Demi And Elle

"Demi And Elle" By: ?

Elle MacPhearson and Demi Moore had been contracted to star in a new film
together. It was going to be an action film were they played assassin
competing for the same "contract". Lots of hi-kicking, face -smacking
action with a few, strategic to the plot; topless and bikini clad scene.
It was expected to be a huge hit. This was the first time on the set for
the two lovelies. Due to the remoteness of the location they were sharing
a suite at the local hotel.
Dinner had been a delicious
Caribbean feast. Followed by some of the
finest wine that the little village had to offer. But the hour was getting
late; and with a four A.M. wake-up call. It was time to call it a night.
Demi was relaxing in sunken living room of their suite when Elle emerged
from the Bathroom; still drying her hair.
"God, what a workout they gave us today," Elle said.
"I don’t know how these action-hero types do this, picture after picture."
"Well Bruce loves to do this stuff." Demi Said with a laugh. "I thought I
was physically prepared for this, But I ache all over." Elle sighed. Demi
looked up with a mischievous grin and said.. "Would you like a back rub
before we turn in?" "That sounds Sou-per!" Elle New Zealand accent showed.
"Where do you want me?" As she looked into Demi’s eye’s searching for any
hidden meaning to this invitation. All Elle could see was a pair of the
most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. Not hidden by any make-up . Then
Demi’s husky voice innocently said. " Oh, I don’t know. The coach, the
floor, …the bed."And their eyes slowly met. Electricity passing between
them, unsaid messages passed through the Caribbean Air. "How about over
here in front of the Fire?" Elle suggested. "I always find a fireplace so
relaxing. No matter how "hot" it is in the room." And she slowly slid into
a reclining position on the thick fur rug in front of the fireplace. In
this pose, Demi got a full appreciation of Elle world class charms.
Cascades of hair, still slightly damp from the shower. A long tanned leg,
provocatively extended so Demi could fully appreciate it beauty. Elle
bathrobe had become loose; and demi was greeted with the swell of Elle’s
left breast. "How do you want me?" Elle asked. Demi had never heard that
phrase in such a seductive tone. Demi smiled a secret smile. This was
getting interesting. "How about you lay down, and I’ll do your shoulders?"
Demi said. "Make sure that’s all you do." The kiwi said with a grin . then
Elle laid down on her stomach. Folded her arms for a pillow and rested her
head with a deep sigh. Demi wasn’t sure where to begin. Sure she had given
plenty of back rub in her time. But only to a few women. And never to
anyone as beautiful as Elle. Besides It seemed like Elle had something
more in mind; "Much More" It wasn’t like she had never been with a women
before. You don’t last long in this business without munching a little rug
every now and then. A Lesbian had given her a big break when Demi was just
starting out. Their time together had been beautiful and fulfilling; but
like all things; change is inevitable. "You might be more comfortable
without the robe. " Demi said testing the waters. "That sounds like a
great idea." Elle replied. She then rolled onto her side, and untied the
cord closing her robe. She was Naked underneath. Demi was taken by
surprise by Elle’s boldness. "Your right that’s much more comfortable."
She Let Demi soak in her beauty for another second then rolled back over
onto her stomach. Elle was strechted out in front of the fire. Her
all-over tanned body seemed to glow with the heat of the fire. And that
wasn’t the only heat that Demi felt.. There was a spreading warmth in
between her legs. Demi found herself wondering about Elle’s body. She was
so lovely, so perfect. That firm ass, that flawless skin, no stray hair.
She wondered if Elle shaved her pussy like Demi did. Bruce liked a bald
beaver. He went absolutely Gaga went she shaved her head for that GI
movie. Now she shaved her pussy all the time. So nice and smooth. The
atmosphere in the room was intoxicating. Maybe it was the wine with
dinner. Maybe the warmth of the fireplace. Or maybe it was this beautiful
women stretched out naked before her; waiting for a back-rub. "Not getting
cold feet are you?" Elle asked. Demi was honest with herself., and said.
"No.. I just can’t get over how perfect your body is. I mean .." She
stammered. Elle laughed out loud. Then looking over her shoulder to Demi
she asked ,"Is that all. God Demi, you must hear that everywhere you go ."
"Hazards of the trade I guess." And they both laughed like school girls.
The nervous laughter subsided and Elle looked deep into Demi eyes and
said, "Now how about that back-rub?" Much more relaxed after the laugh
over their shared experiences. Demi slowly started to rub Elle’s
shoulders. The Muscles underneath were thick. Obviously here was a women
who worked out a lot. The smooth shoulders slide into a tapering back.
