was a virgin. “I felt that we had a connection and that you could be a guy that I could really fall for.” She said gazing into my eyes. I couldn’t help but stare into her innocent eyes, I was hypnotised. “I can pay for your ticket.”

“No! I couldn’t accept that.”

“I’m rich!” She said. “It’ll cost about… a days worth of work.” She was unbelievable. I kissed her and thought to myself that this could just be more than a one night stand, or should that be day?

So what did you think? As always all feedback is welcome, positive or negative or if you disagree with my statement of her being the next big young actress. Send e-mails to

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