Demi’s finger’s slowly worked their way down Elle’s back. Drinking in
every curve. A small scar showed halfway down Elle’s back. Barely
noticeable, even this close.
"What happened here?" She asked as her index finger slowly rounded the
mark. "Even we Uber-models have our little mishaps." Elle said with a
sigh. "That was a fall out of a tree when I was a little girl. A branch
put a pretty good cut back there. It hurt like a son-of-a-bitch when it
happened. I was up climbing trees again the next day." " Let me kiss it
and make it better." With that Demi leaned over and planted a kiss on the
tiny scar.. And sent a shiver up both of their spines. Elle gave a deep
sigh and said , "Please continue….." Demi had rubbed her way to Elle’s
butt. She had to hesitate for a second. Here was a point of no return. Had
she read Elle’s signals correctly. She was still making up her mind, when
a soft New Zealand palm began to rub Demi’s butt. "Go ahead, you know we
both want this." Elle softly spoke. With that said, Demi Moore slowly
trace the curve of Elle’s buns; and then quickly slid a finger into Elle’s
Pussy. She was soaking wet. Elle gasped with surprised and then let out a
soft moan. "Oooh yeah.. That how I like it. Hard and fast. Ya know a man
just doesn’t…" She was cut off in mid sentence as Demi inserted another
finger into her dripping cunt."Oh…Oh…Oh.." Elle kept repeating as Demi
slowly increased the speed she was sliding her fingers in and out of
Elle’s pussy. "Give me your hand." Elle whispered under her breath. Demi
obliged. Elle took Demi hand and licked up and down each finger as Demi
fingered her towards a orgasm. Releasing the hand, she said. "Please,
Stick a finger up my ass." Demi was taken by surprise. This was the first
of many surprise this evening. But she gladly obliged. Elle’s tight buns
guarded the entrance to one of the cutest little asshole Demi had ever
seen. In her younger bi-sexual days. Demi had tongued many a Hollywood
butthole. But never one to compare to this.she slowly worked her index
finger into Elle’s butthole. A low groan escaped from Elle’s mouth as her
first Orgasm of the night covered Demi’s hand with girlcum. To Demi’s
surprise Elle was a squirter, just like Demi. "Please,…let me catch my
breath. That was incredible." Elle asked. "Besides aren’t you a little
over dressed now" She said with a smile on her face. " I Guess your
right.’Demi replied . As she stood up, she removed her own robe. She was
naked now, also. Elle had sat up and was staring up at Demi’s body,
Soaking her beauty in. "Your Beautiful." She said. And leaning forward she
Kissed Demi Right on the Pussy. Elle’s boldness took Demi by surprise. And
the tongue snaking its way into the recesses of her pussy, weren’t helping
her think straight either. "I love a shaved pussy." Elle said in between
licks. "Don’t you?" "Mmmmm…"was all Demi could think to say. "Why don’t
you lay down , so I can return the favor’ Elle asked.Demi didn’t need to
be asked twice… Demi laid down in front of the fire. Elle lay next to
her slowly running just her finger tips, up and down Demi’s torso. Looking
seductively into Demi’s eyes she said. "Here we go.."and she plunged three
fingers into Demi Moore’s sopping wet shaved as a school girl Pussy.
Pinching Demi’s nipple with her free hand he said. "Naomi likes it like
this." She was really enjoying herself. "Naomi…?"Was all Demi could
reply as she approached orgasm. "My God", She thought to herself, ‘This is
incredible." Then the incredible; became the unbelievable. As Elle slide
her final finger and with a soft push, her thumb into Demi’s Pussy. Waves
after waves of sexual lust roar through her body. Even Bruce had never
made her feel so full; and he really knew his way around the female body.
Elle was concentrating all of her effort now on fist-fucking Demi. Demi
could feel the slender hands massaging the inner walls of her vagina. I
felt like a million tongues lapping at her pussy at once. It felt
incredible. Then, to send Demi right over the edge into Ecstacyville. Elle
lean over and started to suck on her clit. "Oh.. my…. Gawddd…" We’re
the only words she could say. Over and over and over. And with a slight
twist of the wrist inside her vagina. Demi felt a new urge, one that
wasn’t so unknown. She had to pee, really bad. She wanted to get up and
rush to the toilet. But her legs were numb with sensation; as Elle
continued to gently lick Demi’s throbbing clit. So she just let go. The
consequences be damned. First there was a look of surprise on Elle’s face.
Then one of intense joy. As she smashed her lips onto demi’s pee-hole; and
drank the golden pee. Right from the source.
After emptying her bladder into the beautiful mouth of Elle MacPhearson.
Demi didn’t know what to think. The gorgeous New Zealander , looked up
from Demi’s crotch smiling. She slowly withdrew her Girlcum covered arm
from Demi’s pussy and slid up her Body. Bringing there lips together in a
kiss. Elle slowly opened her mouth to French with the beautiful actress.
Releasing a mouthful of her own pee into Demi Moore’s mouth.
She drank it down like the sweetest wine.. "Thanks Honey , that was
great." Demi said in a sexually exhausted voice. ‘Wait a minute." Elle
replied, "I haven’t even showed you my toys yet." She added with a grin.
It was going to be a long night… They both lay exhausted on the floor.
The floor of their sunken living room was slippery; with sweat, and pussy
juice and pee. Elle spoke first. Proper herself up on one elbow she turned
to Demi and said. "I’m famished. How about I call up room service and
order us some snacks?" "Sounds good to me." Elle got up and walked over to
the phone. Demi once again could appreciate the fine lines of this
beautiful women. She hadn’t had feelings like this for a women in years.
And she had never been this intimate with a women this gorgeous. Elle
returned and sat cross-legged beside Demi; on the floor. "They’ll be a few
minutes. While we wait…"Elle lazily traced the outline of Demi’s erect
nipple with her finger. "How about a bit of Truth or Dare?" "O.K.. You go
first." Demi replied. "Truth… Aaa.." She thought. "When was your first
time with a women?" Demi hesitated. "My first time..hmm.. The first time I
had sex with a women was when I first came to Hollywood. A women agent
contacted me and wanted to have lunch. She managed a lot of big names, so
I thought this would be a great opportunity. Well lunch became dinner and
we ended up back at her place. Eventually she seduced me that night and we
made love late into the night. She jump started my career; and opened my
eyes to a whole new world." "Was she Butch or Fem?’ Elle asked. "Oh very
Fem. You’d never know she was a lesbian from her appearance. I guess
that’s why even now ‘ real Butch women just don’t turn me on. What about
you,’ Demi asked,’ When was your first time with a women?" Elle slyly
smiled. "In New Zealand their not as hung up on nudity like they are here
in the states." Elle was interrupted by a knock on the door. Grabbing her
robe she wrapped it around her and went to answer the door. She discarded
the robe, and returned with a tray of chunks of fruit and a few large
tumblers of club soda with a twist of lime. She resumed her position next
to Demi on the floor. Only now she was reclining, with her large breast
slowly swaying . every now and they her stiff nipples would brush against
Demi’s arm. "Where was I. Oh yeah… My first lesbian experience. When I
was growing up in New Zealand, it was a pretty loose lifestyle. Sure I had
experimented and played around with some of my girlfriends in High school.
But nothing more then fingering and kissing. Ya know. But then came the SI
shoots and the exotic locations. It all happened so fast. Well’ ya know a
lot of the models You end up working with are bi-sexual or out and out,
lesbians. I was working with Cheryl Tiegs on this remote little beach. She
gorgeous. Well we walked and talked and discovered this little hidden pool
and waterfall. Well of course we didn’t have our suits with with us ‘ so
we went skinny dipping. Cheryl was very gentle and went real slow. The
next thing I know I’m lapping away at her pussy." Elle had picked a small
wedge of melon and was drawing little circles all over Demi’s breast. "Now
it my turn.. Who have you slept with in Hollywood?" "Women or men?"
"Women, for now." Elle thought for a minute. "Lots of models, Away on a
shoot looking all sexy. To look sexy. You have to feel sexy. Some of the
best pussy -lickers " This expression made Demi laugh. Elle could be so
crude; in a funny way. "Kate Moss Licks a mean pussy. She’s so tiny that
her whole hand can just slip into your pussy. Her long delicate
fingers…" Elle thought for a moment reflecting. The rubbed her pussy
roughly remembering their time together. "Naomi is really into women too.
But she really needs to get a good boning ever now and then>" "Elle!" Demi
playfully slapped her on the arm. "Your so crude." Elle picked up a fresh
piece of fruit and slowly made a trail towards demi’s clean shaven pussy.
Elle asked, "So.. did you and Ellen do the ‘nasty’, when you were on her
show that time?" They both laughed out loud. As Demi replied Elle insert
the wedge of fruit into demi’s pussy. "Ooohh…, Well not on the show. But
at party afterwards she was showing me around her house. It’s pretty big.
We had wandered far from all the noise of the party. She was showing me
the view from one of the guest-rooms…" Elle removed the fruit from Demi
pussy and ate it. Picking up another melon ball, it slid into her easily.
"ooowww… She… she…She took me in her arm; and sensing I was game for
whatever she had in mind. She kissed me. Lightly at first, then with more
and more passion. Her hands came up underneath the shirt I was wearing."
Elle removed the melon-ball and offered it to Demi. Next Elle selected a
banana, peeling it. She gently pushed into Demi’s pussy. "She kissed so
gently. But her hands were like a mans. Kneading an stroking. The she
pushed her hand down my pants ans started to caress my clit. Then she.."
Elle was now slowly pushing the banana in and out; with an occasional
flick on the clit with her thumb. ".. The she..she….she.. she turn me
around so she was standing behind me. With one hand on my clit and the
other gently pinching my nipple. She brought me to orgasm as we stood on
her balcony." "Wow. So what happened? Did you get a chance to do her?"
"No. Somebody was calling her name from the hall. Lily somebody had been
looking for her." "I haven’t seen her since that night. " Elle had changed
positions and was now sitting pussy to pussy with Demi. Sharing the banana
that had just been in Demi’s pussy. Elle asked. "Ever made it with
Madonna?" Both of their faces lite up ; with the revelation of another
shared experience. "ISN’T SHE INCREDABLE !" They both said. "God, that
Tongue, those lips,.." "That sweet pussy." Elle added. "Oh Elle.." "She
just wanted to lick my asshole for hours. I never met anyone so into
butts." " I Know…" Elle had gotten up and walked across the room. "I’ll
be right back." Returning, she carried what looked like a medium size
make-up case. "She really got me started on toys. Where did you meet her?"
"At the Oscars. Bruce and I sat next to her and her date. She was flirting
with Bruce the whole night. Afterwards we went back to her place. She
dumped off her date and the three of us fucked around until the sun came
up. Where did you meet her?" Elle had been rummaging around in the case
looking for something. "At an MTV thing. We got together to play some
tennis at her place a couple of days later.. Afterwards we fucked away the
afternoon with a couple of her gal-pals. She really likes her toys… Oh
here’s the one I was looking for. " Elle stood up and step into the
strap-on dido’s harness. Demi was sweating with anticipation. Elle turned
towards Demi. The large black penis strangely out of place; hanging from
below her waist. "Ready for round two?" "You bet.’ "Alright then. Up on
your hands and knees." Demi rose onto her hands and knees. Elle gave her
behind a playful slap and the gently guided the dildo into Demi’s sopping
pussy. First they were short strokes. Then as the rhythm between began to
once again heat up. Demi found Elle grabbing onto both of her hips an
driving into Demi’s pussy with loud’ "Ughh!" Each stroke drove deeper and
deeper into her pussy. Slowly she felt another orgasm building. This was
going to be a good one . Elle once again hit Demi’s G-spot and she
convulsed with orgasm. Her gripping pussy had pushed the fake penis out of
her pussy ; and another huge shower of cum squirted from deep inside her.
Elle leaned over and gently licked up the nectar. Then resumed her
position behind Demi; and slowly entered her anus. Demi loved taking it up
the ass. Bruce could fuck her all weekend long like this and she never
tired . with a gentle push the head of the fake cock entered her
Sphincter. "Ugh." Was all she could mutter. Elle quickly picked up the
pace. Slamming into demi’s rectum with abandon. The slaps on her butt
cheeks stung just a little. But they amplified the experience. Then Elle
reached foe another toy in her box of tricks. Demi could not she what it
was.,But she sure could feel it. Elle had placed tiny nipple clamps on
each of Demi’s nipple’s. this plus the reaming she was getting. Was
producing a river of pussy juice between Demi’s Thighs. With one last
grunt Elle withdrew the prick from demi’s rectum and they collapsed onto
the floor. "Wait a minute there darling. You don’t get of that easy." Elle
said . "It’s your turn to do me." Elle reached into the case an retrieved
another strap-on dildo, bigger then the one she had just buggered Demi
Demi stepped into and slowly started to fuck the gorgeous supermodel.
"Slow and Hard, that’s how I like it." Their lips met in a passionate
kiss. As Demi long dicked Elle to another’ and another , and another
screaming orgasm…
"Uhhhh…" These were the only sounds escaping Elle McPhearsons lips. The
room was filled with the smells of sex. Demi Moore was slamming the large,
black strap-on dildo into Elle’s wet pussy. Earlier in the evening Elle
had used a strap-on dildo on Demi. Now she was returning the favor. Demi
had not realized this woman was. When they first met; Elle seemed like
just a very up-front kind of person. She hid the randy side of her persona
very well. Had they really done all of those incredible things? Demi
hadn’t felt sexual release like that; in her whole life. Sure, Bruce made
her felt incredibly satisfied sexually. But the complete abandon Elle had
in her sexuality. It was, was,…
"Oh Gawd." Demi thought. She’s banging her butt back into the dildo
driving into her pussy. There were little bumps inside the harness that
Demi was wearing. These bumps were right on top of her clit. Every good
bang she got from Elle; sent shivers up and down her spine. A large puddle
was forming beneath them. Pussy juice was flowing out of Elle; down her
tan thighs. And mixing with Demi’s juices on the floor.
Had they really done all those kinky things already? Demi considered
herself pretty open-minded sexually. But Elle was my god Elle had
fist-fucked Demi and then drank her pee. Demi thought to herself. Ya know
that was pretty kinky. And the taste wasn’t that bad. How could she
surprise Elle with something out of ordinary? But then, Elle had opened up
that suitcase full of dildo and vibrators, and things… hmmm.
Withdrawing from Elle’s pussy. The Supermodel slumped over on the floor.
"God, that was incredible." As she paused to catch her breath. Slumped
over like that her ass was still stick up right in front of Demi. The
perfect target. "Let’s see what other goodies you have in that case." Demi
sat and the sifted through the case. Elle Looked over her shoulder too
exhausted to move. Both of their bodies were slick and sticky with sex.
Then Demi found some toys she recognized; and prepared them for action.
"You’re not getting off that easy little lady." Repeating what Elle had
said to her earlier in the evening. Demi had oiled up a string of small
balls on a string. One by one she inserted them into Elle MacPhearson
butt, until only the string with a small ring attached was sticking out of
her butt. "Oooww…." Was Elle’s reaction. But Demi had more interesting
things in mind here. She quickly removed the strap-on harness. And knelt
down behind Elle’s prostrate body. Slowly she worked her fingers into
Elle’s dripping pussy. Once Demi had inserted Her fingers and was slowly
rubbing Elle’s clit. Elle went into orgasmic spasms. Just like Demi, Elle
was a squirter. Girl cum shot out of Elle pussy and ran down her thighs.
Demi took a long slow lick of the love juice and resumed her finger
fucking. Slowly, deliberately she wormed her thumb into Elle’s pussy. When
the thumb was finally in Elle. She suddenly arched up onto her hands and
knees. Looking over her shoulder at Demi, a ripple seemed to work its way
up Elle’s body. She thrashed her head from side to side and Kept humping
back at Demi hand inserted deeply into her cunt. With all this going on
Demi couldn’t resist. She twisted around and started to lick Elle’s clit.
With a scream surely heard down the hallway; She climaxed. And Demi’s
reward for bringing her to this thunderous climax, was a face full of pee.
As it was now her turn to drink the Golden flow from Elle. She drank down
everything Elle had to offer. But there was still the matter of those
beads to attend to.
The Floor was a mess of human fluids and Demi still had one surprise left
for Elle. Elle was splayed out on the floor. One satiated New Zealander.
Demi again pulled a new toy from the case. Elle rolled over onto her back
to see what Demi had found. Laid out before Demi on the floor was one of
the most beautiful women in the world. Sweat covered her body. Her matted
hair, a tangled mess atop her head. And her cleanly shaved pussy was just
crying out for Demi’s attention. Demi also shaved her pussy. It felt so
sexy; like not wearing panties in public; which she often did.
Elle’s slick pussy looked all worn out from all the fucking they had done.
So Demi pulled a long thin double headed dildo out of the case. Covered
the shaft with some love oil; for easy insertion. She gentle pushed one
end into her own pussy. Elle had grabbed the other end into her pussy; and
they were off.
A slow rhythm developed as the banged away at each other. Demi took hold
of the string of beads still in elle’s butt; and gently tugged. One bead
popped out. Another tug, and two more. Another tug and they all slid out
of her asshole.
Elle was in Heaven she banged her clit into Demi’s with each down stroke.
Both of them were squirting pussy juice everywhere. Slowly, their tempo
came to a stop. With a soft pop, the dildo slid to the e floor.
‘"Wow". "Yeah…"
"Yeah…. How are we going to top this tomorrow night."
"the end.

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